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1. Vezzio Tilt Head Electric Stainless Separator

Vezzio Tilt Head Electric Stainless Separator

Facelle electric stand mixer has over-heating and overload protection. Facelle professional kitchen stand mixer is the best choice for home use or as a gift. If you have a question, please contact them first, they will provide professional customer service for you. They can offer a full 2-year quality guarantee and lifetime technical support. The large volume causticity is 9.5 quarts. The Vezzio stand mixer has a food-grade bowl with two comfortable handles. The electric kitchen mixer can mix 22 egg whites, 8 pounds of mashed potatoes, or 13 dozen cookies at once. It's ideal for a big family day and saves time for making cakes, bread, cookies, pastry, muffins, and waffle. The Vezzio baking mixer machine attachment is dishwasher safe and easy to use. It comes with a splash guard and spout, making cooking family-friendly. It's easy to start and it's multi-accessory. The Vezzio baking mixer has a controller for different types of food. The tilt-head design mixer works well for mixing bread dough, thick batters, meringues, and whipping cream, as well as lower speeds for stirring and finessing delicate concoctions. TheILT-HEAD and Anti-SLIP design are used. The Vezzio tilt-head design household stand mixer is easy to use. The standing mixers will suck on the countertop when they work, avoiding movement or bouncing to reduce noise, if you have five bottom non-slip cups. Vezzio Mixer is a great help in the kitchen. Quality support and multi-colors are included. The Vezzio colorful kitchen food mixers have a 660W high- performance motor. There are four colors to choose from to decorate your kitchen. You have the option of liking the one you like. If you have any questions during use, please contact them first. They will offer a full five-year quality guarantee and lifelong support as a sign of confidence in the quality of Vezzio cook mixers.

Brand: Vezzio

👤My Kitchen Aid professional decided not to work. I need a new bread maker. I will not pay what they want. I saw this one and decided to try it. It worked well. It is light. I can carry it around. The kitchen aid was heavy. There is a The Vezzio is light and has strong cups so it doesn't move. I kneaded the bread dough for 10 minutes and it didn't bother me at all. The bowl is larger than the Kitchen aid. I am very pleased with the purchase so far. There is a If you want a heavy mixer, take out a small loan and buy the kitchen aid. If you want one just as good, I suggest this little gem.

👤Don't run for more than 10 minutes. They are warning about overheating after 10 minutes. My plan was to make several loaves of bread. To cool down, the Mfg. suggests a 30 minute unplugged period. Something is not right here.

👤Large capacity. 20 percent of the mixing is not mixed. There is no attachment that has a rubber blade that can be used to remove the bottom 20 percent. If you want to make basic cake batter mixing, you will have to scraper the bottom all the time.

👤It is sleek and quiet. The fact that it needs to be unplugged after each use is annoying. If you leave it plugged in, the light stays on. The large bowl is great, but not very useful for smaller amounts and I don't think they make a smaller bowl.

👤The capacity of the mixer is suitable for family use. The bright and cool mixer is suitable for home baking. The mixer can support fast and even mixing food.

👤I own a commercial bakery and was looking for an additional mixer, it works well for small batches that don't need a lot of speed. The mixer is cute and could be used in a kitchen.

👤I took a chance with this product and it has proven to be worthy, I am so happy with it. I bought for a family friend who had lost a job. She is doing well in baking, who decided to go in? The item is helpful in starting a business in Africa.

👤I was looking for an amazing mixer and it's exactly what I got. This mixer solved my problem of sore hands, food powder, and dirt when I used it. . There is a The transparent lid on the top of the mixer is helpful because it prevents food from coming out of the bowl while mixing. It saves me time and money in cleaning food dirt. The bowls and mixer heads are dishwasher safe. The stand mixer has 3 mixer heads, which is different from the hand mixer I used before. I can change to whichever I need. The mixer has 7 speed levels, 0 to10, and level 10 is the most powerful and perfect for whipping small amounts of egg white and cream. It comes with a plastic spatula and an eggyolk seperater. I had a spatula at my place that broke. I had bad memories of using the broken one to make pound cakes. Guess I don't have to suffer anymore. The dough that was mixed by this machine tasted better and softer. . I am very satisfied with the shopping experience. I believe this machine will be with my family for a long time.

2. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

High Quality American Grade A Plastic. They only use the best materials. Their film is clear and not cloudy because of the recycled weaker materials. Baking plates are non-stick. The handle and rubber feet are locked.

Brand: Babycakes

👤I am glad I bought this because I would have made cake pops by hand. I was able to make over 100 cake pops in 2.5 hours. The included booklet has 2 tips for future users. The consistency is perfect because there's less water. 2, use a ziplock bag with a corner cut out to fill the cake pop holes, it will be perfect for perfectly rounded pops!

👤I bought this product because of the reviews for Baby cake. I can't believe I'm the only one who's encountered this issue if they bought the same product. I made multiple "pops" in order to avoid being labeled a "user error" and wasting good cake batter. The maker never made a complete ball. The pops did not fill up the top of the maker to make a complete ball, so they came out flat on one side. I used a light amount, heavier amount, lighter batter overall, heavier batter and nothing worked. Half moon balls are tiny. They were slightly larger than the lollipops in the bank lobbies. It wasn't worth the effort and money spent on these duds. I thought the maker would be easy to use and give me more time to work on other things. It cost me more than the machine. I had to buy cake pops for my holiday party at the end of the day. If you want to make your cake pops the old-fashioned way, stay away from this machine.

👤My daughter is into baking cakes and cupcakes for friends and family. My friend wanted a beach themed cake pops and my daughter had never made cake pops before so we researched and found a cake pop maker that was affordable and had good reviews. The cake pops turned out great. Since it was easy to do, we just made multiple batches and every cake pop turned out the same. I would recommend this product.

👤The mini cake pop maker is a life saver. I decided to invest in this machine because the process of making cake pops with crumbled cake and frosting and rolling them into balls took too much time. I don't have to worry about the consistency of the cake pop and the frosting because this machine makes it easy. I used brownie mix the first time I used this machine and it turned out to be a disaster. The brownies would stick on the non sticking plate even though I sprayed cooking spray on them. I used the cake mix box for the second time and it came out perfect. The plates popped out and were in perfect shape. I poured too much cake batter into the maker and it overflowed, leaving extra cake scraps, but it's easy to remove. I kept the balls that had "Saturn" rings around them the same way as the rest of them because it gave the cake pop a natural lollipop look. I coated my cake balls with candy melts and they can be found in Walmart, Michaels, or JoAnns. The cake pops fast and easy to clean. The machine gets extremely hot so make sure to touch the handle for open and close access. My experience with this machine was good. I was not happy with the machine because my pops failed. Practice makes perfect? They came out perfect the second time, so don't be discouraged if you fail the first few times because you need to get used to it. If you want to make cake pops for any occasion, you should test the machine and cake balls before you do.

3. Ninja Professional Countertop 1100 Watt BL660

Ninja Professional Countertop 1100 Watt BL660

This clear cake discs set is perfect for bakers in your home kitchen to bake cake, stack tiered cake, pastries, brownies, buttercream for birthday, baby shower, wedding, Christmas party and more. 1100 watt of professional performance power with 3 speeds, pulse, and single serve functions is provided by the Ninja professional blender. The pitcher has 72 ounces of ice to snow in seconds. The 2 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids are perfect for making personalized drinks. It's possible to make drinks and smoothie for the whole family. The single serve blade assembly is dishwasher safe. The 1100 watt motor base is 72 ounces. The total crushing pitcher has a lid. There are two to-go lid and pro blade assembly guides. The 1100 watt motor base is 72 ounces. The total crushing pitcher has a lid. There are two to-go lid and pro blade assembly guides.

Brand: Ninja

👤The jar broke after I used it 4 times. There was a hole in the jar after I pressed pulse for 2 seconds. I am safe. Will try to get in touch with ninja to get the item back.

👤This is my second Ninja in less than six months. The first one I had developed a crack in the base after only mixing liquids. I was told that I would get another cup but it would take a long time. I bought a second ninja in May 2020 because I need a blender. The base won't turn on today because it has developed a small Crack after light use and only Blending liquids. I will have to go through the hassell of trying to get my money back for two blenders and then buy a third one, which will be a ninja. I could tolerate the high noise and the common cuts trying to clean the blades because of the reviews and price. I would discourage anyone from buying this product because of the repeated issues and sub standard customer service.

👤I like the product. It is a well-designed motor. I have only had it for a short time, but I am impressed with its quality. Why only three stars? I wanted to give it four, but the lid leaks. I am using it to make a fluid with oil in it. I have to clean the side of the blender where the liquid runs down the side of it after it is pushed against the spout cover. I only mix 1000 liters of liquid and it gets less due to the fact that I blend it six times a day. It comes out when I push down on the spout cover. I don't know if this happens with all liquids, as I've only used it for the liposomal C so far. I shouldn't have to, but I will eventually find a solution. This is not a flaw and you should be careful. The blades are sharp. I cut my thumb open.

👤I have a second Ninja Blender. The bigger model was hoping for moreDurability. The base of my blenders leaks out on to the counter when used. I only washed it and used it a few times, thinking that the lack of use would make the second one last. This isn't the case. The blender is not durable. If this is the way that all Ninja blenders are, then I would recommend you find another one or save your money for one that doesn't break.

👤I bought my first one in June. The container cracked and was leaking after just one month of moderate use. A replacement container was sent to me by Ninja. The second container is cracked and leaking. I called Ninja and they wanted $64.00 plus shipping to replace the container. The unit is on sale for 99.99 on Amazon. They won't replace it again at no cost. I won't be buying Ninja products again.

👤I decided to invest in a higher quality one after getting tired of having to replace cracked bases on my old oster. The shark ninja is no exception, it seems like it's impossible to find one that works without breaking. The first couple used it and it developed cracks. I'm not sure if I want to spend $20 on a new blender when I know it will break in a few days, or if I want to get another one for free. I haven't used it for anything other than coffee.

4. KitchenAid KSM3316XBM Artisan Stand Mixers

KitchenAid KSM3316XBM Artisan Stand Mixers

The use of the Kitchenaid Trademark does not imply any association with or endorsement of Kitchenaid or Whirlpool Properties. It's built to take it all on with the durable and built-to-last metal construction, and 67 touchpoints around the mixer bowl for great mixing results. The 3.5 quart bowl can mix up 5 dozen cookies in a single batches. It's dishwasher safe. 28g dough each, using the flat beater. You can add ingredients with the tilt-head design. Put the head in place. Lighter. Smaller. Just as powerful. The KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer has the same power as the Artisan Mini, so it's easier to move around, and it's smaller, taking up less counter space. 10 speeds for a task or recipe. Every time you whip cream, you'll get thorough ingredient inclusion. You can make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles, salads and more with the help of the 10 Attachments. They sold them separately. The model includes a 3.5 quart bowl, Flex Edge Beater, and a 6-wire whip.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I've had kitchen aid for a long time. I gave away my large Kitchen Aid mixer so I could buy this smaller one. I put them in the dishwasher before using them. Imagine my surprise when the whipper stem was black. I never felt confident that my food wouldn't react to my whipped cream, egg whites or anything else I put in the bowl because I didn't feel confident that it wouldn't cause a reaction. The old mixer's motor was not up to the quality of speed and power I was looking for. I'm very disappointed in this product.

👤The KitchenAid mixer that our 93 year-old mother had been using for decades had come to an end. We needed this smaller size to fit in a cupboard that was specifically built for the departed mixer, so it could not be too tall, and heavy, if mom was to move it around. The mini was perfect and the handle on the mixing bowl helps as we deal with some limitations caused by arthritis. 3.5 quarts is sufficient for a large amount of cookies, a normal size cake, plenty of dough for rolls to serve at a family gathering, and there is nothing mini about the mixer. The dough hook and beaters are standard. She loves the upgrades that have occurred over the last 40 years.

👤The KitchenAid Professional 600 is larger than this 3.5 stand mixer. My adult daughter said it looked like an Easy bake Oven accessory when we got it out of the box. I think so. The bigger mixer can't make small batches of food very well. The ingredients sit at the bottom and the attachment mix the top. This mixer is not for everyone. It's perfect for anyone that cooks a lot and needs a bigger mixer. It might be nice for someone to cook for two. The average cook would want a 4.5 quart KitchenAid. If I wanted to make cookies for a bake sale, I wouldn't use this mixer.

👤I love this. I upgraded from my mini stand mixer. I did not have a lot of counter space so I chose empire red. It is very pretty in person. This has been amazing, I make a lot of french macarons. The bowl is very stable, it does not vibrate when it goes on full speed, and the whisk is all STAINLESS steel, which makes it easier to clean and dries faster. PRICE! I got mine during prime time.

👤I received a kitchen aid mixer when I was young. If I hadn't burnt out the motor, I would still be using it. That mixer was amazing. I wouldn't use this mixer if it was given to me. The batter leaves large chunks of unmixed butter in it. The gears are hard to use. It's a big hassle to get the bowl in. The worst mixer I have ever used. It is clear to me that the person who recommended this mixer is on Kitchen Aid's payroll. Kitchen Aid is not what it used to be. Kitchen aid is not good right now.

5. Rectangular Serving Platter Tiered Display

Rectangular Serving Platter Tiered Display

24 hour dedicated email customer support. They will try to help you if you have any concerns. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction. This set comes with three ceramic serving pieces all on a matt metal rack that will make a great conversation starter at your next dining occasion. The Gracious Dining 3-tier serving plate set is a great way to stack your style. It's ideal for holiday parties, weddings and other events. Stand hand wash only. There are 3 rectangular plates and 1 metal rack. The product dimensions are 16.00 x 12.00 x 10.00 Inches.

Brand: Imperial Home

👤I bought them for the engagement party. I didn't have time to exchange the ball that fell off the foot of the leg. The rest was broken off. You couldn't tell the difference. These looked better than I anticipated. Love!

👤I used it the other day and I am disappointed, I love to entertain and I got it for that. The metal shelves are loose and it seems like the hole is too big, not happy.

👤I used them for our annual Christmas party and they were perfect. One was a bit wobbly but still worked for me. I expected them to hold less than that.

👤I've used the 3 plates more than the set. The tiered stand looks great and is easy to put together. The plates are large enough to serve Appetizers or deserts. The clean white lines on the plates allow them to look right at both elegant and casual gatherings, and allow the food you've put on them to be the star. Considering buying more.

👤It is very unstable. The metal tier part was crooked when the platters were placed on top. The metal tier is only able to hold up if all three of the platters are attached. I wouldn't buy again. I needed it for 3 hours and it served its purpose.

👤I loved it! The price was great and the cupcakes were cute. Each tier holds about 8 cupcakes. If you leave it alone, it will stand up well. Tiers are made of glass. I thought it was cheap and perfect. Will use it for another party.

👤The item was broken. I have a party this weekend and I am really disappointed. The item is very crooked because it is broken. And very shaky!

👤This came quickly and works well. The plates are dishwasher safe. The stand is not a single solid piece, but it does not sway or wiggle when snapped together. I knew it was like that when I bought it, but I think you will be disappointed if you don't know it was built like that. The price is better than the more expensive kind, and it packs up more easily. We will order another so that we can have more parties.

6. Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Before and after each use, wash tips in warm soapy water. Everything you need to start making cakes like a pro is included in the CAKE SET. 3 PCS Leakproof Cake Pans.cake levler, chocolate mold,flour flag,Egg Beaters,Muffin CupMolds, Paper CupCakes,Carved Pens, Icing tips, disposable bags, flags, Russian tips,Scrapper sets,Silicone The Flower Nail&Lifter has 50 muffin cups. All the cake kits are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and are compliant with US Food-Grade standards. It's safe for family cake making. It is a good cake decoration kit for making cheese cakes. There are 3 different sizes of cake pans for you to use. The Springform Pans are made of high quality carbon steel and are easy to release. Great cake baking set for beginners. Their cake decoration supplies include 48 icing tips with a number and chart, 7 Russian tips and 9 carved Pens. All cake decorating kits can be used to decorate cakes. The muffin cup molds are included. A hand-made cake can be used as a gift, it is good for daily desserts, birthday parties, wedding parties, and merry Christma decoration. For Birthday, Anniversary and Easter, the ideal gift is a Baker and Women. You will get a complete cake decorating tools with cake stand to make any cakes as a cake making starter and professional. There is a notice! You will get a PCS cake pan and blue decorating pen. Use a soft brush to wash cake pans. There are 50 cupcakes and 50 mini flags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I have never done cakes with fondant. I love the pans and tools. The turn table was useful. The smoothers worked well for the buttercream. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤It came with a nice looking package which is great for those who want to gift it. My wife is very fond of it. She was able to decorate my birthday cake with these items, even though she had never baked a cake.

👤I am a beginner baker, but I enjoy making delicious things for my loved ones. One family. Every housewife will find her at a point where she needs some things that are easy to get. Reviews and price made me buy this set, it was hard to find between all brands best. Every part of the kit is packed well and smells good. I was surprised that the box was small. You can buy this as a gift. I am in love with table and cake molds, but I need 2 of them, and they are very high quality, so I thought why I need 2 of them? You need as many appliances as you can if you want to make something big. piping bags, cake knives, and decorating tools are very helpful. I'm happy baker and ready to create more delicious masterpieces with this set.

👤I picked this out myself because I wanted to bake my own cake for my birthday and this was everything I needed. I got everything in perfect condition except for the tips manual, but after reading the questions on Amazon, a lady told me to email them, and I got an email back with the tips manual, so their customer service was on point. I love this. It was a great purchase. The only thing I can say is that the smaller tips should have been bigger. This was my first time decorating a cake or baking a cake and this kit helped me achieve my birthday goal.

👤I have been buying different decorating items in the store to use in cake decorating for my family and some of my friends birthdays. I realized I should check out what is offered online since I was spending a lot of money on different pieces. The cost per item for this is insane. I am excited to try all of the products because they don't feel cheap. It might take a while.

👤It has a lot of pieces. We didn't use all of the tips but my wife made me a birthday cake. The pan is good for cakes and also for making cheesecakes. You need to keep the box so that you can keep the set together.

👤I didn't use it because I was too skeptical after opening everything. I was not sure how safe it was to use because some things had a harsh chemical smell, others were dirty looking and all scratched up, and other things looked like plastic pieces were breaking off the edges. The cake leveler's strings were too long and flimsy. The quality is really bad, but I bought it because of the thousands of good reviews and not because of the small amount of bad reviews. I was so concerned about the quality of my cakes that I didn't want to risk baking with anything that could leak into my cakes. You get what you pay for. I invested 40 extra dollars in quality products after returning it.

7. Mercer Culinary M23114 Millennia 18 Inch

Mercer Culinary M23114 Millennia 18 Inch

Service and warranty. If you have a problem with any of the products, you can contact them. RAINEBEAN guarantees the quality and longevity of all of its products for a lifetime. Santoprene and polypropylene are used in the handle. Slip resistance, grip, and safety are provided by textured finger points. A finger guard. blade edge and surface care should be washed with a hand wash. The angle of the blade. The high quality Japanese steel allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening. One-piece high-carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel.

Brand: Mercer Culinary

👤I renamed my knife after I stopped laughing at the size of it. I have a cake machete. It's funny. I don't have a problem with not having a big enough knife to slice my cakes. I put my machete to the test. My cakes were ready to slice. I love my cake machete. It sliced through my cakes. I'm very happy that I bought it. I was curious if it would affect the ease of use. It definitely did not fail. I would buy it again and encourage others to try it.

👤I did not buy this to slice cake. I wanted to cut rockwool mineral insulation. They say to cut with a bread knife, but I wanted something long that would cut the 16” width of the insulation for making it thinner for walls made of 2x3 instead of 2x4 wood studs. I wanted to cut a 6” thick batt of insulation into two 3” thick batts by sawing them to a size they don't make. It saved me from having to cut with a shorter knife from the opposite side and hope they lined up in the middle. I think it will work for cake for a long time after many cuts. The knife is a sword.

👤The knife seems well built. When my wife opened it, she said it was big and long. She was happy with the knife for her cakes, it was nice to hear that from her.

👤I got this knife for my wife to use to make her cake process easier. This is the best option out there. I would make sure you keep the sleeve on the knife and not put it in a drawer that it will hit other tools, the sharper the blade, the better it will cut. She was happy and smiled all the time.

👤This thing is easy to use. It is not hard to rip through Genoese sponge. I can say for certain that it has no flaws, even though I can not attest to how well it would penetrate a thicker cake or bread. It's my cakemore. In case you were curious, Claymore is here. It must be sheathed on the back. I use it in my kitchen battlefield. It has sliced a lot of layers. It is mighty and many more will fall before it.

👤It is great for slicing bread and cake. It is very sharp. It is hard to store and a bit difficult to handle. I thought I needed it for most cakes, but it's too large. I would recommend it. It splits cakeclayers cleanly.

👤This shaves down foam and mineral wool insulation to fit the wall. It spans the gap between the studs and is easy to shave it down to fit. It cuts through fingers as well. Be careful! In review, it's not bad.

👤I put the rating on the knife because it was large. I changed the blade's size to 18' to let people know when it says the blade size.

8. Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

All tips and accessories can be washed with a small brush. It's perfect for anyone who likes to decorate cakes, cookie, cupcakes, brownies, and pastries. You can create all types of patterns on cake, cupcake with the help of the cake decorating supplies. The cake stand is kept stable by the rubber feet and non-slip surface of the turntable. Numbered cake decorating tips include a round, open star, drop flower, leaf, rose, french, basketweave, petal, plain closed star and special tips. The icing spatula is strong, solid 11'' and 12.7'' and can be used on the side or top of cakes. It's perfect for smoothing the frosting surface. The decorating combs are made of high-quality steel for creating different texture and smoothing the sides of the cake. Please remove the blue plastic film from the cake decorating comb.

Brand: Kootek

👤Wow! What a great set! The kit is great for beginners and seasoned cake bakers. The cake-turner alone is worth the money. The piping tips are not something I like to use, but the turner and scrapers are great, and the icing bags are very handy. You can never have too many offset spatulas. I used the textured icing comb included in the set, as well as the spatulas, cake turner, and piping bag, to make this photo.

👤The other items were just a bonus, and I selected this because of the turntable. The turntable works well for me and I like the pastry bags. I will use the flower nail, but not the frosting tips, as I already have a set I prefer over the ones in this kit. I like the spatulas, even though some have said they are cheap. I hand wash mine for fear of damage, and so far, no problems. I would recommend this set to anyone. I only wish the tips were better quality. It would be nice if they were numbered. I am not an expert in cake decorating, but I am learning more and more about it as I improve my skills. I think you will also use these items.

👤This set is very good. The turn table is very sturdy. Good weight to it. If you follow a specific recipe with a certain tip, you have no idea which one is which, because none of the tips have #'s on them. I wish they had this feature. They are also cheap compared to the rest of the set. The price and quality were good.

👤I bought the package. I was asked to make a cake for a party. I didn't want my stuff shipped. I thought the set would work for one time use. I loved the turn table. I own a cake turn table from Ateco and I like it more than either of them. I own a few plastic turntables and they have become my favorite. The spatulas and scrapers were very useful. I liked the bags. The only other thing was the tips. The price is worth it for the turntable.

👤Cheap. The set is not worth the money. I got another set. The box was crushed when it was a birthday present. I was embarrassed to give it to my daughter. I threw away the rest of it. So disappointed!

👤I used the spatulas and turn table for the first time to make a cake with buttercream. I think it turned out pretty good, because I have never made buttercream frosting and have never used a turn table. I ran away from the buttercream. It's really great, but I couldn't make it more smooth. It's easy to turn. The tracks on the top of the turn table help with centering the cake. I haven't used the other items yet. They seem to be in good shape.

👤I haven't used these items yet, but have inspected them and they seem good quality. The only item I wanted was the turntable, and I'm looking for an excuse to make a cake. The cheaper plastic set cost less than $20, so I chose to spend more. It would be appreciated for companies to find alternatives to plastic and styrofoam.

9. UTALENT Adjustable Automatic Tilt Head Stainless

UTALENT Adjustable Automatic Tilt Head Stainless

The stand up mixer is a perfect gift for family and friends. If you have a question, please contact them. A professional stand mixer has a powerful 350W motor, 6 speeds, and a variety of recipes. It has full metal gear and planetary mixing action. The Flex Edge Beater can beat and mix ingredients side by side and cut mixing time by as much as 50%. It can make butter. The Utalent stand mixer comes with four mixing accessories. Adding ingredients without making a mess is aided by the pouring shield with access hatch. The bowl has handles. Only the main body has a 1 year guarantee. A tilt-head design. The tilt-head design electric mixer makes it easy to install or uninstall accessories. Silicone cups keep the mixer steady. There is a front output which can be added with other equipment. Attachments are not included, so you can purchase them separately from them.

Brand: Utalent

👤I liked the electric stand mixer when I first saw it. Its design is very fancy. I don't have a lot of storage and this one's size is easy to store in my small kitchen. I don't have a lot of baking experience. I don't know how to make a perfect dough so I don't bake bread often. My family likes the bread that I baked after I got this one. The power of this one is strong and stable. When the machine is working, it's not loud. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I didn't want to invest in a KitchenAid unless I knew we'd use it and my husband wanted to get into baking more. We have definitely got our money's worth with this one and it has made us think about investing in something more robust. Sometimes we get close to overworking this one and have to give it a break. It runs fast. When we upgrade to a more professional machine, I will gift this to a friend.

👤I needed a mixer to make bread. This means you can whip egg whites quickly. The mixer does this well and in the same time the kitchenaid would. The front is not advertised with any attachment. I picked this one because they said it had a meat grinder and slicer attachment, but there was nothing available. It works well, but only if that is the case.

👤The product works well. You can blend the flour. Run without a lot of noise. My wife is happy about it. I am happy that the parts are dishwasher safe.

👤The day after I received it, I started making food. The egg whites are mixed perfectly by the whisk. I used dough hooks to make bread. The food is great and all accessories are available. I am very happy with my first stand mixer.

👤The mixer can handle tough mixing. The tilt feature and speed knob are easy to use. The cups keep everything secure. The mixing tools are of the highest quality. This review was honest and helpful.

10. Facelle 6 Speed Tilt Head Electric Stainless

Facelle 6 Speed Tilt Head Electric Stainless

Also, note: Before using the User Refer Manual on Technical Specification, be sure to read it. Facelle household stand mixer equipment with 660W high-performance pure metal gear wheel motor, realize 5 minutes take shape of " soft dough" without heating up, help you and your family make the baking more tender. The kitchen standing mixer has adough hook/egg whisk/beater, Splash guard, and no trace stirs mix. Release your hands, auto and electric stand mixer with 6+P speed control to help you adjust the mix speed you need,6 QT food gradesstainless steel bowl that can perfectly meet all your kitchen needs for a family of 3-6 person The tilt-head design mixers make it easy to install or uninstall a mixing bowl. The kitchen stand mixer will suck on the countertop when it works. You can see the dough mixer's status via the indicator. Facelle electric stand mixer has over-heating and overload protection. Facelle professional kitchen stand mixer is the best choice for home use or as a gift. If you have a question, please contact them first, they will provide professional customer service for you. They can offer a full 2-year quality guarantee and lifetime technical support.

Brand: Facelle

👤I was looking for a good stand mixer and this is what I got. It has 6 speed levels with a powerful motor that allows for a range of low to high speeds. It has a tilt-head that can be used to install the bowl and splash-cover. It has 3 standard attachments, including whisk, dough hook, and flat beater. It also has a lifetime technical support.

👤I thought this would be a good alternative to an Kitchen Aide as I didn't want to spend that money right now, however, you get what you pay for. I got this for my birthday. The item doesn't work and my cake still had some batter in it. I tried changing the attachment but it didn't work. I don't think it has the power to do what an Kitchen Aide can do and the attachment is very flimsy. It doesn't give a feeling of security. Disappointing.

👤It's my first stand mixer and I love it. It works great, it mixes, there is no sticking, and it doesn't scratch the mixing bowl. It goes nuts when I have dough in there with the hook for kneading. I'm worried that it will break the spring and pop up suddenly if I crank it up to three, because the neck starts bouncing up and down with a thick gummy dough. I hold the top down to make sure it doesn't snap when it gets really crazy. It's not bad for a first time mixer, it's just not as strong or durable as I hoped for, but for the price, it's great for lighter cooking, like pancake dough, eggs or other liquids that need mixing. If you want a stand mixer for pasta or dough, you might want to spend a bit more for something with a stronger neck. Is that what it is?

👤I bought this mixer to replace an expensive brand name that only lasted a year. I fell in love with the shade of blue and the fact that this mixer is the best value and biggest size. It is very easy to keep clean because of its sleak finish. This is the most powerful mixer I have ever used, I have owned many stand mixers. It whips up potatoes with ease because the bottom keeps it firmly in place. Big enough for a family of 6 and does a great job of keeping all of the ingredients inside. It is easy to operate. The different attachment interchanges very smoothly. It operates quieter than the model it replaced. It has a large capacity but is designed to maximize space. The quality of this mixer is very good. I am going to give one to my aunt as a gift. The price is amazing.

👤My brother in law's boyfriend has a big sweet tooth. He talks about how much he loves baking. He talks about the mixer more than he talks about the food. It's a machine that can be used in many different ways and the color pop is an added bonus. He says it's easy to use and clean. I now get free snacks when I visit.

11. Stainless Decorating 14×Nozzle Converter 3×Scraper

Stainless Decorating 14%C3%97Nozzle Converter 3%C3%97Scraper

The dishwasher is safe. Store tips inside the bulb when not in use. The kit includes 14 nozzles, a spatula, and a Silicone pastry bag, which you can use to create different patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pies and cookies. In case they don't rub each other. The entire pattern of the product needs to be kept fresh. The material is made of food grade silicone and steel which is safe and harmless. The cake decorating kit has everything for beginners and professionals. The cake board turntable makes it easy to get a smooth finish with the pallet knife. Reusable bags are available. Repeated use of non-stick, non-toxic, corrosion resistant can be done. It is easy to wash by hand or dishwasher. The size is 31x17 cm. The color is blue. The bag can be washed easily and can be easily trimmed. It is easy to squeeze and wash the interior. The rough exterior is good for gripping. You can use the icing piping tips with your kids and add family fun time in the kitchen with the seamless design of these piping tips.

Brand: Tailpa

👤I've been shown how to make a piping bag many times, but still can't get it right, so I bought this set. It is easy to use and improves my piping ability. It comes wrapped in plastic and doesn't have any instructions for fixing it. It is easy to clean and great value for money.

👤The icing set was basic. I used larger tips to decorate with cream cheese frosting and smaller tips to decorate with meringue frosting on cookies. There are many options of tips. I don't think the bags will last that long, but they should be easy to replace with plastic ones.

👤I haven't used it yet, but if I opened it from the package, it looked good and I liked it. I am not a cake person. I wanted it to be inexpensive and also an experience for my homemade tres leches cakes. I show the results after I use them.

👤I like having all the extra tips, but I might only use a few going forward. The bags look sturdy and have been cleaned up after 2 uses. The first time, the nozzle attachment is difficult. It makes sense after a few tries. I'm happy to not use plastic cases anymore. I need to figure out how to make my icing calories free.

👤This is a tryout for cake decorating. The bag is hard to work with. I think I will use those disposable plastic bags in the future.

👤The bags were very small. I used the first one to make buttercream frosting and put a hole in the bag.

👤I ordered this set to make a wedding cake. After a few years, the pieces get grungy. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bags and tips. Excited to do the cake with new equipment.

👤I only had one bag for icing because one of the plastic rings did not fit. I have not contacted the company. I tried to make my granddaughter's birthday cake.


What is the best product for cake level attachment?

Cake level attachment products from Vezzio. In this article about cake level attachment you can see why people choose the product. Babycakes and Ninja are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake level attachment.

What are the best brands for cake level attachment?

Vezzio, Babycakes and Ninja are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake level attachment. Find the detail in this article. Kitchenaid, Imperial Home and Kosbon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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