Best Cake Lotion for Women

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1. Mademoiselle Provence Ultra Rich Nourishing Smoothing

Mademoiselle Provence Ultra Rich Nourishing Smoothing

Their unique whipped body cream is made with 98.1% natural ingredients and is a beautiful all-natural body balm. Immediately the balm will melt into the skin. You can get dressed with healthy skin. The most demanding skin has inherent toxicity and hydration. African shea butter, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil are used to repair and nourish dry and very dry skin. A non greasy formula. A Dermatologist was tested. There is a unique blend of natural ingredients for regenerating skin. The skin is glowing and delicately scented with an authentic floral scent from Provence, and it is enriched with peony extracts and organic rose. The former Miss France created an all-natural beauty line for every day. Simple yet efficient products with signature scents from Provence. 100% made in France with love. The fields of Provence are beautiful. All products are free of harmful substances. Free from abuse.

Brand: Mademoiselle Provence

👤The product was not greasy when I tried it on the back of my hand. The SMELL was disappointing. The smell of roses is not a good one. Would agree with the other reviewer that it is not very nice. Go with either a rose or a peony scent. It seems that mixing the two doesn't work well.

👤The smell was terrible, it was old and turned yellow, and there was nothing wrong with that. I expected the smell of France to be beautiful and thin. I think it was discontinued and they are still selling what they have left.

👤I weighed the product in the container and it was only 75% full, which was less than the 6.7oz stated in the description. There was no smell to the product. I don't like perfumed products, but this had nothing. It was light and fluffy. After my window was closed, I opened the container.

👤The creme is light on the skin and has a pleasant scent of rose. Tea rose is a rose scent that is over powered. This is light so that you can use it on more than a small amount of skin. The perfume doesn't conflict with a different one. It is better than I anticipated and I will definitely buy it again. There are squeeze tubes, a bottle with a push to release top, and a tub.

👤I like the feel of this cream. I need a great cream or lotion to counter the chlorine drying effects that occur when I swim. The texture of this product is wonderful, but it doesn't have enough scent to make my skin softer. This is a bit too expensive because I need to use it and the amount I need. I like the way it feels and may keep a jar at my bedside for a nighttime application. I would give it to someone.

👤This balm is nice and creamy, and it soaked in right away. I don't understand where a lot of people don't like the scent because I wasn't sure when I smelled it. I gave it a try and my husband said he liked the smell because it was more natural. I'm hooked on this vintage floral and it's not bad for a whipped balm, I will keep buying.

👤Too strong scent to sleep with.

👤The smell is artificial, but the properties are great. I couldn't smell it as I got to the pt. This is a cheap imitation of a rose scent. Ended up throwing it. Wouldn't recommend.

2. Bath Body Works Care Strawberry

Bath Body Works Care Strawberry

A swirl of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake, and whipped cream. Let the smell of a sweet treat take you to the bake shop of your dreams. Their UltraShea Body Cream is clinically tested for 24 hours of hydration. The formula leaves skin feeling softer after use. One full size Body Cream is included.

Brand: Bath & Body Works

👤I was very worried about ordering this cream off of Amazon because I was afraid it would melt or clump. It arrived in good condition. I bought it from the seller. I like the fruity smells. Some people don't like how sweet it smells, but that's my style. It lasts all day for me.

👤I don't think it's important how much a person enjoys a scent. I like the smell of this product. I just ordered the spray and I like it so much. I like the scent of doughnuts. I like the smell of the food I can't eat.

👤There is nothing I don't like about it. If you want to smell like cake and strawberries. This is the cream for you.

👤The cream smells great. There is a The inflation price was a disappointment. The bottle has a $14.50 price tag. Amazon charged $27.

👤I like it. We are washing our hands more frequently. The hands tend to get wet. The cream is great at making you feel good. Will be ordering more.

👤It was a lovely day when I received my lotion. It is delightful.

👤I brought it for my granddaughter. She liked it a lot. I might order it again.

3. Nivea Nourishing Firming Lotion Fluid

Nivea Nourishing Firming Lotion Fluid

Firmer Skin Fast: The skin's elasticity can be improved in as little as two weeks. The creamy formula in this NIVEA lotion is enriched with CoQ10 and Vitamins C and E. It's ideal for dry skin, and perfect for daily use. More than 130 years of experience has made NIVEA a trusted leader in skin care products. One bottle of the NIVEA Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion with Q10 is included.

Brand: Nivea

👤I love this product. I have used it as directed and seen results. My skin stays hydrated for 24 hours. The regular formula has the same results as the regular one, though the hydrating part doesn't last as long due to being a lighter formula. I like the smell of clean. I can see why some people think it is strong. I have very sensitive skin and have not had a problem using this product. Some reviewers complain that it doesn't make their arms stronger, but common sense tells you that it's not a substitute for muscles. Work on those ladies! The lack of muscle mass will not be cured by a lotion.

👤I can't believe how much this has changed my complexion... I was surprised it actually works. I have been using it for about 3 months and added my save order because it works. The difference in the skin on my legs and tummy has decreased.

👤I like the smell. It works for the bad skin on my hands and arms. I have a lot of bottles of hand lotion, but I would recommend this one. Not greasy. I am 72 years old and it works for me.

👤I bought this product because I was recently diagnosed with a disease. The Sjogrens can cause your skin to become extremely dry. My skin feels normal thanks to this lotion. It lasts for a long time. Since I have been using this lotion, I can say that my skin feels like it used to. Before I started using this lotion, my skin was dry and flaky. It was in a bad shape. I couldn't keep it hydrated. My skin looks great now. I have not found a lotion that gives me what I need like this one does.

👤This is the best lotion I have ever used. It's creamy smooth, smells nice, and absorbs into your skin without feeling sticky. It's too early to make any claims about my saggy skin. Unless this lotion works a miracle, I'll be facing surgery.

👤The scent of flowers is strong. It was twice as much as Grandma's perfume. I can't stand the smell of the lotion for long so I don't know if it does what it claims.

👤I usually don't trust any product that claims to improve skin over time, but I feel like my skin is healthier and firmer after only two weeks of use. It's great for use after the sun goes down.

👤I was initially skeptical about the product, but I have been very impressed. I thought it might help some people, but I am really happy with what it has done. I noticed a difference in a few days. Definitely a believer! Great product!

4. Delectable Cake Beauty Assorted Cream

Delectable Cake Beauty Assorted Cream

Their hand cream sets are rich and never greasy, and will leave your hands soft and pretty. It is impossible to love just one flavor. The inner muse is innate. Enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe Vera to nourish and smooth dry hands. There are four scents: strawberry and cream, lemon and cream, coconut and cream and Vanilla and Cream. Their formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. They are both vegan and cruelty-free. No animal testing has ever taken place. The beauty of nature. They put in the high performing natural ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don't. That's a big no-no to sulfates, sulfates, and talc. CAKELAND: Cake has a line of bath, body, and haircare products that are naturally decadent.

Brand: Delectable

👤This is the best hand lotion ever. It is non-greasy and very hydrating. It lives up to its name, all of the scents are delicious. I got a sample of the cake in my bag and was hooked. I'm very happy to have found 3 more scents. I would order it immediately if it came in a larger size. Definitely recommend. These tubes are a good size and a little goes a long way due to the thickness of this brand. Love it, love it, love it.

👤I see what everyone is talking about, the lotion on my hands feels like it melted into my skin, but it's not greasy. The strawberry is my favorite because it smells like strawberry shakes and lasts for hours, the lemon one smells like lemon candy, and the vanilla one smells like a creamy sweet coconut cake. I threw out my old aveeno lotion after ordering big versions of them.

👤I always look for the perfect hand cream. The rates are easy in my top three. I don't feel like my hands are greasy or slick because this lotion rubs in well. My hands are soft and protected. The scent is light but amazing, I keep sniffing it on my hands, it is more of a foody smell than a floral. I would like to have this in a pump bottle for my body after a bath. I prefer the hand formula over the body formula. The scent is lovely and will please people who don't like heavy scent.

👤I had to buy more after I received one of these. I like the fact that your hands don't get greasy after using it. The tubes are small for the price, so I didn't give it a 5th star.

👤If you want to smell like dessert, here you go! You will be like a cupcake without the calories or guilt. It is hard to get online. I was very excited to find this. The cream is non-greasy and super emollient and the scent is sweet and delicious. I don't know if you can get this regularly from Cake Beauty, but it is special and good. I love being with someone.

👤This is a product that I love. The scent is delicious and the product is not greasy. I work in the medical field and I use hand sanitizer to keep my hands from drying out. The product arrived as expected. The size was perfect for my pocket.

👤Since I found a lemon cream bottle on sale at my local Target, I've been using my favorite line of lotion. I smell great after my hands are left feeling smooth.

👤I have to admit that the lotion is very hydrating. The scent seems artificial to me. I really wanted to like them. I wish they smelled more authentic.

👤Nobody is buying a product like this because of the moisturizing factor. That is important. If you buy from a brand calledcake beauty, you are expecting the products to smell amazing. I have only opened two of them and neither smell like their description. They smell like plastic. There was no coconut scent detected. I want to return them because I feel like I'm being ripped off.

5. Aveeno Moisturizing Soothing Emollients Fragrance Free

Aveeno Moisturizing Soothing Emollients Fragrance Free

A full bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion can be used for 24 hours. The oatmeal formula in the lotion leaves your skin soft, beautiful and healthy looking. The award winning daily lotion for dry skin locks in hydration and improves skin's health in just one day. It works to prevent, protect, and nourish dry skin. It replenishes hydration for the skin. Aveeno is a brand that has been recommended by a dermatologist for over 65 years.

Brand: Aveeno

👤I have dry skin on my legs and hands. When I take off my yoga pants and socks, the white flaky skin comes off my legs. I've tried vasline with cocoa butter. It was difficult. There is nothing in bee wax, eucerin, or Aquaphor. When I saw the reviews for people getting great results with eczema, I decided to try it. I noticed a huge difference after using this twice a day for 3 days. My skin is not peeling. My heals are getting better. This is not greasy. I would recommend.

👤I used this for 2 years on my body and face, and I could not live without it. The prime minister of Isra*l gave the Jubilee Award to Johnson&Johnson, which is the parent company of Aveeno. This is the highest tribute ever given by Isr*el, in recognition of organizations and trade relations that have done the most to strengthen their economy. In conclusion? I am anti-Zionist, but not anti-semetic. Aveeno products cost lives and so I will no longer use them. I don't think my skin is worth the money of an illegal state. If that wasn't enough to switch you over, they also do animal testing. I will be using Amazon's Solimo Daily Moisturizer, which is just as good as a product.

👤I'm a guy. A very manly man. I am aware of the effects of aging on my skin. I used to think that the tub of lotion was lotion. I didn't think I was supposed to notice anything different about my skin. I bought this product because it was on sale and it was highly rated. I used it in conjunction with St Ives apricot exfoliator, I'm a rough and tumble manly man. Within a week, I had a smooth skin. I would rub it to feel how smooth it was. It doesn't have the weird smell of the "odorless" other products. I'll probably stick with this from now on. I have some lavender candles to light.

👤Normally, I don't write reviews, but I thought it was worth sharing my opinion of this product. I've had mild winter dryness for as long as I can remember. My hands get very bad due to the nature of my career, which is a chemist, I have to wear nitrile gloves for a large portion of the day while doing lab work and frequent hand washing. This is the only product that works for me. I only apply it once a day after getting out of the shower in the cold months. During the warmer months, my skin gets nearly problem-free due to being out in the sun and in the ocean. This is the product that gets me through the winter. I have tried CeraVe. The Cetaphil Eczema Soothing Body Moisturizer is not effective for me. My skin is not fond of greasy applications. The Aveeno is non-greasy and I like it. It doesn't leave a "residue" feeling on my skin. I don't apply this product unless I feel like I need to, it's mainly a reactionary response to the rash that I get from time to time. After starting a once-daily application, my rash has generally cleared up in a week or two. I have gone through the process of steroid withdrawal. Red Skin Syndrome is a result of previous use of anti-inflammatories. I couldn't apply any moisturizers to my skin, but now I can use this Aveeno without any problems. I'm not very fond of the idea of using steroids to treat eczema, but that's another story. I recommend this product for general dry skin or mild eczema.

6. Cake Beauty Heavy Triple Shower

Cake Beauty Heavy Triple Shower

Their cult favorite formula now comes in a time saving, in shower all in one wash, because it triples as a cleanser, shave cream and moisturizer. The shea butter in the moisturizing formula is a good source of air sunflower seed oil and almond oil. They make decadent hair and body care products with decadent texture and signature fragrances. They are certified as vegan and cruelty free by the organization. Their products are made of natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Every product they create is designed to give the soul what it needs and the heart what it wants.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤It smells amazing, but I couldn't wash myself with it. Like, at all. If I got that stuff men use that comes in a striped can, that would be easier to clean myself with, cheaper, and also clean me better. I guess you can rub it all over after you wash yourself to make sure you don't get dry skin. I could only think of one use for this.

👤I love cake products and this one is just as good as the rest. I paid $13 for this, but it is $5 more than the other products. It is not worth the extra $5. Unless the price is adjusted, I will skip this in the future.

👤I was very disappointed with this. I love the smell of the hair products but the shower cream has a gross smell and I was excited to find it. Maybe I have a bad Bach.

👤This wash helps clear up dry skin. It's like a cream. There was no sudsing. The good ingredients are what I like. It's pricey for the amount you get. It does not last more than a month. If my skin gets super dry, I might buy a product that is not a regular product.

👤It smells great and feels amazing. It fails as a moisturizer. I don't have dry skin, but I still need some lotion after my shower.

👤It smelled great at first. After a while, the packaging messed with the scent and now it smells like burnt rubber. It is very thick and difficult to spread.

👤This stuff is great after the shower. It seals in water. The fact that it is a clean product makes it even better.

👤You can't use it in the shower. It slides down the drain from your skin.

👤I get why the labeling is confusing after reading the reviews. Unless you warm it up in your hands first, it won't stick to the skin. It's not a body wash per-se and it's not a moisturizers because you wash it off. If you use it as a shaving butter, it's amazing, and a better description than a 'cream'. It will slide off if you rub it into the skin, but not directly under the shower stream. It's a good way to use it for shaving. It smells like rich buttercream icing. It's a more eco-friendly packaging design than cans and the ingredients are good for your skin compared to all the chemicals in the canned stuff. It's Canadian and also cruelty-free so it checks all the boxes for me.

👤I'm not sure what this is supposed to be used for. I tried it in the shower and it vanished before my eyes. No lather, no nothing! It's not a shower cream.

👤I love the product. You won't get a traditional lather with this. This product is a co-wash for the body. The heavy cream butter shower wash is a terrific product.

👤I didn't think this product was useful at all. The smell is great and the texture is good. It's not that either. I don't know what this stuff is.

7. Beauty Planet Murumuru Butter Delicious

Beauty Planet Murumuru Butter Delicious

Their body mass is very important. Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Delicious Glow Body Lotion has amazing benefits that make skin look and feel gorgeous. 24 hour body sculpting. Love Beauty and Planet body lotion last for 24 hours. INGREDIENTS ARE INSPIRED BY NATURE. This body lotion is made with Murumuru Butter and is scented with the fresh scent of Rose petals. Love Beauty and Planet's Murumuru Butter and Rose body lotion is soft and glowing. Natural Murumuru Butter, Ethically Sourced Rose, and a vegan Body Moisturizer are all included. There is a body lotion with five free froms. There are body products that are Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Dye-free, and Guilt-free.

Brand: Love Beauty And Planet

👤I get a rub on my arms at night before I go to sleep. It's lovely in every way, and helps me to sleep. It makes my face happy.

👤I would love to give this lotion five stars because it feels great on my skin. The scent is nauseating. I thought it smelled great when I first put it on, but then the scent lingered. Night. It was long. The smell is still strong 10 hours later after having gone to bed and woke up, but it has become more of an artificial smell. I will be sending it back and trying a different scent, hoping it won't be overpowering as the lotion is silky smooth. If you have a sensitive nose, this isn't the lotion for you.

👤The best smelling thing ever is a Sandalwood lotion. I use the body wash, conditioner, and now thed lotion. I can't get over how good I smell.

👤I only use the Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower conditioner from Love Beauty and Planet, so I was really excited to try this product. I really like the rose smell of this lotion. The texture of the lotion is very smooth. Would buy it again.

👤I have bad excema on my hands and they are very sensitive. This one is wonderful, and it's not usually scented. The scent is strong, but I enjoy it. Maybe this isn't for you if you don't want a strong smell. It has a calming lavender and vanilla scent. It's my favorite product.

👤I received this product a few weeks early. I guess it was on the back order? I can see why! I'm glad I found them on Amazon because I couldn't find them in a retail store in my area. I already use the Love Beauty and Planet body washes and wanted to buy this in addition to use after those. The product is better than I expected. The scent is lovely. My skin feels like silk after using the lotion, it is of good consistency, not too thick, not too thin, and absorbs easily. I sell all-natural products for a direct selling company, but this lotion far surpasses the company I sell for. I buy this for friends and family. I hope this line is around for a long time.

👤I like the smell of it. It is absorbed into my skin. It is not greasy. It is made with natural ingredients. I don't like the scent. I bought lavender. It doesn't smell like lavender to me. It smells like Old Spice. I was so excited. I realize that we all have different interpretations of smells. I will not be buying lavender again, but I am willing to try a different scent.

👤The brand is light and clean. I don't have any reactions to this product.

👤I usually buy lavender creams and lotion from the author but as Amazon was out I thought I'd try this one. I thought it would be the same. Not! The smell was so bad when I opened it. I began to itch when I applied it to my skin. Do not buy if you have sensitive skin.

8. Eucerin Skin Calming Lotion Enriched

Eucerin Skin Calming Lotion Enriched

The full body lotion is for dry skin. Enriched with oatmeal and rich moisturizers. Provides long term control of dry, itchy skin. It has rich emollients that help protect skin. Fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and dye free. oatmeal helps heal dry, itchy skin. A rich, non-greasy cream for daily use.

Brand: Eucerin

👤I have dry skin so I have to make sure my body is hydrated after a shower. Sometimes without a shower. I cover myself in this exact Eucerin lotion after my shower. It is absolutely perfect. It does what it is supposed to do. I like the smell and it isn't negative. I towel dry after it absorbs so quickly. It has been my routine for a long time. The consistency and absorbency of the lotion you buy are different. This one is my favorite. Thank you Amazon and Eucerin!

👤I have used everything for itchy skin. I've scratched and scratched and the other applications left me with a bad sting or did little to do anything. I saw the words, "SKIN CALMING" on the container of Eucerin. It says "DRY, ITCHY SKIN" "Your search is over!" they say. And it is! In less than 3 minutes, the itch is gone and stays gone for at least 12 hours. One thing, according to the report, is that Eurcerin makes a bunch of different products in containers that look alike. Make sure you get the one that says "SKIN CALMING"

👤I have been suffering from dermatographia for a few years. I've tried a lot of different things and nothing helped. My dermatographia would act up again once they dry out. I decided to try it because my friend recommended it and I also suffer from minor dermatographia. This is a miracle worker and I am in her debt. I used to be so confident because my skin condition would act up randomly in public, but after using this, I forget. It keeps my skin hydrated and my mind free from worry. This is my holy grail, it's inexpensive and fragrance free.

👤During the winter, my boyfriend was complaining about his skin being itchy. I keep the apartment warm. The skin combination is Greek/ Spaniard/ French. He said he was 800-273-3217 I bought this stuff. No more itching, done. I like straight to the point lotion that fixes skin and brings it back and better. Must have for New England winters. If you will, it's a great lotion. Feels good without a smell of medicine. Love! My skin is fair and sensitive.

👤If you have skin problems, you must get this. I have been using it after I get out of the shower and it has made a huge difference. My skin is a lot smoother, it is not itchy anymore, and it is easier to glide over. It was worth every penny. My mom used to use the original, but it was too thick. She was told by the doctor to use it with wet skin. I don't have to use this version of the product.

9. NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion

NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion

After just one application, the body lotion for dry skin from NIVEA can be used. The NIVEA Intense Healing lotion is enriched with the NIVEA Deep Nourishing Serum and Provitamin B5 to give it a long-term hydration. The pump bottle is a convenient option for home or office use. More than 130 years of experience has made NIVEA a trusted leader in skin care products. One bottle of NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion is included.

Brand: Nivea

👤I bought this because it said "72 hours moisturizing & intense healing", but the smell/scent of this one was awful, and I used to like the normal cream version. You need to apply for the 72 hour claim if you want to get over the smell. I think it smells terrible and not even remotely hydrating. I only put the bottle on when I wasn't in the house so no one could smell it, but I did finish the bottle.

👤I've tried a lot of remedies. I've never found a way to smooth out my knees and heal them. Excellent results are provided by this 72 hour intense healing lotion. I forget it when I apply. My rough, ugly spots stay smooth for days even when I forget to use it. It seems to dry or soak into my skin and doesn't stay greasy. It's economical because a tiny amount does the job.

👤The brand of body lotion is very fragrant and not greasy. It is not very expensive.

👤No matter what your skin type, it still gets dry. I'm going to try so many creams. Some people feel like they leave a sticky feeling. I don't like applying lotion every few minutes to get rid of my dry skin. It's not thin and you feel like you're in a spa with this product. It's very reasonable to wash your hands for around $5 to $6.

👤I'm letting anyone reading this review know that I'm not one of those people who write reviews for the purpose of making money. This product has made a woman out of me. I have used this product for 3 weeks and my skin has improved so much. It looks like it but also in its texture. I have been living with dry legs for as long as I can remember. My skin is dry and partly from genetics. My legs looked terrible, they were cracked and rough. When I was younger, my cousin called me crocodile legs. Since I live in Florida and wear shorts on a daily basis, I need a lotion to make my legs look presentable when I put my shorts on. I have tried so many things that I have given up trying to find anything that would make my legs look better than they are. I can go a day without putting on any lotion because my legs are healing from the dry skin and this product has completely transformed them. My legs are so soft that I now tell everyone to feel them because they are so soft, and they are also amazed at how smooth and soft my skin is. I have tried every lotion at the drugstore and some perscription lotion recommended by my doctor, but none of them have ever worked as well as this product. I put it on after the shower. It is a little greasy when you first put it on. I believe it when it says it will last 48 hours. The product is 100% recommend.

10. Hempz Natural Herbal Body Moisturizer

Hempz Natural Herbal Body Moisturizer

Soothing toxicity: Pineapple and Honey Melon have hydrating properties. Oil rich with shea butter and shea butter enriched with shea butter and shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea VITAMIN BOOST: Vitamins A and E help protect the skin from free radicals. It is a soft COMPLEXION. Their blend of essential oil restores your skin's elasticity. VEGAN: It is vegan and free of harmful substances.

Brand: Hempz

👤I was very excited to find a decent natural lotion. It smells good, feels nice, and seems to do a good job of hydrating. Why did they taint a good product with a red dye? If the product is good, and especially if it is claiming "natural", then who cares what color it is. I would not have spent my money if I knew there was red dye in it. My search continues.

👤I decided to test it because I knew it wouldn't be real for $12 compared to $24 retail. The only places that sell official Hempz are beauty supply stores. Target and Ulta have 100% markups. This is not a real thing. I attached a picture of the bottle I received, as well as one from Target and the official website of Hempz. There are differences in the color of the marijuana leaf, the tag line, and the name of the scent. I circled the discrepancies in blue. Go ahead and place your order if you are okay with it. I wanted to make everyone aware. It smells almost identical to the real one. Hopefully the skin doesn't break out.

👤I have ordered Exotic Green Tea and Asian Pear several times and have been pleased with the scent. It is not possible to get out the last part of the container in the two empty bottles pictured here. I understand that there is a small amount of the product left in the bottle. I have tried placing one bottle on top of the other, but the opening is small and the top bottle slips off every time. The container should be changed so that consumers can use the entire contents.

👤I have never had a reaction to any lotion before. I don't have sensitive skin. I only had to use caution with my tattoo. I used this at work twice. I decided to get a bottle because I love the smell. The first day was fine. I applied the lotion and it made me itch. I thought I was having a reaction to something on my coat when I got to work. I had a bad reaction when I used it again today. I had a lot of redness on my arms and hands. I did some research and found out that there are some ingredients that aren't natural and that the lotion would lead you to believe that. There are some pretty nasty ingredients. I still love the smell, but am not using it again. I don't want to know what the next step of the reaction would be, considering how quickly the reaction increased with each use. Be aware of any allergic reactions from this.

👤The lotion does the trick as a moisturizer. It's not greasy and has more of a regular texture than a thick one. I'm very picky about smells, and before buying anything, I want to know what it smells like. Most people said it was nice. I agree that this lotion smells good. To be more specific. I would put this in the family ofcumbermelons. It is not like soap. It is not overly floral, not overly sweet, it does not smell like candy or cake, it is not overpowering, and it is not musty or powdery. I guess if you like cucumber-melon lotion, or anything similar to that smell, you may like this. I like the scent of fresh, light, fruity, but not too fruity, and I will be purchasing it again in the future.

11. Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer Packaging

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer Packaging

This oil-Infused formula provides long- lasting hydration to lock in hydration for beautiful skin you can enjoy all year long. Coconut oil and coconut water are combined to create a hydrating coconut oil and water. It's important to keep your skin moist through every season for long- lasting hydration and glowing skin. The lightweight, fast-abSORBING LOTION restores your skin's deep luminosity without feeling heavy after applying. A light, tropical coconut scent will give your skin a clean, light smell.

Brand: Jergens

👤The best is the best. It smells great and is great for all over body lotion. It doesn't trap sweat and absorbs fast. Which ones will last the longest. I am sweating all day. I made that mistake more than once. I'm glad I discovered this. Great product! My son and 2 sons like it too.

👤I like this product. I am a lotion snob. I bought Ahava from the Dead Sea. That makes your skin soft. That is only 6-7 dollars. The other was over $30. I was told that I was a lotion snob. It doesn't touch your skin. I don't like that. Jergens leaves your skin soft. I would recommend it.

👤I am usually the "Ultra Healing" girl, but if you have that one, it can be very heavy sometimes and I feel like my skin doesnt absorb it fast enough. The scent is Bomb! The texture is light and my skin is happy with it. I would buy two of them. If you already have a bottle of the healing, you can try it out. Sometimes I like to mix them together. Next time, I'll be buying 2 bottles.

👤It does its job. It works on my hands. There is not much to say. Things I don't like. The scent is advertised as light so I was expecting it to have little to no scent, however I found it to be rather strong. The negatives are not bad, and I will still be using the product. I thought the scent reminded me of my grandmother.

👤I like this. I don't like perfume and I was looking for something that would leave a coconut scent, and I found it. It doesn't leave your skin greasy and it absorbs very quickly. I catch my brother stealing from my bathroom almost every day because it's a great product. Not just for men.

👤I have used Original Jergens my whole life. I thought I'd give this Coconut Jergens a try. I love it! The scent is great, but it's not greasy, switched from original to this.

👤I brought this product to use as a massage therapist. I was using coconut oil along with my lotion and when I found out on Amazon, I was impressed. The product glides with my hands. I have not had to use coconut oil in certain areas of the body. I purchase another bottle for myself and use this wonderful product. I have saved money and time with this purchase.

👤It works well and it's a good price. It doesn't have a greasy feel. I use it on my body. Don't use a lot. I use less than a pea sized amount on my hands. There is a sweet coconut smell. It might be a little strong for some people. This doesn't have the same feel as the more standard Jergens brands, but it does have it. I can't get near Bath & Body works because the smells are too strong and fake. I am cautious when buying scented lotion because I have tried every one of them and they make my skin burn and itch.


What is the best product for cake lotion for women?

Cake lotion for women products from Mademoiselle Provence. In this article about cake lotion for women you can see why people choose the product. Bath & Body Works and Nivea are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake lotion for women.

What are the best brands for cake lotion for women?

Mademoiselle Provence, Bath & Body Works and Nivea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake lotion for women. Find the detail in this article. Delectable, Aveeno and Cake Beauty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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