Best Cake In A Jar Gift Set

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1. Play Doh Modeling Compound Non Toxic Exclusive

Play Doh Modeling Compound Non Toxic Exclusive

It's easy to clean dishware safe. The Play-Doh 10-pack of 2-ounce cans has 10 cans of creative fun. To make it all, shape, mix, and make it all, just the right colors to start. It's great for a lot of uses, like a Play-Doh starter set, or as an add-on to any Play-Doh toy. Play-Doh compound sparks imaginations for kids 2 and up who love arts and crafts. The Play-Doh cans and lids are also recyclable and easy to open, making them an easy way to build a more sustainable world.

Brand: Play-doh

👤When I opened the box, I couldn't believe it. These things are very small. Before purchasing, you should read reviews from other people. A kid can't do much with a small container, but mix it up with other containers. This is a marketing ploy. I can't believe that I spent my money on this. Don't purchase this, you will regret it.

👤I can't believe it has so many stars. For real? Small containers. I don't know if they could get smaller. The size of these containers makes you think they're samples. You can save $8 and get a bigger tub at Wal-mart. You have something the kids can work with.

👤I wish I would have read the reviews. I didn't think I needed a review. These are the party favor sizes. I bought these for my class center and now I have to buy a second one because they are too small. The price was comparable to the bigger size cans, so I thought they were bigger. Total ripoff for the size.

👤I didn't know what a mess play was until I had kids of my own. It's amazing. I clean up hundreds of little beads of play doh after we play with them. Some of you are saying that I'm not doing it right. You're probably right. I am probably failing as a parent because I screw up more. The stuff is a ball. It was one of the things that I loved to play with as a kid and it still brings me back to that time. My mother was probably cleaning hundreds of little play doh balls up after I ran out to play because I never realized she was doing that. It's worth it. For a reason, it's still around. It's fun, but it's not clean.

👤I loved it when I was small. My son loved it, now it's my grandson's favorite. The smell and texture bring back great memories. I bought these because they were small cans. I didn't know if my grandson would like Play-doh, so I thought we'd start small. What was I thinking? He loved it. These smaller cans are ideal for a toddler. They're the perfect size for little hands and have the perfect amount of Play-doh. The smaller cans are portable. I can't imagine handing a toddler 10 full size cans and just letting him have it. I just bought another 10 pk. We're running a little low after making dinosaurs and leaving them out to play with. It's a good thing. Every child should be involved in play-doh.

👤I was very disappointed that the play doh jars came in the mail. We ordered these for our child. We thought they were medium-sized. I think I should have read more. We will be returning them. These are perfect for small jars. Definitely not what we wanted. If you want small Easter basket sizes, these are great.

👤When I ordered this set of Play-Doh, I was tricked by my eyes. I didn't read the part about the 2 ounce cans. I thought it was the regular cans of the good stuff I see at Wal-mart for 88 cents, and I snatched it up since this set is listed as an "Amazon best seller". The Play-Doh arrived fresh and nice, so I gave it three stars. "It's Okay" is three stars. I will not buy four stars because I don't like it. They are tricksters.

2. Thoughtfully Nestle Individual Size Chocolate Skillet

Thoughtfully Nestle Individual Size Chocolate Skillet

The gift includes a mini cast iron skillet and a chocolate chip cookie mix. The sweet treat gift has everything you need, including a chocolate chip recipe. IRON SKILLET is a mini castle. Do not put this mini pan in the dishwasher. Spread cookie dough evenly in an oiled pan, bake for 18-20 minutes. Wrap it up, slip it into a bag, or add a bow and this gift set is ready to go!

Brand: Thoughtfully

👤I was searching for fun "iron" items for our sixth anniversary and found this great gift. I gave my husband two of these. The cookie mix was just ok, might be better if you add more butter, and the skillets are a bit rough so will take some work to season to the smoothness needed for eggs, but for the price, a fun and functional gift.

👤This was not what I was hoping for. I was hoping the pan I was going to use would be 5” cast iron and not cookie thin. The pan is not very thick in the inside. Cookie dough is very thin if you spread it out. Not what I was hoping for, and now I have a pan that can only be used for something else. Disappointed.

👤I sent one of these to my two grandsons, and they were both very excited. They were going to order the cookie in a pan at the restaurant where they had dinner. Excellent manners would be required throughout the entire meal, and it was how their mother talked them into going to a restaurant. It is not easy for an 8 year old and a 5 year old. The cookie in a pan was not on the special menu. They were crushed. It was a hit to surprise them with this gift. I think they were more excited than they were about the toys. The plan is to have cookie in a pan for Christmas dinner so the taste is not in yet.

👤The cookie dough is terrible. Adding more butter to a cookie was one of the commenters suggestions. The skillet is small. The only thing it will hold is an egg. The egg stuck to the pan because it was difficult to turn over. I am seasoning the pan with each use, but no longer trying to cook food in it. To cook peppers and onions warm for fajitas, I use a tiny skillet to melt butter. I wouldn't buy for a gift.

👤The US government requires food to have a certain date on it. I don't know if this is a good time to eat. The seller does not allow returns. I paid 20 dollars. My health is worth a lot of money. The first review was denied.

👤RUST! I gave this as a gift. I was surprised at how small it is. It was washed and used once, but the next day it was covered with trash. The skillet is rusty right away. This is a one time use.

👤I followed the instructions, but the cookie was very dry. I could either bake at a lower temperature, add more water or cut the time for baking. It should have been a bit soft and delicious. I might have to make the entire cookie recipe and pour it into the skillet if I use the skillet for a cookie next time. I bought two for myself and one for a gift. I will have to warn the recipient.

3. KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

Home scented candles. The candles gifts set are suitable for home, including bedroom, bath, study, living room, dining table and home decor. The jar containers are a good choice for home decorations and are easy to carry in travel. If you have a problem with the scented candles gifts set, please contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours. 24 pieces 10 OZ mason glass jars with silver screw lids are premium strong high quality glass jars. The mason jar set is made from the highest quality materials. 100% food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are included. Silver lids are lab certified. KAMOTA glass jars have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close, which is why each lid is designed with ease of use and storage security in mind. It's versatile and can be used for baby food, jam or jelly, wedding favors, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors, or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift.

Brand: Kamota

👤The jars are cute and work well, but when you try to sterlize the jar lids, they are rusty and not usable, and I had to buy new jar lids because the rusty ones were the reason I had to buy new jars. I was disappointed and a bit disgusted. The jars are just really sweet looking, but the glass shards in them are not usable and the lids are not seal and rusted. The jars are cute, but you should buy extra seals and lids because it's not a good time to have faulty ones. Sorry for the lack of attention from the manufacturer.

👤These arrived today, and none were broken despite a laughable packing job by Amazon. I bought these to help with my portion control for oats, but will use them for more. Water does not leak out of these when you have the cap firmly screwed on, even if you shake them. The jars are made of glass and have ridges on the bottoms. These are plain little jars with no marks on the glass. The jars are easy to clean and easy to see, I wanted them to be that way. Despite their small size, they have a nice wide mouth opening. The whiteboard labels are great, they cover nearly the whole top and survived a normal dishwasher cycle without any casualties. I could use these jars to store cotton balls or buttons in the bathroom. This was the only pack of plain 10oz jars that sounded promising and I was glad I got them even though it was more jars than I needed. I'm sure I'll use them all.

👤I need to say more about it. The lids don't seal properly. I had to buy new lids, re boil, seal, and almost lose 24 jars of jam. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I bought them for canning. They didn't have engraved designs on them for easy labeling. I put fruit preserves and vegetables in these jars along with my Ball Mason jars. Same product inside jars, same temperatures. The first time, most of the lids on this brand did not seal properly. The Ball Mason jar lid was sealed correctly the first time. I had to re-boil and seal several jars of this brand and now I'm not sure if that worked. I sell my products at Farmer's Markets and don't want dissatisfied customers, so they did seem to seal after the second or third boiling. People getting sick. I will not buy this brand again. Only Ball Mason jars will be allowed from now on.

👤The boxes were ordered for the wedding. They turned out great. Purchase transparent label medium for your printer. You can cut a wide ribbon. Attach a small bow around the jar's mouth and add hot glue to the back of it. Cut each marriage quote to a narrow strip using a sharp paper cutter. Pull off backing on label with an exacto knife and stretch transparent label onto a flat part of jar. On the opposite side of the jar, put another label of couples' names and wedding dates. If you want to add a hot glue to the bottom of the votive candle, you need to pull out the wicks on the long- lasting candles. It is easy-peasy! A fun project for a group to do together. jars come with protective covers that can be kept in for travel.

4. Oh Chocolate Assortment Thanksgiving Valentines

Oh Chocolate Assortment Thanksgiving Valentines

This beautiful Oh! is a gift that leaves a lasting impression. There are 20 decorated sandwich cookies in the nuts tray. The gift box has 20 separate compartments to highlight the beauty of each piece. Traditional candy and chocolates can be replaced with trendier baked goods and dessert treats. The taste is very rich. You and your family will enjoy these sandwich cookie snacks. The petit fours are dipped in dark and white chocolate with contrasting toppings that highlight the premium taste of the creamy chocolate. Eye-popping tops. The dark chocolate cookies are topped with nuts, caramel chocolate chips, roasted shelled sunflower seeds, white candy crunch, and rainbow nonpareils, while the white chocolate cookies have a variety of topping such as sweet craisins, dark chocolate chips, and rainbow nonpareils. Thank you for these delicious snacks. You can show your appreciation to your hostess, coworkers, or your grandfather or grandmother. Every party has nuts baskets. These cookies are OK Kosher, non-Dairy, and pair perfectly with decadent wines that feature tastes and aromas of figs, raisins, and honey. Whether it is Halloween, New Year's, Hanukkah, an anniversary or birthday celebration, or a corporate lunch with clients, the Oh! is an add value to your gift this season. The signature cookie arrangement is enjoyed by both food and non-foodies. It is all set to be sent and devoured in a beautiful gift box. If you love it or want to get your money back, you'll get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brand: Oh! Nuts

👤I bought these as a gift and not because of any reviews. If it was bad, I could always eat them myself. It was dropped at my door by the delivery person after it arrived. A sticker that says "fragile" would fix this. I understand why some arrived broken. I couldn't see if they were in good shape because there was plastic on top of the bubble protectors. I broke the seal to check for myself. I was pleasantly surprised. The smell of these will make you want to eat them. I assumed they would love them so I placed 5 stars for taste.

👤The gift box had a red sticker on it. The gift box was ruined by it. An attempt to remove a sticker. Some of the cookies crumbled. The product is not worth the price. I wasn't in a position to return the gift because I was rushed to give it. The box was wrapped in a strap instead of the large teal bow shown in the picture. Ovarian cancer awareness is promoted by the color teal. My wife died of that disease and I wanted to tell the recipient that. I raised my rating from one to five starts. After listening to my issues, the manufacturer gave me a fair refund.

👤I'm not a fan of biscotti, but these are wonderful! I bought several boxes of these and everyone I game them to loved them. They aren't the usual hard kind of biscotti, they are more like a cookie, but not too sweet, and the frosting and variety of topping just complete them. I would buy them again.

👤I have had some products from this company. I apologize for ordering 3 boxes of the biscotti from them. I gave two as gifts and one as a gift for myself. It was a big mistake. The cookies didn't taste like biscotti. They were very bland and not firm. They tasted like old cookies from the dollar store. These are not the type of biscotti you can dunk into coffee because they fall apart instantly. I didn't think they looked pretty, but I wouldn't buy them again.

👤What a treat! I pulled this out to share with my new daughter-in-law when she stopped by for coffee and a chat, even though I bought this to give as a gift. How delicious! I brought these with me from Paris. It was a great day. I'll never forget that one.

👤My sister is very hard to shop for and I bought this for her. She doesn't like the clothes I give her. I had to eat. I stumbled upon this box set when I was looking for gift food box sets. My sister is an avid coffee drinker and already has all the mugs and coffees in the world so I thought I'd get her some cakes to eat with her morning coffee. I got to try some of the assorted biscottis that she loved and they were great. It's soft so you won't break a tooth. Great taste. I took away a star because I expected the box to be a bit bigger. I will order again for myself.

5. Broadway Basketeers Tower Birthday Celebration

Broadway Basketeers Tower Birthday Celebration

This birthday gift basket tower is filled with surprises for anyone with a raging sweet tooth, including chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, soft caramels, fruit puffs, and BBQ crisps. The surprise gift that warms every heart is the sweets and snacks box tower, it's the ultimate birthday gift basket. Show the people you love that they're in your thoughts with a birthday gift. All of their gift baskets and boxes towers are designed to impress so that you will be able to unbox the packages for those you respect and adore. Over the course of 20 years, they've only offered what they'll enjoy ourselves and that's one of the reasons why their customers come back to them. A personal note is a classy, heart-warming touch that completes a gift tower basket. They made it easy for you to include a message for the recipient. Share your birthday wishes with a personal gift message that will arrive in your birthday basket.

Brand: Broadway Basketeers

👤Everything is fresh and cute. It was a fun gift. Highly recommend this. Will purchase again.

👤I bought this for my dad. He liked sharing it with my toddler. If you read the entire product description and look at the picture of the popcorn size relative to the box size, you can get an idea of the gift's size. The package was what I was expecting. It was a good price and it was cute. If you know what to expect from a gift basket or box that is comparable, it can be $5-$10 more, so I promise that if you actually know what to expect, it's worth the money.

👤I sent this to my nephew for his 21st birthday. I know that he loves chocolate covered pretzels, but neither were included. The "tower" of boxes is pretty, but I was disappointed that he didn't have the things I wanted him to have. I received a full refund from Amazon after I complained.

👤Not what I was expecting. I paid a lot for this item as a substitute for a cake for my son's 30th birthday. The packages were small and not enough to share with all the guests. The tower is about 12 inches tall. The little treat is not worth the price. The item is worth about 10 dollars.

👤There were no items in the description that were included in the package. I can't return the package because my 4 year old opened one of the tiny packages before I could verify the contents. I'm angry and disgusted that I paid so much money for some pretty boxes. You could get better snacks at the Dollar Tree. Don't fall for this scam, save your money.

👤I bought this for my husband. I don't usually buy gift baskets or towers because they are not economical, but they are convenient. This one is no different. It is a novelty and not a great deal. He liked the items and they were fresh. The product is great, but the price is the only reason I won't buy it again.

👤Would give a zero if possible, poor service, false advertising, and nothing good to say.

👤The food inside the boxes was old, but I liked them.

6. Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Birthday Scented

Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Birthday Scented

Just like grandma used to make, fill your room with the scent of your favorite baked goodies. Relax and enjoy the comforts of home while you are reminded of pleasant memories. A fun gift for yourself or your favorite sweet tooth is a thoughtful gift. No alimony, best of all! All-natural soy candles scented with premium fragrance oils, a 100% natural fiber wick, and recyclable packaging make their candles an ideal addition to your home. grandma says love it or your money back No questions were asked. Their mission is to spread happiness and relaxation by using the power of fragrance to awaken pleasant memories and comforting feelings. The birthplace of Minnesota and the location of their business was the beautiful river town of Stillwater. Their products are made with care. Their mission is to spread happiness and relaxation by using the power of fragrance to awaken pleasant memories and comforting feelings. The birthplace of Minnesota and the location of their business was the beautiful river town of Stillwater. Their products are made with care.

Brand: Stillwater Bath And Body

👤What can I say about this candle? You will wish it was. The room is filled with the scent of a fresh baked pie before you even light it. Your neighbors will complain to the HOA about your baking in the neighborhood, and you didn't offer them any. You will get a craving for dessert. Don't drink the hot wax just to be sure it's not food. You will go to the grocery store with the intent to buy ingredients to make a pie, and you will leave with a big bill because you couldn't resist the temptation to buy every pastry you could find in the bakery and bread aisle. You will have a fire in your kitchen because you don't know how to bake and you didn't know Tupperware was not oven-safe. The smell of smoldering plastic and the fact you didn't know flour and baking powder were different things will be covered by this candle.

👤I am very disappointed in this candle. I'm not sure how it got so many good reviews. After reading reviews, I decided to get this one because I love the smell of coffee and the candle is expensive. When this candle is unlit, it only smells good when you smell it directly. There is no smell when this candle is burning. I will not be buying a candle from this seller again. Sorry to the seller for the bad review. I am just being honest!

👤What is the name of the cinnamon roll? I don't write reviews often, but I can count them on one hand. I don't want to besmirch a company, I'm sure they produce some good candles, but I thought I would save an innocent consumer money and give some friendly advice to those who are considering purchasing this candle. Unless you like the scent of candle wax, you'll have to work in the lab to make it. I had to dispose of the candle, but I liked the fact that it was made in the USA.

👤The candle smells amazing! It doesn't burn down too fast if there is one wick. It smells like someone is making a pie. A quality candle. It was worth the money.

👤I found the traditional and original scented candles that I was looking for. Wow! The scent is still amazing. The little attentions in the packaging were appreciated. Beautiful! Keep doing what you do! Have a great week!

👤I was about to buy a candle from Bath and Body Works, but at the last minute I decided to look at Amazon to see if I could find a better deal. I was happy I did. The candle arrived in perfect condition and smells amazing. I will be ordering more. The smells are so delicious.

👤There isn't much of a scent in the reviews. There is not. I was excited to get this candle and I don't like to burn a lot of money on candles. I spent fifteen dollars on a candle. It is the weakest smelling candle I have ever received. If you get close to it, it has a cinnamon smell. It will not make a small room smell good. Trust me, there is a reason this scent is on sale. It's too much for a candle to cost. It is very disappointing when you are trying to bring in holiday cheer.

7. Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

The Duncan Hines mug cakes caramel flavored brownies mix is 2.6 ounces. A single-serving dessert is offered. The chocolate mug brownie has caramel flavor. For a simple dessert or celebratory treat, mix and microwave the caramel brownie. The mug dessert can be microwaved on high for 55 seconds.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤You will not get what the description says you will get. Pricing that is too high for what you get is a result of the description being beyond misleading. There are 4 sizes to choose from. There are 4 count, 2 count, 3 count, and 10 count. The Count options the seller listed are very deceptive since each box clearly contains 4 pouches. 2 If you count, you get two boxes, each containing four pouches, because Duncan Hines doesn't make a box with only two pouches in it. The seller said I should get 4 boxes each containing 4 pouches. I received one box that said it was a set. Really? There are 4 pouches in the boxes of this product. That's not a set, that's deceptive quantity labeling, so you pay more here for the same product you can get cheaper at the grocery store. The product is wonderful, but if you want to get it at the grocery store, you should know that the quantities in this listing are not real.

👤The brownie is not bad. Light caramel taste, but don't expect a lot of caramel. It's like a little bit of dense cake. Okay seriously, PortION? The recommended mug is the size I put in. It's like six bites. I put two packets in a mug. That's a small serving. For a package of four, the cost is not bad. Not worth more than that. They have a pack of ten cupcakes for under 6 dollars. Great deal! I stress a little, warm choc cake, fast, easy, this is it. I will give it a fourth. Four packets of caramel brownies are like two small serving sizes, because they are more like four bites of chocolate cake. CONVENIENCE is a challenge. This works when you really want warm, chocolate goods fast. I just ordered a bunch of doughnuts and am looking forward to them.

👤I love the Perfect Size cakes and muffins. They are easy to make and convenient. The favor is good. I add butter to my food to make it taste better. I have given to others and they love it. You can mix milk or water in a cup or small bowl. I have doubled. I admit. I gifted pthers a mug, spoon, mix, and packaged it together. Put the mix and spoon in the mug and place it in a gift bag with instructions. The bow and other decorations are important for the occasion. Makes a great gift for a teacher or co-worker.

👤If you want to make it better, mix up a little bit of powdered sugar, lemon juice, and dash of milk and pour it over it after it's cooked but still warm. It gives it something extra that it needs.

👤I wanted a quick and easy dessert to eat so I bought this product. The instructions are very easy to follow: pour one pack into a mug and add water and milk. When I first poured the mix into the mug, the portion size appeared to be small, but when I added the liquid, it filled about 1/3 of the mug, which was an average mug. I microwaved the mix for 50 seconds and it came out 1/3 of the way up, but it wasn't really a rise. There were a lot of chocolate chips in the mug cake. The cake is sweeter for me because I'm looking for a dessert that is sweeter. When you bite into the chocolate and cake, it tastes like a chocolate cookie chip. If you prefer a more cakey texture, you can microwave for longer, but be careful about drying out the mixture because it can still be a little wet. The dessert is pretty good, but it's a little small in portion size, so that might be a good thing since I'm not getting much exercise in thisQuarantine either way. It's a good recommendation!

8. Hazel Creme Happy Birthday Cookie

Hazel Creme Happy Birthday Cookie

This eye popping cookie gift box is ready to gift. The cookies have a delicious combination of flavors. Each cookie is dipped into dark chocolate and covered with delicious flavors. Enjoy every bite of chocolate. Their blends and flavors will satisfy your chocolate cravings. The best chocolate flavor is tested and hand crafted by Hazel and Creme. They use the best quality ingredients to make sure you are satisfied. Every cookie is tried and true to ensure it is pure bliss. Share your family moments in style with chocolates that impress. Perfect gift for any birthday. A box of heavenly chocolates is the epitome of happy birthday. This box of goodness is for your special someone's birthday. A rich luscious box of chocolate is an exciting and thoughtful gift. The package has care. Every box is shrink wrapped for freshness and professionally packaged in a modern box that is sure to impress any recipient. The box could be black or gold. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. Their chocolate cookie boxes are beautiful and delicious. Kosher and dairy free chocolate gift boxes are appreciated by all. Enjoy their guilt free chocolate that is just a click away.

Brand: Hazel & Creme

👤I decided to give the cookies as a birthday gift because I have had them before. The cookies were old, there was no freshness or best buy dates on the packaging, and this is not returnable. For $30. This isn't worth it. I won't be buying it again. The buyer should be ware.

👤My husband gave me this as a birthday present and he said they are oreo cookies covered in chocolate but they are not bad. You can have them. All cookies are covered in chocolate and taste the same. The only difference is that I usually remove them. The cookies are small in size. They are okay. I will not order again.

👤I wouldn't recommend this product. I bought this for my husband. We were shocked to see a cookie missing when he opened the product. Poor quality inspection. Too bad because the presentation was lovely. I tried to call the company today, but the number on the packaging was not a working one.

👤These were good but not great. I am a huge fan of sweets and this tasted like low to mid-quality cookies and chocolate. Each cookie tasted the same. I would have liked a bit more of a variation of flavor. The presentation and packaging were nice. I liked the way they looked in the box.

👤My order arrived on time. I was amazed at how balanced the taste of everything I tasted was to give me a very unique experience. This is more than a cookie. I would definitely order again.

👤It does not taste good. It doesn't taste like chocolate or chocolate has a bad smell, maybe because of the coloring.

👤Even though they have become dull and boring, they have so many new and crazy flavors to liven things up. These are just regular chocolate cream filled cookies with some chocolate on them and decorations. Who would read the reviews for me? You can't even make a cookie that is similar to the one in your gourmet chocolate.

👤A very nice presentation. cookies are packaged well inside to protect them from damage Cookies are good.

9. 600 Piece Gold Dinnerware Party

600 Piece Gold Dinnerware Party

Product meters are used to measure product performance. The letters are.51 inches thick and 2.04 inches long. Add a touch of elegance and refinement to your next party or dinner function with the elegant Gold Dinnerware. A luxurious color ensemble bursting with style includes Crisp white plates with gold trim and an ornate golden silverware set. The gold plastic silverware and plate set is heavy duty yet disposable. Heavy-duty plastic utensils won't break and durable plates can handle hot, cold, and wet foods without leaking or spilling. Non-Toxic andBPA-free plastic is used for food. Plastic gold silverware and gold trim plates can be recycled. Help to prevent trash from being thrown away. Host an event to remember! It's perfect for weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday bashes, graduation galas, family reunions, soiree dinners and holiday office parties.

Brand: Prestee

👤Don't buy this product! The gold paint started coming off when my guests put food on the plates. I was afraid that my guests were going to get poisoned. Some guests have called me to say that they also got sick after I got sick. I had to leave my party to buy disposable plates. I tried to get a refund from Amazon, but they want me to return the items. If they want a box of dirty plastic dishes, that's just disgusting and I am not washing these things. I offered to send photos, but I am not packing and mailing them. We tried to use them for dinner. I hope we have not been poisoned.

👤I was a bit hesitant due to the price and some of the reviews that had broken utensils, but mines came quickly and well packaged. I put a picture of my hand on a piece of paper to help with the size of the large plate. There was bubble wrap on the cups and plates and there was a plastic wrap on the inside as well. The bag was for the utensils. There was minimal damage and I didn't get much on my order. The plates feel very thin and flimsy, like a child's toy. It is lacking in sturdiness andDurability. It's not the best for heavy food. If you are going for a look or if it ties into a theme, the value is okay. I am happy with my purchase so far, so I will update once we use them for the party and see how they hold up.

👤It looks like real dinnerware.

👤I was surprised that I was not expecting plastic plates. They are not paper plates. Everyone at the New Years Eve party kept rinsing their plates instead of throwing them away. It's funny. We decided to keep them all for big parties. They are awesome!

👤The set was a good choice for the special day. They aren't paper so no leaking through. There is a The bride and groom were happy with the table setting. The plates and cups had the right amount of gold added to them. We used a permanent marker to mark the cups and they held the ink well. This isn't the first time we've used these plates for an event.

👤I ordered 2 sets of these for my wedding and I can't wait to see the whole setup, the cups are a little small but will look cute with everything else. The table is made of plastic and it looks like glass.

👤Table clothes came from Amazon and dollar tree. Butter mints and napkin are from Amazon. I made a center piece from a dollar tree, but not the fire candles from party city or the purple candle lights from Amazon.

👤The look of the items in the party set made me smile. The plastic ware looked classy because of the gold trim. The plastic utensils were not as durable as I have used, but would still be ordered again as all matched so nicely. I ordered napkins and towels.

10. Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Birthday Candles

Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Birthday Candles

Their candles are highly scented using a unique blend of premium essential oil fragrances, which ensures a memorable fragrance experience. Every Lulu Candle is made with a soy-blend wax formula that is free of harmful substances. Most candle brands last less than a year. They only use 100% cotton wicks and their pre-production performance testing ensures a clean and long burning candle. All of their candles are made in the US. A perfect gift for friends, family members, or yourself! A perfect gift for friends, family members, or yourself!

Brand: Lulu Candles

👤It is small. The picture is deceiving, as it is small for the price. It smells nice, but a lot of candles are bigger for that price. I wouldn't buy it.

👤Someone is reviewing a candle on the internet. It was necessary for me to find something on Amazon that I could order easily because I love candles and Prime. The candle is small with one wick, which is fine, because it's for my bedroom. The scent is a beast. It's too much for my small room. It lasts for a long time. I will buy again and again.

👤There is no relation to the smell of cannabis in any form. It is a fake scent that resembles a dryer sheet. I had it in a 14x16 room and within an hour it became so overwhelming that I had to move it to another area in the house. It was able to remove the smell of bacon I had cooked but the bottom line is you can hang dryer sheets and get the same result. The scent was very disappointing.

👤The strength of the candles scent filled my entire multi-story condo with a lovely aroma, after I set one of the larger candles next to my AC intake vent. The candle didn't last as long as I wanted it to, but maybe it was because I was so obsessed with its quality that I had lit it all the time. I would compare these to Boy Smells and say they are the better option for soy candles.

👤The candle is small and powerful. I was impressed by the scent in my living room. I had a problem and they were very prompt in resolving it. The candle smells better than I expected.

👤The house smells wonderful after just a half hour of burning this candle.

👤Tiny! It was smaller than expected. It is making my throat sore. I feel unwell. It was returned used. Do you know how they can get away with this? I like to breath bathroom cleaners.

👤I've had this candle in my wish list for a long time. I was finally able to get it once it was available again. Don't wait if you're thinking about getting this candle. It will go out of stock again if you add it to the cart now. It smells great. It's affordable. I like the minimal packaging because it goes well with my decor. It's perfect for a sweet smell.

👤The candle packaging is sexy and minimal. The scent payoff is great, but I was a bit scared that it would be too strong, but it ended up being great for a bedroom setup. This will be perfect if you like rose and musky. I wish it had a lid to prevent dust from landing on the candle when not in use, and a screw on the candle so that it doesn't disrupt the aesthetic of the tin.

👤The burn time of the travel candle was the longest of any I have burned. The scent was very intense. I would purchase this candle again.

11. Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

The gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies are ready to gift for family teachers or as a care package for students and families. The Delightful Flutes are delightful. Each hand dipped in premium dark chocolate is covered with twelve sweet assorted toppings and carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival! A great gift for everyone. Birthdays, Easter, Mother & Fathers Day Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Get-well, Condolence, Shiva, or any Occasion. Gourmet and fresh every time. Only premium, natural ingredients are used. They bake fresh in their bakeshop for you to enjoy. All of Barnett's baked goods are Kosher and are sure to be appreciated by all your recipients, including those with dairy allergies.

Brand: Barnetts Fine Biscotti

👤I bought these for my wife for Mother's Day and thought they would be a great gift. When she opened the box, we were both shocked that they were dipped. I wouldn't have paid $24 for covered Oreos. The chocolate they dipped/draped them in is so thin it is almost unnoticeable. I would have paid the most for this if I knew what it was, and I have no problem buying quality sweets and paying for them. You can use your money to buy a better dessert.

👤Not as advertised. There are even cheaper sandwich cookies. This is worth more than the $23 I paid.

👤I bought this for my wife and she loved it. It was wrapped in a bow and perfect. We finished the whole box of cookies in one sitting. It's a great gift to give for a treat.

👤They are not anything more than cookies. Not worth it. You get cookies.

👤I gave a large box of cookies to a neighbor who gave great feedback. She said that the cookies were so good that they were eaten in a day. I bought a few smaller boxes for myself to try before I gave, and I was very pleased with the taste and look. This is the first time I have ordered this product, and I will definitely order it again in the future. Thanks for making gift giving easier during the holidays.

👤I think they're mediocre, it looks like a cookie dipped in something and it leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth, there is no way it's worth 25 bucks.

👤These are not the 12 delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies that are advertised. They are plain old cookies. Icing on them. I can put three raisins on top of some icing to get a similar result. I wouldn't call this "twelve decadent flavors" if they were all cookies, with chocolate icing and a variety of simple decorations. I would make 500% profit if I went to the grocery store one time. I am glad I didn't get the twenty-four pack. The box probably cost more than the rest of the food. I got my money back after complaining to Amazon that the cookies weren't as described. I got a full refund because this item is not returnable, but they don't tell you until it's too late.


What is the best product for cake in a jar gift set?

Cake in a jar gift set products from Play-doh. In this article about cake in a jar gift set you can see why people choose the product. Thoughtfully and Kamota are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a jar gift set.

What are the best brands for cake in a jar gift set?

Play-doh, Thoughtfully and Kamota are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a jar gift set. Find the detail in this article. Oh! Nuts, Broadway Basketeers and Stillwater Bath And Body are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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