Best Cake Molds Silicone Square

Silicone 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Silicone Molds Cavities Handmade Moulds

Silicone Molds Cavities Handmade Moulds

There is a multi purpose. Use for candy molds, chocolate molds, ice cube tray, gummy molds, and cake decorating. The 6 cavities rectangular 100% pure Silicone cake baking mold cake pan muffin cups handmade soap moulds biscuit chocolate ice cube tray is flexible and non-stick, very practicality and durability. Each package has a set of 3 pieces. High quality. The soap mold is made of high quality Silicone and is safe to make food and soap. The ice cube trays are very easy to use. This flexible silicone mold has a non-stick surface that allows baked goods to pop out with a little push from the bottom. Place the silicone mold on a baking sheet to make it easier to remove it. Function: Multiple You can use the Handmade Soap Moulds to make a variety of items, such as biscuits, cake, teacake, chocolate, desserts, cheesecake, Cornbread, Brownie, Blancmange, Pudding, Soap, Candle, and so on. Also can be used to make ice cubes. The non-stick material makes it easy to clean. If you want to clean your soap molds, place them in the dishwasher or wash them with warm soapy water. It can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. Silicone cake baking pans are heat resistant from -40F to +446F (-60C to 230C), indeformable and resuable, you can use the mold 2000 times. The size of the Cavity can hold over 100g of water. They pride ourselves on delivering top quality products.

Brand: Baker Boutique

👤I used the molds to make rice pops that were easy to use. You will use more chocolate and just dip the rice in it. I used 5lb of chocolate to make 40.

👤It is easy to use and clean. The rice krispies were perfect. Very happy!

👤I have been using these molds for almost two months and they are really good. Don't expect to make bars of 4 ounces unless you fill them up. If you are accurate with your pours, they will be closer to 3 oz bars. If you are making soap, do not pour it at a thick trace. I have had issues filling the corners if I only poured a very light trace. The corners only hit the outside bars. The bars were not perfectly rectangular because of the thinness of the Silicon. Salt bars can be a bit annoying for storage because of their shape.

👤I had trouble finding the right size for this project and ordered these on a whim. The day was saved by these. I had no issues with them. It was very easy to clean.

👤I use a set of these for my soap bars and they work well. I use a second set of them when making chocolate covered rice krispy treats. It is easy to get out of the molds. Even though I am heavy-handed, I have not ripped one yet. It was a good purchase both times.

👤The molds were a great price and they work well. They are not thick silicone molds, but they do support the weight of my melt and pour soaps. I have made a few dozen soaps and have 6 more that I want to be prepared for. They clean up. The only issue with my silicone molds is the scent from the soaps I made. I need to come up with a solution. I will buy them again if I need them.

👤These are easy to clean. I recommend using a cookie sheet or something sturdy underneath to make sure the batter doesn't spill.

👤I used this for chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats, and it worked great, but make sure you put a tray underneath the mold, because when you try to lift the mold with the chocolate it becomes heavy, and the chocolate starts going everywhere. The first time I used it, it was a mess, but once I realized the tray underneath was perfect, I put it in the fridge. It is very easy to clean.

2. Silicone Shapers Baking Rectangular Mould,Pack

Silicone Shapers Baking Rectangular Mould%EF%BC%8CPack

There are multiple layers of specially selected fabric. You will get 8 pieces of Silicone BakingMolds. They are not only for cakes. They can be used to bake pizza, bread, cupcakes, muffins, jello, pudding, pies, and more. You can make any shape you want with their Silicone cake molds. You can unleash your creativity. Silicone is a high quality material and can be used repeatedly and safely. The size is. L x W: 18.25CM x 5.30CM x 2.1 inch.

Brand: Leyjin

👤I was going to get these for ice tie dye to hold the cubes. binder clips are used to keep the connections together. I don't know how they work for baking a cake. The mixture would run under the molds. At least the ones I received. They were purchased for tie dye.

👤They are fine for the price. They are too flexible. If you are trying to mold with them, they don't hold great shape.

👤It's better than using foil. It is a huge bonus if you can reuse. Not perfect, but better than other methods.

👤Product is flimsy and doesn't hold together well. I found a way to hold them up with painters tape.

👤I love baking cakes and this product is amazing. It's easy to use, it's small, and you can put it in your pocket or in the corner of the cabinet.

👤I like these molds. They are used to hold ice in place. My last order was not up to par. The molds don't fit together, they slide out of each other. 1 star for that order. There are 5 statistics for all prior orders.

3. LEMEOSO Silicone Chocolate Caramels 15 Cavity

LEMEOSO Silicone Chocolate Caramels 15 Cavity

The product is 6.711.61.4inch and 1729.5 3.5 cm. The package includes 2 pack 3D square shape Silicone baking molds,15-cavity cube mold in 1 Silicone mold, and each cavity mold is 1.2x1.2 inches. The material is 100% Sicilian. Silicone gummy mold is made of pure silicone and is flexible and non-stick,durable and stable, easy to clean up, and not easy to tear up. Their square silicone molds have a non-stick surface that makes it easy to remove food from the mold, which results in excellent baking results. The temperature is below freezing. The candy mold temperature range is from -40 to +230 degrees Celsius and can be used in the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The 3D square silicone molds are great for making desserts.

Brand: Lemeoso

👤The pans did a good job. I sprayed them before filling and popped them out, but it was hit and miss. I was hoping I could make marshmallows in these, but I won't attempt it. 1/3 of the doughnuts were ruined when I made square "doughnut holes" in these. I don't think another brand will make a difference. I have to use spray because the corners don't get greased, and I have to add a bunch of flour because it can leave a dusting on the finished goods, so I'll have to brush them with syrup. That's the price you have to pay.

👤I wanted to make cake pops. I found them hard to clean. I was not sure if I filled all the way into the corners until I removed the cake pop, and found that there were areas missing. It wasn't easy to clean. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I have a lot of issues to remove brownies, need to be frozen to get them in one piece, one of the molds rip, but must admit I get it to the limit still too hot, if the material were a little bit thicker maybe could last forever, still satisfied, after baking

👤It's great to have large squares for bigger candy.

👤It arrived on time and seems to be a good quality.

👤Works well for what I need.

👤Para shower bombs!

👤It is way smaller than the picture shows. It's still a good product. I need these silicone molds to be used for more than one thing.

4. Silicone Baking Cups Cupcake Liners

Silicone Baking Cups Cupcake Liners

Silicone cake baking pans are heat resistant from -40F to +446F (-60C to 230C), indeformable and resuable, you can use the mold 2000 times. The size of the Cavity can hold over 100g of water. They pride ourselves on delivering top quality products. Baking cupcakes set with cupcake liners with vibrant colors can make your food. There areTILE baking cups. It's ideal for baking muffins, cupcakes, small cakes, eggs, jello, and bath bombs. Food grade silicone has a heat-resistant temperature of -104F to 446F. It is safe for use in the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Non-Kstic and easy release: It's easy to clean, just release fingers. Save time to enjoy healthy treats.

Brand: Caketime

👤I ordered them for a car hack to help keep your car clean from drinks, food, and grimy kid fingers. I put them in every cup holder and the side handle tray of every door so I can clean them in the dishwasher. I have four kids so I have bright colors for each of them, it is easier to keep track of if one goes missing.

👤The sides are a little softer than I expected. If you are getting them to hold items in your child's lunch box, be aware that they are not very deep. The job is still done at a reasonable price. They don't pass the pinch test for being 100% Silicone.

👤The cups are very colorful but small. All 24 fit in a sandwich baggie. I put a scrambled egg in one of them and it was great. The eggs were easy to clean. There was no tipping on the cups. I wish they were bigger. I will be able to use them for cooking and baking.

👤I was looking for a way to separate the things I don't want to mix together right away. These work perfectly even though they are not what they were intended for. You get many and they are cute. I put them in the dishwasher and they clean up.

👤I put the cupcake liners in the lunch boxes. They are great for small snacks. They are easy to clean. I don't know if they are oven friendly or not, but they are bright and colorful and have a pretty design.

👤I wanted to freeze leftover sauces. I would have less waste and measure portions when I needed them. The sizes of the items were perfect, however, they are so flimsy they would not hold liquid items. I received a full refund for this product and will wait to purchase them in store so that I can check their thickness.

👤The different colors and shapes make the kids happy. They use these in their lunch boxes. They are thin and feel flimsy, but they get the job done. It is difficult to hold on to soap because of the flimsy nature of the washing machine. I used 4 months and it held up well.

👤I use these to divide my lunch boxes and also to freeze small portion items that go into my kids smoothies as well as bake small portions for the kids. These lunch boxes do a good job as a divider, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the material. These cups are very flimsy because they are not thick. It's hard to freeze certain items because they're so flimsy. Not a huge fan of the rose cups after using them. They're cute but they're not as functional as the other cups.

5. Non Stick Silicone AIFUDA Bakeware Handmade

Non Stick Silicone AIFUDA Bakeware Handmade

These molds are very suitable for making many types of cakes, including chocolate, cheese cake, muffin, fondue, sugarpaste, wax, ice, soap, and all types of Clays. The silicone mold is a great choice for favors. It's perfect for parties and daily life. The set contains 3 molds, 2 rose red large molds and a pink small mold. The baking mold are made of high-quality flexible silicone material, which is not easy to break or crack, and can make bread pop out easily. Silicone cake mold can be used in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators. The temperature is safe from 20F446F. It's easy to clean a dishwasher. It can keep its original shape after a long time. You can bake more toast with different size molds. It's ideal for homemade layer cake, breads, rainbow cake, cheesecake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, and more for weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions.

Brand: Aifuda

👤I tried them in baking. The cake was easy to get out of the mold. There was no sticking. It is easy to clean.

👤I liked this mold a lot. It worked well for a project.

👤I bought them for the reforms. They are perfect for what I need.

👤The cake is baked using a good mold.

👤These were great to use. It's very easy to clean and it's perfect for making our own wedding cake.

👤It was exactly what I expected.

👤I used this to make Korean toast. I need something fast, but I can't find a square shaped egg ring. The top was used as the ring because I cut holes in the bottom. They are not perfect squares but it worked because I accidentally registered them too early. These will be used as makeshift egg rings on a griddle.

👤Excellent quality is definitely worth the money.

👤Can handle soup with no warping. I use them in the air fryer to cook cake. It's better to have a pot for one person's meals. Even with curry, there was no discolouration. Kids like to use them for muffins. It is easy to clean.

👤The mold loses its shape when it bulges. It doesn't come out as a true square shape if these work for something like Jello. I might have bought from a cheap Chinese store that ends in Express.

👤The Silikonformen is gut.

6. Square Silicone Candy Molds Chocolate

Square Silicone Candy Molds Chocolate

The best gift idea. It is a great gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother, Father's Day. You could make a lot of gummies with the 2pcs silicone molds. Food grade silicone has a heat-resistant temperature of -104F to 446F. It is safe for use in the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. There is a non-kstic. It is easy to clean and release. There is a multi purpose. Use for candy molds, chocolate molds, ice cube tray, gummy molds, and cake decorating.

Brand: Caketime

👤These flimsy things are not worth the effort or money. They make a mess. Silicone is stable and thick enough for you to make whatever you want without it spilling all over the place. Try moving them without a cookie sheet into the freezer. It isn't worth it. My advice is to keep looking.

👤Needed a good mold to make gummy treats. Needed a square mold with enough spots to be productive. This mold was easy to clean and it came out great. I would recommend it.

👤I used it to make ice cubes. I sprayed it with non-stick. It slightly changed the color of my isomalt. I went without and it popped out easily. It turned out great for my customers.

👤These are great for hard candy. Candy pops out. The candy pieces are perfect. Works out great. A set of molds are used for one batches of candy.

👤I've been using this product for several batches of hard candies, and I'm really happy with it. It's very easy to use. The cleaning isn't due to the material or quality, it's due to the fact that it's a small pain. It's worth it because you end up pouring over 100 candies, but there are well over 100 squares to clean. If you want to make candy with flavors you can't find at any store, this is the perfect shape, it looks elegant, and you can control the acidity yourself.

👤126 slots each. I made gummies using these molds and it was quite a lot of work, but they worked well and weren't a problem to clean. Definitely recommend.

👤I recently started making gummies at home and was looking for a generic shape. The little mold is perfect. It fit a lot of gummies and the molds popped out perfect. It is so that each of them does not need any extra oil when putting in gummies.

👤They are half the size of a starburst, but half the shape. This is easy to use and make really small candies. If a peanut m & m was a square it would be about the same size. A junior mint is round in shape. You get two molds. There are 252 squares.

👤The price is fine for these. I didn't know how to make small chocolates, like the size of those individually wrapped caramels, so I got moulds. These would be good for gummies. My bad. I might make gummies one day.

👤These were a great product, they popped out of the mold with ease.

👤It seems very well made. Happy with the purchase.

👤They were used for my wax. Does the job and is very large.

👤Ces super juste de la bonne dimensions.

7. Webake Reusable Silicone Cupcake Non Stick

Webake Reusable Silicone Cupcake Non Stick

Non-Kstic and easy release: It's easy to clean, just release fingers. Save time to enjoy healthy treats. The top is 3.5 inches, the bottom is 3 inches and the depth is 1.6 inches. The total capacity is 65.7 ounces. Includes 8-cup. The baking cups are large. They are strong enough to hold their shape in the oven. It is made of 100% Pure, Professional Quality Silicone. It is flexible, reuse and durable. It can be used in a lot of things. The working temperature was -40 to +230 degrees Celsius. Baking will be even more fun with the vibrant colors. It is the best gift for both adults and kids. It's perfect for baking bread, muffins, cupcakes and sorting small items.

Brand: Webake

👤I hate liars who lie about their products. The company should be removed from Amazon. The silicone molds are made from food grade silicone. They failed the simple test to see if the product is food grade. This company used plastic instead of food grade silicone. Silicone can be compromised by plastic and can be dangerous to our health if harmful chemicals are allowed to migrate into our food. Very disappointing! I don't recommend this product or the company.

👤Food can stick to these. Nothing works with butter, oil, and cooking spray. I have a lot of Silicone bakeware from Silikomart and Paderno and I can bake in them without fear. I'm pretty sure it's due to the quality of the silicone. The brands have a lot of silicone in them. They turn white when you bend or inch them. I tried to make them work because the size was right, but there is nothing I can do to make them better. They leave.

👤I usually check the description, but I saw that it was made of 100% Pure, Professional Quality Food-Grade thick Silicone. It is flexible, reuse and durable. I didn't think to check the reviews or make sure it passed the pinch test. I will return them.

👤I like to make my own cakes for my birds. The containers are large enough to fit into my suet feeders. I spoon in the mixture, freeze the cups, then make the next batches. I have enough cakes in my freezer to last the winter.

👤I love these! I bought them for placing in car cup holders. They keep messes and spills confined. This is an alternative use that I love.

👤I bought this to see if I could make a quick ham-egg-cheese sandwich using egg beaters. It works. I nuked the egg beater after pouring it in the mold. The egg came out on target. The egg beater would have been thinner and closer to the bread dimensions if they had made the mold 4x4. I will keep looking for a 4x4 but for the time being, this is close enough.

👤I have raised my kids and built a life, but since lockdown have cooked every day, I have stopped eating. I learned that you can freeze sauces and onions, and they are perfect portion sizes. I put 10 pounds of onions in a sauce, freeze them in blocks, and have them ready to eat for a few weeks. They don't do a good job of cleaning up. That may be the nature of Silicone. They work on everything as well. I bought two other sizes and will give them the same review. I haven't baked in them.

👤I read reviews about this product on social media. They were correct in their recommendation. It's a great way to bake, it cleans well, and it's awesome for portion control. I have made a variety of cakes with it. I can't say anything about other brands, they work great for my lifestyle changes.

8. Seamless Stainless Mousse Baking Stainless

Seamless Stainless Mousse Baking Stainless

It is easy to use and clean. The long dough scraper has a hole in the handle for easy hanging storage and is dishwasher safe. It is not easy to rust and deform, it is made of 304 steel. No welding seams and a smooth surface make it easy to clean. The mirror polishing process is very easy to clean. Styles wereightened for more manufacturability. It's a good choice for cakes at home. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The square and round cake ring mold is a good choice for making multi layer cakes, bread, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, etc., suit for microwave, freezer, dishwasher, at home, at hotel, in baking room, at restaurant, in coffee shop, or in bread shop. Food grade material The cake ring set are made of high-quality food grade steel, strong, non-deformed, durable, corrosion resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, tasteless. It is easy to use and clean. It is easy to use and cut.

Brand: Aikefoo

👤It worked perfectly for a milk bar 6in cake. It was delivered without any dents or dings, which is not the case for some other similar products I've ordered from other sellers. It is easy to clean. Would buy again.

👤I was surprised when I opened the box, the steel was brushed into a mirror polish. I made my first cake with a 6 inch piece of equipment and it worked out well. Next time I will try the strawberry cake. It's a great product and easy to use. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The product is close to 5.75 inch.

👤Excellent! A simple one piece item. I am so glad I spent a little more and I am so glad I did double duty as a cake cutter and a cake ring.

9. Square Coaster Silicone Casting Cement

Square Coaster Silicone Casting Cement

The 40 square cavities are 30x30mm with a height of 15mm and a capacity of 0. 5 ounces. , The entire sheet is 11. 8” x 7. Silicone, safety, Flexible, full transparency, high-quality. It's easy to de-mold. The mold can be used to create a variety of objects. The bottom of the middle is hard to bend. The square mold was cast at a size of 3.94 x 3.84. There is a need for 3.4 ounces of resin to fill a mold. If you use Strong Corrosive Material, it will shorten the life of the coaster and cause the mold to fail.

Brand: Vturboway

👤These molds are nice, but quickly turn into objects. After about 5 pours, their shape didn't hold. They need to be in place while the resin is being set. It is up to me to make sure they remain squared as the mothers have begun to fail. Not a fan.

👤I have never had to use a release spray to release my resin. I used the molds right away. I had to use a razor blade on small areas around the edge after removing the molds. They stuck to the substance. The molds didn't work for me. I didn't get a good release. I used an old mold of mine with my mix and it had no problem.

👤These molds make cheap looking coasters, according to my experience. Make sure you use a mold release because the resin sticks very bad. I think the design of the raised edges doesn't work, and I give my resin a warm bath. The edges are too small. I will not use them again unless I can find something else to use them for.

👤It cannot be used. Don't hold their shape when it's filled with resin. There is a pattern on the bottom of the mold. How can you make a coaster with that? Returned them and got some good ones.

👤I used the silicone molds to make bird suet. Store your mix in the freezer until you're ready to use it.

👤I would love to give this product 5 stars if all of the molds were released well. Even though they cured for just as long as the other two, two of the molds fell apart and tore. But! I was happy with the results, but only received two functioning molds out of this order.

👤I liked making coasters from these. They got stuck in the molds the second time I made them. The mold was stuck on a side and ripped off as I took it out. I ruined the coaster because it has a piece of plastic stuck on the edge, and also ruined the mold. I don't know what happened. I did it the same way the first time. Have other molds that are perfect. It only happened to one of them.

👤After a few uses, the molds become warped. The molds don't come out square and don't sit on the surface. It needs to be made of something that is more understandable. These are useless and very disappointing.

👤The molds were a waste of money. Save yours! The molds have a different way of holding the sream than the ones that are supposed to pop right out. All of these are garbage.

👤The finished coaster comes out great the first time you use them. The warp molds are affected by the chemical reactions with the resin. The more uses they have, the more warp they are. The mold will warp after approximately 12 coasters, but still great to use and will use them.

👤Bonne pou rajouter un élément de decoration.

10. Mity Rain 40 Cavity Silicone Chocolate

Mity Rain 40 Cavity Silicone Chocolate

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a 24 months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, they will replace them or give you a full refund. They will not let you down. Let this cupcake cups help you make your new baking a winner, and get these baking essentials by ielek Official today. Premium quality: Silicone temperature resistant from -40 F to 500 F to allow for use in the freezer as well as the oven. I believe kids will love it when it pops out with a good shape, because it is easy to use and clean. Repeated use day after day. Each of the 40 square cavities has a capacity of 0. 5 ounces. , The entire sheet is 11. 8” x 7. 87". It can be used for a variety of sweet treats, including chocolate, Whiskey Ice, Jelly, candy, ganache, and caramel. Their main priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. Within 24 hours, they will give you a solution.

Brand: Mity Rain

👤I used them for something other than food. They work well with candy. It's easy to get your candy dose. Only use for baking or making things.

👤I bought these molds with hope. It worked out as I had hoped. There is a learning curve. My fudge was very thick so I had to pour it cautiously over the mold and spread it with a large metal frosting spatula to get each square filled to the top edge. To make a perfect square, run hot water on the metal spatula to smooth into each square the fudge off of the dividers. Continually rinse and heat spatula under hot water, smoothing the top and removing chocolate from all the dividers. After chilling the fudge, each square popped out beautifully. It is easy to clean with hot water. There were two molds for my recipe.

👤This is a lifesaver when making caramel. I don't have to cut my caramel into pieces anymore, I can pop them out of this nifty thing! I thought it would be hard to clean. I'm glad I didn't purchase this earlier because it makes me appreciate it more.

👤There are two pics attached, one of which is a silicone mold. The smaller square molds were used in the same batches of gummies. The other silicone mold in frame was stuck worse than everything else. Not a quality product. This is the second time I had a stick. The first thing was chocolate. This set is probably not high quality. I would not recommend baking with these.

👤I don't know why I didn't use a mold when I made fudge at the holidays. It's much easier if you use fudge for gift bags. I used a cake server to spread melted fudge into the molds after pouring the candy into the mold. They should be on a baking sheet before pouring. I had no issue with the fudge sticking and didn't use a cooking spray. The dish washer held up well on the top rack.

👤This is simple, efficient, and effective. The material is easy to clean. Thank you! A review is the least I can do to support a product. This is great for special chocolates.

👤It's easy to use and clean the molds for my caramels. One of the squares arrived with a hole in it, so I had to knock off 1 star. There are 40 wells in each mold. I have a set of them so I don't get upset. There is a minor manufacturing defect. I 100% recommend this product.

👤I don't remember to place the tray on a hard surface before filling it with liquid. It's what I needed for the fun fat bombs my family eats. The tray has a rubbery shelter that makes it easy to remove the tasty tidbits. Surprisingly easy to wash.

👤I love using it when cooking sugar cream or fudge. The size of the cubes is perfect.

👤It was a 2-pack. I received one mold.

👤Is it possible that the caramels are utilisons? Excellent product, qui ne nécessite pas d'huile.

11. Webake Silicone Meatloaf Cornbread Rectangle

Webake Silicone Meatloaf Cornbread Rectangle

Care: The mold is easy to clean and has a capacity of 51 fluid ounces. The mold is 12.4 x 8.3 x 1.2 inch and has a volume of 4 ounces. Premium material. The rectangular Silicone mold is food grade Silicone. It is possible to get the shape of the Rectangle when it is popped out from the bottom. The temperature range is from -40F to +446F. It's compatible with oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Use is multi-purpose. There are many crafting projects, such as bread, loaf, cake, pudding, cupcake, cheesecake, muffin, brownies, fianciers, and more. The best gift idea. It is a great gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother, Father's Day.

Brand: Webake

👤I used this product to make ice cream blocks. I am told to put homemade ice cream in a bread pan and freeze it. It is difficult to serve ice cream when it is frozen. I used this pan loaf to freeze some ice cream. They popped out. I will only freeze my homemade ice cream in this way.

👤I like to make mini banana loaves for my family, but the finish on them has come off over time. Thank you for the baking pan. They were easy to remove, but were a little smaller in depth. I used spray. It is easy to clean with soap and water. They also dried very quickly.

👤I thought there would be 12 mini loaves. This pan of 9 was perfect for my banana bread recipe. The mini loaves were moist and easy to remove. We used this for 5 batches and it worked well. The loaves are large. I recommend putting this on a baking sheet so it doesn't flop when you put it in the oven.

👤It's easy to clean. The banana bread I tested was moist but took a long time to cook in a pan because I only used half the batter. The biggest gripe is that it is floppy, so you need to put something under it to get it out of the oven, and that is not a big complaint.

👤It works like a charm. The size is the same as the classic cookie. I sprayed the mold lightly with baking spray and it popped out. I make my own ice cream.

👤I loved making lemon cheesecake. It was pretty easy. I had to soak it in overnight to remove the rubber smell.

👤I bought this as a replacement for another one and I'm happy it's a bit thicker than I was looking for.

👤I bought this for the purpose of making zucchini bread. The loaves were evenly cooked.

👤We use the freezer instead of the oven. tin pans were hard to clean, and we used to make portion size salmon wellingtons. I bought lots for my crew to use because they love them.

👤This is excellent for banana bread. It is easier to put a cookie tray underneath the oven as it will catch any over flow. It's easy to clean.

👤A band around the top would help carry the form to the stove.

👤I made small loaves. They came out perfect.

👤It's used for baking mini banana bread.


What is the best product for cake molds silicone square?

Cake molds silicone square products from Baker Boutique. In this article about cake molds silicone square you can see why people choose the product. Leyjin and Lemeoso are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake molds silicone square.

What are the best brands for cake molds silicone square?

Baker Boutique, Leyjin and Lemeoso are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake molds silicone square. Find the detail in this article. Caketime, Aifuda and Caketime are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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