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1. Wilton Icing Spatula 13 Inch Angled

Wilton Icing Spatula 13 Inch Angled

Every purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them. The angle of the spatula is great for smoothing icing on cakes. The handle is made for comfort and control. Steel blade and plastic handle. 13 inches is 33 centimeters. Before each use, wash the top rack dishwasher in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I only used this spatula once and it has already started to rust. I washed it once and it is not sanitary. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤What not to like? The price is great. Great product. One of these is needed by every family. I will use it to make cakes, peanut butter sandwiches, and be the cool dad. The product will change your life. You will become rich. You will lose all the weight you want. People who want to be friends. You will get a promotion.

👤I have never owned an icing spatula. If my mother ever wanted to make a round cake that wasn't left in a cake pan, she would use a butter knife. When I was an adult, I realized there was another way to do this, and that a flat butterknife worked just as well. It doesn't. I have used this product and know that. I understand why you would spend $6 on an icing spatula, because it makes things easier and looks better. I didn't expect it to be so big, despite the clear description. It takes up more space than I thought it would. Unless you also don't mind that it's going to be huge, don't be like me and ignore the thing right in the description. I can use this for other things. I am not sure what other things are yet, but I am sure there are some.

👤I didn't clean it right away when I used it. It was in the sink. The bottom side was covered with rust spots when I washed it. There are permanent marks on it. It was probably my fault, but nothing else of mine has ever rusted. I will look for another product.

👤This spatula was very cheap, but it was also branded by Wilton. I am not happy that it isn't what I call STAINLESS STEEL. You can't keep it on a magnetic knife bar. This was revealed by the wish description.

👤I was looking for an icing spatula when I bought this. I need something to make it easier to put icing on cakes. A lot of bakers suggest using an angle spatula. It is easier when the spatula is straight. The spatula was a good value for the price. I didn't expect to use this spatula for so many things other than icing a cake. The spatula is over an inch wide. I now think of it as a spatula to use when cooking small food items that I need to lift or turn. I use it to turn bacon, biscuits, and other things when cooking. The spatulas are in the drawer most of the time. I recommend one for your kitchen.

👤I finally broke down and got this. You don't know what you have to do to make it easier for yourself. I have not had any issues with spots or rust. I washed it before using it. And made sure it was dry. I was surprised by some of the reviews. I have some items that are very good and I hope to keep it that way. Fast delivery and reasonably priced.

2. Lifter Stainless Steel Pizza Transfer

Lifter Stainless Steel Pizza Transfer

The price and gift idea are reasonable. Everyone who loves cooking, baking, or grilling will love this turner. It's an excellent gift idea for Birthdays, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Father's Day, Mother's day, Housewarming, outdoors, Camping, and so much more. The pink and silver material has a non-slip handle. Lift and move cakes and pizza in the kitchen. The wide blade holds cakes up to 8 inches. Before use, wash in warm soapy water and rinse and dry. Heavy-duty construction. The handle is made from the same material as TPE.

Brand: Qeleg

👤I use it more in my kitchen now.

3. Heavy Duty Pizza Lifter Oversized

Heavy Duty Pizza Lifter Oversized

This egg turner is a gift idea that people love. It is put to good use. It's a great gift for a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Father's Day, Wedding, Housewarming, and so much more. Superior Quality is made of food-gradestainless steel, surface drawing treatment, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, sturdy and durable. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The wood handle is made of rubber wood and has a smooth surface, a comfortable grip, and a hanging design that makes it easy to store. The design is intimate. The large shovel surface has a large bearing area, flexible shoveling to move large pieces of food, the thin and smooth edge is not easy to damage the food when shoveling. It's great for putting pizzas, cakes, biscuits, bread, pancakes, oversized burgers, etc in the oven or taking them out and making sure you get complete food. The service is guaranteed. If you don't like this set at any time, please email them and they will give you a full refund. Press "add to cart" with confidence.

Brand: Latauar

👤I bought this to make it easier to get tortillas off the pizza stone. It works wonders for that. I'm not sure how it would handle a small pizza. The paddle is more than adequate for my needs and doesn't show any signs of wear or sloppiness after a year in use. The pizza stone doesn't show any scratching from the steel, and it's easy to clean, so I think it's safe to say that the pizza stone is clean. I initially saved on the assumption that they would fall apart and need to be replaced, but I recently gave the second one away after seeing no such causes for concern.

👤The peel on the back of a cast iron skillet is a great upgrade from the piece of cardboard we were using to get our pizzas in and out. Our first pizza was a failure, but we needed more flour on this surface than our old cardboard did to keep it from sticking.

👤The paddle is very good and the handle does not jiggle. I'm pretty happy with it because my husband tried it and he was certain it wouldn't bother me down the road. It makes removing hot pizzas and tortillas loaded with meat, beans and cheese much easier. I'm happy with the product.

👤I used to take cookies, pound cake and a pizza. Love it.

👤The handle that pivots makes it easy to store.

👤No corta de los pedazos. Material no tienes.

👤It is great. I loved everything about this product. Just ordered 2 more for the holiday season.

👤Pizza lift works. The lift's handle is riveted to it. It works but is a bit wobbly.

👤It works well for placing pizza on the stone and removing it once cooked. If you make your own dough, make sure to spread flour on the metal surface. The price was good and the shipping was fast.

4. OXO 53081 SteeL Pie Server

OXO 53081 SteeL Pie Server

This cutting guide bread was constructed with 100% bamboo. It is very stable and doesn't break easily even with lots of chopping. Pies, quiches, and more can be easily cut. The head is flexible. Serrated on both sides for easy cutting. Flexible fins for comfort are what the handle features.

Brand: Oxo

👤Which is the reason I bought this server. It snapped at the handle after being used for 6 months and my husband just used it to pick up a meatballs. It is no longer viable. Completely useless. I would say that an OXO product is reliable. I was shocked when this happened. I don't want to buy it again. I will look for another.

👤This is the second time I have used it broken since I bought it in November. This is not a good steel because it doesn't snap easily.

👤I bought this item 8 months ago. I needed something to make dessert. It worked great until yesterday. The handle fell off when we picked it up. The word "sturdy" was one of the reasons I chose this item. Not much. Don't worry about your money.

👤It broke off as I was cutting a piece of cake.

👤Snapped in half. Had not been used a lot. Not what I would expect from Oxo.

👤After a few months, the handle just came off, and it seemed like it had been there for a long time. I usually have good luck with their products, but this one is different.

👤I ordered a pie server from the Amazon Choice store and was surprised to find it was better than others. The best part are the micro serrations that allow you to easily cut through the pastry. For years I have used a knife to cut through the top pie crust, but this does a better job, very quickly. Who knew?

👤This is what the ad says. A spoon is Sturdy, usable, serving or cooking spoon. The size and depth of the spoon bowl is right. A good scoop of potato salad or soft ice cream is possible if you are deep and wide. The handle and bowl have a good sturdy shank. I have used it to stir food. There is a It fits well in my drawer, but it is the length described. It could use a few more inches between the handle and bowl. I want to get my fingers deeper into the pot. A serving spoon is not a typical serving spoon. It is very well made. Looks good there. It makes me look better, as if I know what I'm doing. It works well in the hand. It's big enough for anyone with a weak grip. Not large for small hands. It is being used more often than other serving spoons and work horse spoons. It makes a great addition to the kitchen because of the price. There is a If you wake up at night and hear something stirring in the kitchen, most likely it's because this spoon is being used.

👤After moving out, I went through the process of buying all the kitchen gadgets. I had a pie server on my list. I tried to find one at the grocery store. I forgot that Amazon was a thing, but I found and ordered it. This is a full size pie server, not a tiny one like some of the other products you'll find on Amazon. The edges of the server are sharp, so you can easily cut pie or cake with it. There was a time when desserts were balanced on a fork and knife.

5. Extra Large Stainless Spatula Turner Strong

Extra Large Stainless Spatula Turner Strong

Everyone who owns their products will get a superior experience with FOREVER Service. They're here to make sure you enjoy your purchase and that their service lasts forever. The heavy duty spatula is made of premium-grade steel and has a handle that is strongly riveted. Your extra large spatula will remain rust-free, easily handle the weightiest of food, and remain intact for years to come, because of this. Silicone or pancake spatulas can bend and corrode, not like the ones you use for cooking and baking. This jumbo heal resistant spatula is large enough to use with a wide range of dishes. The wide spatula turner is 6 inches in diameter and has a blade that can be used to lift food from the oven or pan to the serving tray. You should use a spatula with a steel cookie in it to make it easier to work with the oven. This large baking spatula is a must-have for any pizza maker or baker. It's perfect for peeling pizzas off the pan, turning tarts and cookies, and lifting cakes. The wide metal spatula is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The wooden handle on their grill makes it easy for you to grip when you need to lift your baked goodies. The material used is smooth and gentle to your hand, with an angle design for maximum control and ease in maneuvering. The best value for money is a large turner spatula that combines affordable pricing with unparalleled quality. Their large baking spatula is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do you have any questions about your order? They will not let you go unsatisfied if you reach out to them.

Brand: Royal Home

👤The wooden handle is not very strong and bends easily. Good for eating breakfast. I used this for burgers on my griddle, when I pressed down on the burgers with the spatula it bent with the slightest of pressure.

👤You get what you pay for. If you look at it funny, you'll see the handle bends. It's thin and untempered. Not worth returning, wouldn't buy again.

👤The spatula was supposed to hold a 12 inch pizza. The measurement was from the tip of the handle to the far end of the spatula. How long is the handle? The measurement would have been the part of the spatula. Look at the picture with that in mind. The part that goes under the pizza is not enough. It's bigger than a normal spatula, but not helpful for anything bigger than a personal pan pizza. The material seems good. I think it could handle a pancake.

👤I bought an outdoor griddle because I thought pancakes would be a great breakfast meal. I was searching for Amazon and found this spatula. I use a flimsy long spatula at my wife's diner to flip pancakes, but I don't like that one as the cakes are wider than the spatula. I think this will make it much easier and faster to put out meals when the cakes roll. Can't wait to try it out. I wouldn't suggest using on teflon.

👤The entire edge of this spatula is very sharp, like a very sharp knife, and it's just what I wanted. I will be returning this because it is extremely hazardous to use. If you purchase this, be careful. I am annoyed and disappointed at the careless way in which this was manufactured.

👤The size is perfect. The front edge of the item is made to slide under the cooking item without tearing. It's heavy and well made. The handle has a hole drilled into it so that it can be hung up when not in use. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I needed that when I made home fries. I need to be able to turn large portions of them at the same time. I used this for pancakes but will be making mom's famous homefries soon and I'm really looking forward to using this beast. It's good for home protection. It packs a punch.

👤My spatulas were too small for the job and I make a lot of fajitas and omelettes. I put the description in Amazon's search and found what I wanted. I have used it and it is what I wanted. It is easy to clean and can be hung from a hook.

6. Stainless Spatula Shovel Lifter Homemade

Stainless Spatula Shovel Lifter Homemade

You will get 3pcs flower jacquard of different colors, which is an ideal choice for cake making lovers. Baking is easy and life is enjoyable. The blade is 17 inches in diameter and has a weight of 0.9lb. The wooden handle is permanently attached. The blade is designed to slide under pizzas. Meal prep containers made from durable STAINLESS STEEL are food safe and easy to clean and are approved by the FDA. They will create the best customer service for their product. The pizza paddle will meet the expectations of your family. They will accept a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Danoib

7. NY Stainless Customizing Decorating Straight

NY Stainless Customizing Decorating Straight

It was made from high quality aluminum. The set of 5 tools includes a cake lifter, cake server, straight spatula, and offset spatula. The cake slicer has a guided wire slicer. No more cakes that are too large. The moving and lifting of the layers is very delicate. This lifter will give you the strength you need. The grooves help the sections not stick. The best way to present a work of art is with a matching server. Straight and offset spatulas are used for cake decoration. These are the paint brushes used by the cake artist. They are long enough for a smooth finish. This is a must have for a baker. This set is perfect for anyone who bakes. The 5 pieces are dishwasher safe and made from sturdy STAINLESS STEEL. It's a great gift for a baker in your life.

Brand: Newline Ny

👤When transferring the cake, it worked well.

👤The cutter didn't work out for me, but this is a nice set. I used a serrated knife because it was too difficult to use. I'm sure the lifter would be good, but for cakes under 12''. I didn't need to use it.

8. OXO Plastic Brownie Spatula Non Stick

OXO Plastic Brownie Spatula Non Stick

The set of 2 mini cookie spatulas have wood handles and Slotted Blade Cookie Spatula. It's the perfect size for brownies. The edge is sharp enough to slice brownies and other baked goods. The handle is soft and comfortable. Non-stick bakeware is safe with a plastic head.

Brand: Oxo

👤The first four photos make it look like polished steel. It's not suitable for high temp use. It's also wide, like 1 inch. It's tiny. If I knew what I was getting, I wouldn't have bought it.

👤I use this spatula to serve brownies and cakes. It is a perfect shape for brownies. I was trying to lift a piece of bar cookie from a pan when it snapped and broke. If you put pressure on it, it snaps. I found a black nylon spatula from OXO. I think they are new. I ordered them to replace the spatula.

👤I thought it was weird to buy a brownie spatula, but I used it. The size is perfect for getting in there and cutting brownies from the pan. I have a non-stick coating on my pan, so I'm not worried about it scratching the surface. The product is very nice.

👤I have a few non-stick cake pans that work great without grease, but are very easy to scratch and damage with a butter knife, which is why I used to use it. The server is easy to use, and firm enough to cut into some baked goods, like the cornbread I made after receiving this, but I left it out on the counter for a day and a half. The edges are at a 45 degree angle, which makes it very good for cutting and getting under stubborn stuff. You really can't go wrong with it.

👤Getting brownies or cake slices out of a pan can be difficult, so this spatula is handy. It's made of plastic. I don't want to ruin the look of it, so I didn't buy it for that purpose, but I'm not sure if it is heat resistant or if red sauces stain it. The clear plastic has held up well over time.

👤The spatulas are plastic and protect pans, which I like. I have gone through several of them and each lasted less than a year before breaking. The black part breaks off. I have not replaced the last one because I don't want to waste my money and I haven't found a good replacement yet. Even brownies have been enough to break ours, so I recommend the spatula if you're going to be very gentle with it.

👤It's small, so I probably shouldn't have looked at the item description for the size. Who eats brownies that small? This is America! They must have used a small object to hold this spatula, because they took the photos in the description. It's deceptive. Before you place an order, you should get out your tape measures. It looks like it will work perfectly for not scratching a cast iron pan or a sheet pan.

👤The item has a promotional video on Youtube that shows the flexibility of the item and its clear plastic. It does a good job cutting brownies. The problem is that the blade of the spatula has scratches all over it, making it look like it has been used for a long time. It's a shame.

9. Wide Spatula Stainless Hangable Resistant

Wide Spatula Stainless Hangable Resistant

It cuts through the most delicate pastries without affecting the elegant shape. The spatula made of food-grade 304 steel is more durable than the Silicone spatula because it is strong, heated evenly, and resistant to rust, and not to be burnt or melted. The spatula is dishwasher safe because it is all metal. If you are looking for a square spatula that is perfect for grilling or a heavy-duty spatula for cooking, this square spatula is about 3.5 inches wide and 13 inches long. The head is designed to help you drain away oils. The one-piECE metal molding process is perfect. The spatula of the turner adopts a long, non-slip, anti-scalding design, which is comfortable to hold. The edge of the spatula has been polished many times. The edge is smooth. The spatula can be hung on the wall. There is more safety in cooking helpers. A metal spatula is suitable for frying, roasting, and other cooking methods, not worry about little pieces of plastic or Silicon invading your food, and you will never smell bad from the plastic, Silicone, or nylon. They don't recommend using non-stick cookware. The grill spatula is intended to be used on cast iron skillets, cookware, griddle, pressure cooker, wok, and baking ware for grilling or frying the steak, meat, and burger. The price and gift idea are reasonable. Everyone who loves cooking, baking, or grilling will love this turner. It's an excellent gift idea for Birthdays, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Father's Day, Mother's day, Housewarming, outdoors, Camping, and so much more.

Brand: Otevy Mos

👤I love it! We were looking for something that would make it easier to flip pancakes and grilled cheese. The wide mouth is useful. It is strong. I'm not worried. Every time. It is so easy to clean. I love it!

👤It would be easier to flip it if it was made in the shape of P. A small award is being used in a skillet.

👤It's perfect for omelettes, tortillas and salmon.

👤Strong, holds wider foods.

👤Finding an extra wide spatula is a gift for me. I can flip anything and it doesn't look bad. It's easy to hold the light. I had no issues with it heating up. I love it!

👤The wooden spatulas are not very good for a grill. They always left a trail of egg when trying to get under them. This thing slides under it. The extra wide shape is nice, and there's a give to the spatula which is nice for maneuvering under stuff.

10. IUAQDP Stainless Spatula Shovel Homemade

IUAQDP Stainless Spatula Shovel Homemade

The pizza peel is made from durable steel, which is approved meal prep containers are food safe and durable and won't rust. Will not impart flavors or colors into food. It is easy to clean. The edge of the blade allowed it to slide under the pizza. The metal pizza peel is versatile. It is also used as a cutting board or chopping block for your pizza, fruits, or vegetables. It is a simple serving tray that you can use to serve pizza, vegetables, fruit, or cheese. It is a beautiful decoration that can be displayed in your kitchen or bar. If you've ever tried removing a pizza with a flimsy plastic spatula, peel, or cutting board, you've probably dumped it on the floor. The pizza peel is strong. The width is 16.5 cm and the length is 12.49 cm. Pizza peel paddle is designed to slide under pizzas for easy loading and unloading, as well as a permanently affixed rubble handle to keep your hands from getting too close to the heat, and help prevent burning your hands on the hot baked goods. The folding handle makes it easy to store the pizza lifter. They will create the best customer service of their product. The pizza paddle will meet the expectations of your family. The team takes the hassle out of eating.

Brand: Iuaqdp

👤It arrived three days after it was promised. I apologized for ordering it. It is more of a spatula than a pizza peel. The handle is listed in the 12” dimensions. The metal surface is just 6” in diameter and it is so light that it would barely hold a muffin, which is what I need. It is going back.

👤Everybody who makes pizza or cakes will find this useful. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I thought it would be dull. I like the wood handle. It's easy to use and clean. I don't put wood in the dishwasher. Yeah, duh. It can be used for things like diced veggie scooper and dough scraper. That's up to you. I will do an update if it's necessary. I think this blade will last longer than I will. An update months later. I still love this flipper.

👤This cake lifter is very sturdy. I use it for lifting round cakes from hot pans, sliding them onto cooling racks, and placing them into storage containers and boxes. The heavy blade can handle the heaviest cakes without fear. It's also good for lifting small pizzas and other hot foods.

👤It's easy to clean because it's safe in the dishwasher. The wood on the handle doesn't feel finished, which is a problem. It's rough and needs more sanding. The wooden kitchen utensil handles were smooth and felt like they had been sealed with a waxy substance. I'm going to try rubbing it down with mineral oil, but I don't think I should have to make it myself.

👤Good for pizza, pancakes, smash burgers, tortillas, several eggs in a pan. There is a edge to slip under the food. I have never seen one like this before. Good handling as well.

👤I'm happy with this pizza peel. It's the right size for a personal pizza. I put the crust on the peel and put it in the oven. It's easier to get the pizza out of the drawer.

👤It is small but well made. The size was listed and that was my fault.

👤It is described. It works for a pizza. Read carefully.

11. Spatula Stainless Smoother Decorating Supplies

Spatula Stainless Smoother Decorating Supplies

We are committed to offering top of the line home and kitchen products. If you're dissatisfied with anything, contact them and they'll give you a free replacement or refund. The cake spatulas are made from flexible but sturdy blades that are ideal for years of use. The plastic handles are designed for a good grip. The professional look and feel is perfect for your kitchen or bakery. The plastic handle is made from plastic and has a 45 angle to the knife, which makes it more comfortable to handle. You will save a lot of time when applying cream. The cake spatulas have three different sizes. The small size spatula allows you to decorate with precision, while the large size spatula allows you to be controlled and efficient. The icing set is made from high quality steel and is guaranteed to last. It has no smell and can direct touch with food. It's easy to clean, it's strong and durable. The smooth surface of the knife helps to spread the cream evenly on cakes or soils. More comfortable and safe. The cake spatulas can be used as cake spatula, decorating spatula, cake smoothing kiss knife, and it can make cake. The person is decorating. Become easy. It's great for making pies and cakes. The right size can make cake decoration easy. There is a suit for professional pastry chefs.

Brand: Briskyloom


What is the best product for cake lifter spatula?

Cake lifter spatula products from Wilton. In this article about cake lifter spatula you can see why people choose the product. Qeleg and Latauar are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake lifter spatula.

What are the best brands for cake lifter spatula?

Wilton, Qeleg and Latauar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake lifter spatula. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Royal Home and Danoib are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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