Best Cake In A Jar Labels

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1. Printable Labels Diameter Customizable 22807

Printable Labels Diameter Customizable 22807

It is suitable for a variety of purposes and can be used on documents. Bright white glossy labels add extra shine to gift labels, product packaging, mailing seals, party favors and more. Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge of the label without a margin or outline. The Sure Feed technology on the round labels of the printer makes it a more reliable feed. Simply bend the sheet back to pop up the edges of the sticker labels for quick and easy peeling.

Brand: Avery

👤The name on the labels would need to be different because I bought them to use in a project. I was concerned that the online templates might be hard to figure out. I found them fairly easy to use and it appears they have corrected the old issues. You can find the URL on the label package. You can choose the product and template you want, then go to the customization tab. Choose "Edit One". You can work one text for one label at a time. See the photo. If you want the label to be precisely centered, you might need to work a little. I didn't take the extra time to adjust because my design was more forgiving. The design was off-center. I have included a picture to show the degree of adjustment that would be required. The labels are easy to use and have a good weight to them. They are easy to remove from the backing. I ended up tearing a corner because a couple were more difficult. If I moved my fingers across the backing, the label would begin to lift from the backing. I would be able to see if there were any areas that needed special care. I am very happy with my finished project, as I added the labels to metal tins, which I am using as spice containers. I put the magnetic sheets on the inner door of my pantry. The spice rack is great for saving space.

👤The labels are made of plastic and receive print from my printer. I was surprised by that. I didn't know it was possible to print on plastic. The labels adhere well, and even though I took a few off of my product before putting them on the shelf for sale, they still came off without damaging the plastic jar. They stick to it. If there is a mistake, it is possible to get the label off. I recommend these, as well as the online design center that is free, and the fact that you can print the labels yourself. It's a great way to package your products and look smart.

👤I assumed that the labels did not follow instructions after reading many reviews. Wrong! I have a good eye for balance and am fairly skilled at graphics. The labels I designed fit perfectly within the borders of the template, and it's easy to center them using the software. All looked good on the monitor and when printing a test sheet. The label was printed on the template. If it's a round one, you're likely to see that they aren't exactly centered. The cut marks on the template sheet were where they ended up printing off-center. Curved text at the top or bottom won't hit the label where it's supposed to. I wasted a lot of time, ink, and paper trying to adjust my printer, but never could get it corrected. It's hard to believe that they haven't corrected this, as they have to read the reviews and listen to angry customers who are frustrated by the lack of quality. The labels look great on the printer paper, until you print on the templates, where they have to fit within the cutout. Many reviewers chose to live with the crooked printing. I decided not to live with the off-centered labels so I replaced the curved text with horizontal text. My advice is to expect this. If you think you can do better, you should design half without arched text. If you want to see where your draft will be printed, you can hold it up to the light and see where it will go, and you can choose which ones look best. Don't spend hours trying to fix or compensate for a faulty template, that's my second piece of advice. The problem isn't with your design, it's your printer. To accept the reality, I had to experience it myself. It gets worse. The ink smudges. I let the labels dry for a week so I could take a break. I tried to see if the ink would stay put, but it didn't. The blank ink smudges even though it was completely dry. The red heart didn't smudge. Some users had no problems because HP uses different ink types. To find clear sheets that are permanent, go back to the drawing board. I don't want to use a sealant outdoors in order to protect the ink. There must be a company that makes vinyl that is better than the template material. You can see what happened when you touch the glossy version of the sheets.

2. Talented Kitchen Stickers Preprinted Waterproof

Talented Kitchen Stickers Preprinted Waterproof

Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge without a border or outline. Spice Labels Preprinted: Decluttering your kitchen drawers, cabinets, spice rack, and pantry with this set of clear all-caps preprinted kitchen labels for jars; featuring the most common spice names in both black and white script. Does not include jars. The seasoning label stickers on glass spice jars are a great way to organize salts, rubs, and herbs, and you can read it in a high contrast style. Their premium material makes it easy to remove or replace the labels, as needed, because they feature black and white hand lettering on water-resistant, transparent vinyl with a self-adhesive backing that won't peel off or tear. The perfect size is their sticker labels for jars, which are ideal for 4oz and 6oz containers. You will receive a total of 272 spice jar labels, which include 128 preprinted labels in black and white script, 8 number labels, 8 blank labels, and a comprehensive reference sheet with an alphabetized list of spice names.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤Simple labels for your jars. Everything you need to transform your spices was included in this set of labels. The aesthetic is pleasing to look at and you have colors to choose from. I had no issues with bubbles once I put the labels on the jars. It has been a couple months since the last dishwasher run and there is still no peeling up with the labels. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The labels fit nicely on my jars. I had a hard time putting them on because you can't touch the sticky side of the label when you peel them off the paper. A little bit of your finger oils keeps the sticker from sticking to my jars. I had to use a pair of very fine tweezers to peel the labels off and put them on my jars. It made things difficult, and ones where I accidentally touched a little bit don't stick down or look nice.

👤These are small script and it is hard to see them when I use them. There are more choices than I need, but I would like to have larger options for coffee, tea, flower and sugar. I feel like they look a bit tacky when you put them on the jar, and it doesn't look as clear when you touch them. I tried to avoid that by making as little contact as possible.

👤These labels are wonderful. I was looking for ways to update my cabinet. Updating that cabinet was easy with the right jars and labels. Highly recommend! You get a set of black and white labels. It is easy to regift a set that you did not use.

👤I was given some nice jars from Crate and Barrel as a gift, but needed a good way of labeling them, as they are out in the open. These labels look good, but they can be hard to read. I would suggest a bolder version. The labels can be difficult to remove without fingerprints on the glue, so a pair of tweezers is recommended.

👤I was very happy to find attractive labels at a great price. I liked the way the fonts looked and it was good that they came in two colors, as I changed my mind on which color I preferred. I haven't washed a jar yet, but they seem to have held up very well. The jars have a clear background and disappear completely. I had a great experience with this seller as she worked with me to solve my problem and I needed more blank labels. I am very pleased with the quality of this product and you will not find a better seller. This is a real customer review. I was not paid for this review.

👤I was excited to get the labels because my jars are cute. I think these would work well if you use flat bottles. The glue isn't great and you can see fingerprints on them, and there is bubbles so they look tacky. I hope the new labels look better.

3. Hayley Cherie Chalkboard Stickers Write

Hayley Cherie Chalkboard Stickers Write

The Chalkboard Labels are made from durable vinyl. There are 64 printed pantry labels and 64 printed spice labels. The pantry labels are oval in size and the spice labels are round in diameter. All the common spices are covered. These self-adhesive chalkboard labels can be used to organize your spices and pantry. The simple design makes it easy to identify your herbs and spices. It isdurable: It is resistant to ripping and bubbling. The self-adhesive labels are easy to remove. They are freezer safe and waterproof. Blank labels. The extra labels are easy to clean with a damp cloth. If you don't want to change the label name, permanent markers can be used. It's possible to re-locate. The labels are printed on self-adhesive chalkboard vinyl. It is water resistant and best suited for smooth surfaces. Also, note: Not included in the price are the jas.

Brand: Hayley Cherie

👤I ordered the labels to be added to my set to make them easy to read. They have held up well and look great. There are two sizes, the small one fits the lid of my spice bottles, and the large one is perfect for canisters and pantry items. They can be easily removed. I accidentally put a few on crooked and was able to peel them off and re-stick them. I am not familiar with many of the spices included. Would highly recommend this purchase.

👤The spices had to be put in a drawer with the label on the lid. I had to make my own because many of the labels didn't fit the lid and some didn't include all the spices. I needed new labels for the front of the house because it had a pull out spice rack. These labels are the best. The print is simple, attractive and clear, the labels include standard spices as well as unique spices, there are variations of the same spice, even some doubles. I reorganized my spices after dinner. Should you make a mistake, the labels can be lifted and moved. I'm very happy with this product, it makes my time in the kitchen more pleasant.

👤I didn't like the labels that came with my jars so I ordered these labels. I was very impressed with the quality of the labels. I was expecting less quality for $10. I wouldn't expect a printed label for sambar powder, pasilla chili, chili powder (yellow) and some specialty blends. The way in which a lot of pepper spices were labeled was odd. I used to call them black pepper, white pepper, chili de arbol, but the labels had them labeled as pepper. It may take a little getting used to, but searching for them alphabetically is no big deal. I prefer the printed labels over writing on one of the blank labels since it looks neater. I bought a fine tip chalk marker from Michael's and it wiped the labels off when I messed up, and it was a dream. The set came with pantry labels, which is a bonus. I'll use those as well.

👤They should have given instructions on how to remove the labels. If the first one I tried to use had not peeled off with the paper backing, I would have loved it. I didn't understand how it was supposed to stick. The back of the label was sticky when I washed off the paper. I came back to check out the questions, and someone had asked about it. I don't want to peel the whole thing off if it doesn't come up from the backing, but I will try again at a different point on the circle. I don't have a label for my fines herbes. I thought about buying another set to have a label that would match the others, but they're too expensive now, and more so than when I bought them. It's a shame.

👤The canister labels were included with the spice set. The price was cheaper than the panty labels alone, and I couldn't believe it. I didn't need the whole set of pantry labels, but I was interested in the spice labels and to have the basics for such a low price was a great treat. The photos show a list of what was included in the set, which helped me make an informed decision about my purchase. The labels are amazing! They are easy to attach and can be re-posted if you get it crooked. They are waterproof, which makes them perfect for a kitchen. The round shape and size of the spice labels is what I like the most, because it allows me to see the tops of my spices without having to pull them out. The solution was perfect. The labels for my canisters were the right size and I needed them for the 5 canisters on my counter. I like the look of the label. You don't have to have chalk or try to make them look uniform by hand, it's a chalkboard label. They included blank ones in case what you need isn't in the pack. The deal is exceptional. Very happy. Highly recommended.

4. Avery Print Square 2 Inches 22816

Avery Print Square 2 Inches 22816

You will receive a total of 144 white labels with 128 most commonly used spices, 8 numbers, and 8 blank write-on labels, and 8 sheets of alphabetized list of all included labels. It is possible to create professional looking labels with matt white labels that allow your colors to pop. You can get a more reliable feed through your printer with blank labels from the Sure Feed technology. The permanent label glue prevents peeling, curling and falling off on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and painted metal. Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge without a border or outline.

Brand: Avery

👤I spent 3 hours trying to get my labels to print on the sticker. The problem may have been solved if all the images moved up or down. One image was slightly up while another was slightly down. One was to the left and the other to the right. The writing would not be on the label. I made sure I had the right paper size. The printer was not checked to see if it was fit to size. It seems that the template did not have the same margins as the actual paper. I accepted mediocrity in presentation and made my own work. I don't think my guests will notice the label. It would be unacceptable if I used the labels professionally. I have an printer. I used the online design and print from Avery.

👤There is an outline/border that cannot be removed, but it doesn't line up with the edges of the stickers, unfortunately. I've tried putting them in front or backwards, but it's just 1-2mm off so the line shows up down the side of the sticker, making your print off center as well. It's too bad, because the online templates made this easy to use. I was expecting the template to fit perfectly on top of the sticker, but it wasn't the case. There were no bubbling or issues with attaching the sticker to the plastic or glass items. Will modify when testing waterproofness.

👤It always printed off centered, cutting off designs and letters. I played with the printer adjustments. I wasted sheets of labels hoping it would be centered for all of the boxes, but it is not possible. The sheets and online template did not match up. I am stressed out about how to print labels for a baby shower after being disappointed.

👤I ordered them to label the tubes. They are the right size. I can design my own labels with the help of the web site of the company, or I can have them printed out myself. I can print them myself. They have templates on the website that make it easier to design labels. I put all of the labels on my lip balm tubes. I will be buying more. I have a challenge with these labels. Some of the labels don't line up correctly when I use my Canon printer to print them. It is not the label's fault. I put a new sheet of labels in the printer. In the past, if you wanted to print out a regular sheet of paper with the labels on it, you could put it behind the template sheet to see how they line up when printed. At least it was missing from my package. I would like to see that included again. It helps to make sure the labels are written correctly. If you found this review helpful, please click the Yes button. Thank you! The ratings for the show. Each product is carefully reviewed. Star ratings are never given. I really like this product, it is an impressive product. It is very well made and lives up to the description. It surpasses consumer expectations. I like this product. The product description, details, and customer expectations are all met. It does what it is supposed to do. This is a 3 star rating. The rating is neutral. I could either leave it or take it. It met the product description and details for most of the time, but it isn't something I will order again. I don't like this product. It has made mistakes in the product description and does not live up to the expectations of the customer. I don't like this product. It is possible that the product description does not live up to what is advertised. I would tell my friends that they shouldn't use their hard earned money on this product. Thank you for reading my review. If you follow me on Amazon, you will get other reviews. Have a great day.

5. Talented Kitchen Round Labels Write

Talented Kitchen Round Labels Write

Simply bend the sheet back to pop up the edges of the sticker labels for quick and easy peeling. The Spice Jar labels feature 128 commonly used spices such as pepper, pepper flakes, mustard seeds, and cinnamon, which makes them a great way to declutter your kitchen drawers, cabinets, spice rack, and pantry. Place the round spice labels on the glass jars to create a functional, organized workspace while baking or preparing meals. These black chalkboard labels for spice jars feature white lettering preprinted on water-resistant, transparent vinyl with a self-adhesive backing that can easily be removed or replaced. The kitchen is organized. The spice labels are 1.5 inches in diameter and make a perfect spice rack organization measure. You will receive a total of 144 white labels with 128 most commonly used spices, 8 numbers, and 8 blank write-on labels, and 8 sheets of alphabetized list of all included labels.

Brand: Talented Kitchen

👤White printing on sheet #1 is very gray, low-contrast, and even that isn't bright white. The ink used by the maker needs to be brighter-white. "cinnamon sticks" is correct, but "vanilla sticks" is not; "celery seed" is singular, but "poppy seeds" is not. Lawry's gets its name on a label, but Coleman's doesn't, and "old bay" isn't capitalized even though it's a brand name. I would like to order more black blanks to be able to personalize them, and how great would it be if they came with a white paint pen or similar? If thermal label tape sticks to the pebbled label surface, it will have to be done. Does anyone else wonder why a jar with a big number label is needed?

👤I was happy to find and order your labels. I was disappointed that my rack didn't have labels. Your labels fit my jars perfectly. I don't need to look at each jar individually. I have my spices placed in order of my use and not in alphabetical order. I was happy that they are perfect. They are a vinyl type material so they can be washed. Again, thank you. One happy purchaser.

👤I am very pleased with the labels. The size is perfect for my jars, I love the material, and I didn't need to use any blanks. They had a label for every spice on my rack. They are easy to peel off and re-attach if you goof, and the chalk look is trendy. I love them!

👤The labels are beautiful, easy to read, and have a label for every spice except Cumin Seed. I have a wooden rack in four houses. The new place doesn't feel like a home until my spice rack is on the kitchen wall. The original labels started peeling off over time. I was happy to see that they could be replaced. The product from Talented Kitchen is easy to use and looks great in my new kitchen. I'll post a pic if I ever figure out how Amazon cameras work. It was nice to have labels for the spices I actually use, rather than the ones provided by the seller of the rack. I tested removal and removal with one of the labels that I wouldn't need before I replaced the original labels. Before placing the new label, I had to remove the old one, wash the jar top, and then use rubbing alcohol to clean it. The process worked well.

👤The labels I bought for the spice rack were shattered. I bought a different rack from the store. The names of the spices were written on the lids of the spice rack. Some of the spices were not used often enough to warrant being in the rack. I was very thankful to have these labels on hand. They adhere over top of the silver lids. They peel off if I want to take it off. If you need to write what the spice is, there are extra blanks to use a chalk marker or paint pen. I ordered these and will keep this company in mind for label needs. I am very happy with this product. I would have made my own labels from home, but this is better than that. It is worth it.

6. Round Natural Homemade Stickers Labels

Round Natural Homemade Stickers Labels

You will receive a total of 272 spice jar labels, which include 128 preprinted labels in black and white script, 8 number labels, 8 blank labels, and a comprehensive reference sheet with an alphabetized list of spice names. 500 homemade with love brown kraft stickers per roll is included. Round labels are 1.5 inches in diameter. The sticker reads'made with love' and features a red heart. It's a perfect final touch for baked goods, jams, and jellies. The label stock is printed on high quality brown. It was made in the USA. It is pending.

Brand: Sblabels

👤These are cute and a good size for many homemade products, such as jams, bath bombs, candles and more. 500 in the roll will keep my products looking professional. Great deal!

👤These were bought for use in bath bombs and scrubs. These are nice for the price and have enough room on them to write information. The handmade with love is printed in black and has a red heart. It's an excellent buy and perfect for any home made product and I will be purchasing more.

👤I didn't realize how small they were. The image is not as clear in person as it is in the picture. I would be willing to pay for them again if they were the same size as I had expected, but I wouldn't buy them again for the same size.

👤The roll of labels were fully enclosed in sealed plastic and easily removed by me. I am using these labels for a charity project. Each head-wrap is packaged in a see-through freezer bag with printed information about how to wear it in different configurations. There are two cute labels on the freezer bag. They add a warm feeling to the gift. The clear plastic bags allow patients to see different patterns for selection.

👤I rated this product very small, but I still use it to secure the closure of my cake boxes and small brownie bags. After using them for other projects, I think it's a great purchase.

👤They were perfect for what I needed. I bought them for my wedding party favors. I was giving out cookies. Since they were purchased from someone that does them from her home, I thought this would give my vendor credit and let my guest know they were specially ordered for them! They are very sticky and everyone loved them.

👤Is it just a professional touch to a gift? My family thought they were great. They take a little more time but it is worth it.

👤Very cute, it was Beautifully made. I like to share. I bought these on Amazon. The receiver makes them feel special.

7. Avery All Purpose Labels Inches White

Avery All Purpose Labels Inches White

Write, peel, and stick to organize your kitchen, pantry, and other rooms in the house. These are waterproof, and can be moved around. The perfect gift for a birthday party, wedding, Christmas, and other holidays is the complete bundle. Do you have a home project? These are the best label stickers. Favors can be used for parties. It's great for arts and crafts. The label is securely in place with permanent glue. White label has easy customization. It is suitable for a variety of purposes and can be used on documents.

Brand: Avery

👤If you know what I mean, they are the right amount of sticky. They will stay put where you stick them, but you can remove them using your nails without making a mess, and you get that satisfying feeling when the whole thing comes off in one piece. These labels stick to almost any surface. These are a must if you go too far on organizing. They were used to relabel my circuit breaker box, the dry goods storage containers in the pantry, the shelves in my linen closet, and the storage bins in the garage. To write on them, I fold them in half around the cables. I think I have a problem because I keep finding new uses for them.

👤I used the clear plastic that goes over the front and back of the cover to make these lables. I pressed very hard to make sure the lables would stick because I have a bad vision problem. I don't want to do this again. I had to redo 3 of the labels after putting the first one on the dvd covers. I thought I would just put a new label on top of the other ones, but I was surprised to see that the entire label came right up, it also discouraged me. They should not have come up because I thought permenant meant permenant. It was easy to take them off. I bought the "AVERY" labels because I thought I was buying a quality product that did what it said it would do.

👤These were given to me last winter to label cardboard boxes. The boxes had labels on them. The boxes have not been exposed to a lot of sunlight or humidity in my house. They just sat down. Some of the labels are starting to peel. I am going to have to use tape. These are easy to use and don't stick to themselves too much. I use a pen. The old sticker doesn't show up when I layer a new sticker over it. The slim type of plastic sterilite style storage bins are okay for using for pens and keys.

👤I have a collection of wrist bands that come in plastic envelopes. I like to keep them in their original packaging, but I never know which one is the one I want to wear or gift. These labels fit the little plastic envelopes perfectly and I wanted to label them for ease of locating. I put the label on the envelope when I write the message. I have to shuffle through the packages until I find the one I want. I use different colored markers for each theme. The labels help me organize. I wish they were able to be adjusted after I stick them on, but once that glue touches the area, it's all good. I have to leave pieces behind to remove the label. I'm very careful about placement. It's hard to beat the simple but effective labels from the Avery company. Markers are not super thick but they are sturdy and don't bleed to the underside. I'm happy with my choice. There are no do overs when it comes to placing the labels so I have to be very careful.

8. Chalkboard Containers Reusable Waterproof Blackboard

Chalkboard Containers Reusable Waterproof Blackboard

The high-quality storage plastic jars with high-quality packaging will be given to their customers with the help of the 24 hour support. There are 72 small (1.69 x 1.1 inches), 45 medium (2.4 x 1.5 inches), and 56 large ( 3.5 x 1.7 inches) with 8 fancy and classic template designs for a total of 173 stickers. The set has a variety of shapes. These labels can be found on plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic porcelain, porous or nonporous materials. There are two dagger pens included. There are two chalk markers, one white and the other yellow. The chalk markers have thin tips. They are water-based and odor-free. To clean and reuse, just wipe with a wet towel. The ink doesn't stick to the paper. A do it yourself chalkboard label. The labels work well in every room. Spices and condiments should not be confused in your pantry. Sort your laundry soaps and conditions by type. Kids need help arranging their toys and art supplies. You should organize their sewing, art, and baking items as well as your husband's files and garage stuff. The party and contingency analysis. The candy and cake station should be labeled with these blackboard stickers. These are also good for displaying the juice containers in your tea parties. These are the ideal labels for wedding souvenirs. The sticker has a clean uniform shape. The surface is not slippery. Write, peel, and stick to organize your kitchen, pantry, and other rooms in the house. These are waterproof, and can be moved around. The perfect gift for a birthday party, wedding, Christmas, and other holidays is the complete bundle. Do you have a home project? These are the best label stickers. Favors can be used for parties. It's great for arts and crafts.

Brand: Small Fish

👤These are what I need but didn't know about. Someone new to chalk markers is going to have a learning curve. I saw yellow on my test paper when I pressed down on the yellow one. I was ready to go. I ended up with a lot of clear material because of the white. I reversed the tip and it performed perfectly. The reviewer probably didn't dig through their entire assortment because there are different sizes on different sheets. The designs are very cute. I am able to remove them because they stick well. If the label is stuck to the paper, pull up on one edge, and if you can find a place where you can pull it off, you will find it. Before you write on it, take your label out. I soaked it and it came off easily. The label performed perfectly once dry. I found an antique cigar box that was narrow in the front. I used a craft knife to slit the label and write on it. When the box opens, you can read the entire label. My brother has a machine that he uses, but I use my own labels in many applications.

👤I use chalk labels to organize my containers. I can put these labels on a box or jar. I don't have to mess with removing tape, single use labels, or anything else if I switch the contents of that container five minutes later. I just wipe the chalk label clean with a damp paper towel and it's good as new to re-label as many times as I change the contents of that bin! You can cut them with craft punches. This product is great. SmallFish included a white and yellow chalk marker. It is the best value I have found. Highly recommended. Great product and great service.

👤I like the idea of being able to reuse these cute stickers. I tried to use the pens in the kitchen, but they rubbed against jars, bottles, or whatever else I tried to squeeze. It comes off on your hands and is transferred onto cabinets and refrigerator doors. If you plan to label something that won't be touched or grabbed, you can get this to work. I'm going to use a silver sharpee pen on the labels and not reuse them. The pens are rubbing off and I'm very disappointed. I let it dry for a while before handling it.

👤I got these this morning and I love them! There are many different shapes and sizes of them. I wanted to mention that the marker smudges since it isn't permanent. I was not planning on changing the labels often so I looked up ways to make it smudge proof. The answer is hair spray. You are probably familiar with this if you ever work with art. The label should be stuck to a clean surface. I recommend putting a small piece of plastic at the end of the sticker to pull it off. You can get a fine mist hair spray if you hold the can at least ten inches away. It is smudge proof after it dries. You can apply the finished product to your desired item if you pull the sticker under one side. It works every time. It's easy to get off if you want to change the label. Happy organizing everyone!

9. Mr Chalkboard Assorted Markers Stickers

Mr Chalkboard Assorted Markers Stickers

Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge without a border or outline. The package includes 100 sticker in various shapes, along with white chalk markers and a small towel. The water-based chalk markers have thin tips. It is easy to clean a towel. And wipe. There are sticks on various surfaces like plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic porcelain, porous or nonporous materials. The Chalkboard Labels are made from durable vinyl.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤These labels are great. They are used for my pantry items and the storage bins in my office. The chalk marker is easy to erase. There are a lot of shapes and sizes for different items. The package includes a very cute moustache shaped label and a Chalk Marker cloth for wiping the labels.

👤The package included a white chalk marker. The chalk marker didn't work even after following the instructions. Multiple times. I had to find a substitute. Stickers are difficult to remove from backing material.

👤The product says you can wipe off and reuse them. I didn't know it would rub off as soon as you touched it. It smudges immediately if you use it for things like cosmetics and lotion, so I let it dry. The writing rubs off the label so you don't know what's inside. It defeats the purpose of having a label.

👤This set of labels, chalk pen, and microfiber cleaning cloth is so pretty. The vinyl chalk labels are of the highest quality. They are wonderful. They stayed on when I washed them. You can easily remove them and re-use the label. They are easy to clean. The pen doesn't smudge unless it gets wet. The point is thick enough that you can read the label, but thin enough to write small. The cleaning cloth was a bonus.

👤I bought these to use on plastic containers. You know those bear cookie containers? My dogs now have food. I have the paw print stickers for a few years now, I added the Mr Pen sticker. It took a little while to get the ink to the tip, but once it did it was great. The size of the sticker was perfect. I want to use more stickers on my ice cream containers to hold nuts and seeds.

👤They work well. The pen writes well. You will have to shake and press the pen for a while, but once the ink starts coming out, it works great. You will need a little water to get rid of the writing.

👤These seem erasable with chalk markers. They are easy to use. It was very difficult to remove and keep looking nice. I think having 3 sizes is better than many brands. These are pretty good but not perfect.

👤I love these labels. You get many different shapes and sizes. It comes with a small cloth to wipe it off if you need to redo it. They stick well too. I would recommend buying again. The price is not better for what you get. I love Mr. Pen products.

10. Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

Premium Chalkboard Labels Bulk Dishwasher

Applies to any smooth and clean surface, like wall, glass,window,notebooks, laptops, helmets, water bottles, planners, bicycles, phones, bullet journals, cars, and more! Design your trinket worthy trinket! You can quickly find what you're looking for with cute chalkboard stickers. A chalkboard label for jars. jar labels can be used for spices, canisters, cookie and candy jars, honey jar labels, baking ingredients and meal prep containers. Salt should never be used for sugar again. Don't start your day with coffee that is bitter. The best write on label for fridge or pantry organization is this kitchen accessory. The decals fit the mason jar labels. It's easy to clean. Kids with waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe. pantry labels are made of premium vinyl. Extra bonus white marker chalk dries quickly and is easy to clean. Just wet a towel. There are MEMORABLE PARTIES! All special occasions need custom personalized sticker labels to decorate. Wine glasses and glass bottle labels can be personalized with do-it-yourself labels. No place is safe from being shuffled. Reusable chalk labels can be used to organize the most messy spaces. Designating a place for everything will make household chores quicker and easier to manage. Your kids will not have an excuse not to put things away. chalk labels for classroom are popular with teachers.

Brand: Savvy & Sorted

👤I had fun setting up my pantry. There are some good and not great things about these. The pen works well and I was happy with it. As you do strokes and lift the pen, it leaves tiny dots. I don't think they are a detraction. I took a quick test to see if I could answer my own questions. Looks nice, I wrote on one label. Wrote on another and immediately tried to wipe it off with my finger. I let the third label dry for a few minutes. There were zero accusations. There were no smudges when putting the label on the jar. These labels are not chalkboards, so keep that in mind. It kept the writing from looking smooth as chalk ink settled into the tiny pores. I wrote a second time on one of my labels to see if it improved, and it did. It is fine without doing that. The only negative is that they can't stick to a smooth surface. The pink coffee canisters have a porous surface, and they were peeling last night. I would be surprised if they have fallen off. I will find a solution to that need. They did peel off and fit nicely on my glass jars. The sizes were perfect. Definitely worth it! The chalk pen works perfectly to write on the coffee canisters, even though the labels did not stick on them. It still dries nicely, but it gets wet right away.

👤Fantastic purchase! The stickers are easy to peel on and off. The little chalk marker is very useful. Love the styles and sizes of the labels. Hello, chalk labels!

👤I love these labels. I have never been a labeler. A label won't fix the problem if I can't tell what's in a clear canister. I bought these for a reason. I felt foolish when I labeled away, but it hit me that I had to label what I can't see. I started writing cooking instructions, calories and carbs, and even the dishes I cook with each item (I use a lot of grains and beans and after a while it's easy to forget which one goes with what.) I know when to reach them and what I bought the rarely used ones from the purchase dates on the spices. No more looking at the recipe for cake. It's on the canister. I think these labels will make me cook more. I knew what I wanted for dinner when I saw the label on the jar of soups. I've looked at that jar for months and never eaten it. If I change the contents of the canister, all I have to do is wipe the label clean with a damp paper towel and write a new one.

👤I love how easy these things are to use. I used to write on my canisters with a Sharpie and stick down some clear tape to label them. The job was done, but it looked bad. I had to pull up sticky tape when I changed the contents of the container because of the writing. I can change the contents of the container whenever I want. I have to wipe the label. I'm proud of how organized my pantry is and how easy it is to find what I'm looking for. It's important for someone like me who eatsGluten free since I have to have everything in the kitchen labeled. I think I'm going to put them in my medicine cabinet. I have posted a before and after photo.

11. Avery Print Glossy Labels 22820

Avery Print Glossy Labels 22820

It's possible to re-locate. The labels are printed on self-adhesive chalkboard vinyl. It is water resistant and best suited for smooth surfaces. Also, note: Not included in the price are the jas. Glossy white labels that allow colors to pop are a great way to add shine to projects, packaging, decorations and more. You can get a more reliable feed through your printer with blank labels from the Sure Feed technology. The permanent label glue prevents peeling, curling and falling off on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and painted metal. Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge without a border or outline.

Brand: Avery

👤In the last few months, I have purchased several orders of the Oval Labels for Laser and Inkjet Printers from the same company, as well as similar orders for similar labels for labeling honey that I sell and keep. The labels work great on my Canon printer. Design is easy and results are professional with the cloud based design software. You can follow the links to Design and Print on the website. If you enter your label number, you'll see many attractive options that you can modify further. Printing is very easy. Remember to follow the instructions. Some goofs include: 1) not setting the "scaling" feature on your printer dialog to "off" or " 100%"; 2) not choosing "labels" if your printer allows you that option for media type; and 3) not knowing which side of the label sheet your printer prints on. I have never had a bad bunch of labels if I follow the directions on the Design and Print site and the few tips above. These labels are currently priced at about 15 for 80 labels or about 20 cents a label. The labels are easy to remove from the sheet, and they stay on whatever you stick them on. They don't smudge easily with a laser printer. It's great for things you plan to sell or give away and never see again, like my honey jars. If you're planning to reuse your jars, they can be a real challenge to remove.

👤I was hesitant to order these because of the reviews that said they didn't print correctly. Everything printed out just fine when I printed mine. I used the software. Some people had problems with the label not being centered, so they had them upside down. The side of the paper that has arrows on it tells you which side to feed into your printer. The labels came out great on the printer. I followed the instructions to make my own labels. I printed out two different labels on the same sheet. Tell it you want to print one through four and then tell it what you want to print 5 through 8. I would buy them again.

👤These labels fit perfectly on jars. Each year, I get requests from family and friends for a jar of chow chow. I printed my own labels and they turned out great, I thought I would make them a little more special this year. These labels are glossy and professional looking. If you don't want to design your own, there are dozens of standard designs you can choose from and you can put any text, pictures or emblems on them very easily. They print well. You'll love this personal touch if you're proud of your product. They are a little pricey. It was worth it in the end. These labels are wonderful.

👤I like the design app. It is very easy to use and looks professional. The picture is from a bottle of honey that has been used a lot and has been roughed up. It looked new. Absolutely recommend these labels.


What is the best product for cake in a jar labels?

Cake in a jar labels products from Avery. In this article about cake in a jar labels you can see why people choose the product. Talented Kitchen and Hayley Cherie are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a jar labels.

What are the best brands for cake in a jar labels?

Avery, Talented Kitchen and Hayley Cherie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a jar labels. Find the detail in this article. Avery, Sblabels and Avery are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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