Best Cake Jars Plastic

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1. Straight Cylinders Plastic Storage Aluminum

Straight Cylinders Plastic Storage Aluminum

Provide high-quality and durable products. Please contact them if you have any questions. 8 pack 20.4 oz clear plastic jars with ribbed lids are contained in this package. Extra chalk labels are optional to use. The bottle's diameter is 7 cm and its height is 6.8 cm. High food grade PET is the material that makes upBPA Free. 100% food safe. It's not suitable for hot liquid and diswasher safe. The mouth jar is 2.6 inches wide. It's great for drinks or storage for food. Storage for nuts, peanut butter, snacks, candy, spices, powders, honey,sauce, etc. Also can be used as a drinking container.

Brand: Zmybcpack

👤I loved the jars. I would buy again. The plastic looks like glass. The jars were well packaged. Each jar was individually packaged to avoid scratches. They didn't feel like cheap plastic. The jars should have the option of having the tops with holes. That's the sole reason for the four stars. But not that good product.

👤There is a small knick in each jar, but that isn't a big problem. They look good on the shelf. The lids are not the right size. You can pull them off. They get 3 stars because of this.

👤They are square, but they are made of a thin plastic and are not dishwasher safe. I put one in my dishwasher to see what would happen and it turned out to be a bad idea. A cleaned out 40 ounce peanut butter jar is the same size, holds the same amount of stuff, and is dishwasher safe. I ordered another set.

👤I wanted to store pasta in my pantry. They are the perfect size, air tight and keep everything fresh. The chalk marker that came with my purchase is great for labeling what is inside. If I change the product inside, I use Windex on a napkin to wipe the writing off the label. The plastic is a little thinner than I expected, but it isn't a problem, they are just for storage and I would buy these again in the future. They are great for craft storage.

👤I love these containers. I've bought a set of them 7 times. They are all over my rig. I have them in the bathroom. They are in the kitchen. They are used for snacks. They are cute. These are great for me because I have a 5th grade girl. I have pretzels and candy in them. I have my makeup on. It is great.

👤LIDS are difficult to position when trying to screw them on. The quality of the jar is what I expected. Anyone familiar with this type of plastic should know that it is easy to melt. The dishwasher will melt the plastic so it must be washed by hand. They will melt in the microwave. The lids were my biggest disappointment. I wouldn't recommend them because of the lids. People should be aware of the melting problem.

👤3 outta 8 bottles were very cheap to make and wouldn't stand on their own without spices inside and up against other bottles of a wall. If you want to get more bottles for the same amount of money, go to a dollar store and you will get more bottles for the same amount of money.

👤Don't waste your money. These containers hold less than 8 ounces of dried herbs. These spices do not hold 20 ounces of dry ingredients. They look good if you don't wash them in hot water or put them in a dishwasher. I had to wash it. Take one of the bottles. The bottle was beyond use. It's not a cylinder anymore, and it no longer stands on it's own. These containers are not mediocre. The one that didn't warp is the same package. It shrunk by an inch. It's not cool!

2. Silicook Transparent Container Household Organization

Silicook Transparent Container Household Organization

If you have a problem, please contact them in time, they will help you solve it. 40 ounces, 3.14w, x 10.06h inch round shaped jars. The best organization solution for fridge, freezer, pantry, garage, garden and warehouse. Dry goods, beans, cereals, rice, pasta shapes, snacks, candy, beef, nuts, Cookie, Coffee, Pet foods, Bolts&Nuts, Tools and more are unsalted. Food Safe #1 is strong and lightweight. It can be stand to -4F (-20C). You can check inside easily even in frozen / clear to see. There is no dishwasher and microwave. It is necessary to wash the hands.

Brand: Haim Living

👤I was going to store spaghetti in these containers. Immediate return.

👤It is short enough to not fit in the spaghetti container. It would be a perfect fit if it was a quarter inch taller. The item is back.

👤The containers are too short to fit spaghetti. These won't work for you if you need that. They don't fit the entire package of pastas. They are well sealed for other purposes.

👤I stack the layers of my spaghetti noodles because they are a tiny bit tall for these. They keep my noodles organized and I don't have to worry about boxes. I will order another set.

👤Any shape of pasta will fit. pretzels and other dry snack foods are included. The material is crystal clear, so it makes a lovely presentation in your pantry. You should have a dish mop.

👤I looked at a lot of jars and compared their prices. I was looking for a place to store spaghetti with easy access to the contents. I didn't want glass because of its breakability. These were clear and looked like glass, so that you could see what was in the side. It is possible to hold tall items like spaghetti. The price for three jars was unbelievable. The size of the jars would be a negative. I wanted them to be the right size for holding a box of spaghetti.

👤These arrived on time and as described. They're perfect for our breakfast oatmeal topping, which includes a set of canisters for raisins, dried cranberries, dried coconut and chopped pecans. We put them together in a cookie tin, so they can easily be moved from cupboard to table.

👤These are wonderful. I should have ordered taller ones. I can use other shapes of pasta, but not spaghetti. They have nice tight fitting lids and hold a lot. I was happy I ordered.

👤This round food containers are awesome. The plastic is quite good.

👤Don't but this product. The containers can't hold hot water. It's impossible to clean without warping. The money was wasted.

3. Tebery Plastic Containers Transparent Container

Tebery Plastic Containers Transparent Container

24 Pack safe and durable 8oz plastic jars with lids, 24pcs stickers, and 1 pc mark pen are included in the package. These jars are straight-sided and wide-mouth. SLifeJars is committed to providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Please contact them if you have any questions about their jars. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. Store things that are not hot. Do not use the dishwasher. Do not put it in the microwave. It was made from high food grade PET. 100% food safe. It's not suitable for hot liquid and diswasher safe. When you screw the lid on, the foam liner will create an airtight seal. Your items will not be leaked or damp. The clear plastic body with wide mouth makes it easy to measure. There are 9 pack 12oz and 9 pack 5oz. Different size is what you want. It's great to store dry foods, coffee beans, coffee powder, salt, sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, snacks and dog food.

Brand: Tebery

👤Product was a great idea to make individual banana pudding to take to the beach for a picnic. A very attractive presentation. They are reuseable. If a guest takes one home, you have an excuse to visit them to return it or they can reuse it.

👤I bought these to contain items that I would use in therapy sessions and they work well. The plastic is clear. They are made of very thin material and this limits how tightly you can fit the covers in this application. If they were more heavy duty, I would give them 5 stars.

👤Don't know who reviewed them, they are sturdy, add some weight to them. They are definitely not. Not a grade. It feels good for paper clips. The covers were thin and had dents in them. Return!

👤It's a great price for leak proof. They will stay fresh. Thanks.

👤I kept my button collection in these. The lid is easy to put on or take off, light weight, and just perfect. I've ordered 2 sets so far. The lids are very thin metal and can easily be damaged, but that doesn't seem to affect their use or the price.

👤I used these for homemade sugar scrubs and they were stunning.

👤There are 18 jars and tops in the main picture. I received 9 jars with a false advertisement. Maybe the other half is coming in another shipment. Please fix the issue. I have orders for Sunday.

👤Great wish can get bigger.

👤I decided to try it after reading the reviews. I got them today and I love them. No leak was the first thing I tried. I can't wait to use them to ship my product. Highly recommended.

👤I bought these containers to hold my grand kid's stuff and they do a great job.

👤I bought these for my daughter to use in her kitchen. She was easy to open because of the large size. Most of the lids are damaged because they weren't packed well.

👤My order was missing one lid.

👤A bottle missed a lid. There is a bottle in the wrong size.

4. 32 Ounce Plastic Rectangular Canisters Easy Grip

32 Ounce Plastic Rectangular Canisters Easy Grip

It's perfect for all of them. The cups are high quality and ideal for all occasions. The plastic cup does not absorb liquid. Four canisters are included in the value 4-pack. The container is 5 inches tall with 3.75 inch sides and has a mouth opening of 3.25 inches. Store beans, snacks, candy, spices, cornstarch, brown sugar, and other items in a multi-use area. For learning activities for kids. Travel-friendly: It's lightweight and travel-friendly. The jar is made of #1 plastic and not dishwasher safe.

Brand: Cornucopia Brands

👤Completely false! They are not 32 ounces, they are 4 ounces for a total of 32 ounces. Have never returned again.

👤This item is much smaller than I anticipated because it is in fluid ounces and I was looking for a container similar in size to my 32oz nut container. This is my fault and the sellers fault. When it is a measurement of volume v weight, it is customary to use the term fluid ounces, but it should have occurred to me that it was a volume measurement because the weight capacity of a container varies. Hilarity ensues.

👤The jars are not 32oz. The lids are not secured.

👤For a container meant to hold dry goods. Why would they measure these with fractional bullets? I will tell you why. They are fraudsters. They are mislabeling the products. They are trying to charge more for larger containers. They do not have the capacity to hold 32 ounces of dry stuff. If you look at the product description, they state that the containers hold 32 fluid ounces. These containers are not being advertised or marketed to people who want to store liquid. I tried to transfer 16oz of Black pepper into one of these containers at my photo. They have about 12 ounces of Black Pepper. I returned 3 packs because I thought I could always use some tiny containers for something. Unless you need a large container, pass on these.

👤I have rearranged my pantry with these canisters. I like them because they are lightweight and food safe. Because they are lightweight, they are ideal for not putting unnecessary weight on my shelves. When I am gone, they will be recycled. I won't need to wash them again anytime soon as I designated each one for a specific pantry item, since they are not dishwasher safe. The example would be dry navy beans. I add more beans when the canister is empty.

👤The plastic could have been a little thicker for the money. They are too thin to hold up for a long time. Even though the plastic is clear, a label would help in arrangement.

👤These plastic jars are perfect for my garage organization. The built-in handle grip area makes it easy to pick up, without worry about dropping it. You made these and sold them on Amazon. I'm very happy in my camper.

👤I put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher to make sure they were clean. I pulled out pieces of plastic. You should be fine if you know this. They are very thin, but are good for storing lightweight things.

5. SGHUO Containers Water Tight Plastic Stickers

SGHUO Containers Water Tight Plastic Stickers

It's the best choice for ice cream shop, bakery, carnival, or any event. The package does not include slime, but there are 16 round stickers with 4 patterns. The containers are not easy to break. The diameter is 6.4 cm and the height is 7.9 cm. Store slime, slime charms, beads, cosmetics, butter, and other products. Provide high-quality and durable products. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Sghuo

👤I bought these to package my base. The containers are not 8oz. They are more like 7 to 7.5oz. I don't read 8oz on these jars because I have a shipping scale and a kitchen scale. If you are looking for 8oz exact, these are not it. I haven't shipped them yet to see how durable they are. Buy with caution.

👤Only 12 label stickers were used for the bottles. Some of them are hard to put on.

👤I had to use these containers because I couldn't find the containers that I normally use. These containers are holding up. I wish they were a little bigger.

👤My usual jars have been sold out for a while, so I bought these for body products. I would be worried about putting product in them because they are not sturdy. They hold 8oz of water, but it's concerning that the jars just pick them up. I'll be giving them back for a full refund.

👤Unlike other plastic jars, these don't have the foam lid seal, which is a deal breaker for me as I got them to store hobby items. I had a bag of shot used for railroad models that was always a pain and I made it manageable by putting it into some jars. I don't think the plastic would survive a drop, but they work well for storage. There are jars used for Kadee storage.

👤Nice containers. They fit in my storage. It's great to be able to see what's in them when you use them for small part storage. The plastic is thinner than others, but for my needs it probably isn't an issue. If you wanted a star for the plastic thickness, it would be 5's.

👤These were bought for body scrubs. They are not thick and don't suit me. They are great for home organization.

👤These bottles are the perfect way to keep things safe and secure. Not too large or small. I recommend not to overthink it.

6. Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

Plastic Accguan Airtight Container Storage

The inside bottom is 4.58" and the top of the box is 10" 8 Oz Plastic jars with lids are a perfect size for storing food and have free chalkboard stickers and one pen for labeling. The clear plastic body with wide mouth is easy to access, and the black lids ensure a quality seal, keep food fresh, and don't worry about the food leaking out of the jars. Food grade materials are safe, reliable, durable and reuseable, so you don't have to worry about harmful toxins getting into your food after multiple uses. It's great to store dry foods, coffee beans, coffee powder, salt, sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, snacks and dog food. Do not put dishwasher in hand wash.

Brand: Accguan

👤Absolutely not microwave safe. They are great for cold storage, but not for re- heating. I bought them for breakfast. It works well for chia pudding. We had a disaster when I microwaved water.

👤I wish they had a protection lid. They are great for sugar scrubs and whipped butters.

👤They are very nice. The package has nice labels and markers.

👤I bought this item after reading the description. It seemed to have positive answers about it, but when I tried the leak test, it didn't hold up. I made sure the lid was tight, had bubble wrapped it, and made sure there was extra padding in the transport vessel to make sure it wouldn't leak. It was all over the package. I put the jar upside down and then back up again after a few minutes, but the liquid seemed to leak from under the lid. It was upsetting to find this out after spending money on something I thought was promising.

👤I use the jars for my business. Doesn't leak.

👤The jars were given to my students to use in the classroom. My husband made a slit in the lid so coins could fit through it. The lids have held up for about a month. The plastic is thick. They are good jars for craft storage. I did not try to put food or liquids in. I don't know if they are leak proof. The marker is not permanent, so if anything wet touches the writing it will just come off.

👤I like to match everything. I had a lot of vitamins in different sizes, shapes and colors and decided to make them fit in my small apartment cupboard a little easier. The jars are perfect for this. I got to write my own labels, but they are so air-tight that they are keeping my gummies fresh longer than the bottle they came in! I still have a few extras if I add more vitamins to my regimen.

👤I like this kind of container because it's very sturdy and visible, and I like the fact that you can put your favorite snacks or small goodies in it. You can label things at home. Will buy more if necessary.

7. Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

The wings have to be folded slightly to create a 3D effect. This offer is for cake pop/lollipop display stands which are manufactured in high transparent 2mm thick acrylic which is food safe and sturdy. Each stand has been designed to hold up to 21 cakes. They are easy to clean and finished with a shiny and smooth edge, so you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The double layer design makes the cake pop. It is easy to assemble and disassemble a flatpack. Store is easy to store when laid flat. The size is 11 inch long x 4 inch wide and 1.4 inch high. The inch is 3mm. Perfect for wedding party, birthday party, christening, bridal shower, bake sales, family events, shop window displays, afternoon tea party, etc. The modern design makes it easy to present your cake pops. It's more attractive for your party.

Brand: Goabroa

👤The product is described. It is impossible to pick up the stand without the cake pop sticks falling through the holes in the top and bottom of the stand. It is difficult to carry them from one place to another. It should have had a tray with no holes so the cake pops could be carried. It is not sturdy at all. It is very lightweight and flimsy. It does what it is supposed to do. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This product is not helpful for the actual cake pop making and should only be used as a display. It is hard to clean this product because of the chocolate and frosting on it. The cheap material always looks bad. The cake pop sticks that I bought are too small for this stand, so you have to pick it up by the cake part since you can't really reach the sticks. Purchasing long cake pop sticks could solve this issue. This is not a good stand for cake pop making since the spaces between the different holes are small. If you dip your cake pop in chocolate and use it as a cooling stand, they will all fall on each other. This should only be used as a cake pop stand. Since there is no solid bottom, you can't transfer the cake pops on the stand, it's only an ok product. The product was disappointing and would not recommend it.

👤The cake pop stand was easy to assemble and clean. The kids were able to take out it at the gender reveal event I had set up. To save space, I would go with this because it is very easy to replenish cake pops.

👤My client loved the display and so did I. The table was beautiful because of it. I recommend anyone to purchase this for a party table display. It is easy to assemble.

👤The display case is awesome. I need to say that the thank you note is over. The display was made with film to keep it from scratching and the tools and supplies were in a separate bag with the little screw driver. My cake pops had to be spread farther apart because the display had 21 holes that would be great for lollipops. I was only able to place 12 because I squeezed three in the back. I know that it's not a problem. I'll buy two or three if they ever offer another version with the holes for cake pops. Such a cute product! I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This item is made of glass. Plastic looks like glass. You will need to assemble this product. The product has all the tools needed. It will take a while. There are 21 lollipops on the stand. It is 5 inches in length and 11 inches wide. There are 2 inches between the bottom and top plastic. I didn't remove the plastic from the photos I showed. The product held the chocolate lollipop well and I have no issue with it falling over. It is light and easy to transport. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Is the best looking product. It's good. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you found this review helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button below. I would like to thank you in advance. I don't get paid for my reviews, but I try to help potential buyers make an informed choice.

8. Lawei Pack Clear Plastic Black

Lawei Pack Clear Plastic Black

The Multipurpose Mini wooden spoon can be used in a variety of dishes. Each jar has a capacity of 16 ounces and is included in a 12 pack of Clear Plastic Jars. Clear plastic containers are designed with high chemical resistance and high impact resistance. Canisters come with caps that have inner foam liners to ensure a strong and reliable airtight seal, buy in bulk and store into classy jars, they will stay fresh for a long time. The mouth jar is 3.5 inches wide. Great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts or process peanut butter, pickles and more; also use in utility room for nuts & bolts, use in play room for art & craft supplies, and endless possibilities; lids have food safe pressurized foam liner seal

Brand: Lawei

👤The clear plastic jars are a good value. They are 3-6 inches in height and diameter. They stack neatly without any wasted space because the lid screws on. When the sides are pushed in, the plastic is not super thick. I think they will hold up well for my craft needs.

👤These are good for homemade salts or scrubs.

👤I wanted to hold my body home. The honeybees are holding up well against the natural oils. I would recommend them to anyone. This is a great way to dispose of a large amount of jars. And and. The story is about bravery.

👤I love the jars. You can scoop them because they are well made, sturdy, and the perfect size. The only thing I would change is the black plastic lid and the fact that the white powders stick on it. I would prefer a metal color. They are great and would recommend them.

👤I bought them for my shop, and I think they are not good for that application. They are a good value, but don't expect them to hold heavy gauge names and screws. It's better suited for soft material storage.

👤They were dishwasher safe. I wanted to wash first because the smell was chemical.

👤They are easy to clean and perfect for many projects. I like that the lid doesn't pop on and off. I would recommend and buy again.

👤Work just fine for things like dry pasta or grains, but anything that is even slightly wet will be an issue as the lids don't go back on tight. If you need dry items, it's worth the money.

👤I wanted to fill the canisters with pasta, noodles, and other items. They are easy to clean. It was a good purchase.

👤Uhmmmm... Where are my other jars? I only have 9 jars and this is advertised as a 12 pack. Smh! It's not acceptable to have to return these and re-order for business reasons.

👤This set of jars is made well. I bought them for the purpose that they were purchased for. It's a good way to organize the bits and pieces in the kitchen.

👤You can see and feel the product in a store. Too small for the intended project and thin plastic. Will give it away to a crafter.

👤Didn't like how they messed up. I would spend more money to get a better version. I won't use them for products I'm selling because they worked well for gifts.

9. Tebery Canisters Airtight Containers Household

Tebery Canisters Airtight Containers Household

It's great to store dry foods, coffee beans, coffee powder, salt, sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, snacks and dog food. Do not put dishwasher detergents in the jars. Round plastic jars with black ribbed lids are easy to grip. Each holds a set of 16 and is 4.75 inches tall. The mouth jar is 3 inches wide. It's great for storing dry goods, spices, nuts, or process peanut butter in the kitchen, pantry, or household. It's great for storing dry goods, spices, nuts, or process peanut butter in the kitchen, pantry, or household.

Brand: Tebery

👤I liked it a lot. It has been difficult to find jars. I use them to share soup that I make with people. You can't use microwaves to cook them. I don't have to put as much in it because it is a beer. That means there is more to be shared?

👤Don't put these in the dishwasher. I read the information on Amazon that says not to. There was nothing in the item that said not to. They shrunk to half their original size. I have a dishwasher with no heating element and have not had a problem with plastic, so I thought it was safe. I lost a lot of jars.

👤The jars are smaller than 16oz. I bought these to fit 16oz bags of nuts, but they don't fit. Returning.

👤It works, but it needs a larger container.

👤They are not heat proof and had one melt by accident.

👤I liked the sizes on the jars. I have not had any issues with them, I use them for my spices.

10. Tebery Containers Straight Cylinders Canisters

Tebery Containers Straight Cylinders Canisters

LABELS ARE SUPPLIED! There are 2 labels per jar. Do not put dishwasher in hand wash. The round plastic jars have ribbed lids and a foam liner. Each is 4-5 inches tall by 3-1/4 inch diameter and has a capacity of 20 ounces. The wide mouth jar makes it easy to measure items. It's great for storing dry goods, spices, nuts, or process peanut butter in the kitchen, pantry, or household.

Brand: Tebery

👤The plastic and metal are very thin. They also have a circular "gaskets" that may be used to provide a better seal against air. They are not suitable for storing and aging pipe tobacco. A couple of the lids were out of round, preventing them from making a good seal and engaging the threads of the jars. Overtightening the lids will cause the jar to be torn apart, and the lid to pop off. The jars are best for storing non-perishable items, like marbles, tacks, cotton balls or paper clips. They're not suitable for liquids, and don't expect them to preserve any dry good from staling.

👤I use these to organize my craft room. They look great and are uniform. They look good with vinyl labels.

👤I was upset because it didn't look like it was 20oz. Just as big as a 16oz jar, this one is wide. It's the same size as when I packed my cookie with a jar, so I placed another order. The seal will stick to sealed if you put the lid on it. The plastic is not that strong. I'm satisfied.

👤I had canned goods in my pantry for a long time. The contents of my canned tomatoes began to leak out of some of the cans. The wood sawped out on it. I've got a sanitary freak about me when it comes to my food. I feed my dog. I have to put stuff out to get rid of bugs. I have to kill mice when it attracts them. I get scared when I see anything in the pantry that the pest might have walked or pooped on. The cans are usually thrown away. I bought these cans to keep my cans from being touched or if they are in a jar, to keep it out. These jars fit cans like chili, hominy, green beans, black eye peas, and so on.

👤Everything was great except for one thing - the jars do not stand up to boiling water. They melt. If you need to put boiling liquid in them, look for something else.

👤I put my vitamins in these and it worked out great. They would be good for things like dried food storage or spices, which I may get more for later.

👤One did not survive packing. They were well-packed and this wasn't damaged during shipping. There are dents in the lids. Very thin. The one in the picture is useless. Disappointed in the quality. We will see if they hold up for a long time.

👤It's too small to use for anything and can't be used for food storage.

👤I am happy with the plastic jars and plastic lids. The pysanky dye is perfect for me. I won't be able to make my dye in the jars as they may not stand up to the water.

👤I use them for balloons, but they are very thin.

11. Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Slime Containers Water Tight Lids Pack

Great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts or process peanut butter, pickles and more; also use in utility room for nuts & bolts, use in play room for art & craft supplies, and endless possibilities; lids have food safe pressurized foam liner seal The containers are made with plastic and come with seals. Their set of 12 8oz storage containers are great for a lot of things. Preserves freshness, say goodbye to dried-out slimes. These containers keep your stuff fresh. The water-tight lids keep your creations fresh. Each jar is 2.56 feet tall by 3.26 feet wide and holds 8 ounces. Now includes 12 individual labels. These are empty jars, they don't come with the stuff. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right. They made these containers with you in mind, so they can guarantee you'll be satisfied. Their priority is your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they will make it right.

Brand: Healthy Packers

👤I'm not sure how they are supposed to be water tight. I found these by searching for containers of the stuff. The plastic tub at the grocery store is better for holding stuff. If the slime isn't completely solid, it just runs out of the side of the lid. I don't know why these are labeled water tight. It's a plastic container with a plastic lid. So there's that, great price? Just so-so. Don't buy these for the purpose of making a true slime container. They would be great for organizing dry goods or craft supplies.

👤My children have a collection of slime creations. I was happy with the features and price. The plastic for the lid is very brittle. When my child dropped the lid from 3 feet onto the floor, I was displeased. It happened again a few days later with another container. The containers would be fine if they were only handled by adults. Look elsewhere for the purpose of storing the creations of children.

👤I keep my little bits and bobs in clear containers so we can see what we can do with them. The jars are perfect for that. They are wide enough for small and large hands to reach in comfortably to grab what you need, instead of storing them in jars and having to dump them in bowls during creating, you can leave these. They are plastic so if they are dropped, they won't break and spill your goods all over the floor. We have had dropped glass containers and it is not fun to clean up all those shards and throw away the goods when you can't fetch all the glass. It is the perfect size for a group of kids. They are air tight so play doh won't dry out as quickly and they are dish washer safe, I'm so happy to add these small and useful jars as part of our art studio storage solutions!

👤With the jar and bottle shortage going on, I have had to find other ways to package my products. My usual supplier had been out for a long time so I ordered these jars. I settled on these. They are wide mouth and medium profile. However. They don't come with a grill. I have experience with these type of jars and they will leak. Especially with oil based products. These are the best for thick creams and soaps. I'm still able to use these jars.

👤I like the shape and size of these. It's great for storing semi liquids. Several of the containers arrived broken and I dislike that. When I opened the package, some of the lid were missing. It's not a big deal. I found some cracks in the lid. This makes it not durable. I needed the lids to be sealed. It wouldn't be an issue if the title didn't say that. I will think about buying again. They're small. Just need a little more sturdy when shipping.

👤I don't recommend them for certain types of slime. Clear slime and anything with snow in it sticks to the container and is difficult to get out, even though some of them seem to come out just fine. After washing it out with warm water and soap, the plastic looks foggy. If it has snow in it. It might be good for other uses but not for all types of slime. It works with thick, white glue.


What is the best product for cake jars plastic?

Cake jars plastic products from Zmybcpack. In this article about cake jars plastic you can see why people choose the product. Haim Living and Tebery are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake jars plastic.

What are the best brands for cake jars plastic?

Zmybcpack, Haim Living and Tebery are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake jars plastic. Find the detail in this article. Cornucopia Brands, Sghuo and Accguan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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