Best Cake Mixer Machine

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1. HOWORK Functional Kitchen Electric Beater

HOWORK Functional Kitchen Electric Beater

Aifeel stand mixer has a one year quality warranty. They will give you a solution if you contact them before returning. Die-cast aluminum is used in some of the attachments. It might oxidize if it is washed in the dishwasher. If the splash guard breaks, please contact them for a new one. The 660W stand mixer has a powerful motor and intelligent chip. You can use it to make many different kinds of recipes. The intelligent chip has a protection system. V-belt drive. The noise is very low and the gearbox is relatively stable. Send a recipe for free. The double handle is easy to hold, and the bowl can hold up to 8 people. The inner wall of the bowl is made of wire. The dough can be fully kneaded instead of being spun. The electric kitchen mixer is good for making small batches of muffins, biscuits, cakes, frosting, bread, and mashed potatoes. HOWORK dough mixer comes with 6 different attachment-dough hook, mixing beater, whisk,Dishwasher Safe, all of them are teflon treatment, and are resistant to oxidation. There is an extra free separator, scraper, and splash guard. The mixer has a Hall board. When stirring, folding, kneading, mixing and beating, 6 speeds are more convenient. For safety reasons, option 0 was developed to protect both the operator and the blender. The pulse function is very high. The kitchen stand mixer is guaranteed for two years. They offer a 2-year guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will try to help you.

Brand: Howork

👤The planetary stand mixer was produced by Howork. It is a professional grade mixer and has everything you would expect. The heavy weight bowl with two handles and locks into the foot of the mixer, the excellent attachment that are very well made and have simple twist-lock connection, and the great clear dome, are just some of the things that come with the mixer. When kneading dough at high speed, the mixer has cups that help keep it in place. The motor is not loud. The planetary rotation of the mixer head and the beater is very quiet because of the gears that drive it. If the mixer is plugged in but not mixing, the speed knob has a blue light on it. When in operation. I don't use a mixer often. I make my own when I want a cake, pie or cobbler. I like to make my own bread. The mixer is perfect for me. Five stars.

👤I needed a mixer at Corona time and at home. I tried many different types of cakes and pastries when I bought this mixer. I used it to whip eggs and overturn the salads. I make a lot of sweets with it. I clean it very easily and its use is very easy. When I want to put more ingredients, the head is raised. This is the best mixer I have ever purchased.

👤The KitchenAid that I purchased to replace it only lasted a couple of years. I liked the handles that came with the mixing bowl, so I decided on this one. It was the only one I could find that was within that price range. I decided to take a chance. I am very happy that I did. It doesn't compare to my KitchenAid. This is the most powerful mixer I have ever used, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It takes every lump out of cake batters and potatoes. It is easy to operate. It is large but not large enough to take up a lot of space. I am going to purchase a mixer for my aunt as a gift because I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. I spent $150 on it and it is worth every penny.

👤I've wanted a standing mixer for a long time, but they were too expensive. I instantly fell in love with this one. It's quiet, has a bowl cover to prevent flour showers, and is larger than the name brand ones for less than half the price. It is well worth the money, but it doesn't come in a variety of colors.

👤It didn't seem like anything was made to be cheap. The bowl has to be put on the right side or it will hit the edge of the stand. I couldn't get the beater off because it was hitting the side of the bowl. I had to take the bowl off. I could remove the beater. I made my first bread in this and doubled the recipe because it was so large. The dough hook is over an inch from the bottom of the bowl. The dough still climbed up above the beaters, my purpose was to get a larger bowl to prevent this. The bowl holder is plastic and not sure how long it will last. I have been using a kitchen aid for many years and I am going to return it. Make sure you hold on to it because the top lift pops up fast.

2. KICHOT Household Tilt Head Attachments Kneading

KICHOT Household Tilt Head Attachments Kneading

The MET certificate has over-heating and overload protection. Howork stand mixers are the best choice for home use or as a gift. Quality products and long life after-sale support are provided by them. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them, they will respond within 12 hours and offer the best service to you. The KICHOT stand mixer is perfect for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, or limited countertop space and is designed to be your best kitchen helpers. The bowl has enough mixing capacity. You can mix a lot of flour. The handles on the sides of the bowl make it easier to take. The kitchen electric stand mixer is a great gift for your family and friends. Precise 10 speed controller lets you choose from a slow stir to a fast mix, additional pulse setting for quick blitzing, the powerful performance of planetary mixing action for mixing bread dough, thick batters, and whipping cream. The machine mixes ingredients efficiently and thoroughly, it is a perfect combination of simplicity, performance and style. The Tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attachment. The splash guard with access port helps add ingredients more quickly and prevents batter from spattering. The anti-skid cups keep the mixer stable and safe. The kICHOT electric mixer is safe to use. The bottom of the fuselage can be mufti-directional cold and hot air, long service life, with overload and overheat protection design. The dough mixer is able to handle tough doughs. They are confident in the quality of KICHOT stand mixers. The package includes a mixer machine, a dough hook, a wire whip, a spatula, and a splash guard. If you have any questions, the solution is very pleasant.

Brand: Kichot

👤I teach cooking and knife skills and am a professional home chef. I take all of my kitchen items very seriously. I am very careful in evaluating and rating the items I test and review. My reviews are not biased. Good is bad. KitchenAid's classic but very expensive models are an excellent low-cost alternative to the KICHOT Stand Mixer. It has many functions that work well. * Everything you need for whipping, kneading, and mixing is included in the system. * The mixer is lightweight and easy to lift for easy shelf or cabinet storage. The splash guard cover connects to the mixer instead of the bowl, which makes it easier to use. * Most components are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. For general mixing use, the included attachments are sufficient, even though you can't use accessories made for other mixers like KitchenAid. The operation is easy to do. The mixer does the job and does it well. There is a The box has an egg separator and a spatula. This is a great option for a low cost in comparison to the more expensive ones. It has a two-year warranty as well. This is a five-star rated stand mixer and it's at the top of the low-priced ones. I recommend it for anything other than a need for hard-core daily use, and when other functions like pasta-making or grinding accessories are required. Bon Appetit! If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the "helpFUL" button below.

👤Kids can use a mixer easily, so we needed another one. The splash guard on this is better than the kitchen aid, so I chose this one. It is easy to set up. We added noise canceling headphones because it is loud for sensory kids. Highly recommend and no complaints.

👤I had this for two weeks and I am happy with it. It is very easy to put together a good quality building. I've tried many recipes with it. The mixer makes it easy to whip egg whites andKneading cookies doughs.

👤The bread dough was being mixed by the mixer. The bread ingredients were difficult to mix. Kitchen Aid quality is definitely not involved. Due to its size and weight, it won't be used for bread dough.

👤The mixer is a great value. Even on high settings, the cups keep it stable. An extra benefit is the unique pulse setting. It is easy to use and clean.

👤I have nerve damage in my hands, but I love baking. I wanted to buy a stand up mixer. I wouldn't have to hold on to the mixer. I spent a lot of time researching and decided on this one. It does a wonderful job and I have already used it. It did well on yeast bread. If you're looking for a mixer that's affordable, I would recommend this one. Good product.

👤I bought this electric mixer a week ago and I'm loving it. The bottom of the counter has pads on it. I don't have to worry about it falling. It's kind of noisy, but hands down beats having to hold a hand mixer to make whipping cream. The splash guard makes it easier to clean my walls and saves me a lot of time in the kitchen while I make deserts. I haven't tried out the dough attachment yet. I'm going to make some delicious sour cream and chive bread soon.

3. SHM01DSRD Electric Whipping Brownies Meringues

SHM01DSRD Electric Whipping Brownies Meringues

You can mix, blend, or whip egg whites, cake batter, cookie dough, whip cream at the touch of a button. The Enlightened Storage is a crime. It's no longer possible to misplace beaters or flimsy front clip plates, because you simply pop them back into the storage clip on the side of the appliance. It is possible to compare and fit it with portable. This is a must-have for the first apartment, a smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/RV traveling. It's the perfect wedding or new home gift because it's small, takes up little cabinet or counter space, and it's trendy color options will match any kitchen d├ęcor. Also included: The 150 watt 3 Speed Hand mixer is dishwasher safe and comes with a recipe book and database access.

Brand: Dash

👤I received this product on August 14th. It was small and pretty. This is what happens now. The rusty iron parts are disgusting. If you want to buy it, look for a better product.

👤The mixer stinks. Thec attachments don't hit the bottom of my bowls. I only used it for the second time today and the attachments were difficult to remove with the button. I wasted money on this.

👤When this product went on sale, I was so excited. I had doubts about being a good item. I used it to make cookies. It did a great job. It is easy to use and light. A lot of people are complaining about the rust. The instructions state not to leave beaters submerged in water overnight. If you did that, you have to wash them with a small brush, because they have rust on them.

👤My old hand mixer stopped working about 40 years ago. The mixer is easy to store and does what I need it to do. I mostly use it to whip cream. The problem with getting the beaters out is that it takes some light to pull them out. When the button is pushed, I expected them to come out. I miss my old mixer. Nothing as made as well anymore, so this will do.

👤I have had it for 6 weeks. The beater has come apart.

👤I don't have to sacrifice anything with this compact mixer, because the room is small, and I don't have to worry about what I bring in. The tool is small, but works well.

👤It's difficult to set the mixer down while you're baking because the electrical cord comes out of the unit. It has a good amount of storage for the blades.

👤The first Christmas cookie recipe broke halfway through it. I had high hopes for this after reading all of the reviews, but I had to run to the store to get a new one. I got a Hamilton Beach mixer for a few dollars more and it was worth the extra ten bucks. The lowest speed of the dash one is still quite fast, even during the first few minutes of use, as some reviewers wrote, and does not really differ from the two higher speeds.

👤The reviews say it was good, but only used once. It was made with good materials, solid construction and was quieter than my old one. Plug in with the whisk bits if it is switched off. This is a good purchase for occasional use and does not feel cheap.

👤The hand mixer is thin enough to fit in a kitchen drawer and I liked the idea of it. The different speeds were great when we did some baking last weekend. I got a really fluffy cake. Just what I needed. My 3yo could help me mix the cake batter.

👤This is a very small mixer that can fit in a small storage room. After 18 months the clips on the beaters snapped off and the cable is stiff and won't let the mixer sit up properly.

4. HOWORK Tilt Head Planetary Electric Dishwasher

HOWORK Tilt Head Planetary Electric Dishwasher

We are confident in the quality of KICHOT stand mixers. The package includes a mixer machine, a dough hook, a wire whip, a spatula, and a splash guard. If you have any questions, the solution is very pleasant. The Howork stand mixer is built with a 660W pure copper motor which powers through the thickest dough. All your needs can be met with 6+0+P speeds. One of the best kitchen appliances is the electric mixer. A large family of 3-7 people can be satisfied by theough mixer. The splash guard helps to prevent flour splashing. The kitchen electric stand mixer can be used to make cakes, breads, cookies, pizza, salads, muffins and more. Baking is fun at any time. The kitchen mixer has three mixing accessories: dough hook, beater and whisk. You can throw the dough hook and beater in the dishwasher and not have to clean them. Every time, the egg separator and scraper are free. Tilt-head design allows you to install and remove mixers easily. The anti-skid cups keep it in place. The long service life of the stand mixer clearance is ensured by the sturdy housing. Howork stand mixers are the best choice for home use or as a gift. Safety and 2 Years WarrantyETL certificate, over-heating and overload protection. Quality products and long life after-sale support are provided by them. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them, they will respond within 12 hours and offer the best service to you.

Brand: Howork

👤It is very easy to use, and it is very stable because of the suction on the bottom. The settings are simple and stable when you switch between tools. I can use it with a variety of materials.

👤I wouldn't have bought this mixer if I'd known. It has a nice appearance and the cups stick to the counter. The rest is not great. The well at the bottom of the mixing bowl can fit into the mixer. The bottom of the bowl is where anything goes. The attachment doesn't reach it. You have to stop the mixer, tilt the head, and pull the bowl off to get it out of the well. If the order of ingredients doesn't matter, be careful how you put things in the bowl. The amount of vanilla that stays at the bottom will never mix with the rest of it. First, put the bigger things in, like full cups. The description shows a splash guard. The beater attachment is set to where it is closest to the edge of the bowl. It's not possible to get the bowl without first turning it off. It's difficult to add ingredients when it's mixing. It was easier to turn it off and add whatever was needed to be done. That was a challenge. I bought a stand mixer because I was tired of using the hand mixer. I've found using the hand mixer to be a lot easier if you have to beat something for a long time. The mixer has a big bowl and some power, but it's failing in many other areas to compensate for that. My stand mixer is in comparison to a hand mixer. I'll probably use it for a while until Halloween, then buy a new one before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to mix with my hands. This one doesn't give that.

👤Since we could not afford to spend more than 3 times the price on a known brand, I bought this mixer. It is a solid built mixer with a powerful motor. It has a lift handle behind the bowl and a base with cups under it to keep it from moving. The large bowl makes it easy to make large portion doughs that can be frozen. I was very satisfied with my purchase and it was a great value.

👤I didn't want to spend $300 on a new kitchen aid mixer because I had to replace my 24 year old one. I am happy with it so far. It has a huge bowl that is great for keeping the ingredients from flying out. The splash guard is easy to use. I poured chocolate. Even if you don't have a lot of mix, the large beater fits the bowl perfectly and you can mix it up. It's not so easy for the KA to remove batter with your fingers, so you can get your fingers inside the beater. The dial is easy to use, the bowl is secure, and it is anchored to the counter. This machine is not made of metal. The answer is suction. It is under my cabinets. It is difficult to slide it out with the help of the suction. There is a The locking mechanism and speed dial are easy to use. This is a great mixer. How long will it last? Stay informed.

5. Cusimax Tilt Head Electric 5 Quart Stainless

Cusimax Tilt Head Electric 5 Quart Stainless

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. Baking with ease can be achieved with a powerful motor. Stand mixer with a strong motor and sturdyABS housing, 3 different speed from slow stir to fast mix, make it easy for cakes, breads, cookies, pizza, muffins, waffle, mashed potatoe and more. This mixer has enough capacity for a family with a large bowl. The splash guard with access port helps add ingredients without making a mess, allowing you to cook at great ease, enjoy to prepare homemade dishes. The CUSIMAX stand mixer comes with three mixing accessories, a whisk, dough hook and a beater, which are easily secured to the shaft. The beaters are moved around the bowl for even mixing. The accessories are not dishwasher safe. The tilt-head design was created. The tilt-head design electric mixer makes it easy to install or uninstall accessories. Silicone cups keep the mixer steady. If you received a faulty item or have questions, please contact them. They will try to help you and give you the best service.

Brand: Cusimax

👤I was looking at the KitchenAid mixers for a long time but stumbled upon these killer dupe mixers. The cost savings were obvious after comparing technical specifications. It's flawless and I've been using it for 2 months. Don't hesitate on this purchase. It's a great quality, powerful mixer that doesn't heat up on challenging mixes, and has a shield so you don't get hit with flour bombs while mixing. A number.

👤I like the product. It's easy to set up, work with and clean. The video has flour for bread. It took almost 30 days to get to me.

👤The mixer is easy to use. I use it to stir cake and flour. It is said that it can stir the meat, but I have not used it. It has three mixing heads that need to be replaced. It gave us a lot of strength and time.

👤The kitchenaid was too heavy and awkward for me. I gave my daughter my kitchenaid because this was the better one for me. I live in this cusimax. For simple jobs it is perfect, and it fits my kitchen much better. I love how everything comes on and off. It was difficult to remove the heavy equipment.

👤I bought this mixer because I love baking. My co-workers love me because I use it so much. The attachments are easy to clean. It mixes well even in the bottom and sides. It's not that expensive. It gets the job done.

👤We use it every day since we got it a year ago and it works as we expected.

👤The mixer is a great value. It is easy to use, and seems to be durable. There are cups on the bottom to keep it upright. The controls are easy to use. There is a button on the top of the mixer that can be unlocked to take the bowl out. I have beaten eggs and mixer dough. I think this is a good idea.

👤I have been using this product for a while. It is a better mixer than the one I bought before. The design is great. It is easy to install and clean. Also, user-friendly! My mother is also able to use this. I am very satisfied with this product.

👤The machine works well, but the finish on the paddle doesn't stay on it. My mom noticed silver particles in the cookies after making them all day. The paddle left grey stuff all over our hands after it came off. I think all the cookies need to be thrown away. The picture attached shows the paddle is almost black or dark gray after being used. It was a long day of work down the drain. It's great to get a return for both machines, but be aware.

👤The mixer has all the features of a stand mixer in red. If you did it by hand, it would take 20 minutes to prepare sandwich bread dough. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a heavy duty mixer.

6. 6 5 QT 6 Speed Tilt Head Kitchen Electric

6 5 QT 6 Speed Tilt Head Kitchen Electric

660W high performance pure copper motor and sturdyABS housing, 6 optimal speeds with pulse function, access to a variety of recipes, and a powerful motor and variable speed control. The motor is more powerful and quieter. The large capacity bowl with handles can meet all your kitchen needs. The dual handles of the Stand Mixer make it easier to hold and make cakes, breads, cookies, pastry, muffins and waffle. Outside design and tilt head. The tilt-head design mixer makes it easy to install or uninstall accessories. The blue light is a power indicator. The red housing with two painters make it look better in the kitchen. The Aucma stand mixer comes with three accessories. Adding ingredients without making a mess is aided by the splash guard with access hatch. Aucma electric mixer is a perfect gift for your family and friends. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Aucma

👤I did a lot of research. I had a budget. My husband wanted to bless me with a new mixer, but he said he couldn't get me a Kitchen Aid at this point. The challenge was accepted. I didn't know we had other options besides a Kitchen Aid. I am very happy with this model. My Aucma handles my mixing needs. It is light weight. My husband was impressed with the splash guard. It is easy to disassemble. The parts are easy to clean. I know when I forget to plug it in because of the turn dial. My husband was impressed with how quiet it is. I waited a few months to make sure my love was lasting. It fits under my cabinets when not in use. This product is very good.

👤I was looking for a quality food mixer to replace my handheld one because I was tired of holding it for too long. Big brand mixers are always more expensive. I looked at this and it fits my budget. I believe I made the right choice after several baking projects. The food mixer is built with quality in mind. Sturdy materials are expected to last longer. The motor is very powerful and you could hear it in the video I took. The control is easy to use. The parts are easy to clean. I don't want to pay for other brands that have fancy features, as I rarely use them. I'll be happy to try it out for more baking projects.

👤It was easy to clean and the speed settings were great. The only complaint I have is that only 4.5-5 quarts of the mixing bowl is usable, as the mixer attachment goes down into the bowl leaving some of the top of the bowl unusable. It can easily handle a few lbs of thick dough. The price is definitely unbeatable. I had a small issue with the mixing bowl handle, support was quick and I was fixed right away. I was surprised to see how professional they were, even though they were cheap.

👤I was excited to get this mixer. Quiet and stable. Everything about the mixer was great, until I washed the beater in the dish washer, which was chrome or stainless steel, at least in appearance. The metal underneath bled black and looked like lead. I don't recommend the purchase because it's not selling.

👤I've always wanted a mixer for the bakery. I was scared off by those expensive mixers in stores. The perfect solution is this guy. It has all the functions I need from those expensive ones. It has three beaters from light duty to heavy duty. The speed can be adjusted. The speed knob is cool with a blue backlight. I like how easy it is to use. Plug in and turn the knob. It's all over. There was no chance to make a mistake. I can bake with it because it's a 600W+ machine. It's the right power for a family. Just tilt the head and open the bowl. It's easy to clean. When this monster is running, you can hear something but it's not unpleasant. It love it!

7. KitchenAid KSM150PSMC Artisan Pouring Shield

KitchenAid KSM150PSMC Artisan Pouring Shield

Aucma electric mixer is a perfect gift for your family and friends. If you have any questions, please contact them. The 10-speed slide control can be very fast or very slow. The dough hook and wire whip are included. The power hub is used for more than one attachment. The hub cover is non-hinged. It was assembled with pride in Ohio. Pick the one that best matches your style and personality. The power hub can turn your stand mixer into a kitchen.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤This was a gift. I'm certain that these have been refurbished. There were fingerprints on the mixer from the sealed box and a small dent in the bowl. They don't advertise that they are reconditioning. There's nothing wrong with getting a refurbished mixer, but you should let people make the decision for themselves.

👤I bought this over a month ago and it was quick to get hot and noisy, I didn't want to replace it because it was a hassle I didn't want to deal with, but then I decided to go ahead and replace it because it turned out to be a faulty one What are the odds of that happening? I had no idea that the head that spins, cracked, and deposited metal in my dough, was the same one I had unboxed. The brand that I'm excited to add to my kitchen, which has a solid reputation, turns out to be faulty twice. I don't want to try a third time, I don't want the mixer anymore.

👤The mixer is very good. You all know that. The purpose of this review is to help people who are confused between Ice Blue and Aqua Sky. I saw Ice Blue at Target. I couldn't find Aqua Sky in person, so I tried to figure out which online pictures were accurate. There weren't many real life pictures to look at. I ordered Aqua Sky. It's perfect for me. The best way to describe the difference between the two colors is here. ICE Blue is very bright and airy. There is a touch of green. It's gorgeous. Aqua Sky is a dark turquoise. The color of the stones in Native American jewelry is similar to this. I think it's more of a country blue/green than Ice Blue. Like a jar. I have included a picture of it next to the actual Ball jar. I put a baby blue cup and a light mint green plate in the other photo so you can see how the shade of Aqua Sky falls in between the two. One picture with flash and one without. I hope this will help people who are confused about what shades look like and which is best for their kitchen.

👤I had to clean the bowl for 45 minutes with a baking soda solution to make sure there was no leftover mess from KitchenAid's polishing process. I think that they should be the ones to change the polishing process since this is such a high cost product and I don't want to risk ruining my food. I find it disappointing that the company isn't fixing the issue.

👤4.5 stars. I prefer to give credit where credit is due rather than short change a product, but just keep in mind there are a few drawbacks to this mixer. This sucker is very dangerous. Most of us have seen these mixers around for a long time, but it was probably just me that didn't realize that all kitchenmaid stand mixers are not created equal. Different models have different capacities, speeds and effectiveness. I wanted to wait to write this review until I had explored this machine more, because it's such a big investment. The product has proven to be strong now that I have used it. We have a small kitchen and so it gets moved around a lot, this hasn't resulted in any sort of loosen or wiggling which is important when you have that dough hook running at top speed. The heft of the sword can make it a double edge sword. If you have trouble lifting things or have arthritis, be sure to keep this on a mobile kitchen cart or give it a permanent countertop space to avoid having to lift it from a bottom cabinet which can be a chore. It is nice to be able to toss something into the mixer and walk away to get the other ingredients without having to babysit a bowl. I like working with doughs or honey. The sizes of the attachments are 888-282-0465 and are easy to put on and take off. The rubber sided mixer attachment is the only one that can be used without having to angle a separate spatula into the mixer, I would be open to forgoing some of the other attachment in order to have this one right. It would be great if you could install add-ons to the drawer that would not slam, that way the head of this mixer would be protected. The blue color of this mixer is dreamy. It's beautiful and a bit novel, but still easy to match to other kitchen products out there. I think this piece of equipment is a great investment for anyone who likes to cook or bake, and I really do love it. This model is sturdy enough to teach the little ones and is great for families. The machine is great, but it's half star because of the lack of slow-down mechanism for the head and the lack of spatula on the mixer attachment. There are pros and cons. It is built to last, easy to use, and does not slow down when dealing with difficult foods. There are some things that are CONS: It's not bad for an investment piece, but the Spatula Mixer Attachment isn't included, so it's not necessary to remove the bowl often. There are tips. If you have a mixer nearby, check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls, they have attachment on sale for 60 percent off the selling price. If you're working with dough, watch out for it coiling up your dough hook and into the gears if you're not careful. The best way to get into the attachment holder and metal pieces in the head of the mixer is to use a metal blemish extractor. It is not as strong as a toothpick, which can break and get caught in the gears. Did my review help you? I hope so! If you have a question, use the comments section below.

8. Dash Stand Mixer Electric Everyday

Dash Stand Mixer Electric Everyday

The cord length is 16 Inches. The Dash Stand mixer is a great kitchen accessory for frosting, meringue, creamy dressings, doughs, baked goods and more. COMPACT: The Dash Stand Mixer is a small and light mixer that can fit under most kitchen cabinets. The cord length is 40. The portable, compact mixer has a 250 watt motor and 6 different speed options ranging from low to high to whip, beat or knead with even, uniform results. There is a message free. The fully tilted motor head makes it easy to remove the mixing bowl. The retro design and variety of trendy colors options will accent any kitchen. Also included: Dash Stand Mixer is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and includes a 3 quart mixing bowl, 2 dough hooks, 2 mixer beaters, recipe book and recipe database access, all of which are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Dash

👤Poor quality product. It was loud and didn't mix flour well. It's hard to clean. I decided to return the product immediately after using it for the first time. It was done twice before purchasing. I got what I paid for, that's a lesson I learned. Poor product. Do not recommend.

👤The little mixer has been useful. It works well and is not noisy. The bowl can be easily removed by turning it. The beaters and bowl are dishwasher safe. It has a switch on the base that can change the position of the bowl so that it can blend in the center or blend along the sides of the bowl. It is easy to remove bowl or beaters. I drag a silicone batter spatula along the sides to help remove any ingredients stuck to the side of the bowl. It looks great sitting on my counter top. I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but until we win the lottery. This is a great alternative for a budget that is effective and cute.

👤This was the second time I used this. The blades have been difficult to insert. It worked the first time. The blade broke making mashed potatoes. You could see where the hinges were rusted. I just bought this. I have to make a new dish. I have to clean it up. Very disappointed.

👤I bought this even though I was told to save up for the 300$ brand. I've used this for 4 different cakes and it's worked great. All the reviews said it was not heavy enough to kill a man. The weight has not made it perform badly. It is starting to feel like all the reviews that said to just buy kitchen aid are lying. The brand looks cute.

👤This product was disappointing. I was surprised by how light it felt. It was very loud. I was hoping for something better than a handheld mixer, but I decided against it. Baking more than simple box recipes that don't require low or medium speeds is not recommended. This seems to have high speeds only. It was a big disappointment and I hate to be so negative.

👤The price of other stand mixers is much higher. Several batches of Oatmeal Scotchie cookies have already been made as well as several cakes with homemade frosting, which is a good thing, but the head tilt is a little awkward to manage, and the beaters are hard to remove, only one bowl. I would recommend this to a person with limited funds who needs a stand mixer. It does its job.

👤I just saw the price and it makes me angry. I paid a lot for this. It just stopped working after 6 months. How is it going for $37 now?

👤I love it! It works well, is easy to clean, and looks great in my kitchen. The lowest speed is still pretty high.

👤I was not sure if the mixer would work. It is light and flimsy, which was not surprising considering the price. I have used it a few times now and my initial impressions have been disproved. I've used it to make mashed potatoes, 2 very dense cookie batters, and a few other recipes. I wanted to know if it would be good for people with limited strength. It's light and easy to fit the bowl underneath, so it would be good for this purpose. I plan to buy one for my sister. She will be able to use the mixer easily. It's worth the low cost.

9. Facelle Automatic Intelligence Electric Tilt Head

Facelle Automatic Intelligence Electric Tilt Head

The electric mixer is a perfect gift for your family and friends. You can cook at great convenience with the three attachment secured to the shaft. They offer a 3-year guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will try to help you. Facelle household stand mixer equipment with 660W high-performance pure metal gear wheel motor, realize 5 minutes take shape of " soft dough" without heating up, help you and your family make the baking more tender. The kitchen standing mixer has adough hook/egg whisk/beater, Splash guard, and no trace stirs mix. Release your hands, auto and electric stand mixer with 6+P speed control to help you adjust the mix speed you need,6 QT food gradesstainless steel bowl that can perfectly meet all your kitchen needs for a family of 3-6 person The tilt-head design mixers make it easy to install or uninstall a mixing bowl. The kitchen stand mixer will suck on the countertop when it works. You can see the dough mixer's status via the indicator. Facelle electric stand mixer has over-heating and overload protection. Facelle professional kitchen stand mixer is the best choice for home use or as a gift. If you have a question, please contact them first, they will provide professional customer service for you. They can offer a full 2-year quality guarantee and lifetime technical support.

Brand: Facelle

👤It is very easy to use. The power of the suction is very high. While you are working with it, your mixer won't move.

👤It is a good mixer to use for cooking.

10. Mueller Electric Stainless Accessories Whipping

Mueller Electric Stainless Accessories Whipping

The kitchen mixer set has many different attachments. No Time Wasting is why pull out a traditional stand mixer when this ultimate hand mixer has all the functions you need in a matter of seconds. It is the perfect solution for the busy baker with a 5-speed dial and extra function that allows you to choose the optimum mixing speed for any recipe. You can mix and whip in comfort with the lightweight handle and soft grip. The upright stance design makes it easy to set aside the hand held mixer and the slide control makes it easy to shift speeds with a single touch. Heavy-duty dough mixer hooks make it easy to mix dough and other heavy mixtures. The beater attachment is designed to beat heavy cream, butter, egg whites and batter as well as dishes like mashed potatoes. The dishwasher safe attachment can be cleaned using the easy eject control. No more dangling cord and compact and portable! The snap on storage case makes this slim kitchen appliance super space efficient so you can easily store away your baking supplies or take with you where you need to go. All of their products are covered by their total satisfaction promise. This stylish and easy to use electric mixer is welcome in your family kitchen. It was made in China.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤Is this for baking or drilling? I was worried that the mixer would drill through my bowl all the way down to the ground.

👤I was able to make some power pancakes without the batter spilling all over the place because of the sturdy mixer. The dough hooks are a feature that I like. Have you ever tried to stir a jar of peanut butter with a butter knife, even though the oil was coming to the top? It was quite a mess if you were like me. With the dough hooks, you can place them straight down to the bottom of the jar, hold tight to the jar and turn it on, so you can blend your nut butter in seconds.

👤The little mixer was a surprise. I thought it would be flimsy. I was wrong. I tried it on a few things to see what it could do. My expectations were high because I have other Meller things in my kitchen. I made a recipe for potato rolls which allowed me to make mashed potatoes and yeast dough. The dough hooks were used to mix the dry and wet ingredients. The hard work was done by the mixer and it needed a little finishing. The motor seemed to have a lot of power. It was used to mix a boxed cake mix and make buttercream icing. Beaters are easy to clean and have a storage box if you want to keep it. Overall, I was impressed. It is comparable to my handheld Kitchen Aid mixer. It would be too much to handle an extremely stiff bread dough, but that is what the huge stand mixers are for. If you don't want to use the heavy stand mixer to do most smaller jobs in the kitchen, this mixer is a great addition. I would highly recommend this one.

👤It was very easy to use. My 7 year old was able to mix the cake batter with this product. It comes with a storage case. It wasn't very loud.

👤Very disappointed. Speed1 is too fast, there isn't a button on top to pop out the 2 metal twirling silver cake mixers. You have to get food on your hands and reach under to pull things out. It's hard to use the bottom plastic container for parts when you're done with it.

👤The beaters on her old mixer would fall out when she was in the process of mixing, so she needed a new mixer. I ordered this mixer based on the reviews and features. Mom was happy. She likes the speed functions, the mixer's overall design, and the storage case that holds the beaters inside. When she gets the mixer out, she can easily find the beaters that are stored with it, instead of having to dig around in a kitchen tools drawer for them. Awesome purchase!

👤I love this mixer. I use my stand mixer for everything. I want power, but sometimes I want to pull it out. The hand mixer is satisfying for me. It has amazing power and is a great feature. The storage cover and dough hook are great features, you place your mixer and hooks inside and it's all one great piece. I have never been a fan of hand mixers. Awesome job.

11. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Mixer Snap

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Mixer Snap

The model includes a 3.5 quart bowl, Flex Edge Beater, and a 6-wire whip. You can adjust the kitchen mixer to fit any baking recipe with 6 speeds. The hand mixer has 250 watt peak power. The bowl rest feature allows you to rest the hand mixer over the bowl, so drips don't get all over your countertop. Attachments that are versatile: The traditional beaters and whisk are included in the kitchen mixer. The hand mixer has a snap-on storage case.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This is not a smart purchase. I read reviews when I make purchases on Amazon, but rarely write them myself. You can see that the coating on the two blender heads is coming off in the close up photo I have uploaded. I noticed something shiny inside the cookie when I was eating it. I traced my steps to figure out what it was, and this hand mixer was the culprit. I'm pretty sure eating metal coating isn't good for you. The mixer attachment should be made out of steel, not chrome, as it's a kitchen appliance that's coming in contact with food and liquids. The whisker that comes with this is made of STAINLESS, and I'll continue to use that without any problems, because the manufacturer just tried to save some money by making it out to be made of STAINLESS. I only used the mixer once and used cookie dough inside a bowl. The chrome coating on the bowl came off because of the rubbing of the heads against it. It's not cool and should be taken off the market by Amazon.

👤The little mixer from Hamilton Beach exceeds my expectations. I like it because it serves my baking needs and doesn't take up a lot of space in my kitchen cabinet. I mix the ingredients to make cakes, brownies, muffins, waffles, pancakes, cookies, and dough for different breads. It works like a charm. It has 6 speeds and a burst button that adds a speed boost. It's easy to clean, and the best part is that the cord store makes it look neat and easy to use. The attachment and bin clicks on to the mixer itself for storage. It has a design at the end that makes it easier to put the mixer on the bowl. I thought it was pretty neat, and it keeps the bowl from tipping over and spilling everything. The tetris battle that I always lose is the reason for the attachment and cord to store together. You have to apply pressure to close the container. I haven't. I'm afraid I might break it, but for now the order that seems to do the trick is beater and whisk together then other beater across, pushed all the way down, cord and click. This hand mixer is a no-brainer for the price and function. It has been 6 months since I got my mixer and it is still working. Practice makes perfect, and now I don't have to keep all the cords. I have mixed batter for many things. The little mixer goes the extra mile. I am happy to use it.

👤The mixer had a broken case. No big deal. The product stopped working after 5 months. Hamilton Beach was contacted to replace a mixer. They said they would replace for free, but first they had to pay $11.49 for shipping and handling. The replacement of the mixer is not free because they are asking the consumer to pay for a new one, and that's why I wouldn't pay them. The first one only lasted 5 months, so why would I pay for another one? Don't buy from this manufacturer and go with another that will stand behind their products, they will last more than 5 mos.


What is the best product for cake mixer machine?

Cake mixer machine products from Howork. In this article about cake mixer machine you can see why people choose the product. Kichot and Dash are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake mixer machine.

What are the best brands for cake mixer machine?

Howork, Kichot and Dash are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake mixer machine. Find the detail in this article. Howork, Cusimax and Aucma are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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