Best Cake Rotating Turntable Electric

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1. Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

All tips and accessories can be washed with a small brush. It's perfect for anyone who likes to decorate cakes, cookie, cupcakes, brownies, and pastries. You can create all types of patterns on cake, cupcake with the help of the cake decorating supplies. The cake stand is kept stable by the rubber feet and non-slip surface of the turntable. Numbered cake decorating tips include a round, open star, drop flower, leaf, rose, french, basketweave, petal, plain closed star and special tips. The icing spatula is strong, solid 11'' and 12.7'' and can be used on the side or top of cakes. It's perfect for smoothing the frosting surface. The decorating combs are made of high-quality steel for creating different texture and smoothing the sides of the cake. Please remove the blue plastic film from the cake decorating comb.

Brand: Kootek

👤Wow! What a great set! The kit is great for beginners and seasoned cake bakers. The cake-turner alone is worth the money. The piping tips are not something I like to use, but the turner and scrapers are great, and the icing bags are very handy. You can never have too many offset spatulas. I used the textured icing comb included in the set, as well as the spatulas, cake turner, and piping bag, to make this photo.

👤The other items were just a bonus, and I selected this because of the turntable. The turntable works well for me and I like the pastry bags. I will use the flower nail, but not the frosting tips, as I already have a set I prefer over the ones in this kit. I like the spatulas, even though some have said they are cheap. I hand wash mine for fear of damage, and so far, no problems. I would recommend this set to anyone. I only wish the tips were better quality. It would be nice if they were numbered. I am not an expert in cake decorating, but I am learning more and more about it as I improve my skills. I think you will also use these items.

👤This set is very good. The turn table is very sturdy. Good weight to it. If you follow a specific recipe with a certain tip, you have no idea which one is which, because none of the tips have #'s on them. I wish they had this feature. They are also cheap compared to the rest of the set. The price and quality were good.

👤I bought the package. I was asked to make a cake for a party. I didn't want my stuff shipped. I thought the set would work for one time use. I loved the turn table. I own a cake turn table from Ateco and I like it more than either of them. I own a few plastic turntables and they have become my favorite. The spatulas and scrapers were very useful. I liked the bags. The only other thing was the tips. The price is worth it for the turntable.

👤Cheap. The set is not worth the money. I got another set. The box was crushed when it was a birthday present. I was embarrassed to give it to my daughter. I threw away the rest of it. So disappointed!

👤I used the spatulas and turn table for the first time to make a cake with buttercream. I think it turned out pretty good, because I have never made buttercream frosting and have never used a turn table. I ran away from the buttercream. It's really great, but I couldn't make it more smooth. It's easy to turn. The tracks on the top of the turn table help with centering the cake. I haven't used the other items yet. They seem to be in good shape.

👤I haven't used these items yet, but have inspected them and they seem good quality. The only item I wanted was the turntable, and I'm looking for an excuse to make a cake. The cheaper plastic set cost less than $20, so I chose to spend more. It would be appreciated for companies to find alternatives to plastic and styrofoam.

2. Display Crystals Colorful Rotating Crystal

Display Crystals Colorful Rotating Crystal

There are 7 colorfulLED displays that show your favorite crystal glass figurine or figurines jewelry or anything within 3 inch. The rate of rotation effect is. The round mirror has 7 ColorLED lights that work at the same time, and it will illuminate any transparent object with a magnificent effect. The quality is high. The lamp life can be up to 20000 hours. It works great and can be used on battery power as well as a power source. It has a unique, beautiful and more convenient design than the others. Their designers have worked hard to create a product that is modern, sophisticated and class appropriate. ROTATION FUNCTION WITH AC.

Brand: Sywan

👤I stated that before I purchased this, I did my research as well as comparing others that were similar. I was excited about the package, but when I opened it from the Amazon box, it was all taped up. When I bought the "brand new" product, I assumed it was used. Everything comes with instructions, so it didn't come with a manual. I opened the box and it was damaged, the charging piece wouldn't fit into the device, and it wouldn't work with batteries. Don't waste your time and money. Zero stars.

👤It's nice for glass diplays. My son made a memorial ball. The led display makes it stand out. Love it. You can either have it stationary or rotating. The colored lights are on. You can use batteries or plug into the wall.

👤I bought these for my sister at Christmas. My sister told me that her house was almost on fire. If she didn't wake up in the middle of the night, her house could have burned down.

👤It was noisy to take videos of my finished tumblers. The replacement is not as bad as the first one, but it is noisy and the paint is lifting off the bottom. Not good quality. I guess it's ok if you can get past the noise and not spend more. I'm going to spend a little more money to see how it goes.

👤This item is ineligible for a return since I planned on using it. The item was powered by an ac adapted only.

👤This item seems to do everything it's supposed to. The rotating motion is calm and almost silent. Every 1/6th of a rotation, it experiences a slightitch in the movement. I think there's some plastic on the gear tooth. For example, the light left over from the full illumination of the 5x3x2 point can be seen by the viewer. The LEDs cycle through various colors. It would be nice to have a warm white mode. There are settings for rotation and with it. The platform is made of plastic. The body is painted with a clear coat of silver paint. I think the clear coat smells like ammonia and chlorine, and it's pretty strong. I left this thing out in the garage for a week, hoping the smell would go away, but no luck. I tried wiping it down with alcohol if it was just a substance left over from manufacturing. I gave this to my wife because she wanted nothing to do with the smell. I can either take it apart and put it in a wooden housing or I can return it.

👤The electrical plug was damaged when it arrived, so I was very skeptical about the quality of this. I wouldn't try to plug this into the wall.

👤The gun level can get annoying. It's not bad if I play soft music. The brightness is not bad. It's still relaxing despite the fact that the colors are not as sharp as they were as a kid. The metal part of the machine can be seen when the plug sticks out. For some it might look too cheap. I think it's a good product for the money. It's something I would put in a kids room because it's well priced and not a huge deal if they ruin it.

3. Fun Gift Motorized Photography Collectibles

Fun Gift Motorized Photography Collectibles

The display stand is rotating. You can adjust the rotation speed and direction with the help of the electric rotating turntable display stand. It's suitable for all-round display. For the display of jewelry, digital electronics, for the watches and other small products, Window display, Photograph Show, Spin cube display, advertising, and more. On, touch any keys. If you press any keys, the direction will be clockwise/counterclockwise. If you press any keys, the rotation angle will be adjusted. The Electric Display Stand is for the three power supply modes, but not the rechargeable battery power supply. In order to prevent wear and tear on the shipment, they will attach a protective film. It is not old. When you tear the film, it is brand new.

Brand: Fun Gift

👤It's perfect for showing off my cards. The table can go all the way around both C and CC. I like how it rotates so that you can always see the card. The device does not have regular batteries. I need to buy a battery. I had to use the cord. It comes with a black cord that is really striking in the photo box. It took some digging, but I found a white cord that wasn't obvious in the videos I needed to take.

👤The slow speed makes it easy to show a nice paint job on minis. The price was fair and the shipment was quick.

👤I love this plate. It's perfect for displaying the items I create. I would definitely recommend it. It has different color plate covers. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Small but mighty. I like it. There are different display disks. The machine can put up some weight. I had a wood server that I used to display a mug. There was no hesitation. I can display my mugs and masks in a more stylish way. The cord is too short and it does not include battery or instructions. A great product.

👤I am a professional videographer and I purchased this to do some product shoots. It gets two stars because it does turn, and it comes with some helpful toppers for the turntable. The buttons are the issue. These things are not moving. I had to hit the speed button 20 times before the results were random. I wouldn't buy it again because it's incredibly frustrating.

👤I like this product. I use it to take pictures of jewelry I sell. Light weight and a great value for money. I like the different colored circles it comes with.

👤I was able to put a 22.5lb weight on it and it still managed to rotate, which is great. The cable it comes with is short and it doesn't have a battery.

👤There are no batteries for it in the US. Why sell it in the US?

👤Venia un poco manchado. Es de plastico barato, la usare para fotografia. No sirvio, an en la velocidad, es rapida. Los botones son dificiles.

👤Es un aparato pequeo. I va a ser, pero mostrar mis productos. 6 fondos con tonos uniformes, tienen ser facilmente borrados con software, con un cableusb para la alimentacin. No incluye la batera recargable, sin embargo est a un accesible.

👤Me encanta. Ajusta, la velocidad se ajusta, as la direccin. There are reviews de figuras de accin.

👤I funcion a video de producto.

👤El producto lleg mucho antes de lo, es un prctico. Muy buen producto...

4. Sugarworks Artists Turntable Rotating Decorating

Sugarworks Artists Turntable Rotating Decorating

If you want to give a good gift for any baker, consider getting two, one for you and one for your best friend, you may just enjoy when they serve you a nice sugar cookies or Xmas party. Food-grade aluminum plate is highly durable. The thrust bearing is made of steel. It works with the Sugarworks Turntable Expander.

Brand: Sugarworks

👤My wife is an amateur baker. She used a cheaper plastic turntable before this one and really didn't like it. I bought this turntable after reading the reviews. I gave this to my wife as a present. She loves this turntable. She made a video about it on her Facebook page. She is considering going full time with cake decorating now that she has taken it to another level. She loves the turntable's ease of use and its sturdiness. I bought her a turntable expander. She told me that it would not have been possible without the expander. She has been using it nonstop for months now, and is working just as smoothly as the first day she used it. If I could, I would give this 10 stars.

👤I love this cake turner! It is great for cake decorating. The base is heavy enough to support large cakes and non-slip. You can buy a cake enhancer for wider based cakes. The turner can be locked or unlocked. It is very easy to clean and decorate. Would definitely recommend!

👤I found more plastic in this item than I thought, and it probably makes for a smooth rotation of the turntable, without the noise from metal ball bearings. We will see how long the mechanism lasts. The turntable did not spin well when I unboxed it, and I discovered that the main axis screw underneath the stand can be loosened to let the turntable spin more freely. Loctite will be used to keep the tension precisely where I want it. The thumbscrew on the exterior of the turntable can be used to lock the turntable in place, allowing it to spin like a 33 1/3 record. It's very handy. It is something that most other cake turntables do not have. It rotates smoothly, is sturdy and stable on the countertop, not too heavy, and seems easy to clean, but it is a bit pricey compared to other well-rated turntables. Time will tell if this is a good buy or not.

👤I have been looking for a new turntable for a while. I saw this on Facebook and was able to get it for $80. I got prime for less with free two day shipping. 100% satisfied.

👤The turntable just arrived. I didn't want to wait until I used it to review it. It is pretty. It is solid. I know that it will do it. A job. It turned out well. The box has a carrying handle. Purchase the Artist's Turntable and you will make your decorating life. Trust me. I will buy from this company again. I hope to have a picture of this review after I return from my trip.

👤Great product! I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it. The brake is a must have. It turns smooth when the brake is off. You can adjust the brake to make the table turn slowly. Better control of the table.

👤The staff loves using this turntable. The table won't spin when they are doing borders.

5. Ateco Revolving Stand Non Slip 12 Inch

Ateco Revolving Stand Non Slip 12 Inch

Premium Quality for the Love of Baking is made of high quality plastic and steel. A 12-inch diameter aluminum top. A non-slip pad is included. Only made in the US.

Brand: Ateco

👤I have worked in several large company/chains as a professional cake designer, and I can tell you that this particular cake stand/turntable is the "Cadillac" of them all. The very best companies use only this cake stand. Over time, the cheaper ones grow crooked, asymmetrical, and unstable. This is the most important part of cake decorating. I was thrilled to get my own. This is a rare time in life where you only have to buy it once, and you can pass it on to the next generation.

👤The lock nut that prevents the turn table from turning on its own is missing. You can fix this by rolling up a piece of plastic wrap and wrapping it around the part of the table that connects it to the base. You can decorate with both hands. No way.

👤It was not possible to return. Don't buy anything you can't return. I wish I had read that review that would have spared me this problem. I wanted to try and get another company that was less heavy. I can not return. It's a terrible thing. I will put Amazon in doghouse for not making bigger the return policy deviation.

👤The way the two pieces fit makes the top never sit level. It is hard to move because of the two pieces. It slips all over the counter. There is no way to get a grip on this. It's not expensive to replace the grip pad that wears out after a couple uses, but it's a lot of work and I keep forgetting. It would be great if there was a 3 inch diameter gripper on top. I use a metal scraper when I clean my cakes. When I sweep around the base, I see a grey frosting at the bottom that is being discarded. I thought it was weird. Maybe it is the metal that is causing the problem. I am buying a different turntable today because I am tired of dealing with this one. It is not for me.

👤I knew this was a good brand and ordered it. It arrived with no oil or grease. It made a sound. The second one was the same as the first one. I bought mineral oil, which helped with the sound, but is still warped and bruised. Maybe the oil dried up because they were so old? They don't accept returns, so I have two that are warped. It's bad for cake decorating.

👤My wife is taking up baking as a hobby and I bought this for her. She had a good set of tools for making cakes, but they were missing. This turntable makes decorating cakes a lot easier, it spins pretty well. The base on this unit is heavy and designed to last. The turntable lists the base easily. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a standard classics cake decorating turntable, both pieces are easy to clean.

👤The cake stand is all around good quality, but it doesn't function well. The cast iron base is stable and easy to decorate. The reason I'm giving it two stars is that it was rusty after being washed twice. Do not immerse in water is the only care instructions. The turntable needed to be washed under running water after I wiped down the base. The peg that sits on the base was damaged when this hand washed under running water. I decided to return it and go for a plastic model instead, but I was surprised it wasn't eligible for return. I contacted Amazon and they made good on it. I'm not happy with the product. I've tried using it since the rusting and the action of turning it creates a fine rust power that goes into the base and makes a mess. I would like them to use a non-rusting metal.

6. Pink Cake Turntable Leveler Rotating Stand

Pink Cake Turntable Leveler Rotating Stand

All-In-One includes a cake stand, Icing Spatula, Silicone Spatulas, and Icing Smoother. Icing tips, 50x disposable pastry bag, and 1x Reusable Twist Quick Couplers. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. The Turntable is made from non-toxic plastic and is dishwasher safe. It is good for both Right and Left handers because of the hidden ball bearings on the clock. The bottom of the turntable has a non-skid silicone ring which provides stability on countertops, preventing cake rotating turntable from sliding from workspace. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. There are cake decorations and bags. You can take your cake decoration to the next level with the professional piping bags and tips set. Use the straight cake spatula to icing round cakes from the Sides and Top while rotating the cake turntable. RFAQK Cake leveler slices and levels cakes into even layers for creating professional looking layer cakes at home. Use cake icing tools to smooth the cake icing on the sides and top. The EBOOK USER GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS was written by RFAQK. The EBook User guide includes 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and icing cakes. 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using cake turntable, spatuals, scrapper set, cake leveler and icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤I got dis ting today and I kept saying yous andtings and sounded like I had marbles in my mouth. My cakes are the best now that I am a boss. I make a lot of cakes, I am a pro or someding.

👤I bought the 7 PCs Pink Cake Turntable and Leveler to decorate my first cake. The cake was a simple birthday cake for a toddler, so I needed simple tools to make it look good. The set was priced perfectly. Everything I needed was there. The cake leveler was easy to use. Just stretched the cable, set the right height, and moved it back and forth on each cake layer until it was pretty flat. The turntable was easy to use. The spatulas that come with the set made it easier to spread the frosting and add sprinkles. I put everything back in the box after I cleaned it, so I could use it again.

👤The product is good for beginners. It's new with no damage. Purchase this product without hesitation. I know that you might be scared if the product is damaged or missing. I was scared before buying it, but I wanted to see how the product was. Go for it.

👤I bought turntables for my cake class. They are sturdy and smooth for that. I was a little disappointed that the handles on the spatulas were brown wood and not pink plastic. I bought this set over another one because of that. The set is a bubble gum pink and not a hot pink.

👤I bought this for the slicer and turn table. The turntable is good but the tips are not. The slicer was not for me, I tried it a few times, but it didn't work. I use a knife to break the cake. The scrapers are good for smaller cakes, but not enough for anything beyond two layers.

👤The turntable isn't high quality. It feels like it could fall apart. The turntable was used to display the two tier cake. I would look for something better if you were planning on making a lot of cakes with it.

👤I've tried to make a million cakes but it's never been this easy. Still learning. I would recommend this to any beginner. I made a cake for my daughter. This is a great product for beginners.

👤The Turntable is ok. spatulas and scrapers are the same. Don't expect to use the piping bags, leveler, or piping tips. The bags are sheets of plastic. The leveler is so weak that even bending to correct the way it was bent won't keep it tight. The piping tips were missing something.

👤The turntable is not a good one, it is supposed to have more rotation after you turn it. This one doesn't work. The rest of the kit isn't worth it. Shapes of piping tips are useless. I will be returning.

👤I have made two cakes using the tools and turn table provided in the kit so far and I have really liked it! The icing scraper and turn table make the icing look smooth and clean. It's definitely worth it for the price.

7. Ateco 615 Revolving Decorating Turntable

Ateco 615 Revolving Decorating Turntable

User guide for beginners by mail. A step by step guide for using icing tips is included. The round revolving cake decorating stand is more professional. A smooth and steady rotation of the aluminum base and turntable results in better decorating results. The turntable is 12-inches in diameter and stands 4-inches high, with a non-slip Silicone cap to prevent sliding on counter tops. Don't submerge in water, wipe with damp cloth. Professional quality baking and decorating tools have been produced by the family since 1905.

Brand: Ateco

👤This boi is sturdy and keeps spinning. Pays for itself because it lasts forever. The turntables with the iron base are the best. They are worth the money. Several of the work places I have used were over 3 decades old. Still working! I went for the iron base because I needed it at home. It is heavy to keep it from shifting. I like using the liner that comes with for smaller cakes that wobble too much with stiff icing, or you can place it under the turntable for extra protection against shifting. The bad boys are expensive when compared with other types of turntables, but don't bother with the laminated/ball bearing/plastic turn tables. The spin is hampered by the amount of dirt they collect. The laminated/alternative turn tables are low in height for tall work spaces, which is the only good thing about them. The sturdiness is rock solid and will last a lifetime. It is easy to lubricate if it needs help. It is taller than other turntables for easier piping work on cakes. I own over a dozen different products from this brand.

👤I needed a turntable to make my cake decorating job a lot easier, so I went for this one, it spins so smooth and makes no sound thanks to the ball bearings system, I'm totally in love.

👤I moved from a small turntable to this one. It is very effective for decorating cakes. The only issue I have with it is that mine doesn't stay still when I place my cake on top of it. I have to hold the bottom of my cake so I have to take a picture. I put tape under it to stop it from rotating, but it sucks when I spend more than 50 dollars for it.

👤The thing needs brakes. I've tried many brands, but it is so smooth that I don't think I've ever experienced it before. The price is fantastic and the quality is second to none. The previous model of this model was available in Australia for $219AUD plus shipping, which is ridiculous, but I was not able to find this model in Australia. This product is very good.

👤I would like bakeries to provide these to coincide with the standard round cake stands for all the sheet cakes produced within a given day. I purchased this for at- home use. It distributes weight more evenly for sheet cakes, rather than having to sub a sheet pan on top of a non-slip grip lined round cake stand. The largest cake I've ever used is a full-size sheet cake. It may be a bit loose, that's my only concern. It sometimes just keeps rotating when the stand is slowly turned around to maneuver around a cake. Sometimes I have to stop it from spinning. Is this a problem for other people? It could have come with a non-slip grip mat like my other Ateco cake stands do. It is easy to clean and sanitize. That's always a kicker for me with any kitchen tools or equipment. Even in the event of an earthquake, the rubber grip on the bottom works well.

8. Fotoconic Motorized Turntable Revolving Collectible

Fotoconic Motorized Turntable Revolving Collectible

You can get an electric rotating turntable and a cable. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. They can give you a replacement or a refund. Widely used are window display, product display, photograph show, cube spin display, advertising. Photographer can take photos in a panoramic view of your product. Improve the exhibition effect in trade shows. The turntable is the perfect product, low noise and low power consumption, because it is designed for the software. ROTATING IN CLOCKWISE and ANTICLOCKWISE is easy to operate and stably. The loading capacity is 3.3 lbs and 1.5 lbs. It is easy to use, just connect the turntable to the power bank and computer.

Brand: Fotoconic

👤The machine is very loud. It is getting louder and louder with every change, and it is disappointing because I could have bought cheaper ones.

👤The cord is attached to it.

👤I wanted to make rotating videos for the website. It takes 40-60 seconds for this thing to make a revolution, but the videos are only 10 seconds long. It was my fault that I didn't realize it spins so slowly. I returned it.

👤It costs $30 to use twice. I can't plug it in because theusb connection fell inside the rotating device. I used this 2x for 30 minutes each. The company doesn't follow up on people who have received a faulty product. I would do some research before buying.

👤It did not have a box to charge it. How am I supposed to get it to work?

👤It was good for a few weeks, but then it started making weird noises and stopped rotating. Maybe it was my electric source. I tried different outlets and energy but it wouldn't turn on anymore.

👤Buying these is like gambling. Even if you get your money back, it's still a long time. I have to take it to the store to get my money back. I am not sure how you can fix "dead" It was a very frustrating experience.

👤I own a vintage jewelry business. I make videos to show my products. This product works well. It doesn't move. It works like it's supposed to. It makes my videos even better. I am amazed at how well your product works. My next purchase will be a black one to match the background in my photo booth. It helps to show the shine and sparkle of every piece. That makes a difference. I can't thank you enough. Many thanks!

👤Before use, broke. Poor quality. I threw it in the garbage. It is not worth a penny. If I scored negative 100. I would.

👤Didn't work after receipt. When plugged in, nothing happens. I opened it a few weeks after the cutoff. What a waste. It would have been nice.

👤I like that you can change the direction of rotation, but you can't change the speed of rotation.

👤Smooth shots would have been great to control the speed.

9. Foleto Turntable Photography Collectibles Diameter

Foleto Turntable Photography Collectibles Diameter

The jewelry display adopts a turntable design that can be adjusted according to the demands. It's perfect for displaying in all directions. The turntable is easy to use. Plug it in and flip the switch. The product does not contain a battery. The turntable is the perfect product, it runs low noise and low power consumption, and is designed specifically with the software. It won't affect your video shooting. Quality made and improved rotating display holder can hold up to 22LB. It's used for Theme Exhibition, Window display, Product display, Photograph show, and Cube Spin display. Photographer can take photos in a panoramic view of your product. Improve the exhibition effect at trade shows.

Brand: Foleto

👤It is cheap plastic, and does not spin, and has a motor that shakes, and does not spin constantly.

👤The device is described as having a built in battery, but it is not. The battery needs to be expensive in order to be used. The description doesn't mention anything about this. You could get a platform that has the battery built in. This was meant to make you believe that you have to buy a separate battery. The description doesn't tell you what battery is required, it goes so far out of its way to con you.

👤This thing is awful in so many ways. 1. If you put something heavy on it, the rotation won't be smooth. 2. It has a battery compartment but not a battery. It doesn't say what kind of battery it is. It should be a rechargable one that charges from the internet. But... 3. There is no documentation about buttons or batteries. 4. It's loud.

👤This is for a budget turntable and you get it. As soon as I plugged in a portable battery charger via theusb port, it was off and running. I have used it multiple times and can attest that it works. You might end up pushing buttons multiple times to get the speed and direction you want, because the switches are not labeled. It is not a smooth rotation. I've read some previous reviews that mention it. The other reviewers were correct, and I took a calculated risk. If you intend to use it for a store display, it should work. It's frustrating how the motion can get very slow. It stutters regardless of the weight you put on it, it's still a jerk and noticable in close-ups. It will do for how little I use it, but if I needed something more substantial, I would look for it.

👤The display is nice and lightweight. There are many options for speed and direction. There were some scratches on plastic, but they are not of real concern. One of the main reasons I bought this one was the option to use batteries. After only a short time with new batteries, it overheated and stopped. There was no problem with plug usage. If you don't mind the cord being shown, it should be fine.

👤I bought it through Amazon Warehouse and knew that it would have details, but for the price, I am very satisfied with the item received. To turn it on, you have to press the buttons on the side. To turn it off, you have to press and hold the middle button. In the video, you can see that the figure moves from one side to the other when it has high speed, since it is smooth and has cardboard on it. If the object is not centered properly, it will be overweight on the sides. The cable is long. I connected it to my computer via the internet and it was powered up to fulfill all the functions. The batteries can also be fitted. The power is on. It stays on when connected to the internet. The stand is very rough at the bottom. I'm very happy with my purchase and I hope to get the most out of it.

10. ForeverSmooth Inch Cake Turntable Leveler

ForeverSmooth Inch Cake Turntable Leveler

To cut wire, stretch handles apart so wire is taut, lay wire across food to be sliced, and pull downward with firm pressure. A family-bonding favorite. The kit makes it easy for the family to make delicious desserts. It doesn't require expensive ingredients to create memories with your friends and family. cakes of elia baking kits can be used to make fan-favorite desserts for holidays, birthday parties, and more It is easy to use. You should stop straining your neck and wrist. A must in the kitchen. The complete cake turntable kit and decorating accessories make it easy to decorate a cake. The ball-bearings are durable and the base is non-slip. Ensuring that your stand stays stable while turning quiet and spooky. 100% SATISFACTION: Their Turntable has a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. You can eat your cake as well. It is risk free to try it.

Brand: Cakes Of Eden

👤I wasn't expecting much from this. I needed a turntable and a cake leveller. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. Everything in this box was great quality, I don't understand what some of the other reviews are saying. The turntable was perfect. It spins very quickly. The stop mechanism makes it stay still. The package sent this above and beyond, it was all the things in it. I made my niece a birthday cake for the first time, and it was my first time decorating a cake. I don't have a lot of cake decorating supplies. The kit filled out my tool cabinet very nicely. It had everything I needed to decorate a cake. I think I will get a lot of mileage out of this kit.

👤This is a gift that hasn't been used yet, but it was delivered in a beautiful box. I tested the locking feature on the turntable. The lock worked well. I thought the locking feature might be useful. It seems very strong. This set is so nice. This package is a perfect one because of the leveler and other pieces.

👤I didn't expect much from this turntable. The turntable's base was badly warped and it was not possible to sit on the table. The plate on top of the table was so flimsy that it was nearly impossible to get a flat top. For multi-layer cakes, it was a disaster. Others are happy. I think I got unlucky with mine.

👤The coating on the cake stand was replaced when I first got it. I have had this for over a year and never used it. The end of the wire came out of the piece at the end when I tried to attach it to the cake leveler. The cake turntable is fine for what it is, but overall I wasn't impressed.

👤The product was ok. I don't think it was worth the money. They should stop spending so much money on the packaging and use the money to improve the quality of the products. Even though you can eventually even the layers, the cake leveler is very difficult to work with. The turntable is made of plastic. That is all I can say about the set.

👤I decided to treat myself to a cake turntable. This product came up as a suggestion and had a coupon, but I usually buy Wilton. The table has a couple extra useful tools. It has a locking button for when you don't want the table to turn. The leveler is easy to use. The color I got was a creamy yellow and not white like the picture. It's not about anything else. The table is easy to turn. It does not turn to fast or slow. This is perfect for an amateur baker.

👤The turntable is stable and smooth. The leveler broke as I tried to assemble it. Couldn't even use it once, it was a big disappointment. Icing comb is easy to use. I used my old small spatula for icing because Spatula was too big for me. It would be great if the leveler came pre-assembled.

11. Vunshinn Rotating Turntable Photography Collectibles

Vunshinn Rotating Turntable Photography Collectibles

OPERATION CONTROL is for direction clockwise/counterclockwise. The speed is regulated by 1-2 revolutions per minute. The rotation angle can be adjusted by 3ASA. You can adjust according to your needs. The rotating display stand is perfect for Theme Exhibitions, Window displays, Product displays, Advertising, and provide a customer view of your product. Photography products can be used to display watches, jewelry, 3D models, cakes and collectibles. The display turntable won't affect your video shooting. The turntable stand runs low power consumption and low noise. There is a power supply that can be used with a power bank, a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that can be used with a power supply that Strong construction made ofABS, non-toxic, sturdy and long lasting. Quality made and improved rotating display holder rotates more stably. 7.87 inch diameter, max load 11 lb

Brand: Vunshinn

👤I bought this stand after a previous purchase that used a less common battery, not included. I searched for a stand that said use of AA or any other batteries. The rotating stand is the same as the first, but only takes a battery that is not included. The description and photos of this item are incorrect. I want to use this item with no need for a special battery.

👤A piece of garbage is worth a premium price. Another disappointment from China. Check the product's origin. Throw it back and keep shopping if it's Chinese.

👤The table requires a battery that is more expensive than the battery itself. There was no thought put into this product. Either give the battery or make it work with AA's. WOMP, WOMP, WOMP.

👤It does what is required. It was pleased with its appearance and features.


What is the best product for cake rotating turntable electric?

Cake rotating turntable electric products from Kootek. In this article about cake rotating turntable electric you can see why people choose the product. Sywan and Fun Gift are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake rotating turntable electric.

What are the best brands for cake rotating turntable electric?

Kootek, Sywan and Fun Gift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake rotating turntable electric. Find the detail in this article. Sugarworks, Ateco and Rfaqk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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