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1. Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Organizer Plastic

Honey Can Do Rolling Storage Organizer Plastic

When adding new wipes to the warm wipe glow warmer, make sure to pour half a cup of water over the wipes. During periods of non-use, the unit should be unplugged. It's ideal for home, classroom, crafts or art studios. Large storage drawers that are semi- transparent for easy viewing. When needed, locking wheels provide stability. Can be used as an additional workspace. Assembly tools and instructions are included. The product is 25”W x 32”H and the drawer is 11 W x 5.5 H. Small-11 W x 2.75 H x 15 D inches. The drawer is about 12 feet in diameter and has depths of 2.6 and 5.1 feet.

Brand: Honey-can-do

👤The quality of the cart is what I expected. I sliced my knuckle open about two seconds into putting it together. That is not acceptable. The edges of the slides were left with a raw edge from manufacturing. That is lazy and negligent. It could hurt a child. I'm changing my rating to a 1 star. The plastic drawers on one side of the cart are too small for the track. I wish I'd noticed that I could return the dumb thing for a refund. I'm not happy with this thing.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this unit because of the reviews about the difficulties in assembling, broken drawers and inability to open-close drawers. It's sharp enough to shave plastic from drawers. I just put this thing together and haven't loaded anything yet. That's it: 1. The assembly took 35 minutes to finish. 2. The Allen wrench was enough to assemble the main frame. 3. Without a screwdriver, straight head screws can be tightened. The screwdriver was not supplied with the kit. I didn't need one to secure drawer knobs. 4. Make sure to wash the inside of the two outer frame pieces during the main frame assembly. They are shown in the diagram. The sides are too close together and it will be hard to push in and out. I think some people didn't install the washers correctly. As you install the screws, do not tighten them. Before you install the framing screws, make sure the washers are installed, and then tighten the screws until all the screws are SNUG. If you tighten too much, the frame tubing will collapse and ruin it. 5. Once everything is tight, turn the frame over and put the caster inserts in the legs. These are plastic pieces that can hold the caster. Make sure they are all the way in by pressing in as hard as you can. It was out a little ways. I used a hammer and gave 3 of the more stubborn inserts a quick pop, so they sat easily. 6. I put the caster into the inserts. Make sure that the front or side of the lock are where you want to access it. You will have a booger of a time getting them out. Yes - That is why I am telling you this now. It was 7. The drawers should be in the slides. It was easy for mine to slide in without force. I recreated what I read about stuck drawers, hard to operate, cocked in the tracks, and cutting the plastic by putting the spacers/Washers in initially. The problem was solved after I performed a self-induced slap forehead procedure and backed the frame screws out one by one. There are 8. Put the top on after you tighten everything up again. It has curved sides front and rear. I put the front of the top in position, then pulled the rear of the top and it popped into position for me. The unit is strong. The load specification for the cart is 50 pounds. I will keep things as evenly distributed as possible to equalize loading. I will put a thread lock on the screws if I have any issues with them coming loose. The drawers slide in and out and are in their tracks. It is made of very thin wall metal with chrome coating. I can see how someone handling the edges of the rails for the drawers could cut themselves if they weren't careful. Be careful. After a week or so, I will provide an update on the unit's stability, frame flex, etc., and I will load it up with my wood ship modeling tools. I am okay with the unit. Not impressed by anything, but not disappointed either. I was relieved that my unit came with all the parts, I didn't have to cut my fingers off, and the drawers didn't have to be adjusted. It is in line with my expectations. I will update after a while.

2. Ateco 8783 Storage 52 Compartments Decorating

Ateco 8783 Storage 52 Compartments Decorating

Professional quality and quality design can be found at Ateco. There are 52 small tubes, one standard coupler and two 905. There are flower nails. The box is 7 inches x 8 inches. 75 inch The plastic is made in the USA. Professional quality and quality design by Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤This only has 26 large tips and 9 small tips. It fits the Russian regular and Ball tips. It can hold my other large tips, but it doesn't have the capacity described. There are 35 locations for 37 tips. There are open areas in both corners. I don't consider them locations for large tips because there is no way to keep them in place. The center area appears to be for a large vehicle. One of the Russian Ball tips is taller than the others. I am able to close the case despite the top hitting the cover. Large tips are not made for the protrusion that you place over them. The size of the protrusion is the same for both large and small tips. The large tips are not held in the correct position for cover closing. When cover is closed, the tips should not fall over. I was able to close the case by stacking 3 of the flat top tips together. I expected to see all the tips together, but I am not able to. There is a The opening in the cover is too small for the large tips and the small tip locations are too close together, so you can't use them for the large tips. It's not ideal to put another tip case on top of the case because it's not flat. I would have liked to have counted the number of large tip spaces. The description is not accurate. The base of the center location was not shown in my photo. The tip is 1/2 inch lower than the other flat top large tips. I think it's for a large person. I hope this helps someone make a better decision. ATECO should have provided a better description of the case. It's disappointing to see misleading descriptions. I am going to look for a case that can hold a lot of tips.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of the 52 tip case and the extra space for flower nails and couplers. It holds standard, small tips and keeps them in place when closed. I like the way they sit on their pegs, so you can see the top of each tip. Hard plastic is what the closure is made of. I plan to be very careful opening the case. It closes securely so far. I am not worried about it opening on its own. This is a very nice case and I am pleased with the price.

👤I bought two containers to hold my larger tips and Russian icing. They fit well. They had cracked and broken corners on the lids. It is not a product problem because my other Ateco containers are the same material and undamaged. The pieces from the corners weren't in the box from Amazon so the damage happened before being shipped to me. I will be ordering more containers for my other tips.

👤I had an old storage box that was cracked and I bought this to replace it. The middle of this one is broken, whereas the plastic mold lid is good. I don't think there is a hole, but it looks terrible. It looks cracked. I might have lived with my cracked storage box.

3. MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

MDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer

The DMoose cable box organizers gives you amazing storage due to its ideal capacity and provides you with multi-functional usage. The box is a phone stand and a charging station. You can tidy up your space if you allow yourself the comfort of a cable box. Store and organize. This bin is great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, and it's also great for keeping small packages of nuts. There are four divided sections. The built-in dividers make it easy to separate and organize your items, and the container is small enough to fit into a small kitchen cabinet, cupboard and pantry shelves. It works well on the counter, in cabinets, pantry, and more, and it can be used in any room of the house. Easy Care is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is not dishwasher safe. Each measures 6 x 10 x 3.5 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤These are a nice size and feel sturdy, but not as big as I want. The ones I received were not clear. I would call them smoke. They are translucent gray, which makes me crazy because my other bins are all clear. They are going back because I ordered Clear.

👤I don't have a real pantry and instead have a cupboard with deep shelves and no built ins to keep things organized. I ordered a few sizes of MDesign bins because it was so disorganized that I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted small bins for snacks and other items that were getting buried behind other stuff, so I used large bins for major food categories. I bought a few MDesign bins to stack on top of my big bins. These are perfect for small items like cocoa and instant breakfast packets, as well as snacks like dried fruit and so on. I love that I can see what I have in my cupboard now that I have been able to get rid of the dirty outer packaging. These small plastic bins look great. These are lightweight, stack easily and are an orderly way to use the extra space I have from my cupboard shelves. These are easy to organize and maneuver because they don't have handles. I like the clear bins as it makes it easy to see everything, but I have also added pantry labels as a finishing touch. I was told by MDesign customer service that some styles of the smaller bins are made in other countries. If that is important, it is best to contact the company. I washed my bins after they arrived, even though they looked great. I am buying more of this style for a narrow cupboard where I store my spices and I love these bins. Great product. 5 stars.

👤I got additional styles of the same brand after getting two of these. They are helpful to keep things organized and ready to eat in the morning. We have a section for things that are easy to find. I switched from baskets to this and won't go back. I have a separate one for after school snacks. If you want to build a system, this is a great tool to use. We have bought other styles for the drawer in our fridge to separate meats, cheeses, eggs, and yogurts. It has been a great investment to our family.

👤The food storage organizers is very sturdy. I did not order it to organize food. I wanted to keep my face masks in my car. It is the perfect size to keep my masks separate so I don't get sick from the others.

👤I bought clear bins to organize my pantry. The mDesign bins are of better quality than the cheaper ones, and the walls are definitely stronger. If I need more, I'll look to see if the mDesign brand has the size I need.

👤This is a great storage box. The plastic is not tall. I was able to put my restaurant condiments in my least usable space in my fridge. I had to make room for my creamers in my fridge. I used the other one in my office to organize my office supplies. Since it is clear, I can see what I have in there and make my space look better. If you wanted to, you can stack them easily.

4. Stalwart Pink Storage Toolbox Compartments

Stalwart Pink Storage Toolbox Compartments

The D-line Large Cord Management Box is used to cover and protect power strips up to a length of more than 13 feet. The sewing storage box has a spot for everything you need to keep organized, with a main section that is perfect for holding bigger items like tools. The pink tool chest is portable and travel friendly with its convenient carrying handle. There is a plastic cover that keeps the drawers contained and secure. Sturdy design, made from high-impact polypropylene, is what makes this jewelry making organizer and included storage compartment trays rugged. This craft tool box is perfect for a small parts organization for hardware like nails, screws, and bolts, or bead storage, fishing tackle, jewelry, and crafting supplies. It is the only spot storage solution you have been looking for. The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are: (L) 11 x (W) 7 x (H) 10. The color was pink, black, gray and clear. There is a separate top compartment for bigger tools and parts. Dividing Walls can be removed to modify Compartments in each organizer. Dividing Walls can be removed to modify Compartments in each organizer.

Brand: Stalwart

👤This is the third time I have bought this item and I expected a pink and dark green case with individually spacing clear internal boxes and they must have switched the product and never changed any part of the description or any of the pictures. I'm angry. The individual spacing options on each row are useless. It doesn't match any of the pictures on the site, it's not the right color, and you have to rip the front panel off because of the poor design. There is no way to know what they are sending you. It's a scam.

👤I often have small packets or tubes of beads here and there. I wanted to order one of the storage solutions that I use to see if it would be useful. I love it! It's well-made, and even after I dropped it, every bead stayed in its own storage compartment.

👤Very small and cute. I would like the size to be in the heading. I was trying to avoid getting a bigger tool box because I could buy it cheaper at Home Depot. It was cute for crafts, but not what I thought it would be. It seems to be very durable. The size is next to a small laundry soap bottle. I think so.

👤This is not the same as my previous unit. I need all 18 of them, but the one I received only has 13 of them, because the front rows of the trays have no divider capacity. The front of each compartment is not sloped as shown in the current photo. It's difficult to remove small items because it's a flat-bottomed 90 degree edge. The front cover has a different latch system. It has a plastic notch at the top of the cover that is difficult to open, unlike the grey hinged latches. It would take more time to find a different unit than it would for me to jerryrig/tape the 6 compartments in the front rows. I wish I had paid more for the yellow one and gotten the cheaper one. They need to change the photos and description to match what they're selling now.

👤I wanted to get them all sorted, I've recently started to buy more for kimberly and I wanted to organize them. I will return the organizers since they don't suit my needs but for someone looking for something for smaller items it's good. It is small, but not as small as I was looking for, because it does not include dimensions that I was looking for. This is a good product for other projects.

👤I was expecting it to be larger, but I'm not sure if it's the angle of the stock photos used in this listing or what... I can't put all of my jewelry making supplies in this chest. I like the vibrant purple color of this box and it seems sturdy. If you're looking to keep your child's Lego pieces in one place then this is the perfect set, it's $33 and it's more like it.

5. Three Layer Multipurpose Organizer Supplies Medicine

Three Layer Multipurpose Organizer Supplies Medicine

A handy storage box with handle on lid can be used for a variety of purposes. This zone is enough to orderly store kids toys, sewing staffs, and other items, because the box is 12 x 7 x 6 and the trays have compartments. This multi-purpose tool container is perfect for storing all of the staffes that are piecemeal, such as sewing units, nail art, kids toys, medicine reserves, and so on. Premium Quality Cute Color Options: made of durable pp metirial, light weight, build in a handle on lip which is very easy for carring, there are three super lovely color for selecting, not only kids but adults will love this cute tool box!

Brand: Tergoo

👤I got all three colors, but have yet to use the green one. The shelves are attached to the lid of the box, which makes it a really good box. The bottom half of the building is completely available since the shelves are all in the top half. I was able to fit more than I thought. In the pink one, I have a ds lite, a 3ds and a new 3ds along with all the chargers they came with, and joycon grip, all in the bottom half. It was a little more difficult to get it to close, but it's holding up well. There are two external hard drives, sata cables, some a/v cables, some old laptop chargers, watches, and some wall chargers in the bottom half of the house. It's great that the lid is still higher than the top shelf, so you can still put things that aren't flat. The plastic doesn't seem to be the most durable, so I can't imagine it being damaged by a drop.

👤Don't waste your money. I asked to return it immediately after I received it. It's cheap and flimsy, not sure what you could put in it, and it might fall apart. Amazon didn't want me to send it back and get my money back. Maybe they can make something out of it, I threw it in the recycle bin.

👤There is a lot of storage. I bought this for my girls to store their dolls. Medium and small dolls fit well in it. It makes it easy to clean up.

👤The pull out trays are large enough to fit many sewing items. Nice color.

👤I bought a small storage box to hold my sewing supplies and I use it to sew on a regular basis. I have a drawer in a drawer that I use for larger items, but it holds my go to items easily. It looks nice and I like the way it's easy to get to layers.

👤My 4 year old needs this to organize her collection. It works perfectly for what I needed. I don't think this will last more than a few months. The lock tried to give up as it was a little flimsy.

👤This case is perfect for storing my art supplies. It has a lot of places to store my supplies.

👤The box is good, but the dividers are not really in the slides. It is too big. So it bends.

👤Very good online shop. I got a green box. I am very satisfied with the product and the shop. Thank you!

👤When this arrived, I was surprised. It exceeded my expectations. The design is very strong and thick. Love it.

👤The material is siente. The plstico resistente con razn el precio, comparado con otras por ejemplo.

👤The product was very good. It is value for money. I like it. My purpose is to have a good stationery box.

👤Aprils 2 semaines...

6. Organizer Dividers Container Adjustable Accessories

Organizer Dividers Container Adjustable Accessories

The dimensions are 10.25 W X 5.5 H X 6.5 D. The outer dimensions of each craft storage are 10.8 inches long x 7.0 inches wide x 1.8 inches high, and the internal grid size is 1.7 inches long x 1.1 inches wide x 1.7 inches high. The small part organizers can be disassembled and reassembled at will. The bead organizers container can be cut to fit your needs, because each divider is a group of two small grids. The art bead storage box is made of transparent pp plastic, which makes it easy to see the contents. The jewelry box is ideal for storing small objects such as craft beads, fishing tackles, washi tapes, nail art kit, diamond painting kits, trinkets, jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, strings, bait letterheads, pills, electronic components, crafts, nails, nuts, screws, The tackle box has been tested. They will reply within 24 hours if you want to enjoy a nice shopping experience in Outuxed.

Brand: Outuxed

👤I was excited that it was sturdy and workable. I put my beads in the boxes and closed them. The dividers don't go all the way to the bottom of the box, and all my different colors of beads got mixed up. I will never get these beads separated. Very disappointed.

👤A great box for organizing. It was bought to organize my floss. The model I ordered from a different seller is the same as this one. The plastic is light and not flimsy, and the dividers going the long direction are replaceable. The hinges and latches are working. There are 3 bobbins of floss in this case. It was simple, functional and what I needed.

👤A great box! I will be buying another to keep the rest of my jewelry organized. The only complaint I have about the dividers is that they slide out too easily and if I pull up the divider, my beads are no longer in their own slots.

👤I am using this to organize my earnings. The price was not out of line. This is very easy to use. It's easy to clean. My earnings look good.

👤I wanted to keep a lot of pins together, so the dividers helped. I changed the section for a better fit. Fast delivery!

👤The cases were made of plastic. It is fine for very light items, but heavier than I would recommend. I don't think the lid will hold up. Each time it was opened it made a loud creaking noise, like it wasn't attached properly from the factory. I wouldn't endorse anything other than very light items. If you want to use them for your intended purpose, they will be fine.

👤I would have liked to be more impressed with these. They are just the right size and the amount of the compartments is great, but the lid flies up when the latch is undone. The room between the lid and the dividers is enough for things like beads to slip through the cracks and get mixed up, which is really annoying. A little disappointed.

👤The size of the compartments is perfect. When the tray is closed and locked, items stay in place. There is a The only negative thing about this product is the fact that the pieces don't lock into place, which is a problem if you want to make larger areas. It is easy to misplace them when you pick up items in individual sections.

7. Creative 1363 85 No 2 3630 Pro Latch Organizers

Creative 1363 85 No 2 3630 Pro Latch Organizers

There are different types of compartments. The Pro-Latch locking system is exclusive. It's perfect for sewing, crafting, beading, sewing or scrapbooking. There is a clear door.

Brand: Creative

👤This is a great setup for someone who sews a decent amount but not all the time. I need it for sewing and crochet. I like the way the compartments are adjusted. Very sturdy. I have several other kits that break after a few uses. This one has not. It holds all my sewing equipment, so I just have to grab it with the machine and cutting board.

👤Storage for my crafting tools is nice. I kept a lot of my tools in a bag. I was tired of getting poked by the tools I was looking for in my bag. This makes it possible for me to see what I pick up and organize them. It is the perfect size. There is a lot of room for diffferent tools. There is plenty of space for larger items in the top. See the pictures for reference. The locking system seems sturdy and it seems like the whole system will be good for a long time. The colors are cute. The top has a subtle pearlescent shine that is really pretty. The only thing I am not happy about is that the dividers are not removed. The description says they are changeable. Extra compartments can be created by using the extra dividers with each container. I would have liked it if they were all gone. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I have been looking for a tool box style organizer for my assortment of nails, screws, drill bits, eye hooks, and this is absolutely perfect. It ordered the small which has four small pull out divider trays, each tray comes with some tabs so you can divide them into the size sections you want. The trays are secured with a flip up cover when they slide back in. I don't have to worry about it. I placed 2 more trays that I had previously purchased in the top. I love the carry handle because it allows me to bring my entire selection with me and not worry about forgetting something, especially when I need to run to my mom's house to help her with her projects. I put the organizers in my cupboard next to my drill. This is what I have been looking for and it keeps everything in one spot. If they ever come out with a 5 or 6 tray, I will order it just to give me more space, but it holds everything I needed it to.

👤A good tool to carry small items. The 3 drawer pull out is great, but beware that each drawer has fixed dividers and some options for additional division.

👤I'm having a hard time giving this box a rating. I didn't realize how small the compartments were, even though they have the dimensions listed. It has plastic inserts to help separate the compartments and it seems to be well built. My issue is trying to find items that will fit in it. My original idea was to keep little sewing needles and thread in it, but I didn't know the size. It will hold beads and small jewelry.

8. Simple Houseware Stackable Sliding Organizer

Simple Houseware Stackable Sliding Organizer

It's suitable for family, car, school, gym, workplace, travel, camping, office, health clinics, hospitals. The sliding basket is easy to access in limited space and can be stacked together. No tools were needed. Save more space by assembling the baskets. There are two drawers and the top surface. It's great for kitchen, bathroom and storage room organization. Gain more space in the pantry room. The metal construction has a chrome finish. The dimensions are 16.75''L x 11'' W x 13.75'' H and the drawer height is small. The dimensions are 16.75''L x 11'' W x 13.75'' H and the drawer height is small.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤It is amazing! It was turned into a pantry that was easy to access.

👤I am getting on a train to organize my home. I bought two of these to put some order in my messy pantry. It's really simple to put together. I think I can make a living doing that, as I was able to put the first one together in about 5 minutes and the second in about an hour. I had an extra metal shelf put on top of the first cabinet in order to use it the most since it was not high enough to put two on top of each other. I can finally see what's in my pantry. The plan was for my tupperware. It wasn't deep enough to make it work and the two basket version would be better for this. I used it to organize my veggies. It's satisfying to be able to pull them out and just see what I have, no guess and no mess, with the help of liners made from paper bags. It is taking. I am having no quality issues because of thecent amount of weight. The tights zip tied together was slightly annoying. I tried to get the thingnoff. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The material is sturdy and lightweight. There is nothing to help the drawers glide in and out, it's just metal on metal when you open and close the drawers. The metal rubbing against itself is what eventually does this in.

👤Since we don't have enough storage space in our house, we use an armoire as a pantry. I originally looked at having some expensive shelving ordered for it, but it was set aside. With the time I have at home these days, I'm focusing on some projects to organize. If the Konmarie method comes to mind, raise your hand. They fit perfectly. It's great to be able to see what we have. I tried a lot of different methods when putting them together. I hope it helps you. The bottom feet pieces are easy to install, by sliding into the leg and pushing the button. When it came time to bolt the top piece to the legs, I had a trial and error. I tightened the bolts one by one on the first shelf. The last bolt was harder to line up than the others, so it was a challenge. So one down...five to go! I tried bolting the top shelf by installing the first bolt and then installing the second bolt on the diagonal. It was a bit easier than the first. I put the bottom basket into the third shelf to make it stable, and did the bolts the same way as shelf number two. Not bad. The best method was found in the fourth shelf. Without installing the bottom basket like shelf three, I bolted the top on as folllows, but don't tighten down until all four are started. tighten them using an "X" pattern once in place. Motorheads will understand this concept if they tighten their nuts. I'm happy with the shelves. I will update this review if I encounter any issues over time.

9. Sterilite 14138606 Layer Stack 8 Inch

Sterilite 14138606 Layer Stack 8 Inch

There are three tiers of storage with one insert. The box has a handle on it. It's 10 5/8 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2''

Brand: Sterilite

👤This is a nice concept but it can come apart easily. I need a lot of storage containers for my small boat. I like the way they stack. They have come apart a couple of times, so only 3 stars for this. I finally got fed up with the traffic and lack of competing products when shopping at the local big-box stores so now I do almost all my shopping on Amazon. The best way to counter fake reviews is for legitimate customers to post more real reviews. 100% of my reviews are for products that I paid full price for. If I can convince a company to send me something for free, I won't be changing my opinion of a product because I paid for it. We should all know what the best products are. If you find this review helpful, witty, charming, absurd, let me know by clicking on one of those buttons right there.

👤STERILITE provided a 6 section insert to use for smaller things. You can use it in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen drawers. I bought four of them when I couldn't find the larger ones in my neighborhood stores. I was able to find the larger ones I wanted. The sizes were only $6.50 each. They were being carried for $10 by SALVAGEDATA. There is a If I couldn't find them in my area, I'd order them from Amazon at the asking price. I wanted to use these for my paints. I need to do a lot of little things with my nails. The containers are perfect for that. These aren't big deep containers, but they would be great for kids crayons, rubberbands, and bracelets. Magicians. The list is endless. As soon as I got them home, my mind went into a frenzy and I am going to get more. One of my son's repairs was a sauna, and he took one for the gasket, washers O rings, and other things he needed. I made my own touch by measuring and cutting a thick rubber shelf liner to the bottoms of the containers. It helps prevent items from rolling around. I added photos to help you decide if these are the things you are looking for. I hope I can help. Thanks for reading.

👤The product would be a five star product if it had a blue insert for every case. I don't think it would cost much more than a few cents and would be more useful since you can choose to use the insert or not. The inserts could be sold separately as an add-on. I still recommend them, they are very useful. Another reviewer pointed out that the clasps that hold the bins together on the sides do not clasp strongly enough, so I have removed another star. Due to this one or more bins will detach, spilling the contents. I feel it is necessary to make sure potential buyers are aware of these issues, even though I find them useful enough to recommend. The manufacturer could easily address both of the issues that I mentioned. If that were an option, I would give a 5 star product instead of 3 1/2 stars.

10. Moretoes 10x10x5 Pastries Cookies Cupcakes

Moretoes 10x10x5 Pastries Cookies Cupcakes

Nordic Ware is made in the USA. There are enough baking trays and love stickers to make your gift full of love. The perfect size is 10x10x5 inches and is the best choice for placing pies, small cakes, donuts, biscuits, chocolate, candy. It's easy to see things inside a transparent window. It is made of high quality cardboard material that is safe and reliable. The package is easy to fold and assemble. If you don't need to use it, you can flatten it to make it easier to store. The perfect partner for wedding, baby shower, birthday, party, bridal gift, holiday celebration, you can also personalize the baking gift box with the brush and sticker.

Brand: Moretoes

👤The boxes allowed for my cake to be delivered. I was proud of the finished look. I put the cakes on the boards. The cake didn't touch the sides after it was decorated.

👤I have ordered these a few times, and each time I have been in love. They have begun to skip on the quality. The white is not as bright as it used to be. I will give them one more chance to get it right and then switch to something else. It has been a great run. The quality should be consistent.

👤I will not buy a cake box again because I have so many. 1. I was confused at first about how to put the lid in the box, but I was able to do it in a few minutes. 2. It is not normal. I could tell when I was putting it together. I was surprised by the reviews. The box is pressing on your cake because of a slight pressure on the side of your hand. You need to open it again and then press the side out. 3. If you hold it at the bottom and don't touch the sides, you will be okay.

👤I bought these boxes because they were out of stock. I'm pleased with the value, but not with the quality. If you carry the boxes by the sides, they will cave in on your cakes, even though they are the perfect size for my 10-inch cake boards. I realized how flimsy the sides were before I made that mistake. I've been writing "Don't Hold" on the sides of the boxes and on the front of the boxes to prevent others from bashing in a cake. Not very professional looking, but necessary. Is it possible that I would buy these again? Yes. They're cheaper than the ones in Wilton, and they serve their purpose well if handled properly.

👤It is very weak and wobbly from the sides and the top lid, so it is dangerous for a cake since it will touch the sides and the sides of the lid by the time you close. I don't recommend this cake boxes. I will tell you that I only use My jellos. I wanted them for cakes, not jellos. The price is good but the quality is bad.

👤These are my new cake boxes. I had issues with a different cake box that didn't fit a standard 10 inch cake board. There are no more worries with these boxes. The cake board slides in. A three layer cake can easily be accommodated by a box height. The box is easy to put together and comes with stickers to seal the lid down. I found the stickers a little tacky, but they are nice touch. If they were blank with accents to where I could write what I wanted, they would be better. The boxes were sturdy and came in a bag with a zip seal. It makes me happy that the boxes stay covered, even if I have to store them away for a while.

11. YouCopia 50173 WrapStand Kitchen Organizer

YouCopia 50173 WrapStand Kitchen Organizer

The green baseplates in this build it yourself set measure over 6 inches long and 6 inches wide, and 4 inches long and 2 inches respectively, and are ideal for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 99 years old. You can store sandwich bag boxes up to 3.5" wide with the eight wire holders on the stand. The Wrap Stand can be used as a wrap or baggie dispensers by opening the box so it is facing out. You can organize your foil, wrap and bag boxes by storing them in vertical fashion. The Wrap Stand has a unique design that allows access to all your boxes while keeping them neat and tidy. No installation or tools required. You can adjust the wire holders to fit your boxes and have your rack in a lower cabinet or pantry. You can move the Wrap Stand whenever you want with a caddy handle. Tuck it back into place when you're done with the kitchen, then move it from the cabinet to the countertop while you make lunches. Wrap Stand Wrap and Bag Caddy is about the size of a car. It was made from high-quality plastic and steel.

Brand: Youcopia

👤I almost didn't buy it because of some reviews that showed theirs was warped. I'm glad I decided to try it. I love it! I was exactly what I needed to make it easy to get to a few things. I can see why warped shelves have that problem. They did not build it correctly. There is a warning label about this. I definitely recommend this item.

👤I have purchased three Youcopia organizers. The first was purchased to hold my snack, sandwich bags, quart, and gallon size bags from the pantry to the kitchen area. One regular and one extralarge pot lit holder was the second. The third purchase was the UpSpace Box Wrap organizers. I use it for wraps, bag extras, and trash bags too. The quality of this item and the other ones I purchased was very good. I had a need and they filled it beautifully.

👤Not worth the money. It is almost like it is not designed to fit together. I will never order this brand of anything again, even though it is not worth the effort to return it. The shelves are not large enough to fit on the sides. The sides are being pulled in after I forced it. It looks like garbage but I need something made by someone who cares about their products and knows what they're doing. I wasted 20 bucks that could have been used to feed my kids. You can see how the bottom is bowed.

👤I really wanted this to work for me, but it didn't. I wanted to use plastic bags. The wraps were longer than the wire holders and were sliding off. The unit would move when I grabbed a baggie. It would only work if it was in the cabinet. It is easy to put together. It was a bad design for me. The box was thrown.

👤I was very excited to get this organized and to be a space saver. When it arrived, I thought it was clunky. When you put it together, you were able to choose where you wanted the shelves. I found that it did not fit items like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and baggies. The shelf was either low or crushing the box, making it difficult to pull in or out, leaving it too loose for the product to fall out, or not utilizing all of the space correctly for maximum storage. My main reason for purchase was to save space, I put it on the shelf and it took up more space than just having the boxes stacked on each other like I originally had. So disappointing. The product was sturdy. I would have kept it if the shelving was a perfect fit. I returned it.

👤I took less than 5 minutes to assemble. It fit on my shelf perfectly. I was able to put things on the top. I would like it to be wider.

👤I like this "shelf". I've tried other racks that didn't work. You can easily change your setup with this rack. It will hold the family size boxes. I don't have to take the whole box out to get a baggie.


What is the best product for cake organizer box?

Cake organizer box products from Honey-can-do. In this article about cake organizer box you can see why people choose the product. Ateco and Mdesign are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake organizer box.

What are the best brands for cake organizer box?

Honey-can-do, Ateco and Mdesign are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake organizer box. Find the detail in this article. Stalwart, Tergoo and Outuxed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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