Best Cake Number Stencils 16 Inches

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1. Animals Meadow Stencil Designer Stencils

Animals Meadow Stencil Designer Stencils

The cake made by mold is memorable and eye-catching, bringing you an unforgettable memory, which is applicable to multiple occasions. 10 mil plastic stencil for repeated use. The design is 3.5"H x 12.4"W. Spread with royal icing for a raised look. Dust with powders for quick and easy decoration. It's perfect for paint projects.

Brand: Designer Stencils

👤The plastic is a little thin, but it worked well.

2. Kasmena Decorating Stencil Templates Birthday

Kasmena Decorating Stencil Templates Birthday

Their cake cookies stencil can create different art works, which can decorate coffee, cake, cookies wrapping paper, fabrics, rocks, bodies, diaries, greeting cards, cups, gifts, albums, notebooks, floors, furniture, tables, cabinets, garbage bins, canvas or The package includes a cake mold made of food grade transparent plastic. The cakes baking templates are made of non-toxic, lightweight and durable, and can be used for a long time. It is easy to clean. Hand washing is recommended. There is a wide application. It's ideal for making desserts, such as cake, biscuit, cookie, fondant, chocolate, pies and so on, and also can be used as art painting tools. They will think the gift is very interesting and unforgettable if they receive it as a gift.

Brand: Kasmena

👤Didn't get to use them. It seems easy to use. I bought 2 student sizes because one was large and the other small, which was perfect for personal cake.

👤I bought these for my children to use. I traced these to add to each birthday page and they worked perfectly.

👤These things are small and not appreciated.

3. Birthday Painting Templates Reusable Decorating

Birthday Painting Templates Reusable Decorating

This cake decorating stencil can be used for many things. They can make your cakes more artistic. The package includes 20 pieces of happy birthday cookie stencils, which are designed with different birthday theme patterns, enough for your daily craft needs. The happy birthday cookie template is chic and can be applied to decorate your item, which can make it become beautiful and shiny. It's easy to operate, you just need to place the cookie stencil on a clean surface, then use a brush or icing to paint on the objects that you want to decorate, then you can peel off your template and make more beautiful baking items. There are 20 pieces of happy birthday cookie stencils in different styles, which come in an average size of 3.3 x 2.5 inches/ 8.5 x 6.5 cm, suitable for many baking projects, and are ideal for a birthday party. The cookie stencil molds are suitable for applying to many baking projects, including bread, cakes, cookies, pies and so on, you can also use the baking templates for more than just your baking needs, suitable for various do-it-yourself projects.

Brand: Tenare

👤I was making my own cards for my birthday. I am very happy with all of the stencils. Our buyers. Thank you for everything.

👤Good shapes but not sturdy.

👤I used the stencils to decorate cookies.

4. SelfTek Stencils Templates Birthday Anniversary

SelfTek Stencils Templates Birthday Anniversary

Long- lasting 410-gauge oil board is made to be reusable, allowing it to be used again and again without breaking down or wearing out. Premium acrylic is smooth and little weight. You can use them a lot. The complete set includes 16 inch 0-9 arabic number shaped cake molds. You can get number 9 if you put number 6 upside down. There is a large Pastry Bag with 6 x Icing Tips and 1x Icing Smoother. It's convenient to decorate these cakes. A simple way to use is to put a number cake mold on a cake and cut it into shape with a knife. Just wash them with water after using. Do not clean in the dishwasher. It's ideal for making a multi-layer cake with cream or fruit filling and spelling out age or a message.

Brand: Selftek

👤The stencils are very good. They fit perfectly in a 13x9x2 pan, so you don't have to throw away a lot of cake. They should not be baked on top of the cake. They are easy to wash. The frosting tips worked well, but I prefer the clear plastic bags.

👤I wanted to make a birthday cake. They were easy to use, simple to clean, and nicely stored in the bag they came in. I used my set of Wilton tips because the tips seemed generic and cheap. The height of every letter is 10 inches, but the width of the letters depends on the letter being used. I thought the letter I used would fit in the boxes I ordered.

👤Large numers are user friendly. The tips are very cheap. I didn't want to use the tips I had. Sturdy and easy to clean, the stencils were easy to use.

👤These are stencils that I love. I used a stencil for the first time on a cake. It was easy to clean up.

👤La decoradas de las galletas para hacer. Aunque le puedo dar.

👤The product arrived on time and is sturdy, it is made of a heavy plastic and it is perfect for stensilling cakes. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it.

👤It's big. If you want to make a statement cake, it's nice.

👤The product was easy to use and I liked the fact that it was sturdy. I did my first cake. It was easy to cut the numbers out.

👤The template is thick and easy to cut round. I have used number shaped cake tins in the past and I was surprised how good the templates were. 100% recommend them.

👤Excellent! It's better to buy these stencils than individual tins.

5. Rolin Roly Decorating Valentines Anniversary

Rolin Roly Decorating Valentines Anniversary

Usually delivered in 7-15 days. The product is a flat template, so you can use it with confidence. Not a baking pan. There are 12 letter stencils, each with a different number of letters. The alphabetic template is very thin and easy to wash, just wash them with water and hand wash. This is a tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as a baking room, coffee shop, birthday or wedding cake, it will let you to enjoy the fun of baking and help you to make terrific gift, let you enjoy the fun of baking life. Usually delivered in 7-15 days.

Brand: Rolin Roly

👤This isn't a cake mold. The outlines are for the alphabet. You have to cut out the shape from the cake with the stencil. I know how to write. Total misrepresentation.

👤The product is easy to use and make a letter M cake.

👤When I spend more than $30 on this item, they will give me a 10% discount on my next purchase. They need to value their customers and own up when something goes wrong. This product cost me and I needed it for an event. Not happy.

👤Bonjour, Le plastique n'est pas trop fin. The taille correspond a la description.

👤I rembourser, je n'est rien, plus de trs ma.

6. Pieces Stencil Templates Wedding Birthday

Pieces Stencil Templates Wedding Birthday

If you are not satisfied with the system within the first or second year of purchase, they will give you a replacement. The 30 pieces cookie stencil with 30 different shapes can be used to decorate a biscuit cake. You can use the baking templates as a toy or as a tool to make art, they are 30 different shapes and are suitable for applying to your many baking projects, including biscuits, moon cakes, bread, chocolate, icing, pies and so on. The cakes baking templates are made of non-toxic, lightweight and durable plastic. You can use them for a long time. The surface of the stencil is easy to clean, it can be washed directly with water and dry quickly, you can use the cake stencil repeatedly, bring you convenient use experience; When you receive this cookie craft stencil, please wash it with detergent and dry it before using. The size of each cookie stencil is stated. 13 x 14 cm/ 5.1 x 5.5 inch is the thickness. Please check the size carefully before buying, in case of inappropriateness.

Brand: Boao

👤I am very excited to use the stencils. The variety of stencils will allow for lots of creativity. I ordered them hoping they would work with the stencil genie magnetic stencil frame. They don't fit in the frame. I want to make sure that the stencil is secured a little better with an extension tab.

👤Good quality and sturdy. I used to eat a cake, but these work better with cookies. It turned out to be beautiful.

👤I received a set of 30 stencils today and they fit perfectly inside the stencil genie. I have one locked and ready to go. They feel like my designer stencils. I'm very happy with them.

👤I don't decorate cakes. I do a lot of mixed media. Most of the tools I use in the baking section are well made and half the price. These stencils are strong. I use them to impress on the clay and to use with my airbrush. The product is great value. Would buy again.

👤The size is too small for a standard cookie stencil frame. I can rig them to work so I won't be returning, but be warned that they are not the same size as most cookie stencils.

👤This is a great collection of stencils. My sister and I iced sugar cookies with royal icing. We made pretty designs on the cookies by spraying colored spray and using various stencil and spray to decorate them. It's easy to decorate and the cookies look fancy.

👤It's great for use with the air brush kit.

👤These little COOKIE stencils are amazing. I use them for art journaling, and I love them for that. The variety in this pack is great, and they're as durable and well made as any other stencil out there. If I wreck them, it would be easy to replace them again. So far, they seem to be able to take painting, wiping, and the usual artsy-fartsy abuse. It's a good deal and a great size to work with.

👤They are perfect for what I need. Though they are flexible, they would work on curves if the small bits raised up, which would cause problems. I only need them for flat. All plastic will wash well, though haven't tried yet. I will be trying sets out. Lots of different things were provided for.

👤These are cheap and work. They worked with both royal icing and airbrushing when rolling over fondant with a rolling pin. They smelt bad and even after washing twice it was still bad. I wanted them for food, so that would be fine if you were using them for crafts. I had to remove a weird yellow substance from some of them. It is a mixed review from me.

👤A good product for stenciling or gel plates.

👤It was used on an art project. There are some lovely patterns. It's ideal for card making, scrap booking and chocolate topping.

👤I think it's more suited to the cookie side of things. I bought some for the design transfer but most are too big to use for silk screening on earrings.

7. DOERDO Decorative Numerical Stencils Anniversary

DOERDO Decorative Numerical Stencils Anniversary

Great stencils for letter cakes. These would be good for small cakes. It is possible to trace out the letters on the cake. It's ideal for making a multi-layer cake with fruit and cream. You can get a cake with a message on it for a birthday party or anniversary. The 9 inch Arabic Number Cake Maker is very suited for small- med sized cakes, or making multi- layer cake with cream or fruit filling. High qualityNon-toxic, heat resisting and Eco-friendly. To dry, wash and wipe cloth. Simply put a number cake mold on cake and cut it into shape with a knife. There is a suit for the baking room, coffee shop, birthday or wedding cake. You can use this tool to make a great gift and enjoy baking. Baking life is fun. Don't place in oven or touch open flame. It's not dishwasher safe. If you have any issues with products, please feel free to contact them, they will solve it for you.

Brand: Doerdo Dd

8. EORTA Alphabetic Stencils Templates Decoration

EORTA Alphabetic Stencils Templates Decoration

Great stencils for letter cakes. These would be good for small cakes. It is possible to trace out the letters on the cake. It's ideal for making a multi-layer cake with fruit and cream. The package includes a cake stencil mold. The size is 8 inch. White is the color. A to Z Upper letters are easy to clean with soap water. It's perfect to make cake, painting, and other craft projects. Food grade plastic is sturdy, flexible and durable. You can cut a stencil on cake into a shape with a knife.

Brand: Eorta

👤I didn't receive a letter M or W. I needed the letters. Will be returning.

👤I thought they were not stencils.

👤I didn't like it. I thought the picture looked like a mold, but I have to trace the lettes when I want to use it.

👤It took a long time to get like size but thin.

👤I didn't like anything about it, it's pretty much false advertising because these are not molds, they are stencils.

👤It is very easy to use and clean.

9. Stencils Alphabet Decorate Porcelain Reusable

Stencils Alphabet Decorate Porcelain Reusable

It is made in the USA. The set includes 40 sheets of high-quality plastic stencil with numbers and common signs. This large stencil is great for creating a sign for a day of love in the home. Premium quality. Their sheets are easy to use on flat surfaces. It is made of plastic with no sharp edges, so it is also a kid stencil. Reusability and hygiene are included. The letter and number stencils are easy to clean and can be stored in bags or organizers. They can save you a lot of time when making crafts on your project. There is a wide range of application. The art stencils are great for painting. These stencils are perfect for making crafts for kids or adults, ideal on wood, walls, canvas, floor, concrete, furniture, paper, fabric, glass, metal, rock, tiles, etc. Their letter stencil for painting is suitable for most paints. Great for decoration of gift boxes. There is a guarantee of success. Their top priority is your satisfaction. They made sure that the stencils were of the highest quality. Let them know if you're dissatisfied and they'll provide you with satisfactory solutions.

Brand: Mosaiz

👤The stencils were perfect for my project. The size was perfect, I used multiple letters multiple times, and the stencils are still in great shape. I never crinkled or ripped while tracing. They are made of plastic. Very happy! Can't wait to use them on something else.

👤The size is perfect. I like them.

👤The stencils were better than I expected. I was worried the lines in the letters would not translate on a large scale after I bought them. The plastic is sturdy and if you measure your gaps between characters, they are really nice to use. I feel better that they are not used often. My set had all of the missing letters, although a couple did look similar. I bought them to paint my family name and house number on a rock. The paint got under the stencil in a few spots due to the fact that I was painting on a horizontal surface and not using a high quality brush. The lettering is large enough to see clearly even though the rock is a little off the road.

👤I'm giving this 2 stars because I can use a few of the stencils, but they are incredibly flimsy. They're very thin, and some of the stencils aren't even completed, so you either have to cut them yourself, or not use that particular stencil at all. I'm not knocking this for my own mistake of not reading that the stencil sheets were only 4 x 7 or I wouldn't have bothered with the purchase in the first place. I'll probably get use out of a few of the stencils, so it wasn't a complete waste of money. It would help a lot if they had been made of a thicker material. There are some cute looking ones, but the plastic moves too much, so even trying them is pointless. Lesson learned.

👤These are nice stencils but they are a bit flimsy so you have to be careful with them that they don't shift on you or bend. I usually use a pencil to outline the figure and then use a pen, pencil, marker or something similar to fill it in.

👤They are on 4x6 sheets instead of a giant sheet of plastic. It's much easier to use. These are great.

👤I was left in a bad state because the H letter was missing. I had to download the H from the internet. I wouldn't have ordered it if I'd known about it.

👤These are really nice stencils that can be used on any occasion. These are small enough to add a personal touch to stationary and large enough to hand embroidered clothing for my great grand babies. The two designs I have used turned out better than I had anticipated. They are easy to clean after paint. I will buy them again if something happens to them. I will be near the front of the line if the seller offers more.

10. MOTZU Stencils Template Decoration Supplies

MOTZU Stencils Template Decoration Supplies

We have a 100% refund or replacement guarantee on their products. Add your stencils to the cart now and you will be able to make crafts. There are 10 pieces of digital cake stencils in their package, number from 0 to 9, which can meet your various user needs, and be nice decorations and accessories for cake. These are good guides for small cakes. It is possible to trace out the number on the cake. The letter cake template molds are made of plastic and can be used for a long time, not easy to break, and they are lightweight and convenient to use. It's easy to apply, just put a digital cake pan on the cake, and cut into the shape you want with a knife, you don't need to bake a cake inside the mold. Their cake digital decoration stencils are ideal for a multi-layer cake with cream or fruit filling, spell outage, or a message for a birthday party or anniversary. The digital cake stencils are easy to clean and store in a drawer or other place you want, they do not need to be washed in the dishwasher.

Brand: Motzu

👤There were no issues with the stencil. I would recommend it.

👤It worked well for my cakes. The material was loved. It was easy to clean.

👤I bought the 10” and love them. They are easy to use. I just purchased the 16” I loved them so much.

👤The material is sturdy and well cut. I used a pencell on wood and a scroll saw to cut out numbers for house identification. I bought them for what they did. There is a You should recommend it.

11. Designer Stencils C568 Celebration Semi Transparent

Designer Stencils C568 Celebration Semi Transparent

Food grade plastic stencil. The overall size of the sayings is 2.5 inches high by 3.75 inches wide. Capital letters are 1 inches high. It's possible to fit a saying on a 4 inch cookie or cake. Spread with royal icing for a raised look.

Brand: Designer Stencils

👤This is my fault. The photos in the description led me astray. The size of the cookie will be overflowed by most cookie cutters that are 3. The cookie needs to be at least 4 inches to fit the stencil. It's more appropriate for a small cake. I'm going to make a lot of cookies for the birthday party, and I'm going to add a cookie cutter to make it bigger.

👤These are large. I am responsible for not reading the description thoroughly but not being fooled, because they will fit on a cookie is false.

👤They were used to make cookies for my daughter's birthday. It was very easy to use the stencils for the first time.

👤I think they are a little bigger than expected.

👤Very pleased with size and quality. It works well on small cakes.

👤Prompt shipping; a nice product.

👤I bought these because they were too big for cookies. Before purchasing, please check the size.


What is the best product for cake number stencils 16 inches?

Cake number stencils 16 inches products from Designer Stencils. In this article about cake number stencils 16 inches you can see why people choose the product. Kasmena and Tenare are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake number stencils 16 inches.

What are the best brands for cake number stencils 16 inches?

Designer Stencils, Kasmena and Tenare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake number stencils 16 inches. Find the detail in this article. Selftek, Rolin Roly and Boao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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