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1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium 12 75 Ounce Boxes

Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium 12 75 Ounce Boxes

The man is Richard FlaVOR. Ghirardelli has a decadent chocolate taste. There are real ingredients. This convenient mix makes it easy to create a delicious cake with the Ghirardelli dark chocolate. Their new mix has a moist texture and great flavor that you and your family will love. Simply add water, oil and eggs to make a pure cake. Better chocolate is better cake. It's simple.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤I tried this mix for those times when a dessert was needed and there wasn't much time to make it. The boxes make a really good cake. A fork is all that is needed for a mixer. After greasing the pan I put a coffee pot filter in the bottom of it and the baked cake dropped out like a dream. There are two frosting options on the box. I always use the one that requires only chocolate chips and heavy cream and a pinch of salt and is the best chocolate frosting ever. I keep a couple boxes of it on hand and give them to my daughters who work and have little time for homemade. I believe they are better mixes than the standard ones on grocery store shelves and that no one would be disappointed using them.

👤A very rich chocolate cake. Each box makes 12 cupcakes or one 9x9 cake. It takes two boxes to make a cake. I've tried every Supreme Chocolate cake mix. This is the best. It's worth more than a regular cake mix. It's so moist it doesn't need icing, but it's amazing with a fudge icing and whipped cream. I bought a case of 12. One month is perfect. Prepare the pan and then mix the cake. Immediately after entering the cake pan into the oven. The cake should not be on the counter.

👤We didn't frost it. We shared a box with each of our friends to thank them. That was good. A box makes a cake. We were happy it wasn't bigger because we would have eaten a lot. It's a good thing. That was good.

👤This is the best cake one can make, even though the cake mix is pricey, and I baked it for family and friends, and gave a few cakes over Christmas, even though I was skeptical about buying a cake mix that was on the pricey side. The flavor is wonderful. The Ghiradelli cake mix is so good that it becomes a focal point when it's served. The taste is great. It will take two boxes to make one 2-layer cake, even though the cake mix appears in a box. If you are buying to make a special cake, this is important. The quantity box of 12 has some value. Once you try this cake, the mixes will be used quickly. The cake mix bakes nicely and the cake is moist and tasty. I like using my standing mixer, but it's not necessary with this cake mix, and it's actually better to hand-mix it. Don't be afraid of the price of this cake mix. It will make any cake occasion a hit. This cake is delicious!

👤The product was delicious. Six of the 12 boxes could not be used. The cake mix was all over the inside of the box when I opened it. It's disappointing that not safe or sanitary. This cake mix is delicious. I can't recommend this product.

👤I ordered in bulk because the best chocolate layer cake mix is not always available at the store. The quality is worth it for us because the price is a little steep, but it takes two boxes to make a regular size 9 inch 2 layer cake. I like to add more Ghirardelli cocoa chips when I get the box.

2. Puppy Cake Birthday Silicone Pumpkin

Puppy Cake Birthday Silicone Pumpkin

There is a one stop shop for dog birthday gifts. The kit includes cake mix, icing packet and candle. Silicone pan can be used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. This is a delicious treat for dogs.

Brand: Puppy Cake

👤Yes, yes! It was easy to make, but I recommend adding 4 table spoons of water to the frosting instead of 2. It worked better. It seems very liquid at first, but once you put it on the cake it will start to solidify. It gives it a cool look. I added a little dog-safe food coloring to make it look cooler. I will buy again for my pup next year.

👤The senior dog loved his cake. The other pets weren't left out because the batter was enough to do two of them. The cat was licked or two in. I did them in the microwave. It made his 15th birthday extra special. If I find a good recipe, the little dish can be used again.

👤I bought the peanut butter flavor for my baby's 3rd birthday. I spent over 100 dollars on her cake the year before, so I decided to make her one on my own. This was perfect to make. I gave her cake that was a little crumby. She cleaned it up very quickly so I think she made 1000% of her cake flavor. I would buy this cake again for my dogs. It was priced at an amazing deal and came with a tray.

👤If I recall correctly, cake is cracked because I didn't follow package instructions and bake at a higher temp. I've learned that Ms Bria prefers honey, since all three dogs enjoyed the pupcake with yogurt glaze. Highly recommended. The human is the only peanut butter enjoyer in the home, but the brand has ice cream and cakes.

👤I got this for my dog. They knew it was for them when I started baking it. Both of them loved it so much. They kept wanting more and I had to limit how much they were. The silicone was easy to clean. Definitely recommend this! It's a good thing. We have a peanut butter flavor.

👤A friend's dog is turning 4. It was a hit and the dog devoured it. I was worried that the cake made the dog sick, but the dog loved it. It did not cause him distress. I tasted the "frosting" and it was not sweet at all.

👤My puppy celebrated his 13th birthday with a cake. The bone cake form is easy to bake. I thought the icing tasted sour, but my puppy and her friends liked it.

👤Lotus had her first birthday recently. I was excited to make it for her. The birthday cake flavor is what I got. I think she knew it was for her. She kept jumping up my leg as I tried to decorate it with milk bones. She liked it. She liked the cake more than the frosting. She wouldn't even touch the frosting after she was left over, it smelled a little weird, but the cake was fine. I tasted it and it tasted like it had a lot of baking soda in it, but it wasn't terrible. Lotus is a chihuahua and my other dog is a pitbull. She devoured her piece of cake. I thought it was large. I don't understand why so many people think it's too small because I didn't give my 2 dogs even half of it. They did not get sick from it. I wonder if the people who said their dogs got sick gave them the whole thing because it was too much for one or two dogs. I baked mine in the oven but had to leave it in a few extra minutes as it stayed soft in the middle and the toothpick didn't come clean at first. I used a cookie sheet to keep it steady and it was easier to take out of the oven. There was a candle with it. The directions were easy to understand. Immediately, the icing hardened. I had to add more water to get it out of the bowl. It was worth it to see my baby happy and excited for her special day. It's been 2 days since there was a lot of left overs. I don't know how long it will stay in the fridge, so I will probably throw it away. The little pan is cute. I might try and make my own in that pan or at least my own frosting since Lotus didn't like that part, but I definitely would order again for Delilah. If you give it a try, remember to give in moderation, they are dogs, so of course too much might make them sick. I also found some doggy ice cream here. That hit with Lotus was even bigger. It was a fun party.

3. Easy Bake Velvet Strawberry Cakes Refill

Easy Bake Velvet Strawberry Cakes Refill

Add water, oil and an egg to make a batter. The perfect set of ingredients to bake delicious Red Velvet and Strawberry Cakes. Put the ingredients in the oven to bake. The kit contains 1 red velvet cake mix, 1 strawberry cake mix, 1 vanilla frosting mix, 1 pink frosting mix, and instructions.

Brand: Easy Bake

👤I didn't think it would be large. It's for an oven. I think that's part of the appeal for children - they have their own thing and it's small. Being small makes it even more fun for a lot of kids. My son enjoyed doing this. I like to do small things with him. It wasn't exactly like the package picture, but things never do. It was a close approximation. We have an older model Easy bake oven, so I can't say how it cooks in the Ultimate. It cooked well in the older model. The flavor was good. I was expecting something gross and un-cake-like, but this was very much like a mini little cake. Due to the cost, we will try to use ingredients from home when we use the Easy bake oven again. I would buy several of them if this package mix was cheaper. It's still fun and worth it to buy one here or there. I had fun talking with my son while he made it, he didn't need any help, and everyone enjoyed eating the little cakes.

👤The instructions were easy to understand. You had to bake two cakes and make two icings. Make sure that your child wants to bake a lot at once. The project lasted over an hour, but it was perfect for my little one.

👤I am so disappointed. All it does is make something. We followed directions and did what they said. 2 1/2 hours later and just goo! So disappointing.

👤These are made for an easy bake oven. It's not really that great. My kid should be taught to bake in a real kitchen using real baking tools, equipment and ingredients.

👤There is no problem with the cakes. My grand daughter liked them. The problem was with the ordering process. Every time I submitted an order, I received an email that my card was cloned. I thought I did it again, but I got an email saying my card was declined. There was no reason either card should have been declined. I told them to forget it. I rec'd these easy cake bakes the next week and I ordered all of them even though the email said no. My grand daughter was happy, but I was not. Thank you, I am afraid to order anything in the future.

👤My granddaughter loves baking. All of the little mixes are over priced.

👤My granddaughter and grandson were very much enjoying the treat. They said that it was a great activity for them to do together.

👤Absolutely ridiculous. Don't spend your money on this. It's horrible.

👤The product was good but the price was triple what it should have been. I was expecting a multi-pack. Only one red velvet and strawberry cake can be made from it. I waited a long time to receive it as well.

👤It is difficult to give a child an Easy bake Oven.

4. Crocker Bisquick Complete Pancake Buttermilk

Crocker Bisquick Complete Pancake Buttermilk

This pancake mix is great for making mouth-watering pancakes, waffles, and more. It's quick and easy. Prepare pancake batter without mess, just add water and pour onto the griddle for a wholesome breakfast within minutes. The options are limited. Use waffle mix or pancake mix to create a variety of recipes the whole family will love. Homemade taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it. There are 9 packs of 6.75 ounces.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I ate them after fixing them, but I am not impressed. I think people who rave about this product will never have real pancakes. These are not bad but they are not a great taste. Most people like them because they only add water. If you eat over 3 pancakes from this mix, you will get a big dose of sodium. You will need to use scissors to break into this package of a taste sensation because the mark on the package is a joke.

👤These pancakes are very good and I would call them Very good pancakes. I've been adding almonds to the batter. The package says to add 1 cup of water, but it's double that. I recommend using milk.

👤One of the better pancake mixes. I added a little extra to the batter. It's not cheap to buy in small packages.

👤I used butter to make this package. For a change, I cut into quarters for breakfast each morning. From a Pyrex glass covered object. It's easy to mix and make. It is easy to mix and bake in the oven.

👤These taste great and are convenient, but splattery when turned. No matter how long it takes to cook, no matter how quickly you turn it, it splatters. A new pancake spatula was tried. It's better if you mix it with the pancake mix.

👤It could not be better. 8 minutes is all it takes to make 8 fluffy, soft, perfect taste pancakes. I've used every mix on the market. This is perfect. I flash froze 4 of the 4 that I ate.

👤I bought this for a food drive for people who don't have a lot of groceries. One only needs to add water. The pancakes are moist and delicious.

👤When I found this in bulk it was the best thing that could happen to me, it was very easy to make a small mess.

👤After moving down under from the States, I tried every local pancake product, but could not find anything close to a Walmart pancake mix. The cost of shipping mixes from the US to Australia can be prohibitive. The pack is cheap at around three bucks a bag, single use, so they remain fresh. If you add water and the pancakes are good, you'll be happy.

5. Fun Pack Foods Carnival Funnel

Fun Pack Foods Carnival Funnel

The unit count is 30.0. Batter mix can be used for up to 16 funnel cakes. Add water and oil.

Brand: Carnival

👤This product is perfect. If you like funnel cakes the way I do, then you will love this! Think of Six Flags. Yes! You should get your powdered sugar, ice cream, and toppings for the full experience. You can make more cakes. They warm up nicely in a bag.

👤There was a mess when I opened the box. I did not open the box to cause the slit on the bottom of the funnel cake mix. I decided not to use that bag, but the rest of the accessories we had left were fun to use and make. My son enjoyed it a lot, but I didn't taste much apple or cinnamon in the mix.

👤I bought this kit with the ring. I tried a smaller pan without the ring after using the ring once. Would not recommend it. Grease was all over the place. Place the ring inside the larger pan.

👤It was a bit disappointing. I wanted this for the metal ring to be able to fry the funnel cake thick and nice. I was not happy when I opened the box today. The cake was good. The family liked Apple with powder sugar. If it is broken out of the box, it is not worth the price.

👤These were fun to make. I made them a little too thick, but now that I have done it, they taste like the real thing and were a real treat for the kids.

👤The starter kit is great. The ring and yellow pour container is very useful. I would like to choose which mix. We didn't care for the apple as much as the regular. More of the individual mixes could be an option. We loved it and use it often. Instructions are easy to follow. Adding a cleaning brush to the yellow container is a downfall.

👤Not worth the price at all, come with two packages of the mix and one was cut open when it arrived, guessing the round funnel ring cut through it when tossed around during delivery. There was no return on this item.

👤It is easy to make. If you want to buy powder sugar, you should buy it from a store that says complete kit and shows it on the box, but there's no powder sugar in the box. The ones from the fair are better. You won't be disappointed. I would buy again.

6. ScrapCooking 3969 Rainbow Cake Kit

ScrapCooking 3969 Rainbow Cake Kit

6 boxes of cake mix; an everyday pantry staple. A rainbow cake with built-colorful packets of yeast is included in the kit.

Brand: Scrapcooking

👤L'ho voluta testare per il compleanno dei gemelli. Allora perché, gi il periodo chiusi in porta malinconia, di feste non se ne possono fare. I coloranti perché con il cucchiaino in dotazione. 6 stampi da 24 perché da 20 non ho trovati, ma andata decisamente meglio, perché il pan di spagna era. 2 tuorli, 200 gr, and 1 kilo of ricetta vi propone una crema base. La bagna con latte e maraschino. Ho coperto la torta con 200gr di panna montata. Decorando congli Smarties. Un success.

👤Génial! On demand, se demander le produit correspond, je ne suis pas du tout. J'ai beaucoup de relaiser mon gteau arcs-en-ciel.

👤Non e' chiaro cio'. I coloranti solo. Le spiegazioni sono una semplici. I compra ma la torta viene bene.

👤It's a really nice thing. 8 c'est un prix. La recette est trs claire et trs facile. It's facile. Les couleurs sont magnifiques. J'ai coupé le gteau! levure colorée, par contre. A pas gonflé du tout. Mais a ne m'a pas car, qui est parfaite. Je recommande vraiment. J'ai utilisé 4 moules en Silicone colorées on sale at Amazon.

👤I trova all'Interno, il ottimo se facile. Consiglio per creare il viola di mettere solo un cucchiaio di blu.

7. Duncan Hines Epic Fruity Pebbles

Duncan Hines Epic Fruity Pebbles

There is a Duncan Hines cake mix kit. The kit includes a confetti cake mix, a frosted fruity pebbles cereals and instructions on how to make a delicious dessert. It's the perfect cake baking kit for beginners or pros. Follow the directions on the package to get creative and make something unique. You can stock your pantry with these delicious baking kits for a tasty treat anytime, or for a rainy day baking activity with the kids.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤The cake is good, the frosting is great, and I hope one day they decide to sell it on it's own. This is the third box I've bought because I want to use the frosting. It's that good! The kit is a good idea and makes it easy to use. 5 dollars gets you cake mix, a pouch of fruity pebbles, and a generous amount of frosting. It's a good deal. If you're going to serve fruity pebbles, you should not put them on top until you're ready to serve.

👤These were good, but make sure you don't add the cereals on top until you're ready to eat one. They are all wet and gross the next morning.

👤We were making a princess cake for our daughter's fifth birthday. She couldn't eat a whole piece of the cake. It is very sweet. I would skip this one if you were really into fruity pebbles.

👤I thought my kids would enjoy this. None of my kids liked it. It would have been better if the cake was fruity. It is too sweet and over powered on taste.

👤I knew that the box didn't call for the right amount of liquids, but once incorporated, it was perfect. The directions were easy to follow. The cookies were good. You'll get all the icing when you bite down on the cookies if you over bake them.

👤I made this cake for my kids. We really liked it. It tastes like fruity pebbles. The cake itself, not just the frosting or the cereals that you put on top. It's good. If you like fruity pebbles, I recommend getting this. Who doesn't?

👤I bought the Duncan Hines kit hoping for the same flavor as it claims to be. Disappointed is an understatement. The salty taste came from the pretzel pieces. I would probably buy a separate container of icing for other cakes, since the icing was ok. The brownie baked up more dry than a regular brownie. The bottom layer was not good. I give this product 2 stars because of the icing being pleasant.

👤I bought the new fruity pebbles cake mix for my birthday and I opened the box and there was cake mix all over the place and there was a cut in the bag, it wasn't an accident, the other items weren't damaged only the cake mix. It's not a big deal.

8. Duncan Hines Signature Perfectly Supreme

Duncan Hines Signature Perfectly Supreme

A box of Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Orange Supreme Cake Mix. The orange flavor is rich and natural. For everyday desserts and special occasions, use a loaf cake or orange cupcakes. A 13 by 9 inch cake or 24 cupcakes can be made with orange cake mix. To make a moist cake, add eggs, water, and vegetable oil to the cake mix.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤The description is not accurate. You get one cake mix in the pack of 4. I wouldn't pay $20 for a cake mix. Its coming back.

👤This cake is really good. The orange flavor is definitely there, but it is not overpowering or fake. We make it with a recipe that includes pudding. Duncan Hines says that they are not going to stop making it, it just is not in our local grocery stores. They all carry the strawberry and pineapple and lemon flavor cake mixes, but not the orange one. We were able to get it from Amazon. It is not as cheap as buying it at the grocery store. We bought four boxes to make sure we had enough.

👤The cake mix arrived in time for my boyfriend's birthday party. I put in a next-day shipping order after I couldn't find this mix at any of the stores that I went to. I could carve the cake into the body of an armadillo, even though it was moist. I used three boxes for the body and have one left for another occasion. Everyone at the party was a little uncertain about the cake, but it turned out to be a good one. They loved the flavor and the animal. It was cheaper at the store when we were able to get it.

👤I like the orange flavor. I buy it because it's used for cakes, cupcakes, and creamsicle cookies. The store no longer carries this flavor. I hope Amazon continues to carry it.

👤I liked the taste and texture. The cake was frosted with homemade cream cheese frosting.

👤The items were packaged in a way that made sense for the content. Tasty fund cake!

👤I use mandarin oranges to make this. You can mix and bake. Great taste.

9. Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Maker

Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Maker

The Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Maker is a must have for family pizza nights. The chef Boyardee has a pizza maker that has real pepperoni, cheese, and Italian tomato sauce. The Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza kit can be used to make a delicious lunch or snack. Everyone will enjoy making a delicious dinner with the Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Maker. The box of Chef Boyardee Pepperoni Pizza Maker contains a lot of calories. There are 6 boxes with 2 pizza kits in them.

Brand: Chef Boyardee

👤. It's perfect for you, you need to watch your weight and you need a retirement income. As a child, you probably made these pizzas. I decided to revisit the experience. If you divide a 12-inch pizza into four slices, you'll get a total of 280 calories and 15% saturated fat. If you're on a diet, just eat one piece for dinner. Each slice of pizza costs 52 cents for a six-pack of pizzas. It's cheap and doesn't cause problems like the commercial stuff. When you receive the parcel, it is a large box and weighs a ton. Some reviewers say their kids don't like it. If they are used to the commercial stuff from Domino's, Anthony's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut, they will be disappointed with these because they have 1/3rd of the crust, the sauce, the meat, and the cheese. It won't lead to a lifetime habit of weight problems and heart disease. Commercial pizza is the worst junk food you can eat because of the saturated fat and the huge amount of carbs. Americans can eat it up until the age of 25. As you get older, your metabolism slows so you don't burn as much calories. If you eat pizzas and other junk food after 30 you will gain 10 pounds, then another 10 after 40 and then another 10 after 50. If you can stop at that, you will be lucky. Chef Boyardee pizzas are a compromise where you can eat pizza but not become a fat bank. Add any cheese or other topping to the original mix. The taste of these pizzas is created by the fact that the cheese is not Mozzarella.

👤There is an update. I found that if I let the dough rise a little longer, like 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes as directed, the dough comes out chewier and bready. The texture of the dough is similar to those found in restaurants, and I kneaded it for about 10 minutes. The dough is similar to bread if I follow the directions. It's super delicious. I live in NYC, and I have tried all types of pizza, from fancy ones all the way down to the $1 slices, which are far better than the overpriced ones. Many of the frozen ones are too thin and hard to eat. This pizza is different. It is in the middle, but you can change the thickness to your liking. I am not a fan of food, so I am sure that many people would say otherwise, but I don't like pizza anymore. The sauce is basic, but it makes it good. I add extra cheese to make it my own. I can add different things. I like this.

👤What happened to Tothe? CHEESE? They are no longer giving it. I have been making pizzas for over 45 years. I can't find the pepperoni in my area anymore. I was very excited to see that I could buy a 6 pack on Amazon. It is twelve, 12” pizzas for a bargain. The crust can be made in 5 minutes if you add water. I let it rest in a bowl of hot water for up to 30 minutes in a sealed, leak proof container that has been lightly coated with oil when I have the time. The pizza pan or maker can be used to pat out the pizza dough. We add more cheese. I grew up with fond memories of making these and am eager to make them with my grandson. Each child can make their own pizzas with the complete double kit.

10. Duncan Hines Signature Perfectly Supreme

Duncan Hines Signature Perfectly Supreme

A box of Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Orange Supreme Cake Mix. The orange flavor is rich and natural. For everyday desserts and special occasions, use a loaf cake or orange cupcakes. A 13 by 9 inch cake or 24 cupcakes can be made with orange cake mix. To make a moist cake, add eggs, water, and vegetable oil to the cake mix.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤It was delicious! My guests loved the cake that I made. The combination of the orange flavor with the lime juice and the icing was perfect.

👤It had a good orange flavor, but I was expecting something a bit different, like the one I remember from back in the day. I remember the orange frosting. Maybe it was the frosting that had the orange flavor?

👤I couldn't find my cake mix in any stores. It is so good. A cake that is decorated is too moist.

👤It looked like my boxes had been thrown. There was a plastic bag surrounding the 3 boxes and cake mix all over them. Very disappointed.

👤It went well with whipped cream and mandarin oranges.

👤original. You are getting 1/3 of a cake.

👤The orange cake is not in the store anymore.

11. Pillsbury Supreme Flavored Frosting 16 Ounce

Pillsbury Supreme Flavored Frosting 16 Ounce

Pillsbury creamy supreme cream cheese is in cans. Cream cheese frosting pairs well with baked goods. Smooth over cooled cake or cupcakes and let sit. It's ideal for frosting cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and other desserts. Both are Kosher andGluten Free.

Brand: Pillsbury

👤The order was paid in full.

👤I'm happy I can get this online. This is a great substitute for buttercream when you only want to make one small cake. It is hard to find in most stores. Thanks!

👤This is a great deal. I got an 8 pack for under $11. The store's expiration date was way out. It was in perfect condition. They were wrapped in plastic. I would be hesitant to order in hot weather, but otherwise highly recommend.

👤I'm thankful that this is available online because I don't get to see it in person. Thank you for selling it. The cake mix is my favorite.

👤I bought this for my daughter to make cupcakes that she wanted to make, and I can only say that the icing has a little after tase to it. It's not bad but it's not good.

👤I made a rocky road cake with this and chocolate frosting. It blended perfectly, the flavor was amazing, and there were so many jars in my order that I still have plenty! I would buy more if I didn't.

👤More of a butterscotch taste than salted caramel... Duncan Hines makes great icings. The White Chocolate Almond is better than the Salted Caramel.

👤A person loved icing here. Funfetti cake and funfetti icing is something my family and I love. It's perfect in every way, taste, texture, and price.


What is the best product for cake kit mix?

Cake kit mix products from Ghirardelli. In this article about cake kit mix you can see why people choose the product. Puppy Cake and Easy Bake are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake kit mix.

What are the best brands for cake kit mix?

Ghirardelli, Puppy Cake and Easy Bake are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake kit mix. Find the detail in this article. Betty Crocker, Carnival and Scrapcooking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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