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1. People Enough Decal Sticker Laptop

People Enough Decal Sticker Laptop

It's great for travel, gift giving, stocking stuffers, and Easter baskets. Can be used on walls and other surfaces. Click on their business profile and send them a message for bulk orders. It's easy to apply a sticker. It is possible to use oracal vinyl indoors or outdoors. Application instructions are simple. Vehicles, computers, Windows are all used on flat surfaces.

Brand: Vool

👤You could say it's all around dishonest. The print is smaller than the one on the car. The order was placed on the 8th and shipped on the 11th. The post office says he postmarked it on the 12th, and it arrived 4 days later. It took 8 days from NC to FL. I thought about keeping it when it arrived. I saw the cheap quality. It wouldn't stick on the car if you didn't want clear plastic on it. Thin plastic letters. The return of a poor product is more of a statement than a price. He doesn't understand that people like this sticker because they are tired of being lied to. Just saying.

👤I wouldn't buy this because it doesn't stick like it's supposed to. I tried it on a window. It was not on the tape. I ordered a different style sticker and it worked great. Very disappointed.

👤I ordered 10 of them and will put them on most of my vehicles to get the message out.

👤There was no apparent link to reach out to the company. The item is eligible for return, but the description doesn't say that the customer will pay for the return. The sticker was going to be the same price as when I purchased it. We understand that defects can happen, but we don't think it's right to have to pay to return a defect. So, one star. The size is smaller than the picture indicates, but the measurements are in the description. This will be replaced by a different provider. It's really sad...

👤The picture does not reflect the actual size. I didn't read it. The picture makes it look bigger. Very disappointed. I own a jeep that looks like the one in the ad. It's half the size of the Let's Go Brandon sticker. I'll do it. Be careful, it's very tricky. The letter was folded in a tiny white envelope. Still looks nice. I stacked the TINY "We the people have had enough" above the Brandon larger sticker in the bottom left corner of my jeep, instead of placing a sticker on each window. Two different companies.

👤I ordered the decals because they show how I feel about our government. The picture in the listing is deceiving as the sticker is smaller than what is depicted. It would be easier for other drivers to read a larger sticker on your vehicle. The seller responded quickly to my inquiry about how to apply the decals, as I have never used one like this before. Once you knew how to do it, the installation was easy. Simple instructions should be included with the product. I would recommend that this item be offered in a larger size and clarify that the original decals is smaller than the picture included in the listing suggests. It expresses my opinion as I wanted.

👤I have installed these type stickers before and wish it was a little bigger. The key is to clean the glass where it will be placed. I used denatured alcohol to clean my glass area. Regular rubbing alcohol works well. Don't use store bought glass cleaner because alcohol works best to clean. After you clean, use a dry cloth to remove anything that may remain. Then clean it again. If you have a lot of dirt on the glass, you may want to use a sharp razor blade to cut it. There is a The other thing to do is to warm the glass up with the sun shining. It may be difficult to install in the weather under 60 degrees. It's best to have the sticker in warm weather. Good luck.

2. Crosize Butterfly Decorations Stickers Bathroom

Crosize Butterfly Decorations Stickers Bathroom

Old dry erase boards are turned back to brand new. You will get 48 pieces of 3d butterflies wall decor. Each pattern of butterfly decor has a different size. There are double-sided glue dots. The butterfly party decorations are made of shiny paper and look very beautiful and elegant. The butterfly wings can be folded to create a 3D effect, and the butterfly decals can be painted with vivid colors. The butterflies party decorations are so beautiful and gorgeous, they can be used for cake decorating, balloon garlands, theme parties, wedding decor, birthday party, etc. These butterflies decoration are great additions to any celebrations. Their paper butterfly decorations are applied to decorate the living room, dining room, bedroom, and any other place in the house. The butterflies decor make the wall look better. The paper butterfly on the wall will be a hit with everyone that comes to your home. The 3d butterfly wall stickers are so sticky and sturdy that you don't need to worry about them falling off from the walls or other attached places. Press the butterflies party decoration on the targeted places and the glue dot will stick to the butterfly body. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them and they will give you a 3 month free warranty.

Brand: Crosize

👤The light reflected by these is different depending on how the wings are folded. I need to save some for another project so I got more than I needed. I have a glossy paint and the glue that came with them did not hold up. I had to use poster putty to get them to stick. I like them a lot. I would suggest clustering them in groups of 2 or 3 and placing them asymmetrically to get a more realistic look.

👤They don't stick with the clear round stick pads. You will need something to make them stick.

👤I bought double sided tape from my store after reading the reviews that the butterflies will fall after a short period of time. I haven't had to replace any of them since about 3 months ago. These worked out well for my bathroom. No men are allowed in this one.

👤I like the gold ones, they add more life to my wall, and I had wallpaper up, but it was so annoying to take it down.

👤They look cute at my wall, but the glue is not strong enough to hold them in place, so I have to use other kind of tape to hold them.

👤I got these for my mom's birthday party. They have stickers that you can stick to anything. I like the different sizes and designs of them.

👤These were easy to stick on and looked cute. It's easier to remove on some surfaces.

3. Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

The water is warm and soapy. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. A plastic white board opens and locks into a flat position to imitate working on a real cake. There are over 80 piping techniques for buttercream and royal icing on the practice sheets. The practice board surface is 11.25 inch x 8.5 inch. Practice sheets are easy to clean and include internal storage. You will soon be able to make amazing stars, flowers, petals, leaves, dots, and borders.

Brand: Wilton

👤The kit is great for beginners. It will help people perfect their piping skills. Good luck and have fun. I know that! If you pipe directly on the sheets, they will get ruined. It's true! You don't have to worry about ruining the sheets because the front of the case opens so you can put them in. I think that's correct.

👤I like this, but it could be better. You can make it better on your own. The practice board does not come with bags or tips. Or something else. Those must be purchased separately. You should not use a metal spatula to remove the icing from the board. It will scratch the board. Silicone or plastic spatulas can be used. Again. . Not included. Here is what I find lacking. They use different tips on the same sheet. It would have been better to use the same tip for all of the exercises. You don't want to have to change your tips. The practice part is only once or twice. You should have an entire sheet of practice so you can do it over and over. You can do it on your own. You can make rose after row by making your own practice sheets on your printer. Scan the practice sheets. Or take a picture. And then take the picture. Print it out on a page in Word. The board will stand at an angel. You should practice on an angle because the side of cakes are not flat. It was made in China.

👤These practice boards have been a great addition to the lessons I'm teaching my grand daughters about cake decorating and sugar paste design. You should give each practice sheet a light lamination to prevent oil stains. As you move from sheet to sheet, oils can still get on the practice board as they work on each skill, but it is covered by the top of the sheets. A great product for anyone interested in learning how to decorate cakes.

👤Products arrived a day earlier than expected. I tried to figure out some of the patterns. The end result does not look like the pictures when your mind knows what to do but the hands are not as cooperative. Having these templates to practice the different patterns is a great help after the first 30 minutes. The shapes and lines looked better after my second practice. This product is designed to be used over and over again to make cupcakes and cakes look nicer. Repetition builds confidence and speed. There is no need to make a cake with this kit. The portable table has a smooth slate. You are ready to tackle cake or cupcakes when you are satisfied with your practice work.

👤The instructions were written in two different languages. I contacted the seller and was told to contact the manufacturer. Very disappointed with the small size and plastic that doesn't last very long. I was disappointed that it took me over a week to get here because I didn't check to see if prime when I ordered. I needed something like this and couldn't find it elsewhere. This is the first time in my life that I have been so disappointed with an order from Amazon.

4. X Acto XZ3601 X ACTO Knife Safety

X Acto XZ3601 X ACTO Knife Safety

There are 30 colorful sticks, including 5 of red, blue, green, black, brown and light blue. Number 11 fine point blade is a precision knife. The blade is coated with zirconium nitride. The lightweight aluminum handle is easy to use. It is possible to cut paper, fabric, thin metal, and plastic. Storage and portable cap. The coating of ziragium nitride is durable.

Brand: X-acto

👤I was very pleased with the work I did for the task. Be careful getting it out of the package. I stabbed my thumb when the plastic over the blade flew off. It was all over my sink, my shirt, and my countertops. It looked like a massacre had taken place in my bathroom. My husband walked in and thought I had given up on my threats about the demon cat that attacks the walls at random while growling and hissing, until Fluffy McLucifer walked in and licked the blood that had dripped on the floor. There is a I don't recommend using this tool to harm animals because that's just plain wrong, but I do recommend putting it aside in your underground Bunker in case of a zombie apocalypse.

👤The knifes have 5 stars. The caps don't get anything. I ordered 3 and they fit together. The caps fall off when the knifes are turned down. It did on all 3 of them. Are you listening to your customers complaints? The old caps should be brought back. It's easy to fix. The part on the cap that is slotted has a dimple on the inside to grab the blade cap. The molded to the body of the cap puts no pressure on the blade cap. If you want to warm the plastic, place a lighter 2 inches away from the base of the tang and warm it for about 10 seconds. The tang should be pushed on the end of the plane. Hold on until plastic cools. Your cap will not fall off until you take it off.

👤The blade kept falling. I was cutting a cake. I thought at first that it might not have been assembled correctly. The blade wasn't secured properly. The blade fell from the notch after every adjustment. The blade can't stay attached for more than 10 seconds. I had to hold the blade in my hand to cut the cardboard. Not safe. The cap is a joke. The cap falls off when you hold it upside down, as if it was placed on the top. The blade and cap need to be at an angle. If you are lucky, the blade gets out of the cap if it falls, but if it stays in the cap, it will fall. $5 is lost if a zero star review is chosen.

👤The Z-Series X-Acto knife is supposed to be the company's best knife ever. I'm not experiencing it if it is. I don't think it cuts any better than the older knife and blade combo I've had for years. The knife stars and one I've not had to this extent on any of my previous X-Acto knives are the result of the constant retightening of the knurled grip portion. If I had to buy a knife again, I wouldn't.

👤I bought the X-Acto knife because I did two silhouettes for my mother, one of which was my son. I am not an expert at fussy-cutting, but I know that having the right tools makes learning to do it a lot easier. When I received the knife, I was happy to see how sharp it was, because I had purchased it for a very reasonable price. It's long enough to feel heavy in the hand but comfortable to hold it. It was very sharp, and it was much easier to cut out the highlights in the hair with this blad. I have used other blades in the past without much research, and I got a much better cut out of these. I'm not an expert, but this novice came out with two silhouettes that looked like the children I intended, so that's got to say something for this knife, right?

5. Set 18 Cardboard 10 Inch Decorating

Set 18 Cardboard 10 Inch Decorating

Trust the craftsmanship and quality of the Borganic bakery box, it will be carefully inspected to ensure the best quality for 100% satisfaction or your money back. A set of 18 - 6 of size each premium cardboard cake boards are used for creating professional pastry chef tier cakes. People pay hundreds of dollars for fancy cakes. You can impress your friends and family by making them. There are three grating sizes, including 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch cake boards. You get 6 of each size for 18 professional boards. Enough to make 6 beautiful 3 tier cakes. Thanks to the high grade paper cardboard used, full disposal, recycling, and eco-friendly are possible. Pro pastry experts use this material. There is nothing to wash. After use, throw these in the recycling bin. Sturdy can hold a lot of weight for tiers with fancy ornamentation. These are made with non-toxic cardboard. It is appropriate for use with food preparation. These will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase because of the 100% money back guarantee. Return unused in new condition. They have a big supply in stock so hurry and buy now. This is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or anniversary gift for the cake maker in your life. It's right for giving to friends, family, and co-workers.

Brand: Starmar

👤These are not intended to be used for displaying your finished cake and pastries. They are used to decorate on so you don't get your display board messy and they are used to supportTIERED CAKES. Since these cake boards are not supposed to show, they don't need to be covered in foil or greaseproof. If you're decorating a 6-inch cake, put it on top of a 6-inch board so the cardboard isn't visible, then transfer the whole cake and cardboard over to your larger cake tier/ display board. If it's necessary, cover the original plain cardboard. If you need a display board, you can either WRAP the boards in aluminum foil or a nice decorative one. It's cheaper than buying them. It's unfair to leave a 1 star review because you haven't done your research. Sorry for the rant! These are inexpensive and great. I used to go to bakery supply stores and buy each board for twice the price. It's great to have these on hand. Fast shipping. I've included some pics of a tiered cake and a cake that was decorated on a cake board and placed on a display board.

👤This is not intended to display cakes. The fact that it is not "grease-proof" is not an issue. If you understand what it's intended purpose is, then you should recommend it.

👤The boards are terrible. I didn't finish my cake before the board started sucking up the water. My board looks terrible because it is sitting over night. I'm scared my cake is going to go all the way because I tried to lift it up to deliver. I can't do that. Very disappointed.

👤These were not what I wanted. Grease proof cakeboards are a must if you didn't know. What is the point? They are sitting in a corner because I have not had time to return them. You get what you pay for. I will not order these again, but why are you making them without grease proof? I will probably trash them because I will not spend a dime to return them.

👤The boards were durable and the sizes were correct. I did not know that the board absorbs the water in the cake and buttercream. The board around the cake and the buttercream has a ring of water on it. Adding more icing would make my board look worse since it would make the board look more moist. I will no longer use these boards for my cakes. I can't present a client with this look because I make custom cakes. I need to look for boards with a coating. It is not true that these boards are perfect for decorating. I would have liked to have known this before ordering them.

👤I wanted to make a cake for my first birthday. The quantity in the package and the quality of the product made me happy. The boards were sturdy, they held up being the cake was heavy, and was moved around a lot between the photo shoot of the cake smash and the cakes that traveled to the location of the birthday party. If you are looking for different sizes in one package, I would recommend this product.

6. Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Renewed

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Renewed

The power adapter is required for the X and S models. Put the controller down and play games with your body, voice, and gestures. You can make calls in HD. You can play games where you are the controller. You can call friends and family with the help of the internet. Live with picture-in-picture.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I pulled it out of the box and watched the Kinect's shell fall apart, the bottom side was covered in double sided tape. xbox wouldn't register this device when it was plugged in. The "trouble shooting" steps did not work. I was sent a faulty product and they tried to pass it off as refurbished.

👤There is a considerable savings because I ordered the two Xbox One sensors from the same seller who was certified to sell refurbished, however they came from different places. I bought two sensors that smelled bad of cigarette smoke and the seller is likely a pawn shop that is passing off pawned/used sensors as refurbished which shouldn't be allowed. One of my sensors didn't arrive and was dead on arrival, so I returned and bought a new one, but beware, you get what you pay for, make sure your sensor works, and hopefully this third one will work as well.

👤Be careful buyer. The first one I received never turned on and I returned it to the Hopes. I got another one that wouldn't power on, and don't count on Amazon support to help! Completely disgusted. This was a Christmas present for my kids and they could not use it or the games we purchased for it. It's been a waste of time.

👤When buying refurbished products, one should be careful. The fan on the sensor was malfunctioning. It was disconnected from my console. Every 15 seconds, I'm talking about disconnections. I noticed that it was a common issue when I searched. I used the 90-day warranty and had it replaced. The replacement isn't here yet. It is fun. It works with me by recognizing my posture and moves. The replacement is also faulty. This doesn't even recognize me during the game. Don't buy this product!

👤The product was in a brown box. The package was wrapped in bubblewrap. The item looks brand new. The small scratch doesn't affect the performance. It's worth it to get this over paying full price for the same product. The setup has been working well. Will update if there are any issues. Assume it is a quality refurbished product and the supplier delivered.

👤I was a bit leery of buying a refurbished unit, but this one worked well out of the box. My child can play Dance Party on the Xbox without a phone or app. My child can dance with friends if the corona-viruses ever hit, because the Kinect sensor can see up to 6 players at once. I was impressed with how sensitive the recognition is, and hadn't used the Kinect before this purchase. A picture of your face will be captured instantly when you pass through the viewing area.

👤The device looks new and works as expected. Everything was packed well. Good value for money. The device needs to be connected to XBox One.

👤I use the V2/Xbox One Kinect as an alternative to trackers for full body tracking. It works well for most things, but it can have problems when moving quickly and you have to face the direction of the Kinect. I haven't tried it with my console. I think it works well with games. Updating the drivers allows it to be used as a basicWebcam. The problem lately has been the "warm up" period where it takes a while until it stays connected and 888-270-6611 I put 100s of hours into my use in virtual reality, and it could be that my sensor is malfunctioning.

7. Coogam Halloween Decoration Different Realistic

Coogam Halloween Decoration Different Realistic

60 days of protection and no problem money back guarantee is what you will get when you order 3D butterfly wall decals today. Why not try it? The set of Halloween decorative bats is different in size and can meet your needs. There are wide applications. You can arrange the 3D bats as you please by sticking them on cabinets, bookshelf, walls, doors and windows. It can be used for Halloween, Eve party, ghost festival, and other occasions to bring a horror atmosphere to the party. The Bats Set is easy to use. The bats are put on the back of them with the help of a glue. Bats are packed into different wing angles. You can arrange them as you please. You just need to get new squares to put on the back of bats again, because the wall art sticker is waterproof. When you re-design your house, you don't have to worry about the paint peeling off the wall. It is easy to fall off if you stick to the vents, so remember to clean the dust of the surfaces before applying. If you want to avoid sticker fall off, please don't stick the double-sided sticker to the matt side.

Brand: Coogam

👤Update! My wall has been ruined. It is not easy to remove them. I use my fingers to remove paint. Good luck to me with the 60 percent of these stickers. I only ordered one and it was enough. The price is very reasonable. It comes in different sizes. It's easy to install and doesn't ruin the surface. They have their own stickers. It was fun to decorate the house with the kids. Absolutely recommend! P.s. I have to remove them now and it's not easy. Don't forget to click the helpful button if you like my review.

👤I was excited to use the bats on my front door and porch, like the photos show. I was worried that the wind would blow them off and that I would have to put them back up. I decided to try them out for Halloween after reading some reviews. I put the bats up about 3 weeks before the tornado hit our house and neighborhood. They are proof of a tornado. We lost trees, patio furniture, a broken window, gutter damage, roof damage, tons of debris that hit our house, but didn't lose a single bat. For anyone worried about the durability, I would highly recommend it.

👤Bats were great! If you don't care for the shine, you could flip them over for a matt look. The stickers they came with should not be used. Use painters tape. I regret using the stickers they came with. I can't get it off the walls because they peel the paint. I had to use a hairdryer. I gave up on others. The wall needs to be painted because of the peeling paint. I was really disappointed in that part. The bats are very cute and you can try them in a hidden area or use your own trusted tape.

👤If you put them near a window, the heat will melt their wings.

👤The bats made it look like they were flying out of my fireplace and out of the windows. I got a lot of praise for it. I had a few fall off. Some of the heavier stickers on my ceiling were a little stubborn, so I used more stickers. You have to be very careful when taking these off. Don't rip these off the wall. I have a lot of glue on my ceiling. I tried using warm water and soap to take it off, but it didn't work out.

👤I love these. Would buy again. Even the larger one isn't that big, you have to know that. You can decorate more than one area in your home if you have a lot of them. Our front door, a few places in our living room, and a wall in our kitchen are all done. The sticky foam strip is plastic, so you can pull it off after the season, and get some tacky for the next year.

👤I used them for easy decorating. I tried putting them in a tree. Half of the bats have fallen off where I have placed them, because they have a sticky pad on them. I was able to apply again. They are not the same size. I wish the sticky pads were stronger so they wouldn't fall. They were a good purchase.

8. Whiteboard Sticker Self Adhesive School Drawing

Whiteboard Sticker Self Adhesive School Drawing

It is easy to fall off if you stick to the vents, so remember to clean the dust of the surfaces before applying. If you want to avoid sticker fall off, please don't stick the double-sided sticker to the matt side. The size is 78.7" (L) x 17.7" (W). The package includes a wall sticker, markers and wipe. This whiteboard sticker will turn any smooth surface into a whiteboard. The whiteboard wall decals can be trimmed in any size you need. It's ideal for to do lists, scheduling, reminders, messages, and any other things. Simply cut the dry erase board wall paper to your desired size, peel off the backing paper and stick it to a smooth and flat surface, like wood/glass/ metal. The viscidity of the sticker may be affected by any application on the wrong surface. The dry erase board wall decals are suitable for Metal Surface, Wooden Surface, Glass Surface, Plastic Surface, Tile Surface, and not suitable for Uneven Surfaces, Embossed Wall, and painted Wall. It is easy to wipe clean. The dry erase markers come with a cap. A wipe cloth is included for better cleaning. It is recommended to wipe the writing clean within 24 hours to avoid leaving marks. The dry erase board sticker can be used over and over again. It is not recommended to re-position the dry erase board wall paper many times.

Brand: Zncmrr

👤In my college apartment, the whiteboard is quite cozy. It is large and convenient for us. The corner has been unsticking since day one, but it has stayed strong. If you are on a budget, this is the way to go for a big cheap whiteboard.

👤I bought this product to continue teaching my kids how to read. It was easy to measure out because of the grid on the back, and it was easy to install with no bubbles moving as I worked my way down. It doesn't erase well and even with dry erase spray, you have to use some Elbow Grease to wipe off the marks, so make sure to buy some spray!

👤I used the pieces to label my drawers in my classroom. It is perfect for labeling things that need to be erased.

👤I just bought another roll. The dry erase roll is great. I was not sure if it would stick to the board, but I was pleasantly surprised. I posted before and after I applied the dry erase roll. It was done with a small amount of wiping down to get dust and dirt off the wood. No sanding it down. It took two people to put it on the board. I bought another roll because it wasn't enough to cover my whole board. I could use this for so many other things that I wouldn't mind having an extra. My grandson loves it and now he can go to town and write all over it.

👤We could both add to the shopping list if I put a white board inside the kitchen cupboard door. This was the product I chose, and it works great. It's easy to cut to size, sticks on well, and the dry-erase works well. I don't need a learning curve because I can take a picture of the list on my phone before I go to the store. It's good!

👤We hung it on the Command strips because we didn't want to glue it to the wall. It works well and is a great idea.

👤The product is terrible. The wall will be ruined by the glue on it. It took the paint of the wall. You can see the writing on the wall after removing the whiteboard.

👤If you don't plan to cut it up into many little pieces, it's definitely a 2-person job. It goes up easily enough. It still retains its stickiness even after being re-positioned. It is easy to write on and clean.

👤It's difficult to get rid of the sheet. Not good at all. Please do not.

👤The money is wasted. Don't buy it. There are markers on the sticker.

👤The board is very cheap. Don't buy.

9. Kassa Large Chalkboard Contact Paper

Kassa Large Chalkboard Contact Paper

Birthday gifts for boys, girls, school students and grandchildren are great. Any flat surface can be turned into a blackboard. You can modify to any size or shape. Cut, peel and stick. Their premium chalkboard contact paper is a great alternative to chalkboard paint. There is a free bonus with the chalk board sticker. It is easy to apply. It is easy to apply the chalkboards. Remove the backing paper and stick the black board decals on your surface. The chalk paper can be moved without damaging the surface. You can use regular chalk or Kassa Chalk Markers. Will be able to remove the Kassa chalkboard. MEASUREMENT: The wall decals are 8 feet x 18 inches. The grid in the backing paper makes it easy to cut.

Brand: Kassa

👤The chalkboard paper is amazing. It took some figuring out, but I love it. We had fun figuring out how to apply it. You can use it on its own, or apply it to frames or create fun borders. It takes a little getting used to, but after that you will love it. It wipes with a damp rag. We got the markers that worked perfectly with it, and here are the tips we figured out. Slowly apply the backing off at a rate of 1-2 inches at a time. Rushing can cause air bubbles and creases that you don't want. We tried a plastic wallpaper tool to smooth it, but it creased the paper too. The best way to smooth the paper out is to use your thumbs from the center outward. Your fingers will work as well. Remove more of the backing and then work your way down. If you have air bubbles, gently lift them. It will apply perfectly if you take your time. If you are doing a lot of it, a second pair of hands helps a lot. If you make a mistake, you can re-stick it, but it will be less sticky. A few times is not a problem. We wiped ours with a damp paper towel. It comes with a cloth for that as well. We used washi tape to make fun borders. It would be great to apply old frames or mirrors to create cool boards. It could be applied to almost anything. We put it on the fridge, door and bedroom wall. We used Madcap Liquid Chalk Markers from Amazon and they are amazing.

👤The chalkboard is perfect for a disorganized college student. It helped me study for my exams and it was good to leave notes for roommates. It has lasted two semesters and has not had a problem.

👤I don't like to write bad reviews but this board chalk sticker made me do it. It sticks so well that if you try to peel off it, it will peel off the paint with little dry wall as well. Which is terrible. It's not easy to remove, it doesn't wipe completely, and it leaves chalk traces behind. It doesn't stick neat, a lot of air bubbles, and I made sure to peel only inch at a time and then stick. My wall is gone and the chalk board sticker is useless after a kid draws. The board is made of liquid chalk. This thing can tear off easily. There is a contact paper. Go find another product, save yourself and wall.

👤One needs a bit of skill and patience to get a vinyl sticker on a wall, but if you are not an expert you can still get a decent result. If you want to smooth out air bubbles before you remove the backing, use a squeegee-like device, and use masking tape to help you get it in place. It works great as a chalkboard. I have drawn a calendar on my desk to keep our family appointments and plans visible for everyone. There is no surprises. Once I find a preprinted version that is large enough. I will probably try to cut it up or relocate it to another wall. When that time comes, we will see what can be salvaged. The glossy coat on the wall isstain resistant. I was worried that it would peel off. It stuck like a champ once it was smoothed.

10. Car Tape Accessory Sticker Printed

Car Tape Accessory Sticker Printed

The 3d butterfly wall stickers are so sticky and sturdy that you don't need to worry about them falling off from the walls or other attached places. Press the butterflies party decoration on the targeted places and the glue dot will stick to the butterfly body. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them and they will give you a 3 month free warranty. 50 feet long! You should get more track for your money. The track can fit 2 die cast cars side by side. Don't make the mistake of buying a track that is larger than it looks on the internet and be disappointed when it arrives. It is comparable to a 4 inch size. It can be used on any surface for hours. It is easy to remove when playtime is over. There was no repetition. Use for building kits, in a gift set with Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars, to create cities and towns, make scenes with buildings, vehicles, and roads for children or hobby builders. It is a great addition to any die cast car or train display. It's a perfect gift idea for boys and girls. It's great for travel, gift giving, stocking stuffers, and Easter baskets. Can be used on walls and other surfaces. Click on their business profile and send them a message for bulk orders.

Brand: Car Tape

👤I used this tape to make a track out of a picnic table for my son's birthday party. It would be fun for the kids to play on the little matchbox cars they all got. The kids were having fun playing on it. The tape is smooth and thin. I cut it with scissors and it was easy to tear. I used to use masking tape to hold the tablecloth down, but the glue was not as sticky as it could be. I put it on a plastic party tablecloth and the edges rolled up in a few minutes. It might work better on other surfaces. The sides of the tape were creased as the kids played with it. I wasn't really supervising the play time so I'm not sure how rough they were, and it wasn't a totally flat surface so that might have had something to do with that. I am happy with this product and will try it again. We have less than 1/2 a roll left.

👤Really good! We got some 4X2 ft after reading about the damage to floors. Light weight boards were used to make race car tracks. These were made with designer duct tape and a ball. They loved them too. The total cost of boards, duct tape, and car tape was ordered from 3 different companies. The neighbors and friends are going crazy over them. It was great tape. We made race car boards.

👤The display cases for my 1/64 and 1/32 scale die cast cars have this tape in them. I put down some 3M double stick tape and put the road tape on top. The double stick tape keeps the road tape firmly attached to the base of the display case and gives it a feeling of realism. Sometimes the vinyl of the tires can react with the plastic of the display case, and road tape prevents that. There is a large amount of tape on each roll and it can be different lengths and widths.

👤I use it on my wooden floors. My kids love it. I have had it on my floor for 4 months, and I have had to clean, wipe, and vaccine it. It's held up well. My kids have been entertained for hours. I had to redo one spot and it didn't leave a mark or scar the floor when I took it off. I tried putting some on the wall but it was too loud for me. There were no marks on the wall when I took it off. It didn't stick? I will not go to carpet though. My kids can build their own roads using this.

👤I like the texture of this tape. I used it to decorate my son's room. He put it on the walls and on the little drawer. I decided against painting a mural on the blue wall after buying some more.

👤My twin boys love the tracks we made, we restuck ours 3 times now. A metal bed frame got pushed over them and tore a little bit off the floor. I would have liked to have found this sooner. Went from a table to the floor without a problem. My kids are 3 and 6 and love it. It was worth it.

11. Eoorau Butterfly Butterflies Removable Decoration

Eoorau Butterfly Butterflies Removable Decoration

MEASUREMENT: The wall decals are 8 feet x 18 inches. The grid in the backing paper makes it easy to cut. The butterfly stickers set has 80 pieces mixed butterflies in 4 styles. Enough glue. You can make shapes with different styles. It's easy to use, apply to dry, clean and smooth surfaces, clean the place you want to stick, stick them on the clean surface with tapes, and fold their wings so that they have a 3D effect. You just need to buy some double-sided glue to use it for a long time. It is possible to apply to decor a party, Walls, Children room, TV wall, Office room, Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, etc. 60 days of protection and no problem money back guarantee is what you will get when you order 3D butterfly wall decals today. Why not try it?

Brand: Eoorau

👤I love butterflies. The art on my wall was decorated with a mirror. There is a sheet of transparent butterflies in the pack. They are easy to install, and there are lots of little stickers with extras so you can move the butterflies around. I used an x-acto knife to cut the stickers apart, which made it a lot easier.

👤I ordered these because my sister and I wanted to make our room look better, and we stumbled upon the wonderful world of 3-D wall decals. I decided on these because they looked fun and cheap and I wouldn't be out much if they sucked. They don't suck. The butterflies come in a thin plastic package on several sheets of double-sided foam. You pop each butterfly out of the sheet and then bend the wings to make them 3-D, then you stick one of the foam strips onto the butterfly's belly and stick it to the wall. The glue works well, and we didn't have to re-paint any of the butterflies. They look great when done and are fun to do. Would buy again.

👤These are made of construction paper. They are not strippers. The description states "you just need to buy some double-sided adhesive" which is contrary to what the description had stated before. Advice: print your own.

👤It's a lot of work for what it is. The butterflies are presented on a sheet of paper. You have to punch them out, fold them to give them a realistic look, and put tack on it. You put it on the wall. I did some of these and so far, they have stayed up and seem to stick to the wall. I think I was able to move them as I first put them up, and there was no problem with it removing paint. There are three cards of butterflies. Others are solid.

👤I wanted to have butterflies that were made of taxidermy. I went with these and they were fine for what I was trying to do. You are going to rearrange them during application so press really hard when you apply again. They stay on. Additional sticky backs are provided.

👤I used the stick on butterflies to make decorations for the students at school. The butterflies are all different and have different shapes and colors. There are some transparent ones that are neat, but you have to stick them on something with a darker background. The peel off stickers are hard to peel off and unless you have small fingers or a tool, it does take some extra time and effort. They stick on most surfaces once they are on the butterflies. The butterflies look like they are in motion if you bend the wings a bit. The colors of the butterflies are really vivid and when you use a bunch of them, they look great! It's great for on walls as well. They gave a really fun and personal touch to the gifts since I used them on gift bags.


What is the best product for cake on board decal?

Cake on board decal products from Vool. In this article about cake on board decal you can see why people choose the product. Crosize and Wilton are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake on board decal.

What are the best brands for cake on board decal?

Vool, Crosize and Wilton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake on board decal. Find the detail in this article. X-acto, Starmar and Amazon Renewed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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