Best Cake Molds Silicone for Baking

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1. ZICOME Cavity Silicone Cupcake Baking

ZICOME Cavity Silicone Cupcake Baking

The product contains enough goods to make most of the lollipops. Making lollipops in your free time will strengthen the child's hands-on ability and enhance mutual emotional communication. The dimensions are 22.50*18 cm and the Cavity diameter is 4 cm. It is easy to pop out from the mold. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher. The flexible Sicilian is eco-friendly. It's safe to use in microwave, freezer, oven and refrigerator. The wide range temperature tolerance is -40 to 450F.

Brand: Z Zicome

👤I can only assume that it was black covid speckles, so make sure you triple clean it.

👤I make cakepop for my small business and it came out perfect.

👤These are great for beginners. I have never made cake pops before. The first batches were half size because I didn't add enough batter. I overfilled a few. They ran together. If yours run together, it is because you overfilled them. They were perfect by the third batches. It is easy to release and clean up. I baked the pops on a cookie sheet and let them sit for five minutes before removing the top and popping them out. If you are a first time user, it might take a few tries but these worked well for me. I wish they had given me instructions, since I had no idea what I was doing. Otherwise they worked well. I would highly recommend them to beginners and professionals alike.

👤I didn't rate because there was no rating for any of the features. I looked at the directions. I followed the directions. The pops never formed in the center of the molds. The product never performed as advertised. I lost enough product to make 100 cake pops. I was very disappointed. I had to purchase more ingredients and make the cake pops by hand. I spent a lot of money on the cake pops for the event because I couldn't get this mold to work properly. I sent both items in one package. One was received and the other one was received. AMAZON NEVER ACKNOWLENT AND GAVE THE SECOND REFUND AS THEY HAVE PROMISED. I have been a faithful shopper for a long time.

👤It was revived quickly and as described, but filthy. There is dirt and hair on the person.

👤It worked well for my cake pops. It was a learning curve to make sure the lid was lined up correctly. It's really easy to clean.

👤The batter stuck to the mold. I lost 8 because it only makes 20 balls. The incomplete balls were not as smooth as the tops. They stick to the bottom portion of the molds. Very dissatisfied.

👤I bought these for my 3 year old grand twins, even though it was a bit messy when filling the cakes, they turned out great.

2. TIMESETL Silicone Non Stick Vegetable Pancakes

TIMESETL Silicone Non Stick Vegetable Pancakes

The universal size is suitable for everyday baking and can be enjoyed with your family and friends. The package contains 4 pieces cake molds in 2 colors, pink and blue, making you free from the hassle of slicing the cakes, with handle for easy hanging. Premium Material is made of high quality Silicone, odorless, soft and easy to release. It is possible to use temperature resistance from -40C to 230C. Silicone round baking pans are not too shallow or deep and are ideal for making layer cakes. Non-stick Silicone Baking Tin has a smooth glossy surface so that nothing sticks to it. Less natural cooking oil and less baking time was achieved. It's perfect for making layer cakes, rainbow cakes, puddings, mousse cakes, pizza crust, omelet, and chiffon cake. It's great for a lot of occasions.

Brand: Timeset

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I am not a baker. I wanted to make my daughters cake smash cake instead of paying 100 bucks for a cake we wouldn't even get to eat. I wish they were deeper. They work well.

👤There was cake stuck on it. If it gets stuck, what is the point of it? Returned.

👤It is easy to clean. It's convenient for cake with multiple layers.

👤The cake is clean and easy to bake. It is also easy to clean. 6 inch pans.

👤It's easy to remove, great for a layer cake. Not tall enough for me.

👤Muy practico para su uso.

3. Simuer Silicone Snakes Nonstick Baking

Simuer Silicone Snakes Nonstick Baking

Non-stick is safe for freezer and oven, microwave and dishwasher. The material is safe and high quality. The Silicon cake mold is made of high quality Silicone and can be used in many places. The Magic CakeMold is suitable for making many desserts, such as cake, pizza bread, pudding, chocolate, and so on. Such a great gift for bakers! You can do any shape you want with their Silicone BakingMolds, they are all dishwasher safe. Simply connect the bake snake to the cake pan mold set to create your desired shapes. It is easy to clean. The cake tin is easy to take off and clean, just wash it off with soap and water and let it dry. You can store the cake molds simply, it is not easy to deformed, and this Silicone BakingMold can be cleaned easily. You can easily fold and store the products made with this flexible material, so you can save space in the kitchen. You can make a special surprise for an auxiliary service or for an invitation, with the ideal cooking tools. You can make your own cakes with your kids.

Brand: Simur

👤If there are gaps on the bottom, how do you use these? Great idea.

👤I brought this with high hopes. I was proven wrong. It doesn't hold up well with most shapes, and it has gaps when you put it on the cookie sheet. This invention is not very good. If you plan on using a cookie sheet, make sure you get one with edges so it doesn't end up all over your kitchen floor like mines did. I would rate it 0 stars if there were no stars. Don't give this to someone.

👤I like the flexibility of these molds. I don't use them for baking. I'm sure they would be great for baking. They slide together perfectly.

👤These are useful for a lot of things. They have been used as ice barriers for Tie Dye projects. They are easy to clean. They are handy to have around.

👤It's perfect for tie dye-ice dye barriers. I am sure that the manufacturer intended something different.

👤This item is not good but it is not the fault of the seller. The idea is a good one, but these don't do the job they should. They are too flimsy and do not hold shape. Maybe they are a cheap alternative and better than the original ones. Even after setting up a square cake, you end up with a round one because the whole thing pushes the sides out. It is easy to clean. It has nothing going for it.

👤Do not buy it. It doesn't hold its shape or hold together. It made the process worse.

👤I wouldn't give it a single star because the shape of the mould didn't stay the way I wanted and it leaked all over my oven.

👤The delivery and product worked well on cakes.

👤I am not happy with this item. The original form of the recipe was not kept when I put it in the silicone form. Poor quality material. Won't buy again.

4. Silikomart 8051085287277 3Design Silicon Mould

Silikomart 8051085287277 3Design Silicon Mould

If there is any defects of this 3D cake molds or other quality problem, they will make sure full refund to bring everybody superior shopping experience. A bundt-shaped dessert mold with ribbed texture adds a fun and sophisticated 3-dimensional twist to chilled and baked creations. Non-STICK SILICONE: It does not require grease from butter, oil or other fats, and the mold is ultra-flexible, so it can be easily released. The oven-to-freezer is a cooking appliance. It is possible to transition from oven and microwave to refrigerator and freezer in a matter of minutes, using the same temperature range. Silicone mold is guaranteed to last for 3,000 uses and is made in Italy. Care: The mold is easy to clean and has a capacity of 51 fluid ounces.

Brand: Silikomart

👤I love this mold. I was worried about getting my cake out, but it was easy. I made three cakes in the first two days of owning it. Add 15-20 minutes to your cook time.

👤I should have watered the caramel before pouring it in, I got the caramel wrong in the picture. I can peel it off and coat it with caramel sauce. If you oil and flour them, they will clean up nicely. Cleanup is not as easy because the flan fights back a lot. After 2 cleanings, I expect to spend more time cleaning it. I haven't tried these with Jello as I don't do a lot of them. Jello should have a good clean up.

👤It was easy to remove the mold after baking.

👤There are lots of possibilities with mold. If there was a companion mold for inserts, it would be even better. Highly recommended.

👤I was skeptical when I first saw it. It fit my lemon cake recipe. Make sure the cake is completely cooled.

👤The design and quality of Silikomart molds are amazing. Even for Silikomart, this one is exceptional.

👤The problem is the size, I have a lot of them.

👤Waaaaaouh! Is it possible to be Je Ravie de ce moule? Une simple recette de gteau donne. J ai un moelleux chocolat. Normalement je le fais, et je mets du papier sulfurisé pour pas, ca donne un rendu pas trs rond. Je valide. D ailleurs j ai command. Avoir un marbré pour la premire recette, avoir un moins gonflé. Clicker sur "avis Utile".

👤The cake turned out great, I only used it once. I was told to let the cake cool completely before turning it out. A cooled cake is less likely to be damaged. Sauce can run down the ridges. Looks impressive. I am happy with my purchase.

👤Erster Backver hat sofort super geklappt. In der Raggio Form gebacken, die Stunde auskhlen lassen und der Kuchen hat. Ther ist perfekt und der Teig bleibt. Ich hatte in der anderen Rezension, das ist immer. Die Innenseite der Form ist so schn glatt der Kuchen fllt. Geruchs- und Geschmacksneutral ist die Form. The Preis knnte vielleicht, aber da ist das ok.

👤Even if you've never done anything before, it's easy to get amazing results. Will be buying other products from the same range.

5. Silicone Baking AIFUDA Castle Birthday

Silicone Baking AIFUDA Castle Birthday

The best gift idea. It is a great gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother, Father's Day. 3 trays, 1 x red swirl cake mold, 9.5in x 3.5in, 24 cm x 9 cm; 1 x purple castle cake mold, 8.7in x 3.5in, 22 cm x 8.8 cm; and 1 x blue double flower cake mold, 3.5in x 3.5in, 24 There is safety. Birthday cake, daily bread, and other baked goods are safe because their molds are made of high quality food grade silicone material. HEAT RESISTANCE The temperature at which these molds are safe is between -40 and 230 degrees Celsius. It is foldable. The flexibility of Silicone allows the molds to be folded without damage, and they simply unfold back to their original shape. You can wash them by hand or put them in a dishwasher. The dough won't stick on the cavities, and even if it does, you could use warm water to clean it.

Brand: Aifuda

👤I want to say that whoever the manufacturer is, they have been great. The cakes took twice as long, didn't brown evenly, and didn't cook in the middle, as I was new to baking with it. I tried three different recipes to make sure that it wasn't something I could change, but my first cake was too cooked on the top and raw in the middle, so I extended my bake time and covered it with foil when it started. . There is a If you understand science, you know that Silicon is a bad thermal conductor, which is why you can get silicon handle slips or potholders for your pans, yet I thought this was a good option. The value and product from this company is fine, but as a long-time baker I can't get with the Silicon molds because of the heat conduction/non-browning/non-baking issues. . The cakes that were baked all the way through slipped out easy-peasy with beautiful edges and the molds cleaned up like a dream, but the bake time and issues with heat conduction made this a no-go for me. I'll make a decision on a metal bundt shape soon.

👤These pans were great for my pound cakes. The baked beautiful and didn't stick.

👤I put a cookie sheet in the oven so it wouldn't go all over the place.

👤La mezcla se derrada.

👤It's hard to remove and easy to clean.

👤I told my friends and family to buy more because it is very easy to use.

👤It was baked beautiful. The design was pretty.

👤It's so great. Good value for money. Great cakes can be made. There are designs that look interesting and are very sharp on a baked bundt.

👤The product is exactly as described.

👤Kuchen war die Formen, die in der roten Form, beispielsweise zum Durchbacken raucht. Ich ist die Hlfte des Teiges entsorgt, hat aber alles gut. Ich ist mal, so hat alles gut geklappt und es aus wie den Fotos. Ich bei diesen Kommentare. Ich ist gerade in den kleinen Ecken, wo alles hngenbleibt. Ich beispielsweise hat alles gut gelst und der letzte Rest. Ich ist natrlich, wie es die nchsten Male.

👤I stampi ha dato soddisfazione, il pi grande. Non rimasto macchiato dopo l'uso, al contrario degli altri due.

👤Sono perfetti sia x il forno. In lavastoviglie, Si lavano benissimo. Ho imburrato solo, pi per una mia abituale abitudine. Sforma tutto perfettamente.

6. Webake Bakeware Birthday Wedding Anniversary

Webake Bakeware Birthday Wedding Anniversary

It's easy to clean, but hand- washing is recommended to prolong product life. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied and they'll give you a prompt replacement or refund. The total height of the three tiers is over 6 inches. The layers measure 2.2 inch in height. The small cake pan, medium cake pan, and large cake pan are the inner diameter of each tier. The cake pans are safe to use. It can be used in the oven, fridge and dishwasher. The non-stick baking molds ensure that your cakes pop out easily with clear drips in every single time and in one piece. They are perfect to bake a wedding cake or birthday cake.

Brand: Webake

👤I am always skeptical. I bought this and I'm happy about it. I knew the pans were small because of the reviews. I am making a tiered cake for my sons birthday. It worked out well. I put the pans on a cookie sheet and sprayed them with Pam before baking. I don't like cake sticking to the pain or burning on the edges. Not anymore! I made a video about these pans and it made it so easy.

👤I love silicone more than I can say. When I was cleaning out my kitchen, I saw these on here. I bought a few sets. I loved them. The past tense is on purpose. These are not pure Silicone and do not pass the pinch test. When you pinch and twist it, it won't turn white. White in your "silicone" is a sign that you're using something. These are white. Silicone doesn't stain. These hold the smell and stain. When you don't research more about eco friendly stuff before buying it, it can happen. I have noticed that these tend to take a little longer for my cakes to bake than aluminum, steel, or glass pans. I haven't baked brownies like this in 20 years, and it turned out rubbery in texture. I don't know if they are 100% Silicone as advertised, so I can't recommend putting hot food in them. I am not a paid reviewer and I am past the window of returning these. They are most likely going to be used for craft stuff in the pile of my purge phase. They might be good as an easy clean slime zone, clay, sand, or even a container to hold a bit of paint and a mini roller... they are kinda flimsy, but I have used them with super liquidy batter in the oven. The last one is a drawing. They are permanently banned from the oven and make great pan protectors when I stack them. Thanks for sharing. Hope this helps.

👤This cake pan set is very nice. This is my first tiered cake. I have never used Silicone pans, but these were at a great price. I decided to give them a try. My cakes were baked evenly and the cake came out of the pans easily. I have cakes that don't need to be trimmed before I frost them. I put the pans on a cookie sheet to make sure they were strong for pouring the batter. I used a modified boxed cake recipe for these pans. They are thick enough to slice in. I can add my favorite filling to the cake before frosting. I would recommend them to anyone who would like to make a tiered cake. They are very economical for the first time user. I will take pictures after the cake is decorated.

👤I ordered this set because I had a plan for my daughter's birthday cake. It wasn't perfect but I was happy with how it turned out and my baby girl loves it. One box of store bought cake mix is equal to 3 tiers. The moulds were placed on a tray lined with a baking mat after other reviewers advised me. The cake was baked well. The smallest tier baked the fastest. I have never used baking mats or silicone moulds before, but I am happy.

7. Silicone Aokinle Non Stick Gelatin Bakeware

Silicone Aokinle Non Stick Gelatin Bakeware

Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. PREMIUM QUALITY ROUND CAKE MOLD - The Aokinle silicone pan is made of food grade silicone and passed the stricter test EuropeanLFGB. Stable performance, no odor, safe. The silicone baking mold is easy to pop out and non-stick, making it a safer and easier method of baking. The cake pan mold is safe to use in many places. It is safe from -40C to 230C. The cupcake mold is designed for baking the coffee cake, chocolate cake, streusel recipes,cakes, ambrosia salad, jello recipes and gelatin. If you are not satisfied with the decorating, the size, the weight or for any reason, just reach out to them and they will be happy to help. The average response time is 12 hours.

Brand: Aokinle

👤I used it to make something. It turned out great. Sturdy enough to hold all the liquid inside, as well as make a beautiful looking Jelly.

👤I use this for unmold and it comes out really nice. It is definitely worth it.

👤I didn't like this pan at all. I sprayed the pan with a non-stick spray to bake the cake. I had to bake a pound cake for an hour longer because it wouldn't get done and it ended up burning on top. The cake wouldn't come out when I tried to remove it. The cake tearing was caused by trying to peel the pan from the cake. I've used baking pans before without incident, so I'm not sure what happened with this one. I know how to make a pound cake and this was not my recipe or oven issues, because I have a cake business.

👤I used to use this in my Instant Pot. It's too big. My fault! It works well in my regular oven, I put it on a round pizza pan for support.

👤The first cake we made with this mold was easy to make. We followed the directions and didn't have a mess. Taa-daa. We are happy. Good purchase. We will get that if they have another cool shape. Thanks!

👤I've never used a baking mold like this before. I like it. I used it for the first time today. I put a baking sheet on the bottom of the mold to help with stability. Cleanup is easy because my cake came out easily. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤It works 1000 times better than a metal pan. Since it's Silicone it can be difficult to move from counter to oven with batter in it. It bakes better than metal pans. I recommend making Kentucky Butter cake if you want to.

👤I made my grandmother a pound cake recipe because she can no longer bake it. The second one was very good. The middle of the first was still raw, but the top and bottom thirds were cooked. I took it out of the pan with a toothpick. Oh well. I baked it a little longer after checking for doneness with a bamboo kebab skewer. It tasted great. I know that some reviewers said that the Silicone doesn't brown as well as metal, but mine came out with great color and so much cleaner than a metal pan. It is easy to clean and goes in the dishwasher. I highly recommend!

👤Does not hold its shape when baked. It dumped half of our monkey bread on the oven rack while we were baking. It would not work for anything with any density.

👤I baked a cake that I love and I was able to put it in the dishwasher, but the cake did not stick at all.

👤A super ce moule. Je l'adore. Pour le gateau aux amandes. A nettoyer et vraiment facile.

👤Nothing wrong, works fine.

👤love it! It's easy to remove cake from a pan.

8. Silicone Non Stick Suitable Cheesecake Chocolate

Silicone Non Stick Suitable Cheesecake Chocolate

We want you to be happy and they will do everything they can to make sure you are. If you have a problem with their mold, please contact them. The best way to solve the problem will be given. You can purchase their product without any risk. What are you waiting for? When the pans are still in stock, click add to chart and finish the payment. The baking tray is made of quality materials that are safe, durable, heat resistant, non-toxic and odorless. The temperature range is -20 F to 450 F. The silicone cake baking tray is very flexible and easy to use. The baked goods can be poured out. It's easy to clean, you can wash it with water or soapy water. There is a wide range of applications for corn cake. The universal size is suitable for everyday baking and can be enjoyed with your family and friends.

Brand: Reecago

👤I was looking for 6 inch pans since I only had a single 8inch metal cake pan, and a full size cake is too much for me and my partner. The 6 inch size is perfect for serving a lot of people. Silicone is so easy to clean, store, and remove that I love baking with it. I tried these out last weekend and was very happy with the results. I would highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a reliable set. The set included a mini size pink Silicone spatula and basting brush, which was a great addition. It is always great when sellers include something extra. I am very happy with my order and the price.

👤I use this in my air fryer and it works great. I'm able to remove it from the air fryer without burning my fingers. Silicone baking pans have no sticking. It is easy to clean. The pastry brush and spatula were a nice surprise.

👤We can never eat a full sized cake, these are pretty little cakes that don't stick in the pan. It came out perfect. You will want a cookie sheet underneath.

👤It was a perfect size for a personal birthday cake and was able to feed 12 people.

👤It fits the 3 qt and 6 qt Instant Pot.

👤These pans are great for 2 people and great for reheated. It is easy to remove nothing. They are easy to clean and can be folded to fit in a cabinet. They are deeper than a regular cake pan. Silicone never seems to wear out so these will last a long time and not get ugly or have food stick to them after a short time, they clean.

👤These baking trays are perfect, they work perfectly, no extra support is needed, they hold a big cake mix, and it's easy to remove after cooking. I got a spatula and aSilicon brush. It was a bargain.

👤My daughter in law is receiving this gift. I already use them. They are a great baking tool. You don't need to use oil or liners, just mix and bake, when slightly cool, pop out the cake and wash the tin.

👤The cake tins are thick and good quality. Extra tools came in the package, thank you for that.

👤This is a good quality cake mould, it can be thin.

👤I was over the moon that they came with spatulas.

9. Silicone Fulted Nonstick Jello Baking

Silicone Fulted Nonstick Jello Baking

Difficult in life. This set is a great way to make breakable hearts, cocoa bombs or ice-cream sticks. You can also make other desserts by it. You can use it to make scented candles, bath bombs, and soaps. The ring pan is non-STICK and easy to clean and cooks evenly. It's easy to clean, no tearing up the cake getting it out of the pan again. It will be a blink of eye again if you just wipe out with warm soapy water. The dishwasher is safe. STURDY&DURABLE RING CAKE PAN is a classy style set. Their pans have a favorite pattern and color. They are made with food grade silicone. It's safe in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher. This is the last baking tools you will ever need. Silicone baking pan is flexible, so they can stay upright while holding wet cake ingredients. Yes, they can. They are strong enough to get a nice golden cake with an elegant shape. They give the maximum service life after hundreds of uses. The ring cake pan set is perfect for a donut themed birthday party. Each time they bake pound or jello cakes, they turn out beautiful cakes. It is foldable,adorable and giftable. LIFETIME LIMITED SERVICE is what keeps your satisfaction going. They promise a lifetime of good customer service. A brand-new product is just a few clicks away if something goes wrong.

Brand: Ielek

👤I was looking for something to use. It worked. It was hard to take out. It was in pieces. I was using a type of jello. Who knows? I didn't give up on them. They were used to bake banana bread. They worked well. They popped out of the molds very quickly. The smaller one is great for my air fryer. If you use the larger one, place a baking sheet underneath it in the oven. It will give it more support. Other than that, I'm very pleased.

👤One side did fall a bit, but we don't know if it was overfilled. No complaints other than that. The cake tasted even better. I helped the bakers by spraying them with joy. Would buy again.

👤I was skeptical at first, but after learning a few things, I found these to be easy to use and that they solved one of the biggest problems with bundt cakes, releasing them from the pan. Wait until it has cold before attempting to release the cake. I only gave it a three star cleaning because I found it to be the same as any other bundt cake pan. The cakes baked up perfectly and the flexibility of the Silicone aids in the release.

👤The set of Silicon that I bought from Canadian Tire is thinner, smaller, and not as sturdy as this one, but they still work well. I like bakeware that is made of silicon for bundt cakes. Take these out of the oven and peel them off. You have to let them cool off if you find it sticking.

👤I wanted a jello mold. 3 times all failed. The first two times I tried the fruit mixture, it was too heavy for it to set. The mold was released without a problem. I tried with less liquid. I tried a smaller mold of 8 cups. I used two packages of jello to fill it. I had to place the mold in a bowl so it wouldn't spill. It's too flimsy to work with liquid. It still wasn't right after the second and third tries. It shouldn't be hard. This mold is great for cake. I made an amazing pumpkin cake in the mold and it turned out perfect. My guess is that it's possible to make jello molds. You need a shorter one. It makes sense to me that a tupperware one with a lid would be the most convenient.

👤Came quickly, but was disappointed with the packaging. They were stuck together in a box and were permanently damaged. It didn't reform correctly after being cleaned and used. The material is very thin.

👤One of the molds has a solid top. The molds seem to be made for bundt pans. I wanted the dessert to be cold. The desire for a pan without the tube is the reason. The pans are fine, but I don't bake in them. If you do, they are smaller than a normal pan.

👤I preferira fuera mas grande, pero me gust el producto.

10. Silicone Bakeware Chiffon Rainbow CakeNonstick

Silicone Bakeware Chiffon Rainbow CakeNonstick

It can be used to make bread, brownies, baked cakes,ice-cream cakes and more. It's perfect for birthday parties, Mother's Day and other festivals. The safety material is 100% pure food grade silicone, which is eco-friendly, odorless, soft, easy-to-release, fadeless, durable and temperature resistant. The multi-purpose cake pan set is suitable for breads, layer cake, cheesecake, pot pies, rainbow cake, banana cake, chocolate cake, pudding, and mousse cakes. Silicone is easy to pop-out because it is not sticky. The surface after smooth treatment to achieve a better non-stick effect. The butter makes it easier to release the cake. The cake pans are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you could simply wash them in the dishwasher. If you have any questions about the products when you use their mold, please feel free to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems.

Brand: Hangnuo

👤It was perfect! They were bought to be used in an air fryer. They work well.

👤The pan is 7 inches in diameter. The silicone is very thin, but it is over 2 inches deep, which is more important to me. I will see if I can find something similar before I decide to come back.

👤They will do what I need them to do. They are flimsy and need support in the oven. I am a little concerned that the gold coating will get into my food but I will wash them and hope for the best.

👤You have to pour evenly, it works fine.

👤These pans have worked out well for me. They are lightweight and easy to clean. Food pops out.

👤Total disappointment... I ordered these for the 8" and 10" pans, but they were late for the 6 and 7 pans. Not close to what the description says.

👤The cakes were made using the 4 and 8. The cake came out well. Cleanup? A Breeze! Highly recommended.

👤It takes a while to get used to moving these into ovens. You should put them on a baking sheet as well.

11. Webake Silicone Meatloaf Cornbread Rectangle

Webake Silicone Meatloaf Cornbread Rectangle

Care: The mold is easy to clean and has a capacity of 51 fluid ounces. The mold is 12.4 x 8.3 x 1.2 inch and has a volume of 4 ounces. Premium material. The rectangular Silicone mold is food grade Silicone. It is possible to get the shape of the Rectangle when it is popped out from the bottom. The temperature range is from -40F to +446F. It's compatible with oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Use is multi-purpose. There are many crafting projects, such as bread, loaf, cake, pudding, cupcake, cheesecake, muffin, brownies, fianciers, and more. The best gift idea. It is a great gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother, Father's Day.

Brand: Webake

👤I used this product to make ice cream blocks. I am told to put homemade ice cream in a bread pan and freeze it. It is difficult to serve ice cream when it is frozen. I used this pan loaf to freeze some ice cream. They popped out. I will only freeze my homemade ice cream in this way.

👤I like to make mini banana loaves for my family, but the finish on them has come off over time. Thank you for the baking pan. They were easy to remove, but were a little smaller in depth. I used spray. It is easy to clean with soap and water. They also dried very quickly.

👤I thought there would be 12 mini loaves. This pan of 9 was perfect for my banana bread recipe. The mini loaves were moist and easy to remove. We used this for 5 batches and it worked well. The loaves are large. I recommend putting this on a baking sheet so it doesn't flop when you put it in the oven.

👤It's easy to clean. The banana bread I tested was moist but took a long time to cook in a pan because I only used half the batter. The biggest gripe is that it is floppy, so you need to put something under it to get it out of the oven, and that is not a big complaint.

👤It works like a charm. The size is the same as the classic cookie. I sprayed the mold lightly with baking spray and it popped out. I make my own ice cream.

👤I loved making lemon cheesecake. It was pretty easy. I had to soak it in overnight to remove the rubber smell.

👤I bought this as a replacement for another one and I'm happy it's a bit thicker than I was looking for.

👤I bought this for the purpose of making zucchini bread. The loaves were evenly cooked.

👤We use the freezer instead of the oven. tin pans were hard to clean, and we used to make portion size salmon wellingtons. I bought lots for my crew to use because they love them.

👤This is excellent for banana bread. It is easier to put a cookie tray underneath the oven as it will catch any over flow. It's easy to clean.

👤A band around the top would help carry the form to the stove.

👤I made small loaves. They came out perfect.

👤It's used for baking mini banana bread.


What is the best product for cake molds silicone for baking?

Cake molds silicone for baking products from Z Zicome. In this article about cake molds silicone for baking you can see why people choose the product. Timeset and Simur are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake molds silicone for baking.

What are the best brands for cake molds silicone for baking?

Z Zicome, Timeset and Simur are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake molds silicone for baking. Find the detail in this article. Silikomart, Aifuda and Webake are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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