Best Cake Icing Turntable

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1. DGQ Turntable Decorating Supplies Non Slip

DGQ Turntable Decorating Supplies Non Slip

There are great saw tooth cake scrapers for cakes. The 7 inch cookie decorating turntable is made of 5mm thick acrylic material, it is easy to clean, and can control tiny rotation, ideal for icing sugar cookie, cupcake or candy decorating work. The bigger Turntable Base for Smooth Revolving is a revolving cookie stand with high quality hidden steel balls which rotates smoothly and silently, helps you decorate much faster and better. The non slip base helps keep the turntable silent and can't move while you are icing the cookies. A non slip mat is included in the package to keep cookie or biscuit in place. It will be a perfect gift for baker lovers and handicraft enthusiasts, you can get one for your friend or yourself, or you can make your own cookies with your children. Hand wash is highly recommended, Peel the protect film before using.

Brand: Dgq

👤This is something that I love. I don't bake. It's funny. I use this as a small turntable. They are sitting in a holder.

👤The turntable is perfect and works well. The price is unbeatable and you should definitely recommend it.

👤It's great for decorating cupcakes.

👤Form, function, and delivery are what it is.

👤I had to get a new turntable after I lost my old one. It can fit up to four cookies at once. It's easy to turn. Not slanted. Love it.

2. Decorating Supplies Rotating Turntable Accessories

Decorating Supplies Rotating Turntable Accessories

This cake decorating tips can be used on many different cakes, such as pies, cookies, cupcakes, for all kinds of food you want to make, and is a great helpers for parties and anniversaries. They will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours if you contact them. You can join the cart before you find anything. The complete cake decorating set is the ultimate platform to elevate your cake-craft and icing artistry to the next level. The perfect starter kit is a cake decorating kit for kids or friends, or a gift for yourself. The cake decorating kit for beginners is affordable. What cake will you make first? The package includes a non-slip cake Turntable, Russian Piping tips, 12inch Pastry Reusable bags, cake decoration pen, cake scrapers, and 50 disposable icing bags. The Flower Nail, Cake Flower Lifter, and Cake Smoother are included in the book. It would cost a bomb to purchase all of these items together. This is the same food grade Silicone you see on high priced items. They are proud to be one of the most affordable here. This cake decorating kit is fun for all ages and skill levels, with numbered tips. You don't have to worry about which tips produce what kind of decoration, just have a look on pattern chart where they have provided outcome of each tip to make tip selection, E-Book user guide includes The Cake decorating project offers four levels.

Brand: Xnytong

👤Not a bad beginner set. The spatula and liners are missing. I received a return that was reboxed and not checked to make sure it was complete. It was opened up for use today. The frosting liners were supposed to come with it. This is a waste of your money.

👤I thought an item with this many pieces could use a guide and examples. I downloaded the app and scanned the code, but it came up with a large document that I couldn't open. They tried their website and it wasn't there.

👤This kit has everything you need to start cake decorating. Those that are new would be recommended.

👤Returned to store and track many pieces. Need a basic set.

👤I brought this for my sister.

3. Puroma Aluminium Turntable Decorating Decorations

Puroma Aluminium Turntable Decorating Decorations

The spinning cake stand is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy material and it is almost impossible to slide it away while decorating. The heavy rotating cake turntable with a flexible axis is very comfortable to use. It's perfect for either left or right-handed. You can use the various icing spatulas to apply icing on the side or top of cakes, smooth the frosting surface, or make a cut cake. 4 types of white combs icing are made of food-grade plastic and are excellent for beginners who want to add some drama to icing jobs. It is easy to clean the non-stick surface with a soft cloth or sponge and it has an extra long life.

Brand: Puroma

👤I like this cake turner. Didn't know it had a lock. Not a cheap wobbly cake turner. You will like it.

👤This table is very smooth. The time spent on smoothing the cakes was reduced. It will spin with the smallest touch, but that's why I got it. I was hesitant to buy it because of the other reviews, but I am so happy I did. It's easy to clean, sturdy and has a good weight.

👤This was delivered to me quickly. I have never tried a homemade iced cake, so I was excited to receive it. I did it. It is not perfect, but my granddaughter thought it was. I am not sure about a lock feature because I haven't read the directions. I will find it next time. It is a great addition to my baking and decorating arsenal.

👤The kit is great for cake decorating. The table is very sturdy and has a grip at the bottom to keep it from moving. There was no chance of the cake moving out of the center because of the grooves on the top. The plastic tools for smoothing the cake out are flimsy but still work if you bend. I had a pleasant experience and encourage anyone who is unsure of this product to give it a try. Despite the grooves on the wheel, it was easy to clean.

👤Wow! I was worried that the spinner would be flimsy. The opposite! It has a sturdy bottom and a heavy Turn plate that can spin fast. It's highly recommended for anything you use it for. The price for the Turntable is great. Thank you!

👤What an amazing product! This is the heavy and solid turntable that I have had before. It was very cheap but it was an excellent stand. It spins smoothly and doesn't move.

👤You can lock it in place with a rubber band. The top of the stand has multiple rings etched into it to grip the cake and provide guidelines for keeping it smooth. The accessories are decent, but they aren't made of STAINLESS as the offset spatulas began to rust and I have yet to use them. I bought this for the stand itself and got it on a flash sale which made it cheaper to get compared to other models, so I don't care that much. If anyone else cares about that, it makes a nice noise.

👤This is a great value. For the price, I figured I'd try it. I was so glad I did. It is what it is described to be. It's very sturdy, smooth and solid. Doesn't make any noise when turning. The lines on the top help me center my cakes. I used rolled masking tape to hold my cake boards in place, but now use foam shelf liner cut into a small circle. Couldn't be happier! Each time I decorate, I use Spatulas.

4. Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

It was manufactured in the United States. For standard cake heights, Icing is smooth. The grip is white and purple and smooths icing. The material is metal and plastic. 9 x 3 in. The measurement is 22.8 x 7.6 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bit the bullet and decided that I would like this product. I did not. However, I ended up not liking this for a number of reasons. I was worried the grip would get in the way of the scraper. The rounded corner edges are the real downfall of this product. If you don't plan on doing a bottom border, you need square edges to get a clean edge on the cake. I like the straight metal edge of this product. The grip was comfortable. I liked the size, but I thought it could've been a little bigger. The weight is fine. I'm not sure how well the product smoothes a cake since I knew from the corner edges that it wouldn't work for me. I went to a hardware store and bought a smooth tape for the same price after I returned it.

👤I bought this cake icing because I am going to bake a cake for my son's birthday. This smooth icing has an even amount of weight all the way around and it feels good in your hands. I love my products from Wilton.

👤You have to get used to it. I found it hard to hold and when you have a lot of icing it builds up on the blade and gets messy. I think it would work better if the blad was larger. I found that using a metal drywall scraper was easier to use and smooths cakes perfectly.

👤I like the way this is smoothed out. It feels very strong. The metal edge seems to work better than plastic for me. I wish that one of the corners had a right angle, but I'm pretty sure that Wilton just wanted to avoid sharp edges. I still get smooth cakes. I have used it to cut fondant because of it's straight edge. I expect to use this smoother for a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This icing is smooth. I have been using a dough cutter for a couple years but it never got my icing right. You can easily clean up the mess with a paper towel. It's easy to hold, it's large enough that you can smooth out 3 full layers, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm mad that I didn't purchase it sooner. Someone who only works buttercream cakes would have avoided a lot of headaches. If you're looking for an icing smoother that will make your buttercream absolutely stunning, get this.

👤After using this a few times. I still prefer the good ol' spackle spatula from the hardware store. This is great. It worked well on 9x13 cakes. I'm not happy with round cakes. I keep in my decorating arsenal.

👤Baking requires a smoothing tool. I wanted this to be the one for me. It's perfect for cakes with great height because it's longer than others. The edges of the cake smoother should not be rounded off. The smoother can't get a clean look at the bottom of the cake. It's a solid 5 stars if you fix that. It's a 4 until them.

5. YOQXHY Decorating Supplies Turntable Disposable

YOQXHY Decorating Supplies Turntable Disposable

There is a guarantee of success. They know that you will love their cake decorating set, so they'll give it as a gift or add it to your collection of bakeware. Join their list of customers who love their decorating accessories set for all kinds of casual celebrations. This cake Turntable Set included a Plastic Rotating Cake Stand, a Straight Spatula, a 24 Numbered Icing Piping tips, and a small couple. The spinning plate can be turned smoothly with hidden ball bearings on both clock and anti clock directions. The stability on countertops is provided by the non-skid silicone ring at the bottom of the cake spinner. The icing tips are made of high quality food grade steel. A pattern chart and a pair of couplers help you create a different design for all types of creations. The cake leveler can level cakes into even layers for creating professional looking layer cakes. A spatula from the top is being used for icing cakes. The application is to decorate comb and icing smooth for creating designs on the side or top of cakes. Enjoy time with your family and friends. It's for a cake maker.

Brand: Yoqxhy

👤I liked the table. It's a good height to decorate cakes. The spatulas worked well. I haven't used the little scrapers yet. The cale leveler works well. I have no problem with the bandage tying the icing bags. They ripped on me when I tried to close my bag. I would recommend all for the price.

👤The turntable and cutter alone are worth the price since they are more expensive than other vendors. The bags are cheap and easy to split.

👤Good value for the price, but not professional quality. It's easy to use and good for occasional use.

👤One of the main reasons I bought this kit was the broken cake leveler. The table and tools work well.

👤The cake pans were disappointing. They are terrible! It's ridiculous... This set made me unhappy.

👤It is cheap and good, but not the best quality, but still great if you don't want to spend a lot of money but still want a lot.

6. Puroma Aluminium Non Slipping Decorating Decorations

Puroma Aluminium Non Slipping Decorating Decorations

There are 12 non-skid feet on each side of the rotator. It has high grade ball bearings that give smooth rotation. The spinning cake stand is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy material and it is almost impossible to slide it away while decorating. The heavy rotating cake turntable with a flexible axis is very comfortable to use. It's perfect for either left or right-handed. The revolving cake stand makes it easy to get to the sides of the cake. It's perfect for beginners who want to add drama to icing jobs. The revolving cake stand is easy to clean and can help you to create perfect cakes, cupcakes and desserts. The package contains an ideal economical baking supplies for the beginner as well as the professionals.

Brand: Puroma

👤Muy bueno perfecto no es pesado ni.

👤I bought this for my painting projects as the one I had purchased previously was a cheap piece of doodoo. This one is awesome, quality product, smooth turning, great to work with, and I'm very happy with it.

👤I have had cake turntables in the past but they were always the same type as you could get from Walmart, they wouldn't spin well with a stacked cake on top. I had no issues with this one. The turntable has a good height from the base to the top. I recommend this turntable to anyone who decorates cakes.

👤It's durable, doesn't slip and slide over the countertop, spins smoothly and easily, and also looks really great, so this is everything I need in a cake turntable. If you don't have a room to store it in, you can leave it out or use it as a pedestal to display your cake. I chose this turntable over the plastic one because I am very happy with it.

👤The cake turntable is heavy and solid. It makes applying frosting much quicker.

👤It's sturdy aluminum and an excellent cake turntable for applying frosting and decorations. Not junk. Well-made and perfect. A quality turntable. I'm very happy that I got it. There is no assembly required. The container and box are ready to be used. It's perfect.

👤The spinning cake stand was awesome. It doesn't take much effort to spin and it lasts a long time. It is very sturdy and durable. I use it to pour canvases. It is balanced well. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

👤Solid construction, heavy base to prevent slipping. The top is etched to make it easy to remove items. The packaging was good. I can't think of a way to improve this.

7. Decorating Rotating Turntable Spinner Supplies

Decorating Rotating Turntable Spinner Supplies

The cake leveler makes it easy to trim your cake to the right height to make a tiered cake, then smooth it with the icing or have a textured look by using 3 decorating combs. All things should be dry and clean after use. Simple and stylish. It is easy to clean. It's made for bakers of all ages and skill. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, don't hesitate to contact their Customer Success Team and they will make things right. Home Sweets Home makes it easy to make professional looking cakes, cupcakes and desserts at home. The cake decorating kit is perfect for home use. Premium Quality for the Love of Baking is made of high quality plastic and steel.

Brand: Hankang

👤I wanted to make a cake for my friend's birthday. The turner is cheap and just what I needed. The added tools are nice, and the rubber is helpful, as it adds grip to a lot of metal based ones. If you push it up it will be a little wobbly, but with the weight from the cake it should be fine. It's a good thing.

👤I wouldn't want to try without this, I've never made a round layer cake prior to this, but I wouldn't want to try without this. I didn't smooth my icing because of the type of cake I was making, but it made it easier to spread icing.

👤It does the job despite being not as sturdy as I would have liked. I like the fact that the platform is non-skid, so I can turn it without it moving. It was nice to have the accessories.

👤I was pleasantly surprised because of the price, but I did not have high expectations. I decorated a four layer cake. It did what it was supposed to do. Very happy.

👤The set was great for the price. It's light weight, durable, and holds the stand in place with out scooting. I've seen less expensive and more items in major retailers.

👤This cake stand is perfect for my needs because I am a beginner at making and decorating cakes. The scrapers and spatulas were included. It's very easy to clean.

👤I am happy with the product and the items are as shown. I will do it again when I need to. Came really fast.

👤A nice set. The stand is sturdy. The flat and offset spatula are sturdy. This is a must have for a baker.

👤Doesn't work well. There was no grip rubber included. There are cakes over the products. There is a Considering other products in a combo pack is expensive.

👤Not up to the mark.

👤This was bought to use for painting.

👤Para uso doméstico, pastel pequeo, la compré para regalo, se ve bastante.

👤While it is rotating, rotation is not smooth.

8. Puroma Rotating Turntable Smoother Decorations

Puroma Rotating Turntable Smoother Decorations

The rotating cake turntable can be used in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It's perfect for either left or right-handed. It's convenient for you to make a perfect design on the side or top of cakes with the help of the cake decorating tools. The cake spatula and scraper are essential tools for making cakes and spreading them evenly. Premium Baking Supplies: Non - slip platform is made of food grade plastic and easy to clean. It's perfect for any party celebration. The package contains cake decorating turntable, cake leveler, icing spatula, and icing smoother, ideal economical baking supplies for the beginner.

Brand: Puroma

👤The starter set is pretty good. I had to buy it in a pinch. The offset spatula and straight spatula were better than the cake leveler because I needed to manually level my cakes. The scrapers were plastic and easy to use.

👤The box was good, except for the cake leveler. If you are getting this for the cheap, then buy a different one, and if you are getting the other stuff, then send it back, because it's not good.

👤The turntable is a good value, but I wish it was a bit heavier or had some kind of support on the bottom to keep it from moving.

👤If you don't want high quality and have a budget, this is still useful. Not strong enough, I almost worry that my cake may fly away when turned. I want that height. I need this item for the time when I make multiple cakes at a time. The price is very affordable and it comes with a few bonus items, which is unbeatable.

👤Everything came out perfect. The little tools to work in the cake are a little to small, next time I should read the instructions better.

👤The plastic part of the cake is warped. The stand is not as good as the tools are. I think it will work for teaching my daughter to decorate cakes, but I will not use it for my cakes because it will be hard to get an even frost with a warped stand. Good for beginners.

👤The perfect size for the home baker. Even a very heavy cake will be handled by it. The pallete knives are of decent quality. The spreaders should be a little longer. A nice set.

👤You get what you paid for. If you tried to frost a cake, the turn table wouldn't work. The cake cutter was useless. The box seems to have been stepped on. I had to return it and buy a metal one.

👤They say it's true, you get what you pay for.

9. ForeverSmooth Inch Cake Turntable Decorating

ForeverSmooth Inch Cake Turntable Decorating

The weighted base is strong and stable. A family-bonding favorite. The kit makes it easy for the family to make delicious desserts. It doesn't require expensive ingredients to create memories with your friends and family. cakes of elia baking kits can be used to make fan-favorite desserts for holidays, birthday parties, and more It is easy to use. You should stop straining your neck and wrist. A must in the kitchen. The complete cake turntable kit and decorating accessories make it easy to decorate a cake. The ball-bearings are durable and the base is non-slip. Ensuring that your stand stays stable while turning quiet and spooky. 100% SATISFACTION: Their Turntable has a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. You can eat your cake as well. It is risk free to try it.

Brand: Cakes Of Eden

👤This product has been moved from 3 stars to 5 stars. It has worked well for me and I have used it occasionally. The plastic table is thinner than the one at the kitchen sink, which makes it easier to smooth out the buttercream on my cakes. It is great as a turntable. I don't use it to display my cakes, but that's not its purpose, so I won't dock a star for that. My original review is correct. It is a great product. I don't like it. The product itself is a bit lacking for me, but I bought this turntable over the Wilton because of the lifetime warranty, the excellent reviews and the few extra decorating accessories you get for the price. The disc where you place your cake is made of a thin plastic that is bendy and not thick. I opened the disc after seeing the turntable in my store and found it to be very solid, thick plastic and very attractive for displaying cakes. The table is the same price as the Wilton. The grid makes it less attractive to display your cakes, since it shows, and I wish the ForeverSmooth had a non-skid surface. I have used the ForeverSmooth a few times and it works. The quality wasn't what I expected, but it's fine.

👤My daughter likes the show stopping nature of professional cakes, but I like the taste of homemade. I thought I could learn to decorate with frosting, but I realized there were a lot of tools to buy. I knew I would be happy to have one of those turntables that showed bakers spinning their cakes. Those with the best reviews were a bit pricey. I bake for a 7 year old. I want a break. The Cakes ofEDEN cake turntable was entered. The reviews were positive and the price was right. I clicked. I can reuse the box that the turntable arrived in. I already own an offset spatula and drumroll, but in retrospect I could not have done without them. The turntable was a little heavy at first, but it was stable and performed perfectly. The cake was 9” with four layers. Filled and decorated it is heavy. The turntable was spinning like a dream. The force of frosting coming out of a large tip is enough to push the cake, allowing you to pipe consistently around the edge of the cake while holding the bag completely still. The cake needs to stay put. It is easy to find the locking mechanism on the side of the base by touching it. I am very happy with this turntable. Thank you for your kind words.

👤It really does make it easy to work with this rotating cake stand. The cake was so cute that we served it on it. They included the high-quality spatula and other items.

👤I received a turntable tonight and am excited to use it to decorate cakes. The difference in quality is huge, and I bought a cheaper turntable before. The cheaper one did not spin as smoothly as it could have. It made a lot of noise with rotation. This one is quiet and smooth. It is a U.S. company that gives back to fight child hunger.

10. Turntable Harmony Decorating Beginners Revolving Smoothers

Turntable Harmony Decorating Beginners Revolving Smoothers

It's easy to clean and use and it's always dry after use. It can also be a cake dessert cupcake display tray. An extra layer of rubber is fixed at the base for better grip on the table top, allowing them to better design their cake worry-free. The 6 hidden balls bearing allow them to turn SUPER smoothly, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, to apply icing and decorate on the cake as a professional. Even with heavy weight on top of the turntable, it turned smooth. They are committed to the superior quality of their products. They are food grade, heat tolerance, plastic and steel decorating tools. The grip is great with the wooden handle. Good looking design, durable and safe! A starter kit containing a turntable, 2 spatulas, and 3 scrapers/smoothers will make you design your cake like a professional. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. If you don't like their products, please contact them. They will always make the right decisions. Every extra penny is worth its value.

Brand: .n

👤I am new to cake baking. I bought a turntable to make learning easier. It was correct. It's sturdy and doesn't slip. It is easy to clean.

👤Does the trick. All that is included is a great price.

👤Good for starting to decorate cakes.

👤I have used this once so far. I made a delicious chocolate cake. It was easy to frost it on the table. I didn't notice a lock feature. This is the same as basic. I don't know how to engage it, I didn't need to lock anything. I held it steady with my other hand. I will update this if I discover a lock option or it doesn't hold up over time. I was surprised at how cheap it was when I opened it. It did the job well and did what it was supposed to do. I was surprised to find multiple icing tools and two large knives. It is really great for the price. I own a company that makes food and am trying to make cakes to sell. This was what I needed to make the job simpler and less expensive. I have no complaints. I will update my review if that changes. So far, so good. I'm very picky and frugal, but I'm pleased with this purchase. Buy with confidence.

11. Kootek Aluminium Revolving Turntable Decorating

Kootek Aluminium Revolving Turntable Decorating

It is 11 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. It can be used for many years. The cake decorating stand is kept from moving with the help of the heavy-duty aluminum alloy. The rubber feet help keep the cake decorating stand in place. The cake decorating combs are made of high-quality steel for creating different texture and smoothing the sides of the cake. The cake decorating comb has blue plastic film, so please remove it before use. The spatula applies the icing on the cakes. It's perfect for smoothing the frosting surface and cutting the cake. A spatula with a soft silicone icing can help you get a perfect mixture. The cake server/cutter is a device that allows you to cut and serve cake or pie slices without damaging delicate pastry. It is easy to clean. Do not wash it with the dishwasher for extended service life. Premium Baking Supplies are made from food grade material and have strong, durable, and non-stick qualities. After use or wash, keep dry and clean.

Brand: Kootek

👤I had a sturdy turntable that I bought from a cake class and I was looking for a similar one. The turntable I bought was not what I expected. This is similar to my original cake decorating turntable. I make a lot of cakes. It has a cake decorating comb and an off set spatula. I love it, but the bottom rubber lining came off. I bought it without the combs rubber spatula and only one offset spatula. I always recommend it to my students.

👤The spatula was in a case and the bag was well packed and protected. I think the turntable is a steal because it has amazing bearings and is silent, and I can see why it is a steal. It is not smooth and makes a ton of noise, so it is best to purchase this instead of a cheaper one.

👤I've been using this turntable for about six months to decorate cakes. The base is solid and it has a non-skid bottom which is very helpful. It's a great looking turntable, as opposed to the plastic ones. It's helpful that it has lines that help you position your cake or cake board. Even though I am careful when I use it, I have not been able to avoid it getting scratched. When I use the cake lifter, I put a few scratches on the cake stand, which is where I transfer the cake to. I gave this turntable 5 stars for performance, but 2 stars for its longevity, so I arrived at the 3-stars.

👤The cake stand is revolving. I've decorated a few great cakes for my daughter's birthday without using one of these, but this year I was amazed at how easy it was to ice and decorate the cake. It is very smooth. It is strong and heavy. The base has a rubber piece that can be removed to hold the counter in place. The spatula is my new favorite. This item is very good. You couldn't be upset with it.

👤For a long time, I was hemmed and hawed about this wheel. I looked at some of them. The author of the review talked about how quiet it was. The plastic ones I looked at made the same noise as the spinner toys that restless kids make. Silent is better than terrible. The cake wheel is heavy duty and instills a sense of confidence. I'm a beginner. I just bought the top of the line in equipment. I would really encourage someone who is going to make more than 4 cakes a year to go for better and settle for less.

👤The icing spatula and the icing comb are great additions to the cake turntable, it was packaged well and I am really happy with it. I am able to frost my cakes with ease because it grips nicely on the counter. I accidentally scrotched the top of the cake turntable when I put the cake on top of the turntable directly, because I was so excited that I put the cake on top of the turntable directly. I had to get a cake pad so that I could scratch the top of the turntable. It worked well on top of the turntable and doesn't move when I am icing my cake.


What is the best product for cake icing turntable?

Cake icing turntable products from Dgq. In this article about cake icing turntable you can see why people choose the product. Xnytong and Puroma are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake icing turntable.

What are the best brands for cake icing turntable?

Dgq, Xnytong and Puroma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake icing turntable. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Yoqxhy and Hankang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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