Best Cake Pop Sticks and Wrappers

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1. Silicone Chocolate Cupcake Lollipop Decorating

Silicone Chocolate Cupcake Lollipop Decorating

The plastic sticks are dishwasher safe. You can make 40 lollipop cakes and 12 muffin cakes at the same time with the combination of baking supplies, 2 cake pop molds and 12 cake molds. You can use the cake decorating tools, change the tips of the decorative pen, and design your own patterns with the help of the do-it-yourself method. A chocolate candy melting pot can help you melt chocolate. You will be happy to show your cake works. When you make a ball with a cake pop mold, you can put candy sticks with melted chocolate, drizzle chocolate candy, wrap cupcake wrappers, and fix it on the cake pop stand. You will get a lot of praise for your cake decoration. It's difficult to form and it's reusable. Silicone mold making kit is food grade and can be used many times. It is safe for use in the oven, dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator and microwave. The temperature is 0C - 230C. It's easy to use and clean. The baking kit is easy to use and install. Videos and instruction manuals can help you. The accessories are easy to clean.

Brand: Nice Kitchen

👤I bought this for my grand-daughters and a friend of theirs, and after I learned how to bake it, it was very successful. The recommended time to bake is longer. The ones by the edge of the form were the only ones that came out well, because I left them in for the recommended time. The ones in the middle of the form fell apart. I lifted them in for an additional 5 minutes and they were perfect. If you first dip the sticks in chocolate, they will stay in the cake pop. You can dip the chocolate into the pop if you stick it mid-way. I kept them refrigerated to make them firm. We had fun dipping them and adding sprinkles. The girls were talking about what events they could make them for in the future, because they liked it so much. Overall, it was a success.

👤It was my first time making a cake pop and it came out very professional. The kit has everything you need to bake. The cake pops were delicious.

👤I bought this for my daughter to make cake pops instead of buying them at Starbucks. I have a couple tips that are not mentioned in the user manual, but they work wonderfully. Half of the cake will be stuck to the top and the other half will be stuck to the bottom. It's not fun to deal with. We used wax paper for the rest of the cake pops because there were only a few Silicone cupcake "papers" for drying the cake pops. It works as well. The cake should not be stuck into the mold after decorating. The chocolate on the cake pops broke off when we tried this, so we had to redecorate them. Half of the sticks were plastic and the other half were paper-like. The paper-like sticks worked well, but the plastic ones were terrible. They were so sleek that the cake balls would slide off of them. When I turned right, I hit the floor. I could not do without the plastic sticks.

👤I decided to buy this set because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to give it a try even though I didn't have the chocolate to finish it. I poured too much on some of them but they came out perfect. I think the next time they will be better. I can't wait!

👤A mis hijas, lo tiles para hacerles.

👤The pieces of the set were thrown into a random gift box, but they would have been a nice gift. The pieces were loose in the cardboard box and there were no labels or anything. The tiers of the stand were stained and scratched as if they had been used. I had to use Clorox wipes to clean my fingerprints. There's nothing I can do about the scratches. I am embarrassed to give this as a gift. It's too late to return it before Christmas. Be careful, buyer.

👤I would have liked to have seen some sort of instructions for these molds. It was easy to figure it out because I've been baking for years. Not all the baked balls were of the same size or shape. I wanted balls of cake, not the cloying, dense, too sweet cake and icing mixture of "traditional" cake pops, so I bought these forms. I used a boxed cake mix and ended up with balls of cake. It might be too light and airy. Maybe use a homemade batter next time. I would recommend these molds. They were clean in the dishwasher.

2. Treat Bags Twist Ties Colors

Treat Bags Twist Ties Colors

Every single item they sell is handmade, hand assembled, and physically checked by them to provide you with quality products. Food grade safe is 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly and clear than PP plastic bags. 6 mix colors twines are 4 inch long and great for making bags and accessories for your wedding, birthday party, cake pops, lollipop, candy making and more. Strong bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the food and treats fresh, and extending the shelf life. 200 treat bags with 200 twist ties in a re-sealable bag are an economical package. Birthday, Wedding, Party, Home and Kitchen must-haves. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will love their bakebaking treat bag set and that you will be able to get a full money back on your purchase. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Bakebaking

👤I see a lot of reviews for these bags, but in most cases, they don't specify which size bag they bought. I wanted to package cake pops that my daughter made using the BabyCakes cake pop maker so I bought the 3 inch by 4 inch bags. The treat bags are made of high quality material. If you're like me, you should buy the 5 inch by 7 inch bags. Why? If you have sprinkles on top of the cake pop, it's difficult to package it in the smaller 3 inch x 4 inch bags. If the sprinkles aren't firmly embedded into the cake pop, you will lose a few. I will buy the larger 5 inch x 7 inch treat bags after I use up all of my 200 supply.

👤I should have gotten a bigger bag, the 5x7 was too small for our treats.

👤The bags are perfect for a sugar cookie. A large cookie wouldn't fit. I will order them again. The plastic is of good quality. I want to put two cookies in a bag next time I make the kids teachers cookies, so I ordered the larger bags. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the largest size for the gift bags. They were sturdy and held up well. A lot of things were in the bags, including an apple, an orange, a walnut, pencil, book marks, erasers, juice pouch, a bag of chips, candy and a cupcake. The clear bags worked out great for the host. I wish I had taken pictures.

👤I had to cut a small portion of the bag since I needed a 3” x 6” treat bag, but it was perfect for my candle cookies. It is made of good quality material, which is thicker than usual treat bags, and it has twist ties in a variety of colors. The twist ties are perfect if you want to match it with a color that you like. I highly recommend this product for its price and quality.

👤The bags were great for gifts. I wanted a bag that could hold cookies of various sizes. There are 15 cookies in the bag, ranging from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2” in diameter. I only gave it a total of 4 stars because I want to be able to gift decorated cupcakes and have to figure out how to get the bottom to lie flat. Thinking about a piece of card stock at the bottom. The bags were delivered the next day from Amazon and it was amazing. These bags are recommended by me. Since 200 bags are in an order, it will take me a while to use them. It's great for bags with goodies.

👤Didn't know the bag is flat. There isn't enough room to stack the cookies. Unless those cookies are small. The material is strong.

👤I bought these for my homemade chocolates and will gift them in homemade gift baskets this year. The 46 look great with a cup of 1-inch chocolates and a little room on top to twist and tie. I have smaller bags that are good for cake pops, but I like the larger ones for homemade chocolates. I like the colorful twist ties. The bags are good quality and don't fall apart like other bags I've used before. I'm most likely to buy these again.

3. Sticks Lollipops Bake Shop Supply

Sticks Lollipops Bake Shop Supply

Not for oven use. Color: white, quantity: 100 PCS. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours. The paper sticks are 8 x 5/32. There are cake pops, brownies, and lollipops.

Brand: Bake Shop Supply

👤I bought these for making chocolate covered apples. They are strong enough to support an apple.

👤The product is good value for money.

👤It was worth the money. They are strong and long for the project.

👤It was perfect for my chocolate mold lollipops.

4. Lollipop Including Colorful Lollipops Chocolates

Lollipop Including Colorful Lollipops Chocolates

The best after-sales company is Chef. Please let them know if you are not happy with its construction or performance. They will find a solution that will satisfy you. There is a package included. The cake pop set includes 100pcs cake pop bags, 100pcs cake pop sticks, and 100pcs metallic twist ties. Good quality. The lollipop sticks are made of high quality paper and won't fall apart. The lollipop bags and metallic twist ties are not easily damaged. It is suitable for making lollipops, cake pops, marshmallows, chocolates, candies, cookies and other wonderful gifts for your family and friends. You should not put hot items in the cake pop treat bags. Before buying cake pop bags and sticks, please confirm the size of the bags and sticks. They will offer a helpful service if you don't like the products they give you or have any questions.

Brand: Repinsta

👤The plastic covers and twist ties make these cake pop sticks a good value. They are very thin and wobbly. Thinner than a dumb stick. The fear of the cake pop falling into the dip makes it harder for them to dip. It's harder for little hands to hang onto. I will not buy again.

👤I loved these for my treats.

👤I used these to make cake popsicles. They were great. It was very easy to use and looked great. Perfect size and sturdy. I haven't used the sticks yet but they fell just like other cake pop sticks so I don't anticipate any issues. It was a great value for the money and it was worth it.

👤I used this product to package treats. The bags were large. The bag ties were adorable and the sticks were sturdy. You get so many for such a good price. Would purchase again.

👤I didn't check the size when I got these. I made cake pops and went to package them. Long and skinny. The cake pop doesn't fit in the package because it's not wide.

👤The bag and sticks worked well for chocolate dipped Oreos. The length and thickness were perfect. I don't need the ties for this project, but I will use them for the text treats. You can't beat 100 sticks for 8 bucks.

👤The bags are thick and the patterns on the ties are cute. A very good deal.

👤The option of getting bags, sticks and ties was great. I needed it for cake pops. It's less expensive to buy each separately. The bags were a nice thickness, the ties were cute, and they did not fall apart as some I have bought have. The paper sticks are strong.

5. Candy Sticks Acrylic Rhinestone Lollipop Christmas

Candy Sticks Acrylic Rhinestone Lollipop Christmas

You can make all-natural ice cream with juice, puree, yogurt, fruit, ice cream, pudding, jam, and other flavors. You will receive a lollipop sticks set with 32 pieces of silver rhinestone lollipop sticks, 100 pieces of glass bags and 1 roll of ribbon tie, sufficient quantities and nice combinations to meet your daily and party use needs, and you can also share them with others. The candy fruit sticks are made of a sturdy material and are easy to clean, and the lollipop sticks are also easy to clean. The silver cake stick is made of silver color and has a shiny appearance, which can be matched with places in different decorate styles, and the ribbon is also designed in silver color, so you can use them to add more elegant feelings to your house. The size of each stick is approx. The part is approx. 15 cm in length. The glitter ribbon is approximately 10 cm in length, which is suitable for various desserts and fruits with different sizes. You can decorate these delicate silver sticks with 24 yards in length and 2.4 inches in width. You can use the caramel fruits sticks to make a variety of treats, such as chocolates, cake sodas, candies, cookies, lollipops, and other snacks.

Brand: Jetec

6. Augshy Colorful Making Larger Lollipop

Augshy Colorful Making Larger Lollipop

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will love their bakebaking treat bag set and that you will be able to get a full money back on your purchase. They want to keep you happy. You will get 100 pack of colorful cakepop paper sticks, 100 transparent bags, and 100 golden twist ties. They can meet your shopping needs. These cake pop sticks are made of food grade paper and tasteless, without fluorescent agents. They can be used in baking ovens. They won't break or drop paper scraps, so please use them. They have increased the size of the transparent bags so that you can make cakepops in different shapes. These bags are very transparent and you can see inside from the outside. Thin metal strips inside the golden twist ties can be used again. You can use them to make different styles. This set is a good choice. They will help you solve the problem if you contact them in time.

Brand: Augshy

👤The colors of these are very nice, and I bought them for a rainbow themed party. They're sturdy for standard size cakepops, but they will start to bend. I think they're great for the value, and it comes with everything.

👤Everything needed for cake pops is included. I had a hard time keeping the cake pops from falling off when I dipped them in chocolate because some people want to slide down the sticks after they are dipped.

👤The color of the sticks made the rice krispy treats stand out.

👤The bags in this package are not the correct size, they are 3.25 by 5 inches. I made a product that wouldn't fit in the bags. The package was very nice. I can't use them without the right bags.

👤The colors are vibrant and perfect for cake pops.

👤I received 3x4 bags and ties, not what was shown on the item identification.

👤My daughter is making cake pops for her friends. The sticks seemed slippery and could be a little thicker. The cake pop didn't stay on the stick, so she made them into balls.

👤The price for the quality is ridiculous. The sticks are very easy to fall off. I've made cake pops before. It's a steep cost, so don't recommend.

👤I made cake pops.

7. Pink Paper Cake Lollipop Stick

Pink Paper Cake Lollipop Stick

Not for oven use. The 6 inches is white and has 100 PCS. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours. These premium paper cake pop sticks are bio-degradable and nature-friendly. These paper sticks are made from renewable resources. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to complement your homemade treats. They have cake pop sticks in a variety of colors. Food grade construction is strong anddurable. The lollipop sticks are made from high-quality food-grade paper and can stand up to the weight of all types of treats. Use these cake pop sticks to make bite-sized treats like cookies, brownies, lollipops, chocolate-covered marshmallows, and other delicious sweets. A pack of 100 cartons. The same affordable wholesale pricing that they offer to their restaurant and Catering clients is also available in 100 count boxes.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤There is a warning You only get 25 sticks if you buy 100 sticks. The packaging says 100. Only 25 are in new packaging. I'm going to use them because I need them for a party this weekend, but only receiving a quarter of the product is a total rip off. The cost doesn't break the bank, but over $6 for 25 printed paper sticks? If they were advertised correctly, I wouldn't have bought them.

👤There are only 25 in the pack.

👤These are rolled paper sticks that can be used for either coffee or cake pops. They are strong. They are pale in color.

👤They are very well made. Very strong. It was nicely packaged.

👤The cake pops taste like ear wax.

👤I didn't like them because they looked pink. It is like a dusty rose. Not the deep red I was looking for.

👤It's used for baby rattles. The stick takes up less real estate in the cakepops because it is very sturdy. Will definitely order again.

8. Lollipop Sticks Sucker Toppers Chocolate

Lollipop Sticks Sucker Toppers Chocolate

The application scenario is used as cake pops and stir sticks, great addition to a cocktail party, anniversary reception, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower and any other party or events. The package includes 400 lollipop sticks. The cake pop sticks are 6 inches in length and 3.5 inches in diameter. Before buying cake sticks, please confirm the size. Lollipop treat sticks are made of good quality paper material. Warn: These sticks are not for use in the oven. The paper sucker sticks are widely used for making cakes, lollipops, chocolates, cupcakes, and other crafts. Their paper treat stick makes your lollipop and candy attractive, it matches all kinds of party theme such as birthday, wedding, baby shower and holiday parties.

Brand: Hamiggaa

👤They come in lots of bags so they are not loose. I grab a bag from the box and make cake pops.

👤These are thinner than the ones I bought at my local store.

👤I needed a larger stick for cake pops, these are more for candy like lollipops. If you made small cake pops, they could work.

👤Exactly what I was expecting. They did not damage anything. The product is great for lollipops. Fast delivery.

👤A little small. They've done a good job holding my cakepops, but you have to take care with dipping them if they are a nice size. I've had some sticks that were thicker. I can't remember what company it was.

9. Doughnut Ebelskiver Electric Non Stick Surface

Doughnut Ebelskiver Electric Non Stick Surface

Perfect for non-food uses are clays, plaster, wax, low melt metals, jewelry making, and cosplay. The Takoyaki pan can cook 7 perfect doughnuts at once. The nonstick baker plate allows for a quick and easy clean up. The Aebelskiver maker is great for traditional pancakes. It's easy to use the switch. A fun gift for people who love baking.

Brand: Cucinapro

👤I wanted to say it was the best thing since sliced bread, but it wasn't. It works as it should and cooks ebelskivers. I thought this might provide more reliable temp control because we only have an electric stove. One person said that its wattage was not enough. It takes a long time to be able to turn them over. It won't be like the videos you'd find on "how to make ebelskivers" I wrote two product reviews on Amazon while I was waiting, and I pulled up a chair while they were cooking. The review was published. Truth.

👤I love this pan. I have had cast iron pans for a long time and it is so much easier with this one. It is easy to burn the iron pans before the middle is cooked. This is a beautiful golden brown. This is the 3rd one I have purchased.

👤I have been making aebleskivers in a cast iron pan. I can't use my old pan because I have a glass top stove. I decided to give it a try. I was so glad I did. Cook them evenly, brown them nicely, and release them much better than my cast iron did. Clean up is easy.

👤The bleskiver pan was just received. It was mailed in the original box, not the outer box. The box was damaged and the owner's manual was damaged. I had planned to store it in the original box. Pan is a good size for bleskiver, but it is not good quality and plastic is cheap. Would not buy again. I hope it works well enough and will update review after I use it a few times.

👤There are a lot of good things about this pan. I bought a second one so I could make ebelskivers for all of my children. My daughter-in-law only has an electric cooker. The pans were cast iron. Electric was good for other reasons, like controlled heat, so you don't have to watch the temperature so much.

👤I have only used the pan twice, but I am very happy with it. If anything changes, I will update my review. The pan has an on/off switch. I was worried that I would have to change the temperature. It's taken the temperature guess to make it cook evenly. It's easy to clean. I'm going to buy a 2nd and 3rd for party cooking.

👤My wife asked me to buy her the product because she was excited about it. She made Ebelskiver immediately after she got it. She was very disappointed because it took so much time. The centers don't want to cook with this machine. It doesn't get up to temp and maintain. I don't think the manufacturer bothered to test the product. Absolutely junk. 15 minutes is the time it took the ebelskiver to get to this stage. This will be sent back to Amazon. You should find a different machine.

👤We now own two ebelskeiver makers. It works well, cleans well, and the ebelskeivers don't stick. We had a whole bunch of ebelskeivers made very quickly after we bought two more for our adult kids. Dwindling recommends this!

10. Nordic Ware Tiered Display Stand

Nordic Ware Tiered Display Stand

It has one base and one stand. It makes presenting your cake pops easy. Sized to fit wooden candy sticks. Plastic that is free of the chemical melamine.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤Perfect! I displayed my cake pops well. If you want your cake pops to sit securely, make sure you buy cake pop sticks that have a similar thickness. I have some cake pop sticks that are too thin and will make your cake pop tilt. I used 4 inch sticks in the picture above to make my display look full.

👤I was told by the internet that one box of cake mix would make up 36 of them. I was lazy and made some bigger than others. If you want them to be pretty, get them round first. I didn't. I love baking from scratch, but no need for Betty Crocker. I bought Almond Bark because I couldn't find candy melts at my local store. It sets up quickly. The cake pops were made with 1/3 of the giant almond bark packages. Tasty little treats!

👤This stand is amazing! It's strong. It is easy to clean. The best thing to have is cake pops. Every day I load this thing up with cake pops for events. I load it up, sit it on the floor of my van and it never topples over. Once I get to my destination, I just have to sit at the table. I should get another.

👤I have this in my floorboard and it never moved or flipped, the space needs a little more space.

👤The cake pops would be more stable if the holes were a little deeper. Better than the ones that have holes all the way through. It would be great if it came with a plain edge or square design. This design is too feminine and old fashioned for me.

👤I had to return because the suckers we put in display were too small for the baby shower we were planning, and the holes were too big for the strong plastic.

👤I thought my CD was larger than it was. It was perfect for displaying my cake pops. You just have to arrange the sticks when you put them in. It seems like it will last a long time.

👤The plastic is thin and it is hard to place cake pops in there securely. Don't plan on transporting in this! There is no way. If you don't want to buy a cake pop carrier, I cut the lid off a couple egg cartons, wrapped the pops in Saran wrap, and put them over the sticks.

👤The base is sturdy and made of a strong plastic that can hold the weight, but the holes to stand your cakepops in are shallow so they flop around easily and they lean over to touch the ones around them when drying. Not worth the money. The homemade styrofoam blocks are better.

👤Me encant! Special para mesa de postres. A buen precio est lo recomiendo porque adems.

👤Es un practico y un funcin. No recomiendo usarlo para transportar porque los palos.

11. Hapray Glitter Plastic Cocktail Stirrers

Hapray Glitter Plastic Cocktail Stirrers

It is suitable for cake maker or cake baking lovers to create tiered cake in the party, wedding, birthday and so on, and it can help you to hold the cake and separate cake easily. The sticks are made of durable quality plastic, toxic free and odor free, safe to use, disposable for easy clean up, or hand wash for reuse, great for daily use. The great size fits most small coffee cups and disposable lid, which is ideal for stirring your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks. Clear plastic pick stirrers with ball on top and glitter pink pieces are popular and contemporary design to keep fruit and vegetable garnishes in place. It's great for mixing drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, mixed drinks, cocktails, hot chocolate, etc. Use as cake pops and stir sticks, great addition to a cocktail party, anniversary reception, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower and any other party or events.

Brand: Hapray

👤I like a flat stir sick when I stack olives. These are perfect. Love the pink color. It was what I wanted and a great price.

👤The pink stir sticks with tissue, ribbon and a couple pieces of candy are a perfect gift for a neighbor.

👤I bought them for everyone to eat. It would recommend 100% value for the money.


What is the best product for cake pop sticks and wrappers?

Cake pop sticks and wrappers products from Nice Kitchen. In this article about cake pop sticks and wrappers you can see why people choose the product. Bakebaking and Bake Shop Supply are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake pop sticks and wrappers.

What are the best brands for cake pop sticks and wrappers?

Nice Kitchen, Bakebaking and Bake Shop Supply are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake pop sticks and wrappers. Find the detail in this article. Repinsta, Jetec and Augshy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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