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1. Far 9½ Inch Stainless Polished Dishwasher

Far 9%C2%BD Inch Stainless Polished Dishwasher

Hand wash in warm soapy water. E-far round cake pans and rack are made of pure food grade steel without toxic materials and are healthy for your daily baking use. It isdurable: The layers of cake pans and steaming racks are constructed by high strength and heavy gauge STAINLESS steel to avoid any damage to the pans and rack. CRAFTED: Straight sides for making straight-up layers of cake easily, smooth edges of the cooking rack, and a mirror finished surface for easily cake release with a simple twist are some of the features. There are multiple uses. The bakeware set is great for baking cake, deep dish pizza or broiling steaks and ribs in the oven, Round racks are perfect for cooling cake, pies, and also great for steaming vegetables, elevating foods above the grease, and it's 888-282-0465. Set of 4. Pans are a good choice for many uses, can be used separately, and are versatile to meet most of your baking and cooking needs.

Brand: E-far

👤I'm back to baking high quality layer cakes, thanks to these absolutely perfect pans, with their matching cooling racks. You can use one box of cake mix, divide it between the two pans, and bake at 350 degrees for 33 minutes.

👤The cake pans are great. Straight sides! It's comparable to the pans at Wilton. I love them! The stands are cool.

👤I used these to cook in a dutch oven. The test cook went well and they fit in my oven. The pans are nicer than the ones I keep in the house. Is there a second set for everyday use? My stupid grey cake pans were cooked and cleaned up better. It's also affordable.

👤These pans are easy to clean and make for an evenly baked cake. The best way to cool the cakes was with the rack. Thanks for making birthdays easier.

👤The pans are very good and the wire rack that came with them is very nice. I've used them twice. I like the results.

👤Good weight. The cooling racks fit inside. The heat distribution is good. The sides are high. I can't say anything bad about these.

👤It is made of steel. I can make it with tomato dishes. It is hard to scratch aluminum. It is not very heavy. The steamer hook tool can be used to carry the pan out of the instant port. They work well together. I use the rack to keep the meat out of the liquid in the pan and not boiling it in the liquid. The instant port is a good place to make steam cake. It's a perfect accessory.

👤These pans are great. They are easy to clean. The cake was easy to bake because I buttered the pan. I love that they have their own cooling rack. All of them were very satisfied with the purchase.

👤The package arrived without the wire racks and instead contained two plastic lids. I bought these for the wire rack. It's a good warning for anyone who buys this... The previous review had the same issue. There is false advertising.

👤These pans are great. I love the metal rack. It is easy to clean.

2. TeamFar Steaming Roasting Stainless Dishwasher

TeamFar Steaming Roasting Stainless Dishwasher

The set of 5 wire cooling rack is more economical than buying them separately, Sufficient for daily single or multi-tier use. TeamFar round cooling rack is made of pure steel, no worries about any toxic chemical substance into your food, provide you a safer and healthier using experience. The 7.5 inch cooling rack has a smooth wire and mirror finish design for less sticky and is dishwasher safe. There is an expatriate craft. The round wire rack has 4 raised feet and dense Weld design, stably holding the food, prevent food falling through, and spacing wire to provide better cooling. SMOOTH AND RUST are free. The round baking rack has smooth edges and solid gauge, which makes it easy to hold in hands. It's perfect for air fryer, pot, pressure cooker, and toaster oven and can be used for anything you need.

Brand: Teamfar

👤I use these in my air fryer and they fit inside the 8 inch foil trays that I use, my chicken drumsticks were a little soggy on the underside, now with these, I can elevate my drumsticks off the bottom and are crisp all the way around. I will find many other uses for these. I may even order more after this purchase.

👤The set is the perfect size for their intended use. The problem is that the two feet on the same rack are different lengths. When something is placed on the rack, it causes the racks to wobble. They are not sitting down. One of the rod's for the foot was lost from the perimeter ring. These are not the best of the best. I would probably return them if they were a higher priced item, but it would be too much effort to do so. Since they fit for what I need, I will keep them, but I wanted to make others aware of the problem I had with the set I purchased.

👤I was looking for a roasting rack that would fit a baking pan. The round 7.5 inch option was settled for. I can't imagine why I couldn't find a square rack of this size on the site. I don't need two of them, but one was not an option. I settled for what I could get rather than what I wanted.

👤I ordered these small racks to bake tofu bite-size pieces in my roasting pie pans. I don't like squeezing tofu. The boxes were sturdy. The racks were enclosed in bubble wrap inside the box. The racks were in perfect condition. Tofu came off the rack without sticking. To clean the tofu juice rack, I soaked it in soapy water and put it in a baking pan. I rubbed my brush on the other side of the pan after I used one of my kitchen brushes lightly over the rack. The rack came out clean. I finally got around to getting the tofu rack. I will use them to cool my pan baked/broiled food in the future.

👤The grill top had too much material and small holes, making it hard to clean. The single steak or small roast can be supported by these racks, and they have less to clean afterwards. My only objection is that I would prefer a 9" rack. If not careful, the meat will slide about and tip to one side. I made sure to slow down and pay attention the second time.

👤I use it to keep my Mac Mini raised off my desk to help with the air circulation. The Mac Mini's footprint is not an issue since the rack is sturdy and holds the computer above my desk. The fans help with the flow.

👤I used the pressure cooker to keep the heat off. Works well. It will work in other cooking applications.

👤I bought this rack to be used in my Instant Pot, on top of a 2nd rack, to cook two different items at the same time. The Instant Pot can be used to elevate meat or vegetables above the water. The racks were well packaged and arrived on time. I am happy with the purchase.

3. Chicago Metallic Professional Jelly Roll 12 25 Inch

Chicago Metallic Professional Jelly Roll 12 25 Inch

The LAUCHUH platter set is packaged well in a gift box. Quality is worthy of trust and cost-effective. It is a good choice for you. It's possible to make multi-dishes. The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Baking Sheet Set is perfect for all types of baking. You have the ability to bake, bake Continuation of heat distribution. The baking sheet is made from heavy-weight carbon steel to evenly distribute weight and heat for consistent baking results. It's suitable for all oven types. Non-STICK COATING FOR RELEASE. The cooling rack and baking sheets have a non-stick surface. The non-stick coating requires an easy clean up. The sheets feature a wire rod reinforced rim to prevent warping. The baking sheet pans have inner dimensions of 17 x 13 and 1 x 1. The cooling rack is 16 inches high. Space storage. This non-stick baking sheet is easy to store and can be stacked within other baking sheets, making it a great space saver. The baking sheet is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up, but hand washing is recommended to extend product life.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤One pan in the set bubbled on the second use. I got a replacement set after returning the set. Pan's finish bubbled on the first use of the replacement set. I never used either pan above 350 degrees, which is below the max temp shown in the instructions for use. There is something wrong with the pans. I wash my cooking pans in hand, never use scratchy pads or the dishwasher, and always use at or below recommended temperatures. Before they sell more of these, Chicago Metallic needs to know what's going wrong in the manufacturing process.

👤I have had these for over a month and they are ruined. I put two layers of foil on top of the pan, 4.5 pounds of rib rack, and two layers of foil on top of the ribs to seal them in, after they were fine for the first couple of uses. I cooked them for 4 hours at 250 and 30 minutes at 450. None of them warrants any damage according to the product specifications. I guess I'm stuck with them now that it happened after my return period. I'm trying to get a hold of the company to see if I can return in another way.

👤It was a great price at the time of purchase. I used it for the first time to cook chicken wings. The chicken fat was cooking in the pan when I cleaned it. The baked on fat took the non-stick coating with it. The second pan has been fine since I put down wax paper to catch drippings. I use it all the time, but wax paper is your friend at higher temperatures. Non-stick spray oil on the grate is not easy to clean, but it is sturdy and helps clean immensely.

👤We used these pans for five months to cook bacon in the oven at 400 degrees. We have always used nonscratching utensils and cleaning pads. There has been some minor staining over time, but it was only a cosmetic issue and did not affect the pan's performance. The picture shows the surface beginning to oxidize last week. I'll try another brand next time.

👤Our last set was warped pretty badly and I bought these because they don't warp or bend easily. I took that as a good sign when I saw these heavy pans. We have used ours multiple times a week and so far no one has bent, warped, or altered their shape. Our food cooks faster and more evenly on these pans compared to our old ones. There is a slight appearance on the surface after a few uses but that doesn't bother me as long as they continue to perform as they have. I would recommend these to my other cooking friends if they wanted to do the same.

👤The baking sheet I own is the worst I have ever owned. I used the first set twice before the coating bubbled and peeled. Maybe it was something I did wrong. They sent me a new set for free after I filed a claim. I used the new set 4 times and the same result...bubbling and peeling! Don't waste your money! You can find better quality pans at Walmart.

4. Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

The wings have to be folded slightly to create a 3D effect. This offer is for cake pop/lollipop display stands which are manufactured in high transparent 2mm thick acrylic which is food safe and sturdy. Each stand has been designed to hold up to 21 cakes. They are easy to clean and finished with a shiny and smooth edge, so you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The double layer design makes the cake pop. It is easy to assemble and disassemble a flatpack. Store is easy to store when laid flat. The size is 11 inch long x 4 inch wide and 1.4 inch high. The inch is 3mm. Perfect for wedding party, birthday party, christening, bridal shower, bake sales, family events, shop window displays, afternoon tea party, etc. The modern design makes it easy to present your cake pops. It's more attractive for your party.

Brand: Goabroa

👤The product is described. It is impossible to pick up the stand without the cake pop sticks falling through the holes in the top and bottom of the stand. It is difficult to carry them from one place to another. It should have had a tray with no holes so the cake pops could be carried. It is not sturdy at all. It is very lightweight and flimsy. It does what it is supposed to do. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This product is not helpful for the actual cake pop making and should only be used as a display. It is hard to clean this product because of the chocolate and frosting on it. The cheap material always looks bad. The cake pop sticks that I bought are too small for this stand, so you have to pick it up by the cake part since you can't really reach the sticks. Purchasing long cake pop sticks could solve this issue. This is not a good stand for cake pop making since the spaces between the different holes are small. If you dip your cake pop in chocolate and use it as a cooling stand, they will all fall on each other. This should only be used as a cake pop stand. Since there is no solid bottom, you can't transfer the cake pops on the stand, it's only an ok product. The product was disappointing and would not recommend it.

👤The cake pop stand was easy to assemble and clean. The kids were able to take out it at the gender reveal event I had set up. To save space, I would go with this because it is very easy to replenish cake pops.

👤My client loved the display and so did I. The table was beautiful because of it. I recommend anyone to purchase this for a party table display. It is easy to assemble.

👤The display case is awesome. I need to say that the thank you note is over. The display was made with film to keep it from scratching and the tools and supplies were in a separate bag with the little screw driver. My cake pops had to be spread farther apart because the display had 21 holes that would be great for lollipops. I was only able to place 12 because I squeezed three in the back. I know that it's not a problem. I'll buy two or three if they ever offer another version with the holes for cake pops. Such a cute product! I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This item is made of glass. Plastic looks like glass. You will need to assemble this product. The product has all the tools needed. It will take a while. There are 21 lollipops on the stand. It is 5 inches in length and 11 inches wide. There are 2 inches between the bottom and top plastic. I didn't remove the plastic from the photos I showed. The product held the chocolate lollipop well and I have no issue with it falling over. It is light and easy to transport. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Is the best looking product. It's good. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you found this review helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button below. I would like to thank you in advance. I don't get paid for my reviews, but I try to help potential buyers make an informed choice.

5. Metal HabiLife Three Ceramic Serving

Metal HabiLife Three Ceramic Serving

The baking sheet is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up, but hand washing is recommended to extend product life. You should serve your guests in style. The most elegant food server chip bowl set is a must have for your parties. A touch of elegance is added to your dinner table. You can use the convenient sizes of the bowl set for a lot of treats. Everyone will be impressed with how great your presentation looks when you serve your holiday treats. It's great for weddings, baby showers, special occasions, and everyday meals. The dip bowl is small and easy to carry. It's possible to make a picnic caddy, food server stand, or buffet cutlery holder. The serving stands with flimsy 5mm legs are not a strong stand. Their classic gold metal stand has a full 6.5mm in diameter, so it provides more balance and stability. Oval serving bowls can be nested and stored easily. The bowls are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe and made of premium white stoneware. A wonderful gift idea. A gift exchange is a great gift. Everyone will love this gift. If you don't like the serving bowls, send them a message.

Brand: Habilife

👤The idea was great, but it got messed up because the bowl sizes are too small to be toy sizes, and the stand system is too short to make it possible to stack them. It is not sturdy, the bowls don't fit in well, and the size and height of it renders it useless, as people are buying their items to use in real life, to put actual fruits, for their actual families.

👤The bowls are smaller than I would have liked. The larger bowl holds a few apples. It's not much as a fruit bowl. I read that the stand was flimsy. It might not be that bad as he just sits on the counter. I'm not worried about it. I don't like that the bowls move around in the holder. I like it but wish it was a bit bigger. I can handle the rest.

👤If you are using it for small fruits, you can't stack or fit many apples or round fruits in it at a time, the bowls are close together, and it's amazing. The space between the bowls. The bowls slide around a lot, that makes me nervous. I didn't think about that before buying it. I was able to figure out how to put it all together despite the fact that it wasn't very thorough or easy to understand. It is great, except for that. It does the job and is very pretty to look at.

👤It was the perfect addition to my salsa bar. I put limes in the top tier, a blend of salsas in the middle and a tomato salsa in the bottom tier. I wish the wire holder part was deeper on the dish. I was worried that too much pressure would be applied to one side and that it would fall out and make a mess, but all went well. I will definitely use this for many other gatherings.

👤I like it. I bought it as a gift and it isn't ready for gift giving. The pieces come apart. I had to redo all the packaging for gift giving because it was in an ugly shipping box. I didn't end up giving as a gift because it was too much work. If you want to keep it, it's a nice 3 tier dish.

👤The look and color of this bowl is gorgeous. The rubber rings that secure the bowl are a result of the bowl being a little loose in the stand. The only reason I didn't give it full stars was because the feet on the stand scratch the wooden table if it scooted or moved. It's a great piece as a fruit bowl or serving display bowl. I wanted something different and modern to complement my gold and white decor. I would recommend it if they put rubber soles on the feet.

👤The set is great for special occasions. I used it for Christmas with my family. It is large enough to entertain. I wanted to serve crackers and dippings without taking a lot of room. The stand is sturdy and easy to use. The bowls are just the right size for me and will work as a veggie tray and dipping. I used the big bowl for crackers and the bottom bowl for spreads. I'm happy with the design and quality. It does not take up a lot of space.

6. 12 Piece Stainless CHEF Kitchen Bakeware

12 Piece Stainless CHEF Kitchen Bakeware

Versatile features. You can use it for many things. The height of the rack allows air to circulate beneath the cookies to give them the perfect crisp. The height allows grease to get into the meat. It is strong enough to hold heavier weights. 7.48% buyers enjoy the convenience of this feature. The bakeware set includes a 9.7-inch Lasagna pan with lid, a 12.5-inch baking sheet, and an 8-inch square cake pan. The baking pans and lids are made from food-graded plastic and will not release harmful materials into your food. The triangular lid and square lid are perfect for baking and keeping food fresh. The lid, other baking tools, and dishwasher are dishwasher safe, but not microwave oven safe due to the steel materials. It is convenient to wash your hand with rolled edges. The 12 pieces bakeware set is sufficient for large baking needs, it's great to bake meat, vegetables,lasagna, andpizza.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I have not had an oven for a while. I was excited to finally bake after getting a toaster oven. To find a set that would fit inside the oven as advertised, I searched, read reviews, and took measurements. This one was close. The muffin pan is the only thing that doesn't fit. It is too long. It goes in the back cupboard. The grill pan and rack are great. The material is strong. It is a major concern. We will see how well they hold up.

👤I was surprised by how sturdy these pieces are. I thought they would be lightweight. They are a nice weight. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I just got the pans and have only used one, but they are a perfect fit and I will use them all. I used the one to cook the scallops. The oven was cleaned up nicely. The set of dishes was very nice.

👤The baking containers are very well made, and they fit perfectly in my oven.

👤They are good for my new oven.

👤I was looking for something that was non-toxic and this is it. Gets the job done. Most of the pans are small. I expected them to be bigger. The pizza pan is the size of a salad plate. If you're looking for something bigger, be aware. Good product.

👤These utensils are shiny, sturdy, and beautiful. The pan serves its purpose in size and shape.

👤Well packaged. It arrived in a timely manner. Excellent quality products. The tin is not thin. Can't wait to use! I hope it holds up through the dishwasher.

7. Fox Run Stackable Cooling 3 Piece

Fox Run Stackable Cooling 3 Piece

The sizes are Large 15.3” x 11.25” Medium 11.6” x 9” Small 7.3” x 8.6” and the smallest 8.6” x 6.2” STURDY CONSTRUCTION. It's easy to store and assemble this rack set, which is made of lightweight chrome. Better your fake goods. The tray underside your baked goods for cooling. It's easy to stack. Multiple levels of cooking can be accomplished with the 3 individual racks in this set. Simple maintenance. If you want the best results, hand wash and dry it completely. The grid set has dimensions of 2.25 x 14 x 10 inches.

Brand: Fox Run

👤I was disappointed that I didn't get these to use with royal icing. The large bottle hods plenty, but the hole in the tip was crooked, so the icing flowed out in a sort of ribbony squiggle. The smaller bottles would have been nice for detailing. The bottles are hard to fill. These were a waste of money.

👤I received these and they are flimsy, but I think you should put cookies on it. It's not necessary to carry a vehicle. The legs on all three tiers were not straight, so all tiers were wobbly when stacked together. I received them this way. I told the company about my problem and they solved it. If you're looking for a cost efficient way to cool your cookies and don't mind if the tiers are crooked, then get these!

👤The item arrived on time, there was no need to contact the seller, and I use them for cookies because they are small and can be folded.

👤They are strong. I use them to stack 12 tall and put 8 x 10 oil paintings to dry. I had to hold them straight with a piece of wood. They stayed up even without it.

👤I have a rack that I use to stack small trays of art/craft projects. I wouldn't review an item that I wasn't using for its intended purpose, but I wanted to leave this out for anyone else who was also looking for vertical tray storage that allows for air circulation. It's hard to see that the legs are set in a certain way from the cooling rack. The tray has to be more narrow than the rack in order to slide it in width or length. I'm using trays that are 1 1/4" tall, but for those to slide in, they would have to be at least 12 feet long or 9 feet wide. I have to remove the top rack and put them in the space below. I have to remove the trays and the rack above it before I can remove the tray I want. I was hoping for more hassle, but it wasn't that bad. I gave this 4 stars because it seems like it would work. It's fairly sturdy, but it's not as strong as it could be, and the "hinges" for the legs are not as large as they should be, which would press into anything. The legs for the rack above each sheet eat up a lot of space.

👤I put my pots on these after washing them. If I put the pots on the counter, the bottom won't dry and the counter will become gross very quickly. I use these to dry my scallions and asparagus before putting them away in the fridge so they don't get spoiled so quickly. Great purchase!

👤The caps that came with the bottles were disappointing. There were extra plastic areas that came out of the mold and nobody trimmed the lids for a flat edge. I'm not sure why there is a ridged area under the smaller bottle necks. If you have been working with icing all day, the bottles are hard to hold onto, and it was awkward. The larger bottle works well. The smaller ones have a very good tip.

8. CHEF Cooling Stainless Roasting Grilling

CHEF Cooling Stainless Roasting Grilling

Less time over the sink and more time over the stove is needed for a dishwasher safe. Pop the sheet pan and rack in the dishwasher when you're done. P&P CHEF cooling rack are made of pure steel and Rust free, which makes them a great replacement for aluminum rack. Their baking rack has thick rods for the solid steel construction, which is sturdy to hold heavy food, ensure warp resistant, and each of the jointed wires are finished by the seamless welding. The cooking rack has a smooth surface and edge, with no rough spot, give a comfortable and secure grip, protect your hand roundly, and it is dishwasher proof. Baking evenly for cooking quickly and saving time on repeat roasting, cooling evenly for uniformly and quickly cool the cookies, and raising the roasting rack height allowed air to circulate on all sides of the food. The sizes are Large 15.3” x 11.25” Medium 11.6” x 9” Small 7.3” x 8.6” and the smallest 8.6” x 6.2”

Brand: P&p Chef

👤The sheets were bent/uneven and there was no way to clean them. It means that these racks can be used for cooling baked goods and cooking meats. The meats and oils will stick to the struts and Every because the racks are not coated with anything. Single. Crevice. I have made bacon on them in the oven three times and the cleaning process is long and difficult. A toothbrush scrubber or grill brush is needed. The feet for all three of the racks will not sit evenly and the only way to bend the sheet is to hit all four of them at the same time. The first time I used the sheets for cookies, I almost catapulted one onto the floor when the sheet tipped. The overall impression was 3 stars. You get what you pay for. I will buy a non-stick coating sheet for my meats/grilling next time around and keep these for cooling purposes only.

👤Used one to cook a beef roast. It was perfect for the purpose. The intersection of crossing wires was cleaned instantly in hot dishwater. There was no distortion from the oven. Very pleased. The variety of sizes will be helpful. It's always nice to "stumble" across another well-designed and well-executed product, even one so simple as this, and at an attractive price point. The variety of sizes and polishedstainless is a great advantage. Anxious to see how they fare in use.

👤These are nice. They are used for cooling and baking. Baking is the challenge. The bars are all parallel, so they are easy to clean, and the gauge of wire is nice. The design of my old rack made it hard to keep the meat or skin intact and it also made them hard to clean. I use the large one to bake chicken thighs and other items that I want to spread out in my pan. I have not used them under the heat, but I expect them to be fine. This set of racks is a great value.

👤They are hard to clean and don't fit in standard cookie sheets so I bought them for meat cooking. They are great for cooling cookies. The poor fit on the cookie sheets was disappointing, but I can deal with it.

👤There were different sizes in the set that I bought the rack in. I bought a set for my son and his wife. I have only used one so far and they seem sturdy, I didn't have a problem cleaning it. The set was the main attraction for me. Not having to buy individual ones.

👤The different sizes they came in fit my needs perfectly. I was able to use two of the smaller racks for my larger pans to bake chicken wings. They are perfect because I only had to line the bottom with aluminum foil and drain the juices and oil from the chicken. The racks were sturdy enough to hold all the wings that I placed on them.

👤The smallest of the three is so small that it is a waste of metal. The wires are.5" apart so the four racks should hold just about anything that would need a cooling rack. The set came warped a little. They don't sit quite flat but that doesn't affect the way they look.

9. TeamFar Dishwasher Stainless Roasting Collapsible

TeamFar Dishwasher Stainless Roasting Collapsible

It's perfect for air fryer, pot, pressure cooker, and toaster oven and can be used for anything you need. It's healthy. TeamFar cooling racks are made of high quality STAINLESS steel without any toxic chemical substance, oven safe for baking and roasting, and a great substitution of non-stick cooling racks. It is adjusted. Baking rack with stacking design for saving kitchen space, easy to adjust, flexible legs that can be swung open to stack on another rack. The baking rack is perfect for baking ribs, bacon, steak, chicken, cooling pies, bread, and pizza in a pan of 16 inches or larger. There was an inquest into the matter. The curved feet are perfect for standing stably, not easy to slide, Sturdy and dense parallel line design allows fast and even air circulation for cooling / baking / roasting, Smooth edge and surface avoid hurting your hand. The dishwasher is safe. The smooth mirror finish helps to easily release and clean up by hand-wash, ss cooling racks are dishwasher safe to save your time and less of hassle, and come out as new and shiny.

Brand: Teamfar

👤I've been very upset when I bake holiday cookies. I ran out of room on the counter. Problem solved! I don't know why I didn't purchase stacking cooling racks sooner, but they are great and save a lot of counter space. It's easy to store and functional.

👤I would like to see a grid pattern and that the clearance between the levels was higher. These work well and I'm happy they are dishwasher safe. I've run them through many times and they've never rusted. I put baking paper on the rack to keep things from falling through. I would recommend those with limited counter space and storage to buy it.

👤I haven't used the rack yet. I got them a short time ago. I wanted to see how they stood. Two of the racks are a little bit odd, but can be folded up or individually standing on my countertop if I want to. If enough pressure or weight is placed on the edges of the middle and top rack parts, they can tilt either way. The space between the shelves is the best part. The space between the shelves is adverised. It's enough for me to reach for something with my hand. The space between the countertop and the first rack shelf is enough for me to put a 35 year old smaller rack under it and use it as a fourth shelf. The counter has 4 inches of space, while the individual standing shelf has 10 inches. They seem to be very good and will meet my needs.

👤Yesterday I used two of these to cook a meal. Genius. These were very helpful. I have a double oven and I was able to cook multiple pies and side dishes at the same time because the turkey took up all the space in one oven. The rack is still new. The purchase solved the problem of needing another rack. I was going to buy another rack from the appliance parts store, but it was too expensive. The racks are an excellent alternative.

👤These are easy to use. They are sturdy and easy to stack. When I ordered them, I wanted them to be in the dishwasher. I haven't needed to put them through the dishwasher yet because they clean off easily.

👤I use this rack to smoke jerky in my pellet smoker. It works well and gives the benefit of being able to smoke a lot at a time. The reason it's not rated 5 star is because it's not nonstick. It works well. I think I can fit a second rack in my smoker, so I'll pick up another one.

👤It is compact and sturdy when stacked up. I was skeptical and poked it a few times. The table held up after I shook it. The material was able to hold a bit of weight. During the soapification process, I use it to hold my homemade soaps.

👤I was correct. The legs fold out. Sturdy construction. It is easy to clean. I love the cooling rack. The tiers are not fastened together like the folding rack. I was so happy to find this.

10. Cooling Stainless Rust Resistant Roasting Grilling

Cooling Stainless Rust Resistant Roasting Grilling

The Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe and other similar products are backed by a LIFETIME warranty. Excellent quality STAINLESS STEEL, STURDY CONSTRUCTION. The cooling rack is made of food grade superiorstainless steel, which is rustproof. The thick grid is hard to break. It won't tilt and spill because of the 6 support feet and 3 cross bars. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. The cooling rack is dishwasher safe and won't wear or fade. Even if you have to clean it manually, it is very easy to clean because you just soak it immediately after use and use a vegetable brush to get the crumbs out of the cross sections. When you bake, spray some cooking spray on it and it will clean up. The cooling rack is designed so that it can be raised by 0.6 inches to better circulate the air and make food more crisp. The 38" x 38" grid spacing maximizes the contact with the air and leaks the food from it. The grid is small so the foods won't get weird shapes at the bottom. OVEN SAFE UP TO 575F. It makes it very difficult. It's very suitable for use in the oven or grill because of its high temperature resistance. It can bake meat, fruits and vegetables, and also make a tray to let the fat out of the barbecue and make a crisp crust on chicken wings, turkey, bread and other foods. High temperatures can cause it to melt or bend. The perfect size for a half sheet is 11.8” x 16.2”. The larger size is convenient for hosting family dinners or parties, and it is also suitable for bakeries and restaurants.

Brand: Hiware

👤If I could rate it that would be zero stars. This is not true advertising. These are not made of solid steel. They are just plated. Rusting after a few uses. I will be contacting Amazon. I've found that there are different kinds of steel. Everyone assumes that nostainless steel will rust, even though some kinds of rust and some don't. Don't assume anything. These are the types of metal that will rust.

👤I bought these because they are advertised as dishwasher safe. They are plated with something and are not a type of steel. I put them in the dishwasher after I received them. There was rusty water when the dishwasher was opened. The coating on the cooling rack had rubbed off on other parts of the rack. They're not dishwasher safe, and they're not made of steel.

👤The dishwasher washed my rack. It was used for baked fried chicken.

👤I only used this one time. It was in the low 30s. smoker I don't think it's made of steel. It was hard to clean and there were signs of rust.

👤The wire rack was advertised as "durable STAINLESS STEEL". The cooling rack is made of food grade superiorstainless steel, which is rustproof. I think it is made of non-stainless steel. The rack is shiny even at the points where the wires are welded together. The most common types of steel used for food contact are not magnetic. I put it in the dishwasher to see if it would rust if it was plated steel. It did. The spots of rust were very small, but the rack would not have rusted after being washed in a dishwasher. The picture shows a spot where the plating had been removed. I believe the rack had some small scratches on the wires when I received it. The rust spots are small now, but I would expect more after use. I wonder if it is made of materials that are safe for food contact. There is a layer of copper between the steel of the wires and the outer plating. The product is rated 1 star because of false advertising. I would give it 4 stars if the rack were made of steel. I like the close wire spacing and it fits my half sheet pan very nicely. The support wires were bent out of shape when I got it. It's not clear if that was due to manufacturing tolerances or shipping. I was able to do it myself.

👤We have been forced to eat every single meal because of the social distance. The oven has become my bestie as I have been unwilling to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The racks are sturdy and well-made, but they also work as charm. I have been using it to cook large pieces of chicken in the oven, as well as a cooling rack for bake goods. Highly recommended! To clean it, you may want to use a brush. I use them every time because they are simple to clean.

11. Hiware 2 Pack Cooling Racks Baking

Hiware 2 Pack Cooling Racks Baking

The perfect size for a half sheet is 11.8” x 16.2”. The larger size is convenient for hosting family dinners or parties, and it is also suitable for bakeries and restaurants. Excellent quality STAINLESS STEEL, STURDY CONSTRUCTION. The cooling rack is made of food grade superiorstainless steel, which is rustproof. The thick grid is hard to break. The stability is strengthened by the 4 support feet and 2 cross bars. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. The cooling rack is dishwasher safe and won't wear or fade. Even if you have to clean it manually, it is very easy to clean because you just soak it immediately after use and use a vegetable brush to get the crumbs out of the cross sections. When you bake, spray some cooking spray on it and it will clean up. The design of 4 supporting feet allows the cooling rack to be raised by 0.6 inches to better air circulation which makes food much crispier than just laying flat on a baking sheet. Under the premise that the food will not fall, the grid spacing maximizes contact with the air and leaks residues. The grid is small so the foods won't get weird shapes at the bottom. OVEN SAFE UP TO 575F. It makes it very difficult. It's very suitable for use in the oven or grill because of its high temperature resistance. It can bake meat, fruits and vegetables, and also make a tray to let the fat out of the barbecue and make a crisp crust on chicken wings, turkey, bread and other foods. High temperatures can cause it to melt or bend. The perfect size for half sheet pans is 10 x 15. The larger size is convenient for hosting family dinners or parties, and it is also suitable for bakeries and restaurants.

Brand: Hiware

👤So... I needed something to hold my earrings in place. I spray painted them white after getting these for the size and the grid design. They were mounted on the sides of the closet. They work well. I think they'd be good baking racks.

👤I have used this product a couple of times and it is starting to rust. I only owned it for a couple of weeks. Don't buy it.

👤They are a nice size, but after one wash it gets rusty. It's best to dry them with a towel after washing them or taking them out of the washer.

👤It's definitely not steel. After a few uses, they began to rust. They are cheap carbon steel.

👤I should have read the one review that said these aren't true racks. Advertising is very deceptive.

👤There is no set size for 1/2 sheet pans, so they were ordered for their size. These are great for sheet pans, cookies and casserole dishes.

👤The racks are easy to clean. I've only used them for cooling. It's easy to store in my cabinets with the size. Very happy!

👤I have a single rack and need a second or third one to cook. I have used them a few times in my kitchen. I think they are great and would recommend.


What is the best product for cake rack set?

Cake rack set products from E-far. In this article about cake rack set you can see why people choose the product. Teamfar and Chicago Metallic are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake rack set.

What are the best brands for cake rack set?

E-far, Teamfar and Chicago Metallic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake rack set. Find the detail in this article. Goabroa, Habilife and P&p Chef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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