Best Cake On Board Flags

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1. Wilton Boards Round 10 Inch 2104 102

Wilton Boards Round 10 Inch 2104 102

Their customer care philosophy is to make life easier, better and more enjoyable. Quality products are what they aim to bring to you. They make sure they bring you the best. If you don't like your mandoline set, they will give you a replacement or a full refund. The round cake boards allow you to display your cake immediately after decorating it. The boards fit cakes. They're covered with a greaseproof finish and are good to serve on. The materials were produced with the highest grade. The cake circle is in a set of 12. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Wilton

👤I use these whenever I use my cake spinner. If you bring something to a party and don't want to leave your plate or utensils out, they're great.

👤I had high hopes for the cake boards. The packaging is lovely. That's the only positive thing about this item. The boards are very thin and bend very easily.

👤Why didn't I buy now? I take cakes to many bake sales. I can stop trying to keep track of cake pans and the kitchen crew can stop washing them at a cost of less than 50 each. The 10-inch circles were designed for cakes with little on the sides. They fit my unfrosted pans well, with just a small edge around them. If you want to do fancy decorations around the edge of the cake, you can use an 8-inch cake pan or get the next size up. If you want something a little dressier without making icing roses, then try the, which has a little bit of "lace" printed around it. If you don't have frosting or sticky stuff on the cake, you can wrap it in plastic cling wrap. The mailing labels that keep appearing in the junk mail will make any loose ends stick down, and make you put your name on the cake, in case there's a checklist for the bake sale. If it's going to be eaten soon, I usually put the unwrapped cake on the cardboard cake board inside my Tupperware cake taker. I take the cake out and walk my cake carrier back to the car. I don't have to look for my cake taker at the end.

👤It was used for a rotating cake stand. Work the way they should.

👤My son's baseball team put on signs for their hotel door. I had to use permanent marker on the white side or it would come off, but they worked well.

👤I use them for my cakes. They are very strong and resistant to grease. They fit in my southern champion cake boxes. I only gave it four stars because they gave me three 10 packs and 6 loose circles stuck in between two of the packs. I would return cake orders if I didn't have enough for Christmas. When I order, I hope I will get what I pay for.

👤If you bake cakes, these are a must have. I have to transport cakes somewhere else. It's very easy to pick up my cakes with these. It's easier to frost a cake if you use the same diameter as your cake. I wouldn't be able to be without them.

👤I have never used a cake board. I didn't realize I needed a cake board after reading comments. I bought this cake board pack after doing some research. I bake cheesecake. I made coconut cake for the first time. I will get better with practice. The board fits my 8 inch cake. It is easy to wipe off frosting if it gets on the board. Use a dry paper towel.

2. Pkgd Flag Picks 50 Pkg

Pkgd Flag Picks 50 Pkg

50 pieces of flag picks are in the package. The food picks measure 2. 5 inches tall. 5 inches wide. The paper is attached to wooden toothpicks. Use the food table for a Patriotic party.

Brand: Beistle

👤They were perfect for what I needed. The flag is thick and the toothpick portion is great for jamming into a cupcake. I put these on some strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and it made 4th of July dessert decorating very easy.

👤I bought it to put on my cake and it arrived quickly and the price was great.

👤I used them as cupcake toppers. The cupcakes were perfect for planting the flag.

👤I wanted flags for cupcakes. These were very cheap. They are toothpicks with paper on top. Some of the flags were not glue to the toothpick. They served their purpose and were happy with my purchase.

👤It is not like I can write a novel about it, but they did not slack off on quality for such a low price item. I am happy that my party was made extra special.

👤I put them on everything after buying them for cupcakes. Merica.

👤The flags are the right size for your cupcakes. cupcakes were devoured for Memorial Day

👤The flags are perfect for decorating a cake or cupcake. Excellent quality and perfect for what I needed.

3. Stacking Boards Parchment Rounds Dowels

Stacking Boards Parchment Rounds Dowels

Remove the protective barrier and wash thoroughly before use with detergent and soft cloth. The item may be damaged by aromatics and abrasives. When washing this item, make sure to retain a smooth edge. Everything you need is in the 120 piece cake tiering set. There is enough cake boards, paper, and plastic to make five 3-tiered cakes. The how-to guide makes cake tiering fun. 5 of each size of white round cake boards There are 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch corrugated cardboard rounds. Each board has a pre-cut hole in the center that can be used to place the center dowel. Sturdy and greaseproof! Eco-friendly! 55 paper round ups! There's more time to decorate with pre-cut round parchment papers in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch sizes. Professional cakes can be baked easily with an oven safe with a non-stick coating. Sturdy and thick clear plastic boba straws provide support for your tiered cakes! You don't need to buy other tools if you cut straws. Doesn't leave splinters like wooden dowels. The how-to guide includes pictures and pro tips and tricks, so you don't have to figure it out. Professional looking cakes for birthdays, weddings, and more are what you can get from them.

Brand: Little Ladle

👤I had my first wedding cake request and needed the boards and straws. The package had everything and pre-cut rounds. I had no issues with the items, even though the rounds were a little bigger than my pans. This helped create a successful wedding cake. There was a lot of stuff in the package to make a test cake. I had read that they had issues cutting straws. I just used kitchen scissors and didn't have that problem.

👤The value is great. The set made it easy to stack my daughter's cake. The cardboard has a hole in the center that is partially cut to aid with stacking on a skewer for extra stability, and the parchment papers fit well inside my cake pans. The package has instructions for stacking up to 3 tiers. I am not a professional baker and this was my first attempt at a tiered cake, so these work great.

👤I bought this tier set because my sister-in-law asked me to make her niece a cake. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. The cake boards were perfect. I used everything that came in the set. They provide pre-cut papers. I will be ordering from this company again.

👤Baking and stacking cakes are much easier with this set. I am going to buy it again. The straws are wide. The precut parchment is easy to use. The boards have a film on one side.

👤The poor quality of the boards made me realize the idea of this kit was not good. The first or middle tier used these. Will not purchase until the board quality improves. It is still great to have straws and pre-cut paper.

👤The boards were flimsy and couldn't hold my cake tiers. The plastic began to peel off while I was cutting them. I've used poor quality boards for years in baking. I don't recommend.

👤Products worked well. The boards were easy to use and the rods did a great job holding the cake up. The bottom of the pans were covered in papers. It was my first time using them, but it was easy to clean up.

👤The quality of the cake boards was not satisfactory. They were bent and broken when they arrived. I was in a rush to get the straws and didn't want to send it back. I wouldn't recommend buying.

4. JAVD American Toothpick Decoration Celebration

JAVD American Toothpick Decoration Celebration

Use the food table for a Patriotic party. There are 100 products. There is a flag 1 that is 1.5 inches in width and length and a wooden stick. The flag paper and wooden stick are made ofdurable colorful flag paper and wooden stick. The flag cake decoration is outstanding. These flag toothpicks are perfect for decorating dessert cakes, children and adult birthday parties, game events, school games, sports events, wedding dinners, national holidays and bar. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give you an excellent shopping experience and provide timely service. 100% money back guarantee! If you like, please search for it.

Brand: Javd

👤My husband's birthday party is next month and I was looking for food decorations. The party food was festive because of the tiny flags attached to toothpicks. You want that extra special thing... This is it! It would be a good idea. I wish they sold them in smaller quantities because we have so many small flags for years to come.

👤A couple's PR destination wedding was canceled and we got a last-minute Catering job. I ordered these flags to be used on passed hors d'oeuvres, and they were a huge hit. I was very happy that they arrived quickly.

👤I was looking for the small size ones to drape on my Christmas tree like I did years ago, but they turn out to be much bigger than the size I ordered.

👤The flag tooth picks are a great accompaniment for snacks on a May Day celebration. I use them for entertaining when my family gathers.

👤The perfect size for the board. The pack was more than I needed and will be used for future celebrations as well. The package was ready to use.

👤The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner. My family really enjoyed the extra words to Italy.

👤I'm ordering more of them because they are great for my business.

👤Awesome! There is a It was perfect for the Norwegian wedding cake.

5. Pangda Checkered Cupcake Toothpick Decorations

Pangda Checkered Cupcake Toothpick Decorations

If there is a quality problem, please contact them, they will deal with it in time and give you a satisfactory answer. Enough quantity: each package includes 100 pack checkered flag picks with black and white color, suitable for parties and dinner decorations. Mini racing flags are 3.5 x 2.5 cm/ 1.38 x 0.98 inch and have a mounted flag on a 6.5 cm/ 2.56 inch long toothpick. The flags are printed on both sides with a black and white checkered pattern, cute as cupcake's toppers. It's good for decorating cupcakes, mini desserts, racing parties, birthday party, kid's party, wedding, and other festive occasions. The racing flag picks are only for decoration purposes and should not be placed in the oven.

Brand: Pangda

👤The product is good. There was nothing on the listing about not being able to return the item. You can't tell them if it was damaged. If that was the case, it should be said on the site.

👤They are described. Not bad, but not over the top. The handles are small and used for cupcake decoration. I used them for my son's birthday party. If you are just looking for something along the lines of birthday decoration, a racing party to top snacks or use for small decoration, then these are for you.

👤I used these for a Hot Wheels themed party on donuts, and they were easy and cheap to make, and the cars theme was easy to bring in. I wish they had the option to purchase 50 or 100 instead of 100, but I have plenty of leftovers should I have another theme party. It's a good thing.

👤These were perfect for a car themed party for a young child. The toothpick was perfect size and length.

👤I used these at my son's party. They worked well and were as advertised.

👤My son's birthday was a hotwheels birthday and these were perfect to put on the cupcakes. Perfect size.

👤I made a race track themed cake. The winner! There was no assembly. Simply unpack and insert.

👤Cute on cupcakes or a cake. They were used with a candle.

👤The product arrived as described. The flags stayed up in the cake I was making for them. I only needed 3 and now have 97 flags to use.

👤There are a lot of flags for a buffet or party. They look better than cocktail sticks.

👤I haven't used them yet, but I can't wait to use them for my son's 3rd birthday, they look lovely and are great for car lovers.

👤At our party, these were so effective. People liked them.

👤It was a great value for money and would buy again.

6. YGEOMER Colorful Pennants Multicolor Celebrations

YGEOMER Colorful Pennants Multicolor Celebrations

You can put a mini chalkboard horizontally or vertically to show your message for wedding party table numbers, place card, favor tag, plant decorative sign, food labels, food name card decorative sign, and so on. The mini chalkboards are great for weddings and events. The colors of the flags are red, pink, blue, green, and yellow. The flags are necessary for a party. The flags light up the room. Hang them up and streamers to make your party more colorful. The total length of the banner is 114m/385ft. The banners are made of thick nylon rope. It is difficult to remove stitches or break the trim, which is shaped like a triangle. These colorful flags can be used for outdoor or indoor decoration of weddings, parties, birthday parties, dance parties, holiday parties, party grand openings, carnivals, Christmas, sports events, school events and celebrations. If there is a quality problem, please contact them, they will deal with it in time and give you a satisfactory answer.

Brand: Ygeomer

👤Some of the strings were cut when I received it. The first time they gave me a full refund, they called it a goodwill refund and the second time they gave me a partial one. I want my money back because the thing was faulty.

👤The banner was perfect. It was used for a paw patrol birthday party. After the party, I decided to leave it up on the crazy south Florida weather and it is still holding up. mine was folded I was not happy about that. It looked perfect after I iron it. All the folding marks were gone when I set my iron to medium heat and iron the flags at the same time. I would buy again.

👤I love these! It had three packages of flags. I only used one for the whole yard. They looked great!

👤We couldn't use them. The flags are strung apart. The picture is nothing like the other things.

👤My son wanted a decoration like this for his birthday. There are three strands. They are so long that we only had to use one. It was strung all over the house. There are a few spots along the strand that are thin and not sewn the best, but I am fine with it. They couldn't hold up in an outdoor setting for long. I folded the one we used back up and plan to use it again.

👤Wow! What a deal! I bought these to decorate our house for my husband's birthday. Three sets of bunting/flags were in the pack. Each set is numbered. We only used one of the sets to decorate the front of the house, and we had enough to string up between the trees. It was easy to set up a display.

👤The pool enclosure was ordered to be used for a birthday party. We left them up because they looked nice. We live in Florida and we get lots of sun and they have faded. One of the best purchases. I would definitely use these again. It came in 3 packs of 100 ft each. We ran the banner back and forth across the length of the pool enclosure and only used one pack. A must have for any party.

👤The carnival themed birthday party would have been great with these. They held up well. We only used one of the packs and not a single one of the others. I didn't like that they folded, but the wind straightened them out. I wouldn't stop ordering again even though some of them were damaged at the end. They were perfect and received a lot of praise.

👤We used them across the beach at camp to keep the geese from using the lawn for their private bathroom, but they could have been 888-282-0465. I will recommend this product.

7. T SUN Spotlights Waterproof 180°Angle Adjustable

T SUN Spotlights Waterproof 180%C2%B0Angle Adjustable

Maintaining workplace safety is one of the commercial uses. These orange flags can be used to warn workers to the location of underground utility cables. T-SUN Ultra bright 4LED solar light is perfect for your lighting needs. Design with a large solar panel. There is a panel and a spotlight. The solar panel can be 180 degree or 90 degree. You can adjust the angle to light up the landscape. The pattern is intelligent. The High Light Mode will last for up to 10 hours after fully charged. After fully charged, the low light mode will work for 14-18 hours. T-SUN Solar Lights has an automated switch- auto on at night and off at sunrise. Solar lights use included secrews to mount on the wall or stick into the ground. The waterproof IP65 is. No need to worry about the weather. Which can weather rain, snow, and anti-fog. It's suitable for most weathers. The waterproof IP65 is. No need to worry about the weather. Which can weather rain, snow, and anti-fog. It's suitable for most weathers.

Brand: T-sun

👤I was really impressed with these. The spider webs were lit up like a black light on our front stoop. We will see how many seasons we can get out of them. The screws on the front did not rust for a week.

👤I brought them in at noon. They were on and lighting up my palm trees. I am in the market for pool lights, so I wondered if they would light up my pool water. When I pointed at the water, it was 8 feet deep and illuminated my entire pool. The picture is attached. I'm going to point the other one at the other end of the pool and then I'm going to zip tie them onto the fence. Works great... I need to buy more trees.

👤I bought some lights. They both worked out of the box and I love that they are solar. It took me a while to figure out how to turn them on and change the color. There is a button on the solar portion of the light that you hold in that will allow you to pick a color, or they will just filter through all of the shades. If you hit the button 2 times, it will control the brightness and longevity that they will stay on. The first month they worked well. I don't think the solar can hold its power for long now that it is not as bright outside. I had to remove snow from the solor to make sure they got the sun. They might stay for an hour or two. I'm not happy about that. The other weird thing is that they keep changing themselves. I wore them on purple at halloween and then wore them on red and green for Christmas. They don't stay on the solid red and green for long when reverting back to the multi colors. I like the lights when they are on. They stayed on longer.

👤I was not sure if this was a black light or a purple light. It has a great intensity, is a real black light, and is very versatile. I bought this to illuminate some yard art and it works better than I had expected.

👤I bought these lights to illuminate a US flag in the front of my house. The flag is shown in the dark by a bright white light. I ordered another set to light up the landscaping in the front yard. The pros: Well built, easy to install, lights up whatever you want to illuminate. There is a The positives: It's solar, so short days and long nights mean the light dies by morning. The light and panel are not adjusted. Don't get this light if you need anything other than forward/back adjustment. The ground stakes are sturdy and I never used the wall brackets. I'll probably buy another set.

👤I live in Florida. I bought 2 to test in February. They were very good. It was bright. They lasted for about four hours with the February sunlight. I bought 4 more to illuminate the pines behind the house. The lights continue to have good light output. The lights stay on well into the night with the longer days. I peeked out the window at close to 4am the other night. They were still lighting up the trees. So far, like I said. It was so good.

8. ACE Supply Marking Flags Fluorescent

ACE Supply Marking Flags Fluorescent

Storage and portable cap. The coating of ziragium nitride is durable. Their small yard flags can be used to mark the boundaries of your lawn, garden, or landscaping plans. These flags are used for high visibility lawn projects. These flag markers are easy to use for yard projects. The yard marker flags are reliable in high winds. The staff is made of steel. Is it aerating yard? Use yard flags to mark sprinkler heads. Is it possible to install a sprinkler system? Use sprinkler flags to mark the new sprinkler head. Dog training flags. Yard marking flags are used as boundary flags for an underground electric fence. They can be used as dog fence flags to keep your pet safe. Maintaining workplace safety is one of the commercial uses. These orange flags can be used to warn workers to the location of underground utility cables. Maintaining workplace safety is one of the commercial uses. These orange flags can be used to warn workers to the location of underground utility cables.

Brand: Ace Supply

👤I received an empty bag. I contacted ace and they sent me another order free. The company is great. They didn't have to give me back my original purchase. That was very kind. They say that flags are just what they say. Great price!

👤I'm a female and have had to take over mowing from my husband. I bought these to mark the roots after I ran over a tree root and a pine tree root. I don't have to be careful with the markings because they are inexpensive. They are easy to see when I walk the area before mowing. I don't know if it's coyotes, racoons or my dog that is pulling them up and playing with them but most survive the teeth punctures and the bent wire is strong enough to be straightened for another use.

👤I put an underground dog fence on our property so my dogs can roam and play safely. I needed to add more flags to the kit since I was wiring a larger area, and found them on Amazon. They are very affordable, durable and bright, making them easily visible boundary markers for my pups, as well as warning for whoever is mowing the yard to be careful in certain areas.

👤stump grinder could locate the marked stumps if they were tagged. It worked well for the purpose. The plastic seemed to hold up. The wire was easily bent, but it was ok for the short term. There is no opinion on long term or heavy duty use.

👤These little flags are weather resistant and sturdy. The wire is strong enough to pierce our clay soil without bending and the flag part is attached to the wire shaft. I think these are as good as the City and State can do. If we need more than 100, we will buy them again.

👤My grandsons and I were making signs to put in people's yards because of the lockdown. We bought these because the stakes were too expensive. They are perfect! They will be used in the yard. The orange flags we cut off will be used as art projects. I have been shopping at your stores and products for forty years. Thanks for making it easier for the two little boys.

👤I got the flags to mark the mole runs. You can often feel your feet sinking because there is a tunnel under the grass in my yard. I can now focus on new runs. I flag the run and watch it for a few days to see if the mound reappears. There are a couple spots where I have ground wires above the ground. I don't hit them with the mower. You wouldn't expect the flags to last. I have been using the same six since I started. I like that you get so many of them.

👤I use these to make off 50/100 yds at my hunting club property. They are easy to see. Who needs a laser range finder? Not me!

9. Simply Genius Umbrella Protectors Collapsible

Simply Genius Umbrella Protectors Collapsible

It is easy to clean the non-stick surface with a soft cloth or sponge and it has an extra long life. Up to 16. The Simply Genius food covers protect food from the elements. The collapsible mesh food covers allow heat to escape and keep food visible. Large crowds or moving buffet lines are ideal for outdoor tent food cover. Food covers for outside are easy to use. Food nets for picnics fit a full size dinner plate and serve dishes up to 16” in diameter and 10” high. Food screens for outside reduce stress and improve al-fresco dining. The collapsible food covers have lace edging that acts as a barrier to food. Better for the planet, re-usable outside food covers protect food better than paper plates or tinfoil. The food pop up tent should be in your party supplies. Food tent covers are great for indoors. Bowls of fruit and veggies should be kept safe, as fresh baked loaves of bread should be protected. Kids and cats are attracted to dishes that are not ready to serve. Food is protected when windows are open. It's good for birthday parties, taco bar, tail gate, BBQ cook-out, camping or D.I.Y. sundae station. BBQ cover, plant cover, grill master or gardener gift, they are all Hostess Gift and Protection. There is a tent with garden stakes or small rocks. It's easier to position than plant nets, and you can use row covers for vegetables. It's easy to open, collapses like an umbrella and stores slender. If food gets on it, rinse it off and air dry it. It takes up a lot of space in the RV. It's useful for year round camping, patio dining, family cookouts or picnics. Bowls of popcorn can be covered during outdoor movie nights. The typical spread is elevated for bistro restaurants.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤My bad. I was invited to a block party where everyone brought food and I wanted a bug cover, so I ordered. I got them from Amazon in one day. There is a They have lace around the bottom. I'm a guy and I don't have lace. They all have lace. Do they come down the same assembly line in China? Yes! I might give them away at the party. I was going to keep them for the RV. Bzzzz. They'll be perfect for the elderly. What's next? Doilies? I'm sending them back. I'd never use them, too frilly, so it will cost me $5.99 to return them. I didn't know anyone who needed some of them.

👤It was easy to use, but not very sturdy. The most important part is that flies can get inside. I think it was an ok product, because out of 10 flies, 3 can get in. Would not buy again.

👤I bought these to protect my plants. The pull cord umbrella opening makes them easy to use. I'm pretty sure my plants will survive this time around. I'm sure they would be useful for picnics.

👤I absolutely love them.

👤This is my second order of umbrellas. I bought this 6-pack because I was trying to decide which foods would get protection. These last and last are what I like about them. If you get food on them, just rinse in a little cool water, dunk in warm soapy water, open and let dry. When closed, all 6 will fit in a small space. There is nothing to malfunction with the simple umbrella mechanism.

👤These were purchased for our daughter's first birthday party and turned out to be a perfect fit for large and small plates. They are a little lite so if there is a big gust of wind... they might flip over. A few weights can easily fix that problem, and I would consider that the only con. I'm thinking of adding some fish weights and sinkers to see if that will work. The flies were kept out of the food, fruit, and Appetizers and it worked out very well. It was well spent for the amount you get.

👤I bought these to protect small plants in my garden. I didn't have to go looking for them. A friend used these at a picnic and I am using them to keep birds away from my strawberry plants. Birds like to eat the beans off the green bean sprout. Not this season!

👤5 stars for keeping bugs off food. My daughter put bricks and rocks on the base of the strawberry plant she had planted to stop the rabbit from getting to it. It was sitting outside all Summer in the sun and rain, but it is still in good shape. I would consider washing it if I didn't have more of them. She can use it again next year if the plant is able to survive the winter.

👤The mesh food umbrella is great for serving food outdoors. It folds and is easy to store away. It sits on a table surface and is light weight. There are no bugs in the food. The size is large enough to cover 2 plates and the height is good enough to keep the mash from touching liquid. I'm glad I bought them. If you use the outdoors in the summer, I recommend them.

10. Birthday Glitter Letters Decorations Celebration

Birthday Glitter Letters Decorations Celebration

It is easy to store and can be used again. There is a happy birthday cake. Eco-food safety plastic sticks are hard to fall down. The Happy Birthday cake topper is about 6 feet tall. It's good for birthday cakes. Happy Birthday is measured in gold. The wide is 7 cm. The sticks measure 10 cm. This is a finished product. Just put it in your birthday cakes. It's easy to use. Happy birthday, black cake. Add Decor To A Birthday Party. On top of your bakery or homemade cake, brownies, ice cream cake and more. There is a decoration for your birthday. The paper sticks can be set on your preferred height.

Brand: Elehere

👤It liked the shine and added a nice touch to the cake.

👤I loved everything about it. It is well designed.

👤It has served its purpose. I want to make sure that you don't remove the plastic from the top of your head, but overall I liked it and my client was satisfied.

👤It was perfect for my husband's birthday. Smaller than expected. I knew this from reading the measurement. The cake is 9in at the bottom and 7in at the top, to give you a better idea of the size. I was satisfied and would recommend.

👤I made a cake for a friend and this was the perfect cake decoration.

👤It worked well for the type of cake that we made. We used it to make a hole in the cake. It was a birthday surprise.

11. Chalkboards Rectangle Blackboard Weddings Decoration

Chalkboards Rectangle Blackboard Weddings Decoration

We stand behind their products. All items sold by Novelty Place have a 3-MONTH replacement warranty. Sturdy matearial. The package includes 20 mini chalkboards, the head of the chalkboard is 4 x 3 and the package is wrapped in plastic. Damage and scratching. Reusable and practial. The small blackboard is erasable and can be used again and again. It is easy to disassemble and store Chalkboards, they have a stand that is easy to fold down, and they are rectangular in shape. You can put a mini chalkboard horizontally or vertically to show your message for wedding party table numbers, place card, favor tag, plant decorative sign, food labels, food name card decorative sign, and so on. The mini chalkboards are great for weddings and events.

Brand: Dstelin

👤The chalkboards came with all the boards, no missing or broken pieces. It did not include chalk, but it is easy to pick up. These are great for weddings, parties, and potlucks as they serve their job well. I received this product for a review, but all opinions expressed in my review reflect my experience with the chalkboards.

👤The chalkboard part of my stickers are crooked. These are going to be part of larger projects that I am selling. The finished pieces look cheap and slapped together. The pictures in the listing don't show the difference. Fine for table settings, but not good if you need them to look decent.

👤They allow me to advertise how much a certain little thing is. They are knocked off of the little stands by any kind of wind. I'm thinking about glueing them to the stands to see if they stay better. I was told the stands would be a good business card holder. All things considered, a good investment.

👤The mini chalk boards are sturdy. They are good for events. The design is simple and beautiful. They clean off well. I was able to wipe my jacket off without using water because I needed to rewrite something in the middle of an event. The legs are sturdy and can be moved around as needed. It is easy to piece apart when you are done.

👤The little stands were useless because they were built wrong. There are different places on each stand where the board can be inserted. Cheap was nice, but unfortunate that they weren't usable.

👤Won't stand up in a breeze. I secured them to wood blocks with tape. I used colored pencil to make labels. The colored pencil looks great. The pencil marks are removed with an eraser. Each one is wrapped in plastic. That was a big no for me.

👤I forgot to get chalk, the board is small, maybe the size of your hand, but it is a nice looking set up. I taped my business cards on backwards and wrote on them. I broke a few before I could set them up because the board that holds it up is fragile and hard to put together.

👤These are very affordable. They are the perfect size for what I needed on the table. The signs sit on the little leg supports, so I would have to critique them. If you're outside, a bit of wind can ruin these signs. It's not an issue for indoor use.


What is the best product for cake on board flags?

Cake on board flags products from Wilton. In this article about cake on board flags you can see why people choose the product. Beistle and Little Ladle are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake on board flags.

What are the best brands for cake on board flags?

Wilton, Beistle and Little Ladle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake on board flags. Find the detail in this article. Javd, Pangda and Ygeomer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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