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1. Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

It is made in Southern California. The large cookie and cupcake carrier is perfect for transporting cupcakes, sheet cakes, cookies, brownies, and more. Two cupcake holders can hold up to 24 cupcakes. Food items are kept separate and organized. There are trays that can be added or removed to personalize the carrier. The container and lid are safe for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Care instructions do not include abrasive cleaners or scrub pads. High-fat foods, sugar, oils and tomato sauce should not be overheated.

Brand: Snapware

👤This seemed like a good case. I tried to use it. I baked and decorated cupcakes and put them in the carrier. I put it on a flat surface after I carried it out of my car. I drove 15 minutes to my son's party venue, but I don't drive like Mario. The cupcakes had fallen around inside the case because there was no lip to hold them in place. If you need to travel with your cupcakes from one location to another, this case is not worth it.

👤I was excited to use the carrier the night it arrived. I had 2 dozen cupcakes in my new case, all beautifully decorated, and I made them for a dinner I was attending. I was shocked when I arrived at my destination to find that all of the cupcakes had been turned on their side and rolled across the carrier, if not completely upside down. The idea was great, but the execution was terrible for making sure the cupcakes were held in place. It needs to be taller to be effective. I'm sure it's great for storing, but it's a failure at transporting.

👤I am very happy with this carrier. I got it to fit 30 because it says it fits 24 cupcakes. I bought 30 cupcakes from Sam's and they come in plastic trays of 15 each. If you remove the carrier's white tray, you can put the bakery's tray in. There are 30 cupcakes inside. Don't even think of carrying this by the handle because the way the sections are attached doesn't seem secure. The bottom section of the ring has less headspace than the top section, but you can see from the pictures I uploaded that.

👤I did a lot of research before buying a carrier. I wanted the option to expand, but I only needed two tiers. I wanted the inserts to be white because the pink and blue ones could clash with anything I was storing. The circles are a little too small for cupcakes, but I thought I found the perfect one with this carrier. The cupcakes fall over. What the heck? That is the main feature of this carrier. I don't know if baking cups in different sizes are available in standard baking cups. I want a carrier that keeps the cupcakes separate from the inserts. I might try a different brand of baking cups before I return it.

👤The Large 2 Layer Cupcake Keeper was used by me. The two pieces that are fastened on one end of the tiers have broken off. It was empty when they broke. Very disappointed. I thought it would be much stronger than that. We will use it, but we have to put that tier on the bottom. The cupcakes were held in place by the side of the tray. We were very careful in transporting them. We lined the side of the tray with paper towels and filled it with cupcakes. I will not buy this item again.

2. LOCK Airtight Rectangular Container 54 10 Oz

LOCK Airtight Rectangular Container 54 10 Oz

There are two 9. 6 Cup containers in the set. Their patented four-hinge locking system and silicone seal lid guarantee leak-proof lock and lock containers. This keeps food fresh longer and keeps containers secure. It's convenient to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Lock & Lock are convenient to use around the kitchen or for any other household needs. You can save space in your cabinets, Refrigerator, and freezer with a wide variety of unique designs. Their containers are made from high quality materials that make them strong and long lasting. Invest in lock and lock containers to save space and money. Only lock and lock products are sold by Amazon. Com or lock are guaranteed to be genuine.

Brand: Locknlock

👤I spent a long time looking for a container that would fit an entire package of sliced American cheese without having too much extra room to cause the edges to dry out. I found it and this is it! This container holds a pack of cheese that was bought at a discount store. I put some water in the new container because I didn't want it to leak, but I also put a pack of cheese in it to take the attached photos. I think you're good to go!

👤These are great. I attached the photos because I spent hours trying to figure out which size I needed and became confused. I tried my luck and they are perfect, I was looking for something that would hold a bag of powdered sugar and brown sugar. Look at pictures.

👤The size stated is incorrect. It is 9 x 6 x 3, but it is said to be 13.6 x 9.6 x 6.3 inches.

👤My son takes his lunch most days when he works outside. He had complained that his bread was soggy because of the moist air in his bag. I found these, the perfect size for a sandwich, and said if they leak I can return them easily. It was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 I held it under by sitting on it. Never was it leaked. He used the container when he took a sandwich. It was better with dry bread. These are approved and son tested.

👤I like the Lock&Lock brand. I've been using them for a long time. My oldest pieces are more than a decade old. I use them all the time. I don't think people hate leftovers. I like eating it and if I liked it today, I'll like it tomorrow. The Lock&Locks keep everything fresh and ready to be rewarmed. I do not buy sets. I prefer to buy the pieces that I need, usually on sale for 9 bucks. I usually put the smaller ones into the larger ones to find a space-efficient way to store them. I didn't have a Lock&Lock of this size, but I thought the size would be perfect for storing a couple of chicken pieces. The 54 ounce, 1.7 quart size is perfect. The tabs on the body of the piece are the same as the tabs on the lid. The seal is waterproof. The dimensions are correct. They refer to the lidded container and not just its body, which will be slightly smaller. The Lock&Locks can be reheated, but I never do that. If it has tomatoes or oil, it can stain or mar the container. I transfer the dish I'm going to serve in to the fridge. I wash them in the dishwasher and they are still functional. I think it would be wise to read the Product Details and know that only lock and lock products sold by are guaranteed gourmet. If it doesn't say "Sold by" under the price, you can usually find it on the right side of the page. You won't get a counterfeit knock-off, but it will cost a bit more. I think that the simple, effective and direct way that the Lock&Locks solve the food storage problem appeals to my "tech-y" personality, because I am a retired engineer. The way that they preserve the freshness of what I put in them appeals to me.

3. Sistema Utility Collection Storage Container

Sistema Utility Collection Storage Container

Quality assurance is guaranteed. The container is 10.39 x 9.37 x 3.35 inch high and holds a cup. Sistema KLIP IT easy locking clips. Flexible inner seal allows food to stay fresh. The Klip it collection has space saving storage systems and large storage containers. It was made in New Zealand from virgin plastic. fridge and freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and fridge and freezer safe.

Brand: Sistema

👤I looked through the reviews to see if the container would fit, but I couldn't find much. I thought I would post a picture of my cupcakes that have been frozen. It's tall to keep frosting safe if you don't make a lot of mountain high piles on top of your cupcakes. The seal seems good and the container seems sturdy. The shallow grooves of the latches made it difficult to get them latched securely. The better fitting latches would have earned 5 stars. There is an update. The seal fell out after one wash on the top rack of the dishwasher and now no longer fits into the lid. Without a seal, I'll have to use the box. I wish it said that it can't be washed in the dishwasher. When it was washed it was a great container. Downgraded to 2 stars.

👤Since we've spent so much time at home, we bake more than we used to. I needed something to keep the muffins and cookies in. This works well. There are 9 full-sized cupcakes or muffins in it. Smaller containers work the same way as the lid. Four latches flip and click to stay in place. This would be a better choice for someone who can't keep their lid tight. I haven't tried it with liquid to see if it's completely airtight, but it keeps baking fresh for several days.

👤Everyone thought the 236 model could fit two cedar trays, but when they found out the 236 model couldn't, they were disappointed. I bought this model to store cigars. It is more suitable for brands that you might want to separate from the others. If you didn't buy a cedar tray for the bigger Sistema 236 model, you might worry about the weight of the cigars stacking on top of each other without the support of a tray. I was worried when I bought the 236 model because I couldn't fit two trays that were large enough to hold all the cigars. The bigger 236 model can fit 75-100 cigars without the trays, but is all the weight of the cigars going to crack and smash the wrappers without the relief the trays would've provided? The smaller model is able to hold your cigars without adding too much weight to them. This unit is very good.

👤I washed it in the dishwasher and it cracked. I have had other similar products from this company and they have not been affected. The manufacturer did a great job replacing this quickly. I like the Sistema products.

👤I am really disappointed. I have only used this 5 times and it has already cracked. Really? The edge of the container cracked as my kids passed it. A larger cracked formed after the edge cracked. I was expecting more from this. I was excited when I received it because it was a great size, but the quality is not there.

👤We were very pleased with the brand at first. We still use this size and other Sistema sizes. They stack well on shelves. They are not leakproof. They were washed in the dishwasher and microwaved. They did not pass my test. The leaking liquid will fall out of the small blue inner band if you carry it to the refrigerator or freezer. The larger sizes that we have are used to store dry foods such as rice, dried beans, or baking supplies. The seal is still maintained. They will spill around the seal, so do not use them long-term for liquids.

4. Wilton 2105 3281X Oblong Cupcake Caddy

Wilton 2105 3281X Oblong Cupcake Caddy

The kitchen essentials are innovative. Over the past 40 years, they've innovated kitchen products and housewares with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation. There is a cupcake and cake carrier. It is designed to carry a oblong cake, 12 standard-size cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes. The base can be used to switch from cupcake carrier to cake carrier. The cupcake carrier has a built-in carry handle. The transport is secured with locking latches.

Brand: Wilton

👤I had a cake in the caddy and fruit flies were able to get in through a gap in the latch area. They look pretty. I had to throw my cake away because the flies were inside. It's a pity.

👤It keeps my baking fresh. It is easy to move when filled. Since it is a light weight plastic, it is not sure how it will hold up over time. We know that it won't last forever, so the cost should be more reasonable.

👤The oblong cake dish is pretty, but it wants to stay locked. You can't carry it with the handle.

👤The Caddy was broken when it was received. It was needed for a party. So sad.

👤The one I ordered was damaged and I returned it. I bought the item at Walmart. I like the caricature.

👤The other Wilton rectangular cake carrier is for sale. It works and is the same price. The problem with this model is that the snap handles have square hinge pins. The pivot point is not round when the handles are attached to the lid. It's impossible to not do it if you unsnap the handles the tiniest bit too far. The handles are off. Every single time! When you push down on the lid, the handles don't line up straight, and the handles pop off. I don't know how a flawed, non-working handle design could make it into production. It's a cake box. The other model works great and it's the same price.

👤I've been looking for a storage for my cakes.

👤The blue clip was broken in half so it was useless.

👤I wanted this product to transport a dozen large cupcakes to my son's birthday party without incident. I didn't use the handle on top because I didn't trust the latches on the side and my cupcakes would end up on the floor. I would hold from the bottom. There were a few times when the latches came off. The lid should be lined up correctly. Great product. The tray is able to hold a sheet cake.

👤I was looking for something to store my cakes in. I was worried about the color of my frosting. I put the paper down first. I plan to use the carrier for many years to come and it seems like it is made of good quality.

👤So far, very happy with the purchase. It works with mini cupcakes or large cupcakes. If you flip the bottom piece over, you can fit a sheet cake. The clips are strong. Overall. Great product.

👤I used it for the first time. The locking mechanism is sound, but it's not easy to line up the lid with the tray. It is not fool-proof. I don't need it very often. It was a no-brainer for the price. Does what I need it to do.

5. Amazing Abby 12 Inch Acrylic Entertaining

Amazing Abby 12 Inch Acrylic Entertaining

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The plastic is food-grade and high-quality. There are no lead or bp in the area. Break-resistant and shatter-proof. It is lightweight yet sturdy. The cake plate is a good item for everyday use. The handle and base are diamond-style. The dome cover has the largest capacity for your cake. It is easy to carry and clean. It's great for cakes, snacks, sweets, Appetizers, cheeses, fruits. It's a great idea for serving and entertaining. The gift is crystal-clear and shiny. The design is modern and stylish. An excellent gift for many occasions: wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Easter, and more.

Brand: Amazing Abby

👤The dish is beautiful. Only used a few times. There are spider cracks near the handle. Not tight at all. Not as durable as advertised, seller has not responded six months later.

👤A lightweight dome that wasn't made of glass was what I needed. I knew the old glass on the counter would break one day. It was hard to clean. The puppy is light as a feather and has a diamond shaped handle. There is a great place for donuts. It's a good thing.

👤Very pretty. I like to display pastries in my kitchen. I don't put cakes directly into the platter because it's easy to be scratched with a knife. I use another plate to cut.

👤I like to display my baked goods and store-bought cookies when I don't get to bake. The metal ring under the handle was the suggestion of one reviewer and it worked perfectly. My grandsons can help themselves by lifting the lid, and it's easy to clean with a dry cloth. Great purchase.

👤I use this cake stand a lot for entertaining guests. Excellent packaging and a sturdy product. I put the platter inside of the cake stand when I am ready to serve, so that I can prepare snacks in advance and put them in the refrigerator before guests arrive. It is too big to fit in my fridge. I give the stand and cover a wipe when I finish. Love it.

👤I didn't realize it was plastic when I ordered it. I thought it was glass. I like it better now. Not as heavy. If it gets knocked off the floor by the children, there's no need to worry. The cut bottom plate looks good. It looks professional in the sunshine. The knob that goes on the top was thrown away. When I threw away the plastic, I didn't notice that it wasn't attached. I couldn't find it in the Christmas wrappings. I need a glass knob for the top of the dome.

👤I gave this as a gift for my friend who bakes a lot but always ends up covering desserts with cling wrap for storage. It is lightweight and a good value for a simple design. If she wants to share desserts, it's a good idea to take them to the office. I highly recommend this product, it looks great sitting on a table.

👤It was much larger than I expected. Very nice looking. On my kitchen island, she stands equally as beautiful as on the cake pedestal I have. The price is too good to be true, and I bought a second one because I love it.

6. PrepWorks Collapsible Entertaining Carrier Gray

PrepWorks Collapsible Entertaining Carrier Gray

The dessert container is made in the USA and comes back by a generous 1 year warranty. They put a lot of effort into making their cupcake holder carrier last. They will replace it if there are any issues in the first year. TheTILE CARRIER: This carrier can be used to transport cakes, Appetizers, and more. A built in slicing guide is on the flat side of the insert, which is perfect for transporting a 9” x 13” sheet cake. It's a COLLAPSIBLE & DURABLE. The dishwasher safe carrier has a tray for Appetizers and a tray for deviled eggs. The tray collapses to 1/2 its original height inside the carrier lid. They offer kitchen accessories that make food preparation easier and more enjoyable, from fruit & veggie choppers to measuring spoons and collapsible storage bowls. Sturdy design and solid function are hallmarks. Their philosophy is simple and they offer stylish designs. The kitchen is where family and friends connect. The kitchen essentials are innovative. Over the past 40 years, they've innovated kitchen products and housewares with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation.

Brand: Prepworks From Progressive

👤This is a big container that can hold a lot of stuff. I bake as a hobby and sometimes sell cakes to friends. I baked a cake for myself to test the container and it was good for a night, but by the next night it was not good to eat. There is space between the lid and the bottom tray. It's good enough for me and will do the job. The tall round cake/cupcake container was purchased by me.

👤I was trying to get her a carrier for a quarter sheet cake to replace the broken one. I measured the inside of her old one and compared it to the outside one. You can see my mistake. She saw it and loved it, it was thrilled by all the features. We got this and kept the other.

👤Excellent container for cake. It is easy to store good height when it collapses. There is a decent amount of space between the handle and the plastic. I don't think it's an issue for me because I don't make my cakes very far in advance, but it's definitely not an issue if it's important to you.

👤I needed a cake carrier. Tall enough for a decorated cake, good handle on top, locks on all four sides, and even collapsible for storing. It is worth the cost.

👤A nice carrying case for cakes, cupcakes and even eggs. It is very sturdy and convenient to use.

👤I made a decorated 10x13 oreo cake and it fit perfectly. The top fits well.

👤I like this carrier. I plan on getting more for family functions.

👤And it works for a lot of things.

7. Top Shelf Cupcakes Oversize Container

Top Shelf Cupcakes Oversize Container

A built-in snack tray has sections for veggies, fruit, relish, or nuts. Three battered cake is required. The cake carrier is large enough to fit a three layer cake. If you flip over the base, you will be able to hold 12 cupcakes as well. The cake carrier has three secure clamps, one more than their competitors, to ensure the safety of your baked goods. When the clamps are fully fastened, they click loudly so you know they are secured. Show off your cake before you take the lid off. Also make sure the cake is not touching the sides. If you have a problem, please contact them. They are happy to resolve any problem for you.

Brand: Top Shelf Elements

👤I've been looking for a storage container for cakes, but have been having trouble finding it. This once fits a two layer cake nicely, and I like that the bottom has a smooth surface for cakes and the flip side has cupcake holding spots. The clear cover seems flimsy. I wouldn't carry it by the handle if I didn't have my hand under the base. I use it for something other than carrying and transporting, but it works just fine.

👤The bottom turns over so you can carry cupcakes and the top is sturdy with little clips that hook to the bottom of the tray. Would hold a large cake for the price.

👤The plastic is nice. I will not hold a heavy cake by the handle. It was too unstable. The cake was kept dry in the rain.

👤This is a great cake carrier. It's large enough for my cake. The other side of the plate has cupcakes. I was able to bake a 3-layer cake without it touching the lid because I had a problem locking it.

👤I like my new cake carrier. I was looking for a bigger size and this is perfect. I love the clear lid and it is very sturdy. I recommend this to anyone who bakes.

👤Sturdy, tall, and fits a bunch of cupcakes, and the cover allows viewing of your baked goods to entice all.

👤It's nice to protect baked goods. I love the mint green color and it is sturdy.

👤I was glad I bought the right size.

8. Portable Plastic Rectangular Container Carrying

Portable Plastic Rectangular Container Carrying

The package includes a bread container with a size of 36.5x16x13.5 cm. The PP Plastic is food grade and safe to use, lightweight but sturdy, and the closure is strong, dustproof and keep bread fresh. It is easy to open and close. Sturdy enough for transportation. It could be a carry-friendly place to store the bread. There are handles to carry the container. It's perfect for transporting/displaying/storing breads. Sturdy enough to do the job. It looks nice and fills the need for loaf cakes, and would work for bread or anything of similar size. It is possible to be safe and reuse a Refrigerator. The container is great to store bread. It closes well and keeps things fresh. The package includes a blue bread container with a size of 36.5x16x13.5 cm. The package includes a blue bread container with a size of 36.5x16x13.5 cm.

Brand: Cheeren

👤The product is what I was hoping for, to keep bread and loaf cakes fresh and protected. There were two places where the plastic broke, but it didn't affect the product.

👤This product is great for storing banana bread. The first ones I received had a broken latch where you secure the top and bottom pieces. I returned the product I received in an Amazon locker the same day I received it, and my replacement came the next day. Awesome! I love this product.

👤The material used to make this item is useless and cheap. It will break easily. I was very disappointed.

👤Don't buy! They taped up the broken pieces after shipping it to me twice. The plastic lid and snap closures are broken. It would be a zero.

👤It's perfect for keeping bread fresh. Good investment.

👤No problems, exactly as advertised.

👤I expected it to be smaller. Its fine.

👤I make a lot of banana bread. This is the perfect size for them, as well as being able to cut the slice on the base. It has a handle as well. I would recommend these.

9. Pack Plastic Storage Containers Refrigerator

Pack Plastic Storage Containers Refrigerator

Curver is the European leader. 60 years of experience. 2 pack of plastic containers It's great for transporting your cakes. It's ideal for storing cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, bagels. The freezer, dishwasher, and microwave are safe. The Dim is 12-Inch x 8.5-Inch x 3.75-Inch.

Brand: Zilpoo

👤I'm not sure if the lids will last. What do you expect from China? I didn't get what I paid for. I would look for a name brand that will give you a sturdy plastic.

👤These containers were purchased to hold muffins and cookies. I can get 24 muffins and at least 6 dozen cookies in one container. The containers keep the food fresh tasting. These containers are recommended by me.

👤Don't waste your money! My husband and I can't get the lids to close. You think it's closed, and then you see it open. It is a nice size. Go for a more well-known brand.

👤If the dishwasher top rack was like this, I used a whole 3 times. It's not safe for the dishwasher. I received my money from Amazon. Don't buy them if you want them to last a long time.

👤This thing holds our muffins. muffins made from all sorts of flour and fruits Also cupcakes over the weekend. The little tab makes it easy to open the seal. The seal is good. Can be an issue with water. Before setting the seal, make sure your baked goods are cool.

👤I use these to store cupcakes for my gig. They have 14 cupcakes with tall papers or frosting. I will buy more.

👤These are great for keeping things fresh. They are great-lids that fit tightly and I ordered them to keep any animals out.

👤Excellent product for money. The plastic is sturdy enough to hold my homemade burgers, but I would have liked to see it thicker.

10. Portable Container Rectangular Translucent Baguettes

Portable Container Rectangular Translucent Baguettes

The measurement is a base of 9.5 inches diameter and 1 inch deep. Top. In the center is 5 inches tall. The PP material is safe to store food, recycle to use, and more environmental than bread carrier. The inner size is 36.5*16.6*13.5 cm. The clear plastic dome helps to showcase your decorated creations. The dome's generous high sides keep cake icing safe. Ticker cover is waterproof. Each tub has a flat base on a clear dome lid. It is ideal for wedding present, housewarming parties, holidays and more. The dome is secured with two strong locking clips. The handle on the dome is easy to grasp and carry. The bread carrier has a stable base and strong locks that make it ideal for car travel, outdoor picnics, or simply secure storage in a busy kitchen. The Bread Carrier is a great way to keep bread foods fresh.

Brand: Agyvvt

👤I wanted to store the bread in something other than a plastic baggie, since I recently started using my bread machine again. This isn't it. The red is great in my kitchen, but it isn't as strong as you want it to be for keeping the bread soft. It is kept fresh in a gallon size baggie. The handle on the top is nice. It doesn't keep the bread fresh because it's transparent and you can see what's left without opening it.

👤I like the container for my bread. It's big enough for a loaf of bread.

👤I need a carrier for my loaf cakes. I like this carrier because it makes transporting my cakes easy. I took a star off because I wanted it to be dishwasher safe, but it took more than a month to get it. I am very happy that I ordered this carrier because it has everything I was looking for.

👤I was sent a broken container and will change my review once the issue is solved. I was looking forward to this bread box. The bread won't be air tight because it is cracked. I received a brand new one. I don't have to worry about air leaks because I can store my bread. The container is tight.

👤I like this bread keeper. The snaps on the bottom make it look nice. I don't see how that can be true. Why? The way that the ends of the handles are secured is via a hole on each end of the plastic handle, which allows for the handles to be flung up and down. So, it's not airtight. Strictly speaking!

👤I found a good thing for tortes after many years of searching. I used a large storage container before this. I wish it was still a bit wider as I can only put a thin layer of frosting on the two long sides, but this is a bit wider than the usual bread container and goes straight up and down so that the rectangular cake layers can be stacked up.

👤This is a great box of bread. I knocked down a star because it's a lot bigger than I expected. It's the size for a full loaf of bread, and I will be using it for small pans of banana bread and what not. A great product.

👤This is a great bread storage container. There are handles to carry the container. I wish it was a little longer for large loaves of bread. I love it!

11. OvenStuff HGC45UH KMN Pastry Carrier Non Stick

OvenStuff HGC45UH KMN Pastry Carrier Non Stick

The OvenStuff 12-inch cake and pastry carrier is easy to carry. You can easily take cakes, pies, and other baked goods to parties, bake sales, or fundraisers. Most fake goods are compatible. The perfect size for most cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other pastries is the cake cover. There is a dual function. The 12-inch baking pan base can be used as a pizza pan or serving platter. Steel construction. The oven-safe pan is made of steel and has no hot spots for uniform baking. The finish is non-STICK. The OvenStuff cake pan base is coated with a proprietary DuraGlide Plus finish that eliminates the need for cooking sprays and oils.

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤I was really excited to receive this product, it has for locking mechanisms that are simple to use, and you can use the enclosed pan as a pizza pan, and it also has for transporting cake without damaging it. I noticed that one of the locking mechanisms had a broken pin. I requested a replacement because I really like the design of the product and the price was reasonable. One of the pins on the locking mechanisms broke off when I used it for the second time. After removing the lid, replacing it, and removing it again, that was. The pins are very flimsy, so I could not use this product. I would ruin my cake if I felt like the bottom would fall out. I returned it. This product would be amazing if the pins used for the clips were more resistant.

👤Reviewers who said they received damaged product should have listened to that. The clasp is wobbly because of the cracked product. I thought the seller had learned from bad reviews. I am going back.

👤I liked the carrier very much when I got it. I found it easier to fit my tall cake carrier in the refrigerator. I used it for the first time recently. I took our daughter's cake to her house in this carrier after making it at the end of March. It seemed great. There was a cake with thick frosting. I unlatched the lid four times and one of the latches broke. The part that holds the lid in place snapped. It was one of the small plastic arms that held the lid in place. It is a small piece of plastic. There is no way to fix it. I don't trust the lid to be strong enough to cary it by the handle, and I'm frustrated about it. How long until the carrier is useless? I won't use it to store something in the refrigerator now that it snapped at room temp, and would be more prone to break if it's cold. I really liked the rest of the features of this product, but I am disappointed in its lack of waisted money andDurability. I bought it three months ago. It is too late to return.

👤The height is just right, I bought this for carrying a cheesecake. The first use was when one of the clips broke. I can't recommend. Doesn't seem like he's strong enough.

👤I needed a container for storing cake in my fridge and for carrying cake to parties and this is what I got. I didn't like that it was a metal tray, because you end up cutting cake on it and getting scratches. cardboard cake rounds are sometimes used to prevent this issue. The locks can be a little hard to lock but they seem to lock well and tight, that's great.

👤The lid dropped to the floor when it slipped off the table. The plastic broke when one of the fastenings broke. It works well to keep cakes and pies fresh. I wasn't going to use it for carrying cakes outside of my home. It looks cute. Not for the clumsy. It's a good thing.


What is the best product for cake keeper rectangle?

Cake keeper rectangle products from Snapware. In this article about cake keeper rectangle you can see why people choose the product. Locknlock and Sistema are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake keeper rectangle.

What are the best brands for cake keeper rectangle?

Snapware, Locknlock and Sistema are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake keeper rectangle. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Amazing Abby and Prepworks From Progressive are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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