Best Cake In A Jar Containers Glass

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1. European Multifunctional Serving Kitchens Durabilitytal

European Multifunctional Serving Kitchens Durabilitytal

Since the cake stand is designed with a lid that fits the height of the cake, it keeps the cake fresh longer, so you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste in joy. A multifunctional serving platter is a glass cake stand that can be used as a fruit or veggie tray, punch bowl, snack tray, cupcake holder and more. The large serving platter can be flipped over in multiple ways to add the perfect touch to any event. The dome top and stable base make it easy to use the cake stand in a variety of settings. This round serving platter is dishwasher safe and is made of heavy-duty glass. They stand behind every Royalty Art Products glass serving platter and back orders with a money back guarantee.

Brand: Royalty Art

👤A good product. The inside dimensions were off. I bought this for large 3-layer cakes and it will not accommodate them unless I shave the layers to make them thinner.

👤I decided to give this 5 stars because I like the cake plate. The appearance, stand and cover are nice. It keeps my baked goods fresh. The cover is too small and I was disappointed that I used it as a vegetable platter. I still gave it 5 stars, but it is not as versatile as I had hoped.

👤I love this cake plate. It's tall enough to fit a two layer cake in without having to worry about icing on the sides and top. I haven't tested it, but it's probably a 3 layer. I like the fact that it sits a little lower on the table so that guests don't have to walk across the table to have a conversation. The little dots along the edge are pretty. The glass is very heavy. I love it.

👤This is elegant and heavy duty. I have used it as a platter, a salad bowl, a cake stand, and a donut stand.

👤There is a small bowl stand that is fastened to the large cake cover bowl that I don't like. I fear that it will be hard to clean if anything gets in that hole. It's too small to clean.

👤My grandmother used to have pies and cakes on her counter for guests to eat. You can display a dessert, be cake, pie or cookies, or you can turn it into a section for veggies, dips or whatever you want. I love this item and recommend it. It's very versatile.

👤This is a classic cake dish. The design is a lot stronger due to the shorter pedestal and thicker glass. Well made and beautiful.

👤I bought this as a gift and it came out perfect. The cake stand is heavy. It's nice that you can use it as a cake stand, punch bowl, or place vegetables in it. I think it is a good deal.

👤The product information is incorrect and it is made of Acrylic and not glass as stated in the overall description. The seller needs to make sure the information of the product is correct. Though we wanted a glass stand, we decided to keep it because it was light and we needed it for occasional use. The brand name is wrong because the brand does not make a product made of acrylic. The photo of the box was put up by me. We found it quite alright for the purpose, but felt the price should be a little lower.

👤This cake stand is very sturdy and versatile. If the dome diameter was larger, I would be happy.

👤Product information is wrong and the experience is bad.

👤De cristal, resistente y prctica panera. La recomiendo.

👤I am encanto,luce Fabuloso el pastel o antogitos.

2. StudioSilversmiths 44153 Beehive Crystal Honey

StudioSilversmiths 44153 Beehive Crystal Honey

There are many unique sizes of food storage set. The studio has a jar of honey. A unique shape. The lead free measure is approximately 5.25" H x 4.5" Dia. A long Dipper. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Studio Silversmith

👤I like the jar. The bottom of it has very thick glass and it looks good. I don't need beroken as we only have liquid honey for a short time when it's fresh, and we only use raw honey. I have a small amount in there, it fits in the opening. I posted a picture of the jar next to the 15oz can so I could see how big it was before I ordered. I don't know if it's crystal, but it has a sticker on the bottom that says "Studio Crystal by Studio Silversmiths Made in China" The jar is boney, but I think it's fine for the price.

👤A beautiful jar of honey. The crystal is thick and tall. The wooden wand is strong. It is a perfect gift and packaged very securely.

👤A delightful honey jar. After my husband received my first jar, he said to order 4 more, one to be used as a gift and the rest for me, because he was so impressed with the quality. I want to use them on my holiday guest tables. Why all the sugar? Some guests like to sprinkle sugar on their buttered lefse. The sugar spoons fit in the lid nicely. The crystal looks great with my other crystal. The base can hold 1 and 1/2 cups of water. The cups reach to the brim. These jars can hold a lot of things. The lid is easy to remove. You can't go wrong with love.

👤We bought two jars of honey for our parents and are putting them together for Christmas. The box had a broken honey dipper. It seems like the quality is not good. The jars are pretty. It has a little bit of weight on it. The price is worth the quality. There is a small bees design around the jar as seen in the pictures. I think it's great for Jam, just replace the dipper with a spoon. The bamboo dipper should be included in the price for the sake of the parents, they are gorgeous honey jars, hope that they will love them too. The seller contacted us to see if we were happy with our purchase. We asked if it was possible for them to send us a replacement for the broken honey dippers. We got a new set of honey jars and dipper a week ago. Great customer service. This product and seller are definitely recommended.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size, not gaudy. It is simple and functional. I love it! No damage was done. Use a soft cloth if the water is washed in soapy warm water as it will scratch the crystal. For comparison, the jar of honey is 500 g.

👤It's cute, unique and functional. It feels and looks like the finest crystal. The base is secured by the top. The honey has a warm amber glow through the crystal. It would be the perfect gift. I am keeping mine. The quality and price were great. Highly recommend this piece.

3. Plastic Canisters Capacity 10 Inch BPA Free

Plastic Canisters Capacity 10 Inch BPA Free

There is generous compassionateity. Each canister holds 2.5 quarts. 3 matching canisters for all your storage needs--store beans, rice, pasta shapes, baking supplies, snacks, candy, beef jerky and more. The lid ribbing style may vary. The food safe #1PET plastic is lightweight and great for on the go, but do not put it in the dishwasher. Clear plastic to display your contents is included with the labels. The Tall and Arrow are 4.5 and 10 inches tall. It's great to not take up a lot of shelf space.

Brand: Cornucopia Brands

👤These containers are great for what I need. I prepare several different kinds of chaffles ahead of time and keep them in my fridge. The precut paper that fits these is perfect. I don't know if I would put them in the dishwasher. I use the sponge brush to clean them.

👤They are not as good as I thought, but they will do the job.

👤I wouldn't write a review for plastic canisters as they are not what they seem. I'm writing today to let pet lovers know that I've found the perfect canister that fits my Drinkwell original pet fountain, and even adds capacity. I now have enough cold water on hand to quickly swap out the empty one for my special needs cats. The canisters are well priced and do a good job, but they aren't as sturdy as the original one, but they are still well priced, so if they break no guilt in buying lots more. You solved a pet problem for me and now I will throw money at you. Those vinyl chalkboard labels rock! I have a new hobby. I'm going to buy a bunch of chalk labels. Very cool thingys.

👤It's perfect for my kitchen. I like the fact that they don't take up a lot of room. They hold a lot of product. I have pasta in all the Realized ones that are perfect for cereals. You can easily see what's inside the clear canister. The labels that came with it are stylish. I dropped one of them when I moved it to the counter because it didn't crack or break. I was very happy with that. The light weight is easy to clean and the lids are easy to get on and off. It was worth my money. Thank you.

👤I wanted tall cylinder shaped bottles. I am drying and storing flowers to use in art pieces. The stems have to be short to fit the flowers. These worked well for dried flowers. It's hard to find tall containers like these. Glass is heavier and more fragile. These are really light. I wouldn't put heavy items in it. These are great for storing dried flowers. There is only one woman's opinion. People are using up food and other items.

👤I was to blame for missing the last sentence in the description which said it was soft plastic. I was expecting a hard acrylic that would last longer than these flimsy things. They are very cheap and I believe they are better. You can crush the jar between your thumb and 3rd finger with the thin plastic. I bought these to store art supplies, paint brushes and markers, so I guess I'll keep them, but I think something of this quality could be sold in a dollar store. I paid over four dollars each. Got ripped off. I don't want to store any chemicals in these. It's okay for dry goods. They can't be washed in hot water or in a dishwasher. Their usefuless is limited. Not much to write home about.

4. Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

American made glassware. Since 1905. 30 glass pudding Jars with 2.8” W 3.4” H come with food-safe, corrosive resistant lids, which meet certified safety standards. A great way to store pudding,milk,yogurt,cookies,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, small dessert and more. Food grade and heavy duty glass is perfectly satisfying. Preservative and high temperature resistance are leak proof. It looks bright. You can keep your food fresh by applying yogurt jars to the preservation boxes. It is the same with storage tanks that you can put anything you want. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled.

Brand: Brajttt

👤I love it, it's perfect for my candle making.

👤I am very satisfied with the jars I bought for candle making. I've gotten a lot of questions about where I got these. I can't hold that against the producer because this product wasn't made for candle making and I was only able to see the sides of the jar. The product was well packaged and the glass was thick and durable. I recommend buying this product for what you need.

👤Great jars for what I was looking for. It would have been nice if the tabs were baggy. Everything came in one piece.

👤I love these. The glass is strong and large. If you push em down hard enough, most of the corks will stay in place. Some people don't like to stay. I haven't had an issue with it. I use them for dried herbs, bath salts, and gifts. It's a great deal for the price, they're a great size and stinkin cute. I will buy these in the future.

👤I buy frequently. One box out of two always has jars smashed. It's frustrating that they take a while to arrive. They are pretty cool for those that aren't smashed. If you want to get a whole bunch of 30, make sure you ask for a refund of broken jars, because they are more often broken than not. No way to get a refund for smashed bottles without the whole package being returned. It was frustrating as hell.

👤The glass is heavier than I expected and the cork lid is thick and durable. There are rope twine and labels. The packaging is insulated to protect the glass, which is extra supported by being placed into cutouts and each piece is placed in individual slots that are snug and contained in foam! I want to need more and come back for these.

👤The wife wanted to make her own candles. Everything you need is in the box.

👤We use the jars to store tobacco. It is perfect for our needs. Jars are easy to open and close. They were pretty strong after falling from 3 feet. We have them on top of the other and in the row. They are very helpful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wanted to have a nice spicerack with all my spices in the same jars, so I bought two packs of 30. I was worried that the cork wouldn't fit well enough to block air, but it turns out they are perfect. The look is exactly what I wanted it to be.

👤The jars are cute. They were not packed well in the box and a couple broke it. This is very frustrating as they are expensive. They need to have packing material on top of the top layer to prevent this.

5. Accguan Silver Wedding Magnetic Kitchen

Accguan Silver Wedding Magnetic Kitchen

It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. A case of 40 glass jars with 40 silver lids has a size of 2.56 base width x 2.28 height x 2.76 cap. The glass jar is made of high quality glass, visible clear body, great for food storage, food grade safe material, designed for your convenience and suitable for everyday use. This mason jar is ideal for wedding favors, honey, herbs, jam, shower favors, baby foods, candle making, and so on. It's suitable for many. There are occasions when you need to organize a kitchen and home. They need convenience in their daily life, which is why jars come with a tight seal to keep food fresh and easy to grab. Small bottle large capacity! You will be surprised by the surprises. It's easy to clean dishware safe.

Brand: Accguan

👤These are great for my scrubs and body butters. I'm glad they came out okay. The jars are well packed. The price is worth value. Will purchase for sure.

👤The item arrived fast, well packed, and no broken, but almost every one has a scratch on the bottom that looks like a manufacturing defect. There is a ridge where glass was joined on one side. I added my photos because that doesn't show up in their photos. I decided to use the one piece screw on lid instead of the 2 piece lid because I wanted to make herb salts. They will have to work for me this time around as I can't wait for a return and believe a replacement set would be the same problem. I would not trust these for anything that requires pressure canning, pressure cooking or even water bathing. You get what you pay for. They came with a sheet of chalk labels and a white pen, but not enough for all jars.

👤The jars I bought were taller and thinner, but they are much easier to stack. People love them.

👤I use them for tobacco tins. They allow me to separate a tin from a larger jar so the larger jar stays fresh. I like to warm them in the sun or a warm water bath before filling and capping them. They only get air that way. The only issue. I can't open them when they're not fresh. I struggle to open them even with a tool because they leak ether or are so tight. I'm a 35 year old man with strength and size that makes a living by manual labor. I couldn't open the jar to see the little suckers. I have over a hundred of them and at least a dozen that I'm not sure how to open. I've used tools and failed and had people try to open them. The content needs to sit for 5 years. I'll probably have to cut them open. I took a star off because of this. Beware.

👤When I received the box, it looked like it had been kicked onto my porch. The jars are packed in foam, but they were lid first, leaving the glass jars exposed. I was relieved to find that I had only lost one jar due to breakage, as the box looked bad. A cardboard box with a sticker would help. Cleanliness: I didn't notice that they were dirtier than the other jars we've purchased. Over all: The jars look like they will fit in my spice rack. They seem to be of the right quality for room temperature storage.

👤When I opened my package, I found broken glass in a jar, and the lids were not fit for purpose. It's hard to get the jars on correctly, and they don't sit well, so I would recommend a different lid. I won't be buying them again.

👤The product was decent for what I paid. The lids don't always fit perfectly. I don't use them for canning or liquids so that doesn't matter to me. The first three boxes were good, but they had a weird smell. I washed them out and it was gone. I started to have issues in the fourth box. I don't know if it was a box that was returned to Amazon or not. 5 of the 40 jars had something that looked like mold or black dirt around the rim, and 2 of them had a yellow substance. When you order jars, you don't want to see that all washed off. One jar was missing its lid.

6. Plastic Containers Ideal Butter Storage

Plastic Containers Ideal Butter Storage

It is made with plastic that is free of harmful chemicals. The plastic construction is 100% recyclable. You can dispose of these containers in a more eco-friendly way. These plastic jars with lids are made of high quality PET material and are resistant to impact, which makes them ideal for body butter or healthy food storage. The 8oz plastic jars with lids have screw-on top lid and built-in gasket which creates an airtight seal to provide complete protection for your contents inside. The maximum freshness of food can be maintained by Efficiently preventing leaking. The jars with the white lid are the same size as the ones with the black lid, but the mouth diameter is 2.6 inches and the jars height is 3.3 inches. These plastic jars with lids are great for storing things in the kitchen, pantry, or shop for things to make. Purchase without risk. All customers will be provided with higher quality products and a satisfactory shopping experience. If you have a question about their jars, you will get a reply within 24 hours. Purchase without risk. All customers will be provided with higher quality products and a satisfactory shopping experience. If you have a question about their jars, you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Tanglong

👤The kid is protected. It makes for great projects.

👤They seem to be of good quality. Today, I received it. I paid for more than I received.

👤The Jars got the job done for me.

👤The daughter redid our cabinet and these are perfect.

👤I love these jars. The have are in great shape. It's great for my body butters.

👤Customers love all the different colors of the Sugar Scrubs I make.

👤These plastic jars are cute. I am using these to fill with gummies as party favors for 2 kids' birthdays. The jars will be decorated with stickers and labels. The lids stay on securely when they stick well. Can't wait to pass them out!

👤The jars are light but sturdy and perfect for your spices and medicine.

7. EatNeat Airtight Storage Canisters Trigger

EatNeat Airtight Storage Canisters Trigger

The item weight was 4.77 lbs. The choice is clear. Don't settle for plastic food containers when it comes to safety in your home. Their borosilicate glass containers are made to last a lifetime and don't taint your food. They're the best option for you and your family. A wide mouth. These glass jars with lids are easy to use. They allow anyone to reach in for the last cookie and they also make it easy to pour it. You will never get caught with your hand in a cookie jar with these jars. There is a conveyor belt CLOSURE. The bail andtrigger system on the food storage containers provides a tight seal. The lid closure system is easy to clean and durable. It's easy to converse. Dropping your glass jars is not something you want to do. These jars are made for movement, unlike other jars that are heavy and unwieldy. Their glass canisters are light enough to be used in your pantry, but thick enough to be strong. Everyone can use more storage, so it makes a great gift. Their glass storage canisters are the perfect choice for weddings, housewarming, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and more. They make gift giving easy.

Brand: Eatneat

👤I love the idea of glass containers for storage. This set is very convenient because of the variety of sizes. The air is tight. I am concerned that it will break because it is hard to open and after pushing hard on it, it snaps into the glass. I kept the jars because I hope the wires will not lose a lot after repeated use. It would have been better if they were a bit loser so that they don't break. Will check it out.

👤I use three glass jars for my dog's food and treats. They are right for my needs. I bought a different set from the same brand and am using it as kitchen canisters. I bought this set for Milo because I liked them so much.

👤Our country kitchen has a welcome addition. They allow us to store a few commonly used ingredients for cooking. You don't have to worry about dispensers for things like sugar. Bigger bags don't have to be fumbled with. The seal is good and firm. We love the look and function. Sometimes we get a compliment on how handsome the storage jars are. Is there a negative about them? The seal on these is TIGHT. It lets me know that the jars are sealed to the highest standards. I know that Granny would have trouble opening and closing these. If you're thinking about giving a senior citizen a gift, be aware of that because they may have problems with their hands. It's a quick fix if the metal pops out on one of the lids. I think they're great.

👤We use them for dry items. They are exactly what you would expect. The hardware is a bit flimsy, so I took off 1 star. There is no fear of it opening because it holds the lid down. If the metal was thicker with less slack in the system, it would be better, but it doesn't stop it from doing its job. I think it's a great value for the price and I couldn't really expect more of them.

👤I returned it. When I took them out of the box, the metal was tarnishing. They would have been rusty for a while. Disappointed for sure.

👤These are amazing! A good price for an assortment of jars. Nothing was broken when everything arrived in a box. They are used to store food for my bird. These work great, I wanted something that was non-plastic. The rubber liner at the top of the jar makes it easy to clean. The opening of the jar is large enough for your hands to fit in to clean the inside, and the lids are the same size for each jar.

👤I like the way these canisters look, and I used to write stuff on them with black chalk and black stickers. There is a definite learning curve so that you don't snap your finger off when trying to use them. My daughter hurt her finger when she was visiting and I hurt myself. Things work better once you learn to press down on the lid. You can get hurt if you don't realize that you have to put pressure on the lid. I am happy with these canisters. I like having different sizes on my counter.

8. Round Clear Plastic Spatula Labels

Round Clear Plastic Spatula Labels

It's great for storing dry goods, spices, nuts, or process peanut butter in the kitchen, pantry, or household. A pen, spatula, and jars are included in the package. Food safe and made from high food grade PET. It's not suitable for the dishwasher. The jar is 2.3 inches in diameter and 3.3 inches in height. It's perfect in your travel tote handbag, stored on a shelf or displayed. It's perfect for re-sale and promotional goods. Spatula makes it easy to mix your products. A set of attractive and waterproof labels to help you recognize each item you put in. When the lid is securely screwed onto the container, the foam liner concealed within the black lid creates an airtight seal. It's widely used for cosmetics, bathroom, kitchen, craft, gifts and travel. Storage for hair care products, creams, salt, cookies, grains, and nails. It's widely used for cosmetics, bathroom, kitchen, craft, gifts and travel. Storage for hair care products, creams, salt, cookies, grains, and nails.

Brand: Zmybcpack

👤These were described. My only issue is two of my lids. The pressure seals are my main issue. These need to be packaged better. You have to pull the two together. Most of them came apart fairly easily. They ripped them apart because more than 4 of them had sealed to the other. I have jars with no seals. I don't see a way to get in touch with the seller for replacements. I should be able to use what I paid for. I would like this issue to be fixed. I will purchase from this company again and hope that they fix the issue that I have, because these are really nice.

👤The foam seals on this product were perfect for selling sugar scrubs. The scrubs wouldn't melt in the very hot summer of 21 because I had to freeze the full jars. I've dropped the jars on the ground. The seller was able to answer my question. What size foam liner was needed. I had a few that stayed together during the warm weather. This is a great deal. With fast delivery. I am very pleased with this product. I had a few dented jars but compared to other prices for other products it didn't bother me and I think the hot summer had more to do with a few dented jars or liners that stuck together. I have ordered this item several times this summer and only experienced a leak if people at the market didn't close the jar securely.

👤It's perfect for homemade sugar scrub. It is sturdy. They seal well. It comes with a foam protective seal. I will buy again. It's a good thing.

👤I was a little nervous about ordering these for the first time because I make body butter at home. I was very happy that I did. This is a good price for it. The inner seals were included. I will purchase again.

👤I love the jars. You can see inside if it's clear. They are used when making body butters and scrubs for my small business.

👤They all leaked. I wasted a lot of money.

👤I was looking for something that would be perfect, but I can't tell you if they are leak proof.

👤I am very pleased with this product. I used to keep some homemade cookies and snacks for my friends. I ordered more after I used the first 24 pieces. I love them!

9. VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Magnetic

VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Magnetic

If you have any questions about their products, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will deal with it to your satisfaction as soon as possible. The set includes a case of 16 Mason Jars with Silver Lids and 20 Chalkboard Labels. The glass jar set is designed for convenience. The food grade is high. Food grade materials are used to make the mason jar. It's great for food storage. High quality. The material of the mason jars is certified safety standards. TILE & MULTIPURPOSE: These vintage style, attractive, quilted Jelly jars are ideal for shower gifts. Make a Thoughtful Gift, fill with Preserves, Spices, Jams, candle, or Honey, and decorate with string, ribbon, Bows, or Twine to create One-of-a-Kind Wedding Favors. It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year.

Brand: Verones

👤No one got hurt with these jars. I used these 4oz jars for Egg bites and creme brulle, I am a chef. Within 2 days, I lost 10 jars. I can tell you that the Jars are not good. The rim of the jar snapped off when I torched the sugar for creme brulle. I stopped with the torch after losing 5. I know I wasn't touching the rim. I made egg bites on the second day and three of them exploded in my bathtub. The Rim of the Jar came off when I opened the lid after resting them. Are you serious? The Mason Jars are cheap and junk. I don't recommend this at all. The description does not say good for canning. Very upset with the Jars. I will not buy this brand again.

👤Do you want to spend the loot? Buy the jars and then buy the wax melts from places like Yankee when they are on sale. I got some wax melts and put them in jars. Each room has warmers at a fraction of the cost. I would like to thank you for coming to my talk.

👤I thought I would try to purchase these jars because of the price. I usually use a brand name like Ball or Kerr. I will go with a name brand in the future because they are good for my needs. The price point of these would make them a good gift. I didn't like the lids. They don't have the traditional dimples to verify the sealed jars. I didn't trust tomato jam to be sealed, so I removed each jar to make sure.

👤The jars arrived in perfect condition. The price is a little high, as I found out when I ordered them, but the only disappointment is that Walmart has a 12 pack for $9.

👤The item was supposed to come with 16 additional lids and rims, but it did not. The jars had the lids and rim on them. The description and picture are both inaccurate. I needed it for a canning project so I didn't return immediately. It has been almost a month since I got anywhere with the company. Lots of back and forth and no partial refunds or replacements for the missing lids and rims. When I used their lids for a canning project, they did not seal because they lifted and cracked while processing in the canning pot. See the pictures! I don't recommend anyone buy this product because the company is not being honest and difficult to work with. The tiny jars and lids were only efficient for dried good storage or maybe bath product, but again what I received was incomplete as per description and the picture. These are not for fighting.

👤I consider this smallest size the most versatile. That's why I needed more. The Ball brand jars were the original ones I bought at a local store and they stacked nicely in my storage cabinet because the jar bottoms were slightly smaller than the mouth opening and I could easily stack three jars vertically without risk of falling. This is not the case with this brand. The package includes a nice quantity of one-piece lids in addition to the traditional two-piece lids, which is a plus. I will never buy this brand again. The original Ball brand jars don't fit well on this brand's lids. It's really sad...

10. Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts or process peanut butter, pickles and more; also use in utility room for nuts & bolts, use in play room for art & craft supplies, and endless possibilities; lids have food safe pressurized foam liner seal The containers are made with plastic and come with seals. Their set of 12 8oz storage containers are great for a lot of things. Preserves freshness, say goodbye to dried-out slimes. These containers keep your stuff fresh. The water-tight lids keep your creations fresh. Each jar is 2.56 feet tall by 3.26 feet wide and holds 8 ounces. Now includes 12 individual labels. These are empty jars, they don't come with the stuff. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right.

Brand: Healthy Packers

👤I'm not sure how they are supposed to be water tight. I found these by searching for containers of the stuff. The plastic tub at the grocery store is better for holding stuff. If the slime isn't completely solid, it just runs out of the side of the lid. I don't know why these are labeled water tight. It's a plastic container with a plastic lid. So there's that, great price? Just so-so. Don't buy these for the purpose of making a true slime container. They would be great for organizing dry goods or craft supplies.

👤My children have a collection of slime creations. I was happy with the features and price. The plastic for the lid is very brittle. When my child dropped the lid from 3 feet onto the floor, I was displeased. It happened again a few days later with another container. The containers would be fine if they were only handled by adults. Look elsewhere for the purpose of storing the creations of children.

👤I keep my little bits and bobs in clear containers so we can see what we can do with them. The jars are perfect for that. They are wide enough for small and large hands to reach in comfortably to grab what you need, instead of storing them in jars and having to dump them in bowls during creating, you can leave these. They are plastic so if they are dropped, they won't break and spill your goods all over the floor. We have had dropped glass containers and it is not fun to clean up all those shards and throw away the goods when you can't fetch all the glass. It is the perfect size for a group of kids. They are air tight so play doh won't dry out as quickly and they are dish washer safe, I'm so happy to add these small and useful jars as part of our art studio storage solutions!

👤With the jar and bottle shortage going on, I have had to find other ways to package my products. My usual supplier had been out for a long time so I ordered these jars. I settled on these. They are wide mouth and medium profile. However. They don't come with a grill. I have experience with these type of jars and they will leak. Especially with oil based products. These are the best for thick creams and soaps. I'm still able to use these jars.

👤I like the shape and size of these. It's great for storing semi liquids. Several of the containers arrived broken and I dislike that. When I opened the package, some of the lid were missing. It's not a big deal. I found some cracks in the lid. This makes it not durable. I needed the lids to be sealed. It wouldn't be an issue if the title didn't say that. I will think about buying again. They're small. Just need a little more sturdy when shipping.

👤I don't recommend them for certain types of slime. Clear slime and anything with snow in it sticks to the container and is difficult to get out, even though some of them seem to come out just fine. After washing it out with warm water and soap, the plastic looks foggy. If it has snow in it. It might be good for other uses but not for all types of slime. It works with thick, white glue.

11. Breville RM JE98XL Extractor Certified Refurbished

Breville RM JE98XL Extractor Certified Refurbished

There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. They have absolute faith in the products they sell at Oasis Creations. They use them for their parties and gatherings ourselves. If you don't find them to your liking, please contact them and they will give you a money back policy. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. The product is certified by Breville to look and work like new. The product has a 6 month warranty. An extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute is included in the 850- watt unit. For denser fruits and harder vegetables, choose high speed (12,000 RPMs) and for leafy vegetables and soft fruit, choose low speed. A froth separator, a cleaning brush, and a micro mesh filter basket are included in the accessories. The machine is two-speed. 90-day limited warranty. Refer to the PDF attached below for the User Manual and Troubleshooting steps.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The odor came from the box. The basket was covered in mold and I scrubbed it thinking it was a problem with packing and wanted no hassle. The inside was covered in mold.

👤I only had this juicer for 3 days before it stopped working. I only used it for juice in the morning and then cleaned it. I am sending it back because it won't turn on now, and I hope it will turn on again next time. I have to pack it up and send it back now because it is disrupting my meal planning and schedule. The filter/strainer part was difficult to clean because it was impossible to get clean after 3 days. I tried running it through a second time, but it ended up making the juice part bigger. I think you get what you pay for, and this is a less expensive option.

👤I had previously owned a store bought version of a juicer that was very basic and messy, and produced very little juice, so I was going to purchase a new one. I decided on a budget of $100 to $150 because I don't plan to juice every day, but still want a quality item that would get the job done. The Breville Compact Juice fountain was on back order for 1-2 months, but I found it for around the same price as the refurbished item, so I decided to buy it. I was hesitant to purchase but I was reassured by the excellent reviews and Amazon has always stood behind its product. The additional 4-year warranty was cheap but peace of mind. It arrived in a new box, looking brand new and wrapped in all the manufacturing packaging - not a mark or flaw to be seen, so my guess is these might simply be returns that once shipped cannot be marked as new even if never used. I will post a video next time. I had a bunch of fruit and veggies that I needed to use in a recipe, so I mixed apples, parsley, pineapple, lemons, and cucumber. It took just minutes to make a full jug of juice. It squeezed through the produce. It did work better with apples and even the cucumber, though it did struggle with the pineapple, though it did better than I expected. I just took all the fruit, threw it in my machine, added a few berries and a banana, and I have a smoothie ready for work tomorrow which is thicker as a lot of the watery content became tonight's juice! I plan to use the juice to make popsicles for the kids in the summer as a way to sneak some greens into their diet. One of the easiest parts of all was the part that I had been anticipating, and that was clean up. The parts are dishwasher safe, and it was easy to rinse them off. It is easier than my old model and the juice was caught cleanly in the jug with no spills during juicing! I was happy to go with this, it was refurbished and all. There is an update. One of my favorite juice shots is lemon, apple cider vinegar and ginger. I had been making it with ginger, but after watching my local juice place use fresh ginger juice, we tried juicing ginger. I am getting the real deal because I don't have to peel it and it's in a mason jar.


What is the best product for cake in a jar containers glass?

Cake in a jar containers glass products from Royalty Art. In this article about cake in a jar containers glass you can see why people choose the product. Studio Silversmith and Cornucopia Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a jar containers glass.

What are the best brands for cake in a jar containers glass?

Royalty Art, Studio Silversmith and Cornucopia Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a jar containers glass. Find the detail in this article. Brajttt, Accguan and Tanglong are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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