Best Cake Mold 6inch

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1. Non Stick Springform Parchment Leakproof Cheesecake

Non Stick Springform Parchment Leakproof Cheesecake

Before use, wash in warm soapy water and rinse and dry. It is made of carbon steel. Strong and durable, with high thermal sensitivity. The tight seal is leak-proof. It is easy to clean. It is recommended to wash your hands. It's great for baking cake, pizza, bread, desserts and so on.

Brand: Yul

👤The first time I bought this, it was bent out of shape. I ordered a replacement and it came in another envelope. Nope. It leaked all over my oven, wouldn't come apart without ruining my food, and was nearly impossible to clean. I threw it away. Trash is cheap. I had to return the item to get a refund. I'm still waiting for the first one. I'm not going to try to ship this second one with food stuck all inside the ring, so I'm going to have to eat the cost of that one. Please. Don't allow this worthless piece of junk to affect you.

👤The pans were packed in a plastic bag and had some air packs. I was able to get them straightened out so I could use them. I think they were bent during shipping and leaked a little around the base of the brownie bottom cheesecake I made. It worked well on traditional crum bottom cheesecakes.

👤The pan is nice, but it arrived bent and not functional. The cake was stuck in the pan because it wouldn't release. I finally got it to release after some frustratingggling. The product should not be shipped in a plastic bag.

👤Well made, doesn't leak, nothing sticks. Highly recommended.

👤This was damaged by a dent. It takes a long time to return. Will update after baking something.

👤The pan is a spring form. It's easy to line up the bottom with the sides. It's perfect for Key Lime pie. The right size for an Instantpot. I have used it a few times and it is sturdy and well made. The price is a great value.

👤The pan I ordered was damaged when I ordered it. I was unable to return it.

👤It was very well made. The liners cut to fit the pans are a nice help.

2. Fat Daddios PRD 63 Round Silver

Fat Daddios PRD 63 Round Silver

It's designed for round tiered and layers cakes and deep-dish pizzas. It works perfectly for pressure cooker, 3.4, 4, 5.3, and 10-quart air fryers. The interior is 6 x 3 and the overall is 7 x 3. Easy release and clean up. It's safe for foods with fruit. Will not rust, peel or flake. There are no extra metals, chemicals, dyes, or PFOA's. It is recommended to wash your hands. It prevents over-baking and dry cakes. The heat is evenly distributed with no hot spots. The temperature can be as high as 541 F (265 C). A pressure cooker, air fryer, and freezer safe. The built bake toUGH is built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments.

Brand: Fat Daddio's

👤Daddio's cake pans were ordered by me. The one in the photos is made in Indonesia and has a PRD 83 stamp on the bottom. The pan seems to be of the high quality I was expecting. The other pan has a different stamp than the one in China. The pan made in China came in different wrappings and was less quality than the other one. See the pic. I ordered them at the same time and they arrived at the same time, so I don't know how they can send two completely different pans. I'm returning a cheap pan and ordering another one. It will be going back if it's not the one made in Indonesia. It's a pity.

👤I was not happy with the two cake pans I received. One of them is stamped with "PRD - 93" below it, but the other is stamped with "Fat Daddio's" in the same way. The other one is stamped with a sharper edge and looks better. Even though I'm nervous about the couple of rumors I read about some of these being manufactured with less quality control, I'm okay with them being stamped differently. These pans are straight-sided so they shouldn't nest, but the fact is that they do. It is frustrating that they are inconsistently sized. I'll be sending these back because I didn't discover this until I had to remove the stickers and wash them. I have had an issue with Fat Daddio's loaf pans. The first 6 I bought nested slightly, but the second set did not nest at all. I think I'm going to have to go to Magic Line for cake pans now that they have that inconsistency.

👤When I left my pan to soak in the morning, it took the finish off of it. I didn't know it had a finish. It was the first time I used it. I would not be able to use it so it will be thrown away. So disappointing!

👤These pans are great if you get the right pan. Before you start, make sure to flip the pan over and check the stamp. The good ones were stamped "Fat Daddio's PRD 83" by MMP Living. The BuyBoxer's pan were poorly stamped "Fat Daddio's8" x 3. I baked a basic yellow cake in three pans, split the batter evenly between the pans, and did the same Pam and parchment treatment to each, baked all three in the same oven at the same time and temperature, cooled, trimmed, and frosted all three layers. The photos show the difference the right pan makes. BuyBoxer didn't offer refunds, so Amazon's customer service is very good.

👤I'm very pleased with the way my cakes come out with this pan. I was very disappointed in the design flaw. The pan has sharp edges. I cut my hand. I contacted the manufacturer but never received a reply. No customer service! I like the results so I'm keeping the pan. I will be aware of the danger when washing it.

3. ODAHIS Aluminum Round Cake Pan

ODAHIS Aluminum Round Cake Pan

Round cake pan sets are very convenient to clean, they can be washed with warm soap water, and they are also good for daily baking use. Excellent heat distribution for your batter is ensured by the ultra-thick, high-quality alumina structure. The professional-quality cake pans can maintain a uniform baking temperature. The cake pans do not have excess metal, welds or chemical coating, and can be quickly cooled, enjoying a delicious and flawless effect. The success rate of the cake baked through the angle design is as high as 99%, if you design the golden ratio of the angle to obtain a uniform slice and perfect layers. These cake pans are straight edge and can be used to replace special baking pans. The design at the bottom makes it easy to remove the entire cake shape, making it more delicious and delicate. The mirror polished design of the cake pan keeps it shiny and beautiful, smooth edges, easy to clean, and comfortable to grip. Innovative products include PIECES(MULTI-USE)8/6 inch round cake pan. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. It's perfect to make layer cakes for several people at any time, such as a birthday, Christmas, or party. It's ideal for families or friends. ODAHIS highly value customers' satisfaction and tolerate zero quality issues. Please let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance. They will find a solution that will satisfy you.

Brand: Odahis

👤He pedido el producto 2 veces. Ahora, el reemplazo de igual manera llega daado. No lo pediré! Y tiene sentido, porque los mandan en una bolsa.

👤Check the picture, it will come scratched and bend. I haven't baked cake with it yet. Will come back with an update.

👤I have another set of pans. The other set was also good. The 6 inch is smaller than my other set. It's also good to use.

👤It's well built, easy to use and clean. The first time it arrived, there was a big dent on the wall. The new set still has a small dent, but it doesn't affect my use.

👤It's necessary to hand wash. They were washed in the dishwasher. They are not sure if they are safe to cook in.

👤These pans are very good. There were no complaints.

👤I was hesitant about buying these pans because they have to be hand washed, but luckily they were easy to clean. I used them to make a yogurt cheesecake and it stuck.

👤I received a broken one. It is unbelievable.

4. Baking Adjustable Cutter Stainless Tiramisu

Baking Adjustable Cutter Stainless Tiramisu

Made of high-quality, high temperature, Corrosion- resistant, not easily deformed, long service life, made of high-quality, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high temperature, high Smooth surface, clean and sanitary. It's suitable for microwaves, fridges, and dishwashers. Food grade, high temperature resistant, anti-rust and durable, make the cake mold last for a long time. The cake ring can be adjusted from 12 to 6 inches. Different size cake can be made with inside carved measurement. This cake cutting rings can make a variety of cakes, including tiramisu cake. It's easy to use and clean, hold the handles and pull to adjust the cake ring size, make sure to hand away from the cake ring cutter sharp edge. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe. No risk to buy, one year warranty, any question, please feel free to contact.

Brand: Tecktoo

👤If you have a child that likes funnel cake, you should definitely recommend it.

5. Performance Aluminum Nonstick Leakproof Non Toxic

Performance Aluminum Nonstick Leakproof Non Toxic

It's perfect for baking dense, heavy cakes such as cheesecake or carrot cake, light and airy layer cakes, or even get creative with deep dish pizza, flan and gelatin molded desserts. The baking surface is ideal for performance aluminum and healthy. It is made of aluminum, solid construction, and rust resistantan. It's suitable for citrus foods. The package includes a 4 inch cake pan for 1 person, a 6 inch cake pan for 2 people, and an 8 inch cake pan for 3-6 people. Different sizes of cake pans. The size of the mold can be used to make the correct number of cakes. The cake pan can reach the baking temperature faster. They will cool down quicker once out of the oven. This round cake pan set is very suitable for baking cakes, breads, quiches, deep-dish pizzas, fruit pies and gelatin desserts, or grilling steaks and ribs in the oven. It's good for serving fruits and vegetables. The 8 inch cake pan can be put into a small electric oven, conventional oven, pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, etc. It's suitable for refrigerators and dishwashers.

Brand: Mcomce

👤I was so excited to get these pans, and then noticed one of them looked like it fell out of the back of the Amazon truck, and maybe a deer tried to pick it up. The larger pan is useless, the pans seem good, but really disappointed this wasn't caught before shipped out. I will have to return them.

👤There were three different sizes of these. It's perfect for making a 2 tier cake or a 3 tier cake. It is a great price for the pans. These cake pans are very good.

👤The price of these baking pans was not so healthy.

👤I make small cakes for fun. I like lighter pans to dark ones, and these did well compared to my other light pans. They were lighter than I expected. It makes it easier to get out of the oven.

👤No puedo para lo q.

6. Wilton Small Tall Aluminum 2 Piece

Wilton Small Tall Aluminum 2 Piece

Also included: There are 4 cake pans. x 0.75 in. Each is 20.3 cm diam x 1.9 cm. There is a 10-year warranty. Ready, set, bake. The cake pan set can be used to make layer cakes. You can add layers to create an impressive dessert with the small aluminum round cake pans. PERFORMANCE: Even heating for uniform baking is ensured by the anodized aluminum construction of the cake pan. The 6-inch round small and tall cake pan set is made from high quality aluminum for even-heating andDurability. Before using the cake pans, wash them in warm soapy water. There are two cake pans, dimensions: 6 in. x 2 in. cake pans are 15.2 cm in diameter.

Brand: Wilton

👤I am really enjoying this set. I had been using the 5 layers set but found it too much work. I bake a box cake divided in these 2 pans and they are thicker so they don't start to tile as easily. I chill the layers for 10 minutes, crumbcoat and do my final layer. Love it! If this review helped, please give me a thumbs up. Thanks!

👤I was not happy with the pans. They are the perfect size, but you can buy the non stick 6” pans. They are the same size and are better. I have tried many different ways of coating these pans so that cakes do not stick. I have one cake that did not stick at the bottom. I used half a can of cooking spray. Never put pans in the dishwasher. I don't know how they got there, there are dents on the bottom and sides. I always wash my cake pans.

👤These are cute small cakes. The results are always fantastic when I use them to make 3 layer cakes. Baking strips can be used to make flat topped cakes.

👤I used this product to make my son smash cake for his 1 year pictures. My cakes pop out perfectly when I grease my pans with crisco.

👤It works like a charm. I wish they came in a set of three because they seem to work best when a three layer came, splitting the cake batter between three pans. I have to cook two and then line one up to cook the last third.

👤This pan is the perfect size to practice with. I sprinkled some flour on the pans after spraying them with cooking spray. Came out well!

👤These pans were a game-changer for me because they were my hobby. They haven't stuck to any recipes and made me an ideal bake. I would still recommend these pans for their superior quality even though I don't want them to be dishwasher safe.

👤Absolutely fantastic! They were delivered on time and they were better than I had expected. I put greaseproof paper on them. I used a recipe for an 8 cake and separated it into two tins which was perfect. These tins are wonderful. I will definitely buy again.

👤For many years, Wilton has been a well known brand. These pans baked well because of the great conductor of heat. The fact that these tins are not a true 6 inch tin was my issue. They fit inside my PME brand cake tins.

👤Needed another 6 inch cake tin to bake a three layer cake and ordered a twin pack of Wilson cake tins. The tins were different. There were two different tins, one of which was completely different. Someone has changed one of the tins. Couldn't send it back because of the hassle, but I'm annoyed.

👤The cake tins are top quality. It's necessary that you have those pretty little layers in your baking cupboard. 10/10

👤6 inch cake trays are perfect. There are no cons at all.

7. TeamFar Stainless Birthday Straight Dishwasher

TeamFar Stainless Birthday Straight Dishwasher

CLEAN The cake pans are dishwasher safe to save your time and less of hassle, and the mirror finish makes them less stick. TeamFar cake pan is made of high quality food grade steel, no other chemical material, no worry about coating flaking off into your food, a good alternative to aluminum or nonstick pans. 3 inch deep cake pan is perfect for baking tall cake at a time, great to cut into several pieces to make tier cakes, Straight side to shape straight cakes, smooth roll edges, and comfortable to grip. A 6 inch tier cake pan in 3 PCS, Sturdy one-piece construction for leakproof and durable use, Superior to the springform pan, Perfectly bake 1-2 compact sized cakes in oven at a time for any occasion, such as birthday / party / Christmas / baby shower... Easy to clean by hand wash, Oven safe to bake cake bread pie, Dishwasher safe, and cake pan set with superior mirror finished help make your life easier. It's a great gift for families or friends to have a round cake pan set that can be used in the oven, pressure cooker, and air fryer.

Brand: Teamfar

👤It is hard to find bakeware in the US. I brought it back from Taiwan after getting a 9" round. The products are very good quality and I am happy to have them here. I used them to make delicious Basque Burnt Cheesecakes last night.

👤I didn't expect the high quality pan that I received, but I feel like I got a great deal. I baked a Japanese Cheesecake and it came out perfectly, cooked evenly, and with the correct color. I put butter on the sides and paper on the bottom. The pan's edges are not sharp. The pan doesn't feel like it would be damaged if dropped. I washed it in the dishwasher and it looked new again. I am very happy.

👤The pans would be perfect if they were stacked together. I am a bread maker and have been looking for this type of pan. The bread came out brown and nice. Pans are easy to clean. Excellent price and product.

👤I love the size of the pan. I ordered the pans to make a loaf of meat. I will cook instapot later. Small cakes and small casseroles can be made with se pans.

👤These cake pans seem to take longer to bake than previous 6inch pans, as they don't seem to distribute the heat. The cake mixes seem to expand more in these pans, for example more white/yellow cakes mixes expand and spill out over the pan, where as more chocolate based cake mixes don't expand and don't spill.

👤I used the cake pans to make a double layer smash cake for my grandson. It worked out perfect.

👤The size in the description is what the review said it was too small for. This will fit in my air fryer perfectly, and I bought it to have something that can do it. It was a great price.

👤I wanted these because I could use the dishwasher. After initial hand wash, it was placed on the top rack. There seems to be a coating that is coming off in some places, and causing some discoloration. I have processed for the return.

👤The pans seem to be good quality. Even though I've washed it many times, there is still a black substance that keeps coming off. You can see the black coming off if you rub it with a paper towel or gloves. I have never had this happen to my other cookware. I tried to clean it off with baking soda and a liquid. I bought these because I wanted safer non-toxic bakeware but now I'm not sure if I'll return it since I'm worried about the black substance that can't be removed completely.

👤The steel is beautiful. These pans are of the highest quality. Is it better to say better than fat daddios? Maybe? I love them! It's perfect for tall cakes. 6x3 pan.

8. Chicago Metallic 5233128 Professional Non Stick

Chicago Metallic 5233128 Professional Non Stick

The 3-PIECE SET includes cake pans of various sizes. This cake pan can be used to create multi-layer cakes for all types of celebrations. The non-stick finish makes it easy to release. It's made from heavy-weight carbon steel to evenly distribute weight and heat for consistent baking results. The dishwasher is safe but hand wash is recommended.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤My daughter will be learning to bake. She cut her fingers when she picked one up. The edges did not go all the way over. They want me to return and pay for shipping when they are unsafe and should be thrown away. I don't recommend. Buy nicer ones if you spend the extra.

👤The pan is sturdy but the lip is not completely curled under. I sliced my finger tip while cleaning it. The coating did not last very long. Everything stays the same now. It's a pity.

👤The pics don't show that "Chicago Metallic" is on the bottom of the pan. Everything you bake will have their logo on it. It's a pain to clean because you can't just wipe the bottom out, food gets stuck in that stupid logo! I would return them if I didn't need them for my daughter's birthday. Very upset!

👤I sliced the top off of a cake and it was cheap. Do not recommend.

👤These pans are not the same as a standard pan. The pans are on the left compared to the right in the pic. The ones on the left are very narrow and the one on the top has a lip. Not the standard depth, in my opinion. I did not remove them from the packaging. They were very sturdy. I will be back.

👤Do not purchase. The pans were completely useless for cakes. They were supposed to be round, but have now been damaged. My item was damaged when it was 3 days late. I thought these would be perfect, I needed new pans and thought they would be perfect. How will someone who bakes frequently hold up for weekly use if they can't hold up through shipping? I can't send out an order with these pans because I make and sell cakes. It's a complete and total waste of time and money. I don't like the pleasure of sending these pans back, and I don't like losing time and money. Do not waste your time.

👤I asked for a replacement because my first one was faulty. I think it was hit very hard. The middle sized one has too many scratches and the package was ripped, which was holding 3 pans. I think there is a chance that you get damaged ones, and that it can be difficult to return it.

👤The smaller pans have been used a few times by me. They worked well. It was easy to clean. No complaints til... I had no idea that the pan's lip was not bent all the way under until I opened it and saw my finger open. There was blood on my cake and counter top. If this is a random manufacturer error, check your pans when they arrive. I have been happy with the pans.

👤An no tienes, tienes. No me haba visto comentarios, pero no me haba tocado hasta ahora.

👤The material es bueno, pero el traslado para la entrega del producto.

9. Baking Beasea Aluminum Cheesecake Removable

Baking Beasea Aluminum Cheesecake Removable

MULTIFUNCTION These cake pans can help you deal with different food easily, like baking cake, bread, brownie, pizza, Roasting lasagna, meat, veggies, can be also used as fruit / snacks / nuts container and food serving pan. Premium quality food-grade aluminum alloy is lighter and more durable to use, which makes it heat up more quickly. With the removal bottom design, you can take out your cake easier and it is easy to clean up. You can remove the bottom and clean your cake pan with the seamless one-piece design. It's perfect for baking dense, heavy cakes such as cheesecake or carrot cake, light and airy layer cakes, or even get creative with deep dish pizza, flan and gelatin molded desserts. Beasea cake pans are great for making high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies, good for daily cooking, family dinner, friends gathering, festival celebrations, etc.

Brand: Beasea

👤These are pictures of pans I bought. I have tested it very well. The middle angel food cake has no leaks or holes. I received a set of these pans in 8 inch size yesterday after buying them last week. Baking more angel food cake and sponge cakes is something I am looking forward to. If you have them in a 10 inch square bottom, I'm in. I will buy another set. Thanks.

👤This item is perfect for small cakes. I like to share my baked goods with my friends and coworkers. Is the right size for it. Some customers had a hard time trying to separate the pans because of the low rate. It took me 5 seconds to figure it out. Hold the border of the second pan with your fingers and push the bottom side with your thumbs.

👤The quality was good, but the size was misleading. The pan was 10 inches high. It was about 9 14 inches at the base. I already have two inch pans so I returned the pan.

👤I got the pans out of the package. I tried to separate them but failed. I didn't return them because I was lazy. They went to the trash can.

👤I bought these pants because I thought they were 8 inch, but they are actually 6 inch. It is easy to get your cakes out when the bottom pops out. They make the perfect size cake for two people. I use this for the middle of my fault layer cake to see how the wood stack up against the 8 inch width, and I also use it for the two layer cake to see how the wood stack up against the 8 inch width.

👤The pans we ordered worked great and the lower part was warped and did nut seal. We returned it.

👤I had to use a tool to separate the 2 pieces of cake pan I got. There were bad packing or bad delivery. The cake pan is fun to bake in, but it's difficult to wash off the stains. The best way to bake a cake is to put the papers in the pan.

👤The item is in a black bag. There was no indication of what was inside. The item looks exactly the same as advertised, however, the quality cannot be promised. We have used it once, and so far, we have not seen anything wrong. It definitely made us feel not right.

👤It takes too long to receive it, and I don't like it. It is damaged when I receive it. I am just to be lazy. I didn't return it.

👤Product arrived quickly. Will buy different sizes. It is easy to clean and remove. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The cake pan won't leak water like a springform pan. I have made different kinds of cakes with this.

10. Wilton Performance Delicious Mouthwatering Even Heating

Wilton Performance Delicious Mouthwatering Even Heating

These round baking pans are ideal for making all kinds of your favorite cakes, including impressive wedding and celebration cakes. The 6 x 2-inch aluminum round cake pan is designed to heat evenly to ensure your delicious desserts bake uniformly. It is built to last. These pans are made of durable steel and will last a long time. A 2-INCH DEPT. You can bake higher cakes with the 2-inch high sides of the pan. Use and care instructions are provided. Before use, wash your hand in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Everyone, everywhere, every day, has innovative products. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. This has been at the center of what they do for nearly 90 years. Whether you need to bring a special treat or host a party, they have it covered.

Brand: Wilton

👤Excellent pans have always been witting. I wanted to try the 6 because I wanted to get a double 6 recipe and because the 9 pans are great for larger groups. It works out perfectly. I cut my recipe in half to make 6 stacked cakes. I always use a piece of paper. It comes out easy for Wilton. I am very happy with the pans. I don't believe in using a dishwasher on bakeware. They are easy to clean. Excellent value for money.

👤The first time I used these pans, they were terrible. I will tell you why and I am sure you will as well. Once the cake is done, it slides out the pan with no effort. There is a I was expecting the same results when I used aluminum cake pans for the first time, but only half of the cake came out. I realized the difference between the commercial quality aluminum pans and the nonstick cake pans. Make sure you know the difference between the two. You need to use a pan release when using aluminum cake pans. There is a I have no issues now that I know the correct usage.

👤I bought this to cook soup in the oven while I cook other food. This was the right size for a single person. The build quality is good and it doesn't cost much. I'm happy. I have the only complaint. Is it too high for my oven? It does fit, it's just touching the rack on top of it. I'm using the oven for an odd use, but I can't complain too much. I like it. What more can I say?

👤The pan is great and my cakes came out perfectly by rubbing with shortening and dusting with cocoa powder. I had to remove the stickers from the edge of the pan before I could use it. The glue came off in chunks. I couldn't get the glue off after washing with water and soap. I rubbed alcohol to get it off. I'm not sure why they couldn't use a different type of sticker.

👤I've tried to use my coupons but they only have a small selection of baking pans. The next best answer is Amazon. What's not to like about the products from Wilton? They're great for food prep and steaming. I bought the 10" pan for bigger cakes for family gatherings and the 6 piece pan for a 2-tier wedding cake. Would purchase more from them.

👤The worst baking product. I've ever bought something. I tried to give them a chance, but everything stuck to them even though I lightly greased them and used baking paper, maybe it's because of the light, cheap feeling metal used that maybe doesn't distribute heat as it should. This brand will never be purchased again if you avoid at all costs. Why would they use horrendous glue for the label, when the other 1* ratings use less harmful glue? I have several Nordic Ware bundt tins and absolutely love them, they're very easy to clean and feel like I'll be able to pass them on to my kids when it's time to hang up my oven glove, so I guess I'll try.

11. Springform Inches) Nonstick Bakeware Removable

Springform Inches%EF%BC%89 Nonstick Bakeware Removable

It's an all-in-one storage solution for the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. The Springform Pan Set can be used to make three layer cakes for any occasion. The cake pan is made of a strong carbon steel material, covered by a food grade safety coating, with no harsh chemicals or toxic substances. The microwave oven is safe from the harmful chemical, bpi. The heat-resistance temperature is 445F. Smooth Springform buckle is easy to use and clean. Premium steel won't rust, corrode or degrade over time. You can separate the cake from the pan without damaging the top or bottom. Storage that is convenient. The cake tin pan sets are ideal for space-saving storage. They can be stored in your cupboards so you don't misplace them. Ensure that it was dried and cleaned before being put away. Hand wash better. 7* 24 customer service is provided with the one-year warranty. If you have further questions, please contact them.

Brand: Meeqee

👤You can make your cake base at home. There is a * You get different pans in this pack. The pan body does not get bent or damaged. The base plate can be removed after baking. * It is easy to clean with soapy warm water.

👤There is a great price on this set. I didn't notice any leaking with the two I've used. The different sizes are awesome and everything works as it should. You can make a lot of good things with these.

👤Very happy with the purchase. They aren't professional grade. I did not need professional ones. It was perfect for my needs.

👤Product doesn't seem as good as the pans I already have, but for the process it's not a big deal. I wanted to bake 2 cakes at the same time, but the 8 inch was smaller than the 8 inch I had. It was inside. I measured and it was in fact 8 inch. The one I bought here was 7.5 inch. I am returning because of that.

👤I only used the big one once and it came off. I had to throw it away. I used a plastic knife to cut the cake. The small one did well. I haven't tried the medium one yet. Not impressed.

👤I made my birthday cake this year.

👤A new recipe and requirement for a pan like these was ordered and received in time to make the cake and present it at a family reunion. Thanks!

👤The first time I used it, part of the finish came off.

👤The most useless quality was not worth Rs.200 per piece. But 9,10 and 11 inches.


What is the best product for cake mold 6inch?

Cake mold 6inch products from Yul. In this article about cake mold 6inch you can see why people choose the product. Fat Daddio's and Odahis are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake mold 6inch.

What are the best brands for cake mold 6inch?

Yul, Fat Daddio's and Odahis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake mold 6inch. Find the detail in this article. Tecktoo, Mcomce and Wilton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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