Best Cake In A Jar Set

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1. Disposable Plates 80 Count Supplies Appetizer

Disposable Plates 80 Count Supplies Appetizer

There is no dishwasher and microwave. It is necessary to wash the hands. SERVES 80: Includes enough plates for 80 guests; contains 80 paper plates with Mr. and Mrs. print on them. SERVES 80: Includes enough plates for 80 guests; contains 80 paper plates with Mr. and Mrs. print on them. High quality. Plates are made of 350g whiteboard paper and won't fold while carrying food. The material is paper. The plates are made of paper. It's great for parties. It's suitable for weddings, engagement parties, proposals, anniversaries, BBQ, and holiday celebrations. Dinner can be served to guests in a variety of ways. DIMENSIONS The plates are 9 inches in diameter.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤The paper plates were the same as pictured on the site. They were reliable for the occasion. I would recommend them. They were a bit pricey. For the occasion, it was ok to spend a bit more.

👤I can't say for sure if these plates are strong enough, but at first glance they are beautiful and will do the job for our guests, even though we won't use them until our wedding in October. We ordered the napkins with the same design and are very happy with them.

👤I bought these for my son and daughter-in-law to use at their receiption and they are perfect for their small wedding in the country.

👤My daughter is having a rehearsal dinner. They were sturdy and cute. They gave the event something special.

👤It was used for cake at my wedding.

👤It was cute in person and heavy duty. I loved them.

👤Son de excelente calidad, son robustos y elegantes.

👤Very attractive! They are large.

👤It was used for a wedding. They were sturdy and had an appropriate amount of thickness. The logo on the plate looked great.

2. Cupcake Dessert Decoration Birthday Celebration

Cupcake Dessert Decoration Birthday Celebration

It was finished in an antiqued bronze. A set of 6 pieces-package inslude: 2 x 3-tier cake stand, 1 x cup cake stand with base, 1 x heart shape cake plate, and 2 x lace rectangular cake pans. Business guests party needs can be met. The surface is covered with gold to prevent it from getting rusty. Good weighing, strong and durable, stable base, safe and secure use. Simple iron cake stand with a lovely hollow flower edge shape, smooth lines and texture, outstanding details, easy to use and install, is suitable for any home decoration. USAGE is used for display cakes, cupcakes, candies, cookies, muffins, pastries and any other desserts. The dessert plate is also a unique decoration for your home. It's suitable for all types of events and parties, from tea party to graduations. It is flawless for dining room or table decoration. 24 hour dedicated email customer support. They will try to help you if you have any concerns. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction.

Brand: Pazstarle

👤It's a good value for the amount of items in this bundle. They look pretty. They worked perfectly for my dessert table. The only complaint is that they are bendable, which is understandable, but when it bent I just bent it back into shape, which you don't want when setting a cake on. You can't beat the price with these items.

👤I was a bit worried that it was going to be too small or not sturdy after reading some reviews and seeing some pictures. This was the most beautiful product I received. I will recommend. I put it back on the same box so I can use it again at my next event.

👤No me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto, no me gusto.

👤The lace borders were slightly bent when they arrived. I was able to bend them back. The items were sturdy and easy to assemble. My nephew had a table at his college trunk party with them.

👤Cheap quality. It's very easy to get bent.

👤The metal was easy to bend on the stands. It was easy to put it together and put it back in the box. The metal was not strong enough to make it beautiful.

👤Very pretty and adds glamour.

3. Plastic Wide Mouth Storage Labels Screw

Plastic Wide Mouth Storage Labels Screw

It's perfect for all of them. The cups are high quality and ideal for all occasions. The plastic cup does not absorb liquid. The brand is called Chica and Jo. The jars are easy to grip and screw on. The measure is 2-7/8" across and 3-1/8" tall. The jar's height is 3-1/8" and its outside circumference is 9-1/8". The opening is 70mm and has 400 thread. A strip of white stickers for labeling lids is a great way to organize your pantry or craft room. Comes in a convenient bag. The clear tubs show off the contents. These jars are made of plastic and meet FDA criteria for food safe containers. The jar is flexible when squeezed. The jar has a 2-1/2" opening for easy filling and removal. One cup of contents is held. The perfect fitting foam liners can be found in product B08K2MHFC9. Perfect containers for storing craft supplies. Excellent containers for homemade cosmetics, bath salts, or sugar scrubs. It's great in the kitchen for storing spices, dry goods, meal prep and portion control, and for packing snacks for travel or school lunches.

Brand: Chica And Jo

👤It's also known as PET or polyethylene terephthalate. The majority of disposable beverage and food containers and bottles are made of #1 plastic. The household cleaning product containers are one of the most common places to find #1. It is important to keep this plastic out of the heat or it could cause cancer if you drink it. The porous nature of its surface allows for the growth ofbacteria and flavor, so don't reuse these bottles as makeshift containers. Most curbside recycling programs pick up this plastic.

👤They leak. They leak like crazy because there is no liner. I didn't overfill my sugar hand scrub because it was an oily mess. I ordered a brand that was the same size and they did not leak. Only use them for dry ingredients that don't need to be sealed tightly.

👤Great jars! We use them to portion out the powders for daily prep. Beware, though! These are not dishwasher safe. This should be in the description. There is no information in the description about hand wash only, dishwasher safe/top rack, etc. I put these in the top rack and a few of them had warped mouths and the lids didn't screw back on. It was a total bummer.

👤This is the second time we have purchased these jars for gift baskets. They had homemade taco seasoning mix. They had olives and vegetables in their own juices. The clear plastic makes it easy to see the contents and the screw-top lid makes it impossible to leak. These are fairly priced and arrived on time. Order these!

👤I needed a bunch of jars to store my yogurt. These are almost exactly what I was hoping to find and work perfectly for my yogurt, which is why I would prefer glass. The twelve round stick on the labels are very helpful for some uses. I can't use the jars since I wash them frequently. I write on the lid which yogurt is my husband's and which is my Greek yogurt. I may order more soon after I am very pleased with these.

👤I loved the container. I haven't tried them out for leak yet. Comes with labels as well.

👤The perfect size for spiderlings is 1 inch. The holes were poked with a dremel. There is enough room for a bottle cap, a silk leaf, a small piece of cork bark, and even sphagnum moss. They make the new little darlings feel secure and give room for anything they need.

4. FRUIT BOWLS Cherry Mixed Fruit

FRUIT BOWLS Cherry Mixed Fruit

All natural fruit is available in 100% real fruit juice. Fruit bowls are made with the best fruit nature has to offer. It is easy to get sunshine with so many varieties. DOLE Cherry Mixed Fruit in 100% Fruit Juice is made from all natural fruit and non-GMO ingredients and is a rich source of vitamins C and E. It's a great snack. A delicious mix of fruit. Dole's shelf-stable products give you the delicious taste of mixed fruit. Cut Dole's fruit in a cup, in a jar, or in fruit juice. There are healthy snacks and dogs. Dole is a world leader in growing, distributing, and marketing packaged fruit and healthy snacks. Refresing flames: Try Dole's packed fruit, fruit juice, and other pantry staple in your favorite recipes.

Brand: Dole

👤It was a good idea to order in theory. Everything inside the box is sticky and one of the cups liquid syrup was gone. I will throw this away since I don't know why the one cup has no liquid. The box is not damaged.

👤I like to have some kind of fruit every morning. I found this product on Amazon for a bargain price and was immediately sent for it. The quick delivery service is always great. I am very happy with my purchase. I have eaten Dole fruit bowls with cut up peaches and pineapple before and they were delicious and healthy. I like the cherry mixed fruit flavor. If you like fruit bowls for breakfast, lunch or an anytime snack you may want to check out this Dole cherry mixed fruit bowl. The rating was 5 stars. Joseph J. Truncale is the author of Zen poetry moments: haiku and Senryu for special occasions.

👤I bought a box that held several containers of these fruits. Every single pack had at least one broken open serving package. I ended up throwing most of my purchase in the garbage. I don't think these were broken during delivery as there wasn't a lot of stuff in the box and the containers were mostly empty.

👤If you have a good appetite, two cups is enough for this product. It's better than a can. And has a good distribution of the types of fruit included, even if it's not all pear chunks. The pull-back plastic cover makes it difficult to open, but they are good for kids lunches. I'm on my second box now, and that irritation has been consistent, so I think it's that way for all of them. The contents are fresh. Very good product and very good value. DWO is recommended.

👤DOLE Fruit Bowls have mandarin orange, pineapple, and peach and I love them. I decided to give this cherry a try after running out of snack. I'm somewhat disappointed. I noticed liquid coming out of the box when I opened it. The cups are leaking and it smells terrible. I don't want to waste the rest. The taste is not my favorite. The Cheery flavor is strong. I'm not a fan of it. I drained it and only ate the fruit. The fruit is sweet and fresh. Not a great experience.

👤I live in a downtown area that has produce available, but it takes a lot for me to get to the nearest store that has it. I feed my kids at least once a week, but I prefer them to snack on this rather than chips. This is a win-win situation if you add the convenient delivery through Prime. The boys I feed are always hungry, so they are never full. You can mix the fruit with jello, yogurt, or cottage cheese, which I can get downtown. It's less expensive to buy them at the store that is 2 miles away. It's becoming a go-to snack around here.

👤When I opened the outside box, I saw the inside boxes were wet and leaking, the fruits inside were very dry, and the cups were broken. These heavy stuffs will not be bought again.

5. VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Magnetic

VERONES Canning Regular Wedding Magnetic

If you have any questions about their products, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will deal with it to your satisfaction as soon as possible. The set includes a case of 16 Mason Jars with Silver Lids and 20 Chalkboard Labels. The glass jar set is designed for convenience. The food grade is high. Food grade materials are used to make the mason jar. It's great for food storage. High quality. The material of the mason jars is certified safety standards. TILE & MULTIPURPOSE: These vintage style, attractive, quilted Jelly jars are ideal for shower gifts. Make a Thoughtful Gift, fill with Preserves, Spices, Jams, candle, or Honey, and decorate with string, ribbon, Bows, or Twine to create One-of-a-Kind Wedding Favors. It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year.

Brand: Verones

👤No one got hurt with these jars. I used these 4oz jars for Egg bites and creme brulle, I am a chef. Within 2 days, I lost 10 jars. I can tell you that the Jars are not good. The rim of the jar snapped off when I torched the sugar for creme brulle. I stopped with the torch after losing 5. I know I wasn't touching the rim. I made egg bites on the second day and three of them exploded in my bathtub. The Rim of the Jar came off when I opened the lid after resting them. Are you serious? The Mason Jars are cheap and junk. I don't recommend this at all. The description does not say good for canning. Very upset with the Jars. I will not buy this brand again.

👤Do you want to spend the loot? Buy the jars and then buy the wax melts from places like Yankee when they are on sale. I got some wax melts and put them in jars. Each room has warmers at a fraction of the cost. I would like to thank you for coming to my talk.

👤I thought I would try to purchase these jars because of the price. I usually use a brand name like Ball or Kerr. I will go with a name brand in the future because they are good for my needs. The price point of these would make them a good gift. I didn't like the lids. They don't have the traditional dimples to verify the sealed jars. I didn't trust tomato jam to be sealed, so I removed each jar to make sure.

👤The jars arrived in perfect condition. The price is a little high, as I found out when I ordered them, but the only disappointment is that Walmart has a 12 pack for $9.

👤The item was supposed to come with 16 additional lids and rims, but it did not. The jars had the lids and rim on them. The description and picture are both inaccurate. I needed it for a canning project so I didn't return immediately. It has been almost a month since I got anywhere with the company. Lots of back and forth and no partial refunds or replacements for the missing lids and rims. When I used their lids for a canning project, they did not seal because they lifted and cracked while processing in the canning pot. See the pictures! I don't recommend anyone buy this product because the company is not being honest and difficult to work with. The tiny jars and lids were only efficient for dried good storage or maybe bath product, but again what I received was incomplete as per description and the picture. These are not for fighting.

👤I consider this smallest size the most versatile. That's why I needed more. The Ball brand jars were the original ones I bought at a local store and they stacked nicely in my storage cabinet because the jar bottoms were slightly smaller than the mouth opening and I could easily stack three jars vertically without risk of falling. This is not the case with this brand. The package includes a nice quantity of one-piece lids in addition to the traditional two-piece lids, which is a plus. I will never buy this brand again. The original Ball brand jars don't fit well on this brand's lids. It's really sad...

6. KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

If you don't like their mason jars or candle jar at all, you can contact them and they will give you a full refund. Premium strong high quality glass jars with silver lids -- 12 pieces 10 OZ mason glass jar set with silver screw lid, which is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience, is available. 100% food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are included. Silver lids are lab certified. KAMOTA glass jars have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close, which is why each lid is designed with ease of use and storage security in mind. It's versatile and can be used for baby food, jam or jelly, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift.

Brand: Kamota

👤If I didn't need them for a shower, I would return them. I think they are a cute shape and a great size, they came back aged very well. The jars were covered in a cloudy film and had dirt stems. I would clean them before putting food in them. I felt gross after touching the jars. I will fill them with baby shower desserts after washing them twice. Photos do not do justice. In a time like this, the seller should work on their warehouse conditions. The packaging is great but the condition is poor. I wouldn't care if they were clean, but I had dirt all over my kitchen after opening them to clean them.

👤I should read reviews before buying something. These jars are not 10 ounces as described to me. They are at a small amount. I need jars now or my jam will go bad.

👤I like the size of the jar. There are problems with the jars that prevent them from dealing with my vacuum cleaner. I can use 7 out of 12 jars. It was disappointing for sure. I'm going to make sure I buy Ball in the future.

👤One had a spider in it. I will not be ordering these again. I wonder if they are used since there is a spider in one. Not satisfied with the product.

👤It's difficult to locate Ball, Kerr or Mason Jars, let alone the lids, for long-term storage. I got these for small things like spices and dried condiments, and I was very pleased. The jars are a cool shape and the lids work with my Mason Lid Vacuum Sealer attachment. The packaging is going to be very secure and insulated, so that jars won't break. I don't like to buy stuff from China, but in the absence of something comparable and affordable, I went against my principles. I was not happy with the product, but I will be ordering more.

👤These jars are great for breakfast or small meal on the go. I rated it four stars because of one issue. It leaks even when the lid is tight. I put fruit and oats in it and it leaked fruit juice into my bag. I would strongly recommend that. They are easy to decorate and a cute size for party favors or snacks. Meal problems are solved quickly.

👤This little jar works just as well as the known brand. I chose it based on its size and shape. It was presentation that played a big part in my purchase. I have ordered for my Christmas gifts since I started with one set.

👤There are a lot of good things about these jars. They are sturdy and perfect for my candles. I love these glass jars. I replaced the lids. The ones that come with them are equally good. I hope they continue to make these because they are the vision and style I love for my candle business. Again, thank you for these beautiful ladies.

7. Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

It's perfect for lifting and serving food. The most beautiful knife and server set for special occasions is timeless Silver color and unique Pearl filled handles, and will be by your side to add a touch of elegance to your special moments. The blades of the charming cake cutting and serving set are made of the highest quality 420 STAINLESS steel and will never rust, corrode or lose their shine. The handles are made of plastic and are extra strong, so that you can save this top quality gold cake serving set as a souvenir. Perfect for any dessert, the 2 piece cake knife and server set is perfect for impressing your guest. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The ideal dimensions, and non-slip handles, are what you'll get when you serve your delicious cuisine like a pro. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is burgundy. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤I bought this item for my wedding. I was very sad. I'm not bashing the dollar store because I've purchased great things from there, but the packaging was flimsy and I didn't like it. I could have forgiven the box it came in, but when I looked closer they looked like they had been used. The knife and cake sever have small cracks on both sides and the bottom part has a small ball stuck in it. You can see the glue is sticking up. I don't want it to look like we picked it up out of a dumpster, so I'm not trying to spend a lot of money on silly little details.

👤These are gorgeous. I bought them for my daughter's birthday party because she looks like a Barbie doll. I wanted everything to look like a real life Barbie dream house, and these did not disappoint. The cake was easy to cut and beautiful as part of the table setting. I would use these at a wedding as well. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I took a chance after reading the reviews. It was so disappointing to break after one use.

👤These are gorgeous. The pearls are not as white as the picture suggests, but they will still work. I haven't used them, so I'm not sure about quality. If I have an issue, I'll update my review.

👤We used the items to cut the cake, but the knife broke off from the handle on the first slice, so we had to use another knife. Really? It can't even be used once. Save the money and buyQUALITY products. Amazon should do a better job of quality control.

👤pearls don't fill the entire handle, which makes it look cheap.

👤It looks good. The handle broke as the cake was being cut. So...

👤Se hablar en la primer usada.

8. Fortessa Grand Stainless Steel Serving

Fortessa Grand Stainless Steel Serving

The set includes a cake server and cake knife that are both 13 inches long. The 18/10 is more resistant to stains and rust and has better shine. A traditional basic design is featured in the Grand City pattern. There is a design on the front and back of both pieces. Makers mark on every item as a symbol of quality.

Brand: Fortessa

👤The set is nice. The finish is shiny and clear. The weight is fairly heavy. The set looks like it is made of 18/10 stainless and it is nice and durable. The design is very basic and I didn't like it. The design of the handles is not as nice as it could be, and it is weighted nicely and works well in the hand. The server handles slices well, and the length of the blade is good for a cake knife. If you are looking for a set with clean lines that blends easily with all different kinds of flatware, and you aren't looking for something frou-frou'ish, this is a very useful set to have.

👤The restaurant quality is non-toxic for the gourmet. I own all of the Fortessa flatware and this purchase was very nice.

👤I liked it very much. It was bought for the bride. I engraved it.

👤Love! I brought these for my wedding. Simple and clean. I will definitely use them after the wedding.

👤I like the design because it's simple and classic and it will do the trick for my wedding. The set is cheap, but they will do well for the wedding, and I will probably use them in the future as well.

👤Only one is like the description.

👤The quality of the product is great, just what I was looking for. I was surprised to see that it was in the same box as the photo shows, and no tape to keep the box shut during shipping. It could have easily been opened and taken, but the servingware looks great.

👤Not as advertised. Magnet sticks are used to set things. False advertising is nice.

👤Sturdy set. Would definitely recommend.

👤Good quality. The steel is heavy. A cutting saw is very useful.

👤The set is heavy. Very nice.

9. Silicone Spatula Resistant Seamless Stainless

Silicone Spatula Resistant Seamless Stainless

It is safe for use on ceramic and non-stick surfaces. The Spatula Set includes a spoon, large spatula, jar, small spatula, and a 9" tongs. The spatula has a core made of steel. Silicone spatulas will not break, warp or chip. The spatulas are heat resistant up to 600 F. Their kitchen tongs are 9 inches in length. It's great for grabbing something hot. The tong has a rubber grip. Kitchen tools are dishwasher safe. Each spatula has a hanging loop for drying. Their design will make it easy to hang these in your kitchen. The Silicone heads are flexible so you can easily brush the rest of the batter into the cake pan. It's great for adults and kids. The small spatula has a thin handle which will fit in your child's hand. Let your little bakers know that they are appreciated in the kitchen. Kitchen spatulas are a great gift idea. There are Mothers Day, Wedding, Anniversary and Holiday gifts.

Brand: Kaluns

👤I got these for an insane price, but I would rather have one of them be a very firm spatula, they were all very malleable.

👤I like the spatulas and tongs that I received. The only downside is that when washed in the dishwasher, a residual is on the surface. This could be the detergent I use in my dishwasher. They clean up easily when washed by hand. I highly recommend.

👤I use spatulas in a lot of heavy batter and need something that won't break. When I found this set, I was looking for more spatulas. I paid less than $5 with the coupon and it exceeded my expectations. The pieces are larger than I anticipated, and feel very sturdy. You can lock the tongs in the closed position when not in use with the latch on the end. The best deal for dishwasher-safe spatulas. I would have bought two or more sets.

👤I was shocked by the quality of the spatulas I paid for. There are no nooks or crevices for food to get into. I had to throw out the white spatulas because they were getting gunk in the seams. I paid a lot for the entire set, but the tongs are worth it. I don't know if they will be resistant to heat. I rarely use this type of item in hot food. The red is a great color for kitchen accessories. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy them again.

👤Silicone spatulas that were somewhat flimsy in the handles have 800-273-3217 These are not. The handles allow me to mix thick or stiff food. They are easy to clean and seem to hold up well to heat. I would love to have a set with longer handles to use with my deeper bowls. Longer handles would keep my hand away from steam. It would be nice to have a longer handle with a larger paddle. Definitely recommend.

👤It was very sturdy and I wasn't expecting much from it. The value for money is very good. I would recommend this set to anyone. lifetime guarantee is a big plus. I love this set.

👤I came back to purchase another set of three-piece red spatulas after seeing this group suggesting a better price, but it was too good to pass up. I thought it wouldn't hurt our wallet if we didn't care about this. The quality is the same as that more expensive set, and the spatulas and tongs are comfortable. Highly recommended.

10. Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

The inside bottom is 4.58" and the top of the box is 10" 8 Oz Plastic jars with lids are a perfect size for storing food and have free chalkboard stickers and one pen for labeling. The clear plastic body with wide mouth is easy to access, and the black lids ensure a quality seal, keep food fresh, and don't worry about the food leaking out of the jars. Food grade materials are safe, reliable, durable and reuseable, so you don't have to worry about harmful toxins getting into your food after multiple uses. It's great to store dry foods, coffee beans, coffee powder, salt, sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, snacks and dog food. Do not put dishwasher in hand wash.

Brand: Accguan

👤Absolutely not microwave safe. They are great for cold storage, but not for re- heating. I bought them for breakfast. It works well for chia pudding. We had a disaster when I microwaved water.

👤I wish they had a protection lid. They are great for sugar scrubs and whipped butters.

👤They are very nice. The package has nice labels and markers.

👤I bought this item after reading the description. It seemed to have positive answers about it, but when I tried the leak test, it didn't hold up. I made sure the lid was tight, had bubble wrapped it, and made sure there was extra padding in the transport vessel to make sure it wouldn't leak. It was all over the package. I put the jar upside down and then back up again after a few minutes, but the liquid seemed to leak from under the lid. It was upsetting to find this out after spending money on something I thought was promising.

👤I use the jars for my business. Doesn't leak.

👤The jars were given to my students to use in the classroom. My husband made a slit in the lid so coins could fit through it. The lids have held up for about a month. The plastic is thick. They are good jars for craft storage. I did not try to put food or liquids in. I don't know if they are leak proof. The marker is not permanent, so if anything wet touches the writing it will just come off.

👤I like to match everything. I had a lot of vitamins in different sizes, shapes and colors and decided to make them fit in my small apartment cupboard a little easier. The jars are perfect for this. I got to write my own labels, but they are so air-tight that they are keeping my gummies fresh longer than the bottle they came in! I still have a few extras if I add more vitamins to my regimen.

👤I like this kind of container because it's very sturdy and visible, and I like the fact that you can put your favorite snacks or small goodies in it. You can label things at home. Will buy more if necessary.

11. Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Birthday Scented

Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Birthday Scented

Just like grandma used to make, fill your room with the scent of your favorite baked goodies. Relax and enjoy the comforts of home while you are reminded of pleasant memories. A fun gift for yourself or your favorite sweet tooth is a thoughtful gift. No alimony, best of all! All-natural soy candles scented with premium fragrance oils, a 100% natural fiber wick, and recyclable packaging make their candles an ideal addition to your home. grandma says love it or your money back No questions were asked. Their mission is to spread happiness and relaxation by using the power of fragrance to awaken pleasant memories and comforting feelings. The birthplace of Minnesota and the location of their business was the beautiful river town of Stillwater. Their products are made with care. Their mission is to spread happiness and relaxation by using the power of fragrance to awaken pleasant memories and comforting feelings. The birthplace of Minnesota and the location of their business was the beautiful river town of Stillwater. Their products are made with care.

Brand: Stillwater Bath And Body

👤What can I say about this candle? You will wish it was. The room is filled with the scent of a fresh baked pie before you even light it. Your neighbors will complain to the HOA about your baking in the neighborhood, and you didn't offer them any. You will get a craving for dessert. Don't drink the hot wax just to be sure it's not food. You will go to the grocery store with the intent to buy ingredients to make a pie, and you will leave with a big bill because you couldn't resist the temptation to buy every pastry you could find in the bakery and bread aisle. You will have a fire in your kitchen because you don't know how to bake and you didn't know Tupperware was not oven-safe. The smell of smoldering plastic and the fact you didn't know flour and baking powder were different things will be covered by this candle.

👤I am very disappointed in this candle. I'm not sure how it got so many good reviews. After reading reviews, I decided to get this one because I love the smell of coffee and the candle is expensive. When this candle is unlit, it only smells good when you smell it directly. There is no smell when this candle is burning. I will not be buying a candle from this seller again. Sorry to the seller for the bad review. I am just being honest!

👤What is the name of the cinnamon roll? I don't write reviews often, but I can count them on one hand. I don't want to besmirch a company, I'm sure they produce some good candles, but I thought I would save an innocent consumer money and give some friendly advice to those who are considering purchasing this candle. Unless you like the scent of candle wax, you'll have to work in the lab to make it. I had to dispose of the candle, but I liked the fact that it was made in the USA.

👤The candle smells amazing! It doesn't burn down too fast if there is one wick. It smells like someone is making a pie. A quality candle. It was worth the money.

👤I found the traditional and original scented candles that I was looking for. Wow! The scent is still amazing. The little attentions in the packaging were appreciated. Beautiful! Keep doing what you do! Have a great week!

👤I was about to buy a candle from Bath and Body Works, but at the last minute I decided to look at Amazon to see if I could find a better deal. I was happy I did. The candle arrived in perfect condition and smells amazing. I will be ordering more. The smells are so delicious.

👤There isn't much of a scent in the reviews. There is not. I was excited to get this candle and I don't like to burn a lot of money on candles. I spent fifteen dollars on a candle. It is the weakest smelling candle I have ever received. If you get close to it, it has a cinnamon smell. It will not make a small room smell good. Trust me, there is a reason this scent is on sale. It's too much for a candle to cost. It is very disappointing when you are trying to bring in holiday cheer.


What is the best product for cake in a jar set?

Cake in a jar set products from Blue Panda. In this article about cake in a jar set you can see why people choose the product. Pazstarle and Chica And Jo are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a jar set.

What are the best brands for cake in a jar set?

Blue Panda, Pazstarle and Chica And Jo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a jar set. Find the detail in this article. Dole, Verones and Kamota are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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