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1. Ateco 14408 8 Inch Stainless Cutter

Ateco 14408 8 Inch Stainless Cutter

The temperature is good up to 375. The round cutter is a professional quality. It's great for cutting cookies. A 1.75-inch high. Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤I use this for cake decorating, but it can also be used as a food mold, and I am sure it has other uses as well. It has a rolled lip at the top so it doesn't hurt your hands when you press it down. If you have different sizes they can nest inside each other for easy storage. It was recommended 10/10.

👤Where has this been all my life? Wow! It's great for pies and hand held pies. It's great for round pizzas for the grill. There is a For the cookie pies. Now buying larger and smaller ones. It was very sturdy and wonderful.

👤I bought this for the bottom of individual pot pies and the 6” for the tops. They both did a great job. I had to adjust the (8”) crust for the pot pies. I had to cut a small amount from the bottom. I think it was because of the tins I have.

👤I used the cookie cutter to bake hand pies. I like the larger version of the pies I make. The 6 cutter is more suited for hand pies. I used a large metal funnel that was cumbersome and did not make a clean circle. The metal cookie cutter cuts through food without tearing or shredding. I can put in more filling and not have my cookie sheets burn. Cleanup is easy too. I will definitely use the 8 in the future. The 8" would make a great pizza or large cookies to decorate for a special person.

👤They don't stretch well and are hard to get into a circle with, so are they a good idea to shape them? I used the dough as a cutter to make a perfect circle. My tortillas were beautiful.

👤I use these when making tortillas. If you've ever tried to make tortillas with a flour that is free of wheat, you know it's difficult. Simpy cut a perfect8" tortilla by rolling out her amazingGF tortillas dough.

👤The 6 inch size was also bought. For making bread that is free of wheat. I know what my food is made of and all pieces are the same size. It's a good thing.

👤Been using them for a year. They have held up. These haven't failed me yet because I make biscuits every Sunday.

👤The 6-inch and 8-inch cutter were the ones I bought. We don't use them as food rings as much as we would like because they are used to form food before serving and to create a dish and then bake it in the ring, such as the French-sthyle moussaka we had last night. The products are good. They are not as heavy-dtuy as the Ateco food rings, but they are sufficient for the work we do, and baking with them doesn't harm them. It is recommended.

👤It was cheaply made. It was possible to find better quality for the price.

👤Pour faire des tartes cru. faire le fond.

2. INeibo Collar Adjustable Mousse Stainless

INeibo Collar Adjustable Mousse Stainless

Professional quality baking and decorating tools have been produced by the family since 1905. The ring can be adjusted from 6 to 12 inches in diameter by pulling the handle and holding it. 3 inches deeper than it is. You can make cakes of different sizes by purchasing only one cake ring and adjusting it to its most compact setting for easier storage. The cake ring is high-quality. The construction of the tool makes it a durable tool that will serve you for a long time. The 6 inches cake collar in the cake ring set is made of high-quality PP material, which is safety-tested, andBPA-free. 6 inch x 400 inch x 150 micron is the size of the cake sheets. It's better to make a thicker cake, chocolate lace, and keep the shape of the cake, the great cake circle ring partner in the kitchen. The brushed polishing of the cake ring is easy to clean and smooth. It can be washed in the dishwasher. The cake ring can be used as a cake mold in the oven. You can use the cake ring to make your own cake. The marks on the inside of the ring help you get the correct size. The ring does not have a base but thick cake mixes can be kept in place by wrapping the base with baking paper or tin foil.

Brand: Ineibo

👤The best thing I have never heard of! I discovered some recipes from the milk bar cookbook that said to use clear acetate, which I have never heard of, and took up baking as a hobby. I ran to Amazon to find this product, and lo and behold, it is! It is a lifesaver when you are trying to keep your layers tidy and make sure that everything looks cute. I would definitely purchase again, but a little goes a long way.

👤This works well as a mold alternative. It's just a little bit. I forgot to release my mold and it came off easily. I will get the 8 inch next time because it's difficult to glue together because it wants to hold its original shape. The product is not my fault. I will definitely be ordering again.

👤It was on time and exactly what it was described.

👤I used mini cakes as my wrap.

👤I wanted to line the baskets that I made. It worked well.

👤I wish it had more stickers. The product was good and the price was good.

👤I did not receive the sticker with the acetate.

👤Very nice. I keep my cheesecake from sliding off.

3. Leveler Slicer Adjustable Stainless Cutter

Leveler Slicer Adjustable Stainless Cutter

Money back or replacement is guaranteed if you are dissatisfied. High-quality steel. Their round cake slicer kit is made of thick high-quality STAINLESS steel, which is rust-proof and heat- resistant. You don't need to worry about it anymore. The cake ring cutter has 2 pieces. The cake slicer has 2 cake rings that can be adjusted to cakes of different sizes. The small size can be adjusted to fit cakes with a diameter of 6 to 8 inches. The two are 3.44 inches high. The leveler can fix itself around the cake according to the size. You can evenly cut the cake into 7 pieces with the 7-layer cake knife. The cake slicer cutter can be used to make a wide range of cakes, including baking cakes, bread, biscuits, chocolate and cake layers. It can be used in many places. You don't have to worry about the cake being broken because it's easy to use and clean. If you use or clean the round cake ring, please don't put your hands on the edge of the cake mold. It can be washed in the dishwasher.

Brand: Dontodent

4. Seamless Stainless Mousse Baking Stainless

Seamless Stainless Mousse Baking Stainless

It is easy to use and clean. The long dough scraper has a hole in the handle for easy hanging storage and is dishwasher safe. It is not easy to rust and deform, it is made of 304 steel. No welding seams and a smooth surface make it easy to clean. The mirror polishing process is very easy to clean. Styles wereightened for more manufacturability. It's a good choice for cakes at home. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The square and round cake ring mold is a good choice for making multi layer cakes, bread, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, etc., suit for microwave, freezer, dishwasher, at home, at hotel, in baking room, at restaurant, in coffee shop, or in bread shop. Food grade material The cake ring set are made of high-quality food grade steel, strong, non-deformed, durable, corrosion resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, tasteless. It is easy to use and clean. It is easy to use and cut.

Brand: Aikefoo

👤It worked perfectly for a milk bar 6in cake. It was delivered without any dents or dings, which is not the case for some other similar products I've ordered from other sellers. It is easy to clean. Would buy again.

👤I was surprised when I opened the box, the steel was brushed into a mirror polish. I made my first cake with a 6 inch piece of equipment and it worked out well. Next time I will try the strawberry cake. It's a great product and easy to use. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The product is close to 5.75 inch.

👤Excellent! A simple one piece item. I am so glad I spent a little more and I am so glad I did double duty as a cake cutter and a cake ring.

5. LIVTE Stainless Mousse Dessert 20x20x5cm

LIVTE Stainless Mousse Dessert 20x20x5cm

It is easy to remove the cake ring if the diameter is increased. Do not put your hands on the edge of the product when adjusting the size or cleaning it. The measurement is 8x2 inch (20.5 cm diameter x 5 cm height). The dishwasher is safe. This cake ring is made of thick food grade STAINLESS steel and is not easy to rust and degrade. Solid construction with seamless welding and smooth surface, won't leave a seam line on your cakes, it's easy to clean. Their round cake rings are perfect for making delicious pastry, cheese cake, mousse and sponge cakes. You will get a 100% customer support for these cake rings. Quality problems, replacements or a full refund will be assured.

Brand: Livte

6. Adjustable Stainless Mousse Baking Pastry

Adjustable Stainless Mousse Baking Pastry

You don't have to worry about the cake being broken because it's easy to use and clean. If you use or clean the round cake ring, please don't put your hands on the edge of the cake mold. It can be washed in the dishwasher. It is easy to make cake mousse molds, which are used to make and decorate cakes. The icing cream pastry bag and conversion are included in the bonus. The round cake mold ring can be adjusted to make pastries from 6 to 11 inches. The cake mold is made of food gradestainless steel and has excellent rust and stain resistance. It's suitable for freezers in homes, restaurants, bakeries, bakery or coffee shops. It is easy to remove the cake ring if the diameter is increased. Do not put your hands on the edge of the product when adjusting the size or cleaning it.

Brand: Seporna

7. Mousse Baking Rings Cutters Bottomless

Mousse Baking Rings Cutters Bottomless

Professional quality baking and decorating tools have been produced by the family since 1905. It's ideal for making delicious fruit and sponge cakes. Made of high quality steel at an affordable price. There are 4 rings: 6” (15.24 cm), 8” (20.32 cm), 10” (25.40 cm) and 12” (30.48 cm). It was deep. It is easy to remove cakes after baking. The round rings are easy to use for home bakers and professionals.

Brand: Euro Tins

👤I get it every day. I use a magnet to test it because it has a rusty dot on the small one. Voila! It is not made from steel. I think it's a good idea to dry it immediately after washing it. They say it was made from form of stainless steel.

👤I was hesitant to buy because of some questionable reviews. I bought these for myself. They aren't as heavy duty as the ones I use at my bakery, but they also don't need to be I have been using them for 4 years and have no rust on them.

👤The material is very strong. Won't warp easily. It looks like it will bake great cakes. I wasducted for packaging. It won't damage the product if you open it a little. Better packaging can be used. The rings that defy Goo Gone were left with tape. I could not remove the smaller ones. The large one was taped at three different places, all of which left a lot of the glue on the ring. It took 15 minutes to remove most of it after soaking in hot water. This product is not food safe. Think of a better container.

👤The largest mold was covered with tape that left a lot of glue on the outer surface of the mold. The cardboard pieces were attached to the package with tape. I had a hard time getting the glue off the metal, even though I used "Goo Gone"! The areas where the tape was used were discolored after baking. It was pointless to tape the cardboard to the mold set.

👤I used these for a cake and they worked great, no complaints, and I am looking forward to using them more.

👤Flimsy and bend easily. After one use, I was rusty.

👤They make clean cuts all the way through tall cakes. The size is off. Way off. It won't coordinate with your baking pans.

👤An amazing quality. I wish I would have paid more for the cheaper set, but I got this one instead. I put it on the baking sheet. It was used to cut out shape in cakes. It is just perfect. It's worth the money.

8. WIWAPLEX Adjustable Stainless Bakeware Decorating

WIWAPLEX Adjustable Stainless Bakeware Decorating

The cake ring with cake collar sets are suitable for making cake, baking cake, bread, biscuits, chocolate or other desserts, please fully enjoy the happiness of cake making with your family or friends, even make surprise. The cake mold is made of a high quality material which is easy to clean and resistant to heat. The height of the mold can be adjusted from 3.3 to 12 inches. You can make the correct size with the different number carved on the tool and two handles on the ring. This retractable round cake ring is ideal for making cakes, bread, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, etc. Make sure the cake batter is secure so that it won't leak and that it suits the dishwasher. The edges of the cupcake mold are very sharp so be careful. 1pcs of silver color is included with the package.

Brand: Wiwaplex

👤The design of this ring was okay, however, the clamps wrap around the inside and outside of the ring thus creating a ridge that will catch cake, etc., that you're working on. It's not round when expanded. The idea is great, but if you need any smooth inner service to work within then you should look for a fixed/solid cake ring.

👤Every penny gets the goods, the quality is not very good. It is easy to cut your hand. When adjusting the size, be careful.

👤Buen molde para tortas solo, necesitas una bandeja para colocarlo.

👤It's easy to size. It is easy to clen.

👤Love is wonderful. Amazonig is for your cake.

👤You can throw your money in a trash can by buying this. It is not sturdy.

👤Me gusto mucho. Para elaborar un pastel tipo sushi, se compone de varias capas.

9. Adjustable 7 Layer Leveler Stainless Slicing

Adjustable 7 Layer Leveler Stainless Slicing

It was made from high quality foam. The smooth edges and light polystyrene allow you to place your materials over the edge. Practice that is affordable and easy to manipulate will prevent long- lasting waste and save time and effort. Use the dummy with modelling paste and royal icing. If you want to redecorate again, it can be washed and reused. Their round cake slicer set are made of high quality, thick, high quality, STAINLESS STEEL, which is rustproof, heat resistant, and sturdy. You don't have to worry about it anymore. You can make delicious cakes in different sizes with only one cake ring mold. There is no need to buy different sizes of cake rings. You can change the size to fit your needs. When you stretch the cake ring out to make it bigger or smaller, the cake slicer leveler will tell you the correct size. The size marks are on the inside. The design can be adjusted. The small layer cake leveler slicer can be adjusted from 6 to 8 inches, the large layer cake slicer can be adjusted from 9 to 12 inches. The height is 3.34 inches. You can change the size as you please. 7 layer cake slicer The round cake layer slicer allows you to slice up to 7 evenly cake layers to make tier filled cakes. It is easy to get full circle from your quarter sheet if you are a professional pastry chef or a novice baker. The cake slices can be cut into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 cm thick.

Brand: Juttira

👤I loved it. The product worked as I had expected. In order to streamline my baking process, I needed to up my game with products that cut my time and effort in half. I baked my cakes with ease using this product.

👤Even cake slicing is easy.

👤The cake slicer worked well. I made a cake for my brother's birthday and it turned out great.

👤Excellent for making cakes.

👤I didn't cut my cake right. This was not useful for me. I had to take out the ring and fix the cake myself.

10. Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Beasea mini pie pans are great for making high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies, good for daily cooking, family dinner, friends gathering, festival celebrations, etc. The 8 inch pan is perfect for making a variety of desserts. The double layer coating eliminates the need for flouring the pan. The springform buckle has an easy way to release baked goods. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Hiware

👤The pan was used a second time. I washed the pan before using it, and it came out great. After washing the pan, and using it a couple weeks later, the pan formed RUST because water got stuck in the bottom fold. The Rust leaked into the crust. The second use of this pan is in photos. I don't know how to remove the water from the bottom fold so it won't rust. The non-stick layer came off my cheesecake. I used a plastic utensil to remove the cake from the pan and the film came off and ruined it. I was very disappointed and returned the pan.

👤My mother is a baker par excellence and had been using an aluminum springform for 40 years. After being knocked around for so long, it finally began to leak. It was necessary to replace it and it needed to be good. After reading the reviews, I tried this one but held off on my own review until Mom made a dessert. She said the pan was perfect. It's perfect if she says so.

👤The pan's bottom design is not right. The lip on the bottom section almost forces you to install it in the ring, rather than down. This will make you destroy your cheese cake to get it out of the pan. I have been making 9" cheesecakes for a long time. I give them as gifts. My daughter's wedding was the one where I baked them. I decided to go with 10 cakes because my 9 pans were worn out and the USPS frozen them for 10 cakes. You should keep looking.

👤I wanted a way to make fresh pizzas at home that I could control the calories in, but I couldn't find a way to do that until I found these pans. I buy the freshly made pizza dough in the bakery section at the grocery store, divide it into 6 equal parts, let it warm up to room temperature, then I spread it with my fingers into one of the pans which I lightly oiled, and then roll out each piece on a board and The last step is your choice, and you can pile it on without worry of a mess since the springboard pans keep everything nicely contained and easy to remove after baking. Then eat 18 minutes later in the 400 degree oven or wrap in foil and place in a freezer storage bag. The calories are not very high if you shop at the grocery store. I use multigrain. I can make and bake pizzas at the same time with the 6 pans I have. These pans are easy to use and it's great to have fresh pizzas made at home.

👤Good pan. Excellent quality. There were never any problems with leaking. I was not happy with how shallow it is. I can only fit a pound of meat in the pan for some recipes. Many of the 7inch pans are 3” deep. This one has a huge difference in volume and cook times. I prefer the spring form over trying to push a bottom out. It's something to consider for your personal purchase needs.

11. Mousse Stainless Presentation Cooking Desserts

Mousse Stainless Presentation Cooking Desserts

Every cake ring has a diameter of 3.15inch and a depth of 1.57inch. These cake mold rings with the quality press will turn your homemade dishes into spectacular culinary creations, ensuring perfect shape for your pastry thanks to their non-stick surface! The set of 4 cake rings will be a boon for all cooks. Offer this 4-Pack cooking ring set to your loved seasoned or beginner chefs and they will love it! It's ideal for creating round, square,flower and heart shape, molded salads, cakes, mousse and desserts, not for desserts but to make crab towers,tuna tartare,salad, and having fun with plated food. The cake ring set is perfect for baking. A wonderful baking gift, house-warming present, birthday or party gift is a wonderful gift.

Brand: Sweton

👤They are flimsy. You get what you pay for. They can be used as cake cut outs. Buy another brand for plated items. I would have liked to have listened to the reviews.

👤These are some things that I love. My kids love them, but I use them more for pancakes. They hold up well in the dishwasher.

👤Expect a cheap product. It is very thin of metal.

👤I used them to make the japanese jiggly souffle pancakes. They work well.

👤I thought it was larger but it is.

👤The quality is not great and the handles detach at the first use, but the quality is not the best.

👤It's not a good product if the food sticks to it and ends up ruining it.

👤The product is described. It was easy to use.

👤I received an old set. There are a lot of scratches on the mold. Return it immediately and then order another set from a different company. I should just waste my time and energy. I focus on all the details. Buying cheap stuff doesn't mean the customers deserve cheap quality. Hopefully, this kind of thing won't happen again.

👤I use this for making tartare salmon or tuna, but the flaps suddenly opened, and I can't glue them back together. It would be great if it was a little stronger. The top handle is not strong. It is easy to clean and it offers 4 sets of molds for this price, but not for professional use.

👤This isn't a piece of steel, it's a piece of metal that is rusted at the edges and leaves a mess on the food. The material is so thin that the handles can't hold cheese cake.

👤I used them to shape rice and polenta. It makes a simple meal fancy. They're 3 inches larger than I thought. I got a small meal size. It's still good.

👤Pour faire des tartares ou des formes de biscuits. Assez, solide! C'est trs bien, le couvercle aide garder le aliments du tartare droit.


What is the best product for cake ring 8 inch?

Cake ring 8 inch products from Ateco. In this article about cake ring 8 inch you can see why people choose the product. Ineibo and Dontodent are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake ring 8 inch.

What are the best brands for cake ring 8 inch?

Ateco, Ineibo and Dontodent are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake ring 8 inch. Find the detail in this article. Aikefoo, Livte and Seporna are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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