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1. Wilton 1912 2350 Pack Clear Treat

Wilton 1912 2350 Pack Clear Treat

The shelf life of the food and treats is extended by using stronger bags. Birthday, Wedding, Party, Home and Kitchen must-haves. There are 100 clear treat bags in the mega pack. It's great for giving cupcakes, cookies and candy. Can be used for a lot of things. The bags are made of plastic. There are bags that hold lots of treats.

Brand: Wilton

👤I used these bags to package cake pops. The perfect size made the cake pops look presentable.

👤Excellent and cheap compared to craft stores.

👤Excellent product and packaging.

👤It is easy to use. Quality,Durability, and thickness are all here. Can not beat the price for so many bags.

👤They were young. I thought these were the bags Martha-Stewart uses to wrap Christmas cookies. These were more like a small bag that you would sell beads or earring pieces in. A friend gave them to me.

👤The bags have a thick texture that is not what I was expecting. They are small and hard to open in order to fill. If you fold over and tape the top, they will hold about 6 Hershey's kisses.

👤The bags are for cupcakes. cupcakes do not fit in the bags The would be great for small treats, but not what I ordered them for. There was no ties included.

👤I accidentally bought a smaller size. They're a fine product if there's anything else.

2. Inches Making 100Pcs Lollipop Sticks

Inches Making 100Pcs Lollipop Sticks

The complete set includes 100 cakepop paper sticks, 100 transparent bags, and 100 golden twist ties. They can meet your shopping needs. These cake pop sticks are made of food grade paper and tasteless, without fluorescent agents. They can be used in baking ovens. They won't break or drop paper scraps, so please use them. They have increased the size of the transparent bags so that you can make cakepops in different shapes. These bags are very transparent and you can see inside from the outside. Thin metal strips inside the golden twist ties can be used again. You can use them to make different styles. This set is a good choice. They will help you solve the problem if you contact them in time.

Brand: Augshy

👤I don't usually write reviews if the item is bad. This one is useless. It wouldn't hold up my cake pop when I dipped it. I made the cake pop small to test out the stick, but it wouldn't hold it. Very disappointing. Returned the thicker ones that I hope will work better. Don't spend your money on these.

👤I bought these because my granddaughter wanted to make cakepops. Very happy, worked well. The cake pops looked good, but they were an experience. If she wants to do it, I'll make them again.

👤I used these for a thanksgiving party at work and they were sturdy and the perfect size to showcase cake pops.

👤The cake pop sticks were long and skinny and were bending from the weight of a cake pop, which was nice, but they came in a set like this.

👤Just what I needed. The perfect size for cake pops.

👤The sticks in this set are so small that a cake pop wouldn't work. The bags and ties are good, but the sticks were terrible. Would not recommend it.

👤The sticks are thin and flimsy.

👤The bags were not damaged. The sucker sticks were terrible. I used three sticks to hold up the cake pop. I have 100 of them that will be thrown away.

3. Wilton Icing Colors 12 Count Gel Based

Wilton Icing Colors 12 Count Gel Based

It's good for weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversary and more. Bring your dessert with you. They can be used for all kinds of cake, including birthday cake, coffee, and other decorative items. Their gel food coloring set can be used to tint cake batter, royal icing or buttercream. The consistency of your cake mix, cookie icing, and fondant won't be affected by the colors you use. It's a great addition to your cookie decorating supplies. Pink, royal blue, black, golden yellow, lemon yellow, brown are popular colors. Specialty colors are in the size of 0.25 ounces. A set of 12 to 1/2 ounce icing colors. There is a spectrum of primary colors.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought this set of icing colors to make Christmas Cookies. I needed an excuse, but I just wanted to eat them myself. The chart on the side shows that the box contains 12 "bold" colors, which is a good value for the money. I only used five of the colors, "No Taste" Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Brown, and Black." It is advertised as "No taste" red, but I am not sure why. It is possible that the other colors delivered the results advertised. I thought I would be able to decorate my Christmas Trees with just these five colors. I have had issues with using the liquid and the gel food colors in the grocery store in the past, in that they don't get the colors bold enough. Santa is wearing a pink and grey suit. The Black shined and achieved the color on the box, but they weren't much better. Green and Red came close, but needed almost the entire amount supplied in order to get a couple shades lighter than what is on the box. When the icing dries, they will not match the box. The Brown required the entire supply to produce enough brown for a dozen tree trunks. The funniest part is reading the instructions on the side of the box, which states, "For black or brown icing, start with chocolate icing to minimize the amount of color needed." Hello? I don't think I need to add food coloring to chocolate icing. I can only imagine how bad the Black would have looked if I had taken that approach. The biggest issue with this product is how the colors are applied to your icing. I am used to eyedropper style packages that allow you to add a small amount at a time. The instructions always say to add color a little at a time. I was surprised that the colors are delivered in small pots, like in a painting set. Each pot is sealed with a safety seal similar to a bottle of aspirin, but without a tab or a way to remove it. You end up splattering the color all over everything if you punch through with a toothpick. When you peel the seal off, you do it again. The product shines at staining your fingers. The instructions suggest dipping a toothpick into the color and then transferring that to the icing. After using about a dozen toothpicks to make Santa Red, I ended up tipping the container upside down and using a toothpick to make the color. The gel isn't easy to flow in. I used up my entire supply of Red and Black to make a dozen or so cookies. It's called TL;DR. I wouldn't buy this product again. I didn't get the colors I was hoping to achieve because it was too difficult to use.

👤I wrote a good review for this item, but after a lot of bad experiences I have to change it. I received missing and duplicate colors in a sealed box of food coloring. I was halfway through a recipe and needed to add food color. If you open the box immediately, you'll see if all the colors are there. Quality control should be higher for the price that they charge.

4. Treat Bags Twist Ties Colors

Treat Bags Twist Ties Colors

Every single item they sell is handmade, hand assembled, and physically checked by them to provide you with quality products. Food grade safe is 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly and clear than PP plastic bags. 6 mix colors twines are 4 inch long and great for making bags and accessories for your wedding, birthday party, cake pops, lollipop, candy making and more. Strong bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the food and treats fresh, and extending the shelf life. 200 treat bags with 200 twist ties in a re-sealable bag are an economical package. Birthday, Wedding, Party, Home and Kitchen must-haves. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will love their bakebaking treat bag set and that you will be able to get a full money back on your purchase. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Bakebaking

👤I see a lot of reviews for these bags, but in most cases, they don't specify which size bag they bought. I wanted to package cake pops that my daughter made using the BabyCakes cake pop maker so I bought the 3 inch by 4 inch bags. The treat bags are made of high quality material. If you're like me, you should buy the 5 inch by 7 inch bags. Why? If you have sprinkles on top of the cake pop, it's difficult to package it in the smaller 3 inch x 4 inch bags. If the sprinkles aren't firmly embedded into the cake pop, you will lose a few. I will buy the larger 5 inch x 7 inch treat bags after I use up all of my 200 supply.

👤I should have gotten a bigger bag, the 5x7 was too small for our treats.

👤The bags are perfect for a sugar cookie. A large cookie wouldn't fit. I will order them again. The plastic is of good quality. I want to put two cookies in a bag next time I make the kids teachers cookies, so I ordered the larger bags. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the largest size for the gift bags. They were sturdy and held up well. A lot of things were in the bags, including an apple, an orange, a walnut, pencil, book marks, erasers, juice pouch, a bag of chips, candy and a cupcake. The clear bags worked out great for the host. I wish I had taken pictures.

👤I had to cut a small portion of the bag since I needed a 3” x 6” treat bag, but it was perfect for my candle cookies. It is made of good quality material, which is thicker than usual treat bags, and it has twist ties in a variety of colors. The twist ties are perfect if you want to match it with a color that you like. I highly recommend this product for its price and quality.

👤The bags were great for gifts. I wanted a bag that could hold cookies of various sizes. There are 15 cookies in the bag, ranging from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2” in diameter. I only gave it a total of 4 stars because I want to be able to gift decorated cupcakes and have to figure out how to get the bottom to lie flat. Thinking about a piece of card stock at the bottom. The bags were delivered the next day from Amazon and it was amazing. These bags are recommended by me. Since 200 bags are in an order, it will take me a while to use them. It's great for bags with goodies.

👤Didn't know the bag is flat. There isn't enough room to stack the cookies. Unless those cookies are small. The material is strong.

👤I bought these for my homemade chocolates and will gift them in homemade gift baskets this year. The 46 look great with a cup of 1-inch chocolates and a little room on top to twist and tie. I have smaller bags that are good for cake pops, but I like the larger ones for homemade chocolates. I like the colorful twist ties. The bags are good quality and don't fall apart like other bags I've used before. I'm most likely to buy these again.

5. Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

It's great for coloring cake batter, icings, eggs and more. This three-color set is great for making tri-color swirls of icing on cupcakes. The decorating tips include a coupler and disposable bags. The color is purple and white. Plastic and metal. Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤This was a lot of fun to use. It's nice to have all three colors, but not in one bag. I was able to make a full pipe. Add icing to the bags near the end of the cake in about 15 minutes. The plastic bag should not cover the grooves and notch that are meant to interlock when you cut the bag at the right point. I will definitely use this again.

👤I am a complete novice in baking and this was my first attempt at cupcake decorating. Read the instructions. It seems rediculous to say that. I would have had a harder time if I had known how to assemble this. Be patient and don't overfill your bags. I used a fourth bag to hold the filled bags in place. It was easy once I had everything in its place. The cupcakes turned out better than I anticipated.

👤This product worked well for me. I ordered this product after reading the reviews because I wanted to make a tie dye themed cupcake for my son's birthday party. I had never piped frosting before, but the result was adorable. The set up does take some time. Make sure to couple the bags together. I had a small hiccup when I had to re-load some frosting into the bags halfway through and that created some air bubbles, but nothing was going to stop me. I will be using this again.

👤I was one of the people who had trouble with these. I couldn't get my bags to line up and lock together after I filled them. I just read an update that says the pieces are not the same and that they need to match the larger tab with the larger slot. I am going to try it again with some store bought frosting. I love the tri-color look and I'm hoping for better results. I did a practice run using canned frosting from the store, and I was able to get the bags on, lined up, and put the tip on, but I had to use Scotch tape to hold them together. I got it together after a few tries. The icing was room temp and too soft. I feel more confident using my homemade buttercream frosting now that I know I can get the whole assembly together. The first two attempts used up all the bags that came with the kit, so I'll have to pick up more.

👤2.5 stars. I'm lazy and I thought. I can do more than one color without stripping. One click! I've used it twice and both times I ended up with the biggest hand cramp. The frosting goes out of the top with the empty coupler. I didn't read the instructions to see if I did something wrong. I need to put the bag in with the coupler to do two colors. I think the results are pretty. A lot of work for the same results. I found it easy to use, but my hand hurts like a mother.

6. Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

The Alfred Home collection. The AuldHome series of white coated galvanized steel is used in the kitchen, laundry and home. You should dress your cupcakes. It's ideal for holiday candy and nuts. It's every celebration. The Mini is 1.25 in diameter.

Brand: Wilton

👤The reviews said that it would stick together and you would be able to use a lot. I was able to make 100 of these cupcakes with no issues, be sure to order the correct pan, and in a few minutes you will all set the cupcakes, they are so perfect in these liners that they peel right off! Great purchase and will buy again.

👤I don't use them for baking muffins or cupcakes. I use them to make rice. The rice maker has a vent hole in the lid that allows steam to escape, but it also spits hot water over the counter. I put a small baking cup upside down over the vent hole to stop the steam from escaping. Works well!

👤I have a muffin tin that needs small cups, but they are smaller than I expected. The bottom of the cup doesn't fill the depressions in the tin and the top of the cups extend beyond the tops in the tin making them tippy. I don't think I can fill them with a melon ball tool, and then how would I get the dough out? The smallest cupcake/cookie dough tool with a spring release is too large to fit into the tiny liners. I threw out the liners I had on hand because they were too small to be useful, and they were made of a study material so that they could be filled if you were into such delicate work. These are small as well as flimsy. I can't see how they can be filled with a piping bag, but that may be possible for those who are willing to do it. Not for me.

👤If you have a "muffin tin" type thing with holes, these cups will work. They were flattened out when I poured jello liquid in them. I will put the jello in the cups and then put the cold jello in them. The cups wouldn't hold jello without flattening out. They don't have their shape. I tried to make them more stable by quadrupling them, but that didn't work. The picture shows how they were flattened when I spooned the jello mixture. I can't imagine how they would hold cake batter if they didn't hold jello. These are not worth the money.

👤I make a lot of muffins. The "If you care" ones work the best.

👤I used these to bake cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. They were easy to line with muffin tins. It was easy to dump them out once they cooled because they held up nicely and did not stick to the muffin tin. The parents had to help toddlers with this part, not the fault of the baking cups, but the general toddler learning curve. It's a great price for the amount of baking cups you get.

👤The paper cup liners are perfect for mini cupcakes. This is a great price for the quality products made by Wilton. They will be used for gifts of mini dog treats for my Min Pin and his friends. I will make mini cupcakes for myself and my friends when the dogs are treated well. I always buy products from the company. They are the best. I was looking for liners that were similar to what I was looking for. If you want to make regular cupcakes, you need the next size up. I just ordered a smaller size of truffles from Wilton. My Min Pin is very excited for the party. Thank you Amazon for another great product.

7. Wilton 1912 1294 Count Party Clear

Wilton 1912 1294 Count Party Clear

8 inch white circle cake sheets. The Mega Pack of 100 Count Party Bags is from 1912-1294

Brand: Wilton

👤Terrible quality. The bags were very delicate. You can either buy a lot or make other arrangements.

👤These are great! This is the second time I've purchased these and I will be back for more.

👤The image is not accurate. It doesn't seem like a good value to pay $12 for 100 bags. Sending them back is a bad idea.

👤These are not the same as pictured. They are not from Wilton. They are in a bag. It's too expensive for a non Wilton product.

👤Not as pictured. There was no label for the ties. Look closely.

👤This was supposed to be a pack of three, but I only got one. This is the second time.

8. Wilton Brownie Bar Pan 12 Cavity

Wilton Brownie Bar Pan 12 Cavity

There are some things contained: This product is made in a facility that also processes egg, fish, milk, tree nuts and wheat. Their brownies with crisp edges and miniature cakes are perfect for ready, set, bake. Tools for your creativity. The brownie pan lets you experiment with your cooking and baking. There are 12 brownies with smooth sides and crisp edges. The non-stick bakeware set from Wilton is a must have for baking your favorite food. The brownie pan will heat evenly for years of baking. Quick clean up. The brownie pan is dishwasher safe, however you should wash it in warm soapy water before using it. These should be a staple in your kitchen if you're a frequent baker. The brownie pan is 2.5 in. There is a dia. x 1.5 in. There is a limited 10-year warranty.

Brand: Wilton

👤I didn't buy this pan for brownies because I didn't want to use it for brownies. My nephew wanted a cake made out of a game and I couldn't get round cupcakes to look nice. The little sword and creeps were made from this pan. It is the same size as a cupcake. I can't wait to use this on more cake orders.

👤I love this pan for more than brownies. It's the second one I'm buying to join the one I've had for a while. One of the things I like to make is stuffing squares for Thanksgiving, it provides a perfect portion, and a perfect ratio of soft and moist inside. I make at least 2 pans' worth of stuffing. I've used it for mini cornbread, mini cakes, mini frittatas, and so on. I spray it, and wait for whatever I am baking to cool a bit to remove it, it seems to work like a charm. It's a very sturdy pan. I have been using the first pan for about 4-5 years and it is still as good as new, I wash it by hand and dry it with paper towels. There are many uses for mini foods.

👤I post a review on these. I was hesitant to buy them. I have not found a brownie pan that I like, like my copper chef brownie pan. I decided to try these out. brownies are nice and moist... Many complain that spray with non stick baking spray is non stick. The directions say to spray with non stick. They were perfect after I put them in the oven at 350.

👤I used this to make cupcakes for my birthday. It worked well. I had read that you could use regular cupcake liners and still get square cupcakes. If you want cube-shaped cupcakes, you can't use round liners because the tops were square. The cupcakes came out perfectly, and the pan was easy to clean after I sprayed it. If you want cube-shaped cupcakes, they are not perfect cubes because they are not as deep as they are wide. The cake batter puffed up so the tops were rounded, but it was easy to slice the tops. My son's cake was loved by him and he helped pick out LEGO pieces to decorate it.

👤I used a pan that was not perfect. I put it in the dishwasher and the coating came off, leaving rust spots in the slots. The pan was thrown away. Feel free to contact me.

👤Everything I've baked in it is burnt on the outside and undercooked in the middle, and they rise with that ugly dome top in these pans. The top of brownies in a 9x13 pan do not dome nor do the corners burn. It's the same thing with mochi. I bake everything in bread pans, glass pans, disposable aluminum pans, with no problems, in my oven. The only thing giving me results is this pan. I tried to put less batter in the squares. I tried cooking at a lower temperature for longer. I don't have a large pan that can hold water and brownies, so I wouldn't have tried them.

9. Wilton 16 Inch Disposable Decorating 4 Pack

Wilton 16 Inch Disposable Decorating 4 Pack

You should keep your baking kit stocked with baking supplies and disposable decorating bags. The bags are perfect for cake decorating, icing cookies, candy making and filling, or deviled eggs. It's ideal for frosting, icing, chocolate, and other sweet or savory filling. The value pack includes four 12-count packages of 16 inch icing piping bags. There are essential decorating supplies to have on hand.

Brand: Wilton

👤I use these bags to put whipped soaps, butters, sugars, etc into jars and for topping soap cupcakes. They work well and are the right size. The plastic is easy to work with. The 16" to12" size is preferred by many.

👤I'm worried that you don't always get the authentic product you're looking for. I am very satisfied with the bags, they did not seem like imitations.

👤The best bags. Pop open on the side like others.

👤Quality thick bags worked well. I put them in a mug to help with filling. A good size for my needs. Better than the 12 in mess.

👤These are the best disposable bags I have ever used. I will not purchase another brand. It is worth the cost.

👤This is a great product. The brand of disposables does not tear easily. The pipes are beautiful as well. It should be added to your stocks.

👤They don't make them like they used to, but they get the job done and are still better quality than those other brands.

👤These are well made. I haven't had a broken bag yet.

👤I still love using the 12 inch piping bags from Wilton. I like the size of these. I don't have to peel the bags open to add more icing or batter because the bags hold so much. The brand is the best for quality. I wouldn't buy knock off brands or anything that doesn't have the name of the brand on it, because you get what you pay for. I've been using piping bags from Wilton since 1995 and always like them. I've never had any issues with them. I use them weekly. The 4 pack was great and will last me longer than the single pack from the local craft store. The price on Amazon is better than any other place I've seen. These are highly recommended. Sturdy, durable, easy to use, and a great price.

👤Locally, can only get 12 bags. The bags are expensive to purchase. The price was very good and came quickly.

👤I used these to fill the tart shells and found them to work well. I think I will be able to handle them better. I might try the reuseable ones.

10. Wilton Candy Melts Melting Pot

Wilton Candy Melts Melting Pot

Before use, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Excess water can be squeezed. Reshape brush. The air should be dry. It was made in China. It's easy. The melting pot can be used to make chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, cake pops and more. It's perfect for pouring melted candy into a decorating bag or drizzling directly onto treats. Quick. You can quickly melt up to 2 12 cups of Candy Melts candy or chocolate in less than 10 minutes with the two temperature settings on the pot. PERFORMANCE: The heating base stays cool to the touch, a safety light indicates when the pot is on, and it has rubber feet to keep it steady on the counter. The 120-volt plug has two temperature settings, melt and warm. Care instructions. The Silicone insert is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so wipe the outside of the pot with a damp cloth. The candy melt and chocolate melting pot has dimensions of 5.7 inches by 6.3 inches by 16 inches.

Brand: Wilton

👤The plastic part of the silicone holder has broken, barely 6 months after use. The burner still works.

👤The Wilton Candy Melting Pot does a great job of melting chocolate. The purple ring around the tub broke at the seam after just three months of casual use. I always washed the tub in soapy water. I thought it was supposed to be easy to clean, but sadly that is not the case. The plastic ring and handle are held together with glue. You would have a winner if you increased the durability factor.

👤I used it as soon as it arrived. I'm very happy with this. It's a lot easier than using a double boiler or the microwave to melt chocolate for candy and decorations. If you leave the chocolate on high for too long, it will burn the chocolate, so move the temp setting to medium. I filled it with milk chocolate and chunks of salted caramel and melted them for candy. It was easy to pour it into the molds and then spoon it out. I don't know if there is a negative thing about this Melting Pot. I will update this review if something negative comes up.

👤I used the pot to melt chocolate and candy. I followed the instructions in the manual to make my strawberries. I used to thin out the toll house morsels by adding a small amount of vegetable shortening in my chocolate. I wash it by hand because it's not dishwasher safe. It is very easy to use. This melting pot will be used a lot and I am happy that I bought it. This is better than a double boiler. This product is recommended by me.

👤It is easy to clean up. I used to microwave the candy in small amounts. I would have to melt it again. The pot keeps it warm. There is no need to rewarm. It took a little longer than expected to melt. It took about 10 minutes for a 12oz bag of candy melt to be melted, and it only took half a pot. It is worth the wait. Once the candy melt is melted, they stay warm and the right consistency to continue dipping!

👤The candy is usually melted in the microwave. We had to get a new microwave because it didn't work well with the candy melts. I ordered it. I had always wanted one. I thought it would be a lot easier if you stood by the microwave while it was melting. The instructions are clear. Before using, wash the entire unit. I did that. You can't fill the pot with the candy because of the line. It took 35 minutes to fully melt after I did not fill it. There is a button. Once it is to perfect temp, you can melt the candy and keep it warm. You have to stir it over and over. There are pieces of candy that have not melted. I only gave it four stars because of this. It takes a long time and doesn't seem to work as well as the microwave. I like how it keeps the candy warm when you need it. I bought a lot of candy molds and will be using them soon, so I will keep it.

11. Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

These piping bags can be used to design and decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods. 100 disposable piping bags are included in the value pack. The plastic pastry bags are 12 inches in diameter. The plastic piping bags are easy to dispose of in the kitchen. The perfect baking supplies are a pack of pastry bags.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't use an added tip and I love how these are disposable. I cut the bag in half. I use bag clips from Ikea to close the bag, and as the frosting gets used, I just move the bag clip down. It is easy to hold a cookie with one hand and pipe with the other. I will never use knives to spread frosting on a cookie again.

👤I have always kept a bag with some piping tips for things like deviled eggs and twice baked potatoes, I am new to cake baking and decorating. Sometimes I will also pipe sour cream. I like to put the mashed potatoes on the shepherds pies. The bags are strong and reasonably priced when bought in bulk. When piping hot mashed potatoes, I have never had a blow out.

👤This is not good. The package was incomplete and damaged when I opened it. I had to return it. This is not a good purchase.

👤It's odd that Amazon asks if the bags are easy to clean. That's not the point. They are small for a pastry bag because they are 12-inch. You will need them for small things. When I have used up all 100, I will buy them again.

👤I used bags for the first time and it was a great experience. I am not sure if the same thing will happen across the board because the bags are not very deep. It is very easy to clean up.

👤Out of the 10 bags I've used so far from this box, 8 of them have had issues. Normally, I don't have a problem with bags. I've chosen them many times, but this order is disappointing.

👤I like that I can buy a hundred of these in a pack, and never worry about running out. The bags seem well made, but I wish they were bigger at the top so I can fill them more easily. I think the bags themselves are made of a medium-thick material that will not rip or stretch easily when used with tips or with frosting. "disposable-ness" is not a word. Nothing makes a clean up easier than throwing things out. The price. The price is great. Small packs of decorating bags can be expensive. Since I don't decorate professionally, I am happy to just have this pack around, and I think it's an investment. The length of the bags is fine. I wish they were bigger and easier to fill with frosting. It's hard to fill by myself, but maybe I need more practice.

👤These are my favorite bags. These were purchased to teach students how to decorate cakes. The bags hold a lot of icing and they don't easily tear, allowing them to last through our decorating session. I wish there was a way to seal the bags at the top because new decorators have a hard time squeezing the icing down and sometimes the icing pops out the top. These bags are wonderful.

👤I was not happy with the purchase as the box came completely damaged and the pipping bags were too small to frost a cake, but I think they are fine for small things like icing cookies. I wouldn't buy this item again or recommend it.


What is the best product for cake pop bags wilton?

Cake pop bags wilton products from Wilton. In this article about cake pop bags wilton you can see why people choose the product. Augshy and Bakebaking are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake pop bags wilton.

What are the best brands for cake pop bags wilton?

Wilton, Augshy and Bakebaking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake pop bags wilton. Find the detail in this article.

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