Best Cake Plate with Dome Plastic

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1. YARNOW Cupcake Pedestal Birthday Supplies

YARNOW Cupcake Pedestal Birthday Supplies

They are well-made mini dessert table decorations stands and are ideal for weddings, birthdays, parties, events, festivals. The mini cake stand is portable and can be used for a long time. A mini cake stand is a great gift for your friends and families to keep food fresh and delicious. The mini cake stand is simple and transparent. The mini cake stand transparent design is great for food display use and can see the inside delicious food. The effect of keeping fresh and heat preservation is obvious.

Brand: Yarnow

2. Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

The width is 11 13/16 inches and the height is 5 1/2 inches. The diameter is 11 inches and the height is 5 inches. The ProBake Nonstick 12-inch Cake Carrier is easy to carry. You can easily take cakes, pies, and other baked goods to parties, bake sales, or fundraisers. Most fake goods are compatible. The perfect size for most cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other pastries is the cake cover. Steel construction. The oven-safe pan is made of professional weight steel and has no hot spots for uniform baking. There is a dual function. The base of the baking pan is safe for use in the oven and can also be used as a serving platter. The cover's inner dimensions are 10-3/4".

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤Don't buy this unless you want, what looks like it should have been an excellent product, but is not because some one decided to save a few pennies, and attach the four clips on the cover to the bottom plate. There are four clips that work well until the two small plastic pieces hold the top to the plate. It took a couple of uses for the first one to break. I have two out of four that are not broken, and two out of four that are a little less broken, depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. When you use a product, it becomes an excellent product, but then it starts falling apart. Amazon should be ashamed to have such a product in its inventory, and one should be ashamed to make such a product. I bet you can do better than this. Potential buyers would be held up until this part is made over correctly.

👤I carry a cake to a potluck if it's rare, but I wouldn't risk carrying it by the handles, which are pretty flimsy. I don't like the non-stick coated base because cutting it would scratch it. I put my cake on a cardboard round because there was no plate to fit inside. The clips that fastened the cover to the base could be a problem. They, too, were pretty flimsy and took a few tries to clip on. It's a good buy for something I might use a few times a year for, but I wouldn't want to use plastic wrap on it.

👤You know you're getting older when your favorite toy is a cake cloche. It's pretty awesome. You can just take a cake you made with you and cut it and serve it from the bottom. The handle doubles as a coverable air hole so you can keep the airholes open or shut depending on what you make. Well traveled. For pound cakes that can take a little more handling, it's a great cake, but for rocky trips with an iced cake, it's not perfect. I'm not sure if it's a great recipe. I have a poundcake that is 5 days old and still moist, and not in the gross gooey way from the glaze or something. The cake is holding up well. Make sure you lock all four hinges before you swing this thing.

👤The carrier did what it was supposed to do. I was concerned after reading the reviews. Everything else in my life is falling apart. I thought about why not. I made an overweight cheesecake for Christmas and it was great. I was able to serve my dessert to my entire family because the handle didn't break. I would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to take a risk in life, because the handles don't feel sturdy at all.

👤I should have listened to the comments about the poor quality of the item. It cracked when it arrived. The tabs easily slipped off. Returned.

3. Square Heavyweight Plastic Disposable Miniature

Square Heavyweight Plastic Disposable Miniature

Go green and don't have to worry about washing dishes. The 20 mini clear plastic mini cake plate with lid is a great value. The dimensions are shown on their image. Premium crystal clear plastic and eye-catching shape will showcase your favorite hors d'oeuvres, chocolate mousses, layers of desserts, and shots in style. These are made from a high grade, non toxic plastic. That ensures that the cups are durable enough to be washed and reuse. These are perfect for weddings, reception, buffet, holiday meals, birthday parties, baby showers, holiday and family gathering. Great for home use. Shop with confidence. You are guaranteed a 100% Money- Back Guarantee if you purchase this item from Posh Setting.

Brand: Posh Setting

👤Quality looks flimsy and it is only 10 count.

👤I disliked the quality of this, it was flimsy and stuck together, it broke multiple ones.

👤I will buy them again because they were great for mini brownies.

👤No son 20 Unidades.

4. Posh Setting Collection Heavyweight Disposable

Posh Setting Collection Heavyweight Disposable

10 mini cake trays with stand and dome cover are included in the package. Quality: Excellent. Best for Weddings, Parties, or any special event, Plastic cups/bowls are top quality. The Mini serving cups/bowl are made from clear plastic. These cups can be washed and reused. It is disposable, and recyclable. DIMENSIONS 2.5 X 2.5 Inches is the height. Go green and don't have to worry about washing dishes.

Brand: Posh Setting

👤I was not expecting this item to be what it was. I didn't see a size when I ordered, but they looked like they would be at least two and a half inches across, so you might be able to fit a petit four in it, but that's about it! The photo looks like it's fitting a small dessert. I didn't notice a size, but it might be a good idea to put the size on there, I never would have ordered these if I knew they were small.

👤The item arrived in a timely manner. One cake plate dome was cracked and the others were not. The items are not individually wrapped in the packaging and I think that caused the marks on the plastic domes. The size is exactly what I was hoping for, but I have to work around the markings on the plastic as they interfere with displaying the miniature cake items.

👤The whole thing is about 3 inches tall. I can't imagine how small a cake would be. I threw the domes away. The cupcake base won't stay attached to the plate. You have to glue them on. I wouldn't order them again because they served a purpose.

👤Cute for serving small items.

👤These were sturdy and adorable. I kept them because I can use them in the future, even though they were too small. They are made to look cute.

👤They looked like glass. All the guests gave me a lot of praise. Everyone liked the look of fruit tarts I bought. They make great part favors.

👤Didn't like the way it was packed I will not buy it again.

👤They were a huge hit at the party. It is important to not overfill the cupcakes or put too much icing because they will fit.

5. Acrylic Multi Functional Serving Platter Stainless

Acrylic Multi Functional Serving Platter Stainless

The cake turntable is easy to clean and durable. This set contains a 6 in 1 cake stand with dome cover and a set of cake knife and server with a faux crystal handle, which is convenient for your cake and salad making. The serving stand with cover is made of lightweight acrylic and is easy to carry and clean, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It can be used as a cake plate, serving dish, punch bowl, chips and salsa plate, salad bowl, and baking goods stand. Fit for all occasions, such as banquets, parties, upscale Catering, home, restaurant, dessert shop or other place. The cake stand is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake serving platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be applied again and again for anything you want.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤The dome is flimsy. Cracks are very easy to crack.

👤The bride was happy with the gift.

6. Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Premium crystal-clear plastic. A dishwasher safe. This lightweight serving stand is easy to carry and clean, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It looks like real glass. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be Inverted for a sectional chip n' dip server. The cake stand with dome lid, salad bowl, server, chips and dip platter, and pie serving dish can be used with 3 parts. It's great for holidays, parties, entertaining and everyday use.

Brand: Tebery

👤This is made of plastic that is easy to clean. It's multi-functionality is something that I like, as you would have to buy multiple products to equal just one. It's a cake plate, a serving platter, a punch bowl, a salad bowl, and the "dip cup" detaches from it and could be used independently for holding salsa or other condiments. I used it to hold my cakes. I rigged up a little set-up to make sure the top didn't touch when closed. It's a good product. I don't have a dishwasher so I don't know if it's dishwasher safe. I wasn't worried about that, but it cleans very easily and is sturdy.

👤The dome's internal diameter is more than 10 feet, not 12 as was claimed. The stand is similar to the other plastic stands, but is too small for me. It took me 30 seconds to grab a ruler and measure. Minus three stars for providing misleading information.

👤The cake stand is made of plastic. I thought it was glass, so I read it wrong. I need to wear my glasses more often. It is not worth $30.

👤It was received on December 12th. When the crack was present, it only got as far as one bundt cake. I knew I would have this for a long time so I used a plasic butter knife to cut. I need a replacement for the multifunction. I have another event in January. It will leak with the dip, and as you can see it started from the center, it may need to be reinforced. I purchased it because of the possibilities. Please let me know how we can resolve this.

👤It's light and nice. I was looking for a plate that was covered. I didn't want something that was heavy. I didn't want something that was breakable. It's not as pretty as a glass or crystal cake plate, but it still looks nice. This can be used as a covered vegetable and dip tray at a BBQ with the stress of someone dropping the dome and breaking it. I highly recommend it.

👤I needed a cake platter for my cooking class. It worked well when I was making the cake. It was easy to store the cake. There were no cracks in the product when I washed it. I put a cake on it and noticed a crack on the platter piece. I thought I had been a little overzealous in cutting the cake, and that I would be a little nicer in the future. After not touching the cake or platter for two days, I noticed two cracks in the platter that were not close to the original crack. It was rather disappointing.

👤I love it! It scratches easily, but it still works. I was tall enough to put a double layer cake inside. I have not used it for anything other than a cake. I am excited to have a get-together after the Covid as it will be perfect for Appetizers as well. It was worth the money.

7. Top Shelf Elements Fashionable Sea Foam

Top Shelf Elements Fashionable Sea Foam

Any 9 inch cake is suitable. The cake is 10 inches x 4 1/2 inches. The total size is 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. STURDY CLAMPS: The lid is locked in place with a pair of sturdy clamps. 2 extra snaps are available for easy replacement. A multi-purpose base. The bottom of the base has a serving tray. There is a clear cover. The cover is elegant and allows you to show off your design. The food safe/dishwasher safe cake holder is completely safe for all food.

Brand: Top Shelf Elements

👤This product is terrible. It is broken after use. Please don't buy it. This item is not deserving of this price. I am foolish to buy it.

👤The lock handle broke after the first use. I wouldn't recommend this. What good is a cake carrier if you can't open it? I like the color and size of it. It will be going to the trash.

👤It's pretty cheap. Not worth the price. It feels like a dollar store purchase. The plastic is put on and taken off by the latches. If they could design a better latch. I would love it. I will return it.

👤There was a crack in the dome of the carrier when I received it. I reported this to the seller and got an answer. They said they would send a new carrier and give me a tracking number. The new carrier was in my possession within a week. Excellent customer service. I'm very happy with the quality of the item, it snaps closed to provide a secure place for my cakes, and even came with extra parts in case one of the clamps fails. I would buy from this seller again.

👤Many people said a three layer cake would fit. I had to go flat with my orange slices on top of my three layer cake because there was no room. If I had put decorations on my cake, it would have ruined it or not fit in the house. If you are worried, get the taller one.

👤I have two suggestions for how the cake should be carried. It would have been easier to store if it collapsed. If you could snap the lid on the divided section, it would be much easier to fix the try with the food that you need to go.

👤It's a great place totable for homemade cakes or cookies. I use this all the time to keep cake fresh. I use it if I have to keep the cakes cold. This is tight enough to keep it fresh. It is large enough to see through. It is light. I like it.

👤This cake holder is gorgeous. It's the perfect size, I finally found one that wasn't big. It keeps our cakes, pound cakes, muffins, rolls, and other items fresh and it doesn't take up much space. The handles are on top and it travels easily. I recommend purchasing this wonderful cake holder because I can't wait to try the fruit platter part.

👤The design and colour was great but the clips broke three times. I was careful but it still happened after reading other reviews. I'm sad. I plan to use it for home use.

👤The Side-clips were cracked when they arrived. I tried to open the other one, but it cracked. I returned it and need to find a new one.

👤The product is clean and easy to use. The product was exactly described. The colour is lovely. Thank you.

👤The cake carrier was used once. It was in the fridge. One of the clips snapped off when I removed them. It's not possible to seal. No problem, refunds.

8. Homeries Multi Purpose Cake Stand Dome

Homeries Multi Purpose Cake Stand Dome

There is a multi-accessory. There are a lot of different accessories for the paint sprayer gun. You can use different cleaning brushes to clean the airbrush inside. The effect of the ejection is more perfect if the air filter is effective in isolating the air with the humidity. The six in one stand is a unique cake stand with many uses. It can be used as a cake plate, serving dish, punch bowl, chips and salsa plate, salad bowl, and baking goods stand. To make a serving dish, simply invert the dome or plate. The serving stand with cover is lightweight and easy to carry, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It looks like real glass, and keeps your baked goods fresh for longer. It is a perfect gift for a family dinner. You can serve everything from Appetizers to Desserts with its many functions. It's a great birthday gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. You may want to keep the cake stand and server in your home. You want your creations to stand out and get noticed when you bring a salad, punch or desert to a party. The salad bowl and cake stand are unique and eye-catching. The cake stand is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake serving platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be used again and again.

Brand: Homeries

👤I was a bit skeptical of buying this because I was afraid the plastic would look cheap, but I am so glad I did! I rearranged it differently after taking it out of the box. I want to order another one.

👤I needed a way to display my subpar decorating work because last week I decided cupcake decorating was going to be my true life calling. That was made possible by this cake stand. I have moved onto pursuing new life callings, but I am not worried about wasting money because of theVersatility of this cake stand. The ease and utility of the stand sparks so much joy for me that my husband happily sat through my fiery demonstration on how this stand could be used. While he is impatient and bored with my presentations on items I have purchased for us via Amazon, there was no trace of boredom this time. He joined in with my enthusiasm, my pride, and we sang the song of sweet victory to honor my wise, wonderful decision. Triumph is realized. I will reign as queen forever.

👤It looks like glass but is very light. The platter was used for the coffee cake. It worked out perfectly. The cake stayed very moist despite the raised lid because of the elevated design around the perimeter. The bottom tray cracked in 3 places after only 3 or 4 uses. I didn't know that had happened until I cleaned up after the party. I don't know if someone could have used it. I will probably purchase it again.

👤No need to worry about chipping your stand. My mother had a glass cakestand. The tray that came with this purchase will be used for Easter. We can put frosted bake goods under cover for a day or two without worry. We're very happy with the purchase. The cakestand that came with it seems to be of good quality.

👤It is very clear. It is plastic and not glass. I had a heavy glass cake plate. I have a pretty glass cake stand that my mother used to own. I loved to use it. I bought this for the lid because I don't like to make a dome of foil. It is clear, pretty and versatile. I think it will be used a lot for birthday parties and graduation parties. I plan to wash my hands. I plan to use round cardboard cake plates so there will be no cutting on the plastic. It's economical. I will buy another one if I can get 15 uses out of it. I like containers that are clear and plastic as I get older.

👤The cake stand is clear. Extra useful and versatile. My cakes look pretty.

👤This one works great, I wanted another cake or dessert cover. It looks like glass. I don't worry about it breaking when people use it. I have other glass serving trays. The set is versatile and I am enjoying it. I will be using the veggie tray at a baby shower that I will be hosting soon, but I haven't used it yet. It makes sense to have multiple uses.

9. Plastic Disposable Containers Carriers Transport

Plastic Disposable Containers Carriers Transport

The curved sidewall strengthens container handling. The set includes 5 black 10" trays, 5 clear high dome lids, and 5 10" corrugated white cake boards. It's perfect for displaying your cakes. The lid is tall enough to hold up to three layers of cakes. Guests will have a great view of the product since the lid is clear. The lid snaps onto the tray to protect your cake from damage until it's time to serve. The design keeps air out to maintain freshness. REINFORCED TRAY has a molded-in honeycomb design to increase its rigidity for extra strength and reliability. The container is ideal for bakeries, grocery stores, and home use bakeries who need to transport their cakes to events. The circle of CAKE BOARDS is made of single-wall corrugated cardboard and is strong enough to support cakes. Your cakes look fresh and your vibrant colorful icings and intricate designs stand out for a stunning appearance, thanks to the crisp, white coloring of its top. The width is 11 13/16 inches and the height is 5 1/2 inches. The diameter is 11 inches and the height is 5 inches.

Brand: Houzzkingz Usa

👤The cake carriers are a great addition to the kitchen. I always get requests to make a certain cake. It must be refrigerated for 3 days before it is served. I've never had a cake carrier that was tall enough, sealed tightly and easy to carry. I looked at Amazon for ways of storing and transporting cakes and found these. I don't have to bring a container home after the event because they work perfectly. I will continue to use these carriers. I don't know why I didn't think of them before.

👤I needed some containers for cakes. These are the same things that you see at your local bakery and grocery store. Seal the edges with your fingers. There will be some movement on the cake boards. I made bundt cakes that fit. It's great when you need a gift that's sealed. I will buy them again.

👤I ordered the plastic cake holders to see if I could replace the boxes I've been using. They are not very stable, but they are durable. I'd like to see a bigger quantity in a box. You have to remember that they are only temporary. I will be ordering again.

👤The plastic was very durable, but the cakeboards that came with it were very flimsy. Overall will order again but will use cake boards.

👤They were used on 5 cakes. Four people traveled and the cakes were secure. I kept my pound cake fresh by having one stay with me. It was washed to use for another cake. The cardboard plates were very helpful.

👤It was good for a 2 layer cake which was about 3 1/2 inches high, but too short for a 3 layer cake which was about 5 1/2 inches high. It was easy to transport.

👤It barely fit my cake. I hope it's in one piece for the birthday girl. It works so it is decent quality and taller than other containers. It came in a pack so it was worth it. It is not as sturdy as the containers the shoppers cakes use.

👤The containers are light. The black bass seems to hold together, but the clear plastic domes cracked easily. The cardboard bottoms slide around making it harder for the cover to stay on. I had to tape them, but they were still tearing. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤It was a good size. It was not secure. It is supposed to be secure. I had to put the lid on the container.

10. Godinger Platter Acaciawood Shaterproof Acrylic

Godinger Platter Acaciawood Shaterproof Acrylic

Food and dishwasher safety are important. The cake carrier is completely safe. The cake stand server with dome is stunning. It's great for serving, decorating, gift giving or entertaining. The dome lid is shatterproof. When serving or passing, the elegant pedestal fits comfortably in your hand. The ball top lid is comfortable to hold. It is a wonderful gift for weddings. The cake plate has a diameter of 11.5" and a height of 10. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion, from barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. Most major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Godinger

👤The product is too expensive for what it is. If I had only paid $25 for it, I would be happy with it. Is it possible to be charged $40 for this? It is not worth it to the customer. The dome is made of plastic. Customers need to understand that. It was very disappointing to see that it was plastic, I thought I was getting a glass dome. The top of the wood is not polished and it is a bit waxy, so it won't turn or stain the wood. It is a decent piece for the kitchen if you need something to store your baked goods in, but it is a little too expensive for what it is. You can find the same thing at TJ Maxx for half the price.

👤The product is being used. The knife's rates are all over the wood. They refused to pair my review with my own.

👤The stand was damaged when it arrived, but it was superglued back in place before it was shipped. The dome is very short and not big enough to fit a decorated baked good underneath. The value was poor.

👤I like the stand because it goes with my decor. There is no way to cover a 3 layer cake without smooshing it. You can get a 2 layer cake with decorations.

👤There is an obvious flaw in the product that I am a little disappointed in. I can't get at it and it might be returned because of the price. Love everything about it.

👤HorriBly Warped stand. I washed it. I dried it off. A few days later the cake was eaten. There was a bow on the stand. I dried it after washing it. Put a chocolate cake on it. left that for a while. The cake was eaten. There is a huge bow on the stands surface. I wouldn't buy anything from this company. GARBAGE is what their stuff is.

👤I bought this because I wanted to bring cakes to other people's house for dinner without having to worry about a carrying case. It's not a big deal that I have to hold it on my lap. My ceramic cake plate is too heavy to carry around. The plastic cloche is pretty and allows people to see the cake. When my son's friends come over, I put cookies in it. When there is a gang at the house opening it and grabbing a cookie every time they walk past it, I don't worry much about it because the boys have chipped a few glass domes over the years.

👤This is a cute cake stand. I'm not sure if it's food rated because the off gassing makes food taste terrible, and it's pretty strange for a cake stand. If you want this for something other than food, stick with glass.

👤The product was crooked and not level. Sure enough, it was confirmed with the levelling tool. It is unacceptable for that level of carelessness. I'm not sure if the seller will come through or not, but I will update if they do.

11. WUWEOT Porcelain Serving Platter Shaterproof

WUWEOT Porcelain Serving Platter Shaterproof

Party and home decorating partners are suitable for display and serving delicious foods in home party, weddings, baby showers, Christmas party, graduations, home decorating, daily using etc. The cake stand with dome will add charm to your party or wedding. Use as a cupcake stand, wedding cake stand, dessert stand or serve for fruit, bread, muffins, cookies, snack, desserts, cheeses, pie and other sweet treat. It can be used at all types of events, from tea party to graduations. The cake stand is made of high quality ceramic material. The cake can be protected from mosquitoes with a food-grade lid. The platter is comfortable in hand when serving. A shatterproof dome is great for indoors or outdoors. The ball top lid is comfortable to hold. The serving plate is made from a tray. It's a chic way to keep your food organized and stylish. The serving tray is white and has a diameter of 9.7 inches and a height of 5.1 inches. It can be an excellent gift for many occasions.

Brand: Wuweot

👤I give it a five star because it is very useful. There was a small crack on the lid, but it was amazing.


What is the best product for cake plate with dome plastic?

Cake plate with dome plastic products from Yarnow. In this article about cake plate with dome plastic you can see why people choose the product. G & S Metal Products Company and Posh Setting are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake plate with dome plastic.

What are the best brands for cake plate with dome plastic?

Yarnow, G & S Metal Products Company and Posh Setting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake plate with dome plastic. Find the detail in this article. Geiserailie, Tebery and Top Shelf Elements are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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