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1. INNORU Gold Glitter Stepping Topper

INNORU Gold Glitter Stepping Topper

The cardboard protects the product from being damaged. Please contact them if you have a quality problem. They can help you solve it. You can rest assured that you will use a high quality cardboard. The wooden stick can be used after opening. This is convenient. The product is about 6.1 x 5.9 inches. All kinds of birthday cakes are suitable. This is the right size. A special design for adults' birthday party. Hope you will like it! This is unforgettable! It can be used as a gift to friends and family. If used outdoors, cake decoration will be more dazzling. It can be placed on the table as a decoration. You can fill your cart with Innoru items, Expedited and 3-4 day shipping is available.

Brand: Innoru

👤It is one side. Who wants to see a cake from both sides?

👤It looks great in person. This was a nice addition to the cake. Very happy with it.

2. Vixdonos Votive Holders Tealight Wedding

Vixdonos Votive Holders Tealight Wedding

We will provide the best service and guarantee if you have any questions. There is a Tealight Candle holder. It can be used as a tealight candle holder for weddings, parties, celebrations, table dinners and home decor because of the thick glass material. The crown glass candlesticks are great for festive atmosphere. The Makeup Buffer Slayer is a person. It's easy to access and clean, and it's great for storing makeup sponges, drying beauty sponges, and other items. The transparent glass material reflects the light under the sun. It is a good decoration to use in a wet bathroom counter for a long time. They have a beautiful glass tray that you can put your jewelry in. Quality packaging is required. The original packaging of the product has been improved to minimize the damage rate of the Crown glass candlestick, but if the product you received has a small chance of shipping fragmentation, please contact them directly. The size of the candle holder is 2.2" wide by 2.2" tall, and it has a thick glass wall and weighted base to prevent it from overheating or cracking.

Brand: Vixdonos

👤I ordered other candle holders that looked similar to the ones in the photos, but they didn't turn out as nice as the ones in the photos. I was searching for more items until I found this set. They were well packaged when they arrived. I keep the delivery package for later storage. They look great without the candles. The golden part adds a festive tone to it. I will use them again for my parties and it will look gorgeous in the bathroom. I highly recommend them.

👤I was not happy with the quality of the glass. It's dull, not as shiny as the picture shows. Returned the product.

👤I bought these for fits for 6 of my friends and wanted to deliver each one at the same time, but one of the crowns tips is broken, so I am hoping they will resend just one. I will update on customer service once I get a response. They are beautiful and well worth the money.

👤There was one broken bottle that was received. Only 3 were needed. It was fine. It is amazing that I have a gated community with three places for torture candles.

👤I ordered this for my event. The table setup is incomplete because of the broken crown. There was not enough cushion for something so fragile. The merchant needs to replace it asap for my event.

👤Two of the six were not usable. The four that remain are very nice. The purchase had arrived undamaged.

👤The votive candle holders are heavy and stable. I'm going to use them for stocking stuffers and gifts for co-workers. Very happy with the purchase.

👤One was broken when they were delivered.

👤Joli sur la table. A mettre des messages a l'intention de mon mari was sert aussi parfois. The pics de la couronne tiennent. Un beau cadeau.

👤I used them for my daughter's birthday after buying them for the holiday. They were perfect! They look expensive.

👤I expected them to be a little bigger. I returned them because one was broken when received. I think they reflect candles well. It was a bit pricey for the size.

👤The candle holders are gorgeous and dress up the event. They look like they were described.

👤It looked perfect as centre pieces.

3. Decorations Cupcake Wrappers Supplies Birthday

Decorations Cupcake Wrappers Supplies Birthday

The size of the candle holder is 2.2" wide by 2.2" tall, and it has a thick glass wall and weighted base to prevent it from overheating or cracking. The Las Vegas poker playing card design reverses to black and white stripes on the cupcake wrapper. Fun spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds in red and black are the ideal casino party decor. Perfect patterns for a casino themed event. Great for a party or a game night. It's perfect for both parties for kids and adult events. It is possible to change the size of cupcakes for store bought and homemade. The tab should be slid into one of the three slots. The diameter across the bottom of the assembled wrapper can be adjusted to any size. These are not cups. They can be used as drink sleeves, cupcake wraps, or as a collar on a cup to make gorgeous single serve treats. These make a great gambling groom's cake table. High quality heavy-weight paper is made in the U.S.A., and it helps your cupcake tower or dessert display look fresh and fabulous for hours. cupcakes look like masterpieces in seconds For a gambling themed adult event, use the playing card suits pattern alone, or use the poker chip striped side for almost any black and white party theme. For a retirement party or a Vegas New Year party, use both coordinating patterns. It's easy to cook cupcakes. These cupcake wraps are a quick and easy way to decorate cupcakes or other party foods. No need for colored frostings or elaborate cupcake toppers, simply skirt your cupcakes and make a stunning card or poker themed cupcake tower in minutes with ordinary cupcakes from your bakery or homemade. The fun card party theme paper cupcake wraps will add style to your table. A poker themed 30th birthday party with dress up bridge night treats for the ladies, a fun playing card theme family night of Texas Holdem, Poker or Pokeno, or a regal Queen of Hearts addition to an Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass themed birthday party for kids are all great

Brand: Confetti Couture

👤I had a big party for my husband's 70th birthday, and these cupcake wraps were a cute touch. The granddaughters were helping put the cupcakes around. The cupcakes were easy to assemble. They put on chocolate poker chips and played cards.

👤I love these! They made a poker event more interesting. It was used to cover cups.

👤They were great, had to staple some, they seemed a little large, and wanted to slip off. The cupcakes were standard size. They can be either design or reversed. I did them all the same.

👤These are actually a product that goes around a cupcake liner. Cute!

👤The product was wrapped around the cupcakes well.

👤These are easy to assemble. They look great and are great quality.

👤It was easy to use. Will not work on mini cupcakes. Only on a regular size.

👤They assemble fast. I used them for a cupcake.

4. PALASASA Birthday Toppers Glitter Decorations

PALASASA Birthday Toppers Glitter Decorations

The Serrated knife blade is 8 inches, the total length is 11 x 1 x 2 inches, the pie server blade is 2 inches, and the wedding champagne glasses are 2.5 x 8.4 x 2.5 inches. This item needs easy handling. The glitter happy birthday card and food grade stick are all you need to assemble them. The material is glitter and wood sticks. There are 6 gold glitter Love star and 1 gold glitter "happy birthday" cake toppers. A cardboard packaging is used for the cake topper. You can contact Amazon customer service if you have questions about the delivery service. If the cake is damaged, please contact them and they will give you a solution. You can enjoy your party and happy hour 100% if you just serve you.

Brand: Palasasa

👤The hearts were lovely, as were the "Happy Birthday" piece. You're supposed to stick the pieces onto the bare wooden picks with circular sticky circles. The gold paint on the sticks would make this more attractive. I put the Happy Birthday and the hearts on top of the cake and it looked great.

👤I used these on my daughter's birthday cake, they looked great and were easy to put together. The happy birthday part broke the next day when I was trying to store it, it was flimsy and only used for one time.

👤You need to hot glue the stick to the back. It took no more than a few minutes to compliment the cake.

👤I was under the impression that it was wood, but it is not and it will probably last one time.

👤I was happy with the price I paid for this item. I have ordered similar items before, but it was $10 more, and I need a cake topper in gold. I didn't think I would have to assemble it. I used school white glue. When I got all the 6 heart shapes in the same size, I thought there would be 3-4 smaller ones, but we will make do. It was worth it for the price and the fact that you could get it the next day.

👤The material is low quality but the price is low and you get a lot of decorations. I have used a few cake toppers and never cared how thick they were, but this one is thin and flimsy because you have to assemble it yourself. The tabs on the sticks are small and thin, making them difficult to stick on, and the sign is thin, making it difficult to build on the back. It matters on the hearts. If I needed a cake with hearts, I would order again.

👤I was a little upset when I got the item because I didn't read the info before buying it. That was my fault. I didn't know I would have to assemble them. It was very easy to do. I was very happy with the results.

👤It looks like a professional set for a birthday. You can only use the sign part once, because it is mostly paper and will tear if you remove it from the sticks. If you place the sign on the cake so that you can reuse and store it without having to remove the sticks from it, you should be prepared to throw the sign out.

👤Look pretty. If treated with care and removed before cutting, they can be used again. The pack was good value.

5. Sitting Decorations Silhouette Celebration Birthday

Sitting Decorations Silhouette Celebration Birthday

We physically check every single one of their handmade, hand assembled, and sold topper. There is a package that includes a sitting girl cake top. The sitting girl themed birthday cake topper is made of double sided black sparkle and has black glitter on the back sides. There is a great addition to the sitting girl birthday party. The Sitting Girl theme birthday cake is an impressive addition to the men women kids boy girl happy birthday party. A great addition for celebrations. There's an advance and a great size. The sitting girl birthday cake is pre-assembled. No need to do it by hand. It brings you convenience. The cake topper is about 6” wide and 5.7” long. The paper stick is food grade. Well-designed. Ohiviaaa designed the Sitting Girl birthday cake topper. The happy birthday sign cake decoration is perfect for a sitting girl birthday party. The best memory of your child's childhood will be when you decorate the party atmosphere with their unique cake design style. If you have a question about the product or are not happy with it, please contact them and they will be able to solve your problem in time.

Brand: Ohiviaaa

👤I ordered the cake top for the first time and it said it would arrive by the weekend. The seller canceled my order over the weekend. Since I need this item for an order, I order it. It arrived late again. I was upset that it took so long for it to arrive. The cake top was beautiful. It was perfect for the makeup theme.

👤It is much smaller than it appears.

6. ALISSAR Cupcake Toppers Decorations Supplies

ALISSAR Cupcake Toppers Decorations Supplies

It will add great flavor and festive flavor to the birthday party decoration regardless of men, women and children. The glitter card stock is food grade. Shining and beautiful! 36 pieces, 18 pieces gold crown cupcake picks and 18 royal blue crown cupcake picks are included. It's perfect for: cupcakes, muffin, cake decorations, food picks in prince themed parties, little boys prince themed birthday party, prince baby shower. Please don't use it in the oven or microwave, it's only for decoration. They support customer refunds when they are not happy with their shopping experience. They will try to solve your problem if you contact them.

Brand: Alissar

👤It's hard for me to buy decor items for parties because I usually make my own. I had to spend time putting the decorations together after I bought some. They looked great once it was done.

👤The crown cupcake sticks have my stars on them. I haven't used either of these products yet, but I will use the cupcake sticks for my son's birthday next month. It is true to picture and everything. The crown hats seem flimsy. I already have a crown hat for my LO to wear on his birthday, so I won't use those.

👤Cute cupcakes are perfect for a royal look. It arrived within a week. This vendor is a must have for parties. Colorful, glittery and sturdy.

👤It was perfect for my daughter's princess party. The girls all love the cupcakes.

👤The cupcake top is very cute. I thought they were double side. They are not. The toppers are strong. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The last minute order served its purpose. I would have used my cricut if I had more time.

👤Perfect size for cupcakes, so cute.

👤So cute! Made a huge difference in the world.

7. Glitter Birthday Mothers Supplies Decorations

Glitter Birthday Mothers Supplies Decorations

Thank you for choosing their products! If you have a problem after purchase, please contact their team. As soon as possible, they will solve them. This is an exquisite cake top with a unique design. It's perfect for a Mother's Birthday Party. Good Quality: It is safe to insert the wooden stick into the cake. Natural wooden sticks have been matched with paper patterns. They inspect every cake topper they sell. The cardboard protects the product from being damaged. Please contact them if you have a quality problem. They can help you solve it.

Brand: Cos Mos

👤The glitter is only on one side. Not worth the money. It's necessary to price at $2.99.

👤I thought it was sturdy. It is not worth the money spent.

👤The packet was not opened until the stick was messed up and the bee was ripped.

8. Birthday Topper Glitter Toppers Decoration

Birthday Topper Glitter Toppers Decoration

This top of a wedding cake crown is perfect for weddings, proms, parties, costume, cosplay, photography prop or any occasions you want to be more charming. Thank you! You are a year older. The cake top is the perfect decoration to add a touch of classy Decor. Your guests are welcome to your birthday party. For 8-in birthday cake, the Cake Toppers are ideal. The color is gold. The Romantic Atmosphere is created by Bright Color and lightweight. Can be used to make a cake. It is a good choice for gifts. Birthday cake, Smash cake, gold cake, glitter cake, and Smash Candle Alternative are available.

Brand: Delightbox

👤The quality is terrible. It came bent because it was not well packaged. The person was hanging off the stick. The diecut on the letters is jagged and not properly weeded. This is a waste of time to even return it. I was given a full refund. Don't buy it. Cut it yourself. It's flimsy and attached to a sucker stick. You will damage it further if you try to flatten and weed the left over cuts.

👤I returned it because it was so small and cheap.

👤No son tiene resistentes, pero lo tratas con mucha delicadeza, para 1 o 2 fechas.

👤We call my auntie our queen because she is very well made. She was happy to see it on the cake.

👤I liked how the glitter didn't fall off and make a mess, and how it came with two different toppers, which I had never seen before.

👤This was the perfect cake to use on a birthday cake.

9. Talorine Glitter Queen Birthday Topper

Talorine Glitter Queen Birthday Topper

Good customer service. If the birthday cake set is damaged during shipping, they will replace it with a new one or give you a full refund. Your birthday party can be a highlight. The cardboard is very strong and strong. It was perfect! You will love it. Your party will be bright if you use it. It's suitable for all kinds of occasions. In the light or under the sun, the cake is more shiny and high-end. It's perfect for your anniversary party. The cake flag can be used immediately after opening the package. I hope you can take it out of the package because you love it so much. Thank you! Thank you for choosing their products! If you have a problem after purchase, please contact their team. As soon as possible, they will solve them.

Brand: Talorine

👤This is a pretty rose gold. It is easy to stick it on top of a cake. It arrived in perfect condition after being shipped very securely. I'm returning it because I think my mom is more of a gold person than arose gold.

👤The bit was smaller than expected. Matched the decor very well.

👤Love it. It was a great touch for my cake.

10. ANYI16 Acrylic Birthday Anniversary Decorations

ANYI16 Acrylic Birthday Anniversary Decorations

Each number is topped with a golden crown, and any number can be assembled at will. The 0-9 Numbers cake topper is 7 feet tall in total. "Happy birthday" is 4.8 inches wide and 5 inches tall. For most size of cake. The gold numbered cake toppers add a touch of fun and festive to any cake, cupcake or dessert. 18th-21th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, and 90th birthday decorations can be used with the number crown Cake Toppers. Use and reuse these toppers for multiple occasions such as birthday, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, and milestone birthdays. Click "add to cart" to buy this cake topper. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on their product.

Brand: Anyi16

👤I used these on a birthday cake and they were beautiful. There is a shiny crown on the top of each number. You can attach the crowns to the number or not, as you please. If you want to add a glittery crown accent, you have to peel off the back of the glittery crown and attach it over the plain crown area. I did that and they looked great. When you combine the numbers with the small Happy Birthday, it works out perfectly. These are sturdy and well made. They are re-usable. I recommend them! I write honest reviews to help others make better decisions because I read reviews myself. I hope my review helped you.

👤The cake was purchased at the store. I got these decorations because I needed a little jazzing up. My son is obsessed with the movie and we came up with this. Great purchase! They are a little delicate when unpacking, but once they are in the cake, they are good to go. It is a full set with all the numbers you may need so I will reuse them all the time.

👤Don't buy! The glitter crowns were all off the numbers and the happy birthday was not in its holder. I had to order something else to work on the cake. They wouldn't return if they accepted returns. If you want to get your money back, do not buy unless you want to get broken pieces.

👤The base to crown of numbers are all accurate. Before using, peel off the films on the front and back. No more spending money on number candles every year because of the great price for 10 items in bubble bags. I'm happy I bought this set.

👤It is packaged in separate bubble wrap. Will have for my children's birthdays for a long time. A bit fragile. When storing, handle gingerly.

👤The Happy Birthday message broke in half when we removed it from the cake. The plastic is very flimsy.

👤I needed to include a6 which was missing. Otherwise, it looks good. It was simply worthless to me for this birthday.

👤I have to figure out something for the cake I am making because the plastic snapped while I took it out of the package.

11. Yetxel 8 Piece Birthday Birthday Perfume Lipstick

Yetxel 8 Piece Birthday Birthday Perfume Lipstick

The Happy 70th birthday cake topper is easy to use. The product can be used on party cakes. You can save time and enjoy the party. It's suitable for cakes of any shape. Round, square, double layer, etc. The material is made of high-grade cardboard, paper sticks and wooden sticks. Don't worry that the cake will fall off. You can choose to send it as a birthday gift to your friends, or you can choose the latest choice for your happy birthday party. It will be well received. 10mm thick cardboard is used to protect the cake top from being extended into your hands. Amazon Mall arranges the delivery of the goods. If you want to know the exact arrival time, please contact Amazon customer service. If the product is damaged, please contact them. Thank you for shopping, I wish you good luck.

Brand: Yetxel

👤When I received them, 2 of them were detached. They were fixed after a quick glue gun action. It made my cake look pretty. Quality can improve if you buy a good buy. Would recommend.

👤It worked well on my cake. Wanted LV. This was also fine. Looked great. They should make more brand patterns.

👤I used these to decorate a cake that was themed after the famous French designer, but they had strands of hot glue all over them, and I think the dress on the woman should be pink to match the rest of the toppers. They were what I needed for my cake.

👤The item was pretty but not very sturdy. I had to glue them together.

👤I made a cake out of this.

👤It's perfect for the cake. I received it a day before the expected date and some came unglued, but nothing that I can't fix quickly.

👤I used these for my birthday cake and not my cupcakes. I used them twice.


What is the best product for cake queen decor?

Cake queen decor products from Innoru. In this article about cake queen decor you can see why people choose the product. Vixdonos and Confetti Couture are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake queen decor.

What are the best brands for cake queen decor?

Innoru, Vixdonos and Confetti Couture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake queen decor. Find the detail in this article. Palasasa, Ohiviaaa and Alissar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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