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1. Perfect Stix Ply Burgundy Napkin 100

Perfect Stix Ply Burgundy Napkin 100

We recommend 2 to 3 napkins per person for your event. The napkin is burgundy. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Perfect Stix

👤The quality is pretty good, but these are overpriced for the quantity received. I ordered black. They were a bit thicker than the paper thin versions I find in commercial use. They fit in the standard cocktail napkin sized cubby of my bar caddy for a nice streamlined look. This is not a napkin you grab for a spill. Considering how glasses sweat in my north Texas summer, that is appreciated. These can handle a few rounds of martinis without replacement. These would be a nice choice for a party, but are for personal use.

👤These seem to be really good quality. I searched for napkins in burgundy. These are closer to a berry than anything else I could find.

👤I have ordered these 10 times in the last 5 years. They were bright white, sturdy, and nicely embossed. I was comfortable using them for company and daily use. The paper used in this batches is not of a good quality. It is disappointing to pay the same or more than before for the same item, but it is not as good.

👤These are berry colors, not Burguny. I am having the hardest time finding burgundy for my daughter's prom colors. It turns out that most people claim their product is burgundy.

👤The weight and thickness are great. The black is a quality black color and not a cheap faded color. If you compare it to major stores where it is hard to find this size in bulk, this is a good price. The quantity that you are actually getting can be deceiving. The bar caddy will be filled with 100 napkins. It is not a 100ct is 2 full stacks as some of the pictures suggest. I was assuming the 100ct was 2 full stacks like the pictures show. Overall satisfied!

👤They're typical cocktail napkins. A bit cheap and not very absorbent. I bought them for the price and I was happy with it.

👤I received half of the order instead of the full one.

👤The pale yellow that they arrived as was not the bright yellow shown in the photos. The misleading color in the photos was a problem since we are using them to represent penalty flags.

👤I wasn't expecting that much from these. They were quite nice. I think some of the edges were a little rough.

👤No esspecificada la info, pero yo quien entendio mal, entendi q eran 2 paquetes de 200 por el precio de 1

👤A wine red with a purple hue is more similar to a deep maroon red.

👤Fast delivery. The color of the napkins was more pinkish than shown.

👤Petit et tout froissé ne le recommande pas.

2. Crisky Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

Crisky Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

Imported from Europe, the Great Value Pack has a built-in pocket in the box for flatware that will give you enough napkins for all your household needs. These dinner napkins are a great value. You can contact them at any time if you're dissatisfied. The folded measurement is 8x4 and the unfolded measurement is 16x12". These napkins are made of gold foil and will impress your guests. Food is safe. There are two things: tacky and hardy. The sheets are 3-ply to make sure they don't tear when used. It's soft to ensure a comfortable wiping experience. The foil dinner napkins are perfect for co-ed wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, reception, and anniversary parties. Their napkins are made from sustainable paper and keep the planet clean.

Brand: Crisky

👤The "Mr & Mrs" napkins I ordered were supposed to come with all of the information that was advertised and shown in the pictures for customers purchasing their products. Thank you were on the napkins when I arrived at my home. I don't have time to return them so the wedding reception I'm having for my daughter's day is ruined. Thank you..."Criskey"

👤I placed these on the chargers for my wedding and then gave them a favor. The only other thing is that the couple had wrinkled skin. I set it up to see what the rest of the set up would look like. I was not sure how to fix it. I thought I would iron them. It worked. There is a I mean quick because you don't want the letters to stay on your iron. I didn't have any problems with them.

👤Our daughter's wedding was a success and we ordered these napkins to use at the reception and dessert table. They were a nice touch and everyone thought we had custom ordered them. Very nice.

👤I ordered because I thought I would get the same thing as shown. They arrived with a single script. Mr. and Mrs, thank you for coming. I looked to see if they included the above script, but didn't see anything. Disappointed.

👤It is not bad quality if you pay for it.

👤It was exactly as expected. Very beautiful. I love the reception tables. The text is beautiful.

👤I would purchase these again, they are very good quality of thickness, but most of all beautiful presented on a plate.

👤They will be a wonderful touch for guests.

👤The napkins were loved by guests. A well written message.

3. Vplus Napkins Disposable Premium Absorbent

Vplus Napkins Disposable Premium Absorbent

The country of origin is the United States. Their napkins are made of virgin wood and fresh and clean every time. These napkins are impressively large. They are folded and measure approximately 4.33” x 7.9” inches. It stretches out to an incredible 13” x 13” inches. The design is elegant. Adding charm and elegance to your dining table, bedroom is possible with the white dinner napkins printed with a delicate gold trim decorative design. Guests are provided premium comfort and luxury. Their premium paper napkins are great for weddings, cocktail parties, anniversary celebrations, family events, friendship parties, or any other event you desire. There is no need for a clean up. After-sales service. The easiest choice is what they want to make. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact them for a replacement or full refund if their paper napkin doesn't meet your standards. The team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Vplus

👤The purpose of these pretty paper towels was probably not to dry people's hands after washing, but they were the perfect size to place in my bathroom and kitchen for people to dry their hands after washing. Communal towels can spread diseases. These are disposable and give me and my family peace of mind. It would be great if the manufacturer offered a coupon for future purchases. This may become a standard practice in my home. Everyone be safe.

👤These are not as advertised. They are cheap and thin. We were in a bind for my niece's wedding. The video shows everything. Not durable at all.

👤The box is very nice and has good quality. They look nice in the guest bath, and will do the trick for all the hand washing going on. I will purchase again when these run out, which is less expensive than the ones I was buying on Tuesday.

👤I don't want to go out of stock or go up in price, so I've hesitated to write a positive review. I bought these before coronaviruses. They are a must have in the shared bathroom. They are very heavy duty and great for hand washing. There is no more shared cloth hand towels.

👤I ordered a box of napkins with the same design last year. The napkins that were used in my guest bathroom felt like linen fabric and were so impressive to all the guests that used it. When I saw these napkins with the same design and double the quantity for just $1.00 extra, I thought they were the same product. They are not. I am very disappointed. I will not put them in my bathroom. The texture on the napkins is too thin and cheap, and the print on the napkins looks washed out. I will not order them again. The ones that felt like linen will be re-ordered.

👤There are no paper towels in the bathroom. These are important for my guests. They look great ifAbsorbent is used.

👤The napkins that I ordered for my wedding were not available. I was very pleased with how soft and thick they were. A better quality napkin is what I would recommend.

👤I usually get 50 from bednbath and felt ripped off, but these hand towels were very affordable and I found my vendor. I would love to have some funky colors.

4. Supplies Birthday Engagement Anniversary Weddings

Supplies Birthday Engagement Anniversary Weddings

When folded, the dimensions are 4.9 inch x 4.9 inch; when unfolded, they are 9.8 inch x 9.8 inch. There is a kit for 50 goblets. 50 pieces of dinner paper plates, 50 pieces of dessert plates, 50 pieces of 9oz paper cups, and 50 rose gold foil paper straws are included in the party paper dinnerware set. Plates, cups and napkins are made from paper. Party plates and cups are strong enough to hold a full plate of food. The design is feminine. The rose golden foil pattern is the design of the party supplies pack. The paper napkins have a rose gold foil dot. Adding a festive touch to a party. It's a perfect choice for a fancy party. It's easy to clean up when you throw the disposable paper dinnerware out after use, but you still enjoy the decorative and elegant accent they add to your event. It's perfect for all of them. It is designed for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, home dinners, and other occasions.

Brand: Homix

👤There is a value. Lg Plates are a bit flimsy for full dinner, but Sm Plates are perfect for apps and dessert. The cups are thick and durable.

👤I didn't want to go to party stores to buy paper plates and cups because of the covid. Next day shipping was stated on the items I saw. The design was simple and elegant. It was as promised. I loved it! The napkins are great. I used them for my daughter's graduation. The family liked the color scheme.

👤My niece is having a princess themed birthday party. The kids liked the pink and gold polka dot design on the plates. It was perfect for the theme. It was a bit more expensive than other ones I have seen. I couldn't find the perfect design for the party so I went with this. The cups and utensils worked well despite the flimsy plates.

👤We used them for our engagement party. They look the same as they did in the picture. Very pretty. What do you think about cheap paper plates? They were definitely not the weakest I have ever seen. They do their job. If you are serving something heavy, work perfectly. The paper cups had a weird taste. It definitely knocked off a star for me, but I don't think it was anything bad. Don't want my cups to have their own flavor. If you are looking for something pretty and you need a good value, I would recommend these.

👤I bought these for my daughter's party, and they were even more cuter than online. I put them together with a pink tablecloth and gold plastic utensils. The quality was what I expected. The plates held up perfectly, but we weren't using them for anything heavy. It was nice to have a one stop shop for these, instead of searching for matching cups and napkins. I would buy again for future parties.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. The items were exactly what they were said to be and the quality was excellent. Everyone was impressed by the appearance. I will purchase in the future.

👤The quality was decent. Sturdy plates and thick cups hold liquid. It came complete for what I would need for a party. Party planning was easy.

👤The color is what I was hoping for. Good value and beautiful looking. Delivery on time. I purchased this set for another occasion and loved it so much that I bought it again for my daughter's birthday party.

👤I was looking for something that could match my butterfly birthday theme and this is what I found. Excellent quality, a fair price and amazing packaging.

👤No me fue gusto, no me solo son 200 piezas, porque no venan incluidos los popotes. No me agrado de las 50 piezas de popotes.

👤Tan bellos, la imagen, la entrega super rpida, vale la pena el precio.

👤Everything was stated. The price is great for everything.

5. WDF Plastic Forks 6 Disposable Dessert

WDF Plastic Forks 6 Disposable Dessert

The round rings are easy to use for home bakers and professionals. 100% food grade, non-toxic plastic! You and your guests are safe with those plastic plates and forks. Solid, durable, heavy duty disposable plates will not scratch or break easily. Simple and modern design, their 100 gold 5" dessert forks. They are very similar with 100 gold plates. Your guests will be amazed by the set. It's perfect for all events. Birthday, children's party, banquet dinner, wedding, engagement party, weddings, holiday. Enjoy your party! Simple and convenient to use. You can use the gold forks for desserts like mini cakes, ices, ice cream, miniatures, nuts, chocolates and more. If your disposable dinnerware is damaged, please contact WDF tableware and they will give you the best service. WDF partyware has the largest selection of essential party supplies.

Brand: Wdf

👤I purchased the 6” plate for my daughter's wedding because I wanted to see the cake on them, but I was concerned about the reviews of similar products from this vendor. I was pleasantly surprised by the product's longevity. They were pretty and gave the impression of a more expensive product. The design flowed well with the intended place setting and I received many comments on the beauty of the product.

👤The quality is okay, but the forks are small. I assumed they would be a standard plastic fork size. The plates are smaller than a plastic dessert plate. They are fine for small bite size desserts, fruit with chocolate fountain, but you would not want to serve cake or pie on them.

👤We took a chance on using these plates because we had not ordered them before. The quality and design were very good. We decorated our Golden Anniversary with rose gold, peach and purple, and it was perfect. The plates were perfect for dessert and hors d'oeuvre. They are too small for a dinner menu. They were good quality and held up well. The rose gold trimmed plates were coordinated perfectly with the forks. They were strong and did not break during the night. We will definitely be ordering them again, because I would highly recommend this product.

👤I will use this product for a wedding in two months. I will be able to report back once I test them out. The only thing I can say is that they look great, and that it came in a nice package. The title is misleading. It should say 200 PIECES, not 200 plates and forks.

👤For my parents' 50th anniversary, I used these for desert. The little Forks could have been stronger.

👤The table was used for a retirement party and sturdy enough to hold food. The trick was done by these. Roast beef, potatoes, and green beans were on the buffet. The salads and finger foods were held on smaller plates. Not a single plate was cracked. The silverware was nice. For the holidays, I bought more for the house. Excellent product.

👤The little forks are sturdy. They are perfect for hors d'oeuvre at an anniversary using multiple serving stations.

👤The dessert was ordered for an anniversary party. We had to be careful with the size of the slices. The regular plates made the slices seem small. The 2x2 slices fit perfectly, and the forks were a great purchase. I will definitely order this set again when I have an upscale event that requires disposable tableware.

6. WDF Disposable Appetizer Holidays Occasions

WDF Disposable Appetizer Holidays Occasions

Colorful napkins are great for many occasions: birthdays, weddings, restaurants, graduations, parties, etc. 100% food grade, non-toxic plastic! You and your guests are safe with those plastic plates and forks. Solid, durable, heavy duty disposable plates will not scratch or break easily. Their 100pack silver dessert forks are very similar to their 100pack silver plates. Your guests will be amazed by the set. It's perfect for all events. Birthday, children's party, banquet dinner, wedding, engagement party, weddings, holiday. Enjoy your party! Simple and convenient to use. You can use the silver forks for desserts like mini cakes, ices, ice cream, miniatures, nuts, chocolates and more. If your disposable dinnerware is damaged, please contact WDF tableware and they will give you the best service. WDF partyware has the largest selection of essential party supplies.

Brand: Wdf

👤We ordered these plates because the reception hotel wouldn't have enough cake plates. I didn't want any plastic at our reception, but these plates are better than what the hotel could have provided. Very strong. We kept them on the table for the cake pictures because they are pretty.

👤I went straight back to those when I got something for our fire department Christmas party, because they were purchased for our 25th wedding anniversary. The party was canceled because of covid. We can have a good party soon, I'm still hanging on to them.

👤We got these for our daughter's wedding. They look nice. The plastic is strong and the forks are good quality. The price was less than $16.00 for 100 forks and 100 plates, so it was a killer deal.

👤I don't understand the reviews that claim these are sturdy and that you will want to wash and reuse them. I bought them for dessert plates for my wedding and they look very cheap, not nearly as nice as pictured, so I am seriously considering returning them.

👤We did most of the things ourselves for my son's wedding. The wedding cake was served on these plates. Guests were asking if the plates needed to be washed and they were very sturdy. They were a nice touch.

👤The silver design around the edge of the plates was not solid and I wish it was. The salad dressing seeped through the holes around the edge and made a mess on the table cloth, the same thing happened when I used these for my wedding.

👤I can't believe the quality of the price. The plates are pretty. The gold is deep and the forks are good quality. I would use these products for an elegant event. I will purchase again. It was packaged without damage.

👤These are used for our cake table. They are beautiful and high quality. They are being thrown out and I wish they weren't so expensive.

7. Cocktail Happy Birthday Decorations Anniversary

Cocktail Happy Birthday Decorations Anniversary

You can enjoy more time with friends and family if you use disposable paper. 50 premium quality white paper napkins with "Cheers to 60 years" gold foil text and dots are part of the set. 60 year celebrations happen once in a lifetime and are celebrated with good taste. The 3-ply tissue is gentle to the face and hands. They can be used to hold hors d'oeuvre, soak up spilled liquids, or pat your lips dry. It's fun, classy and will be remembered for a long time at a birthday party. ECO-FRIENDLY: The napkins are made of paper that can be recycled. 10 x 10 inches unfolded, 5 x 5 inches folded.

Brand: Happy Palace

👤These napkins are very stylish. The color doesn't rub off on you, even though I was impressed with how pigmented they are. I've gotten other napkins before where the color of the napkin would rub off on me if you wiped your mouth or hands. I wouldn't suggest trying to wipe a little one's nose with the napkins since they aren't super soft. I used these napkins for the anniversary party that I threw.

👤I used the napkins for my mom's 60th birthday. They are cute and absorbent. The rose gold theme went very well.

👤The napkins smelled like paint. They were flimsy and weird. They are fine if you want them to look cute. I would buy napkins that absorb and don't smell.

👤These were what I was looking for. The foil look matched my other decorations very well. Excellent quality and value.

👤I love these napkins. They are pretty and elegant. It's a great value for quantity and price. I received a lot of compliment at my mom's birthday party. They arrived very quickly. Would buy again.

👤I was a big fan of these napkins. I was looking for something to make the party stand out. The gold looked nice and didn't fall off like some of the cheaper napkins I have used before. They were thick and did the trick. A good addition to the celebration. I would buy from this brand again.

👤I bought these for a coworker's party in the office and they were perfect. Thank you so much!

👤Not the best quality or absorbent.

8. Disposable Cocktail Engagement Decorations Rehearsal

Disposable Cocktail Engagement Decorations Rehearsal

50-count beverage, appetizer, or dessert size napkins. A white napkin with Siver foil stamped text is a happy sight. When folded, the size is 4.9-inch. The foil design shines in the light. Food is safe. Add cheers, love, and laughter to your special occasion! They recommend 2 to 3 napkins per person for your event.

Brand: Crisky

👤The only problem with these napkins was that they were all bent and I am pretty sure that was due to the shipping, they are really cute and we use them anyway.

👤The price was perfect for our reception. It looks like it's more expensive.

👤A ton of cute napkins for the price. Good for a large engagement party.

👤I didn't open the package. I gave it to stars because they are going to a party in a few weeks.

👤The napkin is cute and sets the mood for the party. Live the rose color.

👤Looked cheap. Some of the napkins had a crooked gold imprint. They were basic but would change if I had to do it over again.

9. Adorox Wedding Acrylic Stainless Crystal

Adorox Wedding Acrylic Stainless Crystal

It's easy to use and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. A 13 inch Serrated Knife and a 10.75 inch server are included in the set. The wedding cake server set is beautiful. The faux crystal handles are made of high-quality plastic. It's a great gift and a great way to remember your special day.

Brand: Adorox

👤These are not good. If I could, I would give zero stars. We decided to swap the first set for the same set because it came all smudged and scratched, and we thought it was a mistake. No, no. The se one set was the same. It was super gross. Both sets were dinged and scratched because of the finger prints and cheap plastic part on the handle. Don't waste your money.

👤The worst thing that could happen. Don't buy! It is very flimsy. It is 2 seconds that we are going to use it. It's okay. I handed it to him and he said to return it. You're correct. I don't think this knife would be able to cut the fondant. We were not expecting high quality for $8, but I believe Walmart or even Family Dollar would have something better. It is very bad. I don't care what the other reviews say.

👤These were so cheap. The plastic is light in weight and has lines on it. It feels cheap. The handle could be made of acrylic. The paint that is on the handle started to peel off when we got out of the box. I think I could find better quality at the dollar store for a buck. I don't feel safe using this product on food because of the silver paint coming off. If you tried to pick up a piece of cake with it, it would break in half. Very disappointed. It's very cheap. Don't buy.

👤I only bought this for the cake cutting photo op at my wedding, and it served its purpose, but the handle broke when we washed it, so we ended up throwing them away. This is a great buy if you don't mind keeping your cake cutting set. If you want something that is good quality, look elsewhere.

👤Disappointed! They are not very expensive. The package was bent and smashed with chunks missing, because it came with scratches all over the handles. Other people had the same problem. You get what you pay for.

👤I used this for the first time to cut a birthday cake. The knife broke when I pushed it into the cake. I was stabbed in my thumb by the splintered glass. The party is ruined if there is bleeding all over the cake. Don't buy this set. It is a piece of junk. I hope I don't need stitches.

👤I wanted a cake cutting set that looked nice but wouldn't break the budget, but this delivered. The job was done on our wedding day. We use it to cut cakes and pies and keep it in our silverware drawer.

👤The serving tool is scratched and the connection between the handle and blade is silver painted plastic, which can't be used for a gift. So angry.

👤Material resistente, de calidad.

10. Polka Party Supplies Napkins Confetti

Polka Party Supplies Napkins Confetti

There is a party called the CONFETTI PARTY. Add this napkin set to your polka dot party supplies for an upcoming graduation party, kids birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, weddings, or family gatherings. Protect your face. Keep your tables clean and stain-free from spilled food, milk, juice, or soda; they are absorbent and soft to ensure a comfortable dining experience. At a value price, quality Naples. The paper napkin is 3-ply to prevent it from tearing. DIMENSIONS Cocktail napkins are 5 x 5 inches folded and 10 x 10 inches unfolded. Save money by buying in bulk. Save time and money with this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins to ensure you have enough for your party.

Brand: Juvale

👤Where I thought was larger. We'll look like the photo. A cocktail napkin instead of a lunch napkin.

👤Excellent quality, durable, classy, and cute! It worked well for the gold party theme.

👤Great purchase. They were bought for a wedding. They were perfect.

👤They look pretty and are soft. No gripes.

👤I love this napkins and will buy them again.

👤For a 50th anniversary party, these were perfect.

👤Las servilletas estan, pero el paquete me llega mal cerrado, con muchas servilletas dobladas. No las vuelvo a pedie.

👤I used them for my wedding. For cocktail hour. Very cute.

👤Per una festa, resistenti e assorbenti. Meglio per aspetative. Consigliate.

👤Sono stati utili e piacevoli da vedere, per festeggiare una laurea. Ok, okay

👤There are bonne serviettes. elle sont salles. Idéal apéritif.

11. Napkins Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

Napkins Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

The folded measurement is 8x4 and the unfolded measurement is 16x12". These napkins are made of silver foil and will impress your guests. Food is safe. There are two things: tacky and hardy. The sheets are 3-ply to make sure they don't tear when used. It's soft to ensure a comfortable wiping experience. These foil dinner napkins are perfect for co-ed wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, reception, and anniversary parties and are sure to complement your Silver party theme. Their napkins are made from sustainable paper and keep the planet clean.

Brand: Crisky

👤I was worried that the napkins that are silver would not be as good as the other ones or wouldn't come in due to small reviews, but I just ordered them and they are just as good as the ones shown. Came on time. I would order again.

👤I bought these for my son's wedding. They were used during the dinner. They worked for their purpose and looked good doing it. The packaging was wrinkled. I didn't use the first few in the packs.

👤My daughter's wedding will be in April 2022.

👤They did a good job for what we needed. They were used along with plain gray for a more contrast. We were happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered this for the wedding. They were the same as the cake topper we bought for our wedding. This is the best wedding theme.

👤There are beautiful white napkins with shiny silver letters. They were perfect for my niece's wedding.

👤These were a good buy.

👤I love these napkins. They are beautiful and elegant. It's perfect for any special occasion.


What is the best product for cake napkins wedding?

Cake napkins wedding products from Perfect Stix. In this article about cake napkins wedding you can see why people choose the product. Crisky and Vplus are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake napkins wedding.

What are the best brands for cake napkins wedding?

Perfect Stix, Crisky and Vplus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake napkins wedding. Find the detail in this article. Homix, Wdf and Wdf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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