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1. Glitter Topper Birthday Cupcake Supplies

Glitter Topper Birthday Cupcake Supplies

Every Tiokkut cake topper is wrapped well to ensure that they arrive to you in perfect condition. If you don't like the product you receive, you can't return it or exchange it within 30 days. There is a pack of 40 (4 pieces each for 0-9), 5 cm X. Enough for you to use. You can set different age combinations, perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, garden parties, baby showers. Birthday party decoration is an important part of the party, showing your love to guests, these cake topper will help you to finish the important time. It comes with 40 pieces of happy birthday cake toppers in 10 different numbers, enough for you to choose according to your needs, enough quantity to be applied in parties. Only for decoration, do not use in the oven or microwave. They will buy it back from you if you return it for free.

Brand: Star-power

👤I don't want to say it, but this is cheap. People use bamboo sticks for chicken skewers. The paper numbers can go up in flames if the candles are nearby.

👤These are cute, but they are paper and quick to catch fire from candles, so be sure to place far away from candles on your cake.

👤Will buy again. The size and color are good.

👤Very nice and did the job for me.

👤Son nmeros pequeos. Adems tienen unas hechos.

2. INNORU Silver Sweet Cake Topper

INNORU Silver Sweet Cake Topper

The wide heat resistance range is 104. tasteless, safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. Enjoy healthy treats with your family and friends. Thank you! You are a year older. The cake top is the perfect decoration to add a touch of classy Decor. Your guests are welcome to your birthday party. The design for the party was special. There are moments that add a sense of nostalgia. Surprise your guests. They will love it. It's perfect to top your cake. Also use a photo booth.

Brand: Innoru

👤Any sweet 16 should have the right look and size. It's made out of plastic, but it doesn't look like it. It is glittery. I am very happy we bought it. It could be brittle if not handled properly. It's strong enough. If you want to use it again, you need to store it in a way that is safe. The dimensions are here, and the two parts that stick into the cake are not the same. The width from the outside of the widest part of the number is just under 3 and the "6" is at the bottom of the number.

👤Beautiful bright color, great quality. To get closer to the brilliance of the topper, I had to increase the amount of silver I used. I think it makes it look better. The packaging was good, but it was difficult to get it out of the backing. I recommend using gentle fingers, as I saw other reviews where buyers had broken it. I was very pleased with the price and the birthday girl was also.

👤I have purchased similar products in the past that ended up being thin wood veneer coated in glitter. I didn't want glitter to end up on the cake, so it grossed me out a bit. I was relieved to discover that the product is made of sturdy plastic andimpregnated with something that appears to be sheer fabric. The tabs were long enough to hold the top up.

👤If you want more than just the numbers, this is a really nice addition to a Sweet 16 cake. It's modest and bright. It's flimsy, but what do you want for under $10? If you want to throw it around like a frisbee, just wait until you use it in the cake. If you take it out of the package and order it quickly, you will be in a better position to make sure it doesn't get broken in transit.

👤I need to put this on a cake for a customer and it is broken in 3 pieces so I have to spend $4 more on super glue which isn't working, so I'm trying to figure out a way to get it.

👤The party was very small and intimate. It was what we needed. It will work well for you if you have a cake with more tiers. Think of the scale as a wedding cake decoration. If all else fails, use the measurements in the pictures or description. It is secured to thick cardboard so it arrives in one piece.

👤She loved it, I ordered it for her. It was perfect with her theme.

👤It's ideal for a round cake. My daughter loved it and the sparkle was very pretty.

3. Birthday Glitter Decoration Marriage Anniversary

Birthday Glitter Decoration Marriage Anniversary

We will provide after-sales service if there is a problem after purchase. There is a double side glitter. Your little one's first birthday cake will stand out with their glitter birthday topper. The glitter on the sides of the cake is unique to your child's one-year-old party and every first precious moment. The cake topper is made of two pieces of glitter paper stock. From both sides, glimpse in view. 100% safe and no emergencies. Premium quality card-stock glitter paper won't leave a mess on the cake or in your hands. There is no mess. The materials used for the construction of this cake topper are not harmful for both adults and children. It's safe to touch your cake. It's perfect for most cakes. The lettering is 2.2" high. The picks are long. It will fit most size cakes, even a cake candle on, and it's ideal for an8" round cake or a smash cake. It's a beautiful light champagne gold that is perfect for your party theme. The gold birthday decorations will mark the occasion. It can be used as a photo cake prop, cupcakes toppers, or party decor. Light weight and heavy-DUTY are included. A blade cut printing device is used for hand-crafted lettering. The lightest and most stylish topper is designed so it won't topple over on your birthday cake. Your baby will have a great first birthday.

Brand: Letscake

👤This is gorgeous. It was packaged well and shipped quickly. My baby's birthday cake was added a touch of this. It is very delicate, but it is lovely for the price.

👤I love it! Excellent quality and fast shipping.

👤Great achievement! My daughter's cake looked great.

👤It was great for my daughter's cake. I made it myself and this was the perfect way to add a bit of sass.

👤I bought this for my daughter's first birthday. It was perfect and beautiful.

👤I used this for my daughter's pictures. It was used for its purpose.

👤It worked well for my baby's cake smash.

👤It looks like the photo. It is Sturdy enough for one use. Very cute!

4. MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

The cake top can be saved for many years to come. The size is 5" wide x 8.2" tall. The cake top is covered with sparklers. It is made of metal. They will not lose because they are in the middle. The cake toppers can be washed and used again. The cake top can be saved for many years to come.

Brand: Magjuche

👤The product was nice, but it was broken. Not sure if it happens in transit or just quality. The two prongs were broken off.

5. MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

We will take full responsibility if the cake topper arrives broken or if you accidentally break it. The contact information is on the cardboard frame. Purchase with confidence. The size is 5" wide x 8.2" tall. The cake top is covered with sparklers. It is made of metal. They will not lose because they are in the middle. The cake toppers can be washed and used again. The cake top can be saved for many years to come.

Brand: Magjuche

👤I would definitely buy this again because it was very sturdy. My cake was made into a piece by it.

👤I loved them. The numbers were the perfect touch for my birthday cake. Everyone should purchase them because they are super affordable. I will reuse them for other events.

👤The size is accurate and I love it.

👤The product was great. It was very heavy duty. Before putting them in, make sure you measure and cut them. We were at the venue without cutting them. We had to bend them so they wouldn't fall. There were no missing diamonds and they were very beautiful.

👤I received my order today and it was great.

6. Ella Celebration Anniversary Rhinestone Decoration

Ella Celebration Anniversary Rhinestone Decoration

Only for decoration, do not use in the oven or microwave. They will buy it back from you if you return it for free. This rose gold piece will add sparkle to your party. The attention is on greed. Everyone in the room will notice your centerpiece dessert, which is 4.5” tall by 5.5” wide. The metal design means higher quality than many cake toppers because it is made of sturdy metal alloy and set securely with genuine crystal rhinestones. You can save this piece as a souvenir for a long time. Remove the prongs. It is possible to adjust the height. Depending on the type of dessert this piece will be inserted into, the 4.5” prongs can be trimmed to desired lengths. You can use the prongs to decorate a room. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will be happy to give you a refund or replace your goods. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact their company. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Ella Celebration

👤I was worried that the cake top would be too small for the card box I was going to make. It was perfect. It was packaged well and looked great. Excellent buy. The gift card box was nice.

👤It's great for a 50th birthday cake or wedding anniversary cake. A lot of pretty bling is added to your cake. It is possible to modify the topper for a sheet cake. If you use a sheet cake, you will not want to move it around for fear that the 50 might topple over. I used it to make a sheet cake. My husband was able to cut the stakes in half to make a sheet cake. It is a beautiful souvenir from the special occasion. This is a very good choice for a topnotcher! My mother-in-law liked hers.

👤I didn't want to pay the money for this product, I saw other more expensive cake toppers, but I didn't want to pay for them. Thank Goodness. This product is worth nothing. I am not a fan of cheap products, but this one did not fail me. You won't be disappointed if you buy it.

👤Photo doesn't do it justice. I ordered this for my parents' 50th anniversary party. The weight is very large and beautiful. Since we went with a sheet cake, I clipped the prongs off and then sewed them to the large flower vase. The glass crystals sparkle like crazy. After the party, my mom took it and put it on the front of the photo album and it looks really nice.

👤I had ordered a custom 50th anniversary cake topper on the website, but it didn't arrive in time for the party. I ordered this through Amazon on the last week before the party. It was a lovely cake topper piece. I had bought a cake enhancer on Amazon to make it a unique cake. I will reuse the "50" for my 50th birthday and the "We still do" for my own anniversary next year.

👤My daughter wanted to put on her husband's 50th birthday cake. When she saw this, she asked me to order it. We loved it when it arrived and were amazed at how nice it was. It catches the light and is very bright. The cake is very sturdy with no danger of falling over because of the nice long prongs. We ordered it and were very happy.

👤This "50" was amazing. It is stunningly beautiful. I used it as a topping for my 50th birthday cake. It was very clear. I could not have been hurt. Everyone at the party said it was beautiful. I put this item with a smaller piece of "Happy Birthday" bling and it was just amazing.

👤My initial thought was that it was expensive, but as you know, you get what you pay for. I have to admit that it was good quality, the diamonte design gave it an expensive look, and it's heavy duty, so it's not going to break. I was looking for a piece that was 'WOW' for the top of my cake. The picture doesn't do it justice as the light hits it. The recipient was very pleased with the finished look of my cake. Highly recommended.

7. LVEUD Birthday Wedding Anniversary Decorations

LVEUD Birthday Wedding Anniversary Decorations

The golden flash of numbers to attract attention for your party, creates a cheerful atmosphere. It's suitable for: wedding, anniversary, birthday party decorations. The product can be used on the cake. The cardboard protects the product from being damaged. Paper jam and wooden stick are high-ranking. The cake is decorated with Cheers to 60 Years Happy Birthday. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them.

Brand: Lveud

👤So cute! I took the cake topper to my local bakery and they made a cake for my husband's 60th birthday that was decorated with colors to match the topper. I loved it, I think it turned out great.

👤It worked out well for my husband's birthday party. Well made and sturdy enough to stand in the cake for pictures.

👤This is adorable. I took a picture of my dad's cake and was trying to find it. I can't find it. The quality is better in person than you would think. Definitely recommend.

👤This turned out to be very cute on my dad's birthday cake. We were very happy with this. Before ordering, be sure to check the size of the product.

👤It was very cute. The small round cake was made in the perfect size.

👤I loved it. It was kept on the cake and used on a table for a week.

👤I was looking for something cute to put on parents anniversary cake. It was a bit small for what I paid.

👤It was the right amount for a 60th.

8. Birthday Decoration Supplies Rhinestone Anniversary

Birthday Decoration Supplies Rhinestone Anniversary

More Beautiful than normal cake decorations. The character CHARACTER is based on a real person. Birthday cake toppers match your birthday party theme perfectly and are elegant accessories for your cake decoration. Sturdy metal alloy backing is a premium quality. The numbers are attached for greater strength. It's a fun and stunning way to make your dessert, floral arrangement, or centerpiece stand out. For a birthday or anniversary celebration, clear crystals create a classy and elegant feel. Perfect keeper: Save the crystal rhinestone cake top as a beautiful reminder of a special day. There is an overarching purpose. It's perfect for birthday party, wedding, anniversary, and more.

Brand: Zkptops

👤This makes 50 so much better than the first time I bought it. It has a nice sparkle even though it is plastic. I am impressed with the way it makes a cake that is festive and not cheap.

👤It was received broken. The number part was sent in a soft pack and the metal sticks broke off. Will see which glue will work on this.

👤This top hat does not feel cheap. The rhinestones shine and have some weight to them. After her 50th birthday dinner, my mother kept it.

👤I had to glue the stem back on. A replacement for a cake top that didn't arrive in time. Had to use them to get there. They could be better for the price.

👤It was a good size and made my cake look better.

👤The topper is broken and beautiful.

👤This is a very sturdy top. The client loved the cake.

👤This cake was shiny and sturdy. There were lots of nice things to say. I will use it again for my birthday.

👤Cet article est pour le grands gteaux. trs prix.

9. MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

MAGJUCHE Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

The cake top can be saved for many years to come. The size is 5" wide x 8.2" tall. The cake top is covered with sparklers. It is made of metal. They will not lose because they are in the middle. The cake toppers can be washed and used again. The cake top can be saved for many years to come.

Brand: Magjuche

👤The top of my cake was sparkled. Sturdy numbers that can stand on their own.

👤I really liked the topper, but it wasn't rose gold. It was gold. I had to change my cake design to match the one on the top. I wanted a rose gold look. It was nice and sturdy, but not the color on the description.

👤It was beautiful and well made. It arrived a day after the party. I appreciated that I was reimbursed. I had to find a back-up for the party.

👤I reserved them the day after they were in stock. They have a little weight but I love them.

👤It was perfect for my cake. Absolutely loved it. The cake was a little heavy. It was just fine and I was afraid it would sink in.

10. HZOnline Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

HZOnline Rhinestones Birthday Anniversary Decoration

The warranty is 100 percent satisfaction. All of the Rhinestones were on the 16th. If they do not meet your need, their customer service are hassle free for you to resolve your issue. You can apply for reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the produce you receive. You can contact their customer-service staff at any time if you have a problem with the cake. They will be happy to solve your problem. The best party supplies. Number 21 crystal rhinestones cake topper is a great decoration for 21st birthday and 21st anniversary party decor. The number 21 crystal rhinestones cake pick with alloy toothpick is very safe for use on cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, fruits, cheese and any dish you want to decorate. Plug in the cake directly to make your decoration more pretty. The material is high quality. The number 21 crystal rhinestones cake topper is made of alloy and has a good cutting process. Pack of 1 Silver Number 21 Crystal Rhinestones Cake Topper is included in the package. The length is Approx 8.3inch. This is a notice. Number 21 is a single-sided cake decoration. Only for decoration purposes and not for food. Within 24 hours, any question will be solved.

Brand: Hokpa

👤I love this cake decoration. It is pretty and the rhinestones are pretty. I was expecting something cheap, but I was wrong. It is definitely sturdy. My daughter had a 21st birthday cake. I would buy more of the same.

👤It was beautiful. I didn't expect the bling to be so strong. I would buy again. Highly recommend!

👤I thought it was small. I wouldn't recommend it for small cakes. It's pretty. It is heavy, but it is made nicely.

👤It is very cute and shiny. It was perfect!

👤Exactly as pictured. Good quality and sturdy for the price.

👤This is a really nice item. Sturdy and shiny!

11. Numbers Birthday Toppers Decorations Children

Numbers Birthday Toppers Decorations Children

The cake top can be saved for many years to come. Enough quantity: you will get 20 pieces of golden number from 0 to 9 cake toppers with a golden crown on the top and 3 pieces of golden cake topper printed with 'happy birthday' and 'Happy Birthday'; these cake toppers are double-sided design to meet your needs. The transparent protective film is added to the product and you need to teal it on both sides to make it shiny. You can put these 10 numbers together according to your preference, and they are suitable for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, family reunions, weddings and so on. Quality material: these cake toppers are made of quality acrylic. There are three sizes of the letter printed cake toppers, 3.98 x 5.98 inches, 3.94 x 5.98 inches and 4.84 x 4.96 inches. The correct size for most cakes is 10.8 cm/ .

Brand: Rasslisa

👤The lightweight pieces will look great on my cake. I would buy again.


What is the best product for cake numbers toppers?

Cake numbers toppers products from Star-power. In this article about cake numbers toppers you can see why people choose the product. Innoru and Letscake are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake numbers toppers.

What are the best brands for cake numbers toppers?

Star-power, Innoru and Letscake are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake numbers toppers. Find the detail in this article. Magjuche, Magjuche and Ella Celebration are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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