Best Cake Plate Dome Only

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1. Barski European Handmade Diameter Europe

Barski European Handmade Diameter Europe

The handmade process will affect the size slightly. Finest european quality glass for clarity and sparkle. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with any décor. The center of the 11" D x 8 "H Including is 6.5" high. It's a perfect gift for someone special.

Brand: Barski

👤The glass dome is top quality and clear, just like my previous one.

👤The dome is nice but the glass is not perfect and there is a grey tint to it.

👤It is beautiful and high quality. It is very pleasing to the eye.

👤The dome is on my stand. I am very satisfied with the look of it.

👤I returned the cake dome because it has some flaws in it that are obvious when you look inside. The bubble within the glass is not able to be removed as it was created when it was blown.

👤Product and quick shipping are exactly how they are described.

👤A nice cake or bread cover. The glass has a nice tint.

👤It is worth the investment. Highly recommended!

2. HBlife Acrylic Multifunctional Serving Platter

HBlife Acrylic Multifunctional Serving Platter

If you have a problem, please contact them in time so they can help you. There is a multiFUNCIONAL. The 6 in 1 cake stand has many functions and uses. It can be used as a salad bowl, dessert tray, snack tray, and a cake plate. Simply flip over the lid to make a serving platter. Light weight: The cake stand is only 2 pounds and is not heavy to carry. It is perfect for a family with kids and the elderly, as it is lightweight and sits flat on the handle when put on the counter upside down. It is clear to display. This cake stand is made of crystal-clear acrylic to make your desserts look even better, which can make it easier to see the bakery goods and homemade cookies that are displayed well by it. The lid works perfectly with the cake stand. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble, which makes it a great cake stand. For a more comfortable cleaning experience, lightweight. If you want, you can use a dishwasher. Since the cake stand is designed with a lid that fits the height of the cake, it keeps the cake fresh longer, so you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste in joy.

Brand: Hblife

👤I checked out several cake stands on Amazon and they all had similar reviews. They were either A+ Fantastic or too small. The parts all fit together in one piece. I took a picture of my pan sitting in the dome. I can't speak to height because my main interest is cheesecake and not a double layer cake. I put my first cheesecake on the cake board. If you want the dome to fall within the dotted border around the cake plate, it is the absolute widest dimensions that the dome can accept. I had to take it 30 minutes away by car, which is a lot, and it holds up better if you prevent it from sliding by heavier objects. It has held up well after multiple washes, and may be cleaned in the DW. Highly recommend!

👤I just got a platter of cake. I wanted a real glass one but was hesitant since the reviews weren't great. The price and reviews were doable. The price is important. What a great choice. It looks good. It doesn't look cheap, which was a small concern. I wanted something to hold dessert after dinner. You won't be disappointed if you buy this.

👤I like the design of the cake stand and dome, but if you're looking for something to use in your home, I would go with something more elegant made from crystal or glass. It's possible to lay the pedestal in the trunk of your car, and it's also more compact for storage. If you flip the tray upside down, it becomes a perfect vegi & dip platter. The dome is kept from sliding around during travel by a ridge on the top and bottom. I wouldn't use it as a punch bowl for that purpose. It's a great place to hold veg and dip, fruit, cheese, and other food items for a party.

👤The cake stand seemed promising at first. It's sturdy and versatile. After having it for a few months, we noticed a crack in the middle and couldn't figure out how it got there. It wouldn't be in the center if it had been dropped. More cracks appeared after a couple more uses. We kept the cake stand on top of the microwave since it was so light. The heat from the microwave could have caused the cracks, as I've seen in another review. It's a bit disappointing, but I think we got a decent amount of use from it.

👤I received this a couple of months ago and wanted to use it before rating it. I love this cake stand. I was worried that it would fall on the base, but that is not the case. The bottom of the tray is where the base fits. The plastic is crystal clear and easy to clean, and it is very pretty on the counter. Doesn't seem like a cheap plastic tray or dome.

👤After reading about the covered cake stand in the cookbook "Magnolia Table", I got this. I liked the idea. I ordered this one because I could flip it upside down and use it for a salad bowl or a veggie tray. I would gain too much weight if I had sweets in it all the time. We use the bowl to hold fruit when it doesn't have baked goods in it. It is lightweight and not as strong as glass. I ordered some paper idolies to line it with when I use it for cookies, and it makes a cute display. My family is enjoying it. It has been very easy to clean.

3. Godinger Serving Platter Multi Purpose Italian

Godinger Serving Platter Multi Purpose Italian

Their six in one look can be used in many different ways. Try it as a cake stand with dome, punch bowl, covered crudité with dip server, hors d'ouvres plate with dip server, salad bowl, cupcake holder, and simple pie or cake plate. It is easy to use this cake stand in the kitchen, dining room or outdoors at a pool party or barbecue because of its heavy duty glass, solid construction and stable base. Lead free glass is dishwasher safe. housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts and more. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Godinger

👤This is a nice looking dish. It has a plastic ring to protect the dome from chipping, and is nice for taco night goodies. I split the cake into two parts, filled with pie filling and frosted. The maximum height and width you can fit in the dome without the frosting touching the glass appears to be this one. At dinner last night, I received a compliment.

👤After reading the reviews, we decided to use the glass version of the cake plate, it was lighter and safer to use outside. It is more sturdy than we thought. Won't let you down.

👤I like it. Heavy. Solid. Sturdy. The glass is very clear. It is a counter staple.

👤The timeliness in receiving my items is something I like.

👤I may keep the top because it doesn't sit right. Fast delivery. It was cheaper than the cake stand I wanted. I'm not sure if I'll keep it. The top doesn't fit flat to keep freshness.

👤Disappointed! I returned the order because the upper dome had a crack or large gap that looked really bad. The dome was 9” in diameter. I would not have purchased this item if I had known about it.

👤Creative design and good quality.

4. Godinger Platter Acaciawood Shaterproof Acrylic

Godinger Platter Acaciawood Shaterproof Acrylic

There is a package that includes 1 set of 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 inch riser shelf. It's great for vendor stores to show beauty makeup jars. The cake stand plate with dome is stunning. It's great for serving, decorating, gift giving or entertaining. The platter is comfortable in hand when serving. The dome is shatterproof for indoor or outdoor use. The ball top lid is comfortable to hold. It is a wonderful gift for weddings. The cake plate has a height of 6. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion, from barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. Most major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Godinger

👤It's roomy enough for a cake, cookies, a loaf of bread, or both. The plastic cover doesn't seem to be dishwasher safe, maybe I missed something in the description. It looks awful, but it seems to keep things fresh.

👤This has gotten a lot of positive feedback. I wish I was one of them, but I couldn't smell the base. I tried a lot of things and it just smelled. The whole thing had to be thrown away. I had a plate that I could use, but I couldn't find a plate that held the top part. I didn't feel like I was looking for a plate that would fit. Very disappointing. Maybe yours will be different. My was really bad.

👤My wife suggested a few glass cake stands. She was concerned about weight and storage. The plastic/resin cover looks like glass and is at a quarter of the weight. The wood base has a well cut/polished grooves for the cover to sit in, which reduces drying and insects being attracted. She's happy with it.

👤The wood bottom piece of this cake stand is really nice. It looks good on our island. I like the fact that the lid is not shatterproof and that I won't have to worry about it if they reach for it. Overall, very happy and pleased with the purchase!

👤I don't like that my dinner plate and pie plate don't fit. I'm going to make adjustments. I need a smaller pie dish for my cakes. The box was destroyed when I opened it. I like it, but not all the time.

👤I like the wooden bottom of this cake tray. I thought that the top was made of acrylic and not glass. The top had a lot of scratches. The edge of the cover is not smooth. I had to use a nail file to smooth it out. I didn't return it because I needed it in time for Thanksgiving. It is cute, but not worth the price.

👤The product lasted less than 3 months. My husband washed it yesterday and it has warped and won't fit in a suitcase. The quality of the wood must be the reason why we have not done this before. Would have given it 5 stars at first, but the fact that it hasn't lasted more than three months is very disappointing.

👤The item is beautiful. The wooden base arrived broken, but I love that top is plastic. Didn't hear back after sending the seller pictures. My husband decided to fix it on his own.

👤Gourmet Tableware is not the brand Godinger is. It is not dark brown. The bamboo is light brown. Customers should not be fooled this way.

👤The item in the picture and the brand I received were completely different. This is not acceptable. It was a total waste of time.

5. Mosser Glass Clear Dome Cover

Mosser Glass Clear Dome Cover

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your product. Customer's satisfaction is their first priority. They are always trying to improve. It's ideal for use with a cake plate. The item is handmade and could have some flaws. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Mosser Glass

👤The size of the cake dome is smaller than I expected. It is described as a 10 inch wide and 8 inch high, but it is only 6.5 inches high at its highest point inside the dome. It's just over 5 inches high on the rounded sides. The measurement is from the top of the handle to the bottom of the edge. I plan to use this with a large flat Fiesta plate to keep my sourdough bread fresh, because I don't often make cakes. The boules fit under the dome and the bread is fresh all week. I am pretty sure that a frosted, two-layer cake baked in a 9" cake pan wouldn't fit under this dome. The manufacturer's website states that the diameter is 9.5", even though it is called a 10" cake dome. The manufacturer's description should be the seller's description. If I had bought it solely for covering cakes, I would be disappointed.

👤If you're buying this for the size that I was, be warned it's not in fact 10” The size is exactly 9 inches. I ended up with something that is too small. It is the same as pictured.

👤Everyone else said that the cake dome is off, but it was nice and well made. It's only 9 1/2 inches on the outside. I have a pretty Polish pottery cake stand and some pretty plates for it, but this dome won't go over any of the plates. I have to buy some white Corelle dishes that are 8-1/2" to use on this cake plate so the cover will fit over it. The dome's dimensions are about 9-1/4". Before you buy it, make sure it fits over the plate you want to cover.

👤It is not a 10” diameter, but it is a 9” diameter, which makes it too small for a 9” cake that has been decorated. Returning will look for one that is 10.

👤The cake dome is perfect for the Mosser glass base. We love it! Mrs. Claus gave a great gift. Mrs. Claus is not Mister. He doesn't understand the basics.

👤I used 8 inch pans for my cake and ordered a 9 inch dome. After baking this cake, the dome did not fit. I can't believe I spent that much money and can't use it. It's a beautiful dome, but it's useless to me now.

👤I want a cake plate with a glass dome to display my baked goods for a long time. The reviews convinced me that this was not so expensive. The glass in this dome is very strong and heavy. It looks great. It was worth the money.

👤The dome is beautiful and heavy. It pairs well with the stand.

6. ZOOFOX Porcelain Decorative Dessert Birthday

ZOOFOX Porcelain Decorative Dessert Birthday

It's easy to clean--wash with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth to restore the original glossy bamboo fiber finish. Their porcelain cake stands are made of porcelain that is lead-free and non-toxic and designed for easy slicing and serving cakes. Sturdy and durable for a long time. The white decorative cake stands come with a clear glass dome and rounded handle, which add an elegant decor to your table. The dome cover helps retain freshness by protecting the contents on the inside. The round display plate can be used for both daily and party use. It can be used as a cake display, cupcake stand, dessert stand, or serve fruit. It's a great idea for serving and entertaining. ZOOFOX cupcake stands are ideal for all types of events and parties such as tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving or home decor. The cake stand is a great gift for your family and friends. The cake plate is about 12 inches high and the dome is 4.5 inches high. The glass cake stand is elegant and sturdy, and it has a glass dome that allows panoramic views. It is visually appealing and practical.

Brand: Zoofox

👤I needed this for tomorrow and I am very disappointed.

👤The dome was shattered when I received my new cake plate and cover.

7. Glass Cheese Diameter Europe Barski

Glass Cheese Diameter Europe Barski

These candy boxes are great for decorating birthday, baby shower party, wedding favors, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or any other special events. Finest european quality glass for clarity and sparkle. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with any décor. The height is 7.75" and the diameter is 11. dishwasher safe for convenience. It's a perfect gift for someone special.

Brand: Barski

👤The height was perfect and the gold ring added beauty.

8. Galashield Glass Cover Diameter Clear

Galashield Glass Cover Diameter Clear

It's safe for food's cover. Adding flair to your kitchen counter with this fashionable modern cake dome brings sophistication and warmth to any décor. Adding elegance and freshness to desserts, cocktail and wine tasting parties, and more is great for decorating and serving cake, muffins, cookies or fruit. There are features. The cake cover is made of crystal clear glass. The dome has a glass handle. The interior size is 11.5" in diameter and 5" tall. The exterior size is 11.75" in diameter by 6.7" tall. It's a great gift idea for the women in your life. Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or an anniversary are examples.

Brand: Galashield

👤I've been looking for a tall glass cake dome without the cake plate for a long time and it's a good price. The one checks all the boxes. I am a woodworker and a baker. I like to make wooden cake plates with a glass dome as a gift. The plate pictured here is made of cherry and finished with tung oil. I baked a multi-layer coconut cake for an auction. Ordinary domes are too low for a multi-layer cake and plastic ones are readily available in taller sizes, but they just look cheap. Even though it's tall, it's not too heavy and the grip is nice so you can get a firm grip on it.

👤I like to display my pies under a glass cover. I don't like storing baked goods in plastic because it affects the taste. I have several glass cake stands and glass cake covers, however they are not wide enough to hold a pie pan. I found this one that will hold a 9 " pie pan, and these pie pans are actually 11 wide, and they fit, and I searched and searched and finally found this one. The cover is tall enough to hold a deep dish pie, but not too tall, so it doesn't look bulky on your counter. Very pleased with the item.

👤I used this dome as a replacement for a glass cake stand. I thought it would be nice to have a normal sized dome for shorter cakes, and other baked goods, since the stand came with a very tall dome for tall cakes. This is very attractive. It's spot on. The item was packed well in the box, and it arrived intact. The original order and the replacement were destroyed due to bad packing and poor packaging by Amazon. Today, both the Krosno and this one arrived. It was nice that this item was not damaged on arrival. The quality is good and the price is good, given that it was packed with care. It will serve me nicely.

👤Last year, my roommate bought a simple and lovely cake plate, but did not buy a cake dome. Tired of using plastic wrap after the third slice, it was useless and wasteful, and the cake was turning hard. I was looking for a cake dome that would fit, was not plastic, and was simple. Voila! The dome is perfect. It has recently been used to cover a pan of brownies and they are still moist. No more cellophane...ever! It looks great.

👤The title says 12 inches. The small print says the inside dimensions are 11 inches. Not true. I tried to cover the pie dish with this but it didn't cover it. The inside dimensions are at least 11.25 at most. That is being generous. We used tape measurers to make sure there were no discrepancies. I bought this for pies. It doesn't cover them. Now? I have to return it after I box it up. This is false advertising and I am not happy about it.

9. WUWEOT Acrylic BPA Free Shatter Proof Entertaining

WUWEOT Acrylic BPA Free Shatter Proof Entertaining

We offer a reliable service. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them. The cake stand is made of high quality plastic. There are no lead or bp in the area. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be used again and again. There is a covered cake stand where you can serve up fruit, cake, baked goods, cookies, desserts, cheeses and anything you want. Any cooked food will look classic with the elegant touch. You can display dried flowers, shells and other items. The clear glass dome with smooth handle top on each cake plate server protects contents on the inside and adds an elegant decor to your table. The dome cover has the largest capacity for your cake. It is also dishwasher safe. Both shatter-proof and break-resistant. It is easy to carry and clean. The cake plate is a good item for everyday use. The platter is comfortable in hand when serving. The dome is shatterproof for indoor or outdoor use. The ball top lid is comfortable to hold. The design is modern and stylish. An excellent gift for many occasions: wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Easter, and more.

Brand: Wuweot

10. Homeries Multi Purpose Cake Stand Dome

Homeries Multi Purpose Cake Stand Dome

There is a multi-accessory. There are a lot of different accessories for the paint sprayer gun. You can use different cleaning brushes to clean the airbrush inside. The effect of the ejection is more perfect if the air filter is effective in isolating the air with the humidity. The six in one stand is a unique cake stand with many uses. It can be used as a cake plate, serving dish, punch bowl, chips and salsa plate, salad bowl, and baking goods stand. To make a serving dish, simply invert the dome or plate. The serving stand with cover is lightweight and easy to carry, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It looks like real glass, and keeps your baked goods fresh for longer. It is a perfect gift for a family dinner. You can serve everything from Appetizers to Desserts with its many functions. It's a great birthday gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. You may want to keep the cake stand and server in your home. You want your creations to stand out and get noticed when you bring a salad, punch or desert to a party. The salad bowl and cake stand are unique and eye-catching. The cake stand is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake serving platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be used again and again.

Brand: Homeries

👤I was a bit skeptical of buying this because I was afraid the plastic would look cheap, but I am so glad I did! I rearranged it differently after taking it out of the box. I want to order another one.

👤I needed a way to display my subpar decorating work because last week I decided cupcake decorating was going to be my true life calling. That was made possible by this cake stand. I have moved onto pursuing new life callings, but I am not worried about wasting money because of theVersatility of this cake stand. The ease and utility of the stand sparks so much joy for me that my husband happily sat through my fiery demonstration on how this stand could be used. While he is impatient and bored with my presentations on items I have purchased for us via Amazon, there was no trace of boredom this time. He joined in with my enthusiasm, my pride, and we sang the song of sweet victory to honor my wise, wonderful decision. Triumph is realized. I will reign as queen forever.

👤It looks like glass but is very light. The platter was used for the coffee cake. It worked out perfectly. The cake stayed very moist despite the raised lid because of the elevated design around the perimeter. The bottom tray cracked in 3 places after only 3 or 4 uses. I didn't know that had happened until I cleaned up after the party. I don't know if someone could have used it. I will probably purchase it again.

👤No need to worry about chipping your stand. My mother had a glass cakestand. The tray that came with this purchase will be used for Easter. We can put frosted bake goods under cover for a day or two without worry. We're very happy with the purchase. The cakestand that came with it seems to be of good quality.

👤It is very clear. It is plastic and not glass. I had a heavy glass cake plate. I have a pretty glass cake stand that my mother used to own. I loved to use it. I bought this for the lid because I don't like to make a dome of foil. It is clear, pretty and versatile. I think it will be used a lot for birthday parties and graduation parties. I plan to wash my hands. I plan to use round cardboard cake plates so there will be no cutting on the plastic. It's economical. I will buy another one if I can get 15 uses out of it. I like containers that are clear and plastic as I get older.

👤The cake stand is clear. Extra useful and versatile. My cakes look pretty.

👤This one works great, I wanted another cake or dessert cover. It looks like glass. I don't worry about it breaking when people use it. I have other glass serving trays. The set is versatile and I am enjoying it. I will be using the veggie tray at a baby shower that I will be hosting soon, but I haven't used it yet. It makes sense to have multiple uses.

11. HEMOTON Ceramic Dessert Display Protective

HEMOTON Ceramic Dessert Display Protective

It's best for weddings, parties, or any special event. It can be used to place bread, cake, pastry, etc. Can keep your food clean and sanitary. Premium ceramic and glass is very practical and safe for long serving. It can be used to cover your food. Can be given to your friends and family as a gift.

Brand: Hemoton


What is the best product for cake plate dome only?

Cake plate dome only products from Barski. In this article about cake plate dome only you can see why people choose the product. Hblife and Godinger are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake plate dome only.

What are the best brands for cake plate dome only?

Barski, Hblife and Godinger are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake plate dome only. Find the detail in this article. Mosser Glass, Zoofox and Galashield are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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