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1. Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts or process peanut butter, pickles and more; also use in utility room for nuts & bolts, use in play room for art & craft supplies, and endless possibilities; lids have food safe pressurized foam liner seal The containers are made with plastic and come with seals. Their set of 12 8oz storage containers are great for a lot of things. Preserves freshness, say goodbye to dried-out slimes. These containers keep your stuff fresh. The water-tight lids keep your creations fresh. Each jar is 2.56 feet tall by 3.26 feet wide and holds 8 ounces. Now includes 12 individual labels. These are empty jars, they don't come with the stuff. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right.

Brand: Healthy Packers

👤I'm not sure how they are supposed to be water tight. I found these by searching for containers of the stuff. The plastic tub at the grocery store is better for holding stuff. If the slime isn't completely solid, it just runs out of the side of the lid. I don't know why these are labeled water tight. It's a plastic container with a plastic lid. So there's that, great price? Just so-so. Don't buy these for the purpose of making a true slime container. They would be great for organizing dry goods or craft supplies.

👤My children have a collection of slime creations. I was happy with the features and price. The plastic for the lid is very brittle. When my child dropped the lid from 3 feet onto the floor, I was displeased. It happened again a few days later with another container. The containers would be fine if they were only handled by adults. Look elsewhere for the purpose of storing the creations of children.

👤I keep my little bits and bobs in clear containers so we can see what we can do with them. The jars are perfect for that. They are wide enough for small and large hands to reach in comfortably to grab what you need, instead of storing them in jars and having to dump them in bowls during creating, you can leave these. They are plastic so if they are dropped, they won't break and spill your goods all over the floor. We have had dropped glass containers and it is not fun to clean up all those shards and throw away the goods when you can't fetch all the glass. It is the perfect size for a group of kids. They are air tight so play doh won't dry out as quickly and they are dish washer safe, I'm so happy to add these small and useful jars as part of our art studio storage solutions!

👤With the jar and bottle shortage going on, I have had to find other ways to package my products. My usual supplier had been out for a long time so I ordered these jars. I settled on these. They are wide mouth and medium profile. However. They don't come with a grill. I have experience with these type of jars and they will leak. Especially with oil based products. These are the best for thick creams and soaps. I'm still able to use these jars.

👤I like the shape and size of these. It's great for storing semi liquids. Several of the containers arrived broken and I dislike that. When I opened the package, some of the lid were missing. It's not a big deal. I found some cracks in the lid. This makes it not durable. I needed the lids to be sealed. It wouldn't be an issue if the title didn't say that. I will think about buying again. They're small. Just need a little more sturdy when shipping.

👤I don't recommend them for certain types of slime. Clear slime and anything with snow in it sticks to the container and is difficult to get out, even though some of them seem to come out just fine. After washing it out with warm water and soap, the plastic looks foggy. If it has snow in it. It might be good for other uses but not for all types of slime. It works with thick, white glue.

2. Plastic 6oz 25 Parfait Disposable Cupcake

Plastic 6oz 25 Parfait Disposable Cupcake

The spoon's tip is bent so that it won't scratch the child's mouth. The spoon head's handle is thick to make it easy to break. 6 oz clear plastic cups with lids have no holes. It looks like only half the number because there are two domes stacked tightly together. The display drinks are an excellent supplement to your kiosk, franchise booth and fast food restaurant. You can use their cups safely. The smooth rim of mini cups provides a comfortable drinking experience and helps maintain a premium feel and look. Cold drinks, iced coffee, smoothie, tea, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water, soda and fruit juices are ideal for the high quality plastic transparent cups. If you have a question about the Clear Plastic dessert cups, please contact them and they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Mr.foam

👤The cups are of the quality and size that I expected, however I only got half the lids that I would've expected. I can't fill the purpose I bought them for because I only have half of the cups' lids.

👤I had to throw the cups away because the plastic on them was so fragile. They are a waste of money because they are cute.

👤The cups were shipped with only 13 and 25 cups. It was useless for what I need to do. I will be back.

👤I thought we were missing half of the lids, but it turns out the lids are tight together, so make sure to check the number of layers of lids you have.

👤These were what I was looking for to make jello cups. The lids were great for keeping them sanitary outdoors. Will buy again after this purchase.

👤These are the cups I use the most. They are used at every event I have.

👤I used it to make a banana pudding. The product came in damaged and missing tops, so I couldn't use all 25. I was very disappointed. I wouldn't purchase from this company again.

👤I couldn't cover them because the lids were irregular or melted.

3. Dessert Cupcakes Desserts Birthday Decoration

Dessert Cupcakes Desserts Birthday Decoration

The dessert display plate decor is easy to use and assemble, they put the parts that need to be assembled together, so you only need to connect the interface and tighten them according to the screw rotation. Food grade material is used. PP material can be used repeatedly, small and lightweight. It's perfect for having a wedding or birthday party. The pull ring design is easy to cary. The total height is 15.7" and the bottom and middle tray diameter is 10.6" and 24 cm, respectively. The top tray has a diameter of 7.8". WorkmanSHIP: Solid and reliable products, large base area, and good stability are some of the benefits of multi-layer fruit plate. The bearing capacity of the fruit plate is strengthened because of the thickened support rod. The elegant art design includes fruits and cakes and desserts plates. It is flawless for dining room or table decoration. It's suitable for party gifts. You can make your own plate color. This will be a good choice.

Brand: Feoowv

👤These little dessert stands are adorable. They were easy to assemble and clean. The only thing you have to do is place the food on the tiers in a way that it won't sway on top if it isn't heavy enough on the bottom tier. We used these for a high tea and they were perfect and the price was great. You could use the tiers as dessert plates and store the pieces flat so they don't take up a lot of room.

👤The stand is pretty. It can't take a lot of weight. I wanted to use it for sandwiches and cupcakes. The sandwiches fell off the top tier because they were so flimsy. The stand was on the verge of tipping over, so I had to load the bottom and top plates with cupcakes and Macaroons in the middle, and it was still rocking all over the place. If it wasn't that unstable, j would have given it 6 stars, because it's really pretty and elegant. I will be returning these.

👤They were wonderful for our wedding. I spray painted the middle pieces gold and it turned out great. If you use these for a party, I would recommend spraying the middle pieces of the color you need. You can't beat the price. Don't pay attention to the missing "m" in the attached photo.

👤It was used for a tea party theme birthday party. I had to trim the plastic off in order to get the pieces to sit level. They are easy to disassemble. You just set the next level on and continue, because there are screws that go through the bottom of the column.

👤It is easy to assemble. One of the screw parts was stripped. I had to glue it together. I only used it for small items, and it was a balancing trick. If you reinforce it, I wouldn't recommend cupcakes. It would fall over if people only took from one side. I will only use it once because I had to glue it.

👤We will use them at a tea party. They were easy to assemble. The bottom tray has a screw that is not flush with the bottom and we had to scrub aggressively to get off the supports. It is a little wobbly when sitting on a table because of this. We made it work.

👤They look good. It's easy to put together. I was at the party when I placed the cookies on them. Not many sugar cookies, but they were not stable. I wanted them to be dessert serving plates. They are not described as strong and sturdy. If you used them to display items with no weight, they would be very cute.

👤I ordered 2. It is easy to assemble, but not sturdy. They are made of flimsy plastic and start to lean as you add things. It was used during my baby shower. I was worried that it would fall over. I didn't get to use the second one because the screw to connect the base was wrong.

4. Bekith Individual Container Sandwich Hamburgers

Bekith Individual Container Sandwich Hamburgers

You can easily wash and reuse. The package includes 150 clear plastic cupcake dome holders that lock securely into place. It's suitable for all kinds of food. It's great for business and celebrations. The cupcake container is made of transparent plastic. High standard production is safe and reliable. The design of the cupcake carrier makes it ideal to show on a dessert table and to save space, as well as the shape of the cavity makes it easy to remove the cupcake without damaging the frosting. A domed lid for protecting delicate icing and decorations can be resealed after opening. You can reuse it and open and close it. The dimensions are as follows: Top Compartment diameter is 15 inches, Bottom Compartment diameter is 3 inches, and Height is 3 inches. Make sure the container will fit your cupcakes by checking the dimensions.

Brand: Bekith

👤These are for large cupcakes. I used standard size cupcakes and they looked small. I used Easter grass to keep the cupcake in place, otherwise they would fall in the container. The containers are sturdy and would be great for a large baked good.

👤The best purchase I have ever made. Like no other. For sure, the value for the money I paid was worth it. I have bought from a lot of sellers and these are the best. I gave five stars to another seller, but this one is not good. I will buy them again and again.

👤I have ordered a lot of these containers from different vendors on Amazon and so far they are the best. The quality is good. I have used other ones that are cheap and flimsy. Some of the containers don't stay closed, that's my biggest problem with them. I have had less waste with these, but some still don't stay closed.

👤These are great, and they stay closed. They are good and sturdy. Sending a guest home with leftover cupcakes and snacks is a great idea.

👤The product is strong. These and cinnamon rolls are a Plus for me because they stay closed. I will purchase again.

👤I thought they were bigger than I had planned for but they worked out great. Only one of the 125 I used wouldn't close and maybe less than 10 that I secured. I am excited to use personalized salads and other individual portions.

👤Good containers. Sometimes when you close them, the part that snaps together gets warped. It is not possible to get it to go back to normal. It is better than most containers I have purchased here.

👤These were used for a shower. They looked great. I loved these!

5. Weddings Birthday Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Weddings Birthday Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

We will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions. This offer is for cake pop/lollipop display stands which are manufactured in high transparent 3mm thick acrylic which is food safe and sturdy. Each stand has been designed to hold up to 56 cakes. They are easy to clean and finished with a shiny and smooth edge, so you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The four layer design makes the cake pop. It is easy to assemble and disassemble a flat pack. The hole has a diameter of 0.2 inch. Perfect for wedding party, birthday party, christening, bridal shower, bake sales, family events, shop window displays, afternoon tea party, etc. I have a 120 day money back guarantee and customer service is my top priority. Love it or your money back. Not satisfied, get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Goabroa

👤The stand is good. The plate is strong. It didn't take much to figure out the assembly from the small instructions. I had everything I needed. The problem is the top tier. I used 2 of the stands I bought. The top plate on my stands started off well. I filled it with cake pops and it turned off. I was embarrassed and disappointed. I suggest spending a little more if something is done to fix that top plate.

👤It makes my cake pops look even bigger, easier to assemble and very large. The bottom holes that are supposed to hold the stick in place could have been deeper, they barely hold the stick and the cake pops tilt with every move. The cake pop can move out of the bottom holes if the levels are able to swivel. It is ok if you are very careful. All in all, a great display stand.

👤I looked at a lot of stands. This one is the most compact, sturdy, and fits the cake pops as well. The cake pops couldn't be placed next to one another due to the holes not being drilled apart enough, according to many reviews. The cake pops couldn't stay standing because there wasn't a base hole for the stick to stay stationary. Not true with this stand. It goes together very quickly.

👤I am a licensed home baker that makes cake pops. This stand is my favorite so far. It holds 56 cake pops. I have to skip a hole in between when I put wet pops on because the holes are too close. This stand does not give me that problem. The two tiers of the stick are very sturdy and the stick won't fall around once it's in. I love it!

👤I bought this item for our son's 6th birthday. As we prepared for his party, we tried to take precautions. It hit me. We've been blowing out candles for a long time. We will not be reverting to a traditional cake model when COVID passes. This will be the go-to for parties from here on out. It holds a lot of cake pops. It is sturdy and will use again.

👤It was very frustrating to have to keep rearranging to balance the top piece because there were not enough parts. I will try to find something else. I would like to be able to contact the company for more parts.

👤I was excited when I put it down. I screwed it in tight, but the top layer kept spinning. The cake pops fell off after the top layer twirled in a circle. Will be back tomorrow. I was embarrassed.

👤The holes are too small for lollipop sticks.

6. Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

The inside bottom is 4.58" and the top of the box is 10" 8 Oz Plastic jars with lids are a perfect size for storing food and have free chalkboard stickers and one pen for labeling. The clear plastic body with wide mouth is easy to access, and the black lids ensure a quality seal, keep food fresh, and don't worry about the food leaking out of the jars. Food grade materials are safe, reliable, durable and reuseable, so you don't have to worry about harmful toxins getting into your food after multiple uses. It's great to store dry foods, coffee beans, coffee powder, salt, sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, snacks and dog food. Do not put dishwasher in hand wash.

Brand: Accguan

👤Absolutely not microwave safe. They are great for cold storage, but not for re- heating. I bought them for breakfast. It works well for chia pudding. We had a disaster when I microwaved water.

👤I wish they had a protection lid. They are great for sugar scrubs and whipped butters.

👤They are very nice. The package has nice labels and markers.

👤I bought this item after reading the description. It seemed to have positive answers about it, but when I tried the leak test, it didn't hold up. I made sure the lid was tight, had bubble wrapped it, and made sure there was extra padding in the transport vessel to make sure it wouldn't leak. It was all over the package. I put the jar upside down and then back up again after a few minutes, but the liquid seemed to leak from under the lid. It was upsetting to find this out after spending money on something I thought was promising.

👤I use the jars for my business. Doesn't leak.

👤The jars were given to my students to use in the classroom. My husband made a slit in the lid so coins could fit through it. The lids have held up for about a month. The plastic is thick. They are good jars for craft storage. I did not try to put food or liquids in. I don't know if they are leak proof. The marker is not permanent, so if anything wet touches the writing it will just come off.

👤I like to match everything. I had a lot of vitamins in different sizes, shapes and colors and decided to make them fit in my small apartment cupboard a little easier. The jars are perfect for this. I got to write my own labels, but they are so air-tight that they are keeping my gummies fresh longer than the bottle they came in! I still have a few extras if I add more vitamins to my regimen.

👤I like this kind of container because it's very sturdy and visible, and I like the fact that you can put your favorite snacks or small goodies in it. You can label things at home. Will buy more if necessary.

7. Silicook Transparent Container Household Organization

Silicook Transparent Container Household Organization

If you have a problem, please contact them in time, they will help you solve it. 40 ounces, 3.14w, x 10.06h inch round shaped jars. The best organization solution for fridge, freezer, pantry, garage, garden and warehouse. Dry goods, beans, cereals, rice, pasta shapes, snacks, candy, beef, nuts, Cookie, Coffee, Pet foods, Bolts&Nuts, Tools and more are unsalted. Food Safe #1 is strong and lightweight. It can be stand to -4F (-20C). You can check inside easily even in frozen / clear to see. There is no dishwasher and microwave. It is necessary to wash the hands.

Brand: Haim Living

👤I was going to store spaghetti in these containers. Immediate return.

👤It is short enough to not fit in the spaghetti container. It would be a perfect fit if it was a quarter inch taller. The item is back.

👤The containers are too short to fit spaghetti. These won't work for you if you need that. They don't fit the entire package of pastas. They are well sealed for other purposes.

👤I stack the layers of my spaghetti noodles because they are a tiny bit tall for these. They keep my noodles organized and I don't have to worry about boxes. I will order another set.

👤Any shape of pasta will fit. pretzels and other dry snack foods are included. The material is crystal clear, so it makes a lovely presentation in your pantry. You should have a dish mop.

👤I looked at a lot of jars and compared their prices. I was looking for a place to store spaghetti with easy access to the contents. I didn't want glass because of its breakability. These were clear and looked like glass, so that you could see what was in the side. It is possible to hold tall items like spaghetti. The price for three jars was unbelievable. The size of the jars would be a negative. I wanted them to be the right size for holding a box of spaghetti.

👤These arrived on time and as described. They're perfect for our breakfast oatmeal topping, which includes a set of canisters for raisins, dried cranberries, dried coconut and chopped pecans. We put them together in a cookie tin, so they can easily be moved from cupboard to table.

👤These are wonderful. I should have ordered taller ones. I can use other shapes of pasta, but not spaghetti. They have nice tight fitting lids and hold a lot. I was happy I ordered.

👤This round food containers are awesome. The plastic is quite good.

👤Don't but this product. The containers can't hold hot water. It's impossible to clean without warping. The money was wasted.

8. Plastic Aoeoe Containers Wide Mouth Household

Plastic Aoeoe Containers Wide Mouth Household

The plastic used for the tongs is made in the US. The tongs will bring convenience to your life. Package Each jar has a capacity of 8 ounces and is 3.5 inches in diameter. These straight-sided and wide-mouth jars are easy to fill and remove, they are durable and can be applied to store paste-like, liquid and solid objects. Quality material. These round slime containers are made of high quality plastic which is lightweight, durable, and resistant to impact. Clear plastic containers are ideal for long-time use. The airtight- seal is used. The top is screw-on. The lid creates a seal to protect your things. The maximum freshness of food can be maintained by Efficiently preventing leaking. Storage jars will keep them fresh for a long time. These clear plastic jars can be used in the kitchen, pantry, or shop for storing things like party favors, or even body care items. In the utility room, you can use nuts and bolts, and in the play room, you can use art and craft supplies. Purchase without risk. If you have a question about their plastic containers, you will get a reply within 24 hours. All customers will be provided with higher quality products and a satisfactory shopping experience. Purchase without risk. If you have a question about their plastic containers, you will get a reply within 24 hours. All customers will be provided with higher quality products and a satisfactory shopping experience.

Brand: Aoeoe

👤I make Body Butter, and it is very popular, but I think the presentation helps enormously, and these jars are such great value for money, and the fact they come with the label, so you can do the fancy cottage style writing on them, it just makes it look more home. You feel as though you are giving your customer a sterile product by giving them brand new jars. They come with a plastic wrap on, which I leave on while I handle the jars, as I want to be able to say "untouched by human hand" and they will have faith in my product, because it looks more professional.

👤I use these for my sugar scrubs because they are a tight seal for freshness and they are perfect for my small business.

👤The jars are small. They are not wide-mouth jars. They were not what I needed. I used them.

👤I have these ready to go and portion them. These work well. The plastic is flexible. I don't worry about easily breaking them. They fit in my mini fridge door shelves. They were easy to clean.

👤The size and quality are great. There are bonus labels with white pen.

👤I made salsa and gave it to someone. It was very cute. The containers were the perfect size for the chalk pen and it didn't write very well.

👤The wide mouth makes it easy to fill them and they are very durable.

9. CUCUMI Inches Bottles Shower Wedding

CUCUMI Inches Bottles Shower Wedding

Popcorn boxes are foldable so they can be easily stored until you're ready to use them. There are 12 glass bottles with cork in the package. Small glass bottles are made of high quality clear glass, which is durable and reliable. The cork lid is made of wood and it is difficult to drop the bottle mouth contents. The mini glass favor jar is 4 x 2 x 3.4oz and has a label of 0.75 x 1.25". Cork can perfectly seal glass favor jars, labels and strings can help you sort or write words of blessing. The function of small glass jars is spell jars, Potion bottles, herb jars, milk bottles, propagation jars and other items which can be used for party, wedding decoration and gifts of All Saints' Day and Christmas Day. The function of small glass jars is spell jars, Potion bottles, herb jars, milk bottles, propagation jars and other items which can be used for party, wedding decoration and gifts of All Saints' Day and Christmas Day.

Brand: Cucumi

👤I needed a large vol for my needs, it came with thin twine and labels. Carefully packaged with styrofoam.

👤I'm making my own magic for a game of D&D. They are a good size for holding multiple d4s without being too large of a vessel.

👤Freddie had his roots overpruned. We messed with his root systems and were slowly dying. We decided to chop him down so we could get more Freddie Jrs. This was the perfect width and height for the jars I needed. The leaves had to be trimmed down as they were large and long. One or more of these 9 will root.

👤I used the bottles to hold my herbs and spices. They're very nice.

👤These are nice. I was hesitant on ordering because I was reading that some people got their bottles broken, but the delivery guy must have been kicking the box around to have had these broken bottles. I don't think the company's fault is that they arrive broken because there is a lot of packing in the box to keep them from breaking. The delivery guy! I think it's important to remember that when writing a negative review. C'mon. They fit perfectly in my hand, the glass is thick and there is plenty of twine to use for the labels. They're generous with it. The corks don't seal completely so be careful when putting in loose leaf tea or sand. I don't think you should put water in these bottles.

👤I was disappointed that 4 out of the 12 jars that I received had chips on the rim, a crack around the bottom of the bottle, or little cracks, but I would still buy more of them. I am happy with the jars that made it in one piece, but I wouldn't buy them again. I was devastated to see my own package broken, I assumed it was a packaging issue, but I saw it in my own package. The ones that made it are perfect, so sad that these didn't work out for me. The quality of the ones that did survive is great. I was surprised that the others had cracks like they did because of the quality of the jars. The glass has a lot of twine and labels. There are lots to use for a whole cabinet with jars. I am so grateful for the amount of supplies but I can not use all of them.

👤It was worth every penny. Glass is strong and thick, the string looks like natural twine, and the ID cards are made of good material. My guess is that the former reviewer in receipt of broken bottles was a mistake. I'm looking forward to filling these guys with herbs and Medicis, perfect size, showing anLG smart phone for size comparison.

👤These were used as party favors for a baby shower. I returned the first jar because it was broken. The second package was in tact. I started cleaning the jars. One jar was sliced open in the process of cleaning and I had to cut my finger. I have a scar on my finger. Attached are photos. Beware!

10. Freshware Food Storage Containers Lids

Freshware Food Storage Containers Lids

The value pack comes with 40 plastic containers. The dimensions of the tray are 8.25” from end to end and 8.25” from end to end. There are food storage containers. Freshware deli containers are great for keeping your food in place. The lid is leak proof. It's great for both liquid and solid food. You can enjoy your favorite food on the go. All of their plastic containers are made of high quality food grade materials so as to ensure safe food storage. They are non toxic and ready to endure wear and tear. All of your favorite food should be kept out of sight. These meal prep containers are the best way to prepare meat, deli food, noodles, green salads, colorful pasta, cupcakes, chocolate desserts, bread, snacks and fruit. Prepare lunch ahead of time or store food for later. Control. Your possessions. You are in charge of your portion. Freshware plastic food containers can help you lose weight. It's perfect for healthy eating, meal prepping, weight watchers, men, women, athletes, fitness and more. Each package includes 36 plastic food containers. They are generous in size but not heavy. You can carry, stack, or store your food. These lunch containers are dishwasher safe. It is possible to have a hassle free cleaning.

Brand: Freshware

👤In October of last year, I bout these. I'm leaving a 4 star review today. They are leak-proof and are perfect for storing my meal prep, leftovers, or sending home with my friends. I take them to work, where I will occasionally drop on the ground, and about 1 out of 3 will break from the impact. I microwave with them, with the lid slightly off to avoid splatter in the microwave, and haven't experienced any issues with that so far. I have frozen food with them, too. There is a Before I used them, a few of them broke. The older they got, the more likely they were to break. It's about time to order the last 6 sets. I wish they weren't prone to cracking upon a 3 foot drop to a hard ground, and the lids wouldn't split. It is possible to earn a fourth star. The reordered containers seem to be more durable. I have most of the containers that I use daily. The price is right for my favorite meal prep container. I don't mind when one breaks because they are not glassware. This set has never been put in the dishwasher. I don't know if that makes them more durable.

👤I thought I was adding more of the same type. The better option is the Deli Soup Containers with Lids. I got the Freshware instead of what I thought I was ordering. I can't recommend this product to anyone who cares about quality, the environment or being economical with money.

👤Excellent quality. I ordered some at the same price as flimsy ones that would crack. These are very high quality. These are made better than the Gladware containers. We have a large family and our kids have a lot of activities so I make dinners in bulk then portion and freeze them for nights that one or two have activities at the same time and dinner will be sporadic.

👤I wanted to try something new because the plastic lid on my glass storage containers are wearing out. I thought I'd try them because my brother uses tons of them. The portion size is perfect for me, they are sturdy, easy to clean, and have a great seal. Some brands of lids are flimsy and don't seal right, but they are the same strength as the entire container. They are in the fridge. There are no more science projects in the back of the shelf if you write the date on the container. I recommend this product because it's packed so nicely, and I keep it in the box because it's nice in my cabinet. It was exciting.

👤Again... Not a safe place to store food... Unless you plan to eat the food within a day or two, you should not use meal prep. Tired to freeze something after it cooled down, it came back to me a few days later and had a huge crack in it. The day before, I used another in the microwave and it came out warped. Tupperware for nothing. I'll just use for fruits and veggies.

11. CARE Certified Parchment Baking Paper

CARE Certified Parchment Baking Paper

The best value. The pack of one box contains 70 sq ft of unbleached baking paper. Other brands only offer 30 sq ft. Unlike most parchment papers that are coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metal that can leave toxic trace elements in your food and baked goods, theirs is coated with Silicone CoATED. It is heat-resistant. Better baking sheets are available. Their unbleached sheets are made of greaseproof, non-chlorinated paper which is composted. It is microwave safe and there is no need for pan greasing. Their paper can be used in the kitchen for many things. It won't affect the taste of your food. Quality with integrity. If You Care kitchen and household items are carefully crafted to have the least environmental impact possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality products.

Brand: If You Care

👤The paper has been great. It saves me a lot of time since I don't have to clean up dishes or make up new ones. It cooks nicely and the finished product is not stuck in my oven pans. I love it! I like how natural this brand is. I will try to make a new Italian cracker recipe soon for anyone interested in making them. Directions: Preheat oven to 350' and cook onion powder, oregano seasoning, sea salt, and olive oil. All dry ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. I use a fork to make sure it is pressed and mixed well. Next add the 'chia egg'. It may be slightly wet and sticky but that's ok. Put the doughty ball on the paper and then roll it out to your desired thickness. If you like more salt, cut into squares and sprinkle it. If you want to make sure you don't burn, bake 15-20 minutes. Enjoy! chia egg The chia seeds should be mixed with 3 cups of water. The recipe calls for 2 chia eggs, so I would mix 2 chia seeds with 6 liters of water. This review helps someone.

👤Even though I care, I really want to hate a product called "If You Care." It was sanctimonious. This is the best paper out there. This is the only one of the many that I use in the kitchen that never fails me. It can be set on the stone or steel if I want, and it can stand up to a long oven. Great stuff.

👤I almost didn't buy this because there wasn't a cutter on the box. We need things to be simple in our house, but that was almost a deal-breaker. I'm glad I picked it up. It's really nice. We had previously bought the white stuff, so I was not sure how this would be different. I like that it seems a little thinner. It's easier to lay flat compared to my old stuff. I baked a sheet of turkey bacon and some fish. The turkey bacon was very good and did not leak through to the sheet pan underneath. I had more oil and liquid on the fish. This made it easy to clean up. I think I have found my new paper. The lack of a cutter was not an issue. Pull the paper out, press down on the lid, and you will be able to pull it to the place where a cutter is normally used. It tears very cleanly. There was no metal cutter needed.

👤I am a cancer survivor and I don't like chemicals in my food. When cooking and baking, I use parchment paper instead of aluminum foil. It is important to use UNBLEACHED parchment so as to not release toxins into the food I prepare. This brand is my go-to brand. A company that cares about our planet and provides a great product is high quality. There is more reason to support their mission.

👤I didn't bother to use scissors since the cutter was on sale, even though some reviewers said there was no cutter. There is a new design. You can hold the paper for cutting with the cutter and tab.


What is the best product for cake in a jar containers paper?

Cake in a jar containers paper products from Healthy Packers. In this article about cake in a jar containers paper you can see why people choose the product. Mr.foam and Feoowv are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a jar containers paper.

What are the best brands for cake in a jar containers paper?

Healthy Packers, Mr.foam and Feoowv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a jar containers paper. Find the detail in this article. Bekith, Goabroa and Accguan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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