Best Cake Money Pull Out Kit for Girls

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1. Money Dollar Birthday Topper Acrylic

Money Dollar Birthday Topper Acrylic

100% services They want their customers to have a great shopping experience. If you have a question, please contact them. Birthday cake topper bright color and lightweight are the ideal choice for birthday parties. The cake toppers are made of high quality acrylic. The item can be washed and used again. Double Sided, and with protective film on both sides, you should peer off first. Unique dollar cake toppers bring new fun to the party, they can easily match with any style cake,cupcake, make your cake or food more beautiful attractive and even more memorable, they are perfect for your birthday party and are a great adding more joy to your birthday party and creating a very If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Zhengye

👤They lied in the description. It is not pictured with moneybags. The shape of the bags is clear, unlike what the picture shows. It was disappointing. I don't know where they got the photo, they must have edited it. Even though this company doesn't allow you to return/replace or even message them, Amazon is handling the situation well. If this happens to you, just call customer service. We deserve the item we pay for.

👤The item looked like the image shown to you. I loved it.

👤My son loved his cake. The happy birthday in gold and the $$ signs were what he asked for. It worked out great. Thank you!

👤Small and not returnable. Very disappointed.

👤It's cute but easy to brake.

👤The best cake for a money themed party.

2. Unicorn Eyelashes Decoration Supplies Birthday

Unicorn Eyelashes Decoration Supplies Birthday

Non-ToxIC INEDIBLE MATERIAL. The soft felt golden horn and ears of the unicorn cake are suitable for kids to use. Food grade plastic is used for Stake. There is a 5.8" gold horn, a set of ears, and flowers for your party. It's easier to decorate a cake with a plastic stake. The cake looks more vivid with four pairs of eyelashes. The cake topping works best on cakes up to 12 inches. Handmade unsalted cake decorations. Quality assurance is ensured by the hand-crafted Unicorn Cake Topper, which makes your cakes look as delicious as they taste. Catching your eyes is something to do. The first time you see the set, you'll know it's a good one. There is an overarching purpose. The cake decorations of graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more are possible with the girls unicorn party favors. Also can be used as cupcake picks, party food picks, and kid birthday cupcake picks.

Brand: Zkptops

👤I used the glue dots and straw in this way because a lot of reviews weren't sure what they were for. I put them on the back of the horn so that they would fit into the cake. Just fine, holding together.

👤Very happy with this set. I don't know what the straw and glue dots were intended for. I used toothpicks to secure the cake. My cake was easy to make. It's so elegant.

👤The eyelashes and horn/ears look great on a cake. The only negative thing is that both items didn't seem to place sanitary on a cake that was to be eaten. The parts that were supposed to stick to the cake should have been covered. I would have liked the items to have some kind of toothpick-like bottom to place into the cake, rather than sticking right into the frosting. Damage was done to the items when they were removed before eating.

👤I would have given it five stars, but it could really use something to help it stick onto the cake. We had to make two small holes and use toothpicks to get it to stay at the top of the cake. My daughter played with it when we were done. I didn't use the glue dots. I stuck the eyelash parts on the front of the cake, and the icing held it in place. The price was very reasonable.

👤I thought this was something you wear. I wanted a costume for the convention. It's not weird, it's just grown men dressed like characters from My Little Pony and partying. I feel like my true self when I'm in the hospital. I might have been a pony or a unicorn in the past. I can imagine being told to "gitty up" by my master while I am on a forest trail. Break me of my free will and make me your master.

👤It's cheap. It was bent and falling apart when it arrived. I hope McGiver can use it. But. I would recommend buying something else.

👤The cake was for a magical birthday. The horn, eyes, dots, and straw were wrapped in two separate plastic packages. The horn was made of felt and the eyes were made of glitter. The glue-dot is put on the eye and then the straw is used to stick it to the cake. The horn is supposed to stick on the top of the icing. We used extra icing to stick the eyes on our cake instead of using glue dots. We wrapped the bottom in plastic wrap as tight as we could, and used an extra layer of icing to anchor it down, because we didn't want the felt horn to hit what we were eating. The horn was left clean when we went to cut the cake. The only complaint we had was that it had a slight back lean to it, but probably our fault because of the plastic wrap. It was a very cute addition to the cake, and definitely worth the few dollars spent.

3. Baseball Theme Cake Topper Decoration

Baseball Theme Cake Topper Decoration

Great for classrooms, bedrooms, and more. There is a PCS Baseball Theme Black double-sided glittery Happy Birthday Cake Topper. Premium thick card-stock with a food grade hard paper stick is durable and long lasting. glitter paper is used for all materials, including little baseball and baseball glove. The size of the Happy Birthday cake topper is 6.5 inches wide x 4 inches high and food grade stick length is 6.5 inches. If the product you received was damaged or not completely satisfied, please contact them, their professional customer service team will give you a solution.

Brand: Concico

👤No corresponde el artculo con el Precio, it is demasiado pequeo. Muestran una gordura y un bate en la decoracin. Compré por la gorra. No lo trae. A menor precio, con ms variedad.

👤It should cost $1.99. I will keep it. I could have printed it myself. The high star rating is questionable. There is a high star rating.

👤It's perfect for a baseball player. I love it! It's very easy to insert the cake.

👤On top of the cake, I looked good. I had expected it to be a bit bigger.

👤Not knowing there was glitter on it.

👤Es un producto, pero no tienes. No soy apta, y a solicitar reembolso. Mi opinin is no compren.

4. LINGAIXINYUE Money Dollar Birthday Topper

LINGAIXINYUE Money Dollar Birthday Topper

It's perfect. The measurement is 7 inches tall. These cake toppers are 5 inches wide. There is a 10 count box. Unique dollar cake toppers make your cake or food more attractive and memorable. Birthdays are the most unforgettable for everyone. The cake is an important part of the birthday celebrations. Birthday cake decorations are ideal for garden parties. The best cake for a money themed party. cake toppers are made of high quality material. It's suitable for many desserts. They are a great way to express your love to your lover and make your birthday party very romantic.

Brand: Lingaixinyue

5. Pulling Birthday Toppers Connected Decoration

Pulling Birthday Toppers Connected Decoration

1% of their net profit will be used to provide custom cakes and cake toppers to underprivileged children through a small NGOs. Thank you for helping them. The package contains a pulling money box, 16 happy birthday cake sets, 120 transparent bags, complete combination and exquisite cake decoration set for you to use and share. The cake insert size is 4 x 5.12 inches, 120 plastic bags, each size is 6.3 x 3.15 inches, which is suitable for cakes over 6 inches. The birthday cake box is made of plastic material and can be removed, there is a clear protective film on both sides of the top, you can remove it. Give a surprise: this money box is very funny and surprising as a birthday gift for your friends or family, they will love it, and they can also be applied as momentum pieces after your events. This pulling money box is good for creating unforgettable memories for family or friends as a surprise for birthday party, wedding, ceremonies, family gathering, anniversaries and so on.

Brand: Zonon

👤My mom's 80th birthday party was purchased for. She loved pulling the money from the gift box. Everything worked well.

👤The only problem was getting the "Happy Birthday" puller to attach to the last money bag without breaking. I broke one trying to put it together and my sister broke a 3rd one as she tried to pull it out. We broke a third one and they are very fragile.

👤There is no way to attach the money to the Happy Birthday top. I thought many bags were not thinking to check for a thin piece to attach them. Extra bags are not a problem. I would rather have the box closed and be able to attach the topper.

👤The description said it has 120 bags, but I only got 102.

6. Silver Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

Silver Shaped Toothpick Birthday Decoration

This black birthday cake decoration is perfect for a cupcake or cake decoration. The bright and sparkling gold will make the atmosphere warm. Happy birthday, let your party be filled with happy vibes! A memorable birthday party is what you can give your family and friends. The quantity is 2 cm/ 2.5 cm/ 3 cm. The color is gold or silver. The material is foam. High quality cardboard and food grade sticks are not sharp and are safe. Please do not place the cupcake toppers in the oven. Can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, fruits, brownies, ice cream and more. Perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, seasonal or festive cupcake decorations. If you have a problem with the products, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zanegear

👤Terrible quality and used product.

👤No son brillosos, pero estn chicos.

👤Wanted to rinse before using and the paint immediately bubbled, became sticky and began to chip off. Not safe to eat.

👤The product was very small and had a small object on it. Don't buy it.

👤These come to my rescue when I'm short on time and need a fancy cake. It is very easy to use and looks great. The finish was great.

7. Surprise Birthday Glitter Graduation Congratulations

Surprise Birthday Glitter Graduation Congratulations

It's suitable for store or individuals. The box will make the cake look better. It's perfect for a wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower party, cupcake party and more. They work on special occasions. You can package cupcakes, cookies, caramel popcorn, or any other treat you want for your guests. You can use brushes and stickers to make your own gift box. The big surprise is a money box for cakes. A cake with money or a letter inside will definitely surprise your love ones. If you want to completely hide gifts inside of a cake, add more laughter and fun. These wedding cake toppers feature a love heart shape and are perfect for decorating cake dessert or other pastry. It will add more elegance to a birthday party, a wedding and more. The bright color and lightweight atmosphere creates a romantic atmosphere. The pull out money box is made of food grade plastic. The glitter cake topper is made of paper. Quality safety material is what the stick is made of. A lightweight with good workmanship. You can make nice cake decoration if you put party decor on your birthday cake. The glitter gold cake toppers and cake money dispensers are eye-catching and can be applied in most occasions. Birthday party, wedding party, holidays, anniversaries, graduation and other party events can add more laughter and fun to your party. This cake decorating kit is easy to use. The glitter birthday card and stick are easy to assemble. You can put the money into the bag and then fold it into the box. You can decorate the cake by cutting a hole in the cake and putting it in a box.

Brand: Lionvison

👤Poorly designed, won't stay closed, no directions, and a flimsy plastic box. Very disappointed.

👤The money was wasted. There were no instructions on how to put it together. The box is large. To fit cake in there, you will need to cut and remove a lot of it. The box was damaged. The box was bent when it was closed. I improvised with what I had.

👤The box was bent so it was hard to open. I had to take the box down because it wouldn't open inside the cake. Very sad.

👤The entire box should be one long strip with pockets instead of the bunch of pocke you have to stick together. It was a pain and failed.

👤The box was big enough to hold a cake. The box couldn't open. Wanted to return but was not an option.

👤When he tried to grab the tab to pull, the stick came out of the icing and cake. A disaster!

👤It worked perfectly. I made some changes to the box to make it smaller.

👤The box is flimsy and the instructions on how to assemble bags to pull out of it were not in English. Will not purchase again. Never.

8. NN BH Birthday Topper Decoration Dollar

NN BH Birthday Topper Decoration Dollar

If you have a question, please contact them. There are 5 space cake toppers. The product does not need to be assembled, the items needed are included in the package, no need to use any other tools. Beautiful cakes make your party perfect. Amazon Mall arranges the product parcel delivery service. You have to know the arrival time. You can consult Amazon customer service for answers. If the product is damaged after you receive it, please contact them. They can offer solutions such as rescheduling delivery or 100% refunds.

Brand: Anxdh

👤The stick is long and cheap. The sticks are not long enough. Not a cake is definitely long enough for a cupcake. I had to fix the cuts in the pattern. The thin paper can get bruised easily and I fixed that. I made it work, but it was a problem. I didn't like that the sticks were bare, a clear stick would have been better. I made it work but I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I thought it would be made of plastic. I could not use them because they were paper.

👤My son loved his cake decorations.

👤I think the cake signs served the purpose of making my cake look more bling bling, we have so much fun with it! There is a need for more fun cake decor products.

👤My son's sweet 16 was with me. The theme was "Get money".

9. GZDUCK Birthday Graduation Decoration Connected

GZDUCK Birthday Graduation Decoration Connected

Money for cakes birthday surprise is a money box cake with money inside, it is perfect for creating unforgettable memories for family or friends. If you want to give money as a gift, the package includes a cake money box, happy birthday cake topper, and 20 pieces of transparent bags to store money. Money in a cake is easy to use. Put the money into the bag and then into the box. You can decorate the cake by cutting a hole in the cake and putting it in a box. The cake money box is food safe. It is durable and reuseable. You can make nice cake decoration if you put them on your birthday cake. Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only. The money box can fit smaller cakes as well. The money cake pull out kit is perfect for cakes larger than 8 inches.

Brand: Gzduck

👤This is the worst purchase I have ever made. It failed for my grandsons birthday. If they would let me, it would be returned. If you need your party to be successful, don't purchase this. I was sad.

👤I had to return the product before. It doesn't come with the main piece to put the sheets out. I ordered this one, but it came without the piece.

👤It does not include an important piece. This is from a different seller. It is hard to keep the top dog. The box was taped to stay together.

👤I usually read reviews before making a purchase, but I did not this time. It was missing the main piece, just like most other reviewers had mentioned. There were no instructions. I was very disappointed and fourth would not recommend.

👤It was used for my grandsons and my daughter in law.

👤There are missing parts in the original order.

👤The whole thing popped out of the cake. It was fun, but I wish it worked correctly.

👤It worked despite being broken and not having time for another option.

👤There was no surprise. The bags were stuck together.

👤No me gust la calidad.

10. Birthday Toppers Transparent Decorations Supplies

Birthday Toppers Transparent Decorations Supplies

You will get 100% customer satisfaction if you buy this dog bone cake mold. If you have any questions, please contact them. The birthday cake box is made of plastic material which can be washed and reused, the cake toppers are made of paper material, and the money box is not suitable for dishwasher. Birthday surprise: the money box can make a surprise for your loved ones at the party, making a lot of fun and good memories for your families and friends, bring more laughter to your party. The money box is too small. It's ideal for cake in 8 inches or larger, and it's easy to place in the cream for the birthday cake. It can be applied for birthday party, wedding, ceremonies, family gathering, anniversaries, and so on, to create a warm and sweet party atmosphere, providing you a different and memorable party experience. You will get a money box, 120 transparent bags, and 4 pieces of cake toppers, no need to worry that you won't have enough for your party supplies.

Brand: Boao

👤There were different sized plastic money holders. The first roll was perfect but the second was big. It was difficult to stick it together. We had to use tape. Sometimes it was difficult to pull. The box is cheap and won't stay together unless it is taped, the toppers are just card stock cutouts. This was a one time use. My son had fun pulling it out of the cake. Is it quicker to put it together?

👤I was excited to use this money box for my son's 18th birthday cake, everything seems perfect, the box, the toppers and the bags themselves, I like a lot, but unfortunately out of the 120 bags only 20 are the correct size for each bill that I can put,

👤The product works well for my money cake, but there were different sizes of money to bag in with and all were too short. I had to fold a small portion of the money in half so that it wouldn't fall into the slip. I had to close the box because it didn't clip together. It was a good product for the price and worked well with added tape.

👤My daughter's 11th birthday was the reason we did this. I made the cake and put the money in a box. The happy birthday stick she pulled out of the cake was priceless. She told everyone about the money that came out of her cake. She talked about this for at least three weeks after the party. The best idea yet.

👤Absolutely worthless for US paper currency. There were 20 clear bags that bills fit perfectly into and 100 or so bags that bills did not fit into. I had to trash the entire concept because I found out about this as I was assembling the bills. Very disappointing.

👤Extra surprise when giving cash is easy.

👤Money can't fit inside of plastic sleeves. Money gets hung up. He was able to pull out three dollars before it stopped working. It doesn't work. I watched videos about how to do it, but it didn't work. It's horrible.

👤The snaps to close box was broken and had to be tape shut, it was a lot of fun.

👤This made a huge impact. The bags were filled with money and photos. The box and bag holder is a downfall.

👤The whole white plastic box came through the cake making the cake fall apart as the money didn't fit in the money pouch. The buyer should beware.

👤You get lots of seal bags for the money and it can be used again. My son loved pulling it out of his cake.

👤The stick doesn't fit in the whole. It is useless.

11. Qfeley Pulling Transparent Birthday Surprise

Qfeley Pulling Transparent Birthday Surprise

It's suitable for many desserts. They are a great way to express your love to your lover and make your birthday party very romantic. The size of the cake pulling money box is 11x11x7 cm and is suitable for cakes over 6 inches. The glitter heart cake toppers are about 13 cm in width and measure from 6.8 to 24 cm. You will get a 1 piece cake money box, 7 pieces heart glitter cake toppers, 10 pieces "happy birthday" cake toppers, 120 pieces transparent money bags, a complete combination and good cake decoration set for your use and sharing. The birthday cake money box and cake toppers are made of plastic and paper, but lightweight. The cake money box is not dishwasher safe. The transparent appearance of the cake money box makes it easy to clean, 120 pieces of transparent money bags and 10 pieces of happy birthday cake are also easy to use. A cake with money inside will bring joy and laughter. Their birthday cake money box is ideal for money pulling cake and can be used for many occasions. Make sure the cake is the right size.

Brand: Qfeley


What is the best product for cake money pull out kit for girls?

Cake money pull out kit for girls products from Zhengye. In this article about cake money pull out kit for girls you can see why people choose the product. Zkptops and Concico are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake money pull out kit for girls.

What are the best brands for cake money pull out kit for girls?

Zhengye, Zkptops and Concico are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake money pull out kit for girls. Find the detail in this article. Lingaixinyue, Zonon and Zanegear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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