Best Cake Organizer Caddy

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1. Kitchen Cabinet Adjustable Compartments Organizer

Kitchen Cabinet Adjustable Compartments Organizer

The wipe warmer is not included. It works with the Warm Glow Wipe Warmer. You can store up to five pans. No installation is required. Pick the way you want to use the rack. The steel construction has an elegant chrome finish. It's great for Cast Iron Skillet. The compartment has a minimum height of 1.3 and a distributed height of 2.9.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤It's easy to setup, and it's a sturdy way to store your pans. We used to use cloth stars to prevent damage to the non-stick surface, as shown in image 3. It was necessary to remove more than one pan at a time before receiving the new storage system. We can easily access the pan we want and only have to remove the one pan. This prevents the non-stick surface from being damaged.

👤Let me start saying yes. I finally found a pan organizer. The chrome finish makes it look modern. It would be a great addition to any home. It is strong. I was able to put my pans on it with ease. Please read carefully the CON, which may be a large enough con to not buy the product. The item is very tight and awkward to fit in and it requires you to press the item together onto the srand. I pinched my fingers. I wouldn't suggest this item for people with arthritis or joint problems.

👤It's fabulous! Couldn't be happier with the product! I have two 12” organizers. It was used in a cabinet that is deep above my double oven and it is so much better now than it was before. It's very easy to put together if you have good hand grip skills. Very strong. I can't imagine it breaking in. The vertical dividers are tall so things don't lean against each other. A lot of the other products only had four or five inch tall dividers, and these taller ones are better. I would like to know how to buy more dividers. Even though someone said they were there, I couldn't find anything on Amazon.

👤This is a very good product. I was not sure if it was strong enough, but it is. It took less than a minute to assemble. I'll probably buy another one. If you are considering getting one, buy it!

👤It seems silly that this little item could make a huge difference in the organization of my pantry, but boy, let me tell you! Being able to store things like cutting boards, griddles, cookie sheets, and cupcake pans vertically makes them look better, but they are much easier to get to than pulling from the bottom of a precarious pile! These are big enough to hold my heavy cast iron griddle. I used the other to store pots and a strainer vertically. I was a big advocate of "nesting" my pots and pans, but it was not nice to be able to grab my wok pan without pulling everything else out. I was able to put the extra dividers from the pots and pans in the cookie sheets because of the multiple organizers. It feels good to be organized.

👤The pan organizing rack is large enough to hold most of my large frying and deep saute pans. It can be used without being secured to the inside of the cabinet with screws. I didn't want to put holes in my cabinets so I chose the option of securing it with screws. Even though the racks are adjusted, it is still necessary to be just a little bit taller to use all of them when trying to stack multiple deep saute pans. If only standard depth frying pans were being stacked, the racks could be used. I gave it a 4.5 out of 5.

2. Wilton Boards Round 10 Inch 2104 102

Wilton Boards Round 10 Inch 2104 102

Their customer care philosophy is to make life easier, better and more enjoyable. Quality products are what they aim to bring to you. They make sure they bring you the best. If you don't like your mandoline set, they will give you a replacement or a full refund. The round cake boards allow you to display your cake immediately after decorating it. The boards fit cakes. They're covered with a greaseproof finish and are good to serve on. The materials were produced with the highest grade. The cake circle is in a set of 12. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Wilton

👤I use these whenever I use my cake spinner. If you bring something to a party and don't want to leave your plate or utensils out, they're great.

👤I had high hopes for the cake boards. The packaging is lovely. That's the only positive thing about this item. The boards are very thin and bend very easily.

👤Why didn't I buy now? I take cakes to many bake sales. I can stop trying to keep track of cake pans and the kitchen crew can stop washing them at a cost of less than 50 each. The 10-inch circles were designed for cakes with little on the sides. They fit my unfrosted pans well, with just a small edge around them. If you want to do fancy decorations around the edge of the cake, you can use an 8-inch cake pan or get the next size up. If you want something a little dressier without making icing roses, then try the, which has a little bit of "lace" printed around it. If you don't have frosting or sticky stuff on the cake, you can wrap it in plastic cling wrap. The mailing labels that keep appearing in the junk mail will make any loose ends stick down, and make you put your name on the cake, in case there's a checklist for the bake sale. If it's going to be eaten soon, I usually put the unwrapped cake on the cardboard cake board inside my Tupperware cake taker. I take the cake out and walk my cake carrier back to the car. I don't have to look for my cake taker at the end.

👤It was used for a rotating cake stand. Work the way they should.

👤My son's baseball team put on signs for their hotel door. I had to use permanent marker on the white side or it would come off, but they worked well.

👤I use them for my cakes. They are very strong and resistant to grease. They fit in my southern champion cake boxes. I only gave it four stars because they gave me three 10 packs and 6 loose circles stuck in between two of the packs. I would return cake orders if I didn't have enough for Christmas. When I order, I hope I will get what I pay for.

👤If you bake cakes, these are a must have. I have to transport cakes somewhere else. It's very easy to pick up my cakes with these. It's easier to frost a cake if you use the same diameter as your cake. I wouldn't be able to be without them.

👤I have never used a cake board. I didn't realize I needed a cake board after reading comments. I bought this cake board pack after doing some research. I bake cheesecake. I made coconut cake for the first time. I will get better with practice. The board fits my 8 inch cake. It is easy to wipe off frosting if it gets on the board. Use a dry paper towel.

3. Kinsorcai Removable Multipurpose Organizer Cosmetic

Kinsorcai Removable Multipurpose Organizer Cosmetic

You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids. The storage box is made of high quality PP, light weight and long service life, it is easy to find, easy to classify, and it is made of eco-friendly materials. Clear Pink visible case is perfect for art and craft supplies, tools, medicine, sewing kit, cosmetics or fishing supplies. The multi-layer separation design has good seal performance, dustproof, moisture-proof, prevent children's open buckle design, diversified functions, and powerful storage function. Basic first-aid items are usually stored in large-capacity storage. Food, stationery, cosmetics, clothing, tool accessories, and other items can be stored in a multi-functional storage box. It's suitable for family, car, school, gym, workplace, travel, camping, office, health clinics, hospitals.

Brand: Kinsorcai

👤This is a box for children to keep their things. The top tray has shallow lips, no contact with the roof of the box, and 2 inch gaps on the front and back. All of the items fall out of the top shelf and jam around the other trays when the box is tilted more than 30 degrees. This item is made for children. How often do you think they will tip this box? My child had to spill the top tray. I had to glue small boxes in the top tray to hold her items. The product is not designed well.

👤I ordered this product to keep track of my drugs. It feels a little flimsy and can be wobbly, but other than that it is pretty great. It works for my needs and is very spacious. The product had a better price point. It would work well for art supplies.

👤I thought the tool box would have held my nail equipment better, but overall I am happy. I will order the deeper blue box from the same company for my nail drill. The box fit everything else in my arsenal, as well as being sturdy, as I let my 2 year old toy with it for 30 minutes, with my nail equipment within it, and she held in place with no of my little bits dislodging or moving around. There is a The grooves in the handle fit your hand nicely. The tool box takes up less space than I expected.

👤The picture provided in the listing shows the correct color. The material feels good and the mechanisms work well. It can hold a good amount of weight as I use it to store my gel nail polishes which fit perfectly and the weight is supported by the handle. It is a little pricey for a plastic storage box, but it is worth it since it freed up a lot of space on my shelves.

👤It works well for its intended purpose, just be careful with it. I don't know if it's worth 20$ but I like it.

👤I think of it as soft plastic. It can bend and almost twist, which would take some of the clips and hinges out of place. There are shelves. The hinges allow them to open to a full flat area, preventing the tipping over of an open toolbox. There is a large gap between the top shelf and the lid when it is closed. The left room has a hairbrush on it's back to allow the box to close. We keep accessories in our house, and the brush is for dolls' hair. The box is used for dolls clothes. The drawers and the closet are mimicked by the separate sections. I wouldn't trust this box to be heavier. They made it pink for hair, make up, dolls, and all the stereotypes. Girls like real tools.

👤Storage is absolutely perfect. ! It is large enough to fit with room to spare. The levels are attached to the lid, so you have to open the lid completely to open them. It's not like a caboodle where you lift the shelves. The motion opens the shelves if you open the box completely. If you load the top with too much weight, it will cause stress on the plastic.

4. Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

The pink color is attractive and fun to wear. It's perfect for art and craft supplies, tools, medicine, sewing kit, cosmetics or fishing supplies. It's perfect for storing small tools, fishing gear, arts and crafts materials and more. The portable organizers includes the snap 'n stack one. Convenient access to contents is provided by the stacking of trays, and items are kept separate and organized. There are trays that can be added or removed to personalize the container. The dishwasher, freezer and microwave safes are made of durable plastic.

Brand: Snapware

👤I got the biggest one they had and I didn't know it was that big, but I love this product lightweight easy access to all of your supplies. I have a lot of room for my nails.

👤It holds about 120 bottles of nail polish. I would like it to be made of heavier plastic, but it should work well for storage.

👤It was purchased for freezer storage. The individual sections are great for storing and freezing delicate creations after baking. Sections snap apart for easy access to individual layers.

👤I wanted something to hold my collection of colored pencils. I thought I'd try it after seeing this. I like that it's sheer, so I can see what's in each layer. I like being able to snap on the different trays, but I have to use caution as they are quite sturdy and the tabs are a bit stiff for me. That's a positive thing. I like that it has a carry handle, and as long as you are sure the whole stack is secure, you should be fine. I want more trays, not the handle. I had seen some reviews of the dividers. I don't know how to get these parts. I received contact info from Amazon, but the company has not responded. I was satisfied with the purchase. Good value for money. I was a little disappointed in the lack of communication from the company.

👤I have a wide variety of nail polishes. It is very sturdy and durable. I filled it up and it feels like it won't open.

👤The box is large. I bought my first one over 20 years ago and it is still in perfect condition. I was able to mix and match the old and new design. Baking supplies such as food coloring, pie weights, and pastry tubes can be stored in this container. I stack them high. It has to weigh around 10 pounds. I don't want to push it, but it would probably hold a little more weight. It is not a tool, but it will keep lightweight items organized.

👤I come back for more because the sets stack well. You can arrange how you like if you have multiple units. It is helpful to put two or four bins together. I like them, but they are hard to use. Sometimes I need to adjust a bin to get the one I want. The snap is very secure but can be a little difficult to open and close. They do snap into place. They are great for organizing. I have a few for my collection. I have more sewing supplies. I don't have to hunt through a mess. I have all my sewing tools in one set. My sewing machine and pattern drafting tools are in two other places. I have collected sewing tools for 30 years. The storage sets fit on a cart or shelf. You can see what is in them if you look through them. When I want to rearrange things, I put labels on them that peel off the plastic. These are good but not great. They have been making these for a long time. I got them over 10 years ago and they are the same. Everything looks clean. I only had one break off.

5. Three Layer Multipurpose Organizer Supplies Medicine

Three Layer Multipurpose Organizer Supplies Medicine

A handy storage box with handle on lid can be used for a variety of purposes. This zone is enough to orderly store kids toys, sewing staffs, and other items, because the box is 12 x 7 x 6 and the trays have compartments. This multi-purpose tool container is perfect for storing all of the staffes that are piecemeal, such as sewing units, nail art, kids toys, medicine reserves, and so on. Premium Quality Cute Color Options: made of durable pp metirial, light weight, build in a handle on lip which is very easy for carring, there are three super lovely color for selecting, not only kids but adults will love this cute tool box!

Brand: Tergoo

👤I got all three colors, but have yet to use the green one. The shelves are attached to the lid of the box, which makes it a really good box. The bottom half of the building is completely available since the shelves are all in the top half. I was able to fit more than I thought. In the pink one, I have a ds lite, a 3ds and a new 3ds along with all the chargers they came with, and joycon grip, all in the bottom half. It was a little more difficult to get it to close, but it's holding up well. There are two external hard drives, sata cables, some a/v cables, some old laptop chargers, watches, and some wall chargers in the bottom half of the house. It's great that the lid is still higher than the top shelf, so you can still put things that aren't flat. The plastic doesn't seem to be the most durable, so I can't imagine it being damaged by a drop.

👤Don't waste your money. I asked to return it immediately after I received it. It's cheap and flimsy, not sure what you could put in it, and it might fall apart. Amazon didn't want me to send it back and get my money back. Maybe they can make something out of it, I threw it in the recycle bin.

👤There is a lot of storage. I bought this for my girls to store their dolls. Medium and small dolls fit well in it. It makes it easy to clean up.

👤The pull out trays are large enough to fit many sewing items. Nice color.

👤I bought a small storage box to hold my sewing supplies and I use it to sew on a regular basis. I have a drawer in a drawer that I use for larger items, but it holds my go to items easily. It looks nice and I like the way it's easy to get to layers.

👤My 4 year old needs this to organize her collection. It works perfectly for what I needed. I don't think this will last more than a few months. The lock tried to give up as it was a little flimsy.

👤This case is perfect for storing my art supplies. It has a lot of places to store my supplies.

👤The box is good, but the dividers are not really in the slides. It is too big. So it bends.

👤Very good online shop. I got a green box. I am very satisfied with the product and the shop. Thank you!

👤When this arrived, I was surprised. It exceeded my expectations. The design is very strong and thick. Love it.

👤The material is siente. The plstico resistente con razn el precio, comparado con otras por ejemplo.

👤The product was very good. It is value for money. I like it. My purpose is to have a good stationery box.

👤Aprils 2 semaines...

6. YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Organizer

YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Organizer

The patent is called USD830781S1. Pans, platter, and cutting boards are not included in the lower cabinet or pantry. The additional Store More bakeware wire dividers are sold separately. One minute set-up, no tools required, and strong coated steel wires fit securely into base. The base should be placed on a flat surface. The wire divider should be put into an open slot on the base. The open slot on the opposite side of the base is where you can squeeze the other end of the divider. To lock in place, release. Place the dividers as necessary to fit your items. They recommend that the dividers be close to each other to keep them upright and easy to remove. The round pans stay centered in the base with soft non-slip feet. There is no installation or mounting required for this cabinet organizer. Measures 7.3" x 11.5" The weight is 1.2lb.

Brand: Youcopia

👤I bought a second one after loving it so much. It works great for circular pans, 9x13 cake pans, heavier pans, jelly roll pans, awkward collapsible colanders, cutting boards, whatever you want. Non-skid feet are a big plus. I have a cabinet that I bought a year ago for my slim cabinet next to my oven, but if you have the space, you can get the YouCopia one. The metal dividers fit a bit better over the Copco, and it's nice to have the accommodation of circular pans/lids.

👤I don't know why I didn't do it earlier. The lid organizers are very good. If you stack the lids sideways and the drawer is long enough, you can use two in a drawer. The base is solid and has rubber on the bottom so it doesn't slide, and the wires are plastic coated so they don't scratch glass lids. The wire holders can be put in different spots on the base to make the lid gap different. I can put my oven mitt in the drawer, but I need the exact lid. I am very happy with this product.

👤I have a collection of Nordic Ware novelty baking pans that I use to make small cakes in the form of cars, bugs, cottages, maple leaves and so on. These pans can't be nested inside each other because they're all different shapes, they can't be stacked because they aren't flat, and they can't be stored in their original boxes because they come without a box. Their weight distribution is so skewed that standing them on edge and supporting them against each other is a precarious solution. I had to get all of them out of the open cardboard box in order to reach those at the back. It was not great. I realized I needed a rack, but not just any rack, because of the weird shapes of these pans. I needed something to adjust. I needed a bakeware rack for my pans and this is what I found. It was easy to set up. I took it out of the box and put a pan after each one so I could figure out where the next one would go. I can make the space fit the dimensions of the pan very closely because the holes for the spacers are close together. The wire and base are strong. The little non-skid feet on the bottom help keep the rack in place as I pull heavy pans out. My pans are neatly organized side by side. They are easy to remove. My pans are held up by the wire spacers and stand straight up against each other. This rack is great for novelty bakeware. I ordered another one for my more conventional bakeware because I liked this storage rack so much. I put the pans together and put them in a slot on the rack to make use of the space. I am happy to report that this rack works well for conventional bakeware as well.

7. Wilton Ultimate Tool Caddy Aqua

Wilton Ultimate Tool Caddy Aqua

All your cake decorating supplies are easily accessible in the tool storage case. Will hold all your decorating tools. There are 2 top compartments for holding tips, 3 small see-through drawers in the centre, and a drawer on the bottom of the white and blue rectangular case. The size is 35 cm x 38 cm x 13 cm.

Brand: Wilton

👤I thought it would be bigger. I don't think the cost plus shipping is worth it. She said she will make it work.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's birthday twice. Both times it was broken. If it's broken, I'm done and I'm going to order it again.

👤The first one I bought was perfect for me. The girls wanted me to buy them a Christmas present for their mom, and I loved the idea. I did. The first picture shows where the broken item was found. I ordered another one for her and it was shipped much better and without damage. Two out of three is okay. I couldn't get my money back for the other. Overall, 4 stars.

👤This is a great product, it is very durable and the storage is great. I am very happy that I can grab it and set it next to me while I am working.

👤The plastic sides of the Ultimate Tool Caddy can't be cleaned easily. The plastic can crack and break so you have to be careful with it. It is not strong or durable. The material and the fact that you can't remove the sides for cleaning makes it a little challenging.

👤I live for everything that is perfect. The spots that had the holes or the cuts.

👤You need to make a box that holds my tools and cookie cutter because I love this product. It's a good thing.

👤I have wanted one of these for a long time and finally bought one.

👤The side panel on the caddy doesn't stick on and it looks used. It was not in its original packaging. I am pretty sure they tried to get me to buy a used caddy even though I paid for a brand new one.

👤I bought it for my girlfriend. I love it.

👤The Auenseiten angebrachten Teile is an absolute Fehlkonstruktion. The Plastik ist viel. Haltenasen waren bei Lieferung. The war is so. Fr den hohen Preis ist. Deshalb 2 Sterne ist das Platzangebot.

👤The item was returned due to damage. The second came with pieces that had been taped to it. Very disappointed!

👤Come da foto... Utile strumento per avere.

8. Organizer Adjustable Oragnizer Kitchen Counter Included

Organizer Adjustable Oragnizer Kitchen Counter Included

You can easily organize essentials in any room. The pan organizers come with 8 tiers and 6 hooks that are S shaped. The pan rack has a rubber coating on its dividers that prevents kitchen tools from scratching and slipping. You have more options to organize pots with different sizes with the height and position design. The pot lid organizers are easy to assemble in 3 ways. You can either install 8 tiers on one side of the pan rack or 4 tiers on both sides of the pan rack. All the needed accessories and instructions are included in this cabinet organizer. Once you have received the item, you can begin installation. Pot holders for counter cabinet save space. It is a great solution for storing pots and pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other items in a single place. The pot organizer can hold up to 8 pans, which will help the kitchen stay organized. The cookware organizers is made from solid construction and easy to clean. It is very firm and elegant. Solid triangular design is more stable and less likely to fall. The pot lid rack is rustproof. The U shape grooves are able to hold the pot lids in place while being used vertically. The depth of the U shape grooves has been upgraded. The U shape grooves are able to hold the pot lids in place while being used vertically. The depth of the U shape grooves has been upgraded.

Brand: Devan

👤The invention in the kitchen cabinets is the best ever. These items fill up all the space without it. I love it! This is a must have item for every household. The place where you can hang your cooking utensils is even better. I love this set.

👤Don't buy this product. Since I wrote a honest review of the product, this company has been sending me harassing emails. If it stayed together, it could be a perfect product. I intended to use one vertically and the other horizontally on my island for pots and pans. The lightest pans do not stay together when turned vertically. I have to be very careful when placing my pans. The stability of the dividers will be great if the new manufacturer improves it.

👤It works well in my kitchen. They would be next to each other. I had an issue with pulling out cast iron pans. I used the included S hooks to solve the problem. They should be in back but in front for the picture.

👤If you plan to use this as a single sided rack, it is only for very lightweight items. I tried to set the pots and pans up vertically. I put a pot on the bottom rung, but when I put a pan on the next tier, it collapsed. If you have the space, you can put rungs on both sides, but you can't put heavy items on it. I used it horizontally and it worked out, but it was not how I wanted to use it. It slides around easily because it doesn't have a rubber footing. The instructions are in a foreign language. If you have lightweight pots and pans, this is ok, but if you don't, get something more rugged.

👤This thing is great. It's very sturdy and totally changeable. I have it with me, it holds up 2 full sized le crusets, plus 3 sauce pans and lids. I spent years picking up and moving pots because I didn't buy it sooner.

👤It was easy to assemble and you can adjust it to what you need. I put my cast iron pans on the bottom because I didn't want them to warp the higher holders. It seems very sturdy and I love that it gives me organization.

👤It is easy to assemble. All kinds of pots and pans can be adjusted. The use of vertical means that cookware is easy to access.

👤I have exposed pots and pans in my small kitchen. The whole look of my kitchen has been changed by this organizer. It looks like a Cook's kitchen now. Every pot and pan has a home. So happy to have found this.

9. Rubbermaid Servin Saver Cake Keeper

Rubbermaid Servin Saver Cake Keeper

The food safe/dishwasher safe cake holder is completely safe for all food. A red base with a plastic cover. 13 x 7 inches.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤Went from a low rated review to 5 stars. The cake saver didn't snap together or fit correctly, so I was very unhappy with it. I was surprised that there were so many positive reviews and that some of them speculated about the design. I was close to taking a return. I realized I had a base that was upside down. It was shipped in the wrong place. I am very happy with the design of the cake keeper and I am confident it will be a great cake keeper.

👤Air could still get in at the attached handle of the cake holder if it had a handle on it. This doesn't have a handle, which is why it is completely air tight. It keeps cake fresh. I would recommend it.

👤Some reviewers said it is and some said it isn't. It is snug enough to keep things fresh for a few days. It's not difficult to remove the lid if you don't have a seal. It would be difficult to get the lid off without mashing icing against the inside of the lid. If it had an actual seal, you could use it for anything you want, but it would be thrown away if you tried to open it. It's good. There are familiar Rubbermaid materials. A plate with a cake on it within the container. I haven't tried 3-layers, but I think they would work if the plate isn't tall.

👤I don't think this could hold cake better. It really protects it. My dad tried to eat the cake with the plastic. Christmas was saved because he was completely defeated. Five stars, baby. Before serving cake to bubble boys, please consult your physician.

👤I was excited to find a name brand cake cover. The cake must cool before it is baked. I turned the cake onto the plate so it could continue to cool. The entire center of the storage plate had slumped after I removed the cake. I let it rest upside down, hoping it would regain its shape. No luck. I am surprised that this happened because the cake was warm when I turned it out. I have been a cook for a long time. I know that this is not normal. I own a similar Tupperware unit and have never had a problem with it. I just spent money for something I am not willing to use again, so I hope this unit was the exception.

👤The product is reminiscent of the Tupperware cake holder. It is large enough for a 3 layer cake. It does what it is supposed to do.

👤I like Rubbermaid products. We have never had a problem with Rubbermaid, but our problem is with Amazon, not Rubbermaid. The cake holder was damaged when it arrived from Amazon. The cake holder came in a box that was furnished by Amazon. The box was too large, it may have been dropped, or it may have caused the cake holder to hit the sides during transit, cracking the lid. After we notified Rubbermaid, they asked for pictures of the damage, and then sent us a new cake holder in a Rubbermaid box that fit the size of the cake holder!

10. Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer Colors

Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer Colors

Made in the USA or imported. There is a table top organizer that holds diapers, wipes, and more. A flat top holds a wipe warmer. There are side bins that organize things. There are scented diaper bags. The Diaper Bag refill is sold separately. The easy access compartment has over 20 diapers. The wipe warmer is not included. It works with the Warm Glow Wipe Warmer. The wipe warmer is not included. It works with the Warm Glow Wipe Warmer.

Brand: Munchkin

👤The diaper and wipe caddy is perfect for changing a baby. It has a good amount of stuff. You have to assemble it when you get it, so be careful when moving it. I always check the reviews when I buy something online. I rely on others to help me make a decision. I try to include photos in my reviews. If my review has helped you, please click the "helpful" button below, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you!

👤I really like this, and it does the job, but without a wipes warmer like the one shown in the photo, there is a slight flaw. When the wipes container runs low and becomes light, we found that the door between the diapers and wipes doesn't stay down properly. It uses weight to keep it all together. We wanted to use it through toddler years, but it's connection is a simple drop in rather than a click in, so that's not an option. My 18 month old would push it around on the counter and it would come apart. The wipes door would be a 5 star product if it had a more permanent installation and was childproof. The wipes warmer could possibly eliminate the first issue. Even with a wipes warmer, this is very easily destructible, even with something heavy on top, because it is hard for a toddler to push it around on the counter. I tried to put it together but it kept falling apart because it uses weight to hold everything together. I had to put it on the counter to keep it together. Half of the pieces fell to the floor when I moved it to my babies nursery from my kitchen table. If you keep the wipes at least half full, use a wipes warmer, and don't mind using some tape on a brand new product, it's a good product for the newborn years.

👤I agree with other reviews that it doesn't hold together, but this isn't the type of caddy you move. I haven't had an issue with it coming apart in my use of the diaper station. Does what I want happen. I'm happy. There is no tub of diaper cream/ointment. They should have made the side cubbies bigger. It doesn't fit my bottle. They are small. I don't use plastic bags for diaper bags. It seems like a feature for a portable product. There is a pointless unattractive slit and spool thing. It seems like Munchkin is trying too hard to promote another product. I wish it was in a neutral colour instead of the eye-catching green.

👤I was looking for a good diaper caddy for the living room, where we spend most of our time, and found this one. It was packaged well and easy to assemble. Some parts were thin, but not fragile enough to cause an issue. It was quite the task to keep it assembled once the wipe container was lighter, as other reviewers mentioned. It works out well, with plenty of room for baby items. It does not take up a lot of space. We use the bag dispensers for our dirty diapers. Work great! We are very happy with our purchase.

11. STORi Clear Plastic Organizer 5 Compartments

STORi Clear Plastic Organizer 5 Compartments

Seductive 5-compartment organizers are made in the USA. There are large compartments for beauty products, craft supplies, and kitchen items. The bathroom, kitchen, and classroom should be in a 10-inch by 7-inch size. The clear design is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or pantry. You can easily organize essentials in any room.

Brand: Stori

👤This thing is beyond fragile and I love the shape and size. It broke on my bathroom counter. Maybe my kids did something. I forced something in. Since I liked it, I ordered another one, and the same thing happened within a couple weeks. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤The product was bought a second time after the first one broke apart. I rebought it because it was the only thing that I could find that was the right size. It has been less than a week and the cracking on the corner is already starting. The product is garbage. I love the idea of this thing. It is what I needed for my bathroom. I had it for a month and within a week it started to crack. The entire corner of one side broke off. It only does one thing, sit on a surface and hold light weight things. I'm not happy.

👤This was the perfect size for my makeup and shin care products. It was kept accessible without taking up the entire counter, but after 6 weeks it split in half. It wasn't dropped or picked up. It split in half while I was sitting on the counter. I was very disappointed. Money is wasted.

👤I absolutely need this organizer. I moved to a place with limited bathroom counter space and it was an organizational disaster. My bathroom products collection is not crazy, but it is overwhelming the space. I was skeptical that this product would hold everything that I needed it to, but it all fits perfectly! The contact solution bottle is large enough to fit in the larger compartment. The top of the toilet is a great place to put the organizers. Sturdy design, good quality materials. Highly recommended!

👤The front left corner was cracked twice. I was shocked at the cracking which eventually grew until huge chunks fell off, I don't lift or move it. I thought it might be a lemon. The second one lasted less than the first. The front left compartment is where I store my moisturizers and they get used 2x per day, so it's the most used compartment. A small bottle of moisturizer should be able to survive being picked up and placed back down. I will not try my luck again with this organizers, no matter how nice it looks.

👤I use a basket to hold my makeup and facial skin care. I've been trying to find something that fits in the basket to organize everything and keep things separate. I have tried smaller plastic baskets that fit down inside, but they are not tall enough and all of the tubes end up tipping over. I tried to keep it tidy, but it always felt messy. I absolutely love this organizer. It keeps everything upright. Since this is an open storage basket in my bathroom, I want it to look nice. Mission accomplished! It's a good thing.

👤I have organizers in all shapes and sizes. They are used for storage in many places. You can find different organizers in different price ranges. The quality of the organizers was very good. It is strong. There are a lot of items in the deep compartments. I was looking for a specific size to fit inside my bathroom cabinet and this fit the bill. Over the last few months, it has held up. The organizers is very easy to clean.


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