Best Cake Rotating Turntable Stand

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1. Kootek Decorating Supplies Turntable Decoration

Kootek Decorating Supplies Turntable Decoration

Food-grade Safe Materials are included in the cake baking set. They are made of high-quality food-grade plastic and silicone, which are easy to store and clean, and they meet the US Food-Grade standard. The cake decorating kit is perfect for making fudge cakes. The cake decorating kit has everything you need, including a cake Turntable, 12 large decorating tips, 30 cake tips, 3 Couplers, 2 Flower Nail, 1 Flower Lifter, 1 decorating Pen, 1 brush, 6 cake paint brush, and 1 Silicone Spatulas. Everything you need to start decorating. The cake stand has aevolving cake turntable. It can hold a cake up to 11-inches and can even accommodate a larger cake on a cake board. You can create all types of beautiful buttercream flowers, multi patterns on cake, cupcakes, pie and biscuit with the help of the cake decorating tools. Premium Baking Supplies are made of strong, durable, STAINLESS steel, and are easy to clean. The chart serves as a guide for the numbered icing tips. You can download the E-Book to learn how to use the accessories and make a cake or cupcake. The set is perfect for beginners.

Brand: Kootek

👤The products seem to be good quality and the price is good. The best part of the kit is how much it comes with, aside from the 100 piping bags that are sub-par at best in my opinion, you still get a lot of useful items such as the turn table, tips and spatulas. I don't know about the silicone. I am excited to see if the stand is up to the test. There are a lot of different tips, some of which are great, others not, and that could be problematic when trying to make clean precise lines or flowers, it is still a good set to have for home. The piping bags are small and are not good for base icing a cake, they are good for small batches of frosting for decorating. I am very pleased with the products received, they were expected and I am happy with them. I will post updates as I use the kit. I would recommend right now.

👤It was super intense. The quality of the tools is shocking. I own a bakery. I think the rubber spatula will be my favorite out of all of them. The tools are built well. I've had some in the past that felt bad and I thought a thick frosting or batter would make them break, but not these! If I only have one complaint. The metal tips are thin and bend easily. They can bend back easily. At some point they may break. Everything else in this pack was worth the price paid.

👤This is a good one to try if you want to learn cake decorating. A good price for many items. I wanted to practice with this kit because I am not a professional. If you want to learn how to use these items at home, you need to read books or watch "how-to" videos. The company also offers an e-book. The kit is good quality for the home learner and I would suggest getting it. I was offered a $3 credit to rate the product. It has only been a few weeks. I will keep you updated as time goes by. Hope you enjoy learning how to bake cakes and cupcakes.

👤After looking at over 30 sellers, I settled for this set and baked my first cake ever. The cakes were made using products from this set. It's definitely a steal for everything you get. It's perfect for beginners.

👤I just opened my order and found that many pieces are missing, including the cake server, 1 spreading knife, cupcake holders, icing bags, flower lifter and instructions. I used the turntable to open the package. This was probably a return that wasn't properly checked. The first bad experience was from many orders.

👤This is a good set for beginners. I bought this for my niece who loves baking. The set comes with everything you need to decorate your desserts. The decorative tips gave a wide range of styles. The instructions booklet broke down what each tip would look like, but it also broke down tons of others that are not in the kit. It took a long time to find and match the ones in the kit. A great kit. I don't think I'll get one for myself since it's small and won't take up a lot of room. It will allow me to load.

2. Fotoconic Motorized Turntable Revolving Collectible

Fotoconic Motorized Turntable Revolving Collectible

You can get an electric rotating turntable and a cable. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. They can give you a replacement or a refund. Widely used are window display, product display, photograph show, cube spin display, advertising. Photographer can take photos in a panoramic view of your product. Improve the exhibition effect in trade shows. The turntable is the perfect product, low noise and low power consumption, because it is designed for the software. ROTATING IN CLOCKWISE and ANTICLOCKWISE is easy to operate and stably. The loading capacity is 3.3 lbs and 1.5 lbs. It is easy to use, just connect the turntable to the power bank and computer.

Brand: Fotoconic

👤The machine is very loud. It is getting louder and louder with every change, and it is disappointing because I could have bought cheaper ones.

👤The cord is attached to it.

👤I wanted to make rotating videos for the website. It takes 40-60 seconds for this thing to make a revolution, but the videos are only 10 seconds long. It was my fault that I didn't realize it spins so slowly. I returned it.

👤It costs $30 to use twice. I can't plug it in because theusb connection fell inside the rotating device. I used this 2x for 30 minutes each. The company doesn't follow up on people who have received a faulty product. I would do some research before buying.

👤It did not have a box to charge it. How am I supposed to get it to work?

👤It was good for a few weeks, but then it started making weird noises and stopped rotating. Maybe it was my electric source. I tried different outlets and energy but it wouldn't turn on anymore.

👤Buying these is like gambling. Even if you get your money back, it's still a long time. I have to take it to the store to get my money back. I am not sure how you can fix "dead" It was a very frustrating experience.

👤I own a vintage jewelry business. I make videos to show my products. This product works well. It doesn't move. It works like it's supposed to. It makes my videos even better. I am amazed at how well your product works. My next purchase will be a black one to match the background in my photo booth. It helps to show the shine and sparkle of every piece. That makes a difference. I can't thank you enough. Many thanks!

👤Before use, broke. Poor quality. I threw it in the garbage. It is not worth a penny. If I scored negative 100. I would.

👤Didn't work after receipt. When plugged in, nothing happens. I opened it a few weeks after the cutoff. What a waste. It would have been nice.

👤I like that you can change the direction of rotation, but you can't change the speed of rotation.

👤Smooth shots would have been great to control the speed.

3. Pink Cake Turntable Leveler Rotating Stand

Pink Cake Turntable Leveler Rotating Stand

All-In-One includes a cake stand, Icing Spatula, Silicone Spatulas, and Icing Smoother. Icing tips, 50x disposable pastry bag, and 1x Reusable Twist Quick Couplers. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. The Turntable is made from non-toxic plastic and is dishwasher safe. It is good for both Right and Left handers because of the hidden ball bearings on the clock. The bottom of the turntable has a non-skid silicone ring which provides stability on countertops, preventing cake rotating turntable from sliding from workspace. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. There are cake decorations and bags. You can take your cake decoration to the next level with the professional piping bags and tips set. Use the straight cake spatula to icing round cakes from the Sides and Top while rotating the cake turntable. RFAQK Cake leveler slices and levels cakes into even layers for creating professional looking layer cakes at home. Use cake icing tools to smooth the cake icing on the sides and top. The EBOOK USER GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS was written by RFAQK. The EBook User guide includes 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and icing cakes. 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using cake turntable, spatuals, scrapper set, cake leveler and icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤I got dis ting today and I kept saying yous andtings and sounded like I had marbles in my mouth. My cakes are the best now that I am a boss. I make a lot of cakes, I am a pro or someding.

👤I bought the 7 PCs Pink Cake Turntable and Leveler to decorate my first cake. The cake was a simple birthday cake for a toddler, so I needed simple tools to make it look good. The set was priced perfectly. Everything I needed was there. The cake leveler was easy to use. Just stretched the cable, set the right height, and moved it back and forth on each cake layer until it was pretty flat. The turntable was easy to use. The spatulas that come with the set made it easier to spread the frosting and add sprinkles. I put everything back in the box after I cleaned it, so I could use it again.

👤The product is good for beginners. It's new with no damage. Purchase this product without hesitation. I know that you might be scared if the product is damaged or missing. I was scared before buying it, but I wanted to see how the product was. Go for it.

👤I bought turntables for my cake class. They are sturdy and smooth for that. I was a little disappointed that the handles on the spatulas were brown wood and not pink plastic. I bought this set over another one because of that. The set is a bubble gum pink and not a hot pink.

👤I bought this for the slicer and turn table. The turntable is good but the tips are not. The slicer was not for me, I tried it a few times, but it didn't work. I use a knife to break the cake. The scrapers are good for smaller cakes, but not enough for anything beyond two layers.

👤The turntable isn't high quality. It feels like it could fall apart. The turntable was used to display the two tier cake. I would look for something better if you were planning on making a lot of cakes with it.

👤I've tried to make a million cakes but it's never been this easy. Still learning. I would recommend this to any beginner. I made a cake for my daughter. This is a great product for beginners.

👤The Turntable is ok. spatulas and scrapers are the same. Don't expect to use the piping bags, leveler, or piping tips. The bags are sheets of plastic. The leveler is so weak that even bending to correct the way it was bent won't keep it tight. The piping tips were missing something.

👤The turntable is not a good one, it is supposed to have more rotation after you turn it. This one doesn't work. The rest of the kit isn't worth it. Shapes of piping tips are useless. I will be returning.

👤I have made two cakes using the tools and turn table provided in the kit so far and I have really liked it! The icing scraper and turn table make the icing look smooth and clean. It's definitely worth it for the price.

4. Creative Hobbies Rotating Decorating Turntable

Creative Hobbies Rotating Decorating Turntable

Send a message to them if you don't receive your user guide after you purchase the book. The cake turntable rotates in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction and is perfect for left-handed and right-handed decorators. The surface of the cake stand has clear scale lines to help you center your creation. A rubber grip ring keeps the stand firmly planted on the table while you work. The Pink Color Wheel is great for display. Lighter weight than metal stands makes it easier to store and handle. The top is 8 inches dia and the base is 5 inches high.

Brand: Creative Hobbies

👤I took it apart because I wanted to wrap it in plastic so it wouldn't get all over it. I found a lip underneath it so that you can put Silicone in it, which solved the problem of it spinning correctly, but be careful, the screw will loosen up more, the more you spin it. It works great for the money, but I wanted something else.

👤It's well made, fast delivery, I love the color pink, I put a shower cap on the turn table top, if you want to keep it nice and clean, just send me a note.

👤It is a dusty rose color. Very cute and elegant. It was also well made.

👤I decided to bake again since I have been home. I like this turntable. I have never owned one before, so definitely does the job. It rotates nicely.

👤I will be able to put filling and icing on cake. I need one of these for a long time.

👤This product makes decorating a cake so easy. The turntable is great.

👤This turntable is very sturdy and reliable.

5. Decorating Supplies Aluminium Revolving Turntable

Decorating Supplies Aluminium Revolving Turntable

Surprise your relatives or friends with a new cake decorating supplies, coming in a nicely crafted Gift Box, is a unique and thoughtful present for you, family and friends, perfect for a Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Housewarming, Weeding, Anniversary and all the festival you like The cake decorating supplies are made from heavy duty aluminum alloy and keep the cake stand from moving. The rubber feet keep your cake stand in place while you decorate. The wavy wire design works like a knife for a cleaner cut that doesn't pull when cutting the sides of the cake. You should decorate like a pro. You will have everything you need to decorate your cakes, muffins, cupcakes and cookies. The cake decorating kit is here. The cake decoration kit is protected in the box. The tool is perfect for decorating cakes, cookies, pastries and more. Surprise your relatives or friends with a new cake decorating supplies, coming in a nicely crafted Gift Box, is a unique and thoughtful present for you, family and friends, perfect for a Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Housewarming, Weeding, Anniversary and all the festival you like

Brand: Sindh

👤I got this kit to teach me how to decorate the cake stand, I wanted to start making art. Thanks for making cake decorating affordable. I don't know who I am impressed with more the cake decorating supplies or the cake wonders. I was more and more excited when I opened the box. It is a great quality cake decorating kit. I didn't have time to bake a cake. I had a great time playing with the kit and piping frosting on the cake turn table. I had a few questions but Cake Wonders was a great place to start. She answered all the questions thoroughly. I am more than happy with her help. The cake turn table is heavy duty. It's perfect for the one to two cake leveler cakes I do. I did not find it to be a problem as the turn table spins smoothly on ball bearings, and it slides around on the table. Handles are connected to metal spatulas and feel good in hand. There was no wiggling. The metal is strong. 24 A wide range of shapes and sizes of the Pipping Nozzles are made. None are duplicated. There are different sizes. The metal is difficult to bend and welded. There were two nozzles with a piece bent. I fixed them because they look great. They were fun to play with. I love the color of the bag. The bag is great for piping frosting. The piping couple tipr is very sturdy and easy to twist off. The piping nozzles are held on well. It does what it's suppose to do. Two flower nails are easy to make flowers frosting. The handles are easy to hold onto. It would be nice if it was a little wider. They work as usual. The cake flower lifter/scissors is used. The handles are sturdy and easy to open and close. The scissors are flexible. It is easy to use. A cake cutter. I was surprised that there were two wires on it. I followed the instructions on the product page and follow up email to get the wires straight. The wires are hard to move past the notch on the one side. The stuck side can easily be moved to the level I want them to be if I take off the other side. It fits in my hand nicely. It's easy to squeeze out frosting. Still working on it. It fits inside the pen syringe and piping nozzles to clean them. The plastic cake scrapers are thin and flexible. Love the different patterns. The straight scraper is great at smoothing rough frosting.

👤It's a great kitchen accessory to have in the home for amateur or advanced bakers. The advantage of a revolving cake stand is that you can access all sides of the cake. You can do a bit of casual frosting by rotating a cake stand or serving plate. If you want to make sure an extra-nice frosting job is done, you should use a decorating smoother that is anti-clockwise. I spread icing evenly. It's ideal for Borders, Icing, Combing, Leveling and more.

6. Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

Kootek Decorating Aluminium Revolving Turntable

All tips and accessories can be washed with a small brush. It's perfect for anyone who likes to decorate cakes, cookie, cupcakes, brownies, and pastries. You can create all types of patterns on cake, cupcake with the help of the cake decorating supplies. The cake stand is kept stable by the rubber feet and non-slip surface of the turntable. Numbered cake decorating tips include a round, open star, drop flower, leaf, rose, french, basketweave, petal, plain closed star and special tips. The icing spatula is strong, solid 11'' and 12.7'' and can be used on the side or top of cakes. It's perfect for smoothing the frosting surface. The decorating combs are made of high-quality steel for creating different texture and smoothing the sides of the cake. Please remove the blue plastic film from the cake decorating comb.

Brand: Kootek

👤Wow! What a great set! The kit is great for beginners and seasoned cake bakers. The cake-turner alone is worth the money. The piping tips are not something I like to use, but the turner and scrapers are great, and the icing bags are very handy. You can never have too many offset spatulas. I used the textured icing comb included in the set, as well as the spatulas, cake turner, and piping bag, to make this photo.

👤The other items were just a bonus, and I selected this because of the turntable. The turntable works well for me and I like the pastry bags. I will use the flower nail, but not the frosting tips, as I already have a set I prefer over the ones in this kit. I like the spatulas, even though some have said they are cheap. I hand wash mine for fear of damage, and so far, no problems. I would recommend this set to anyone. I only wish the tips were better quality. It would be nice if they were numbered. I am not an expert in cake decorating, but I am learning more and more about it as I improve my skills. I think you will also use these items.

👤This set is very good. The turn table is very sturdy. Good weight to it. If you follow a specific recipe with a certain tip, you have no idea which one is which, because none of the tips have #'s on them. I wish they had this feature. They are also cheap compared to the rest of the set. The price and quality were good.

👤I bought the package. I was asked to make a cake for a party. I didn't want my stuff shipped. I thought the set would work for one time use. I loved the turn table. I own a cake turn table from Ateco and I like it more than either of them. I own a few plastic turntables and they have become my favorite. The spatulas and scrapers were very useful. I liked the bags. The only other thing was the tips. The price is worth it for the turntable.

👤Cheap. The set is not worth the money. I got another set. The box was crushed when it was a birthday present. I was embarrassed to give it to my daughter. I threw away the rest of it. So disappointed!

👤I used the spatulas and turn table for the first time to make a cake with buttercream. I think it turned out pretty good, because I have never made buttercream frosting and have never used a turn table. I ran away from the buttercream. It's really great, but I couldn't make it more smooth. It's easy to turn. The tracks on the top of the turn table help with centering the cake. I haven't used the other items yet. They seem to be in good shape.

👤I haven't used these items yet, but have inspected them and they seem good quality. The only item I wanted was the turntable, and I'm looking for an excuse to make a cake. The cheaper plastic set cost less than $20, so I chose to spend more. It would be appreciated for companies to find alternatives to plastic and styrofoam.

7. Revolving Turntable Rotating Supplies Decorating

Revolving Turntable Rotating Supplies Decorating

A good cake decorating supplies makes you dream. The materials were made from food grade silicone. There is a random color in the mold size. tasteless, non-toxic. It's easy to clean and store. Can survive high temp and freezing. The temperature for the fondant mold is between -40200 centigrade. Great for Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, party cake, holiday gift, cupcake, soap decoration with great detail. When pinched or twisted, there was no white fillers. There was no chemical coating. Through more uses, it is stronger, more flexible and more durable to maintain its original shape. This wedding cake tool will help you bring a professional quality to your work by helping you bring your cake or cupcake decorating skills to a new level. It's ideal for use with a wide range of materials. Making ice blocks, desserts, candy, hard candy, fondant, chocolates, soaps, cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, pudding, candles, Resin, Gumdrop, handmade bath bomb, lotion bar, and so much more! It can be used in yogurt candy for kids.

Brand: Tone Fun

👤I used these to place an 8in cake on top. The table was decorated how I wanted it to be.

👤Es ms para decorar galletas.

👤The bearings inside are small and there is no way to decorate a cake on them.

👤It's not worth a lot of money. It is very wobbly and does not turn well. I wouldn't recommend it for a cake that's for sure. It isn't strong enough for tall items, so I bought it to glaze my pottery.

8. VORCAY Cake Decorating Kits Supplies

VORCAY Cake Decorating Kits Supplies

The height and flat are comfortable. The tall cake stand makes cake decorating comfortable. The turntable top helps to slide your cake on a cake board. The cake turnedtable has a ball bearing. The cake decorating stand is made of PC import materials and has deep grooves in the ball bearing to keep the turntable steady on the counter or table, and it has extended Silicone gripped feet to keep the table in straight line. DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING The cake turntable uses a deep grooves ball bearing system to turn. The platform is perfect for both right and left-handed decorators. It has low noise and low vibration, which makes it a good choice for high rotation speeds. Simple and elegant appearance design makes the cake stand superior. Your own kit. It is 12 inches in diameter and comes with 2 icing spatulas. Numbered icing tips with charts, 50 disposable bags, 6 Multiple Shapes Silicone cupcake molds, 1 STAINLESS STEEL cooling rack, and 1 Silicone scraper are included. Now that you've made your own cake, enjoy it. Every cake can be custom for you or people you love. The methods for calculating accessories are listed. The top 24 tips include Round, Open Stat, Closed Star, Basket-Weave, Ruffle, Leaf, Petal, Drop Flower, Multi-Opening and Specialty Tips. Star tips can make flowers and leaf tips can make leaves. Send a message to them if you don't receive your user guide after you purchase the book.

Brand: Vorcay

👤This is not a paid review. I am a baker. About twenty or so years ago, I started baking as a hobby. I've watched many cooking shows, videos, and magazines over the years. All of them recommend investing in a cake decorating kit. At the time of my purchase, it was for less than $22. The kit is an excellent investment. The cakes pictured were all the same flavor. There is a strawberry. Three layers are decorated using the revolving cake stand, icing combs, and piping tips. One of the measuring cups is not good. I believe it should be 1/3 cup, but I am really happy with everything else. This is a great starting point for anyone wanting to improve their cake decorating skills.

👤I found this kit while looking for a turntable. The bearing design of the stand makes it turn consistently. The rest of the set has quality items.

👤The product is good.

👤I love the product and everything that came with it. It makes amazing cakes.

👤Many things have very little money.

👤Todo lo recibimos en buen.

👤It came with everything that was pictured on Amazon. The turntable is sturdy. I am confused by the sheet that came in the box. It shows a lever. Is it in the box or not? I like the mini cake mold. I hope they are good for the oven. I can't complain since the pricing was just right if you were to buy it all on its own.

👤I just got mines and I can't wait to make my own cakes for my son's birthday, everything looks good and durable, I can't wait to start.

9. HighFree Aluminium Revolving Non Slipping Decorating

HighFree Aluminium Revolving Non Slipping Decorating

There is a cake decorating turntable, 4 decorating combs, and 2 spatulas in the package. The revolving cake stand is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, it can help you to create perfect cakes, cupcakes and desserts. The Turntable is made of heavy-duty aluminum and has high-grade wire drawing process surface and smooth and round edges. It provides stability on countertops. The cake turntable is made of 12 inch aluminum alloy. The non-slip surface has decorative scales to meet different size requirements. The cake turntable has a small point on the surface to keep it from slipping. The turntable is stable because of the 4.1lb weight of the base. The turntable has a non-slip bottom that makes it stable when it is turned. The Revolving cake stand rotates so that you can access all sides of the cake for frosting. The time and speed of rotation can be controlled with a integrated mandrel. It's easy to clean and use and it's always dry after use. It can also be a cake dessert cupcake display tray.

Brand: Highfree

👤Muy bonito pero lo ordene dos.

👤It was much more sturdy than I anticipated. No fear of it tipping over because it's good weight to the base. No wobbling, smooth spinning. All around good value.

👤Spending is good.

👤This is by far my favorite of the many different wheels I have used as a professional cake designer. It spins well. The grip is strong enough to hold it on any countertop. It is easy to wipe clean.

👤I picked my favorite color. It turns out well.

👤Producto. Muy buena calidad.

👤It is easy to clean and comfortable to use.

👤Love is love. It spins so smoothly.

10. Kootek Turntable Decorating Accessories Decoration

Kootek Turntable Decorating Accessories Decoration

Premium Baking Supplies are made from food grade material and have strong, durable, and non-stick qualities. After use or wash, keep dry and clean. The essential cake decorating tool is 11 inches in diameter and can be used to create borders along the base or design a professional cake. Hidden ball bearings make the turntable turn smoothly, great for left- and right-handed decorators. Premium Material is made of food grade plastic. No worries about the elements being added to your food. The design of your cake prevents it from moving. It is easy to wash with a towel. The display stand is lightweight and easy to carry. White color can match any decor at your party.

Brand: Kootek

👤This is the worst turntable I have ever used. It has no motor, either direct drive or belt driven. It doesn't have a center spindle. It's impossible to make sure you don't get weird sound variations. The lack of a tone arm is the worst thing. It defeats the purpose of having a record player who doesn't have a tone arm. My wife told me that this is a rotating tray for decorating cakes, not a record player. My bad. Ahem. Let me start over again. And yes. I am a father. The budget option for people looking to decorate smaller cakes is the Kootek Cake stand. It is made of cheap plastic with six metal bearings in a plastic bearing ring and is unlikely to be suitable for regular cake making. The bearings work well, with the stand spinning easily. A review of this stand complained that a heavy 4 layer cake did not turn on. I put a 2 foot stack of heavy hardcover history books on it, way more than you'd expect a cake to weigh. It turned out to be a good thing after they left for a while. The cake stand is easy to disassemble. It's a great thing that decorating and eating cake can get messy. The turntable is made of three pieces, a platter, stand and bearing ring, which are held together by plastic clips on the bottom of the tray. The clips come apart because of a little pressure. I wouldn't wash the bearing ring because I don't want to lose the bearings, but the rest should be easy to wash. It's doubtful. The version of the product that lacks decorating tools has a note on it that says tools are enclosed. There was a demand for the tray without extras. There are several versions of this stand. If you are serious about making cakes and decorating or making heavy multi-layer cakes, go with a metal tray. It will hold up better to heavier use and have better bearings to allow for turning. For the casual cook and occasional baker, this cake is a great low budget option for decorating. Don't try to play records on it.

👤I have been waiting for a product that I can use to spend my acrylic skin and this is going to be perfect, I would suggest putting a piece of tape on the back of your picture frame to make it easier to spend without slipping off, if anyone has another idea please share.

👤This product has helped me a lot, it's cheaper than the turn tables I use for that. My paintings are looking better with this product.

👤I bought the cake turn table because I was going to make my daughter a birthday cake. I bought this one because of the positive reviews, and I'm happy I did! I was able to frost the cake because of the sturdy turn table. I made a mess with the frosting when I was making it. I thought I was a fancy cake baker when I was pretending to know what I was doing. I grabbed a napkin and wiped it down. The turn table is easy to clean. When I decided to move the cake to a new location, I picked the whole turn table up to make sure I didn't miss anything. It was sturdy and not wobbly. I'm very happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to baking more cakes in the future. This turn table made it easier for a first time cake baker to frost a cake. It's a plus that it's cheaper than other brands.

11. Decorating Turntable Kitchen Rotating Birthday

Decorating Turntable Kitchen Rotating Birthday

The sides or top of cakes can be decorated with a decorating comb and icing smoother. It is 11 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. It can be used for many years. It's perfect for weddings, engagement, birthday party, afternoon tea, baby shower, graduation, summer tea, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. The cake stand base is classic and functional. The dessert table display has a Turntable design. Beautiful and elegant. The wood plate and marble base are sturdy. The display stand can be used as a home or kitchen centerpiece. The display stand has a diameter of 11.8 and a height of 5. There is a dessert stand that can hold cupcakes. They pack every item carefully to make sure you don't get a broken product. If the cake stand is broken, please contact them.

Brand: Itoids

👤The bottom piece appears to have glue on it, but it came apart. Is that normal? As I read more, it seems like I'm not the only person to experience this.

👤This is what it is described to be. I don't want to put it away. We used to use it as counter decor.

👤The product was wobbly when it turned. The ball bearing was installed quite unevenly. I returned it and asked for a new one. The second one is supposed to look and operate well.

👤I returned the item because I found a better stand for it.

👤Buen producto.

👤The turntable was broken apart, and the rotation wasn't even centered.

👤It turned into a dream because it was perfect for what I needed. Good quality and sturdy. Get this!


What is the best product for cake rotating turntable stand?

Cake rotating turntable stand products from Kootek. In this article about cake rotating turntable stand you can see why people choose the product. Fotoconic and Rfaqk are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake rotating turntable stand.

What are the best brands for cake rotating turntable stand?

Kootek, Fotoconic and Rfaqk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake rotating turntable stand. Find the detail in this article. Creative Hobbies, Sindh and Tone Fun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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