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1. Harold Imports 9 Inch Round Cake

Harold Imports 9 Inch Round Cake

The perfect size for a quarter sheet pan is 8.5" x12". It's convenient to host family dinners or parties in restaurants or bakeries. Mrs. Anderson has a cooling rack that is perfect for cooling cookies, pies, and cakes. The wire is not intended for direct flame or grill use. The frame and base of the baking pans supports heavier pans and allows better air flow to bake foods evenly and cool them faster. The ideal workspace for finishing foods, like decorating cookies, cupcakes, and more, won't scratch surfaces. Don't use metal tools, abrasive cleansers, or cut food on the rack, wash your hands thoroughly, and remove food bits with a gentle brush.

Brand: Harold Imports

👤I bought a wire baking rack for canning. It fits inside a pot that can hold canning jars and allow them to sit close to the bottom. The chromed steel wire can hold a lot of weight. The wires are parallel and not in a cross-hatch which would keep jars from being tilted.

👤This seemed like a cheap add on that would rust out over time, but it has worked out well for me. I use it to cook vegetables and fish in my steamer. It works well for that. I wash and dry it immediately after cooking, and have not seen any signs of rust at the weld points. A number of people have pointed out that the item in the listing may not be the item you receive, as suppliers to Amazon seem to vary over the year. This isn't made of chrome or steel. If you know the difference, the test shows it to be just the current substitute used in a lot of products coming out of China. Don't put food on it, wash it after receipt, and keep it clean and dry. You have another useful item in the kitchen. It was well worth adding to a purchase for under $4.

👤Wow! This was a disaster. My cake fell through the slats because they are so wide. It was a dense cake, but still. I recommend a cooling rack with small holes.

👤I bought this to use a pressure painting tank that has a curved bottom to keep the molds level, and I used it to cast a resident. This fit perfectly inside of that place and taste the worry out of live resin pores and molds not saying level ensuring properly.

👤This was bought to be used as a rack in my Lodge skillet. It works perfectly. The balls of aluminum foil under the roast didn't work very well. The roast is elevated so it doesn't sit in it's own juices and "stew". I can use it for other things as well. I'm really happy I got this.

👤To raise food in a microwave/air fryer you need to allow air flow, heat circulation and distance from top heating element. It works well for cooling pots/pans on a glass stove top. Solid construction. It was thick and sturdy. Cross grate are not finished as well as they could be and are a little sharp in spots so be careful when cleaning.

👤I used this to fit inside of a clay chiminea to make a stable base for candles or fire logs. It works well for candles. I haven't tried it at high temperatures, but it's probably not intended for that. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤This is oven safe to 500 degrees. We have an air fryer lid that can fit any Instant Pot. I bought this to place in the bottom of our dutch oven so that we can air fry our food.

👤Excellent chrome, very sturdy.

👤I have ordered other goods from HIC and have been pleased with them. I thought this time would be the same. I was correct and he was wrong. I ordered 2 cooling racks. 1 was up to the standards of the manufacturers. There is a The other one doesn't look like it got chromed properly. It will rust in no time, even if I wash and dry it. I am not happy with the item. It makes me cringe when I order from this manufacturer again. I had the faulty rack replaced. The replacement rack is perfect. This is what I expect from this company. The rack I received was faulty, but hopefully it was a one-off. I would order again from this company.

2. Far 9½ Inch Stainless Polished Dishwasher

Far 9%C2%BD Inch Stainless Polished Dishwasher

Hand wash in warm soapy water. E-far round cake pans and rack are made of pure food grade steel without toxic materials and are healthy for your daily baking use. It isdurable: The layers of cake pans and steaming racks are constructed by high strength and heavy gauge STAINLESS steel to avoid any damage to the pans and rack. CRAFTED: Straight sides for making straight-up layers of cake easily, smooth edges of the cooking rack, and a mirror finished surface for easily cake release with a simple twist are some of the features. There are multiple uses. The bakeware set is great for baking cake, deep dish pizza or broiling steaks and ribs in the oven, Round racks are perfect for cooling cake, pies, and also great for steaming vegetables, elevating foods above the grease, and it's 888-282-0465. Set of 4. Pans are a good choice for many uses, can be used separately, and are versatile to meet most of your baking and cooking needs.

Brand: E-far

👤I'm back to baking high quality layer cakes, thanks to these absolutely perfect pans, with their matching cooling racks. You can use one box of cake mix, divide it between the two pans, and bake at 350 degrees for 33 minutes.

👤The cake pans are great. Straight sides! It's comparable to the pans at Wilton. I love them! The stands are cool.

👤I used these to cook in a dutch oven. The test cook went well and they fit in my oven. The pans are nicer than the ones I keep in the house. Is there a second set for everyday use? My stupid grey cake pans were cooked and cleaned up better. It's also affordable.

👤These pans are easy to clean and make for an evenly baked cake. The best way to cool the cakes was with the rack. Thanks for making birthdays easier.

👤The pans are very good and the wire rack that came with them is very nice. I've used them twice. I like the results.

👤Good weight. The cooling racks fit inside. The heat distribution is good. The sides are high. I can't say anything bad about these.

👤It is made of steel. I can make it with tomato dishes. It is hard to scratch aluminum. It is not very heavy. The steamer hook tool can be used to carry the pan out of the instant port. They work well together. I use the rack to keep the meat out of the liquid in the pan and not boiling it in the liquid. The instant port is a good place to make steam cake. It's a perfect accessory.

👤These pans are great. They are easy to clean. The cake was easy to bake because I buttered the pan. I love that they have their own cooling rack. All of them were very satisfied with the purchase.

👤The package arrived without the wire racks and instead contained two plastic lids. I bought these for the wire rack. It's a good warning for anyone who buys this... The previous review had the same issue. There is false advertising.

👤These pans are great. I love the metal rack. It is easy to clean.

3. TeamFar Stainless Steaming Pressure Dishwasher

TeamFar Stainless Steaming Pressure Dishwasher

DIMENSIONS The diameter is 10 Inches and the legs are 0.78 inches. TeamFar cake pan with cooling rack are made of pure steel, Rust free, safer and healthier for daily use. The pan and rack are multi-functional, they are perfect for baking layer cakes / desserts, cooling bread / cookies / cupcakes, and also great for seasoning flour / fruit / vegetables. SMOOTH - Smooth edge, avoid hurting hands or scratching dish cloth or scrub sponge, Spaced wires of round roasting rack provide better and faster airflow. Superior mirror finished surface keeps shiny, for effortless cleaning and less sticky, Dishwasher safe to save your time and less of hassle, convenient to your life. 4 Pack, 2 Round cake pan and 2 steaming rack, Solid construction for durability and long-serving time, prevent leaking, not as the springform

Brand: Teamfar

👤I like these pans very much. I would like them to be as large as traditional cake pans. These pans worked because cake mixes have gotten smaller. It's sad that everything is getting smaller. The old cake mixes made two cakes.

👤Didn't expect such good quality for the price. I am very happy with the feel of these pans. They don't feel cheap or thin, but for the price, I was willing to take a risk. It's the perfect fit in our Instant Pot and Air Fryer Oven.

👤It worked well for my first cake. I had to level the cakes because my oven is tilted to the side, but that isn't the fault of the pans. After baking and cooling, the coconut oil was lightly coated with a coating of coconut oil.

👤happy with bake results so far, used wx Line pans made for easy removal of cake, no warping in oven, and no rusting after washing so far so good. I don't know if I'll use the wire racks, but I prefer to use a large wire rack for both cake layers.

👤I have used these pans twice and the cake took an additional 15 minutes to cook. I think they are meant to be used in the instant pot or air fryer. Once the cake cooks, they have a great release.

👤These pans are small. They are easy to clean. I spray them with Baker's Joy and they came out without sticking. Buy them! It is a great value with the cooking rack.

👤They are what I have been looking for. They fit in my air fryer so I don't have to clean it every time I use it. Grease can be saved instead of being put down the garbage disposal.

👤My daughter loves the cake pans that I bought her.

4. Cooling Stainless Rust Resistant Roasting Grilling

Cooling Stainless Rust Resistant Roasting Grilling

The Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe and other similar products are backed by a LIFETIME warranty. Excellent quality STAINLESS STEEL, STURDY CONSTRUCTION. The cooling rack is made of food grade superiorstainless steel, which is rustproof. The thick grid is hard to break. It won't tilt and spill because of the 6 support feet and 3 cross bars. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. The cooling rack is dishwasher safe and won't wear or fade. Even if you have to clean it manually, it is very easy to clean because you just soak it immediately after use and use a vegetable brush to get the crumbs out of the cross sections. When you bake, spray some cooking spray on it and it will clean up. The cooling rack is designed so that it can be raised by 0.6 inches to better circulate the air and make food more crisp. The 38" x 38" grid spacing maximizes the contact with the air and leaks the food from it. The grid is small so the foods won't get weird shapes at the bottom. OVEN SAFE UP TO 575F. It makes it very difficult. It's very suitable for use in the oven or grill because of its high temperature resistance. It can bake meat, fruits and vegetables, and also make a tray to let the fat out of the barbecue and make a crisp crust on chicken wings, turkey, bread and other foods. High temperatures can cause it to melt or bend. The perfect size for a half sheet is 11.8” x 16.2”. The larger size is convenient for hosting family dinners or parties, and it is also suitable for bakeries and restaurants.

Brand: Hiware

👤If I could rate it that would be zero stars. This is not true advertising. These are not made of solid steel. They are just plated. Rusting after a few uses. I will be contacting Amazon. I've found that there are different kinds of steel. Everyone assumes that nostainless steel will rust, even though some kinds of rust and some don't. Don't assume anything. These are the types of metal that will rust.

👤I bought these because they are advertised as dishwasher safe. They are plated with something and are not a type of steel. I put them in the dishwasher after I received them. There was rusty water when the dishwasher was opened. The coating on the cooling rack had rubbed off on other parts of the rack. They're not dishwasher safe, and they're not made of steel.

👤The dishwasher washed my rack. It was used for baked fried chicken.

👤I only used this one time. It was in the low 30s. smoker I don't think it's made of steel. It was hard to clean and there were signs of rust.

👤The wire rack was advertised as "durable STAINLESS STEEL". The cooling rack is made of food grade superiorstainless steel, which is rustproof. I think it is made of non-stainless steel. The rack is shiny even at the points where the wires are welded together. The most common types of steel used for food contact are not magnetic. I put it in the dishwasher to see if it would rust if it was plated steel. It did. The spots of rust were very small, but the rack would not have rusted after being washed in a dishwasher. The picture shows a spot where the plating had been removed. I believe the rack had some small scratches on the wires when I received it. The rust spots are small now, but I would expect more after use. I wonder if it is made of materials that are safe for food contact. There is a layer of copper between the steel of the wires and the outer plating. The product is rated 1 star because of false advertising. I would give it 4 stars if the rack were made of steel. I like the close wire spacing and it fits my half sheet pan very nicely. The support wires were bent out of shape when I got it. It's not clear if that was due to manufacturing tolerances or shipping. I was able to do it myself.

👤We have been forced to eat every single meal because of the social distance. The oven has become my bestie as I have been unwilling to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The racks are sturdy and well-made, but they also work as charm. I have been using it to cook large pieces of chicken in the oven, as well as a cooling rack for bake goods. Highly recommended! To clean it, you may want to use a brush. I use them every time because they are simple to clean.

5. Mokpi Cooling Steaming Diameter Steamer

Mokpi Cooling Steaming Diameter Steamer

The cake rack are made of heavy gauge chrome plated wire. The package contains a cake cream scraper. The footed base is great for finishing foods, like decorating cookies and cupcakes. The best way to save time on repeat cooking is to use the elevated cooking rack, which allows air to circulate on all sides of the food for steaming evenly and cooking quickly. Sturdy rack feet are used for years for Oven safe storage of food. It's a great tool to layer food from your cooker, for baking and cooling cookie, steaming or roasting chiken.

Brand: Mokpi

👤It was perfect size. Like the height and diameter.

👤I bought this for a food photography prop, so it isn't getting a lot of baking use. It looked great in the shots, so that is five stars in my opinion.

👤These stands are perfect for food photography. The finish is sleek and the right size is 888-609- I got some good shots with this.

👤It was sturdy and did what I needed it to do. I don't understand what "warmth" means.

👤It's perfect. It is easy to clean.

6. Wilton Nonstick Cooling Rack 20 Inch

Wilton Nonstick Cooling Rack 20 Inch

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with the cooking rack, please contact the Geesta service team. It is recommended that you wash the racks in warm soapy water before you use them. A large cooling rack protects countertops and tables. Non-stick is easy to release and clean. x 20 in. 36 x 50 cm Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤This cooling sheet was the worst I have ever seen. It was cheap and useless. The squares were too big and my cookies became too small. I put a baking dish on top of the cooling rack and it was so weak that it was sitting on the counter. I threw it away. It wasn't worth the effort to return it. Do not buy. This was the worst brand of the bunch.

👤The non-stick feature made this product attractive to me. The mesh is not solid. After the first use, we have some sauce on the grid of the cooling rack, so we have to scrub it and it doesn't come off easily. The whole non-stick peel off. It looks like a cheap product.

👤The issue of sturdiness is mentioned by other reviewers. There is a The center part of the rack is very weak, so that it doesn't move much. I think it will hold cookies and delicatessens, but not a cake. You will probably have to place it in one of the borders.

👤A national store went out of business and I bought it a year ago. The rack was non stick and perfect for cooling cookies or applying sugar to cookies. I searched on Amazon for another one and found it. It is the same as my older cooling rack. If you want to add glaze on cookies, you can put this rack over a standard large cookie sheet. It will be used when I make a standard recipe of toll house cookies. It's bad that this isn't on the website of Wilton. Thank you Amazon!

👤I don't like cleaning this thing because it's too large for my kitchen sink or dishwasher, and I have to use the bath tub. It does what I wanted it to do. I can cook a whole pack of bacon in the oven with this cooking sheet, it's just about the same size. You don't have to cook it over the stove with your family eating it as fast as you can because there won't be burns from grease popping! Huge win in my book. I wish it was easier to clean those small squares.

👤I need to fit my baking sheets. The small grid design keeps food from falling through. There are no cross supports on the under side of the rack to keep it stable. The counter has barely any weight on it.

👤The squares are bigger than the rack says. The ad has a cooling rack with squares from the corner to the foot. The rack I was sent has three squares in the corner and two in the foot. It is very flimsy. It is going back. Very disappointed.

👤The squares are too large. Returned. This was a poor match compared to the two I already have. I will continue to look for the ones that are sturdy and the perfect size squares. I don't want my cookies to get stuck in the squares.

👤I was very impressed with the product. It's helped me a lot when making large quantities of goodies. I was very pleased that I ordered this cooling rack because I have had family occasions with my baked goods. The cooling rack has helped me. I don't know why I didn't order two. I will be ordering a cooling rack to help me out when I bake in the future.

7. WUWEOT Cooling Steaming Cooking Dishwasher

WUWEOT Cooling Steaming Cooking Dishwasher

We devoted ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you receive any quality problems, please contact them, they will provide you with the solution until you are satisfied. The package includes cooling rack and cake cream scraper. A round wire rack has 4 raised feet and dense welds, stably holding the food, close parallel line, and spacing wire to provide better air flow for baking or steaming. The cooling rack has wires that are mirror finished. The wires are not easy to fall out of. It's a great tool to layer food from your cooker, for baking and cooling bread, cookie, cupcake, pizza, steaming vegetables and meats, elevating food above the grease, or roasting chiken, filtering oil or water, also can use as a trivet for hot dishes. Convenient to wash by hand and dishwasher to save time and effort. After washing, keep it shiny.

Brand: Wuweot

👤They came out warped and rusted when put in the dishwasher.

👤I like this product because it's a great product, can be used for a lot of things, and it's easy to clean.

👤My wife was looking for a round rack to hold her pies. She loves it. The product.

👤I keep my pizzas from getting soggy by holding them for cooling.

👤Like the height of the rack. Able to hold a lot of weight. The black makes it easier to clean.

8. Good Cook Cake Rack Square

Good Cook Cake Rack Square

The cooling rack gets to all the requirements that you are looking forward to, whether for home or restaurant, as the most commonly used tool with baking. You can use the rack on the grill and stove if you have a lifting handle. There are two cake racks. Heavy gauge chrome plated wire. The cake rack has 2 counts. The cake rack are made of heavy gauge chrome plated wire.

Brand: Goodcook

👤I lost 2 cooling racks over the last decade, so I needed smaller ones. The bars were the same distance from each other as my originals and the racks were the same size. The ones I already own were not finished as well. If you brushed up against the bar at the wrong angle, the ends of the cross bars on the top of the rack would catch your finger.

👤The price is good. I expected to pay more than that. I frequently use them in the oven. There were a few sharp edges, but I smoothed them out with my knife sharpener. The size rack is perfect for many uses. My husband took one for his smoker. It was a perfect fit. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤The rack is too low to have proper air flow, it is barely off the counter, and if you have more than 5 cookies, it's not going to be cooled properly.

👤Very nice. I use these in my camp kitchen and they are perfect.

👤It's the right size for a nine inch cake to be inverted.

👤It is easy to clean and sturdy.

👤It is exactly what you would expect for the money. I don't expect it to last forever but for what I'm using it for.

👤We use them to cook bacon in the oven. They are easy to clean. There were no complaints.

👤It arrived quickly and as expected, good for a variety of uses and decent quality for the price, but square size seems harder to find these days, so pleased to locate them on Amazon.

👤The rust easy can't be used for grilling.

👤Atendeu as experincias.

9. TeamFar Round Cooling Rack Dishwasher

TeamFar Round Cooling Rack Dishwasher

The bandy legs and crossed wires of the dishwasher are easy to clean. TeamFar 9x9 cooling rack is made of pure food gradestainless steel, not as a nonstick cooling rack, it is safer and healthier for daily cooking. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. Even as a hot pad for hot dishes on the table, the bakeable cooling rack is perfect for pot, pressure cooker and toaster oven. The dishwasher is safe. The smooth wire and mirror finish design makes it easy to release, and the spacing of the wire makes it easy to clean up. Durability and rush proof are included. The wire rack has smooth edges and is durable and long-life serving. Exquisite design. Sturdy and dense weld design is good for stably holding the food, 0.6-inch space between the grates is good for preventing food from falling through, and Spaced wire provides better air flow for baking or steaming.

Brand: Teamfar

👤I like them. My old ones were roughly the size of a small rectangular baking sheet. I don't think they will rust quickly. The wires are a bit thicker than I would like, but it makes my cakes stick more easily if I leave them too long. I usually leave a cake on the rack for 2 to 3 hours so I don't have to find something else to do with it. I got some baking pans to make more layers. Several cakes have been broken by me. I think I need to Grease them. I don't want the hassle or mess.

👤The air dryer is rack fit. It is much easier to clean the original grid. You have to be careful to position items so they don't fall through the grate. Great product.

👤They work well in my air fryer. Couldn't find a replacement tray. One of these rack works great if you put aluminum foil in the bottom.

👤I bought these to help remove the fat from the burger in the oven. They clean up well in the dishwasher. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤You can steam heat your left overs. Put the lid on the skillet, add a little water, and turn it on.

👤These are perfect for plants. Allow them to drain. They are strong enough for a 3 gal container. I put a full gallon of water in it.

👤The cooling rack are a good weight. Happy with the purchase!

👤It fit my air fryer perfectly. The four pack makes it easy to use several dishes. Excellent quality!

👤These fit on top of each other. Plan to drink water for dehydration.

👤Quality food and steel is easy to clean. It is dishwasher friendly.

10. Jack Richeson 8 Color Tempera Palettes

Jack Richeson 8 Color Tempera Palettes

Convenient to wash by hand and dishwasher to save time and effort. After washing, keep it shiny. A great tool for students to use. Keeping your classroom organized is helped by a Convenient rack. The round wells make it easy to clean. It's perfect for art classrooms, recreation centers and other facilities.

Brand: Jack Richeson

👤This is great for my classroom. It saves space and keeps me organized. I don't have to refill, it's easy to keep clean, and I make it much quicker to distribute supplies.

👤I still love the set even though two of the trays were cracked. The Young 5's were thrilled to see this in the room. The kids should get a set of smaller paint brushes from Big Kid's to use with the paint cakes. The big brushes are fine, but I want to paint more intricately.

👤These are great. I use them with my high school students. It doesn't have to be bad.

11. Geesta 4 Tier Collapsible Cooking Cooling

Geesta 4 Tier Collapsible Cooking Cooling

It is made with heavy duty carbon steel to resist warping and offer high quality baking for years to come. A collapsible 4 tier cooling rack has a sturdy construction. The design patent is pending. It works well for a lot of things, from small items like cupcakes to large pies and cakes of significant weight. The cooling rack is collapsible for easy storage once it collapses, so that it stores easily and takes up less space. It comes with four tiers that stack on top of each other to take up little space while still cooling plenty of food at once. The tiers are made of 17.12x9.84 inches and have a non-stick coating. There is enough room for several batches of cookies. Geesta is a Design brand that is used in the cooking and baking industry. It is a small height of 18 inches to take up less space. It's an ideal option for cooks who don't have a lot of counter space. Heavy-gauge materials spread heat evenly. The 4 tier cooling rack works well for cakes of significant weight, as well as small items like cupcakes and muffins. The cooling rack makes it easy to cool a lot of food while still giving you plenty of room to cook other dishes. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with the cooking rack, please contact the Geesta service team. It is recommended that you wash the racks in warm soapy water before you use them.

Brand: Geesta

👤The cooling rack is great. I use mine for fresh produce. There is plenty of room for all my produce, the color is beautiful, and it's easy to adjust. I want to buy another one to make my pantry bigger.

👤I have limited space and I like to bake cookies in places where I can't fit my cooling rack in. I had to try this one because it caught my eye. This really works well, I was not disappointed. The wire is very sturdy and the frame is very well made and has weight to it. I am 100% certain that the locks will not collapse in use, because of the smooth operation on extending. I'm pretty sure the weight of the metal has something to do with it. It cleans up perfectly in the dishwasher and is easy to store. I am very happy with the purchase and no cons.

👤The wires came out after just one use of the rack. What? This is a very dangerous hazard. One of the side screws came loose and can easily scratch counter tops. It isn't easy to open and close it. It takes some muscling and maneuvering to get it in place. It is easy to lose the pieces that hold the rack in the correct height. I wish it would have worked, but it seems like a failed product to me. I will return it.

👤The rack has so many uses that it may be the most flexible ever made. This cooling rack has an option of 3 settings and is designed to be used at the same time when you are on the holidays. The cooling rack has a collapsible design and is able to hold 3 tiers. It was great to bake like we did this weekend for our pudding party. It works well for everything from small items like cupcakes and muffins to large pies and cakes, and can hold the weight. The collapsible cooling rack is very space-saving and can be used as a drying stand three times the space. It comes with four tiers that stack on top of each other and have a non-stick coating. I like it. It's great to keep the mess out of sight and out of mind.

👤I found this cooling rack at the perfect time for the holiday. This baby is going to be put to the real test this week because Thanksgiving is this week. We are going to use it for pies and anything else we make, however I have already used it to cool a few dozen cookies. It has a lot of space with 4 full size racks. The space in between each rack can be adjusted. It is very easy to set up and take down, and folds up nicely to store away. This is a must have for a baker. I have considered using it as a drying rack because I am a crafter. I think it would work well. This is a great item to have on hand.


What is the best product for cake rack small?

Cake rack small products from Harold Imports. In this article about cake rack small you can see why people choose the product. E-far and Teamfar are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake rack small.

What are the best brands for cake rack small?

Harold Imports, E-far and Teamfar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake rack small. Find the detail in this article. Hiware, Mokpi and Wilton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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