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1. SheaMoisture Butter Stretch Pudding Styler

SheaMoisture Butter Stretch Pudding Styler

The Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding is a hair cream and hair styling cream that stretches out curly coily styles. This curly hair cream, styling cream and ultra-moisturizing pudding can be used to temporarily reveal a longer Afro or curly coily style. The hair styling and forming hair cream is made with coconut oil free, anti-shrinkage curly hair styling and forming hair cream. Their styling cream is like a hair styling gel and forming cream for curly hair, and it has light hold for a smooth finish. Generously apply curly hair cream to sectioned hair from roots to ends and style as you please. Also use as a men's hair product. To refresh your style, lightly pat curly hair cream on the curls. Add hold with their hair styling gel.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤I have coarse, tightly coiled hair. I was introduced to my own hair due to decades of braiding my hair and it was starving for care. It seems my hard to manage, hard to absorb and maintain moist, with the tight strands of coiled strands just might of met its match with this product. The product did what the instructions said it would do, first lengthening my hair and then relaxing my kinky Curls. I might give wearing my natural hair a try if I order two more.

👤I have never used this product before but I love it! It's great for styling twists. It keeps my hair hydrated for a while. I was happy to try this shea product. I would recommend this for people with thick hair. This stuff goes along way.

👤I did a twist out with these on my wash day and it lasted for a week. If I wanted to be lazy, I would love this stuff.

👤This product works well. I have a natural hair type that is shrink-prone. This product helped me with my hair and allowed me to master many styles. It's really recommendable!

👤This product made my hair soft and relaxed. I highly recommend it.

👤The product failed to deliver a satisfying result, despite the fact that I love the scent. The hair looked dull and brittle. Curls resisted being shrunk. I had better results with cheaper products. This is the first line of hair products I have encountered.

👤I was not happy with this product. It made my hair hard and looked terrible.

👤The gentleman that delivered my package kept his distance and I appreciate it.

👤El rizo se forma, pero un denso. Al otro da tienes refrescar con agua. I funcion a las cabellos, pero lo usé con el cabello.

👤No debes usar mucho porque es denso. El gel dippity. Do y me amigos! El olor no es special.

👤La uso de crema. Es a pesada. Deja el cabello. El rico y rendidora.

👤Cuando lo aplico deja la sensacin, pero al enjugar el cabello va adquiriendo una sensacin.

👤Dej apelmazado, sin ningn movimiento e hidratacin.

2. Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Whipped balm helps protect your hair against heat damage, it also helps reduce blow dry time. Skip the salon and take your hair to sleek, smooth and lustrous with this blow out in a bottle. Apply to your hair and you're good to go. Their formulas don't harm as much as a hair on a bunny's head. They are both vegan and cruelty free. No animal testing has ever taken place. They use the high performing natural ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don't. That's a big no-no to all of those chemicals. Cakeland has a line of bath, body and haircare products that are naturally decadent.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤I have thick hair. I get treatments for my hair many times a year. This stuff does amazing things for my hair, as I'm nearing the time due for it. Not greasy at all. It smells great. If I can't schedule a treatment, it buys me time. My daughter uses it as well. She has thick wavy hair and it makes her hair shiny and lush.

👤I usually get this product at Walgreen's, but they have been hit or miss recently. I got a great deal on the river site. It would be a good idea! I use it on wet hair, but if I was heat drying, I would use it as well.

👤Fantastic! I love this product. It makes my curly hair soft and helps me get my hair straight with a blow dryer. I love it!

👤I use this after the shower to blow dry my hair because I love cake products. Sometimes I just leave it in without blow drying and it will bounce and smell great.

👤I love the t-shirt but didn't see where it influenced my hair.

👤The smell is sweet yet clean. It makes my hair glossy and full of volume all at the same time.

👤I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I love cake. It smells wonderful!

3. Sun Bum Curls Waves Styling

Sun Bum Curls Waves Styling

There areURLS and Waxing Cream. Their curly and wavy haired crew loves this lightweight styling cream. It protects your hair from UV rays without the crunch and has long- lasting, shiny, curly hair. Love your hair. This special vegan blend uses seaweed, coconut oil, and nut oil to protect your hair from becoming dull, brittle, and discolored for all day brilliance and shine! How to use. Rub a dime-sized amount in your palms and then blow dry your hair. Sonny's. There is a tip. For more definition, flip your head upside down and use a cotton t-shirt to dry hair. Protect your hair. Natural ingredients are the key to healthy locks. Curls and Waves hair products are free of Parabens, Sulfate and Monoi Coconut Oil. The Bum is a good place to trust. What does that mean? It means that the people who live on the beach need products that work on the most intense days in the sun. When you make products to protect the ones you love, you make them better.

Brand: Sun Bum

👤If you want to know how to get the best results from this, read the long review, feel confident in your purchase, and hear it from a person who has used it for a couple weeks and has now signed up for monthly subscriptions. This product is my favorite from the Sun Bum line. I recently got a beach wave perm and was looking at many different products. I stumbled upon the Sun Bum line and bought everything they had for curly/wavy hair to try and find a good product to replace the Aussie line I had always used. I use this fresh out of the shower for 2 weeks now. While my hair is still wet, I use a large tooth comb to help my hair relax, and then I apply a solution to my hair and throw it. I use a hair towel to remove excess water and add life to my hair. I use the Sun Bum curling whipped mousse when my hair is just a little damp as my hair is air drying. I put a quarter size amount of the mousse in my hand and then use my fingers to work it into my hair. I love using these products together. Long lasting, beautiful natural looking, curly hair that lasts all day, with no hair loss even on humid or windy days. Try it if you are on the fence. After 2 weeks of using it, I can honestly say it is worth every penny. I get a lot of praise for how soft my hair is. Also on the smell. It smells great.

👤The value for how much product you get is not good for anyone with 3C hair or a lot of hair. I like my styling creams to be a little thicker and a lot bigger than I need for each styling day because I want the result to be the same. The bottle is only going to last me 7 styles. It causes more poofy/frizz than usual because it is not as curl defining as other styling creams. I would use more if they made a bigger size. I like the fact that it is lightweight and I would love to use it. It doesn't give the crunchies. The smell is similar to all their products. I will keep working with this and will update if something changes.

👤I have thick hair and sensitive skin. The hair cream has been great. I run it through while my hair is wet after washing and it hold my hair's natural texture and after my hair dries you can't even tell it's there! It keeps control of my hair. It's still very lightweight, but if I need to add a little more to control my hair, it will be under control, and I haven't made myself greasy. It's a light pleasant scent. It doesn't make my hands or hair break out from applying.

👤It works on curly hair. I have thick hair on my shoulders. You should towel dry your hair. Three dime size squirts hold my curly's together. I use conditioner spray. I don't trust new hair care products. Works in humid places.

4. Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

CURL DEFINING CREAM Enhance your natural definition by curling your hair. This styler has a glossy look. Use a small amount on second-day hair. Fight ferociously. This formula is made with shea butter and natural oils and it will transform unruly hair into tame, polished perfection. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is one of the two products I use and it's for hair that's 3C/4A. I love the cake line.

👤After the second attempt, the last two pictures dried out. I used a natural cleanser and conditioner. It smells great, sticky and makes my hair look shiny/greasy. It didn't help my waves, I can't do it by myself. I'm going with a spray. My hair is long, fine, naturally curly, and still has waves on average.

👤Curl cream has a wonderful sweet smell. I use this every day. If you have to blow dry, only dry your roots for the cream to work. I held back one star because my go-to curl cream by Tresemme is not as good as Cake. I might try to mix them together.

👤Love the scent but it ends there. It weighed down my fine, curly hair. The product made hair feel heavy, sticky and straightened out. I was expecting the opposite. Maybe not for curly hair.

👤With the lack of haircuts, I rediscovered my curly hair. I had a reversed angle Bob for three and a half years. I saw my curly hair as my hair grew out. Since then, I've had two haircuts and my hair looks great. I thought I'd try the cake body products. It makes a huge difference in the amount and shape of my hair. I didn't know I had curly hair until I turned 40. I'll be 54 next week.

👤I have a lot of hair, so it takes a bit to smell Devine, but it is a good thing. It left my hair feeling soft and didn't weigh it down. I will buy again at this price, even though I usually purchase miss Jessie's pillow-soft curls for a dollar more each time.

👤The most reasonable priced curly hair product I've found is this one. I ordered a full-sized bottle from Amazon because I liked it so much that I originally got a little tube. Even if I accidentally put too much on, it doesn't make my hair greasy. When I let my hair air dry, my curls look more natural and bouncy, and even though I don't use a hair dryer, I still give them a little extra structure.

👤I have to clarify that this review is more about the version of the product that I bought from Amazon, not the general version of the product that I love and give five stars to all across the board. When I saw that Amazon was carrying Cake's products, I decided to give it a try. The scent of cake. The Curl Friend is very pleasant. Exactly like a cake. I like it. I can confirm that the product I purchased from Amazon has a weird smell that is not typical of any of the products I have used before. It is strong and unpleasant. I will be returning this to Amazon and going to my local store to get more. I received a tampered-with version of Cake's The Thick Trick a few days ago, but Amazon immediately sent me a replacement bottle that was not tampered with, to their credit. I will stick to local stores for cake products now. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence with Amazon and Cake's products. I wanted to let people know that I got a bad bunch and that they should keep an eye out for their own purchases from Amazon in the future. If you have curly hair and are on the fence, I highly recommend The Curl Friend. It has helped take the shine off of my dry hair and added some definition, and it hasn't weighed my curls down. The scent is usually the best, light and sweet.

5. Cake Maker Texturizing Beach Spray

Cake Maker Texturizing Beach Spray

Beach spray can be used to create soft, textured waves. No water is required to give your morning a boost. Salty & Sweet is a spray that transforms second-day hair into sea-tossed hair without the harsh chemicals. This formula brushes out easily. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤After towel drying my hair, I spray a small amount into my palm and then run through the ends of my wet hair, because I don't want to brush the curls out later. I don't touch my hair again as it sets up and dries if I pin it or put it up. As my hair dries, it becomes perfect Curls on the ends. I have thick hair that is half curly and half straight. My hair is too thick. This helps my hair look natural and calm down. brush after hair has dried If you separate the curls, my hair tends to fall back up if I run a brush through it.

👤I'm going to give this 3 stars, but with a caveat. I have straight hair. It doesn't cooperate with styling spray that is meant to be lighter, which is what this one is. It's texturizing effects leave a bit to be desired for me. My daughter's hair is a lot thinner than mine and it works well on her. I'll spray her hair and make her look extra special. She keeps her hair all day. She's got a beautiful beach day look by spraying it in her damp hair. I recommend this for thinner hair. If you want a really subtle texture, you may want to rethink it.

👤I have curly hair. I wash my hair with cake. I comb through my hair when it is wet. There were no ringlets that had any hair. Not drying or stiff. My hair is soft and moving. It's just amazing.

👤This product is great for my hair. Does as advertised. You need to be careful with how much you put in your hair because it can make it feel sticky. If you use the right amount, it will give you great wavy Curls but may not be as good for those with thick dense Curls. My daughter has that hair and it doesn't do the same thing for her as it does mine, but I still would highly recommend giving this product a try.

👤I'm always concerned about Beach spray being hard after it dries. This spray leaves my hair shiny, loose, and smells good.

👤A bottle of this was given to me for my birthday. I used it at least 3 times. The whole bottle was leaking. I ordered a new bottle because I thought I didn't close it well. I didn't get to use the new bottle, it all leaked again. It is a great product and smells great, but the packaging is terrible if it leaked twice. I would like to get my money back.

👤Cake has a full line of fine hair fixers that don't dry out your hair, I love using them. They have it if you need it. They have a fix for that as well, but I really love the Cakes line of hair care.

👤I can't review it because I didn't get it in my order. The products from the Cake Beauty line smell great and work great. Maybe I will order again and I will get it this time.

6. Cake Beauty Flexy Spray Ounce

Cake Beauty Flexy Spray Ounce

Show your locks who's boss with this flexible hold hair spray. It has hints of caramelized sugar and is great as a hair scent. Good hair days are in your control. Hold it in place or mist it through your hair to add a burst of volume. This natural look is easy to use. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is the best hair spray I have ever used. This is the only product that doesn't weigh my hair down. It is easy to brush with and it is flexible, so I can do it when the wind blows. I will never use anything else again. This is the only product I use. The conditioner is the best. I use it daily and it is the best I have tried. All of the products smell amazing.

👤I'm really sad to be writing a poor review. I've been looking for an affordable spray that doesn't test on animals. The cake smell is overpowering and not great. You will smell like a toy all day. It has about 15 minutes of hold time. This isn't going to hold your fancy updo or grocery store run look. After you use this, your hair is brushable, but it has no hold. I really wanted to love you.

👤I trust other reviews and shouldn't have them. I have wavy hair. I use a spray to keep my hair from getting crazy. I didn't smell great. It wasn't as heavy as other sprays, but it was still very hard on my hair. It was hard to keep my hair in place. Not worth the price. I'm looking for a good flexible hold hairspray.

👤I love this product. I need products to hold a style for my fine hair. I am sensitive to scent and only buy items that are free of it. The scent of cake's hair spray is sweet and not overpowering. I don't understand what people are saying about the scent being overpowering and smelling of chemicals. I've been through more than five cans of this product. I wear a perfume that is very gentle and lovely. The can is powerful so be sure to hold it away from your head so you don't disturb your style while applying the spray. I can get nice waves by that night if I have a good hair day. This is extraordinary for someone whose hair resists curling as much as mine does. My hair is not damaged, there is no helmet head, and I have style. I go through a can every six weeks. If you want a flexible hold that works for fine hair, get this stuff.

👤I love this product. There is a It is sweet smelling, and doing it in short bursts helps those who are scent sensitive. When I step out in Oklahoma humidity, this helps my hair. It is not obvious that there is product in my hair. Highly recommended. I have become a hair spray user. My mom was having a bad time with her hair, so I gave it to her. She loves the product. She used to be from the Big Sexy line.

👤I usually buy this product from a local store, but decided to add it to my recent Amazon order. I use the product all the time. The bottle of spray was different in color, the packaging was different, and it had a lot of warnings on it. I didn't feel comfortable using it since it looked different. I was worried that it was a knock-off. I appreciated the fact that Amazon gave me a refund on something that didn't look right.

7. Moroccan Styling Defining Frizz Free Extensions

Moroccan Styling Defining Frizz Free Extensions

One of the world's rarest treasures, Moroccan Argan Oil, is infused with soft, dense hair. It's perfect for eliminating hair problems. It creates incredible shine, enhances color, and more. "SMOOTH AND STRAIGHT" is where you should go. Changing up your hair is possible with "Sex, WAVY Beach" hair. Blow drying or a round brush is needed. It's safe for flat iron and curling iron. You will love it. A dime-size drop is all you need to tame hair. This light hair cream will leave your hair shiny and manageable. You would have liked to have found it sooner. Other styling creams are made in the USA. Premium healthy ingredients are contained in ours. You can feel beautiful without sacrificing your health if you don't use sulfates, alcohol, sodium chloride, or phthalates. They stand by their customers and products. This natural styling cream has benefits for you. Their team is trained to find a solution if you're not happy. You have nothing to lose so order today.

Brand: Luxeorganix

👤I was 100% satisfied with the product after I realized I was using it wrong. I didn't notice a change in my hair after using it. It was just like any other product, and didn't control my hair. Christine asked how I liked it. She worked with me to figure out why I wasn't impressed. It was like having my own person to help me. She told me to change my regime after understanding my hair, how I was caring for it, and what results I wanted. I didn't wash my hair after a sweaty workout. I bought the conditioner and the shampoo, and it made a huge difference. The styling cream has given me a nice gentle wave that looks great by air drying and sleeping on it. This works so that I don't have to use a hair dryer in the morning. I put a styling cream on when I wake up. The product and company are excellent.

👤The styling cream is great. It smells great. Defines my hair. This system has been a lifesaver for my hair. I was unaware that my current hair care system was filled with ingredients that were made from wheat. This smells great and leaves my hair bouncy. The customer service from this company is amazing. PDF's filled with helpful information about hair and coupon codes are what I receive. The owner is friendly and responsive. I use a microfiber towel to wash my hair and then air dry it. I diffuse for a few moments if I need an extra MPH. I used my old curly hair system for over 6 months and it caused me a lot of problems. The effects were not fast but steady. I was told by my Naturopath that my current hair system was the cause of my head pain, and that I was getting exposure to gluten, but I didn't know what to do. I have found it! I have told everyone I know about this product because I am thrilled with it. I feel like I am using something good for my hair, while being careful about my health. I am sensitive togluten ingredients, but this LuxeOrganix hair care and styling cream is great for everyone. Highly recommended!

👤I was looking for something to put on my own hair when I read the reviews and found this. When they said a little goes a long way, I realized they were serious. I put a nickel size on my hair, but thought twice as I think my hair is oily because of the mousse I put in it. I kept going down to the roots. My hair was diffused in a good way. I put too much because my gel and mousse left some parts crunchier than others. I tried it again today with a dime size and I felt like you need to move fast. I like that it keeps the look wet and it curled quicker when I diffuse it. I will be trying it on my daughters tomorrow to see if it helps with slicking their hair in a ponytail. Want to see the look of air dry?

8. OGX Locking Coconut Curls Parabens

OGX Locking Coconut Curls Parabens

The air dry clove cream is used. The blend of coconut oil and shea butter helps hold bounce without the crunchiness. Curls are hydrated and defined for a smooth coil. The Locking + Coconut Curls styling collection is TIGHTEN UP! Smooth coils that bounce and tendrils that twist are made with coconut oil and shea butter. Beauty pure and simple. Nature inspired OGX products. They don't try to make hair look perfect because they want it to look better. Curling cream is the type of cleanser. OGX hair care products are designed to bring out the best in you. Real quality, real beauty. Unattainable looks don't inspire them. The OGX hair and skin care product collections can help you look your best. They are pure and simple. Curly, wavy, and coily hair types.

Brand: Ogx

👤I recently cut my hair in to a long bob, a style that is popular among people with wavy and thick hair. I needed a product that defined my hair and made me lose weight. This product doesn't make my hair greasy, fights frizz and leaves my hair feeling soft. It doesn't define my hair very well and it takes the volume from my natural hair, which is hard to do. I'm sure many of you know that hair isn't easy. Everyone's hair is different and you have to figure out which routine works for it. If you want to try this product, I recommend you wash your hair at night, apply the OGX Coconut Curls Mousse, then sleep on a silk pillowcase. I usually have perfect hair in the morning. If I sleep on my hair, it will only work if I use this product. It works for me. - If I wash my hair in the morning and then apply the product on top, I will have good hair. The air-dry cream and mouse help me with my hair. I really like the OGX Curls line for coconut hair, and I applaud any of you who read this long review, thank you. How to use them for hair is up to you. I gave this product 3 stars because it works well when used with the mousse, even though it isn't great by itself.

👤I absolutely love this product. I switched to sulfate free hair spray and it is amazing. It is best to shred it in while it is damp and dry.

👤Hey guys. I hated my curly hair when I was in high school. I would shorten it so it wouldn't curl. I wanted to grow my hair out. It was always unruly. A white dude with afro is wearing a helmet. I tried everything. I don't wash my hair every day because of the conditioned oil. It helped a bit, but it never gave me the movie star dark curly hair that you see. I changed my hair regimen because of this product. My hair has never looked better. They are well formed/defined and have minimal friz. There was no crunch. The smell isn't the most manly, but it still smells good and lasts a long time. The product works well.

👤I ordered it based on reviews. I am in my 60s with good hair, light blonde color treated for years, 2A-B waves when I use a curl cream/gel, a frizzy mess when I don't. I used to use Deva ArcAngel, but not anymore. The price was nice, but I switched to the more expensive Moroccan Curl Cream. My search began. I received this last week and am loving it. It is light, but man can hold those waves. I don't notice the smell. I'm not sensitive to that. Next day, I spray some distilled water on my hair to bring it back to life. To spray along with the water, I tried a product from Garnier. It's okay, but this OGX cream is essential. It holds and holds, isn't "crunchy", and I noticed my hair is looking more shiny than usual, and this is the only new product I've been using. I love when I get a great deal and this is it. Bye bye OGX!

9. Curlsmith Softly Style Styling Natural

Curlsmith Softly Style Styling Natural

Soft hold - natural. The Style Balm is a soft hold styling cream that enhances the look of hair. The magic happens because of the soft hold of the Balm, which keeps the hair soft throughout the drying process. It will create waves on its own. Pair it with one of Curlsmith styling gels to get the best of both worlds. Curlsmith blends fresh foods with kitchen cupboard staple and rare natural ingredients to make premium products that really work. Professional results, healthy ingredients, and no compromise. All of their products have no spoons of any of the compounds. They're Curly Girl Friendly and vegan. Real results. They believe the proof is in the pudding, and it looks like their customers believe that too: "I finally found a product for my hair" and "I have found my forever hair product!"

Brand: Curlsmith

👤People who don't understand the purpose of the product are the ones who give the negative reviews. The bottle doesn't say it's an anti-frizz product. The softer the hold, the more hair you'll have. You will get more hair that looks easy if you use products with stronger holds. I have 3A3B hair, and I don't like the look of most products, they give me ringlets which are not my vibe at all. This balm gives my hair some shine without making it look like I'm wearing a wig. It's very light. Curl creams and gels make your hair look heavy and stiff, whereas the soft hold here makes my hair feel light and bouncy, and it actually moves when the breeze hits it. The softer hold means your hair won't be as tight as it is now. This is the one for you if you want to embrace the natural mane look. The formula is beautiful.

👤I have naturally curly hair that is bleached, and this is my go to styler at the moment. I find my curls keep their shape nicely, despite the fact that it is not a hard holding product. Even on day 3, with a little refreshing, using just water. After you figure out how much works for your hair, I find that the small tube lasts me a good amount of time. I have the best chance of using this product if my hair is wet. After light, allowed to air dry. I try to keep most of the product application under my hair. I run through the top layer around my face. My hair is bouncy and soft. The smell is subtle, but nice.

👤I have long hair. I get more defined waves later on if I braid it when it is 80% dry. I thought I might get better waves with this product, but I didn't. The waves did not hold up as well as they usually do and my hair was not as smooth as it should be. I gave them 2 stars because I could buy a smaller bottle for less money, which I appreciate. I haven't had a lot of success with products that target both curly and wavy hair. The hair types need to be cared for differently. I have better results with regular old drug store products. If you have curly spirals, then give it a try. The small bottle is very affordable. If you have wavy hair, I would keep looking.

👤I am a new fan of Curlsmith. I have watched others use it for years, but wasn't happy with the price. I bought a few of their products and have been pleasantly surprised. I use this product when I need a light hold to create flyaway curls. This and many other products are good.

👤I've tried many products to control my hair. I bought this thinking I would try it. There was no harm. The product is great, it's a smooth soft wave.

👤My wife is a huge fan of the products. They are the best for curly hair. Her hair was damaged by a colorist but this has helped her a lot. She will not use another product.

10. SheaMoisture Enhancing Smoothie Coconut Hibiscus

SheaMoisture Enhancing Smoothie Coconut Hibiscus

The best hair cream and forming hair product is the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This styling cream is perfect for curly hair and smoothes it for a soft, silky feel. It creates brilliant shine and protects hair from being weighed down. Curl definition, bounce and frizz control are provided by the styling cream from SheaMoisture.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤The product is sulfate free. You can see that they have changed the formula and have added alcohol to it. No Synthetic Color, No Synthetic Fragrance, and No Drug of Abuse. I really liked the way this made my hair feel and now with the addition of more alcohols, more vegetable oil, sulfates and other less than ideal ingredients that I do not want to put in my hair. Companies are getting greedy and trying to cut corners to save money, but they charge us the same for products that will do more damage than good. No thanks.

👤I'm very happy that I started using this product line. This is the best hair product for making my hair curly and less dry. My hair is dry, coarse, and unruly, and I've tried a lot of hair products. It's always been difficult to style my hair with calics. I haven't been to a hair salon in a while and my wife has been giving me home haircuts. I've tried a number of hair products to make my hair curly, and I've let my hair grow in the top. I've purchased a number of their products recently and they are the best for my hair. I like their products because they make my hair more curly. They love their products and recommend them.

👤I can not speak about how this works because of the smell. It is terrible. I got a headaches from the icky sweet smell even though I used the teeniest part of the product. It is so strong that it will overwhelm everything else around you. I couldn't smell my food because of the weird candy smell in my hair and people asked what it was. After washing it out, the headaches I had from using it were gone. I will never wear this again. Don't buy!

👤I love this for my hair type. My hair is soft, curly, and hydrated after using this smoothie. The LCO method on my hair works well. My hair is soft after a twist out.

👤I have been using this line of products for a few months now, and can attest to how great the product is. I use the leave in conditioner with the other ingredients and my hair is soft and smooth. I have a good hair day almost every day. The product was opened before I got it. It had spilled all over the bag. If I can figure out what the pictures are about, I will add them.

👤I love this product. My hair is very long, thick, hard to manage, and it goes from being wavy and curly to very curly depending on the day and weather. I have tried many products at many price points and it is tiring and expensive. I don't use anything on my hair that isn't freshly washed because it's never worked for me, my hair usually just goes limp or greasy. I finally bought this product after seeing it on a curly blogs. I forgot about it by the time it arrived. The container is HuGe! I think it will last me the rest of my life. For real. I have used it on my hair before I get out of the shower and it has helped my hair grow back. It's amazing! On the second and third day of hair, I apply a small amount to my palms and do the "praying hands", my hair is more defined and shiny than it has been in years. No crunch, no Greasiness! It is incredible! I didn't know my hair looked so good. I have done it in dry hair. It isn't as beautiful. It is still quite good. The smell is wonderful.

11. African Pride Moisture Miracle Mousse

African Pride Moisture Miracle Mousse

African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Mousse is a hair care product. Natural styles are defined by this lightweight foam. Curls are easy to add shine and definition with their Curl Mousse. Rose Water is a hydrating and smoothing agent for hair, while argan oil adds shine and elasticity to hair. African Pride products are free of harmful components such as mineral oil, sulfates, and petrolatum. Natural ingredients allow them to provide high quality, safe products. How to use is to put African Pride Miracle Rose Water and orgaine oil Curl Mousse into your hands. Work through damp hair from roots to ends. Natural hair can be air dried or sit under a hooded dryer. As part of the African Pride Miracle regimen, use for best results. About the brand. The specific needs of coily and curly texture are what inspired the Moisture Miracle line of products. The signature blend of rich African ingredients is what makes every product in their Moisture Miracle collection.

Brand: African Pride

👤I don't know what everyone else was talking about in the other reviews. The water in the bottle is foamed up. Didn't do anything to my hair or wig. It just smelled good, but it didn't add anything to the environment.

👤The smell is great. The curly girl method requires no sulfates. There are alcohol,silicones, and paraffin. The ingredients are good. I think it worked well. I usually use a moister version of hibiscus and this works just as well but is less hydrating and leaves more shine. It is light enough to not weigh my fine hair down, but the texture is a tad off, adding a drop of glycerin helps add a bit more moister and takes the oil on straw hair feel out of it. I don't know if it would work for you if you have thick coarse hair.

👤I have fine hair. If you have fine hair, you know how quickly it gets damaged. This keeps my hair in good condition. I've been using this and I would not be afraid to get another perm.

👤There is water in a bottle. I didn't do anything for my hair.

👤It does what it says it will do. I wouldn't use dry hair. It seems to dry out the hair. I need some water. I have begun using a leave. There was foam on wet hair.

👤The package arrived on time and I could smell the product in the plastic bag. It looked like a truck ran over the package and spilled some of the product.

👤I use it on yaki texture units. This texture does not hold a curl. I've used sponge rollers and water to wet the ends of my hair. The yaki unit will hold the curl. I recently tried a spray on wet hair. It works well. The unit is tighter and lasts longer. Thank you for your support!


What is the best product for cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend?

Cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend products from Sheamoisture. In this article about cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend you can see why people choose the product. Cake Beauty and Sun Bum are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend.

What are the best brands for cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend?

Sheamoisture, Cake Beauty and Sun Bum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake naturally luxe beauty the curl friend. Find the detail in this article. Luxeorganix, Ogx and Curlsmith are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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