Best Cake Level Knife

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1. Ateco 1386 Stainless Steel Blade

Ateco 1386 Stainless Steel Blade

Premium quality materials. You can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best cake decorating tools, because every single one of them is crafted to perfection with the best quality materials and special attention to detail. They are non-toxic and made with food grade materials so they can be safe for you, and they are also extremely durable for maximum performance every time! Ateco has a medium straight spatula. The ground steel blade is flexible. The wood handle is lovely and the blade is attached with 2 sturdy rivets. The blade is 1 1/2 x 6 inches. Professional quality and quality design can be found at Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤The spatula is smaller than I expected, but I will still use it. The sticker on the blade was the biggest negative review issue that I read. The label is thicker than usual and the glue is stronger, but this can be used to your advantage when removing it. The spatula sticker hangs over the edges of the blade which makes it easy to remove. Don't try to rip it off fast as this will result in failure. Allow the sticker to slowly separate from the blade by applying a firm pulling pressure. It took me less than a minute to remove the label. Voila! The entire sticker came off with a minimal amount of effort and left no sticky mess.

👤The spatula seems to be of good quality, it fits my hand nicely and is the right size. NASA could use their glue because they put a tag on the blade that took me a long time to get off. I spent a long time trying to remove the glue from the tag. I soaked it in oil, used dish soap, a Scubbie, and a soft micro-fiber towel, and then used the spatula without a glue remnants on the blade. I've had it for 20 years and haven't used it. This is not acceptable.

👤This guy is supposed to be used for icing a cake. What do I do with it? Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Imagine a world where you can apply your ingredients to the very edge of the bread without sacrificing the integrity of the ideal thickness of application. The length and rounded tip of the spreaders make them perfect for getting peanut butter out of the jar without getting messy.

👤The spatula is looking find. I will never be able to use it. The sticker on it is hard to remove. It leaves a big square of glue that is 888-282-0465. I tried both of them and it still has the glue. The sticker on the working part of the utensil is beyond me. It shows the company doesn't care about food safety. There are many equally good or better products in this niche.

👤If you are having trouble removing the sticker, you can run a small stream of hot water from your tap to help you. It works perfectly.

👤I use these spatulas to paint knives. They are rustproof and can be easily removed from the blades. The packaging is terrible to remove. I took half an hour to remove the UPC stickers, and the remaining glue has not responded to alcohol or WD-40. It won't leave. I don't understand the need for this packaging.

👤We can't remove a sticker in an item review. Sorry about that, but why you're here? I already have a 12" one, so I bought the small. It's become one of the most valuable tools in my kitchen in the short amount of time I've had it. It's great for jam, icing cupcakes, and anything else you need to spread. The blade is short enough to keep tension and the small size makes it versatile. Order this thing and get a razor blade.

2. Mercer Culinary M23114 Millennia 18 Inch

Mercer Culinary M23114 Millennia 18 Inch

Service and warranty. If you have a problem with any of the products, you can contact them. RAINEBEAN guarantees the quality and longevity of all of its products for a lifetime. Santoprene and polypropylene are used in the handle. Slip resistance, grip, and safety are provided by textured finger points. A finger guard. blade edge and surface care should be washed with a hand wash. The angle of the blade. The high quality Japanese steel allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening. One-piece high-carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel.

Brand: Mercer Culinary

👤I renamed my knife after I stopped laughing at the size of it. I have a cake machete. It's funny. I don't have a problem with not having a big enough knife to slice my cakes. I put my machete to the test. My cakes were ready to slice. I love my cake machete. It sliced through my cakes. I'm very happy that I bought it. I was curious if it would affect the ease of use. It definitely did not fail. I would buy it again and encourage others to try it.

👤I did not buy this to slice cake. I wanted to cut rockwool mineral insulation. They say to cut with a bread knife, but I wanted something long that would cut the 16” width of the insulation for making it thinner for walls made of 2x3 instead of 2x4 wood studs. I wanted to cut a 6” thick batt of insulation into two 3” thick batts by sawing them to a size they don't make. It saved me from having to cut with a shorter knife from the opposite side and hope they lined up in the middle. I think it will work for cake for a long time after many cuts. The knife is a sword.

👤The knife seems well built. When my wife opened it, she said it was big and long. She was happy with the knife for her cakes, it was nice to hear that from her.

👤I got this knife for my wife to use to make her cake process easier. This is the best option out there. I would make sure you keep the sleeve on the knife and not put it in a drawer that it will hit other tools, the sharper the blade, the better it will cut. She was happy and smiled all the time.

👤This thing is easy to use. It is not hard to rip through Genoese sponge. I can say for certain that it has no flaws, even though I can not attest to how well it would penetrate a thicker cake or bread. It's my cakemore. In case you were curious, Claymore is here. It must be sheathed on the back. I use it in my kitchen battlefield. It has sliced a lot of layers. It is mighty and many more will fall before it.

👤It is great for slicing bread and cake. It is very sharp. It is hard to store and a bit difficult to handle. I thought I needed it for most cakes, but it's too large. I would recommend it. It splits cakeclayers cleanly.

👤This shaves down foam and mineral wool insulation to fit the wall. It spans the gap between the studs and is easy to shave it down to fit. It cuts through fingers as well. Be careful! In review, it's not bad.

👤I put the rating on the knife because it was large. I changed the blade's size to 18' to let people know when it says the blade size.

3. Mary Paxton Adjustable Decorating Accessoires

Mary Paxton Adjustable Decorating Accessoires

It's a good gift for baking beginners and lovers, as well as for family and friends, if you have a good baking tool. The price is reasonable and welcome to buy Mary Paxton cake slicer. Perfect for layer cakes, cut the cake thickness evenly and easily. Press the button to put the knife in the embedded spring. The cake cutter fixator allows you to adjust the thickness of the cake you want to slice. The cake slicer video is on the website. The kit is good for slicing cake. You can choose the thickness by yourself if you press down the big pink or green button.

Brand: Rayberro

👤I love it! Place these on a flat surface with the cake as you slice it. These work better than the wire cake cutter I use. The wire ones were always on my crumb. Make sure you have a long knife in order to cut your cake in a way that doesn't take too much space from the knife. You need that push and pull motion. I use a 14" cake knife and these to slice it. I have cut six and eight cakes with no problems.

👤These can be used to level a cake or cut a layer in half. It's so easy. You don't need a long knife to eat the cake. I'm glad I bought these to use.

👤This is easy to use. It has a limited range of thickness.

👤The cake leveler with a string has a cleaner cut. Since the little tools will take up some space in both ends, you need to make sure the knife is long enough.

👤These are easy to use and I love them. Every time, your cakes are cut into perfect layers. Thank you.

👤Este artculo is mini pequeo, no me sirven.

👤The levelers are held on the knife by a strong and smooth clamps. The levelers are cutting.

4. Adjustable Segmentation Layered Auxiliary Divider

Adjustable Segmentation Layered Auxiliary Divider

The Russian tips set is guaranteed to make any baking lover smile, it's a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or Mother's Day present you're looking for. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. What are you waiting for? Order now! There are a pair of pink layerers, a pair of green layerers and a cake and bread cutter in the package. Perfect sandwich cake, creating perfect layers, slice the cake horizontally. Pressing the two buttons of the slicer is easy to use. The blade should be moved on a flat surface. You get cake or toast slices. You can adjust cake slicer with 5 layers with the push of a button. A cutting tool for fixing cakes, small, lightweight, and easy to store is a great gift, made of food-grade plastic, safe to use in a dishwasher, and an essential kitchen tool.

Brand: Xizhi

👤Be careful with this purchase. I thought that cutting cakes would be a lot simpler with this. I was wrong. It is hard to use because it keeps slipping off the knife.

👤My cake was level and it was easy to use, the knife and leveling attachment worked out great.

👤This is worth it because of the knife. It was sharp and long. The clips are a little flimsy but for the price, they are a good purchase for beginners.

👤Baking cakes can be accomplished with the best tool in the kitchen.

👤The knife is sharp. The embedded spring clip was helpful until they loosened easily, when I tried to adjust it.

👤My daughter is a gymnast. She loves this because she spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

👤The knife is long with a comfortable handle. It was a good purchase price.

👤My wife is a great baker and works great.

5. Stainless Plastic Spatulas Serrated Kitchen

Stainless Plastic Spatulas Serrated Kitchen

The Wedding Cake Knife is 12 feet long x 1 foot wide, and the Wedding Cake server is 10 feet long x 2 feet wide. The handle of the bread knife is made of PP plastic, which is easy to use, not easy to fall, and is comfortable to hold. The blade of this cake knife has a sharp edge that can cut quickly and cleanly, and it is easy to pull out perfect bread slices. The serrated knife is good for slicing bread. The bread knife is suitable for spreading butter, whipping cream, cutting cakes, decorating fondant cakes and other pastries. It is easy to clean and use. Kitchen work should be easier. You can choose between a 10 inch and 12 inch bread knife. The multi-purpose knife is good at cutting large loaves of bread. The knife is suitable for cooking.

Brand: Meizhouer

👤This is my second purchase of this knife, and I couldn't be happier. I was surprised by the sharpness of the product. I use it for baking and serving. I will probably buy more if this one goes missing as well.

👤The knife has a good blade. The handle is not working. The handle doesn't stay on the blade and makes it hard to use. The blade is not secured by it.

👤I love this knife, it's very sharp, I need to be very careful when cutting cakes since I am not a professional. A great price for a quality product.

👤The knife is very well made. I found it somewhat awkward to use it as a bread knife. The thin blade and length make this knife perform well as a cake knife. To cut a cake into layers, where a thin serrated blade with length can reach beyond the diameter of most cakes, is where the cut can be smooth. The handle is plastic. Reason escapes me because it is colored green. It was passable after being tested on a loaf of bread. I have other bread knives that have thicker blades, with different styles of serrated edge, and they slice a loaf of bread. I don't think I'll use this knife to cut more loaves of bread unless it's soft crusted, and no other bread knife is available. There is a I would use this knife to layer cakes. If you need to cut layers of cakes, I would recommend this knife. The price won't hurt your bank account.

👤It is very easy to cut the layers in cakes with the sharp knife. I don't put my knives in the dishwasher. Everything was stated and it came on time.

👤I wanted to use the knife for a birthday cake for my best friend. If you want to add a filling to the middle section, you can cut the cake into two halves. I had a problem with the turntable. The handle feels sturdy but it feels like it might break at any given time due to the material it is made of. If you want to cut bread, this is a good knife. You just have to keep on going to make sure it is clean. It isn't much of a problem to store it, just remember it's a long knife. It looks bigger in person.

👤I bought this to replace my mother's knife, which was the same one I used to slice bread with. This knife is very sharp. No complaints so far.

👤I ordered a 10 inch knife and it was better than I expected, I used to slice my fort noire cake with it, but it was ruined easily, so I used to be frustrated, but this knife made it easy to cut the cake. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The best knife to cut cake. It is long enough for a large cake. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The product works well and is easy to use.

6. Neepanda Adjustable Leveler Stratification Auxiliary

Neepanda Adjustable Leveler Stratification Auxiliary

Before storing, wash and dry your hands. It's perfect for layer cakes, create perfect layers and cake horizontally slice. It is suitable for cake size 10 inch and below. To use, press two buttons on the slicer and the knife blade will be at the same layer. The blade should be moved at the flat surface. You can get a toast slice or uniform cake. The ring is adjusted inside and outside. The blade of the cake slicer can be adjusted by pressing the button after putting the knife in it. MATERIAL- Made of food grade plastic, dishwasher safe, essential kitchen tool, small, lightweight and durable, easy to storage, and great gift, cake cutting fixator tools. If you have a quality issue, please contact them to get a replacement or refund.

Brand: Neepanda

👤It's a hassle to try these. I do a better job just looking at it. They were difficult to get on the knife and the area between was not wide enough. It's a waste if you bake professionally.

👤I decided to make burger buns, too, after doing a lot of baking and eating a lot of Keto bread. I searched for help on Amazon after cutting them with a traditional knife. Two sets of little guys for a buck? You are good! Every time, they cut the thickness they wanted. Money was well spent.

👤I've spent a lot of money trying to find a good cake leveler. This idea is crazy. I am very happy with the result. The longer the knife, the better. I don't know how you would be disappointed with this product.

👤I had high hopes for this slicer since I have tried other slicers that aren't strong enough. I had a hard time getting through the cake because these slid off the knife while I was cutting. Both colors are the same. You're stuck with the thicknesses. It's not good to cut off the thin top layer of a cake to get a nice pale color.

👤My wife has a new cake knife. She smiled the whole time she used this combination because they worked perfect, the knife was mainly doing the work, but the measuring tools were perfect. I think getting a quality cake knife will give you the best results.

👤No me gusto, no me pasteles, no me dinero, no me todos lados.

👤They don't work, no instructions on how they work. Do they use a blade to slice? I will use a knife.

👤This one was perfect and didn't have any issues. The quality was better than I expected.

7. RFAQK Decorating Supplies Turntable Cake Spatula 30

RFAQK Decorating Supplies Turntable Cake Spatula 30

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. Baking tools and equipment are the best. SMOOTH REVOLVING TURNTABLE: The turntable stand has hidden ball bearings that make it easy to decorate cakes. It's good for both Right and Left handers. Use the straight spatula from the top to icing cakes from sides. The Turntable is made from plastic that is dishwasher safe. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. This is the only set with numbered tips that is easy to use. You don't have to worry about which tips produce what kind of decoration, just have a look on pattern chart where they have provided outcome of each tip to make tip selection very easy. Top professional tips are selected. There are 24 tips, including 2 Round Tips, 3 Leaf Tips, 2 Petal Tips, 2 French Tips, 2 Basket Weave tips, 5 open Star Tips, and 4 close Star Tips. Useful accessOries. 3 scrapers are needed to smooth icing on sides and top. Exchange tips without exchanging bags. Use a cleaning brush to clean. The RFAQK E.BOOK USER GUIDE FORBEGINNERS is for beginners. 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and leveling and icing cakes are included in the user guide. There are 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using icing tips, and different kinds of icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤Absolutely love it! I used the kit to make my daughters cake for her birthday party and it was a success. I will be making cakes for my kids.

👤I decided to make my daughter's birthday cake since bakeries were closed due to covid 19. I watched a few videos after buying this set. I intend to bake my children's cakes from this point on because the end result was so beautiful.

👤I included a picture of the leveler because it looks like some people didn't follow the instructions on how to set it up. It works well. I think this set was good for my first attempt at making a birthday cake.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. Everything was as expected. If you expected 42 pieces of the greatest decorating equipment for under $20 then you're not the smartest person in the drawer.

👤I have been a baker for many years, but recently decided to learn how to decorate cakes, thanks to the British Baking Show and America's Best Baker. The turn table is a game-changer because it is in one box. The product is good.

👤The cake cutter is the only thing I dislike. The wiring looks cheap. The piping tools are easy to use. The bags are nice. I wish they gave me some Silicone. Good for beginners.

👤The set is an excellent value and everything is of good quality. I expected it to arrive earlier. You would pay more for the spatulas at the store. I really like the direction sheet. I know how to assemble the tips. If you don't see the directions, you can remove one of the white rubbers tips from the cake leveler and spread the legs apart so that when you replace the wire it's under enough tension. I don't know how to use 2 wires at the same time as the legs angle out, so I'll just keep it as a spare, unless I can shorten it. Only one wire is shown in the photo.

👤I bought this set for my daughter to learn to decorate cakes. There were a few things that could have been better. The cake slicer wires were loose, and it wasn't immediately clear how to fix them. The cake stand is good, but could have been a little heavier if it had been made out of plastic. It comes with a link to videos you can watch to get better. I wish it had a hard copy of the instructions. It is easier to understand in words. It's not bad for the price.

👤I haven't received everything in the box. The cake leveller is bent and does not work, and I do not have any of the cake scrapers or palette knives in the box.

👤The cake set is decent value for the availability for the parts included. The turntable was the main highlight of the set and the additional items were a bonus that we used a lot. The box has everything tightly packed, so there is not necessarily a space to put everything in it. 3.8/5.0

8. CATHYLIN REVERIE Collection Wedding Cutting

CATHYLIN REVERIE Collection Wedding Cutting

A wedding cake knife is a gift. The ultimate wedding gift is the server set. The cake cutter and server will be in a purple box that you can give to the newlyweds. The vintage style and elegant design of this collection make it irresistible. The handle is very unique and has a brilliant pattern. The copper part has an antique finish. These tools can impress your guests. A cake server and a cake knife are included. Every day, the desert server is accessible. The cake server set will make you happy when eating your cake. PREMIUM &LONG LASTING MATERIAL: durable, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade They can last a long time. Perfect gift for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Brand: Cathylin

👤I was putting together a board that I was going to use these for. The packaging was lovely and elegant. I will be using them for a long time. I would be happy to give them to a friend.

👤These are my favorite cheese tools. Excellent quality steel with a great handle.

👤I am very impressed with this set and will be hosting a New Years Eve Party. Everything I wanted was super classy.

👤Knives are made well. The cardboard case is not good for storage. It was thought to have a decorative case.

👤They are perfect for my cheese board. The looks are so fascinating.

👤My engraver said that the quality of the STAINLESS STEEL made it engrave very well.

👤Good quality and beautiful set!

👤Like the looks of the handles.

9. OXO Grips Small Offset Icing

OXO Grips Small Offset Icing

The handle is soft and comfortable. It is a perfect shape and size for decorating cupcakes. The blade is flexible and stiff. The blade should keep the countertops clean. Smooth edges for coats. The handle is soft and comfortable. It is a perfect shape and size for decorating cupcakes. The blade is flexible and stiff.

Brand: Oxo

👤You will have to wash it by hand. It is starting to show rust spots after a few times in the dishwasher. I will not use the dishwasher to wash it. It is not very good for starting to rust. I bought it because I wanted to not wash it by hand, and would not purchase it again or recommend it.

👤I only used it once, and after I washed it in the dishwasher, I saw all the rust spots. It's not dishwasher safe, so stay away. I will return it.

👤I wish I'd bought this sooner. It's very handy to spread peanut butter on the wall of the washtub.

👤This does not seem to be a real Oxo item. It's made of cheap steel. After several washes, the handle gets rusted and the water gets trapped inside the handle during washing. I don't think this is a genuine article, but I realized the problem too late to return the item.

👤I use this because Thomas Keller uses an "icing spatula" as a small spatula for turning seafood or for lifting meat or grilled cheese sandwiches to inspect the food in a fry pan, since it is small, an icing spatula is great for turning small pieces of bacon, sausage patties, or scallops

👤They are not good. It was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 was 888-282-0465 It is looking at it. Not dishwasher safe.

👤It worked well and was perfect in size and weight. The perfect tool for the job, it holds a good amount of frosting. I didn't know why I waited so long to buy an offset spatula.

👤It's like every review here, the dang thing rusts after the first or a few washes; ours has ugly scary spots and even rubbing with cleaners for STAINLESS steel like warm vinegar didn't get them all off, making this thing require too much upkeep. I don't want my food to get rusty and I don't want my kitchen utensil to get rusty. It was thrown in the trash.

👤It was great to use this for the first time and put the buttercream on a large chocolate cake. It was easy to cover the sides and make the peaks on the top. I don't know why I didn't buy this a year ago, I used to bake a lot more cakes than I do now.

👤This was a lot bigger than I expected, with the spatula part being around 20 cm long on its own, handle adding more length. It was hard to use. If it's a big cake, this would work well. The child's birthday cake was a fiddly shaped one. It seems to be made of good quality materials. I only do cakes on special occasions, so my experience of this icing spatula is based on amateur baking skills.

10. Bonviee Adjustable Cake Leveler Professional

Bonviee Adjustable Cake Leveler Professional

Can cut to multiples. It is easy to cut, built in 1mm wide saw toothed, for splitting cakes evenly. The measure size is from 1 to 9 cm, with 3 wire cut saws to give a clean cut at any required depth. Only about 317g is lightweight. The anti-slip frosted plastic handle and two hard plastic feet provide stability and are easy to slide across the countertop when cutting. durable The cake leveler is made of steel and aluminum. It is suitable for beginners to prevent cake from messing up.

Brand: Bonviee

👤I had a cheap cake leveler that didn't work well. I decided to try the Bonviee Adjustable Cake Leveler after doing a lot of research. It does a great job of slicing through the cake. The ability to adjust the blade height is easy and the blades are sharp. It can hold large cakes. Being large makes it difficult to fit in the sink for washing, but I found sitting it on it's side worked well. Take it apart and wash it. The manufacturer warns against it. It's a challenge to put it all back together. This cake leveler is very good.

👤I've been looking for this for a long time. Every other one was too small. This one is working well so far. As soon as you are done, wash the blades. It's easier to keep clean. It's worth the pain to store due to the size.

👤I just bought my first Bonviee three level cake cutter. I found it difficult to cut my first cake. It was fairly simple after I cut all three cakes into three layers. I now have layers which are the same thickness. All flat! It is wide enough to cut a quarter of a sheet of cakes. Love it! I need to learn how to do a neater mirror glaze. This was my first attempt and it is very flat.

👤I just baked my first beautifully tiered cake and thanks to this slicer mt layers were perfect - I'm collecting baking supplies to make my cakes worthy of The Great British Bake Off!

👤The cake is ripped by the product. The bottom of the cake was undamaged. The cake tore and lifted after the blades were fastened tightly. I tried this on some cakes to see if it would improve my method. I tried to have one person hold the cake while I cut it. This did not change the result. I changed the depth of the blades. This didn't work. The shallowest setting for two blades is the3/4” tort cut. The product needs two pairs of pliers to be tight.

👤I waited until I had a chance to use this before writing a review. I was very happy with its size, design and overall quality. I was amazed at how easy it was to cut the top off of my cake and how smooth it was. I only had to cut the top off. Nice product!

👤I was making my granddaughter's wedding cake and thought this would be a huge asset for leveling the large tiers. The blade was not straight. We thought we would lower one of the upper blades because I only needed one blade. It took three people to lower the upper blade. Not feasible for a 70 year old woman. Use your steady hand to hold the knife.

👤The gadget ends the cake layers. I used it for the first time yesterday and I was amazed at how simple it was. This item will be referred to friends and family.

11. NY Stainless Customizing Decorating Straight

NY Stainless Customizing Decorating Straight

It was made from high quality aluminum. The set of 5 tools includes a cake lifter, cake server, straight spatula, and offset spatula. The cake slicer has a guided wire slicer. No more cakes that are too large. The moving and lifting of the layers is very delicate. This lifter will give you the strength you need. The grooves help the sections not stick. The best way to present a work of art is with a matching server. Straight and offset spatulas are used for cake decoration. These are the paint brushes used by the cake artist. They are long enough for a smooth finish. This is a must have for a baker. This set is perfect for anyone who bakes. The 5 pieces are dishwasher safe and made from sturdy STAINLESS STEEL. It's a great gift for a baker in your life.

Brand: Newline Ny

👤When transferring the cake, it worked well.

👤The cutter didn't work out for me, but this is a nice set. I used a serrated knife because it was too difficult to use. I'm sure the lifter would be good, but for cakes under 12''. I didn't need to use it.


What is the best product for cake level knife?

Cake level knife products from Ateco. In this article about cake level knife you can see why people choose the product. Mercer Culinary and Rayberro are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake level knife.

What are the best brands for cake level knife?

Ateco, Mercer Culinary and Rayberro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake level knife. Find the detail in this article. Xizhi, Meizhouer and Neepanda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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