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1. Pieces Alphabet Special Characters Stamping

Pieces Alphabet Special Characters Stamping

The perfect gift for tactfulness. JekiiNova fondant stamp is a must-have for any baker. My daughter and I are both faithful users of these stamps and they made perfect fondant cakes using them, my little daughter is very happy to participate in it, hope you can also enjoy the happy time of baking with your family! If you have a problem with the stamp, you can contact the service team. You get 52 pieces of alphabet cake stamps and 32 pieces number and Special Characters cake stamps, enough quantity and styles for you to apply in different baking work, or share them with close people in your life. It is very easy to clean and align, and you can apply a lot of food coloring ink on each letter you want. The alphabet cake stamp tools are made of quality materials, safe and durable, just wash with water and soap, then have it reused again, making them flexible to use and not easy to break, ideal to use for fondants, cakes, cookies and other. You can share the alphabet cake stamp tool with your friends, and create beautiful pastries together, and enjoy the handmade process, ideal to use for fondants, cakes, cookies, and other pastries. The alphabet cake stamp tools have wide styles, a transparent design for easy alignment, no pointed edges, and you can make your own cake stamp with your own creativity.

Brand: Patelai

👤A few came broken. It's hard to use.

👤It was difficult to tell which letter they were using.

👤Vino incompleto. Le letra r minscula. Totalmente desilusionada. No puedo utilizar.

👤The fonts looks great and is easy to use. Good size too.

2. Alphabet Numbers Fondant Biscuit Embosser

Alphabet Numbers Fondant Biscuit Embosser

The cookie stamp impress are ideal for use with cookies, fondant cakes, sugar paste, petal paste, cake decorations, and other items. They are ideal for children's parties. It's also great for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The saw tooth cake scraper is used to spread frosting on cakes. You can use it with a variety of frostings. The cookie molds are easy to use and clean. You can make fun shapes for your cakes and cupcakes. Just wash cookie stamps with hot water and leave to dry. Food grade material is suitable for adults and children. The cookie molds with grip handles give better cutting control. A to Z letters mark any age and any name you like, and this is a great gift for home baking. The set includes 26 letters, 0-9 numbers and a cake scraper. You can use this tool to make a great gift and enjoy baking.

Brand: Fangsun

👤It was very easy to use. The clean up was easy and the letters came out smooth. The size of my cake was perfect, it was not too small or too big. This set was fun to use.

👤I am confused. I paid for a new item, but it appears to have been used. It was stapled and had hair on it. I had to bleach the items because of the following. You should review your stuff. You think you're getting new stuff, but it's not. Very disappointing.

👤I like to work with gum paste and fondant with plunger cutters. They require less effort to use than traditional molds and can be used quickly. These ones work well and are a perfect size for most of my cakes. The only complaint I have is that some of the letters come out with a slight deviation. It's easy to fix by pressing on the gum paste or fondant, but it prevents them from being a 5-star product. I find them very useful and a great addition to my cake tools.

👤This product is perfect if you are not dumb like I was. When I tried to cut out a letter from a slice of cheese, I put the cutter on top and pushed the blue button. It was tried again. The cheese was torn. I tried with a thicker slice and thought the problem was the cheese thickness. Nope. I tried a harder cheese. Nope. I thought it was a piece of garbage. You push down on the white lip surrounding the cutter, and that's what cuts through the cheese, and then you use the blue button to push the slice out from the cutter. D'uh! It was easy to cut through once I figured that out. I recommend a slightly thicker slice and a soft one, like a #3 or #4 on the deli slicer. Cleans up quickly. It adds a lot of fun to your presentation. Don't be dumb like me and you'll love these cutters.

👤I make cakes for people and have a lot of different stamps. These are the easiest to use. They cut clean letters and numbers from modeling chocolate, gumpaste and fondant. I put them in a nylon bag and then in the dishwasher. I'm glad I got these.

👤I bought it for my cakes. I can live with that because they are smaller than I thought. One letter had a broken spring. I don't know if I would buy again. I will use them until they break.

👤It was used for one letter, but so far so good! It was perfect, exactly what I wanted, and user friendly. They take up more space than any of my other fondant letter cutters because they are plunger cutters. It's still worth it.

👤The product works as it should, but the letters and numbers are small. Some seem smaller than others. I made a cutout of a J and a D for the same name. It's not terrible for the money, but it could be better.

3. ShengHai 26 Piece Small Alphabet Cutters

ShengHai 26 Piece Small Alphabet Cutters

If you have a quality issue, please contact them to get a replacement or refund. The small alphabet cutter set has full mini capital letter cutters. It all fits into a small storage tin. The cheap plastic box is not as safe as the tin box. Perfect size. The cute mini alphabet cutter sets are good for cutting letters fondant and gumpaste to decorate cakes and cupcakes. It's perfect for school cookies, birthday cake, wedding cake and classroom use. It is fun to use for parties. Personal greetings, birthday wishes, holiday messages and fun sentences can be created with delicious food. PROFESSIONALLY designed with food-safe steel. They have their own factories and professional molds, so the small alphabet cutters set has higher quality and less cost. No spitting. Hand wash is recommended. All are 0.78-inches high.

Brand: Surgehai

👤These are cute, but take a lot of work to get each letter pushed out. I used this to make a Mothers Day card. They came out cute, but had to be creative to get the letters out. I used a toothpick, but it left a hole. I tried the back of a butter knife and it worked better.

👤The letters and storage tin were great. They are used to personalize my boards.

👤I was happy with the mold. The mini is perfect for my needs. Sturdy. They were used for fondant.

👤The product was good. Some of the letters have an awkward cut.

👤Great for clay. Just what I needed.

👤I thought they were bigger.

👤It's difficult to get them back into the container. It could be bigger.

👤Cute but small. Too small to make biscuits with.

👤Work well. Being in a tin is very useful.

👤Good at cutting. It's easy to get out of letters.

👤The product is easy to use and worth the money.

4. Wilton Icing Colors 12 Count Gel Based

Wilton Icing Colors 12 Count Gel Based

It's good for weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversary and more. Bring your dessert with you. They can be used for all kinds of cake, including birthday cake, coffee, and other decorative items. Their gel food coloring set can be used to tint cake batter, royal icing or buttercream. The consistency of your cake mix, cookie icing, and fondant won't be affected by the colors you use. It's a great addition to your cookie decorating supplies. Pink, royal blue, black, golden yellow, lemon yellow, brown are popular colors. Specialty colors are in the size of 0.25 ounces. A set of 12 to 1/2 ounce icing colors. There is a spectrum of primary colors.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought this set of icing colors to make Christmas Cookies. I needed an excuse, but I just wanted to eat them myself. The chart on the side shows that the box contains 12 "bold" colors, which is a good value for the money. I only used five of the colors, "No Taste" Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Brown, and Black." It is advertised as "No taste" red, but I am not sure why. It is possible that the other colors delivered the results advertised. I thought I would be able to decorate my Christmas Trees with just these five colors. I have had issues with using the liquid and the gel food colors in the grocery store in the past, in that they don't get the colors bold enough. Santa is wearing a pink and grey suit. The Black shined and achieved the color on the box, but they weren't much better. Green and Red came close, but needed almost the entire amount supplied in order to get a couple shades lighter than what is on the box. When the icing dries, they will not match the box. The Brown required the entire supply to produce enough brown for a dozen tree trunks. The funniest part is reading the instructions on the side of the box, which states, "For black or brown icing, start with chocolate icing to minimize the amount of color needed." Hello? I don't think I need to add food coloring to chocolate icing. I can only imagine how bad the Black would have looked if I had taken that approach. The biggest issue with this product is how the colors are applied to your icing. I am used to eyedropper style packages that allow you to add a small amount at a time. The instructions always say to add color a little at a time. I was surprised that the colors are delivered in small pots, like in a painting set. Each pot is sealed with a safety seal similar to a bottle of aspirin, but without a tab or a way to remove it. You end up splattering the color all over everything if you punch through with a toothpick. When you peel the seal off, you do it again. The product shines at staining your fingers. The instructions suggest dipping a toothpick into the color and then transferring that to the icing. After using about a dozen toothpicks to make Santa Red, I ended up tipping the container upside down and using a toothpick to make the color. The gel isn't easy to flow in. I used up my entire supply of Red and Black to make a dozen or so cookies. It's called TL;DR. I wouldn't buy this product again. I didn't get the colors I was hoping to achieve because it was too difficult to use.

👤I wrote a good review for this item, but after a lot of bad experiences I have to change it. I received missing and duplicate colors in a sealed box of food coloring. I was halfway through a recipe and needed to add food color. If you open the box immediately, you'll see if all the colors are there. Quality control should be higher for the price that they charge.

5. Edible Butterflies Assorted Pink Set

Edible Butterflies Assorted Pink Set

Cut and ready to use. These butterflies are not real. Made in the USA. Each order includes 15 butterflies. The wing spans are from 3.5 to 1.5 inches. You can use it within 4 months of purchase. Pre-cut and ready to use.

Brand: Sugar Robot Inc.

👤This is the second time I have used them. The butterfly wings went flat once refrigerated, because the packaging says do not chill, which I didn't see the first time I used them. The second time I put them on the cake, I cut out the butterfly shape and let the fondant dry before I put them on the cake so they would be ready to eat. I have noticed that one or two butterflies might be broken if you use fondant as a backing for them.

👤The color is not as vivid as in the photos, but I liked the product. The butterflies were supposed to have color in both sides. They were pretty. I had to make sure the butterflies were right before I served the cake. They wouldn't stick to the cake if they weren't able to. It should be ok if you are using fondant. The taste is bland. Not great, but not terrible. I bought them because they made the cake look beautiful.

👤My daughter's birthday is this year and I got these butterflies. I was very disappointed with the outcome of the cake I ordered, but adding the butterflies definitely saved the day, it was easy to add the butterflies to the cake, not sure about the taste, but my girls did. It's so delicate and classy. Very pleased with the product.

👤Patients are required to apply because these are very delicate. I gave these 4 out of 5 stars because they are not as bright as the picture shows. I am happy with my purchase and would order again.

👤The people that produce these should put more effort into it. The butterflies have the right measurement, but the colors aren't as vibrant as in the pick. It's a faded pink. They are a bit more flexible to fold. My niece liked all of them.

👤They were brittle and dry. They broke when I removed them from the packaging. Have ordered different colors before and did not have this problem.

👤It is easy to use. I used them on a cake for a baby shower. If the weather is humid, don't put them on too early.

👤I used butterflies on the cake for my daughter's birthday party. The butterflies were deflated and curled the next morning after they soaked up the cake. It was too late to do anything about them.

6. Silicone Chocolate Birthday Decorations Symbols

Silicone Chocolate Birthday Decorations Symbols

100% money back guarantee. The quality of the bags is something they are confident in. They will give you a full refund if you have a bad purchase experience, but they are sure you will love it! The letter number molds are made of food grade silicone. Food cans can pop out with number silicone molds or silicone letter mold. It's an excellent gift for your family or children to receive Clean Easy. Number and letter silicone mold is great for baking cookies, chocolate, Jelly, candy, ice cubes and cake decoration. Birthday party, friends party, children's party,Valentine day, and Mother's Day are just some of the festivals that Silicone baking molds are perfect for.

Brand: Inn Diary

👤I was hesitant to purchase this product because of the bad reviews, but I went with my gut and purchased it. I am very happy that I did. It is easy to use. I put the chocolate in the decorating bag and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes after removing the excess chocolate. It was easy to remove the chocolate letters. The letters came out in one piece and I was not even gentle. Such a great purchase!

👤Good quality chocolate. Definitely recommend. I use it all the time and it is easy to store and clean.

👤I used this product to make chocolate bars. It was difficult to see if the letters were filled with air bubbles. I knocked on the tray to try to get something out. The letters popped out of the fridge. There was no sticking. It was easy to change the letters because there was no residual substance on the inside.

👤I was worried after reading all of the reviews that the letters were hard to remove. The first time I removed the letters, I broke at least one or two, but most of them were fine. The letter G was harder to remove. The second time I used it, I noticed that the chocolate was easier to remove in the cold. I put the chocolate in the fridge for about 7 minutes. I loosened the side by pulling the mold away from the chocolate. If there are letters that stick to the mold like the letters b and O, I would use a toothpick.

👤It is hard to fill the letters with chocolate, and when you think you did a good job, it is time to take them out, they can easily break, I tried for two hours.

👤I was worried that the letters would be too big for my strawberries, but they are perfect. I just started selling strawberries covered in chocolate and this will make me stand out from the rest of the local sellers. They are difficult to clean, and every other rubber mold you use for chocolates is the same. The cheapest and fastest option!

👤Since they are so small, filling them with precision is difficult. I tried to fill them with chocolate and still had bubbles in the letters. It was difficult to remove letters. The mold is too small, unless you're pouring something very, very hard.

👤These come out clean. I don't know why other people are having problems with it, maybe they need more time for the chocolate to cool. It makes decorating my cakes and strawberries much easier. The perfect size for a strawberry. You can see my thumb in the picture, compared to the size of the letters.

👤It was easy to use, but we had to make sure it was clean before we used it on the cake. We dipped our ear buds in the hot water to make sure they were all clean.

👤The product is easy to clean.

👤If you take your time to use it properly, you will be amazed at how well it works.

7. Silver Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

Silver Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

This black birthday cake decoration is perfect for a cupcake or cake decoration. The bright and sparkling gold will make the atmosphere warm. Happy birthday, let your party be filled with happy vibes! A memorable birthday party is what you can give your family and friends. The quantity is 2 cm/ 2.5 cm/ 3 cm. The color is gold or silver. The material is foam. High quality cardboard and food grade sticks are not sharp and are safe. Please do not place the cupcake toppers in the oven. Can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, fruits, brownies, ice cream and more. Perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, seasonal or festive cupcake decorations. If you have a problem with the products, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zanegear

👤Terrible quality and used product.

👤No son brillosos, pero estn chicos.

👤Wanted to rinse before using and the paint immediately bubbled, became sticky and began to chip off. Not safe to eat.

👤The product was very small and had a small object on it. Don't buy it.

👤These come to my rescue when I'm short on time and need a fancy cake. It is very easy to use and looks great. The finish was great.

8. Decorating Pastry Tools Icing Piping

Decorating Pastry Tools Icing Piping

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. The blue material is metal+ABS. The size is 4.1 inches. The package includes a pen, bags, and shape tips. You don't need to be a pro to decorate cakes, cupcakes,cookies, or fondants that look good enough to come from the Cake Boss bakery. You can decorate cakes with a pen. It's easy to use, any pattern you like.

Brand: Wafjamf

👤It was easy to assemble and use, it arrived in good condition. I work in a bakery. I had a hard time writing on cakes because I don't apply enough pressure on the bag for the frosting to flow freely. The frosting pen was fool proof to produce great lettering. I have different colors ready to go so I'm ordering more.

👤The pen is easy to use. The tricky part is having the right consistency in your frosting so that it leaves the pen not too stiff, not too drippy. If you follow the directions, you won't have any problems.

👤This is awesome. The frosting comes out smooth and easy, it feels like I was using a pen. It is very simple and helps increase my decorating skills.

👤I used it for sugar cookies and got perfect lines.

👤This is very easy to use. It's easy to use, which makes decorating much easier. I used it to decorate a cake and it came out perfect. I feel like I can go beyond simple with the ease of use. The distribution of the frosting on the cake was better than any other tool I've tried. I think I may buy more to use for multiple colors. After reading all the positive reviews, I was happy with this purchase. It's a good thing.

👤I tried to make churros with these. The tips are too small. The best use is shown in the picture. There is a cookie decoration. To share my experience.

👤It was very easy to use. I haven't decorated a cake in a long time, but I used the pastry tool to make it. The cake was beautiful.

👤The item is too big to squeeze as you go, which makes your lines different sizes. It was very difficult to use this with sparkling Paste for a craft project. I assume it was much harder to use than if I used it with frosting. It is definitely not for kids to use because of the size, but it would take practice to make it work.

9. Wilton Letter Fondant Cutters 40 Piece

Wilton Letter Fondant Cutters 40 Piece

6 tools for cutting, writing, foiling, and more are sold separately. Add letters and numbers to your cake design with this set. It is easy to make cakes, cookies, and more with letters and numbers with small plastic fondant cutters. There are 26 letters, 9 numbers and 5 marks in the storage case. Before use, wash in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly.

Brand: Wilton

👤It was definitely worth it. The letters and numbers come out when you dip it in cornstarch.

👤Some people ask a question and I would like to answer it. The letters are not straight. This is unclear in the promotional photos. When you lay a letter on the fondant, you are not looking at purple plastic, you are looking at the fondant. You can make a cut from the back of the letter mold.

👤These are the right size for cakes. The lettering is easy to read and is not too large for most cakes. They are perfect for the purpose of cutting fondant, but they aren't the best of things. I am not great at using fondant so others may have a flawless technique that I am unaware of, so that the letter doesn't stick, but they were fine for me. You will not be disappointed if you use a cookie cutter style cutter. It is fun to use and useful.

👤I needed to make a cake and do fondant lettering so I went to my local craft store and only found metal and sad looking, but I got them on Amazon. I was very happy to find these and they were cheaper too. I got these for my husband, who doesn't do cake decorating, and he said they were better. The case they come with makes it easy to keep track of where each letter is. There are numbers that were an add bonus compared to others. It is the only thing that could be better, and that is how it is used to clean. A few letters have parts to make holes in letters like the B that are only on the one side, so fondant starts to pile up in there as your cutting, and that gives you a little tool that can get it out.

👤I made my daughter's birthday cake for the first time. I wanted to put her name on the cake and I thought these letters looked the best. It's easy to use, like making cut outs. They are not that big. They worked well for my purpose. I was an amateur baker and found the products from Wilton to be easy to use.

👤Every year, we make our children birthday cakes. We love that this kit has numbers so we can have the age on the cake without using a number candle.

👤It's difficult to get the gumpaste out of the cutter even if I lightly dusted it or even grease it, because it's the perfect size for general lettering on a cake. The pick made it worse. It made terrible impressions in the letters even though I was gentle. okay It should be easier to use.

👤The letters were large. It is simple and nice. Was able to paint them. Looked great on my cake board.

👤I have always purchased the products from Wilton. The value is great. I love that these letters are well organised and come in a small box. It's easy to clean and store away.

10. Impress Cutters Alphabet Fondant Embosser

Impress Cutters Alphabet Fondant Embosser

The mold size is 21 * 11.5 cm and the fonts size is 1.5 cm. The pieces are brown. It is widely used for making cakes, biscuits, chocolate, cake decoration, syrup, and marzipan. It's a good way to help manual do it. The biscuit mould has a spring inside. You can get the letter by pressing it. It's easy to clean, just use hot water and air-dry the seal. It is made of food grade plastic. It is resistant to high temperature and wear. Kitchen tools and gifts. Baking necessary molds, the development of children's handicraft ability, artistic accomplishment and other interesting tools are things that children will like. They are safe without sharp edges. Make your own cookies to make your family happy.

Brand: Hoypeyfiy

👤There is a technique that needs to be used. I call it Spock, Skee, Pop. You hold the stamp in place on the fondant and shake it back and forth and press the blue button to release it. It was perfect. It took me some time to figure it out.

👤Todo en excelente! Letras en cakes!

👤The letter is a great idea. My letter "H" was in pieces. The container broke in my hand when I took it out. The Internal Structure is not as good as you can see in the picture.

👤I like this set for the small letters, but have trouble getting all the fondant out of the molds, and have to clean them very well. They like to add small letters to my big ones.

👤These are great! They work well. I would buy them all if they were available in other sizes and fonts.

👤The letters are lower case. Theserifs for B,D,P,Q are important. The A is larger than the other letters but I am happy with them. It's very easy to remove the fondant letters. I will use them on my cakes.

👤The letters and numbers are really nice. If they get stuck, there is a press button.

👤It is easy to use and I get my letters to come out fast.

11. DecoPac Frosting Sheets Inch Count

DecoPac Frosting Sheets Inch Count

Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Adding some interest to your cakes with this frosting paper is a good way to do that. Pack includes 24 - 14 sheets. Quality images are available with frosted sheets, which are designed to blend into the icing. They have a fine texture to produce the highest quality images. These sheets are thin and quick-drying, which makes decorating quick and easy. It works best on buttercream. The go-to media shape is perfect for all your PhotoCake jobs. A leader in cake decorating has sheets for frosting. The PhotoCake range of products is used by professional cake decorators worldwide.

Brand: Decopac

👤I would give it zero stars. I spent money on this. I am upset that I can't get a refund. I have wasted money and ink because the ger sheet is coming away.

👤This will be my last purchase of this product. The first time I tried them, they were brittle. They were tearing the sheet backing from the print. Half of the sheets were separated from the sheet backing when the package arrived. The few that I was able to use had dull and fuzzy images. I tried again because some lots can be just a bad product. WASTE of time, money and ink.

👤The frosting slides away from the paper. I bought 2 packs. These are the worst sheets I have ever used.

👤I had to give refunds to my customers because they were not fans of the flavor. They had a strong smell. They crumbled and ripped as I was peeling them from the baking.

👤I realized that the sugar sheet was off the backing when I first used them. I didn't hate it because other brands can be a hassle to remove from backing, but I realized these dry out really fast even when you close the package properly. The crumbled apart. The corners from the same side broke apart. I can still use it if I don't need the whole sheet. I can use EBT to redeem these, so I might buy them again.

👤The frosting sheets were perfect for my treats. I used them for my candy. The taste was not talked about. I will take that as good. I will purchase again.

👤The paper is thick and has good flavor. I only gave it 4 stars because I can't get the paper to work in the back of my print, but it works the regular way from the bottom. I hope I can figure out how to get it through the back. It's too thick for the back. I have done some images with it.

👤The royal icing on my cookies tasted great. The only problem was that some of the frosting sheets would separate from the backing before I put them into the printer.


What is the best product for cake letters edible?

Cake letters edible products from Patelai. In this article about cake letters edible you can see why people choose the product. Fangsun and Surgehai are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake letters edible.

What are the best brands for cake letters edible?

Patelai, Fangsun and Surgehai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake letters edible. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Sugar Robot Inc. and Inn Diary are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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