Best Cake Lotion Products

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1. Primal Elements Moisturizing Butter Lotion

Primal Elements Moisturizing Butter Lotion

Shea butter LOTION is ultra-rich. hydration for hands, body and feet. This natural formula of shea butter, shea butter extract, shea butter and shea butter extract is great for restoring and hydrating skin. Help the skin look and feel its best. The smell of yellow cake is sweet and delightful. It pairs nicely with sugar whip and body wash. AntiOXIDANT RICH VITAMINS A, C and E is a formula that is rich in vitamins. This lightweight cream is great for smooth skin. A little sparkle is featured in the giftable packaging. For a special occasion, share this with your friends. The products are handmade in the USA. All products are free of harmful substances.

Brand: Primal Elements

👤I work in manicures and pedicures. My clients are going crazy because of this cupcake cream. They love the scent and the amount of hydration left in their skin after using it. Two clients stopped by the salon to get a pump because they loved it so much. Take a look at the picture I attached to one of my clients, it's very moist. The scent lasts through a full shower and multiple hand washings. The person who left a bad or low review is mistaken. If the cupcake scent isn't for you, try the others. I have their lip balm in their scent, and it smells great.

👤This lotion smells like a cupcake. The smell is disgusting.

👤I bought this to compliment my scrub from Primal Elements. It's rich enough to leave your skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. The scent of the All Day varieties is very pleasant.

👤I can't describe the smell. Not smell or stench. I had to wash my hands three times. If you're looking for a product that will repel anything that breathes, this is for you. If you have a sense of smell, steer clear.

👤The product smells like a cake. I think this lotion smells like children's playdough with a hint of vanilla. It makes your skin feel soft.

👤If you're expecting a strawberry scent or a long-term cupcake smell, forget this product. It seems to be more of a butter than a substance. The scent fades away very quickly. The pink packaging makes the impression of strawberries and cream.

👤The lotion is very moist and smells great. I will definitely order this again.

👤I really wanted to like this, but it doesn't smell like a cupcake. It has a coconut overtone and is the exact kind of scent that causes my headaches. The packaging is not like the one in the description.

👤I don't like the overpowering smell on my hands even after I wash them. I only use it on my legs to keep the scent away from my nose. I get headaches from smells, and this lotion is one of them. The consistency is not straight.

👤Me deja la piel. A todas las personas q aman los oloress.

2. COOCHY Intimate Protection Moisturizer IntiMD

COOCHY Intimate Protection Moisturizer IntiMD

A luxurious hair cut for women. Does your pubic area get irritated when you shave it? The intimate after shave protection will help soothe the skin of your bikini area. COOCHY Plus is needed by every woman. They will give you your money back if you don't like the soothing and hydrating properties of their organic aftershave protection mist. This is a risk-free purchase, because the IntiMD offers a satisfaction guarantee. A safe and healthy product. The intimate after shave for women is free of alcohol, sulfates, and parabens. The formula is safe and can be used daily. Your pubic area and armpits will be better than ever because of the balanced pH of your skin. It should be applied to your entire body. Think about it! If the COOCHY Plus intimate moisturizer is suitable for your intimate area and your armpits, then it can be applied to the rest of your body. You can try it out and see the results for yourself. HRIPT was tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to be safe for most skin types. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, do not use it.

Brand: Intimd

👤When I ordered this spray, I was looking for something that would help with razor burn and ingrown hairs. This spray is just as good as the shaving cream. It doesn't burn, it helps the redness and irritation that you get after shaving, and I use it on any part that I shave. You understand the point. I will always buy it.

👤I use this because I am a guy. I shave before I break out so bad. I gave this a try. Even days after a shave, there is no irritation. I love this stuff. I tried it because my girlfriend loves it and I know girls know skin care better than men. I will buy more of the line.

👤I was a model and couldn't shave often due to razor rash and bumps, until I found this razor, which is absolutely in love, I will not be buying anything else. The smell is not amazing but it is almost a tea tree oil smell.

👤I like this stuff. It is very refreshing. The coco scent is the best. It is a very subtle scent. Since I started using this product, I haven't been getting upset. If you have an issue with getting razor bumps after shaving, I would recommend trying it. It is working well for me. I usually spray it after I have dried off and shaved. I use it a second time and then rub it in and let it dry before I get dressed. I use it twice because I think it doesn't seem to be enough for me, and it has definitely made a huge difference. I usually get razor bumps a day after shaving, but now my skin is very smooth and no longer has razor bumps. I will definitely use this product again. It was the only thing that worked for me. I have tried a lot of different shaving creams. This is the best thing that has ever worked.

👤Fantastic! I use all the products at my waxing franchise and they don't work. This stuff works. If you are dealing with ingrowns, get this immediately.

👤Don't expect it to fix the damages from a hack job with a dull razor, but it will stop irritation and bumps. If you shave carefully, it leaves you soft and smooth.

👤I've been using the products for a long time. I found the product on their website. Years ago, Coochie had a website. After shaving, I apply Tend Skin to my face and it always looks great. Highly recommended.

👤I was impressed with the product. I was skeptical to use this because I don't know how it could be any different than other shaving creams, and I have been looking for a shaving cream for my sensitive areas. I tried it and was expecting the same results as the others. Didn't happen. I was very impressed. I made sure to use the spray from the same brand. The pump for the first bottle I received was malfunctioning. I started a return and exchange report. I got the new bottle before they received the one I returned.

3. Body Prescriptions Moisturizing Nourished Hydrated

Body Prescriptions Moisturizing Nourished Hydrated

This hydrating body butter set from Body Prescriptions will leave your skin soft and smooth. The body butters in this set are 500 g. Both are easy to use and come in bright colors. The body lotion has a fresh scent of cake batter and frosting. You will smell great all day if you use a small amount daily. You want the best quality products for your skin. The cream isn't tested on animals. Body Prescriptions is committed to customer satisfaction and will do everything in its power to make your order experience positive and hassle free.

Brand: Body Prescriptions

👤Water is the first ingredient. If you don't know about ingredient decks, they are listed by the amount of product included, from the most listed first to the least. Alcohol is the third ingredient. This isn't hydrating at all. The last ingredients listed are shea butter and lavender, which contain more alcohol than shea butter. They include cheap and low quality stuff. The scent is not natural. It is made in China. Total waste of money.

👤I am impressed. It is the best body butter I have tried. My skin was very smooth. It doesn't leave an oily finish on appearance and I love it! The scent is too strong for my liking and gave me a small headaches. I went crazy smelling it but it was an amazing product.

👤It was gross. Look at the lid. Its all brown and smelly. The protective seal looks like someone opened it and took a scoop out of the cream. It smells like cheese. If you need a thick body cream, go to the store. I will return this cream asap. No excuse again. I work hard for my money and getting stuff like this after paying for it makes me angry.

👤I was looking for a body butter that was thick. I chose this one because it is very thick and creamy and it smells great. I have bought it a second time and the scent is the same. I like the scent of lavender and Shea.

👤I bought these for the scent. I have a lot of body prescriptions scrubs and butters that smell like the name and they all have a pleasant and strong scent. I wanted to smell like a cupcake. There is a very faint scent to these. It is so disappointing. I don't know if I got an older batches of the scent. I wish the fragrance gave what it was supposed to give because the moisturizing is good. I use these as a neutral body cream to layer with other fragranced products so not a total waste and my son likes me to rub his feet. He doesn't smell like a snack. Would not do so in the future. I will buy unfragranced body butter if I want it.

👤I absolutely love this product. The scent is not strong and it is long lasting. I have had to return many body butters that I tried because they were too strong. This product is great for soothing my skin and leaving it smelling nice and sweet. I'm in love.

👤Most people loved the smell of this butter and I read the reviews before buying it. I don't care for it. I was expecting a sweeter smell, but it was more like old fashioned vanilla. It is thick and does not dry out easily.

👤The smell of this body butter is similar to onions and sweat. I would be embarrassed to use it again. What a waste of money.

4. Lotion Company Therapy Combo Vanilla

Lotion Company Therapy Combo Vanilla

A full-body mask is a luxurious, soothing full-body skin treatment. SCENT: A sweet smell with a strong scent. A whiff of their bean makes you feel happy and relaxed. It won't irritate dry or sensitive skin. There is no artificial colors or dyes in this picture. Immediately relieves the pain of dry, itchy, scaly, chapped or sunburned skin anywhere on your body. There is no easy living. It leaves no oily film on the skin. Carefully monitored for quality, handcrafted is made from premium ingredients. CRUELTY-FREE: The products of the Lotion Company are not tested on animals. A convenient 2-ounce bottle for purse or travel is included in the cobra kit.

Brand: The Lotion Company

👤I bought this lotion because of the smell. The scent was light and heavy on baby lotion. You would need to add an oil to make the lotion better. This was a good deal to me. Not worth the price. Don't let your money go to waste!

👤I found out about this company from a friend. I wanted to see if it was what she said it was, and it is. The scent is so fresh that I plan on buying different scents. I couldn't believe it. I'm a student so it's a little pricey, but we'll make up for it. I will be buying more.

👤I love this product. After developing a skin allergy to B&BW, this was my go-to. It smells great. It feels amazing!

👤This is my favorite product. My skin feels great and the scent is long lasting. The pump was broken and the lotion leaked when it arrived. I don't know if the problem is with the pump or the shipping. I had to give the gift bottle with the pump from my personal bottle. I had to take mine to an old squeeze bottle. I like the convenience of ordering online, but I think I'll have to drive 30 miles to get a bottle. The lotion's self is absolutely the best, even though it was demoted for the packaging issue.

👤The smell is good for the price they need to pay. It wasn't full to the top.

👤I put this on after I received my package. It has been around 4 hours. I smell clean and fresh. Other reviewers have said that it is not hydrating. I think it's comparable to Bath and body works as well. It's not good for people with a normal to Moderately dry skin. I love that this is made in the USA. I love supporting small businesses in Indiana. This will be a staple and I ordered it on subscribe and save. I love the fact that it came with a small travel bottle, it's perfect for taking on vacations and not having to take a big bottle with you. I am very happy with my purchase. Don't let bad reviews deter you from buying this product. If you like baby powder, you should get it.

👤I thought that the scent and hydration was overstated by the person I found out about, but ladies, this lotION is the best on the market. My socks are smelling like baby powder when I remove them at night. Absolutely the best. Thank you for the amazing product.

👤The product was expected via theUPS. There was a pamphlet and a small travel bottle in the box. The scent of Baby powder was chosen by me. I don't like the scent of baby powder. I think this has a nicer baby powder scent. The smell is clean. I didn't get irritated by my fresh shaved legs. Look for other products from The Lotion Company.

5. Birthday Cake Body Butter Hydrating

Birthday Cake Body Butter Hydrating

High quality ingredients. There is a lot of pure butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil and other gentle ingredients. It is safe on sensitive skin. Formulated with high quality ingredients. It's safe for kids to use. Socially responsible. The Big Sister Association gives girls access to guidance, nurturing and support. They strongly oppose animal testing. All products are vegan. All of their bath and body products are made in the USA.

Brand: Zoey Koko

👤This is larger than a sample. I bought it because another brand that I like can't deliver in a timely manner. The cake has a faint scent, but the Rainbow Sherbert has a strong scent. I wish they were consistent in that way. The texture is soft. After applying it, there was a sprinkle in my shoe.

👤Whoah! My daughter described it as a fruit loops scent. The colors look like the picture. It is a thick cream so a little goes a long way. My daughter and I both tried this brand.

👤Game changing! After receiving this body butter, I had to write a review for Amazon. I bought this for my cousin and she is obsessed with it. The smell is similar to a black raspberries. The clean ingredients used to make it make it a bonus brand. I will be ordering again because I am amazed by this product.

👤I have purchased a worse product in the past. The butter was not wet. I've never had dry body butter. This product is terrible. I can not return for a refund.

👤The smell is great, the finished look is nice, and the feel is great when you put on a small amount. I can see why they would sell a small container when you are supposed to use it on your skin. The product cost me about $20 for a four ounce container. I need to read what size I am buying before I buy it. I can get more product if I buy a 8oz for the same price. I have to learn how to shop better next time.

👤I like the effect it has on the skin. It's really deep and absorbant, but it has glitter in it. I would have liked the effect when I was younger. I'm older now and not so much. I think this is an excellent product. I would like to have one without glitter. Thank you for the butter.

👤When I opened the countainer to try it out, it felt like I was playing with clay. Wow! This product is terrible. Don't buy it.

👤This smells like a cake and I am obsessed with it. It helps with my dry skin. I am a fan.

6. OGX Shea Smooth Ounce Bottle

OGX Shea Smooth Ounce Bottle

Shea body wash. This rich blend is made with shea butter, agave, and coconut oil. Your skin feels soft, healthy and smelling great, thanks to the help that it gives to dry skin. It's good to rate and rate well. The full line of body care products leave skin feeling hydrated. Try their body wash, body butter, and body milk spray. Beauty pure and simple. They approach beauty in their own way, and their body care products are inspired by nature. They want to make your skin feel better and healthier. OGX body care products are designed to bring out the best in you. Real quality, real beauty. Unattainable looks don't inspire them. The OGX hair and skin care product collections can help you look your best. They are pure and simple.

Brand: Ogx

👤It smells like the goddess. That is the Goddess of war. She makes you skin silky and smooth so that you can behead your enemies and not have it dry or dull.

👤This body wash is wonderful. It smells like a cupcake and angel food cake. My skin is very dry and I only used soap in the winter. I was certain that this would dry my skin out and make me itch. Not this one! I have used this for a week now and my skin has not been dry or flaky. I am very happy with this one.

👤I have the driest skin on the planet from living in a cold climate. I have had a problem with cracking on my feet for a long time. I don't smell like an old man anymore after four uses. It is a new favorite.

👤I have had an allergy for a long time. I've tried everything from body washes to laundry detergents. Nothing seemed to work. I thought I would try this one day. I am not sure. I know that it is the only thing that works. I tried all of the pricey body washes that didn't work, but this one does. It is a miracle.

👤After using this, I blackened out all over my body. I've used similar products and never had a problem, maybe there's something new in it that I'm allergic to. I'm wondering if it's related to this 1. It didn't really help that. It did smell good, but it doesn't absorb into the skin after a shower. I like body washes and smells that last a long time after the shower.

👤I opened my newest bottle of this body wash and it smelled nothing like it usually does, but I ignored it. I was showered as usual and felt a little bit of irritation but didn't notice. When I got out of the shower, my upper body was covered in a red rash. I decided to use it again today to make sure it wasn't the cause of the smell, because I realized it did smell differently. I used a lot of the body wash andluke warm water to make sure that wasn't the cause and left it on longer before washing it off. I put it in and it burned all over my body, so I got out and it was burning all over my body. The body wash is the cause. I tried to request a refund and complain but it only allowed me to return the product and write a 30 character comment. This product has been used for a long time. I don't recommend.

👤I like the products from OGX. 99% of the time, I like what I get from them. This body wash lathers nicely and doesn't dry the skin. It smells like cream cheese icing. If you aren't expecting it, it's just a little strong.

👤The body wash doesn't leave my skin dry. The light scent is not overwhelming.

7. Eucerin Advanced Repair Skin Lotion

Eucerin Advanced Repair Skin Lotion

48 hour hydration for very dry skin repairs it and fights it at its source. It is lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-greasy. It is enriched with ceramide-3 and natural moisturizing factors. The brand is recommended by a dermatologist. External factors like the environment can strip hands of vital elements needed to keep hands soft, smooth and hydrated. After just one application, the hands are noticeably softer and smoother.

Brand: Eucerin

👤The containers and content are not the same. The left side of the bottle is the recent one I ordered, while the right side is the old one I ordered in December. I am not sure if the lotion is real because of the difference in bottle labeling. The new bottle has a lighter texture than the old one. I think the original one is on the right side. This is not a good act. Don't sell fake products to people. I don't know what was used to make the new one so I might trash it.

👤If the comment is not positive, it might be deleted. Eucerin advanced repair lotion was ordered by me. I have a skin condition on the right side of my trunk. I don't have a lot of it left so I needed this. My rash has been bad this week, and I am using a lot of this lotion. I got something else in the picture I submitted for the review. I got a cleanser that will not give me relief from the burning and itching of my skin, but it is advanced. The rash is very painful, and the lotion I ordered has been working for me all month, and I can use it throughout the day. I don't like that. I think it's a good idea for Amazon to be careful with what they send people. I apologize for writing a negative review. I am sorry if a review isn't positive. This review is not meant to intimidate the seller. The review does not contain profanity or language that offends anyone. This review is meant to be a suggestion that people order stuff because they need it, and it is important for any seller whether they are from Amazon or not to send the right item that a customer orders and not something else. The item I ordered won't relieve my symptoms like the one shown in the picture will. This is very frustrating. I don't have the eucerin advanced repair lotion that is supposed to be used throughout the day.

👤Dr. Dray recommended this product for people with dry crepey skin. I am paying the price for being a sun worshipper in my youth. I've tried expensive products but they don't work. My skin was crepey and dry, but nothing seemed to make it look better or relieve it. I decided to try the Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion after taking Dr. Dray's advice. It is helping, much to my surprise. I found this huge bottle at a very reasonable price on Amazon. Thanks to Dr. Dray and Amazon.

👤I've tried everything, but this is the best cream I've ever used. I've had favorites that went out of production. This is exactly what I was looking for. It fills in and plumps lines so they are almost invisible. It obscures lines around the eyes and mouth by reflecting light. The effects last for hours because it remains tacky on the surface of the skin. I apply a TINY bit of the finest powder I've found under my eyes so that the area isn't too shiny. I look a good 15 years younger than I actually am. It doesn't make your eyes burn. It doesn't "film over" your vision, as many creams, especially oil-based ones, do, if it gets in your eyes. You won't believe it if you try it. Highest recommendation! More impressed with long-term use. The lines under my eyes have been reduced to barely there, and crows' feet at the corners have been kept that way. I'm going to need an industrial-strength Potion to get rid of those vertical lip-lines. This doesn't seem to be noncomedogenic in the interest of full disclosure. It's worth it, but I have to be very vigilant and clean my skin almost daily to prevent white-heads in the areas where I use the most lotion. The price is small to pay for the results.

8. Hempz Milk Honey Herbal Moisturizer

Hempz Milk Honey Herbal Moisturizer

Dynamic skin hydration is a problem. This Milk & Honey Herbal Body Moisturizer is made with milk and honey. Their daily herbal extract lotion is designed to repair and maintain skin, so that it is soft, soothed, and deeply hydrated. There is an Enlightened Moisturizer. Their body moisturizer is made with 100% pure, natural Hemp Seed Oil, an ingredient rich with essential Fatty Acids that provide nutrition and hydration to the skin. The skin's regrowth is revitalizing. The blend of Jojoba andAvocado Oil,Shea and Cocoa Butter, Agave and Rice Extract, along with Vitamins A, C and E, will protect your skin against the elements, intensely nourished, and silky smooth. Light, stable and comforting. The scent of this lotion is similar to Milk and Honey, a gentle, calming aroma that is designed to comfort and relax the senses. It is a great scent for both men and women. At Hempz, they believe in providing natural products that help you achieve your healthiest skin. Their herbal body lotion is free of harmful substances. You can be certain that you are using safe products with it being 100% vegan.

Brand: Hempz

👤I didn't know how it would smell, so I was nervous to order it. Some love it and some hate it. I think I like it because I'm very picky about smells. I can smell the scent of milk and honey. It has a resemblance to Graham crackers. I can see how they say cookie. It has the same look as Graham crackers. It's not greasy and it's very hydrating. My favorite scent is coconut watermelon, it's second only to blueberry chamomile. If you're not sure, try a small one first because I have noticed that a scent can either work with your body chemistry or not.

👤I love it! I found this in a store a year ago for $29. I found the same product on Amazon for $13 and I was glad I did. This brand is the only one of the big brands that doesn't make my skin greasy or tacky and it smells delicious. It smells good. After it settles on your skin, it is a light scent. I will be buying more as soon as I run out. The product was in perfect condition and there were no defects to the bottle.

👤This is my favorite body cream. Since I have very dry, sensitive skin, I have used it on the reg. I stopped using it because I couldn't afford the $20 bottle every two weeks at my local Sally Beauty Supply. I have dry skin and I'm a big girl. More places need to get all of them. I jumped on this one when I saw it for under $20! I'm so glad I did. I'm sensitive to certain smells and the smell is amazing. The original smell irritated me. I used it for so long because it kept my skin hydrated. I've found my go to lotion for under $20, finally. If you are considering buying it but are unsure, I was at first because most of the time the scent and effectiveness are hit or miss. This has both.

👤The lotion smells delicious. The milk and honey is not really what it seems. I was expecting more of a cookie, but I love it. Not greasy, absorbed quickly and very hydrating.

👤This scent is my favorite. You can wear perfume without it interfering with each other. The best lotion for dry skin. I ordered another scent and it was very strong. This scent is perfect for people who like a light honey scent.

👤A delicious smell. It leaves you silky soft on a longterm basis, but it's a good thing because it makes applying it fast and getting dressed quick. I'm usually very itchy in winter, but those days are over. I'm addicted to my second bottle.

👤I like the brand of lotion called Hempz. My family uses this product. It is a good consistency and smells great. It doesn't make my skin oily. It keeps my tattoos fresh and makes my skin soft. I like the scent of this one. I think the oil from the hemp plant helps lock it in. I use it fresh out of the shower. The bottle is easy to use and it fits in my cupboard. I don't think I would describe the scent as milk and honey. SMELLS are amazing!

9. Cake Beauty Indulgent Cream Ounce

Cake Beauty Indulgent Cream Ounce

Dry skin relief. Oat milk concentrate, marshmallows root extract, and shea butter are used to nourish rough, dry skin. The rich lotion makes skin feel softer. This lotion sinks in for a supple finish and a softer-feeling skin without the use of harsh chemicals. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤Are you looking for a light scent with a hint of sweet? One that leaves others with the impression that you smell like a sunshiny disposition without attacking their senses with a cloying fragrance? This lotion is not for the faint of heart, my friend. When I opened the lid, I was skeptical at first, but still hopeful. It was light enough to go. As I continued to apply it, I began to doubt if I was doing enough. My suspicions were confirmed when my daughter entered the bathroom and inquired about the smell of corn chips. The lotion was what it was. I added insult to injury by applying my cake heavy cream scented body butter over it to cover the odd smell and we both agreed that it was not a good choice. Not smart. The Heavy Cream is heavy cream. I was a little greasy. It would sink in, right? I might have given it the chance, but when I entered the kitchen I was attacked by my dogs and cat, who were licking off the mess that my mother had made. I looked down to see myself covered in slobber and pet hair stuck to the grease spots, which made the kids think I was living next door to a hormonal yeti. I don't want to tell anyone what to buy, but if corn chips are your thing, go for it.

👤This is a lie. I have bought cake milk made oat milk body cream from a number of places. It is one of my favorites. This is the second time I've bought this on Amazon. The first bottle smelled similar to the one I had, so I thought I had a bad tube. It was the same. It doesn't smell as strong, and the thickness is not the same, as you can tell by the watered down smell. I took a picture. I left a little in the bottle I poured it from. The consistency of the product from Amazon is not the same. Don't buy from here! You can go to Walgreens or

👤What a disappointment. Someone tried to pull a fast one and put their own product inside this bottle, which must be expired. The consistency is different. The cake milk maid lotion that I got from the manufacturer is thick and has a different smell than the one I got on Amazon which is more watery and has a less pleasant scent. Which leads me to believe that you are selling fake stuff.

👤Some reviewers thought it was a knock off because it didn't seem the same as their prior tubes. I got this in an Ipsy bag and it was a bit thicker and had a stronger smell. I wonder if it was just because it was in a smaller container. This is not as thick. It comes out thick-ish, then becomes more lotion texture as you rub it. It is still thicker than your average lotion. It doesn't have the same strength of a scent. I don't know if it should have been sealed. There was nothing around it. There wasn't a seal over the hole it squeezed out from. So. Not sure if that was supposed to be there. It wasn't if it was.

10. Hempz Natural Herbal Body Moisturizer

Hempz Natural Herbal Body Moisturizer

Soothing toxicity: Pineapple and Honey Melon have hydrating properties. Oil rich with shea butter and shea butter enriched with shea butter and shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea butter enriched with shea VITAMIN BOOST: Vitamins A and E help protect the skin from free radicals. It is a soft COMPLEXION. Their blend of essential oil restores your skin's elasticity. VEGAN: It is vegan and free of harmful substances.

Brand: Hempz

👤I was very excited to find a decent natural lotion. It smells good, feels nice, and seems to do a good job of hydrating. Why did they taint a good product with a red dye? If the product is good, and especially if it is claiming "natural", then who cares what color it is. I would not have spent my money if I knew there was red dye in it. My search continues.

👤I decided to test it because I knew it wouldn't be real for $12 compared to $24 retail. The only places that sell official Hempz are beauty supply stores. Target and Ulta have 100% markups. This is not a real thing. I attached a picture of the bottle I received, as well as one from Target and the official website of Hempz. There are differences in the color of the marijuana leaf, the tag line, and the name of the scent. I circled the discrepancies in blue. Go ahead and place your order if you are okay with it. I wanted to make everyone aware. It smells almost identical to the real one. Hopefully the skin doesn't break out.

👤I have ordered Exotic Green Tea and Asian Pear several times and have been pleased with the scent. It is not possible to get out the last part of the container in the two empty bottles pictured here. I understand that there is a small amount of the product left in the bottle. I have tried placing one bottle on top of the other, but the opening is small and the top bottle slips off every time. The container should be changed so that consumers can use the entire contents.

👤I have never had a reaction to any lotion before. I don't have sensitive skin. I only had to use caution with my tattoo. I used this at work twice. I decided to get a bottle because I love the smell. The first day was fine. I applied the lotion and it made me itch. I thought I was having a reaction to something on my coat when I got to work. I had a bad reaction when I used it again today. I had a lot of redness on my arms and hands. I did some research and found out that there are some ingredients that aren't natural and that the lotion would lead you to believe that. There are some pretty nasty ingredients. I still love the smell, but am not using it again. I don't want to know what the next step of the reaction would be, considering how quickly the reaction increased with each use. Be aware of any allergic reactions from this.

👤The lotion does the trick as a moisturizer. It's not greasy and has more of a regular texture than a thick one. I'm very picky about smells, and before buying anything, I want to know what it smells like. Most people said it was nice. I agree that this lotion smells good. To be more specific. I would put this in the family ofcumbermelons. It is not like soap. It is not overly floral, not overly sweet, it does not smell like candy or cake, it is not overpowering, and it is not musty or powdery. I guess if you like cucumber-melon lotion, or anything similar to that smell, you may like this. I like the scent of fresh, light, fruity, but not too fruity, and I will be purchasing it again in the future.

11. LALICIOUS Birthday Cake Shimmering Butter

LALICIOUS Birthday Cake Shimmering Butter

A shimmery pink whipped cream that smells like birthday cake leaves your skin soft and shimmering all day. Lock in the right amount of water and you will get a glowing complexion. The places you need the most for rejuvenation are where safflower oil is most needed. It is absorbed quickly by the butter. It contains vitamins E and D, pro-vitamin A and allantoin, which help nourish your skin. Skin-loving ingredients such as Mango Butter, Milk Thistle, and Vitamins E and C may help address the appearance of premature aging. Formulated without Parabens,Gluten,Pthalates,Sodium Laureth Sulfate,GMO-derived Soy, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, or Mineral Oil. There was no animal testing. It was made in the USA. Fair Trade is 98% natural and 100% conscious.

Brand: Lalicious

👤This is as good as it gets. This is not a paid review. This is a review from a woman with a lot of experience with body butter, lotion, etc, and especially those that have a scent like birthday batter, birthday cake, etc. It is rich but not greasy, it is heavy in hydration, but not heavy on your skin, and it is whipped so that it isn't greasy. It is magnificent and INRDeals The price point is very reasonable, and I cannot recommend it enough because it is so good. I have reordered this stuff many times. A definite yes. You will not regret it.

👤The scent is cheap and it smells like a watered down bath and body works. Very light. I wouldn't consider it a 30$ product.

👤I've heard great things about Lalicious. I'm not happy with this scent. I would have preferred the Sugar Kiss scent. I think Sugar Reef smells like roses. I don't like the scent at all. I imagined the scent would be fresh and light. I think the scent should be called Sugar Rose. The product is not thick or hydrating. Trader Joes has better body butters. If you're interested in the brand, I think the scent of Sugar Kiss is the scent to purchase.

👤I was very excited to see that LALICIOUS came out with a body butter in the birthday cake scent. The Birthday Cake whipped sugar scrub made my skin soft after I got out of the shower, and I have used it again. It's a win to have an actual body butter in the same scent. The scent of the body butter is still there after a while, but it isn't overpowering. I love it and will keep buying it.

👤I would give more stars if I could. I bought it in a salon for a bit more. It is cheaper on Amazon. I signed up for monthly delivery and it works out well. When the tube is almost empty is another thing. I cut the end and scoop it out and keep cutting until it's all gone. The scent lasts all day.

👤Lalicious body butter has been ordered 29 times by me. I really like it. The Sugar Tiara scent is light and fresh, and it's perfect for my dry skin. Highly recommended!

👤The Lalicious brand body butters have a nice scent. Whenever I wear it, I've always been praised. I wanted to try the Sugar Lemon scent since I loved the other one so much. This one is ok, but not as good as the other. The scent of the lemon body butter is very faintly lemon. I expected a stronger scent. It's still nice, but a bit pricey for a scent that doesn't last very long.


What is the best product for cake lotion products?

Cake lotion products products from Primal Elements. In this article about cake lotion products you can see why people choose the product. Intimd and Body Prescriptions are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake lotion products.

What are the best brands for cake lotion products?

Primal Elements, Intimd and Body Prescriptions are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake lotion products. Find the detail in this article. The Lotion Company, Zoey Koko and Ogx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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