Best Cake Pans Sets for Baking with Lids

Baking 27 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

The easy to clean silicone mold can be placed in the dishwasher or easily cleaned with hot water. She takes very little space in the wardrobe because you can stack different forms above each other. The loaf pans are ideal for baking bread, pound cake, and more. Heavy-weight steel construction is fast and durable. The nonstick coating helps with food release. Part of the Amazon Basics collection is recommended for hand washing. Each is 8.25 by 5 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The first time I used them, the product worked well, but the second time I used them, the coating came off.

👤Pans are great. I have never made bread before. I used these for the first time and it came out great. I would definitely purchase again and I would highly recommend them.

👤The pans are great for the price. I love baking sour dough bread and these work great. I used these for meatloaf and it was bad. I'm not sure why the coating is peeling off after a couple of months of use. It's good for bread, not good for meatloaf.

👤One of the pans was rusty after a single use.

👤Garbage is cheap. The dishwasher has a Rusted on first wash feature.

👤I gave the bread to the neighbours after catching this on time. I've used these pans a dozen times, all at 350F, gently washed with dish detergent and soft sponge, towel dry. A coat of olive oil on the loaves. 6 eggs, 4 lbs of flour, yeast and oil were wasted today. It's not possible to eat the coating if it bakes into the bread. The return date just passed and timing is everything. Do not buy these! I lost because I didn't use the oven again, and the neighbours were disappointed because they were going to get fresh bread today. Don't risk it.

👤Great pans and easy to clean. The banana bread fell apart and all that was left were a few crumbs. Water would have done the trick if I had used soap. I would buy again.

👤I have used it a few times and it works well. I would like it to be an inch or two taller. If you don't apply some oil, the bread will stick to the pan after a few times. The pan is very easy to clean, just soak it in water for a few minutes.

👤Die Beschichtung ist die s. Bilder. Is das beschlossigt? So was darf, die Herstellung von Lebensmitteln. Leider ist die Frist abgelaufen. Daher ist in den Mll!

👤The product has a scratch free coating. Would have liked the option to buy one piece. I only found a pair. The dimensions of usable portion are what I expect from Amazon.

👤I just got it and it's a big one, it's cheap and best go for it.

👤Tag geliefert bekommen. Handlich ideale Gre fr rund 450 to 500 g. The maximal 450 g is je Form. Habe es gleiche, die insgesamt 900 g ist. 1608 g fertigen butterweichen Brioche is the Endresultat. Formen, die Brioche glitten frmlich aus der Form heraus. . Formen ist leicht. Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhltnis. Bin ist damit.

👤Ich backe jede. Die Formen, die fr 4 Personen gerade so weit reichen, ist schne Frischhaltung. Ich verarbeite fr die beiden Formen. Es ist optimal fr die Formen, weiter 60 Minuten in der Form. It was ca. 40 minutes bei Grad felld. Grad bei Ober-Unterhitze. In den Ofen geben die ersten 10 Minuten Wasserschale. Es nix an. There is a Es ist aussphlen reinigen. Es ist schne mittelgroe. There is a man named brote. The form was 800-900 Gramm Teig pro. It was es soll. Itempfehlung.

2. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware 3 Piece

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware 3 Piece

There are bake pans. The bakeware set features heavy gauge steel construction with rolled-rim edges and is easy to use. The non-stick cookware set is notSTICK. The bake pans have a long- lasting, latte-colored inside and out that provide excellent food release. Silicone grips on the baking pan handles make it easy to cook with them. The bakeware set includes essential pan shapes for great baking and roasting. The bakeware set includes a muffin pan, cake pan, and plastic lid. It's a good idea to put a lid on it to keep bake goods fresh or bring them on the go.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤These are your jam, if you like the heavy duty, quality, no bend baking sheet. I am very happy that I bought these. We have had no issues with the dishwasher, the oven does not warp, and we can clean it. This preggo mom with a toddler is very happy. I love them!

👤From oven grilled anything, a combo of non stick grill and pan is an awesome one. It is easy to wash. drippings can be passed onto the tray. Rather healthy option. I love this pan.

👤The bacon pan is perfect. I have been using this pan for almost a year and it has held up well and is easy to clean. There is some staining on the bottom, but that doesn't bother me. This pan is very good.

👤This is very strong and deep. The rack that came with it is the same. I was surprised it was large. I put one whole rack in my oven. I look forward to using this baking tray for many years. It was perfect!

👤The pan was stained after three uses. I canceled my order for a second pan and will wait to see how this pan holds up. The pan did not warp despite being in the oven at a high temperature.

👤I wanted something better than the typical aluminum sheet pans and this product is great, except when you try to bake something at a higher temperature, the tray tends to warp in the oven.

👤The pan has a lot of bacon. Just wipe off the rack. I don't put pans in my dishwasher, but I don't think it would fit.

👤It was too large to fit in the oven. The side without food was hot. Couldn't get scorched stain out. Also warped at 450. Will put food on it. It's a pity.

👤The rack and pan are easy to clean. Without the weight, it's very sturdy. I love it!

👤The pan is usually a good size and weight but it can be a problem at high temperatures.

👤I wish I had bought this years ago.

👤J'ai confiance, je ne sais pas pour le nettoyage. Achat.

3. Wilton Performance Aluminum Large 18 Inch

Wilton Performance Aluminum Large 18 Inch

SMUDGE PROOF The semi-gloss outside coating on your cake box makes it look professional and clean. The flat white inside makes your cake stand out even more. This large sheet cake pan is ready to bake. This large sheet cake pan is great for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and more. Every day and every circumstance: bakeware. It can be used with your favorite cake mix or recipe to make a large meal. Simply prepare your baking pan with non-stick spray and bake as you please. The sheet pan is made of anodized aluminum and resists rusting for years of use. Quick clean up. Before use, the cake pan should be washed and dried thoroughly. Not dishwasher safe. The dimensions of the cake pan are 12 x 18 x 2 in. The measurement is 30.4 x 45.7 x 5.08 cm. Even heating classic aluminum pans is durable.

Brand: Wilton

👤I wanted to make a larger cake for the party without having to combine two 9 x 13 cakes. Some people say it takes 2 cake boxes. 16 cups of batter is said to be used in the directions. I tried a few cake boxes and it worked. See the first two photos. I make a vegan cake by substituting EggReplacr for eggs, so that might affect the height of the cake. The pan seemed to bake evenly. I was disappointed that the cake stuck to the pan quite a lot because of the brand new pan and use of the cake release. It was not better than my old beat up. It is light. As others have complained, Wilton puts a sticky goop on their pans to hold the paper with instructions. Even with an abrasive pad, it is nearly impossible to get off.

👤I have baked cakes for over 27 years and have always used Wilson. Many years ago. Wilson cake pans have never failed me. For those of you who are having problems with your cake sticking to the pan, you need to use spray and shortening. I was taught to use waX paper on the bottom of the pan and on the inside side of the cakes. I have never had a problem with my cakes being clean when I use WaX paper. I ordered this cake pan. I use the half sheet as much as I can. I am very happy with the size cake pan I received, as it met my needs, and I am very intimidated by it.

👤Very pleased with the pan. I was able to cook the cake on 320 and it cooked perfectly. If you want the cake to be higher, you may want to buy more gadgets. You can cook the cake evenly with no dry edges, but it won't be level. The pan needed three boxes of cake mix and lots of frosting.

👤There were no issues with cleaning but one pan was damaged. I ordered 2. The pans were not packaged in the same way. I was able to bend it back into shape. The pan is too soft. I was able to cut through the aluminum with a cheap knife. This was done again, but unintentionally. I trusted the name of the product. The product got the job done, but I will only use it for a few uses before I have to replace it.

👤I used the pan to make my first 12 x 18 cake. The pan is good, as expected. It arrived undamaged after being properly packaged. All my cakes have come out perfect when I have used it several times. I line the bottom of the pan with paper and greasing the sides and bottom of the pan with shortening or butter. I bake this size cake at 325 degrees for more even baking and less of a bubble in the middle since the pan is so large and it will take a while for everything to bake through. After cooking, the pan cleans up.

4. TeamFar Stainless Baking Healthy Dishwasher

TeamFar Stainless Baking Healthy Dishwasher

The oven and dishwasher are safe. The brownie pan is dishwasher safe, bakes evenly in the oven, and should be hand-washed to save time and hassle. TeamFar 8 inch cake pan with lid is made of food grade PP material, no toxic chemical coating or harmful substance release into your food, healthy for your daily baking use, a great replacement of aluminum pans. There is a visible cleft in the PLASTIC LIDS. The round cake pan with sturdy lid covers tightly to avoid spilling, easy storage in fridge and convenient to carry out, prevents from getting dust, helps quickly find the food by the clear visible lids, and more. Heavy duty and leakproof. The cake pan set is heavy duty and has a 2 inch deep Straight-side to make perfect layer cakes and a one-piece construction for leakproof cake mix. The finish of the dishwasher is safe. Smooth roll edge without rough spots prevent hurting your hands, Dishwasher safe to save your time and labor, as shiny as new after washing, easy clean up even in hand-wash. 8in cake pans are great for making cakes, baking deep dish pizza, tiering steaks, steaming vegetables and serving fruits, with the lid as good choice for storing leftovers.

Brand: Teamfar

👤The cake pans are beautiful. They are made of steel with a mirror finish. It was very easy to clean. They have covers as well. I've been looking for a good set of cake pans for a while now and these really take the cake! No pun intended. I was thinking that I would have liked aluminum pans my mother had when I was younger. I was wrong. I like these steel pans. Definitely worth it! You won't regret it if you give them a try.

👤They were so easy to clean, they were so versatile to use for more than just baking, and the tops made a nice snack display. The tops are a great purchase and may be used for Halloween.

👤I ordered three sets of three and two sets of two. One of the safest materials for cookware and bakeware is made of the same material that I ordered them from. I ordered them because they come with lids which would be helpful for cake storage. The items arrived in perfect condition. I will bake with them in about two weeks.

👤I wanted to make frozen pizzas. I wanted to have more than one so I could freeze. These are large enough for thin or pan crusted pizza. I haven't baked any pizzas yet, but I have assembled and frozen 2. I used the pan to cut the circles of dough and it fit into the pan. I might try to stack a few into one after freezing them because the pans are so deep. I'll try deep dish pizza at a later date, but I need a recipe that I can freeze for that. The pans are made from high quality materials and are easy to clean. The pans are made of steel. I was surprised that these are the cheapest I have found. I paid more for 4 pans than for 2 comparable products.

👤These pans are non stick and I made a green tea banana walnut cake. The cake came off the pan after I put olive oil in it. The lid is tightly held. I bought a set of pans and was very happy with them. It's great to wash with soap.

👤Makes a pretty cake. When turning the cake, watch your nails. I caught mine. The edge was rolled. It's not a big deal, but watch where you put them. A manicure could be ruined. It took less than 30 seconds for my nail kit to be free.

👤The pans have a domed lid and are stackable. I bought them to store food. I keep the leftover cheesecake in the fridge by using the pans that I use to make the 7 piece cheesecake. I didn't think they'd need to bake in, but now I'll use them for baking. It is very easy to clean.

👤The 8” cake pans were a pleasure to own. They are exactly what I was looking for. The sides are straight. The pans have a shiny finish. It was easy to remove the cakes. It was easy to clean up. These pans are wonderful.

5. Aluminum Cupcake Disposable Christmas Birthday

Aluminum Cupcake Disposable Christmas Birthday

Save time. Just enjoy your baking time, you can save a lot of time by scrubbing the bake pans. They suggest you to put the cups in big bags and lift them up. Before using the cups, they should be cleaned. The package contains 40 sets of square aluminum foil cake pans with a lid, the pans are 3.46 x 3.46 x 1.1 inch, and the cup capacity is 100 liters. The cupcake baking pans are made of quality aluminum foil, which has a smooth surface and long last color, and can be reapplied many times. The square disposable aluminum foil baking pans will save you time and effort because you won't have to clean the baking pans. The dessert cups are made of thick and safe aluminum foil, which makes them easy to use and stable, just put them into the oven and take them out without a baking tray. These disposable cupcake cups are great for picnics, camping, and other types of gatherings, they can hold food like a cupcake, chocolate, caramel pudding, and crisp pie.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤When it should say 40 pieces, it says 40 sets. You only get 20 sets. There are 20 foil tin pans. So dissatisfied with the price.

👤There wasn't enough cover for the tins. I had to cover it with plastic wrap.

👤These are small and cute, but not as big as they could be. A single serve size.

👤It's great for baking flan, mini pastels, tembleque, and anything mini. I got them for the holidays so I could make individual desserts instead of a large amount.

👤Not what I was expecting. I had to put the lid on as some of the base pieces were damaged. When it should say 40 pieces, the description says 40 sets. You only get 20 sets. There are 20 foil tin pans. So dissatisfied with the price.

👤I liked the size and sturdiness but didn't like the fact that there wasn't enough lids to go with the rest of the container.

👤I had to put 4 cakes in a sandwich bag because I was not happy with the set I had purchased for a bake sale.

6. YBM HOME Stainless Covered Large 2403

YBM HOME Stainless Covered Large 2403

These heart-shaped disposable cupcake cups can be used for indoor and outdoor usages, such as picnic, camping, Catering, club, shower, wedding, party and other kinds of gatherings. The high top lid is made of steel. It's easy to get on and off. It's a deep pan for more flexibility. High quality steel. Length is 17 inches, width is 11 inches, and depth is 2.75 inches.

Brand: Ybm Home

👤There was no room to spare. I'm trying to avoid using aluminum foil entirely, and I was looking for a covered baking pan that would fit in my toaster oven, but I couldn't find one. I don't bake cakes, but this pan is great for cooking other foods in the oven with the cover on or off. The cover helps maintain heat and steam after baking. The cover can be used as a baking sheet in the oven. I don't know if it fits my model ofCusinart TOB-40FR, but it's a nice pan in my regular size oven.

👤Like the size and function of the pan. The lid can be doubled as a tray. I have a smaller baking tray that has not changed color, but the lid is discolored. 2. Pan has become warped. It does what it is supposed to do, but it isn't presentable. 3. My brownies were burned on one side and not fully cooked through on the other side. I have to use the big oven again.

👤Well made and functional. We ordered cake pans from different manufacturers. The Star is here. The other two had thin sides and bottoms which produced hot and cold spots, while the other had a warped out box lid. ordering more

👤It's perfect for my pineapple upside down cakes. I put a cookie sheet upside down after the cake is done. The pineapple upside down cake is in the cookie sheet. Ready to eat. I use a cake mix. It is good. There are additional items that need to be obtained: 4 eggs, cooking oil, instant pudding, water, butter, and pineapple slices. There is a receipe on the website. I adjust the receipe by using this pan, which is a little larger than recommended, and adding 1/3 stick more butter, 1/3 cup more brown sugar, and 1/2 can of pineapple. The best part of the cake is the topping, so this pan gives more surface. It was very delicious! Some reviewers said the lid was made for use in the oven. I thought it was made to keep the food fresh. It's a great lid and it's easy to open and close. This size can fit in my oven with room to spare. The pan is 13 X 11. Love it. The larger size will be too large for my oven.

👤I have been using cake pans in my kitchen for 40 years. I bought this for something else. I got rid of the old plastic dish drain and dish cleaner holder because of Covid/Flu issues. I am using the lid under the dish drain and the bottom under the scrubbing items. It was kind of like getting a second chance. This set is gorgeous. I will order another set later to bake with. You could give a cake or meal to someone as a special gift. It is shiny and heavy. Anyone would be happy to have it.

👤You can get different thickness in one pan. The warped pan got worse with each iteration. There are photos from the third batches. The pan was almost burnt in the corner area.

7. KitchenAid Nonstick Aluminized Rectangular 9x13 Inch

KitchenAid Nonstick Aluminized Rectangular 9x13 Inch

Use a mild and non-irritating detergent to avoid damaging the non-stick coating and causing the bakeware to rust. detergents used in dishwasher There areLESS POSSIBILITIES to make, from cakes and brownies to roast, lasagna, and more. Even with bulky oven mitts, extendable hands are a secure grip. Premium coating for scratch resistance and easy release. Heavy-duty aluminized steel with unique rim design is a premium construction. Light color and aluminized construction help distribute heat. The dishwasher is safe and easy to clean.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I have been using an older version of the loaf pan that has seams and looks different, but I really liked it. I was happy to buy the same loaf pan again, but I couldn't find a newer one that had no seams. I was very impressed when I received it. The old one was heavier and shinier. I decided to bake my favorite cake. The cake slipped out of the pan. It didn't leave anything. It came out clean. It is amazing! They made the product even better. Through trial and error, I have learned what to avoid and what to get when it comes to baking pans and cookware. Non stick dark baking pans are not good for baking. No matter what they look like. They are thin and light, and you won't get your cake or brownies out in one piece. Line them with foil and bake chicken in them. They are too light and thin to distribute the heat evenly. Tinny would be a good word to describe them. Don't buy glass for cooking or baking. The heat conductor you can buy is glass. Do you buy aluminized steel baking pans? They perform well even without a non-stick coating. They are beyond anything else with the Silicone coating. My old one has already lasted for years, not a scratch on it, so you can imagine how long this new one will last. A life time is likely. If my review helped you make a decision, I'm happy!

👤I paid for this pan and it is worth every penny. The bread does not come out damaged. The other non-stick pans are well-greased and hold onto a piece of the bread's bottom. Not this pan. I wouldn't expect anything to be non-stick without it. It was easy to clean because it was barely dirty, and the big flanges are great for removing the hot pan from the oven. I need it in the other sizes. I can't recommend it enough.

👤I love this pan. The banana bread is delicious. I don't know if the surface is very Teflon or not as I butter the pan and my breads just slide out. I bought this pan because of the large handles. It's a good idea to have a good grip on the hot pan when you remove it from the oven. The large handles make it difficult to put the pan in the dishwasher. I would never put this pan in the dishwasher. It needs to be washed by hand. I am careful to make sure the water has drained before I take it out of the dish drainer because the rolled edge holds water. I highly recommend this pan to anyone looking for a loaf pan.

👤I love this pan! Kitchenaid is at its best. I overbaked the very first thing I made. I had to chip it out of the pan and scratch it. I will never wash it in the dishwasher as everything that is not overbaked comes out easily. Definitely recommend!

8. Tall Round Cake Pans Pan

Tall Round Cake Pans Pan

Sturdy one-piece construction is used for leakproof and durable use. Straight size is good for shape straight cakes because of the smooth roll edges. Three different sizes of cake pans give you what you need in your kitchen. You will have the confidence to bake any cake you want. There are three different sizes of aluminum pans. Your cake will rise both level and flat because of their seamless even-wall construction. The professional-quality cake pans keep baking temperatures. Every time you bake, cake pans cool quickly. It is possible to bake dense, heavy cakes like cheesecake, carrot cake or even deep-dish pizzas. Light and airy layer cakes can be made with breakfast bread loaves. You will be prepared for birthdays, anniversaries, parties or just a surprise for the family with a delicious treat. Use and care instructions are given. Before use, wash your hands with warm soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth. Grease the pan or line with paper before baking to make it easier to release. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their cake pans, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Aunt Shannon's Kitchen

👤I really like these pans. The cakes come out smooth with the use of paper. I made a cake using the 8 and 6 pans and it turned out great, you have to decrease your temperature and increase time since the pans are deeper.

👤My only thought on this is that it's a reminder to other bakers. The pans are deep so the recipe should accommodate more moist air. You get thick dry cake if you don't.

👤I got these cake pans for Christmas a year ago and I asked for them for my birthday because I loved them so much. The bottom of the cake pans have some scratches, but they don't matter when you are baking. I love these cake pans. It's a good idea for new bakers and experienced bakers.

👤I love these pans! I've had trouble sticking with most of the pans I've used. These pans are perfect. Put a piece of paper on the bottom of the cake and spread a thin layer of butter dust with flour. I use a heating core rod in the bigger pans. Will be buying more of these in other sizes.

👤Son altos lo nico es, pero son altos los dos pequeos, el grande no es tan alto pero es ancho.

👤The tiered cakes are cute. I used 2 cake boxes to make this cake. The experience was good. There was a small bow that needed to be cut off. The removal from the pan was easy. It's the perfect size cake for our parties. The little one was happy to help decorate the cake. The pans weren't filled to the brim so more batter could be accommodated in these pans for a taller cake. The pan needed a long time to bake.

👤Me encargaron y espectacular. Recomiendo.

👤These pans cook my cake perfect. Perfect! They cook better than fat daddio. I dropped 1 and the pan bend just a smidgit. When I fix a cake, the bent one will show so they are thin. It was started to send back because a pan should not be dropped by accident.

9. Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick Multipack

Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick Multipack

The dishwasher is safe and easy to clean. Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean up. Convenient handles for easy handling in and out of the oven. Heavy gauge construction spreads heat evenly.

Brand: Wilton

👤My husband bought me a combo for my birthday. It was difficult to find pans that fit. I found these and everyone seems to be happy with the brand. I gave it a try. I was so glad I did. It's easy to clean. I made a box of brownies in this pan and it was perfect. The brownies were out of their packaging. There is a lip around the edge of the brownies that I cut with a plastic knife. I used my "Scrub Daddy" sponge to clean it. Shipping was fast. Just buy it! You will not regret it! I recommend this pan to anyone who has a convection oven.

👤I love my new pan. I had a set of those pans. Don't get wet in the water. Things started sticking to the sides when they baked. I always cut along the side with a butter knife or a small paring knife when I grease the bottoms. The day I saw small metal shaving on my brownies, they went out with the trash. Everything else I bake with is made with Wilton. The Wilton Rocks! You will love them! Cleanup is easy. Order yours now and get a great price.

👤These pans are good for baking. A good value for the price. I like baking with light colored metal. They are easy to clean. Use a plastic knife when cutting brownies because they scratch.

👤I ordered it as a gift. My mom said they were what she wanted.

👤They only add steam to our baking, so we put water in them and put them in the oven. We don't have to clean them, but they are rusting after a few uses. Not great quality.

👤I needed to replace a few of the pans I had. It sticks and the debris stains the pan. Wonder what happened to the quality?

👤I bake a lot and the pans and molds from the Wilton brand always impress me. These pans are great for releasing baked goods and making it easy to clean.

👤The third cake was baked in one corner of the pan. I don't know if the stain is rust under the coating.

👤I bought one about 6 years ago and was looking for a new one to replace it because my older one was worn and scratched a lot. It's the right size for baking brownies and apple bread. I was happy to find it on Amazon.

👤So far, great products. I have used bakeware from Wilton for a long time.

👤The pans are twisted at the bottom and one is damaged.

10. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Cranberry

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Cranberry

2 of the colors are included: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Two 10-inch x 15-inch cookie pans, Two 9-inch round cake pans, 9-inch square cake pan, 2 loaf pans, 9-inch x 13-inch rectangular cake pan with lid are included in the set. Every single day of the week: unfettered access. The bakeware set features heavy gauge steel construction with rolled-rim bake pan edges. Non-stick is long-lasting. The baking pans have a long- lasting, latte-colored inside and out that provide excellent food release. COMFORT AND CONTROL are related. Silicone grips on the bakeware pan handles are comfortable to hold. It was designed for performance. The bakeware set is oven safe at 450 degrees F and includes all the essential bake pan shapes. There are bake pans. The cake pan with lid is ideal for bringing goodies on the go, cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners, and round cake pans are perfect for roasting.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤I was very excited to get this cookware. I liked the look of it and the color. I had a brand new kitchen sink and I'm dealing with rusted pans that stained it. Do not buy if you plan to use them.

👤They don't work! The water stand behind the folds around the rim and rusts when you wash them.

👤Beware! I thought Rachel Ray would have a quality product. After only washing the pan once, I saw the coating was starting to rust and bubbling up. I contacted Amazon and they only offered me a partial refund because it was over 30 days. I thought that Rachel Ray would be behind their product. If this happened to one pan, how would I know if the others would have the same problem? Rachel Ray told me that they would only replace the pan and not give me a refund. I thought this was not good customer service. I went back to Amazon and told them that Rachel Ray had given me a full refund. I used the cupcake pan for the second time and it was the same bubbling and rusting as the first time. Don't buy a product that is inferior. Thank you Amazon for standing behind the product when the seller did not.

👤These pans are of good quality. The good part is that we filed a warranty claim after we returned the pan because it had two deep scratches. The replacement pan was sent by the company. They make you file a claim every time, so it's hard to contact them. It took a month to get the wrong pan, so I may return it.

👤It's amazing! When we renovated our kitchen, we got a new set of Rachel Ray pots and pans. My last set lasted us a long time. The blue part of the pan melted when it was in the oven. It melted! The product was terrible. I'm sad that I can't have all of the matching sets, but I'm scared to buy another set.

👤Yesterday I got these. Decided to make muffins. I debated if I should grease them. I didn't. I used them the same way as they are. My muffins popped out. There was nothing left in the pan. I'm happy. Don't put non stick pans in the dishwasher no matter what they say, I have learned this from owning dozens of non stick pans. It is a good idea to wash and dry under the rim. Never use non stick spray. I have learned that it will ruin your pans. I needed new pans because of that. I'm happy I bought these. If I have any issues, I will update in the future.

👤I received a new 10-piece bakeware from the company and I am loving it so far. They arrived quickly, were packaged nicely, and are a beautiful color. The metal is very strong and thick, which is something I have never experienced with any other pans or cookie sheets. I like that the pans have a good size handle on both sides, which makes it easier to remove the food from the oven. The handles are large enough to be picked up with my hand. The red silicone parts are thick enough that they help keep the pans from scratching each other when they are stored, but I don't know if that is their purpose or not. I accidentally tested out the non-stick surface last night and decided to write this review now. I have never made a spiral glazed ham before. I wrapped the ham in foil because I was afraid the juices would leak all over my oven and I would have trouble lifting an odd shaped ham. I put the cookie sheets under the ham. I baked it for 2 hours, removed it, opened the foil, poured on the sticky glaze, re-wrapped it, and popped it back in the oven. As the ham was cooking, the glaze leaked out of the foil, all over the cookie pan, and burned onto the surface. I wish I had taken a picture of it to see how bad it was. I debated whether to clean the pan or just throw it away after removing the ham. I ran hot water over it to see if there was any hope, and to my astonishment, the burnt gunk began falling off and rinsing out! I put a couple of drops of Dawn in the pan, filled it with hot water, and let it sit overnight because there were a couple of spots that the water didn't work on. The rest of the burnt gunk fell out when I touched it with the sponge after rinsing the pan with more hot water. The pan is brand new, like it had never been through such a horrible experience. I have never had a pan that came clean without scrubbing, soaking, and more scrubbing. This one was so clean that I didn't even have to wash it with a sponge, it was just washed with a soft soapy sponge. It's worth the money. These seem to be an investment that will last for a long time. I can't wait to get the stove-top pots and other items.

11. Pyrex Easy Glass Bakeware 4 Piece

Pyrex Easy Glass Bakeware 4 Piece

fridge and freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and fridge and freezer safe. These thoughtfully designed dishes are designed to bake, take and store food. Includes a 3-Quart glass baking dish and a 2-Quart glass baking dish. The glass is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. The plastic lids are secure and dishwasher safe. There is a limited warranty on glass and plastic.

Brand: Pyrex

👤I bought this dish a month ago. I used it for the first time. I loaded it with my delicious enchilladas, put it in the oven, closed the oven, and heard an explosion. I opened the oven to see this. Our meal was ruined, the inside of our oven was destroyed, and glass came tumbling out all over the floor, because the entire baking dish shattered. I have 2 dogs and 2 kids. I didn't need shards of glass everywhere. I couldn't believe my brand new dish had shattered. After an hour of arguing with Amazon, they finally reimbursed me, after they passed me from one representative to another. It was very frustrating. Don't buy this dish!

👤We hardly knew Pyrex. Gone are the days of Pyrex when it was not cracked. I returned my 9x13 glass storage with a lid to Amazon, but I couldn't find it, so I tried 4 different versions. Each one had a star crack in the pan, waiting to expand. A manufacturing flaw is what brand new is. The stores all had the same star crack in the pan. Many customers are reporting shattering. A star crack can do a lot.

👤I bought this for transporting hot sweet potatoes, but was disappointed. The sauce leaked all over the carrier and then through it, even though the lid looked like it was on. There isn't a strap to hold the dish tightly in the container, and the pouch to hold the hot/cold pack is ripped. I usually love Pyrex products but don't waste your money on them like I did.

👤The first order I received was broken. The lid was broken when I opened the replacement. I have always loved Pyrex, and I am sad and disappointed. They don't replace just the lids, so I will have to look for another bakeware that I like. I would still love to have these if they just sent non-broken parts.

👤There was a gel pack that was stuck to the cardboard inside the box and had dried out on the dish and the carrier. I had to clean everything and get the dried gel off. I would have sent it back but I needed the carrier because the handle on my old one broke so I had to use it immediately. I wish there was a way to get a replacement gel pack instead of having to return the entire set.

👤I own a lot of Pyrex glassware. I didn't read the reviews. I haven't had any issues with the spontaneous combustion. I like the lid. I think they'll work well in transportation, even though they're not as snug as I'd like them to be. Pyrex puts the dimensions on the lids. I had expected a box like the one I received, but it wasn't. They can be wrapped with bubble wrap. My Pyrex liquid measuring cut was shattered in the process of getting this bubble wrap off. Even with scissors, it wasn't easy. If you try to open something on the countertop, you'll break something like me. I plan to purchase additional dishes because I'm very satisfied with them.


What is the best product for cake pans sets for baking with lids?

Cake pans sets for baking with lids products from Amazon Basics. In this article about cake pans sets for baking with lids you can see why people choose the product. Rachael Ray and Wilton are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake pans sets for baking with lids.

What are the best brands for cake pans sets for baking with lids?

Amazon Basics, Rachael Ray and Wilton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake pans sets for baking with lids. Find the detail in this article. Teamfar, Geiserailie and Ybm Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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