Best Cake In A Mug Gift

Mug 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Udis Gluten Free Brownie Ounce

Udis Gluten Free Brownie Ounce

There is a box of Udi's Brownie's Gluten Free Mug Cake Mix. Enjoy the decadence of chocolate brownies. Add water to the mix in your mug and you'll have a delicious treat. You can find snacks that are ready in minutes. It's ideal for a quick snack or dessert.

Brand: Udi's

👤These mug cakes are delicious. It's the perfect size to satisfy that sweet craving, because they're so easy to make. These delicious little mug cakes are warm with little pockets of molten chocolate chips, but they are not good or even a decent consistency. Excellent! I don't have to share these with anyone because I'm the only one in the house who has to eat wheat free. It's funny. Don't think about it and buy them. But them now. Thank you later.

👤The review is for the brownie flavor, because I like all the flavors, but the email asking for a review was for the brownie flavor. Even if I were still eating products with gluten, I would still like Udi's mug cakes. Three years ago, I stopped eating wheat. I have fond memories of delicious baked goods. These are not at the very top tier taste wise, but they are still good tasting and better tasting than the Namaste brand mug cakes. I bought them both with my own money. I have to watch how much I eat of this brownie flavor. The cinnamon and the blueberry flavors are both good. These are more expensive than mug cakes, but you need it if you need it. I do not need these cakes. These are not close to low-fat. They get 5 stars for flavor, even though I have tasted plenty of mediocre glutinous cakes in my 40 years, but 5 stars for value is a different story.

👤The flavor, texture and value are not good. I will not order again. I like the products from GF. I don't like the texture of the cake. Better options are out there.

👤It was very delicious and chocolaty. A nice brownie can be made without baking. I don't care if it's not full like a regular brownie for convenience. It still tastes good. I will get them again. It's easy to make and it's difficult when you're on a diet. Very happy with the product. I like this version more than the chocolate muffin, and it's also quite good.

👤It's really good, but it tastes a bit too sweet for cake. The serving size is large. You get a meal's worth of both calories and calories. I can't emphasize enough that the quantity is not great. If you were to make a piece of cake, it would be at least 6 to 6x larger than the cup. It is very easy to make.

👤It's a good way to have a cupcake with no wheat in it. The chocolate cake flavor is hard to find right now. The brownie flavor upsets my stomach so I cut it in half. I like to eat snacks that don't contain one of my allergies, but I also like to eat snacks that do.

👤It tastes good but doesn't rise. I tried adding baking powder the second time but it didn't help. You could make a better mug cake by following an online recipe. It's basically the same as buying these but better if you store away the extra for the next three times you want a mug cake.

2. Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Birthday Candles

Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Birthday Candles

Their candles are highly scented using a unique blend of premium essential oil fragrances, which ensures a memorable fragrance experience. Every Lulu Candle is made with a soy-blend wax formula that is free of harmful substances. Most candle brands last less than a year. They only use 100% cotton wicks and their pre-production performance testing ensures a clean and long burning candle. All of their candles are made in the US. A perfect gift for friends, family members, or yourself! A perfect gift for friends, family members, or yourself!

Brand: Lulu Candles

👤It is small. The picture is deceiving, as it is small for the price. It smells nice, but a lot of candles are bigger for that price. I wouldn't buy it.

👤Someone is reviewing a candle on the internet. It was necessary for me to find something on Amazon that I could order easily because I love candles and Prime. The candle is small with one wick, which is fine, because it's for my bedroom. The scent is a beast. It's too much for my small room. It lasts for a long time. I will buy again and again.

👤There is no relation to the smell of cannabis in any form. It is a fake scent that resembles a dryer sheet. I had it in a 14x16 room and within an hour it became so overwhelming that I had to move it to another area in the house. It was able to remove the smell of bacon I had cooked but the bottom line is you can hang dryer sheets and get the same result. The scent was very disappointing.

👤The strength of the candles scent filled my entire multi-story condo with a lovely aroma, after I set one of the larger candles next to my AC intake vent. The candle didn't last as long as I wanted it to, but maybe it was because I was so obsessed with its quality that I had lit it all the time. I would compare these to Boy Smells and say they are the better option for soy candles.

👤The candle is small and powerful. I was impressed by the scent in my living room. I had a problem and they were very prompt in resolving it. The candle smells better than I expected.

👤The house smells wonderful after just a half hour of burning this candle.

👤Tiny! It was smaller than expected. It is making my throat sore. I feel unwell. It was returned used. Do you know how they can get away with this? I like to breath bathroom cleaners.

👤I've had this candle in my wish list for a long time. I was finally able to get it once it was available again. Don't wait if you're thinking about getting this candle. It will go out of stock again if you add it to the cart now. It smells great. It's affordable. I like the minimal packaging because it goes well with my decor. It's perfect for a sweet smell.

👤The candle packaging is sexy and minimal. The scent payoff is great, but I was a bit scared that it would be too strong, but it ended up being great for a bedroom setup. This will be perfect if you like rose and musky. I wish it had a lid to prevent dust from landing on the candle when not in use, and a screw on the candle so that it doesn't disrupt the aesthetic of the tin.

👤The burn time of the travel candle was the longest of any I have burned. The scent was very intense. I would purchase this candle again.

3. Kate Aspen Kraft Stemless Display

Kate Aspen Kraft Stemless Display

A beautiful gift is a box with a window and ribbon tie. There are 12 sets of CONVENIENT. Measures 3.54" w x 4.52" h x 3.54" d. Great gift for wedding, birthday or bridal shower guests. Wine glass display boxes are perfect for wedding or party decorations. Also, note: Not included are the glasses.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤These boxes were perfect for gifts. I used my machine to modify the outside. They came with a bow that was the perfect addition to top them off. The boxes are very sturdy and hold up well. I had to bend and write on them. The one that I mailed was lost in space for almost two weeks and arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend these to make the presentation of your products better. The reason I took away a star was because they have a Kate Aspen label on the bottom that says the product inside was made by Kate Aspen. I don't like the label on this product. I was able to cover the box with my own labels after removing it.

👤These boxes are designed for the Kate Aspen line of wine glasses. I checked the dimensions and they seemed to work for generic glasses, so I ordered them. They won't fit. They only fit the Kate Aspen glasses.

👤Some stemless glasses are taller than others. The boxes are 1/2 inch shorter than the glasses. Measure your glass before you place an order. I'm hoping that I can use them differently if I get the right size glasses. There is a Disappointed.

👤The company suggested that I order it. It is perfect for my upcoming project, so I am not complaining. It is sturdy and well made.

👤The boxes are nice and made of good material, but they are small and I will have to buy other types of boxes.

👤My wine glass was too large to fit in my hand. They look great when put together. I wish my wive glass would fit, it would look nice inside of them.

👤I need these boxes because my stemless wines glasses don't fit in either of them. All of you should make boxes for larger objects.

👤The boxes are nice but if you are using them to package your own products, you should not use them.

👤Quality is okay. I paid for the 15oz box. They sent me a 9oz box. I needed a box of wine glasses. Such a mess.

4. Reeses Minute Hersheys Chocolate Peanut

Reeses Minute Hersheys Chocolate Peanut

It's a perfect gift for a Whiskey lover. The sarcastic office gift idea is great. It's perfect for the chocolate lover on your gift list. It is easy to make cake mix. There is a package of Hershey's cake mix with Reese's mini peanut butter chips. The cake mix is made in the USA. The best candy by the year 2020.

Brand: Galerie

👤A great stocking stuffer for the kids. Each flavor has a different cup so each kid has their own style. Gave them a treat to enjoy.

👤The mug I received was not the one in the picture. The coffee mug I received was a regular size. I had to give what I got. My daughter had one of those. Disappointed.

👤It was a Get well gift. It was enjoyable. Will purchase again.

👤You don't get much for your money with this product.

👤The mugs and cake were delicious. Our mugs are in the cupboard. It's a perfect stocking stuffer.

👤This mug is for love. Who doesn't like Reece's? Who doesn't like mugs? Who doesn't like cake? A great combo. For the holidays, get one now.

5. Betty Crocker Baking Treats Cinnamon

Betty Crocker Baking Treats Cinnamon

The perfect dessert for both kids and adults is a cinnamon roll cake mix. It's quick and easy. Simply add water or milk and you're ready in about a minute. After microwaving, serve with cream cheese icing. The options are limited. Sprinkle with chopped apples. Homemade taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it. Pack of 6 contains 4 ct.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤Any time of the day, a quick and easy treat. The product is better than the competition. Betty Crocker won for its flavor and lightness.

👤This made it easy to enjoy. On a cold winter day, a SALVAGEDATA. You should use a heavy walled mug, and be careful when removing it from the microwave. It took mine 1 minute 10 seconds. You can use a tooth pick to see if it comes out clean. The product is great, but they should have more selections. Enjoy life for a while and try it.

👤When Betty Crocker had cinnamon flavor. I was very thankful that mug treats were available on Amazon because they were not available anywhere else. Other brands are not good to me.

👤This is a treat that I love. It was quick and easy. It was warm on a cold day.

👤I bought one in a grocery store and used it recently. This is great. I got it from Amazon because I couldn't find it in the store. Six boxes is not much. It's so crazy. One way to make the sauce more liquid is to put it in some hot water for a while, then cover the top and run it down the roll.

6. Atkins Endulge Dessert Chocolate Caramel

Atkins Endulge Dessert Chocolate Caramel

A dessert bar. Let this treat delight your taste buds and keep you true to your lifestyle. Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped 1.2 oz bars. Stay on track. Their chocolate caramel fudge dessert bars have 9 grams of fiber per serving to help you achieve your daily goals. This treat has 3 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per bar. When used with the ketogenic programs. All the taste. No judge. The chocolate caramel fudge dessert bars have a rich and creamy burst of flavor on the outside and a subtle delicious crispness on the inside. It is time to enjoy the dessert bar you have been craving. It is a smart sleight of hand. The perfect balance of smart snacking and indulgence is struck by the delicious treats of Atkins. Something for everyone. The variety of flavors and textures offered by Atkins Endulge treats help support your lifestyle.

Brand: Atkins

👤Not 2 grams of carbs! I think I'll take my notes to a lawyer for feeling depressed after being thrown out of ketosis. Such false advertising! I only ate one. I only spent 3 bucks. That is the reason it is on sale. I am a ketone blood reading freak. I try different snacks. This one isn't it! Blood ketone started at 2.3 after bar "just one" was at 0.2 an hour later. Eggs and cheese are usual for dinner, but this bar took my soul.

👤I was excited to try these. I like lemon desserts. They didn't live up to expectations. The taste of lemon. The lemon flavor is very similar to a melted lemon. There was a rice crisp texture that was out of place. I was expecting more of a cake texture. The bars are small for the price. Would not buy again.

👤It is like any other diet bar at GNC. It is sweeter and more firm than it is soft. I wouldn't buy them again, they aren't that good. They are good. If you are looking for something special, this isn't it.

👤These are really good. One of the bars in my order looked weird when I opened it, but I will definitely purchase these again. The flavors are balanced and sweet. I'm excited to try the other new additions to the line.

👤I have been trying to watch my intake since I was diagnosed with a type II diabetes two years ago. People ask about my diet when they comment on my weight loss. If it tastes good, I cannot eat it. I can eat it if it tastes like cardboard. My wife bought a box of the dessert bars from the store, she wanted to eat them. They are great. I can eat it and still watch my intake because it has flavor. I can accept that they are small, but they don't taste like cardboard.

👤Avoid the drug at all costs. They have been a faithful fan of the diet for about five years. This is not it! I bought these bars to provide an alternative snack to my diet. This product is a rip off. The bars are only half the size of the wrappers. The rest of the sealed package has been filled with air. The bar is only about 60 percent of the size of the wrapper it comes in, if you squeeze it at the top. They tell you the weight, so it should all be based on that. Save the rest of the wrapper and box and not have to pay for packaging costs. They want to make you think that you are getting a bar that is twice the size. They taste like chewing on metal. They use sucrose. We look for healthier alternatives than artificial sweeteners. Why not the people from Adkins? People will tell you that there isn't a double blind test on Stevia. There are two questions. Why not? It has been around a long time for someone to do this. And 2. It has been used for thousands of years in some cultures. The answer is that the sugar industry doesn't want to have to compete against Stevia. The last point. The Adkins Diet is used by people who like to take jabs at the Keto diet. When users of the Adkins diet had problems with their kidneys, they had problems with the high goals of the diet. The truth is that Keto is a high fat intake. I am aware that it may seem worse for someone who has not done any research. I have found that high fat and low carbs, along with a good amount of lean meat, has made me a better person. My cholesterol levels are great now. The truth is that some people have problems with their kidneys because of their high intake ofProtein and it can be converted intoCarbohydrates. The idea behind a Keto diet is to limit the amount of carbs in the diet, because the problems that can result in some people from excessive carbs in their diet are well known. A diet that is low in calories and high in fat is called a keto diet and it converts your body to run on ketones. I brought this up because of my experience with this diet. The elite armed forces teams often eat a diet that is low in fat and high in calories. Do your own research and talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Many doctors will avoid a Keto diet, but I don't think they do so with enough research. There are doctors who know a lot about the benefits of keto and who recommend it for people with diabetes, weight problems, and even people with anxiety issues. I used to work for a doctor who was in charge of an elite combat group in the U.S. armed forces, and we found 888-353-1299 Do your own research, find a doctor who knows what you're doing, and make your own decisions. In my opinion, don't confuse Adkins with Keto.

7. Ghirardelli Brownie Chocolate Ounce Count

Ghirardelli Brownie Chocolate Ounce Count

The man is Richard FlaVOR. Ghirardelli has a decadent chocolate taste. There are real ingredients. It's quick and convenient to have real chocolate chips. Their new mix has a moist texture and great flavor that you and your family will love. Just add water and brownie mix to your mug and microwave for a minute. Better chocolate means better brownies. It's simple.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤These are really good. I didn't expect much from them since I am a fan of the brownie mix. They are close to the actual brownie mix, but not as good. The instructions are important and after trying a few of them, I have some thoughts. Look at them. The mix takes four cups of water. You're going to think that's a lot... It's not. It's perfect once you mix it, even though it will seem like a small amount of water. After mixing, let it sit for 30 seconds and then stir a second time. The microwave cooks these in 65 seconds. The instructions say to let it sit for 3 minutes before eating, and they are not joking around with one another. This is a very large mess after three minutes. My tongue is still a little dry. Absolutely worth it. These are delicious. The taste of the brownies is very similar to the real brownies if you let them cool off. Like I said... It's close enough for rock n' roll that it's not exactly the same thing as brownies. It's done in about five minutes. It will taste amazing and you will want to shovel it right in, but you will be howling in pain when the chocolate chips are boiling the skin off your tongue. You will be rewarded if you are patient.

👤These are amazing! It's a great snack for the evening. My inner fat kid game will be on point because I am the proud owner of 50 of these babies.

👤Do you want to feel nothing when you slip into unconsciousness? Order this box of mug brownies and eat, eat until 2020 and it will go away in a comforting dark as night chocolate haze. Ghirardelli makes chocolate. They make brownies. They make a good mug brownie mix. My suggestion is to cook it just a few seconds and then throw a big scoop of ice cream on top for maximum fat mode. You will hate yourself, but your mouth will not.

👤Good taste Thick, gooey consistency Single-serve packs are convenient and no leftovers. The price was very reasonable and the box was UNdamamaged - every single box! Not expired when you arrived! It's much too large, so it's not correct. The ones I have made already had small hard pieces like nuts. I spit them out and they didn't melt. It takes more time to clean the mug than it does to make and eat food. If you want to use a thick syrup for ice cream, use Torani's Toasted Marshmallow Syrup and Chocolate Biscotti liquor. To avoid the time consuming mess, make a micro-safe disposable cup. If you're going to eat it before going to bed, you don't want to have to clean it up in the morning. There is an overall summary. I would recommend this product. During this time ('20/'21). With the widespread Covid and theQuarantines, closed stores, fears of being near other people, and the fact that you can't go out grocery shopping in the winter, this short and sweet review is helpful.

8. Duncan Hines Friendly Walnut Brownie

Duncan Hines Friendly Walnut Brownie

The Duncan Hines brownies have 5 grams of net carbs. 33g total calories - 6g of fiber, 0g of alcohol, and 22g of allulose. The brownie cup can be used to make a rich fudge brownie. A single serve brownie is perfect for snacking. One serving of microwave brownie mix. Add water and butter.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding something, but this Duncan Hines brownie mix claims to be 5g of net carbs on the front of the package. The nutrition facts on the back state 33g of carbs and 6g of fiber. I get 27g of net carbs when I subtract 6g of fiber from 33g of carbs. What am I missing? The product tastes like a brownie but is better with whipped cream. I chose a different way to spend my 27g of net carbs.

👤Excellent treat! Allulose has zero net carbs. Does not have sugar alcohol. The 5 grams of net carbs on the front is correct. The taste and texture is fine to me. I put ice cream on it. It was wonderful! My wife says it isn't sweet enough. I don't agree! It is, after all.

👤The advertised count is not correct.

👤I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Birch Bender cups and this isn't terrible. I think you get what you pay for because this has more steps than theBB cups and it tastes worse. It's almost kind of grimy, because of the way more effort it takes for half the flavor. I threw out the rest because I only took one bite. Had I not tried the cups, I might have stuck with it, but I just can't do it because the grass is so much nicer.

👤I'm sorry, but this cake was so gross. I had to spit it out because I was close to vomiting from the nasty taste. I was excited for these because I have a painful disability and I wouldn't have to stand for long since it was fast in the microwave. I don't like to leave negative reviews. I thought about telling others. I was excited about these. Oh well. Amazon gave me great service. Thx! Best wishes to everyone!

👤These brownies are very easy to make and taste like real brownies. I use coconut oil. I don't have to melt it first. The walnuts have a crunch. The net count is low because of the sugar alcohol content.

👤Considering how limited you are, these fit the bill nicely. I like to put a scoop of low-fat ice cream on it and let it melt a bit. If I'm feeling frisky, I add a bit of whipped cream.

👤This won't be purchased again because of the many low carb options. The taste was decent, but the texture was terrible. You have to buy a 12 pack to like them.

9. WW Fudge Brownie Mug Cake

WW Fudge Brownie Mug Cake

The just-right portion of cake is subtly sweet and sophisticated, with a light, fluffy texture. Add fresh fruit or mini marshmallows for a fun twist on a snack or dessert. You don't have to compromise on flavor to get the 5 grams ofProtein in these mug cakes. A total of 3 mug cakes are included. Kosher with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Brand: Ww

👤I'm not picky with health foods, cookies and bars, so I was excited to try this product, which had a good review score. I don't usually leave bad reviews but this stuff was so bad that it tasted like a sponge in a rock and it was so hard to chew. The price on them was much more than their value as food. I at least managed to make themedible by using almond milk instead of the water and mixing in a bit of jelly or mashed banana and cooking for 60 seconds instead of 90, which would up its point value. I would rather not have spent that much. The texture is very dry and squishy.

👤I sent them an email tonight. I was confused. I thought I'd be getting more than one package. I thought there would be more to come. I was surprised by the answers from others. For one package? Not happy about it. The cake wasn't the best. Could smell the artificial ingredients. Will not be buying this again because of the price.

👤I didn't want to give them a rating, but I had to give them one or I wouldn't be able to submit my comments. These are not good. The taste is not good. I didn't like them. I wanted to get them back. I wasted my money because I was not allowed to return.

👤I am buying again with 3 points and a snack. Has 3 WW points and has 4 grams of fiber. I only gave it 4 starts because it tasted a bit dry. If you have a microwave or oven, it is very easy to make. I added more water and it came out just fine.

👤The first one was fine. The second one was very hard when I left it sitting on my table. Couldn't get inside it. The next one was hard to mix with. The last one got as hard as a rock when it was left for 2 minutes. The flavor was not bad.

👤It was delicious. When I need a bit of cake, the doctor ordered it. Hit the spot. I make a mug cake with a cool whip or halo top and it's delicious! I wish there was a flavor like that.

👤This was just ok, and it cost too much.

👤You can buy direct from WW for $4.99. It's not worth it to mark up for delivery speed. Muffin is easy to cook and true to advertising. A 3-point muffin has a similar taste. My recommendation is to eat immediately from the microwave, with coffee or a strong breakfast tea. The combo makes up for the muffin's impact.

10. Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

Duncan Hines Perfect Brownie Individual

The Duncan Hines mug cakes caramel flavored brownies mix is 2.6 ounces. A single-serving dessert is offered. The chocolate mug brownie has caramel flavor. For a simple dessert or celebratory treat, mix and microwave the caramel brownie. The mug dessert can be microwaved on high for 55 seconds.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤You will not get what the description says you will get. Pricing that is too high for what you get is a result of the description being beyond misleading. There are 4 sizes to choose from. There are 4 count, 2 count, 3 count, and 10 count. The Count options the seller listed are very deceptive since each box clearly contains 4 pouches. 2 If you count, you get two boxes, each containing four pouches, because Duncan Hines doesn't make a box with only two pouches in it. The seller said I should get 4 boxes each containing 4 pouches. I received one box that said it was a set. Really? There are 4 pouches in the boxes of this product. That's not a set, that's deceptive quantity labeling, so you pay more here for the same product you can get cheaper at the grocery store. The product is wonderful, but if you want to get it at the grocery store, you should know that the quantities in this listing are not real.

👤The brownie is not bad. Light caramel taste, but don't expect a lot of caramel. It's like a little bit of dense cake. Okay seriously, PortION? The recommended mug is the size I put in. It's like six bites. I put two packets in a mug. That's a small serving. For a package of four, the cost is not bad. Not worth more than that. They have a pack of ten cupcakes for under 6 dollars. Great deal! I stress a little, warm choc cake, fast, easy, this is it. I will give it a fourth. Four packets of caramel brownies are like two small serving sizes, because they are more like four bites of chocolate cake. CONVENIENCE is a challenge. This works when you really want warm, chocolate goods fast. I just ordered a bunch of doughnuts and am looking forward to them.

👤I love the Perfect Size cakes and muffins. They are easy to make and convenient. The favor is good. I add butter to my food to make it taste better. I have given to others and they love it. You can mix milk or water in a cup or small bowl. I have doubled. I admit. I gifted pthers a mug, spoon, mix, and packaged it together. Put the mix and spoon in the mug and place it in a gift bag with instructions. The bow and other decorations are important for the occasion. Makes a great gift for a teacher or co-worker.

👤If you want to make it better, mix up a little bit of powdered sugar, lemon juice, and dash of milk and pour it over it after it's cooked but still warm. It gives it something extra that it needs.

👤I wanted a quick and easy dessert to eat so I bought this product. The instructions are very easy to follow: pour one pack into a mug and add water and milk. When I first poured the mix into the mug, the portion size appeared to be small, but when I added the liquid, it filled about 1/3 of the mug, which was an average mug. I microwaved the mix for 50 seconds and it came out 1/3 of the way up, but it wasn't really a rise. There were a lot of chocolate chips in the mug cake. The cake is sweeter for me because I'm looking for a dessert that is sweeter. When you bite into the chocolate and cake, it tastes like a chocolate cookie chip. If you prefer a more cakey texture, you can microwave for longer, but be careful about drying out the mixture because it can still be a little wet. The dessert is pretty good, but it's a little small in portion size, so that might be a good thing since I'm not getting much exercise in thisQuarantine either way. It's a good recommendation!

11. Royal Birthday Gift Basket Her

Royal Birthday Gift Basket Her

The Deecoo large handmade coffee mugs are packaged in a well-wrapped box, a special gift for your friends and family on Housewarming, Wedding party, Mothers' Day, Father's Day, Christmas and New Year's Day. Make her feel good. Mother, like royalty on her birthday. This luxury gift box for women is perfect for a day or an anniversary. Treat her to a Queen birthday gift box of British gifts and avoid cheap looking gift boxes. British-designed luxury at an amazing price. The perfect gift for women who have everything, is a coffee mug with lid, notebook and chic crown pencil, trinket tray, fresh lavender candle, makeup pouch, 2 x bath bombs and 4 x shower steamers, and a greeting card. The fastest and easiest birthday gifts for women are short on time or not available in person. If you want to send a gift box to a woman with a lot of gifts, make sure to add a gift receipt to the cart. These birthday presents for women smell just as good as they look, and they smell divine for the relaxing home spa experience she deserves. It is the perfect guilt-free gift basket for her or her friends. I loved this gift box. It was so special to be TREATED TRE A QUEEN in this surprise box for women, which contained a card, mug, pencil, and trinket tray, and a cotton pouch to let her know how gorgeous she is. Happy birthday gifts for women guarantee happiness.

Brand: Luxe England Gifts

👤I bought this for my sister's birthday and it was a big hit. The contents were nicely packaged and the smell was amazing when you opened them. Products were high quality and felt like a lot for your money. The greeting card was a nice touch, which is important when buying something on AMazon! My sister loves the mug and keeps it on her desk since she is a big coffee drinker. Will purchase again!

👤The crown part of the cup was damaged and appears to have been returned. The candle and baggie were dirty. I wouldn't give anyone this gift. It was disappointing and not worth $60+.

👤My mom liked it. The quality of the produce inside is very good. The box looks great when you get it. It makes for a great gift. It looks more expensive than it is. You will not be disappointed. I was surprised by the quality of the mug. Good quality and not like cheap mugs. If you want to give a good quality gift, I would recommend it.

👤This gift was purchased as a farewell present and the set is exceptional. Each item is made to order and the box is pretty. A lucky woman will be very happy if she receives this present. I might buy a box for myself.

👤This was a nice gift to give my supervisor. Everything was neatly organized inside the box. It is a bit pricey. If you don't know what to give someone, it's worth it. It had a lot of things for relaxing. I did not like how I received it. The front of the box has the label on it. The ugly label on the back of the box is the least they could do. I was able to take the label off, but it left a sticky mark. Not good for presentation-wise. It's annoying when you want it to look nice and clean for a gift.

👤It arrived on my sister's birthday, after I got it for her. She loved everything and said it was well packaged. The item was exactly as advertised, despite the fact that the box didn't have any reviews. Great gift!

👤This set is adorable. I bought it for my friends 28th birthday and I can't wait to give it to her. Everything is packaged nicely. The crown on the mug was a little scratched up, but that is ok because I bought it used. It's probably a return from someone. It was perfect and got for a great price after I was upset about selling it out.

👤Compre el producto para regalar de da de madres. Es una reina perfecto. Todo dentro tiene una perfecto, huele riqusimo. Ni hablar de la taza! The persona was encantada. Muchas gracias.


What is the best product for cake in a mug gift?

Cake in a mug gift products from Udi's. In this article about cake in a mug gift you can see why people choose the product. Lulu Candles and Kate Aspen are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake in a mug gift.

What are the best brands for cake in a mug gift?

Udi's, Lulu Candles and Kate Aspen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake in a mug gift. Find the detail in this article. Galerie, Betty Crocker and Atkins are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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