Best Cake Knife and Server Wedding Black

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1. Dadop Wedding Cake Knife Server

Dadop Wedding Cake Knife Server

You can get the cake knife and server set for yourself or as a wedding gift for your family and friends. The cake cutting set comes in a gift box with a logo design. The material is high quality. The 2 pack cake cutting set for wedding are made of thicker food gradestainless steel, fine workmanship, anti-corrosion and anti-rust to increase more durability. EASILY CUTS Their wedding cake cutting set can cut cake, bread, pies, and more. Package Inckude is a word. Each package has a knife and server. The artificial crystal handle is made of high-quality plastic and is dishwasher safe. The wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for any wedding, reception, venue, anniversary, birthday day, or any other special occasion. A cake knife and server set is a great gift to remember your special day.

Brand: Dadop

2. Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Live with picture-in-picture. The 2 pieces cake serving set includes a pastry knife and a cake pie server. The cake knife is perfect for any party, wedding, birthday or special event because it is long enough to cut the cakes more efficiently. It is easy to clean up. Good grip is what it is designed to provide. The titanium golding is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and is free of lead and nikle. Match all your gold kitchen utensils with titanium gold. The design of this silverware makes it appropriate for formal events. You can put them in a dishwasher to save time in hand washing. It's well-balanced to fit securely in your hand.

Brand: Berglander

👤There are a lot of scratches on it. Not good. You can't tell from far away. We are issuing for our wedding and can't afford to pay 30 dollars for these. They are cheap and look good from far away.

👤I've returned spoons and forks on Amazon because they were too big. If you are looking for a smaller mouth part with the handle regular length, then these are for you. I don't want to put a spoon in my mouth. I've been using these for a few weeks now. It was brand new. No scratches. It was worth the buy. I use these to eat.

👤I like them. They were easy to make and will work well with our wedding theme. They will work well for occasional use in our home. Simple and modern. I wanted to be able to remove the bows and still use them. Awesome set and would buy them again.

👤I don't know if any of you fellow parents are always running out of clean spoons, but we can never seem to have any in the drawer. Why do kids use so many pacifiers? I decided to get some fun rainbow spoons this time because we've already bought extra spoons. Our previous extras were purchased at Target for more money, and these rainbow spoons are better quality for less money. These spoons fit perfectly in your mouth. They are a good size for small children. They are very sturdy and feel nice in your hand. They will last a long time. They are also pretty. I'm going to get another set and get rid of the Target spoons that I don't like. It would be highly recommendable.

👤I wanted to take a wedding cake photo. I bought crystal handles and tied bows and flower pieces on them. These were very colorful and sturdy, but they felt more like serving pie on Thanksgiving than cutting wedding cake. I think you would prefer them as they seemed very well made.

👤Since I am adding to my rainbow silverware, I ordered the tiny rainbow forks. I had my boyfriend over for dinner and handed him a fork, but he laughed at me and said, "no I asked if a fork was a toothpick." I think that's correct. People should understand that they are buying miniature forks if they are thinking of buying these forks. I hope this will help someone else save gas.

👤The length of a salad fork is the closest thing to being a salad fork. Maybe I will serve them as appetizers. They have weight to them but that is the only positive. Money wasted for me. Will have to buy more salad forks.

👤The price and amount of the items included are great. I found the size to be perfect for dessert and coffee banquet style, even though it was smaller than others expected.

👤Es un set de dos piezas para cortar, compuesto por un mango largo. I resultan elegantes para servir, aunque lo uso para un montn de cosas. Desde, el lavado a mano, en el lavavajillas y siguen con el mismo brillo.

3. Wedding Toasting Reception Supplies Champagne

Wedding Toasting Reception Supplies Champagne

First quality brand new You will get 2 pieces champagne flutes, 1 piece cake knife, and 1 piece pie server with the package. The toasting flutes are made of glass, the cake knife and server are made of rustproof steel, and the server has lightly serrated edges. The couple can raise a glass to cheer to the love of their life with these elegant wedding toasting flutes. The champagne flute glass is 10 inches in height, the knife is 13 inches in length, and the cake server is 10 inches in length. It's nice for your birthday party, bridal shower, outdoor celebration and other occasions.

Brand: Boao

👤They didn't know how to handle the product because it was made of glass and the box was not fragile. It was broken when I received it. I don't have enough time to get my stuff resent again because the day I'm gonna use them is approaching.

👤The toast was very special and the flutes for the bride and groom looked amazing. I have 2 coming up and I wish they had some for them. The company that makes them has an idea. Please make other colors.

👤I was looking for a matching flute and cake cutting set, this one came in search and I was more than happy with it, my wife loved it and said we keep it for every year anniversary. No regrets.

👤The glasses are pretty, but they have flaws. The first set was sent back because of the same issue. Sending these back and hoping that the 3rd time is a charm and that I receive them on time!

👤The toasting glasses were broken when they arrived. The cake server was small and I thought it would be larger. I will return the set.

👤These are an inexpensive alternative to pretty glasses. They came in a nice box with foam cutouts to keep them safe and snug.

👤The glasses were cute but the cake utensils were not sturdy for cutting. They bent over when cutting out cake.

👤I was expecting my parents to love it.

4. Stainless Steel Serrated Spatula Server

Stainless Steel Serrated Spatula Server

There is a cake server with a blade that is 28.6 cm long and a knife that is 33 cm long. The set has a convenient design. You can slice and serve the food with one pie serving utensils. The need for a knife is eliminated. The set includes two spatulas. It's a perfect kitchen set for many types of food, from pies to wedding cakes. The cake server set is extremely lightweight. The cut and serve turner and spatula are made from food grade steel and have a hanging hook. The dual pie lifter is a must have kitchen utensil. They are flexible to scoop your pie from the tray.

Brand: Paxnok

👤They came as a pair, so you don't have to look for two different items to match. They are sturdy and well made. They look just like the picture. happy with the purchase I like that the rectangular one is narrower at the front end and grows wider towards the handle to be able to use different sizes of cake cuts.

👤I just got them. They seem to be good for the price. The size is good. I put the spoon in the picture to compare the size.

👤I wanted to change my initial review of 1 star to 5 stars. Kevin replaced the damaged product after I reviewed it. He was professional, understanding, and shipped me the new product. There was no hassle. The product was perfect and so was his customer service. Will definitely order from them again. I like to cook and make 3 layer cakes. I needed an easy way to cut the cake. The overall appearance of the cake server was pretty, but it had a flaw in the center. It looked like a bubble in the center and since it's a piece of metal, it shines as if it's broken. I wouldn't recommend or order again because of my experience with damaged merchandise.

👤I was looking for something that looked better. The 2 shapes made me decide to get these. I am happy that they work and are strong.

👤They work well for cooking and baking. You can throw them in the dishwasher.

👤I bought it for pies. They can be used for many different purposes. The cutting edge is sharp and the spatula is long. I have used it for pizza and pies.

👤Nice design. It looks and works just fine, but is somewhat lightweight and flimsy.

👤The pie server's handle is not tight. Use the server to only serve if you want to cut through the crust. I'm pretty sure the pie server would break if it was put under a lot of pressure. The cake server is fine.

5. Rustic Wedding Cutting Birthday Engagement

Rustic Wedding Cutting Birthday Engagement

It's perfect to add a touch of elegance to any wedding, reception, venue, anniversary, wedding gift, birthday day, Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Fifteen, or any other special occasion. A good memory! The cake server is 10.8 inches long and the cake knife is 13.2 inches long. The wedding cake knife and server set is made of natural burlap and has a wood heart tag. The material is rustproof and has a wood heart. Are you looking for a unique and impressive gift for a wedding, birthday party or anniversary? During transportation, the cake knife and server sets may be scratched. If you receive faulty items, please contact them directly.

Brand: Ula

👤Not happy. The cake serving set was opened so it wasn't sealed, it looked like it was being used. The silver plastic part of the handle was scratched up, as the metal looked a bit dirty. I'm annoyed that I'm using this for my wedding cake.

👤There are two scratches on the server and a scratch on the knife. We bought these for our wedding and sent them back.

👤I bought them for my son's wedding. They looked just like the picture. Their theme was perfect. The pictures are not close up.

👤This set was what I was expecting. It can be used at any event. If you want, you can dress it up for a wedding. The price is very reasonable. Thank you.

👤They were used for a wedding reception. Fast delivery and good price. They were made of quality materials and held up well. The keep sakes will be displayed. I have already suggested this product and seller to many friends.

👤I loved this set. The cake table was pretty and had a matching rustic theme.

👤It was perfect for our reception. I ordered it a week out from the wedding and received it a week later. Good quality. The wooden hearts on the pieces were cute. The value is great.

👤The knife broke when we were cutting into our wedding cake. Unless you want to use them, don't buy them. Very disappointed.

👤These are fine. It is supposed to have an effect of being burned into the wood. The first set was burned in and the other had a stencil. I ordered a second pair after returning them. The second pair only have the stencil. I will keep them since they match, but it would have been nice if they had been burned.

👤The plastic decorations on the knife and server were unglued. The set is not very shiny and has many scratches.

👤The handle is painted silver to look like a blade, but the paint on it was damaged when I got the server set. I returned the first one and ordered a new one and the new one arrived with the packaging opened and banged up, and the painted base of the handle was black plastic, which made it hard to see.

👤It was going to be a wedding gift but the pieces fell off and the box was destroyed, so I didn't like it at all.

👤My soon-to-be daughter-in-law loves this and I have matching goblets for their wedding.

6. Professional Pie Server Set STAINLESS

Professional Pie Server Set STAINLESS

Each knife set are backed by excellent quality and undergo strict quality inspection, they provide a lifetime warranty for every customer, please feel free to purchase. Their Set has a Beautiful Mirrored Metal Finish with a Classic Black Handle. It's possible to dig into all types of pies, from Deep Dish Apple Pie to a Thin Fruit Tart. Sharp Serrated Edges can be used to cut pies, pizza, cake, flat bread, and other desserts. Dishwasher safe, both their knife and spatula. Chef Owl cares about your satisfaction and has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They try their best to ensure that each product is in perfect condition before you buy it, but if it isn't, please contact them for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Chef Owl

👤It seems like they will last. Edges are functional for cutting. Doesn't seem like handles will come off. The metal has a nice polished finish. The metal seems to be good, no signs of tarnish yet. The gauge of steel is large. These are strong.

👤I wouldn't call this set a professional, but it's nice. We use the pie server a lot to get the tricky first piece out. The serrated teeth of the knife make it easy to cut into a flaky pie. I don't think the set is cheap, but it definitely feels mass produced. I don't regret buying it, but every time I see the bright teal handle in my utensil drawer, I think of the set. It looks a little tacky.

👤slicing and serving Dairy Queen cakes can be difficult. The Professional Pie server set is perfect for this task. The spatula is strong enough to slice through the frozen ice cream layers and the serrated edge will carve through the tough parts. The handles on the server drawer let me identify them.

👤I like my new set of pie serving. The teal color is all over my house, which is why I bought this set. The set is sturdy and well made. The pie server is large enough for most pies and the knife is high quality. I will use this set to host an event for everyone to see.

👤It's perfect for our cottage. Even in a beach color!

👤The set looks lovely and will last a long time.

👤I didn't have a good slicer to bake pies. I realized I didn't have a good cake knife when I came across this. I bought them. The quality is great and the aerated edge cuts through the pie beautifully. It matches my le creuset and keurig so I clicked on the BUY NOW button.

👤Great set! It's pretty, durable and affordable.

👤The pie cutting and lifting set is made of excellent quality, only requires one cut to create an ideal piece of pie and then an easy lift with a well made pie lifter is appreciated, I have had many pie lifters in the past that didn't preform as well.

7. Wedding Cake Knife Server Set

Wedding Cake Knife Server Set

The wedding cake server is 11.5 inches long and comes in a beautiful gift box with a double magnetic locking cover. The ideal piece for one to eat is a slice of the cake. The unique black wedding knife and cake server set by House & Cubby will add a modern touch to your special day. The black cake serving set is perfect for any occasion. There is a cake server and a cake knife. The cake cutter set is durable to last a lifetime. The wedding knife and cake server set is made of high quality steel. The finish is plated. Anti-Rust. Lead, plastic and nickel are free. It's dishwasher safe. House and Cubby wedding cake cutter and server set have a sleek and simple design that will remain on trend. Their wedding knife set has slim lines and sturdy handles. The cake server set is long. The server is long. Not just a cake cutter set for wedding cakes is not cake pie pastry server for every occasion. The cake knife set is perfect for any event. Birthday parties, holidays, and anniversaries can be added with some style. It's great as a pie server set. Their wedding serving set comes with a black cake cutter and a cake knife wrapped in custom tissue. Add your unique packaging for home use or if you need to gift. A black wedding cake knife and server set with a metallic mirror shine would be a great gift for the couple to use and cherish for years to come. ADD TO CART is included with the wedding cake serving set.

Brand: House & Cubby

👤The cake set is the same as this one. Lots of praise!

👤Excellent quality. They were used for the cake at our daughter's wedding. They will have them for a long time.

👤These are beautiful and sharp. They were used for the cake cutting at our wedding. After washing them out, there are water spots. It was worth the purchase.

👤The product is listed as having a black finish, but it is not. They are not a true black color. They are gun metal gray and have a shiny finish.

👤These were purchased for our wedding and they look great.

👤The money was used for my wedding.

👤Our wedding colors are black white and silver, so we ordered a black set. I don't have time to get a new set of spatulas as our wedding is next week, but we received a purple knife and serving spatula. Kinda disappointed. It will work.

8. Stainless Steel Cake Serving Set

Stainless Steel Cake Serving Set

DIMENSIONS The cake server is 28.6 cm long with a blade that is 14 cm long. Their premium cake serving set is made of all metal. The cake cutting set is sturdy and long- lasting. Whether you are celebrating a big birthday, a retirement party, or a blessed Christmas gathering with family, your beautiful new cake and pie set will make any event feel special. The knife is a perfect size and weight. The server has a 6” blade. Solid construction, feels great. Your cake utensils set will last a long time if you wash them regularly. It's a great gift, whether it's a house-warming present, wedding gift, or to a beloved mentor as a token of thanks.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤The product was very good. The cake knife and server was just the ticket, it was a last minute thought. Quality material and a clean and simple design make this well made. We tied a small amount of silkLily of the Valley onto the handles with a white ribbon. It is elegant. A lot of positive comments from guests.

👤I loved this set so much. It was simple and elegant.

👤The product arrived on time but it looks like it was scratched/ dirty and has grease marks. I will apply for a refund.

👤At my daughter's wedding, I had a set that was durable and kept for themselves.

👤There were three spots on the server after the second wash.

9. Koyal Wholesale Wedding Serving Accessories

Koyal Wholesale Wedding Serving Accessories

This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir. The set includes a cake server and a cake knife. The wedding cake knife has a tip to it. The blade of the knife is long. The wedding cake server has a tip to tip of 11 inches. Quality craftsmanship, cake and knife server blades are food safe, and handles are made with marble. It is an excellent gift or wedding heirloom piece to pass down from generation to generation. The wedding cake knife and server set is a must have for your wedding reception, bridal shower, engagement party or anniversary. The HEIRLOOM cake serving set can be passed down from generation to generation, using exceptional quality materials.

Brand: Koyal Wholesale

👤The product is very nice. I ordered this set for my wedding because I thought it would be the perfect accessory. It arrived broken twice. I was convinced by my Maid and Matron of Honor to order a second set after the first one. The second set was broken as well. On my wedding day, the set was placed next to my cake, but we were only able to use it for pictures. The cake had to be cut with a different knife. Do not buy this set.

👤They only cut our cake, but it was perfect. The colors were perfect.

👤The knife broke at my daughter's wedding reception. The quality wasn't there but I bought it because of the style.

👤I bought this for my wedding in August and we were in the middle of cutting our cake at the reception. One of our colors was marble and rose gold. This is very cheap. Was very disappointed.

👤The quality was very cheap when we tried to cut the cake.

👤The product was bought for a wedding. When trying to cut the cake. It was bought on September 8. October 26 was the wedding day. Terrible product. Only a month was left to get money back or credit. Very unhappy can't come back.

👤The glass handles were broken and I had to send it back. It's no longer available. We both liked this set.

👤The presentation and packaging was lovely. There is a black velvet box. My arrived broken. They are well constructed and heavy. The cake knife has a smooth edge like the serving spatula.

10. Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir. The most beautiful knife and server set for special occasions is timeless gold color and unique design plastic handles, and will be by your side to add a touch of elegance to your special moments. The blades of the charming cake cutting and serving set are made of the highest quality 420 STAINLESS steel and will never rust, corrode or lose their shine. The handles are made of strong, extra durableABS, so that you can save this top quality gold cake serving set as a souvenir. Perfect for any dessert, the 2 piece cake knife and server set is perfect for impressing your guest. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The ideal dimensions are 5” x 1” and the knife blade is 8” x 1” with a 1.2mm thickness. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is burgundy. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤The bride loved them because they looked so cute. They broke the cake before cutting it. If they are just for show, I wouldn't recommend them.

👤It was received on time. A nice shirt at a reasonable price. Very pleased with the product.

👤It will be great for the wedding day.

👤Not heavy at all. It was light and appeared to not hold up. The knife was damaged when it arrived. Returned the set. The reviews should have been read first.

👤Very nice set. I need a gold tone for my wedding. I made it a bit better, since it is a very plain set. I put roses on them. They look great. The item was great for the price.

👤The handles are light and make the set feel cheap.

👤I wanted something special for my party, but this feels cheap. The handles are cheap. I will return it. No tienes porque la parte de donde se agarran es plastica. No merece lo pagas. Para fiesta, no vale la pena. It's lo regresare.

11. AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is modern and elegant. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present. A wood cake knife and server set are included. These cake cutting sets are made from solid wood and sanded to a smooth surface. It is a stunning addition to your wedding. The cake server is approximately 11.28''W *2.75''D *0.09''H, the knife set is approximately 12.2''W *1.14''D *2.65''H. 2 piece cake knife and server sets are packaged in a gift Wrap. There are ideal wedding gifts for bride and groom, anniversary gift, birthday party gift, Mother's day gift, Christmas gift, bridal party gift, baby shower gifts, engagements gifts and etc. It's perfect for casual or elegant entertaining. Such as wedding, bridal shower, birthday, housewarming, home dinner, kitchen, restaurant, etc. The vintage design is a nice decor. A perfect cake cutter, pie server, pie cutter, serving utensils and cookie cutter are also included. Just choose your favorite style and click "Customize Now" to create a unique gift. Don't put a towel in a dishwasher or submerge it in water, towel dry immediately after wash.

Brand: Aw Bridal

👤The perfect cake knife and serving set was purchased for a wedding. My daughter didn't like them from the pictures. I told her to trust me. I am glad that ended well. The grain is beautiful and not bulky. It was perfect! Thank you.

👤These are beautiful and affordable. They are perfect for a wedding.

👤These are great. I ordered the more expensive ones first. I paid $50 for them because they were engraved. Save money. The seller had no customer service and the price was not nice. I had to deal with Amazon to get my money back. I ordered them and they were over the top. It was a great price. No one will see them at a wedding. They were in a cotton bag. The other ones did not. The color of these is better.


What is the best product for cake knife and server wedding black?

Cake knife and server wedding black products from Dadop. In this article about cake knife and server wedding black you can see why people choose the product. Berglander and Boao are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake knife and server wedding black.

What are the best brands for cake knife and server wedding black?

Dadop, Berglander and Boao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake knife and server wedding black. Find the detail in this article. Paxnok, Ula and Chef Owl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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