Best Cake Jars with Lids 10 Oz

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1. Mason Jars Regular Mouth Overnight

Mason Jars Regular Mouth Overnight

Each container is packed in a separate bag and then in a carton. The packaging is beautiful and perfect for a gift. There are two things: Plain and Enlightenment. The ancient production process used to make the regular mouth canning jar made it look more plain and elegant. You can use the mason jar to make art, but it can also make a difference in the kitchen. You will love them. It is easy to clean. The wide openings of the mason jars make it easy to access the bottom of the jar and to clean it with a sponge. A wide variety of kitchen ingredients can be stored in a canning jar, such as homemade pickles, spices, jam, nuts, overnight oats, jelly, dry food and sugars. Food grade and BPA free. Glass regular mouth mason jars are food safe and can be used reliably. The metal mason jar lid provides a strong seal to keep food fresh. 100% SATISFACTION: They can offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the 8 oz mason jars. 100% SATISFACTION: They can offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the 8 oz mason jars.

Brand: Yomarket

👤These are perfect! The perfect packaging and jars for everything. I bought them for the cocktail, but they are now perfect for storing. I have bought 12 more since I first purchased 6. So happy with them!

👤I bought a jar for oats. I was very worried when I found a chunk of glass in one of the jars. I heard something in there when I shook it randomly. I hope this was a once off. I am writing a review so I want to make sure my glass is free of anything.

👤It arrived without a problem. It was what I wanted. There is a leak in the lid.

👤These are what I need to store my freeze dried food for the week, I don't use plastic, so these are exactly what I needed.

👤I wanted to buy these for our spices and peppers. Perfect size! They bought labels to put on them. Buy again!

👤I love the jars. I fill them with pudding and they are the right size for dessert.

👤It's a screw-on cap and I like it. I use it as a container for salt and pepper because of those reasons. You can pinch, get a spoon, and get a better seal with the cap.

👤I put these in the water and they got in through the lids. The water bath was ruined.

2. Hexagon Plastisol Wedding Magnetic Canning

Hexagon Plastisol Wedding Magnetic Canning

It is easy to clean dishware safe. A high quality cannabis accessory with gold laces. There is a case of glass jars and gold lid. A pack of 15. 6oz is 190ml. The W and H are 3.4” apart. The opening was 1.75 Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are included. The gold lid is lab certified and complies with FDA safety standards. It's suitable for chutneys and pickles. A ball wide-mouth is a virtue. Use for baby food, jams, and other items. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors, or other homemade gifts. You can fill with Bath Salts, Body Butter, Candy, Nuts, Candy, Buttons, Beads, and more. It's easy to make water and air twine. It's great for holding baby food, Jams, honey, and watertight and airtight screw on safety lid. It's also good for magnetic Spice Jars. There is no money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, they will give you a full refund. "No questions asked" There is no money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, they will give you a full refund. "No questions asked"

Brand: Cross Homes

👤I have ordered about 3 times already and still love them, I just ordered a 10oz case and it's amazing. I like making candles in these. I will buy again and again. I recommend all of the sizes you want. Will be happy.

👤They were supposed to be used for "jam, jelly" and have waterproof lids. The bottom of the second jar exploded, sending hot jelly everywhere. The jars did not fit correctly, and the lids came off with no movement, sending hot jelly everywhere. The food cannot be sealed because the lids cannot be tightened down. These were supposed to be used as wedding favors for my son and his fiancée. It was a waste of time to find the jars were not working. If possible, I would not give any stars. I would never recommend this item because of the glass's poor quality and the poor fit of the jars.

👤I was skeptical after reading some reviews. I did a lot of research and was able to get a 100% success rate for vacuum sealing my jam jars. The jars are adorable.

👤I used these jars to make candles for my business, but I am not sure if it is the shape, size, type of glass, or a combination of all three. I only made a small amount and was able to pull them off my website before they got into customers' hands, because every single one I tested cracked and broke from the heat. The wicks would drift off to the side after burning to the halfway point, for some reason, that was perfectly centered when crafting them. The shape was appealing, but maybe it was the problem. I've worked with jars from other companies before and never had this issue. If you are using these jars to make candles, be careful.

👤If you want something larger or better, you can find a really good deal on Ball Jars, but every so often you'll find these 6oz Jars on Amazon for $15 for a 15 piece set, which is a very good deal given the quality. I switched from Tin to Glass when I started making candles and have received a lot more positive feedback from my friends and customers. I don't have anything bad to say other than you may want to wait on these jars if they're priced over $1/per, not because the jars aren't worth it, but I would pay more than that, but because I see these jars selling for $1/per If you want a large candle, then go with something bigger, but if you want to do something smaller, then you should have these lying around.

👤These glass jars look pretty. I like their shape. The gold jar lids look like they were made for different jars. Some of them fit, but others are too small. The jars are more vulnerable than the ones that don't turn a full rotation to close. The gold lids are very thin and can scratch easily. The two that arrived scratched the top. The price is too good to be true. It's not a bad product, but if you want to sell candles, bath salts and other items in these jars, think again. These jars are odd and aren't the greatest quality.

3. Accguan Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage

Accguan Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage

The quality of the glass is made in America and resists cracking and breaking. Their glass is food safe and lead-free. There is a case of 20 jars and a pen to mark your own jars. The cap is 2.55 inches at the flat sides and 4.72 inches tall. Food grade materials are great for food storage. Lab Certified Corrosion-Resistant material is made from silver. Glass lasts a long time. Ensure a quality seal with lids. Keep fresh for longer. There was no leaking or stain. Excellent for kitchen spices such as herbs, honey, jam, jelly, dry powder spices, cookies, candy and more. It's ideal for baby food, wedding favors, cosmetics, hand made gifts, excellent use as canning jars for pickles, organize your kitchen and home. If you want to wash them with water and soaps, you can use the dishware safe.

Brand: Accguan

👤I gave it a 4 because one of the jars had pieces of glass in it and some of the jars have a weird finish. The cracks are part of the glass and I assume they are how the glass was finished. They are strong. I like them and recommend them. If you don't already wash them, they have glass shards in them, so wash them. Some pictures were added for comparison.

👤These jars are amazing. They are cute and sturdy. I don't have any issues at all. I was looking for something to replace the plastic containers that I have been using for homemade body butters and these did not disappoint.

👤These were cute, but too large for the pull out rack we now have. The mouths allow for spoons/scoops and the lids are solid which makes them perfect for spice jack and pantry storage. The jar is not good for measuring cups. The delivery was prompt and the packaging was amazing. There were no broken jars. The return is seamless with a code to show at the store, but for some reason the free return shipping can't be printed at home, so we go back to the store. There is a We hope the smaller jars fit so that we can apply labels. Then pictures!

👤The lids don't seal well and are very flimsy. I expected better quality for the price I paid for water canning. There are too many lids that have dents in them and a number of them wouldn't close completely when you twisted the cap like shown in the video. I just bought 3 more boxes and wish I had not. This is a complete waist. I have to can 12 gallons of salsa again.

👤Do not seal the lid. The roasted tomatillo salsa was made after 8 hours of roasting, processing and canning, but the lids didn't seal. They say they areMason jars and are perfect for canning. They don't say "Mason" anywhere on them, making me question if they really are. The tops don't pop down when the temperature is cooling. Not all of the lids were screwed on straight. Some of the lids are not straight. These can't be used for canning because they are not good for storing dry goods.

👤I was skeptical to purchase from the broken jars I saw happening during shipping. These were well packed. The jars were kept safe with good foam and cut outs. There were no broken jars. I will definitely be ordering it again in the future because it was such a good price. I like the shape and easy grip in the palm. The jar holds 5oz of water. 5 ounces to the top. They are described. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but I'm hoping they're good. There were 5 sheets of sticker and one chalk pen.

👤I love these! When my husband was sick and tired of searching through disorganized spices, I ordered these and did a thing.

4. Glass Clear Round Candle Plastic

Glass Clear Round Candle Plastic

The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. There is a clear round glass jar, metal lids, plastic lids, and white lables in this product. You have the option of using two different lids. Plastic lids are used for regular storage. These jars are ideal for making candle. High temperature resistance is achieved by thick glass. The sealed lid has a thin sheet of foam lined with it. No worries about leaking while traveling with them. Act as a sample bottle or mini mason jars. You can store a variety of things, such as powder, liquid, and solid. Act as a sample bottle or mini mason jars. You can store a variety of things, such as powder, liquid, and solid.

Brand: Aozita

👤I have purchased these jars before. The first time I saw it, I loved the fact that it came with two types of lids. I ordered again. The solid plastic lids are completely different than the ones I ordered in the first place. My brand is important to me and I am very disappointed that I received a plastic lid that was not shiny. The jar and lid I received in my first shipment is on the left, while the second shipment is on the right. Totally different look.

👤I made a candle and it was successful. The second time it burned, it exploded and cut my boyfriend, so please spend your money somewhere else.

👤I bought these jars twice. I don't really need the plastic ones because I'm making candles, but it has a good thickness and came with two different caps. It could be useful for other things. I could possibly be buying a third xD for my shop.

👤I've seen other reviews where it claimed to explode, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to remove metal beads and other things that could cause a fire. I used soy wax and cotton wicks in my candles. I wish the lids were glossy black. They were well packaged and arrived without any damage. Will buy again.

👤I've purchased this item 3 times. My last box arrived with a damaged metal lid. I needed them so I couldn't send them back.

👤I used the jars to help my kids make candles. They were perfect. You can choose between a plastic or metal lid. They are in the set. Good quality.

👤If you aren't running a business and don't care about candles, it's adequate. They are just jars without metal lids. The feel of a candle in your hand is lost when the plastic lid is removed. The screw on the lid. Candles don't need plastic or screw-on lid.

5. Plastic Stackable Straight Canisters Bathroom

Plastic Stackable Straight Canisters Bathroom

It's perfect for storing dry kitchen staplers, preserving large amounts of ready-to- eat food, and canning summer bounty. Beans, coffee, rice, candies, drinks, jams, and sugar will not be eaten by mites. The material is material. Do not put in dishwasher, the smooth rounded unlined lids fit both sizes. 2 cups is the CAPACITY. The fluid ounces are 16 with a wide 3 inch mouth. Use for a wide range of products, including hair care products, cosmetics, hand creams, shea butter, skin products, sugar scrubs, facial cleanser, and much more. Store spices, grains, beans, tea, coffee, and other items in the kitchen. Store nails, screws, bolts, putty, or sewing notions.

Brand: Cornucopia Brands

👤Everything I was looking for was what I was looking for. Great price.

👤These plastic jars are very slick. I like their larger size. Extra snacks, supplements, and herbs will be kept in there. I was surprised that they were made of plastic. They're made of a plastic that's slightly flexible. They accomplish the same thing, and I like theVersatility of these jars. The caps on these are clean and tightly fastened. The jars are smooth on the surface and don't smell weird, which is always a plus. They're fun to use, and they're easy to clean. I wouldn't mind 6 more of them. I'm accepting donations.

👤These are not dishwasher safe. In your description, please add that! I put them in the dishwasher to make sure they are clean before I use them. What a mess! I have a Bosch that doesn't have a drying cycle, and it only took the hot water to melt these guys down.

👤I use these jars for my whipped shea butter. They aren't stackable, but who cares? They are perfect. For me, it was a perfect score. I have been a customer for a long time.

👤I have only had these for a few days, but I have been very pleased with them. I eat Ensure shakes directly from the jar with a spoon after they have been frozen for 20 minutes at room temperature. It's the best way for me to get these meals into me. I tried the Rubbermaid brand of freezer containers but they cracked when the spoon hit the side of the container. The Cornucopia brands of jars have sturdy bottoms and are noticeably thicker in construction. The jars from Cornucopia Brands come with easy to screw on lids.

👤The title says they are all in a row. They are not. If you stack them, they fall off. The description should be changed.

👤It was packaged very well and as expected. I bought them for storing smoothie ingredients. Almonds, sunflower seeds, and flax seed are included. It was perfect size. They don't leak with fluids. One of the better buys I've made on Amazon.

👤What I needed for my homemade beads. I will be getting more asap because of the fast delivery and cheap look.

6. KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

Home scented candles. The candles gifts set are suitable for home, including bedroom, bath, study, living room, dining table and home decor. The jar containers are a good choice for home decorations and are easy to carry in travel. If you have a problem with the scented candles gifts set, please contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours. 24 pieces 10 OZ mason glass jars with silver screw lids are premium strong high quality glass jars. The mason jar set is made from the highest quality materials. 100% food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are included. Silver lids are lab certified. KAMOTA glass jars have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close, which is why each lid is designed with ease of use and storage security in mind. It's versatile and can be used for baby food, jam or jelly, wedding favors, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors, or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift.

Brand: Kamota

👤The jars are cute and work well, but when you try to sterlize the jar lids, they are rusty and not usable, and I had to buy new jar lids because the rusty ones were the reason I had to buy new jars. I was disappointed and a bit disgusted. The jars are just really sweet looking, but the glass shards in them are not usable and the lids are not seal and rusted. The jars are cute, but you should buy extra seals and lids because it's not a good time to have faulty ones. Sorry for the lack of attention from the manufacturer.

👤These arrived today, and none were broken despite a laughable packing job by Amazon. I bought these to help with my portion control for oats, but will use them for more. Water does not leak out of these when you have the cap firmly screwed on, even if you shake them. The jars are made of glass and have ridges on the bottoms. These are plain little jars with no marks on the glass. The jars are easy to clean and easy to see, I wanted them to be that way. Despite their small size, they have a nice wide mouth opening. The whiteboard labels are great, they cover nearly the whole top and survived a normal dishwasher cycle without any casualties. I could use these jars to store cotton balls or buttons in the bathroom. This was the only pack of plain 10oz jars that sounded promising and I was glad I got them even though it was more jars than I needed. I'm sure I'll use them all.

👤I need to say more about it. The lids don't seal properly. I had to buy new lids, re boil, seal, and almost lose 24 jars of jam. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I bought them for canning. They didn't have engraved designs on them for easy labeling. I put fruit preserves and vegetables in these jars along with my Ball Mason jars. Same product inside jars, same temperatures. The first time, most of the lids on this brand did not seal properly. The Ball Mason jar lid was sealed correctly the first time. I had to re-boil and seal several jars of this brand and now I'm not sure if that worked. I sell my products at Farmer's Markets and don't want dissatisfied customers, so they did seem to seal after the second or third boiling. People getting sick. I will not buy this brand again. Only Ball Mason jars will be allowed from now on.

👤The boxes were ordered for the wedding. They turned out great. Purchase transparent label medium for your printer. You can cut a wide ribbon. Attach a small bow around the jar's mouth and add hot glue to the back of it. Cut each marriage quote to a narrow strip using a sharp paper cutter. Pull off backing on label with an exacto knife and stretch transparent label onto a flat part of jar. On the opposite side of the jar, put another label of couples' names and wedding dates. If you want to add a hot glue to the bottom of the votive candle, you need to pull out the wicks on the long- lasting candles. It is easy-peasy! A fun project for a group to do together. jars come with protective covers that can be kept in for travel.

7. SALUSWARE Plastic Bottles Containers Perfect

SALUSWARE Plastic Bottles Containers Perfect

Storage containers are leak proof and can be screwed onto the container to create an airtight seal. It's perfect for storing dried spices. The jar has a seal under the lid that keeps it fresh and tasty. The flip tops are used for shaking or pouring spices. The bottles are made in the USA and stamped with the word "PETE" which is a safe plastic.

Brand: Royalhouse

👤I have bought these many times. The tracking number comes from China when they show a longer delivery. When in stock, they may have a distribution in the USA, but my tracking number shows it is coming from China.

👤These little gems prove to be a good buy. They are sturdy and clean, and small enough to fit in a suitcase.

👤One of them was damaged when I bought it. I don't know how long the tabs will last if you use them a lot. So far they are ok. It's good that size is good. I think.

👤I put 7oz bag spices in because I thought it would fit in the jars. It didn't. Disappointed.

👤The special spices are kept for our new smoker.

👤The perfect size for my pantry area.

👤It's perfect for use as spice bottles. The plastic bottle is thin, but it will work for me.

👤I got these yesterday and they are so good. They are the right size and easy to fill. I use them for spices that I buy in large quantities and need a smaller container to cook with.

8. Glass Mason Jars Pack Dishwasher

Glass Mason Jars Pack Dishwasher

You can freeze up to 1 year if you refrigerated up to 3 weeks. Store for up to one year. Clear Glass is used to make the mason jars, it is blemish-free and crystal-clear, so you can easily see the contents. This canning jar is perfect for preserving and canning a variety of foods. Storage of dry foods and snacks, such as sugar, beans, peas, rice, oats, flour, pasta, cookies, crackers, and candy, is eco-friendly and reuses. The metal lid is lined with plastisol to keep food fresh. The jar is a great way to store loose items in a rustic way. A regular mouth makes it easy to put plump fruits and vegetables into a jar. The opening makes it easy to access the bottom of the jar for cleaning with a sponge. The glass is made in America with high-quality soda-lime glass that resists cracking and breaking. Their glass is dishwasher and microwave safe. The glass jar is food safe and lead-free. The glass is made in America with high-quality soda-lime glass that resists cracking and breaking. Their glass is dishwasher and microwave safe. The glass jar is food safe and lead-free.

Brand: Paksh Novelty

👤These are not for canning. They have a small amount of seal around the edges of the lid to contact the jars, but it's not much and the tops are single piece. I've seen reviews that say they rust after a while. If it's not food related, but temporary, they are good for storing 12oz worth of stuff. I like to make a lot of syrups and similar ingredients that have a shelf life of a week or two at most. I use these in the dishwasher, they are perfect for that, I prep my ingredients in larger batches, throw them in the fridge, use them. I discovered that I can get Ball canning mason jars from Target for half what they cost on this site, and at a price equivalent to these, so no reason to buy these or shop this site at this point.

👤I wanted to make my own vinaigrette salad dressing and I was looking for a few jars to cold pack banana peppers. These are working well. They are easy to clean. I'm happy.

👤After two or three washes, it's useless. They don't work. Don't buy for food.

👤I ordered the jars to use with my students. They are very sturdy and perfect. I ordered 2 sets and will order more. They are great for making butter and lava lamps.

👤The dishwasher is safe but the lids are rusty.

👤I bought these to give as gifts and they work perfectly. I was happy with my purchase, but they arrived a little dusty.

👤I am happy I found these jars. I use them for a drink that needs to be shaken before you drink it.

👤One broke in the sink while washing dishes. The lunch bag broke when it fell a short distance from the chair to the floor. One broke in my handbag after I placed it in there to cash out quickly. This one cracked into a thousand pieces, exploding the juice everywhere, ruining my Macbook Pro, my portable charger, and other important things in my bag. My entire life. It's a good thing. I'm not sure how it cracked, there weren't any other glass items in there. I would like to go with another brand. My life was a mess because of these jars. If I could, I would give them 0 stars. If you have to buy them, use them for storage. Do not use them to transport anything.

👤The jars are very thin and the lids are cheap. I think they are worth the money. These third party lids work great for storing herbs, spices and nuts.

👤Good size and nice size, but for the price, the top should be of a better quality as they easily scratched.

👤A canning jar is not a proper one. The top can't pop. It was not my intent to put food in the fridge. Some of the jars don't have their lids on.

👤Pour des fruits sches ou des noix, trs pratiques. J'ai beaucoup pots.

9. Plastic Wide Mouth Storage Labels Screw

Plastic Wide Mouth Storage Labels Screw

It's perfect for all of them. The cups are high quality and ideal for all occasions. The plastic cup does not absorb liquid. The brand is called Chica and Jo. The jars are easy to grip and screw on. The measure is 2-7/8" across and 3-1/8" tall. The jar's height is 3-1/8" and its outside circumference is 9-1/8". The opening is 70mm and has 400 thread. A strip of white stickers for labeling lids is a great way to organize your pantry or craft room. Comes in a convenient bag. The clear tubs show off the contents. These jars are made of plastic and meet FDA criteria for food safe containers. The jar is flexible when squeezed. The jar has a 2-1/2" opening for easy filling and removal. One cup of contents is held. The perfect fitting foam liners can be found in product B08K2MHFC9. Perfect containers for storing craft supplies. Excellent containers for homemade cosmetics, bath salts, or sugar scrubs. It's great in the kitchen for storing spices, dry goods, meal prep and portion control, and for packing snacks for travel or school lunches.

Brand: Chica And Jo

👤It's also known as PET or polyethylene terephthalate. The majority of disposable beverage and food containers and bottles are made of #1 plastic. The household cleaning product containers are one of the most common places to find #1. It is important to keep this plastic out of the heat or it could cause cancer if you drink it. The porous nature of its surface allows for the growth ofbacteria and flavor, so don't reuse these bottles as makeshift containers. Most curbside recycling programs pick up this plastic.

👤They leak. They leak like crazy because there is no liner. I didn't overfill my sugar hand scrub because it was an oily mess. I ordered a brand that was the same size and they did not leak. Only use them for dry ingredients that don't need to be sealed tightly.

👤Great jars! We use them to portion out the powders for daily prep. Beware, though! These are not dishwasher safe. This should be in the description. There is no information in the description about hand wash only, dishwasher safe/top rack, etc. I put these in the top rack and a few of them had warped mouths and the lids didn't screw back on. It was a total bummer.

👤This is the second time we have purchased these jars for gift baskets. They had homemade taco seasoning mix. They had olives and vegetables in their own juices. The clear plastic makes it easy to see the contents and the screw-top lid makes it impossible to leak. These are fairly priced and arrived on time. Order these!

👤I needed a bunch of jars to store my yogurt. These are almost exactly what I was hoping to find and work perfectly for my yogurt, which is why I would prefer glass. The twelve round stick on the labels are very helpful for some uses. I can't use the jars since I wash them frequently. I write on the lid which yogurt is my husband's and which is my Greek yogurt. I may order more soon after I am very pleased with these.

👤I loved the container. I haven't tried them out for leak yet. Comes with labels as well.

👤The perfect size for spiderlings is 1 inch. The holes were poked with a dremel. There is enough room for a bottle cap, a silk leaf, a small piece of cork bark, and even sphagnum moss. They make the new little darlings feel secure and give room for anything they need.

10. Lawei Pack Clear Plastic Black

Lawei Pack Clear Plastic Black

The Multipurpose Mini wooden spoon can be used in a variety of dishes. Each jar has a capacity of 16 ounces and is included in a 12 pack of Clear Plastic Jars. Clear plastic containers are designed with high chemical resistance and high impact resistance. Canisters come with caps that have inner foam liners to ensure a strong and reliable airtight seal, buy in bulk and store into classy jars, they will stay fresh for a long time. The mouth jar is 3.5 inches wide. Great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts or process peanut butter, pickles and more; also use in utility room for nuts & bolts, use in play room for art & craft supplies, and endless possibilities; lids have food safe pressurized foam liner seal

Brand: Lawei

👤The clear plastic jars are a good value. They are 3-6 inches in height and diameter. They stack neatly without any wasted space because the lid screws on. When the sides are pushed in, the plastic is not super thick. I think they will hold up well for my craft needs.

👤These are good for homemade salts or scrubs.

👤I wanted to hold my body home. The honeybees are holding up well against the natural oils. I would recommend them to anyone. This is a great way to dispose of a large amount of jars. And and. The story is about bravery.

👤I love the jars. You can scoop them because they are well made, sturdy, and the perfect size. The only thing I would change is the black plastic lid and the fact that the white powders stick on it. I would prefer a metal color. They are great and would recommend them.

👤I bought them for my shop, and I think they are not good for that application. They are a good value, but don't expect them to hold heavy gauge names and screws. It's better suited for soft material storage.

👤They were dishwasher safe. I wanted to wash first because the smell was chemical.

👤They are easy to clean and perfect for many projects. I like that the lid doesn't pop on and off. I would recommend and buy again.

👤Work just fine for things like dry pasta or grains, but anything that is even slightly wet will be an issue as the lids don't go back on tight. If you need dry items, it's worth the money.

👤I wanted to fill the canisters with pasta, noodles, and other items. They are easy to clean. It was a good purchase.

👤Uhmmmm... Where are my other jars? I only have 9 jars and this is advertised as a 12 pack. Smh! It's not acceptable to have to return these and re-order for business reasons.

👤This set of jars is made well. I bought them for the purpose that they were purchased for. It's a good way to organize the bits and pieces in the kitchen.

👤You can see and feel the product in a store. Too small for the intended project and thin plastic. Will give it away to a crafter.

👤Didn't like how they messed up. I would spend more money to get a better version. I won't use them for products I'm selling because they worked well for gifts.

11. Vivaplex Clear Ounce Round Glass

Vivaplex Clear Ounce Round Glass

There are 8 glass jars with black lid. It's perfect for storing powders and creams. Convenient and safe packaging.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤I use them for my homemade products. I don't know if they are leak proof. The plastic lids scratch up easily, my only complaint with them. Will buy them again.

👤I was excited to receive these jars, but I noticed one was broken. Not secure or safe.

👤This item was used for dipping sauce. Did not leak. Excellent value.

👤I've had no problems with the lids fitting poorly or leaking so far, they fit snug. 8oz is the perfect size for saving portions of things. They're cute. Not flashy, but cute little jars. I want a million of them.

👤The tops of the jars are scratched. I paint on the top of them for gifts and art but most of them have scratched lids which show even though they are painted. I was a little disappointed.

👤I bought 20 cases. One broken which sounds like the norm. It sounds like an Amazon packaging issue. I would prefer a contact number to resolve this privately. Not seeing that option.

👤They can be used for tea and dry herbs. These are great for storing small quantities of bulk items. I'm not sure about transporting liquids and putting them in them. I need them to prevent pests and excess rubbish waste. I didn't want cheap metal lids to rust on my teas so I chose plastic. The items arrived safely. The construction of the glass is thick and sturdy, I dropped one on my floor, but it was undamaged. They are not the cheapest but they will last so I will be buying more.

👤It's perfect for candles. I will decorate the tops for Christmas. They are great! Will order again.


What is the best product for cake jars with lids 10 oz?

Cake jars with lids 10 oz products from Yomarket. In this article about cake jars with lids 10 oz you can see why people choose the product. Cross Homes and Accguan are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake jars with lids 10 oz.

What are the best brands for cake jars with lids 10 oz?

Yomarket, Cross Homes and Accguan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake jars with lids 10 oz. Find the detail in this article. Aozita, Cornucopia Brands and Kamota are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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