Best Cake Rounds 8 Inch

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1. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick

Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick

Superior mirror finished surface for effortless cleaning and less sticky by greasing the oil and lining parchment, Dishwasher safe to save your time and less hassle. The baked goods rise and bake evenly because of the superior heat conductivity of aluminum. Nonstick interior for easy clean up. The interior dimensions are 8 by 2.48-inches and the exterior dimensions are 8 by 2.5 inches. Nordic Ware is made in the USA. Actual color may be different from what appears online.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I opened the product after receiving it and it appears to have been used before. There are stains on the side and on the rim. See the pictures. I bought the pan for baking for people with celiacs and now I can't be sure if it was contaminated.

👤It's a shame. I washed the pan in the dishwasher before using it. The pan is 30 years old. The inside is the same. The idea of non-rust and copper was wonderful. Black stuff would come off the old aluminum pans. I just bought one, and I originally intended to purchase 3. If looks don't bother you, that's fine.

👤The pans feel good. Nice thickness. Dark in color. I've made a three layer cake. Came out well and was done a little early. These pans are not sticks. I used a non-stick spray. I got good release, but only for a small spot. I think they will be good cake pans. The price is fair for a solid pan.

👤I was expecting it to perform as I hoped it would. I used a rubber spatula along the edges to separate the cake from the pan after it was cooled for 5 minutes and then used the pan as a battering board. It is durable, easy to clean, and a great value.

👤The cake pan was bought based on others' reviews and they found it to be spot on. The cake lifted out of the pan after it was baked. It is very easy to clean. I would definitely purchase again and recommend it to others.

👤Good weight and finish and straight sides. America's Test Kitchen gave these pans a thumbs-up, which means they meet the standards for a serious baker.

👤I need to replace some old pans. The first time I ordered them, they were not packed well and each had a small dent. I ordered them again because the pans were worth the risk and I use mine all the time. They were in a box that didn't have enough room for them to slide and smash into each other, but they were in there and the pans were fine. I think someone paid attention to the earlier reviews and improved the way they were sending these out. These pans are great.

👤I don't like the embedded stamp with the company's name. I bought these to make rice noodles and they cause issues. It probably wouldn't be a problem with a cake, but there are easy ways to make a logo or name visible in a pan without putting it in.

👤Se me hizo un poco caro, pero el molde tiene una grueso y hornea. No te llegue en buen, pues vi muchas, pero estrellas por le pongo 4 are un probable.

👤It's worth it to pay more for a quality bake pan. It's different when you bake a cake in those. It bakes evenly. The cake doesn't rise much in the middle, so you don't need to cut it or even the top. You don't get that result with a cheap pan. Buying it is enjoyable.

2. Silicone Boxiki Kitchen Non Stick FDA Approved

Silicone Boxiki Kitchen Non Stick FDA Approved

It's a shame: VARIETY: These cake circles are great for many different projects. They can be used to make a wheel or eyes of a puppet, or even as a beautiful centerpiece at weddings, parties, or special events. The perfect 9in cake pan is the result of a long search for the perfect bakeware. It can go from oven to freezer and back again. The rigid steel handles make it easy to cook and clean up. The whole pan is dishwasher safe and the Food grade Silicone is non-stick, which makes it easy to clean. The Boxiki 9 in cake pan is designed to function perfectly at temperatures from -50F to 500F. It's ideal for quick and easy dinners. The cake pan has a 9in internal diameter and is 35 cm long and 21 cm wide. Boxiki products are designed to be effective, reliable and durable and are carefully selected by experts.

Brand: Boxiki Kitchen

👤I bought a full set of these products and thought they were the best invention yet. Is it possible to have cupcakes without cupcake liners? Yes, please! Do you mean cakes that fall out of the pan without a lot of butter? Sign me up! I regret stocking my kitchen with these products. These are not easy to clean. Even after a good scrubbing, the silicone material seems to cling to it. The worst part is that if you run these through a dishwasher or let them soak in soapy water, the silicone material will absorb some of the detergent, giving a soapy taste to baked goods. Even after soaking the pans in plain water for hours, I still can't get rid of the soapy smell on the outside of my baked goods that were in contact with the pan. It ruins it. The issues that come with these pans are not worth the ease of use. I will be saving up money to replace all of the Boxiki Silicone pans that I bought, at least with the standard aluminum pans, I don't have to worry about my baked goods tasting of detergent, and I know a good scrubbing will get them clean.

👤Here is an update on my review. When I did my review, I only used 2 or 4 rounds. I feel like I wasted my money now that I have used the rest. My cornbread was stuck and burned at the bottom. The tops look good. I didn't buy their other products. I never write reviews, but I had to with this item. These are amazing and I bought 4 of them. They need to be placed on a cookie sheet before you put them in the over. It looks like a water balloon when you pick them up. They are non-stick and don't need to be lubrication first. I put everything in the oven. No need to clean up other dishes.

👤Two of them actually! I wanted to make an ice-cream cake for the first time for my brother's birthday, and even though I have cake pans, they are rusty and metal. I wanted to get new pans that were non-toxic and non-stick, but also flexible and non-stick, so that I wouldn't have to use toxic non-stick chemicals like Teflon or aluminum. When I saw the listing for these pans, I immediately decided to get it, as I already have a silicone muffin/cupcake pan, and it has steel handles and frame, which protects it from bending and folding, as I already have a silicone muffin/cupcake pan. The non-toxic silicone that's non-stick was the best of both worlds, and I really liked it. As well as a sturdy steel frame to make it more stable, so that it wouldn't fold up when it was full of batter. I used the non-stick pan to bake the 2 layers of the chocolate cake that I used for the ice-cream cake, even though the pan was non-stick.

👤I was very excited to try out the Silicone cake pan. I love baking cheesecakes in a water bath. I have a problem with the crust coming out to wet and then sticking to the bottom of the pan. I saw a video of someone using a pan that was Silicone but it didn't look like it, the sides of the pan had to be at least 6 inches high. I researched and looked for a product that I could find, but I was not sure if it would work, but I found this pan and I no longer have to worry about wet crust. This pan is truly awesome.

3. USA Pan Bakeware Nonstick Aluminized

USA Pan Bakeware Nonstick Aluminized

The built bake toUGH is built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments. Americoat promotes quick release of baked-goods plus fast and easy clean up, and it is recommended to wash USA Pan baking pans with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge. Nonstick Americoat coating is a patented Silicone coating which is Teflon, PFOA, andBPA free and provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods. It is made in the USA and measures 8 inches in diameter. USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤The folded corners of the cake pan make it hard to wash. It takes several minutes to dry the darn thing after hand washing, even though I bake with parchment paper so the batter doesn't touch the pan. I put it on the floor, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again. Sheesh! I didn't notice the USA 'Lasagnas and Cake' pan, which is 9x13, the same material. There are no folded corners and it has handles. I think America's Test Kitchen chose the folded corner pan over the molded corner pan and will probably end up buying that one and giving this one away. The aluminum pans do transmit heat quickly and effectively so your cake baking times will be at the lower end of the spectrum, so keep an eye on the cake as it approaches that low end. The lowest time recommended by the recipe was 2 minutes before my first cake was done.

👤After reading some of the negative reviews here, I decided not to purchase this pan, even though it was a good deal for an 8 x 8 pan. The Pyrex pan that I accidentally brought into contact with cold water after removing it from a 400f oven was replaced with a metal pan. I filled the pan with water after unpacking it because of the negative reviews and it passed with flying colors. I made cornbread for 25 minutes. The picture was perfect. The pan performed perfectly without warping and was easy to clean with a sponge and warm soapy water. The pan is quite heavy and makes it difficult to bake in, but it will be a favorite for a long time.

👤I already have two loaf pans that I love, so I was looking forward to using my new cake pan. The first thing I made was apple crisp and low, and the corners leaked apple juice, syrup. I placed the pan on a cookie sheet to avoid a bubble over, but I did not expect a mess from the corners. The corners of the cake batter were leaking and I was not happy about it. The quality is sub par.

👤This pan is amazing. Spend the extra dollar and buy this. I am so impressed with this purchase. It releases a cake with no crumb on the pan. The Fat Diddios pan is larger than the USA pan in the picture. It bakes evenly. I want to buy more. Excellent quality.

👤I waited to post because I wanted to use the pans and see how well they bake. They are amazing. These are the best pans I've ever owned. Everything bakes evenly and slides out of the pan. I said slides out. It's stuck on the bottom so you can't cut around it with a knife. They are easy to clean. Fantastic product!

👤Most square pans have rounded corners, so I was excited about this one. I should have read the fine print before purchasing because it is not dishwasher safe. I left soapy water in it for a couple hours and when I came back it was covered in rust. I don't know how well it distributes heat, I haven't baked in it yet. It looks like it will do that. I love rusty baking pans. I will always worry that the rust will be in my baked goods because it didn't fully come off. I was not expecting to have to line this pan with parchment. I have to deal with this rust every time I have to soak the pan. I am very disappointed that I picked this pan now. The corners were too sharp for me.

4. Wilton 8 Inch Cake Circle 12 Pack

Wilton 8 Inch Cake Circle 12 Pack

Flexible plastic cake scraper icing smooth used for cake making bakery pastry decoration easy to clean The materials were produced with the highest grade. The cake circle is in a set of 12. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Wilton

👤An 8 inch cake circle is not a cake circle for an 8 inch cake; it is a cake circle for a 6 inch cake. I have 8 inch cake pans, so I can't tell you how they work.

👤These are great! They are cheap and I like their products. A piece of cardboard is pretty strong. I don't know how grease proof it is because I've only used them for tarts so far and they don't make a mess. It is easy to move the tart around once it is on there. There is an 11” and a 9” tart. It looks great either way. Will buy again because of good value.

👤I would not use these boards for my cake to sit on as they are just coasters. The cardboard on the sides is not covered with a foil finish. I use them to make cake tiers. I fill and cover my cake with buttercream on top of the board and then cut the board to the rim of the cake and then cover it with fondant which I glue to a more sturdy finished cake board.

👤I have been using cake circles for over 40 years. I use them for cakes, but covered with foil, and they are the best plate for holding cupcakes, cookies or other sweets for parties and bake sales. The value for the money is excellent because these circles are very sturdy.

👤I will be honest. I think they should be cheaper. They are very nice, but they are just cardboard. These are cardboard that is hard to cut with good scissors. They have a good look to them, and the tops were very nice looking, and without flaws, so I generally can't complain. I put a cake on it and it held up. I was not worried about it flexing while being transported. I liked how well packaged they were so that I knew they were new and clean. I will use them in the future. Another great product.

👤I need something disposable to make cakes for friends. These are perfect for a standard two layer cake and saved me a lot of time running back and forth from neighbors. I like the fact that they are white colored cardboard, I previously bought cake circles that were brown and they didn't look as nice. If you make cakes and give them to people, they might think it came from a bakery.

👤I like the fact that the cakes don't stain the surface of the White Corrugated Cardboard Circles, so they stay Nice and Clean, which is a better alternative than the regular white cake circles. "Wilton 12 inch cake circles" are not very strong but they are the perfect surface for the cakes to rest, even though they are not very strong, they do provide some support, make sure your hands are placed under the cake circle to hold it securely, otherwise it might bend fast If the cake is heavy, use more circles. Sometimes I just cut a Round Circle from a clean and heavy corrugated box and use different aluminum foil colors to decorate the cake circle and place it on top of a cake platter. I found a place where they sell 100 and even 50 of them for a better price and they are Greaseproof. The cake circles arrived quickly and without any problems. Thank you D.D.

5. OAMCEG Cheesecake Removable Professional Leakproof

OAMCEG Cheesecake Removable Professional Leakproof

MULTI USE The cake pan can bake in the oven, easy to deal with different food, can also be used as a fruit container and a food serving pan. You can choose the size of the mold to make the right number of cakes with the cost-effective 4 set. The cake made by the 4'' mold is suitable for single person enjoyment, 6'' for 2 people, 8'' for 3 people, and 10'' for 5 people. High-quality materials are made of aluminum alloy and have good baking effect. When cleaning it, choose soft tools and mild detergent. To scratch the pan, avoid sharp and rough tools. Their push pan makes cake release simple and fuss-free. You don't need to flip the cake upside down or remove the edges to de-pan it. Their pan is perfect for delicate desserts where you want the top to look good. Non-Reactive Anodized aluminum. Anodizing protects the flavor of your baked goods and prevents the appearance of rust. The non-reactive finish allows you to bake a wider variety of desserts, even those with ingredients like lemons. The pan has a non-reactive finish and rolled edges that allow it to be used for a variety of recipes. You can enjoy ice cream cakes, casseroles, deep dish pizza, gelatin desserts, and so many more. The bottom of the cake pan can be used as a serving tray for the perfect presentation of your baked creation.

Brand: Oamceg

👤The set is a great price. My daughter and I made a cake for the first time. The cakes slid out of the pan after she lined it with crisco. The first time we made a tiered cake, we used a piece of paper from the show "Nailed It". No sticking and easy clean up! Excellent bakeware for kids on up.

👤The bottoms were messed up the first time they were put in the dishwasher.

👤I was a bit upset when I received them, but I decided to try them. It is easy to use and clean. I would buy it again. Highly recommended.

👤The 6 inch pan is the one I finally got to use. The cake grows outside of the pan when I use it. I measure the pan. It's 15 cm inside. The bottom of the pan is smaller than the top. If you want to make 3 egg chiffon cake, you'll have to use a pan. I like the 8 inch pan. The 6 inch is disappointing. I never got a chance to use 4 inch.

👤You can use it over and over if it's cleaned correctly.

👤The cake mix comes out from the bottom unless you put a baking sheet on it, which is a zero stars for me.

👤They worked well for my daughter's wedding cake, however, it's important to know that you need a big daddy center heating rod to bake the cake. It doesn't come with the pan set, but it should as your cake won't cook in the center without it!

👤My baked goods came out great.

6. Pack Inch Round Cake Boards

Pack Inch Round Cake Boards

The silver color makes your creations shine. There are cupcakes, muffins, and more to display. Grease proof is important if you want a sturdy base for your cake. The round cake tray has a laminated layer that prevents the circle board from absorbing grease and is perfect for presenting your cakes. The circle cake tray has an 8” diameter and is ideal for presenting most average sized cakes and making them look royal. You can cut the base in half to use in those containers. The corrugated cake trays are easy to carry. It is possible to keep a mess on the top of the tray and on the top of the tray with the help of the lamination. The Round cake tray is made from corrugated cardboard and can be recycled to stay green. This sturdy corrugated single wall circle cake tray is a must have for cake lovers. The base for all kinds of cakes is made from corrugated cardboard. The tray is dry and sturdy because of the lamination. If you don't like their product, contact them and they will send you a new one or give you a full refund.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤The board isn't suitable for cakes. It folds quickly and is very soft.

👤Not grease proof and not sturdy either.

👤They gave me the wrong ones.

👤The product was well packaged. The product was worth the cost for me. I like to display my cakes for friends.

👤Grease from butter or cream does not resist these cake boards. They are good for sponges to clean up, but not for a customer to see. Disappointed.

👤The cake liners are great to use.

👤Not completely flat. The edges are not straight. The cake edges went up.

👤It's not the best quality. Waited over a month.

👤This product is not good and you should not buy it.

7. Parchment Paper Rounds 200 Circles Liners

Parchment Paper Rounds 200 Circles Liners

These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up. It's about 12% thicker than others' paper, and it's made of extra thick 45gsm paper. It's called heavy duty parchment paper rounds. It's ideal for round baking pans with a bottom size of 8 inch. It's perfect for 8 in tortilla pressing, 8 inch cake baking, etc. The paper is made from 100% natural wood and is fluorescent free. Food grade silicone oil coating is non-toxic. Do you love the kitchen but don't like cleaning it? It is possible because of the 8” paper rounds of the Katbite. Theirs is made with two-side food grade silicone. The cake won't stick to the sheet. Remove the paper and throw it away. Do you think 8 inch circles are only used for food baking? No! It is possible to find it in the freezer, microwave, and air fryers because of the temperature resistance of -68 to 450 degrees. All 8” cake rounds are packaged in a beautiful box with a tear and can be opened. Take a piece and cover it. Convenient!

Brand: Katbite

👤I was hesitant to order these because of the complaints about the size and open boxes. It was sealed and properly sized. Measure the bottom of your pan. The rounds are the size stated, if it doesn't fit it's probably because your pan has sloped sides so the bottom is going to be narrower. The photo shows a cake pan.

👤I had to cut the 6in rounds to fit in my pan because they were not the right dimensions. I contacted the seller and they were accommodating, but I didn't realize until a month later. They offered to give me a new one for free. I didn't get back to them quickly enough, and they ended up refunding me for my purchase. The quality is amazing, and the customer service is top notch, even though the product was off.

👤It makes baking cakes much easier. The 6” is slightly larger than my Wilton pans, so I trim it a bit.

👤I don't know what's wrong with the paper rounds and squares. I've been baking cakes for years and have yet to find a paper that fits like the size says it is. I've seen other people say the same thing. I would love to find a piece of paper that fits the pans without being too short or large. I am happy with the speed of the shipment.

👤I use the discs to cover the trays. Small herb leaves don't fall through now, because tomato slices don't stick. The dehydrator tray design made it necessary for me to cut 2 inch diameter holes in the middle. I traced the hole outline on one sheet using a tray, cut the hole through the stack with a box cutter, and then used a cork bulletin board to support the hole.

👤I am not sure if that is why it arrived open, because they put it with another item in the package. Did it open during delivery? Was it a returned item that I sold? I don't know. The six inch round has to be trimmed to fit a pan. A six inch pan is smaller on the inside. The people who made the paper are likely to know that. After I measured and cut it worked. Outside of the product not fitting six inch pans and not being sure if I got a new or returned product at least it works so I will give it a three out of five stars. I might try a smaller round in the future.

👤The circles of paper fit perfectly on my saucer, instead of being torn off and folded and cut to fit. I put a small amount of cheese in the microwave for 40 seconds. Lift it off the paper and put it on a paper towel. The cheese crisp is delicious. Sprinkle any seasoning you want. Make great snacks. I line the bottom of my pan with theremovable bottom. They come in a package that makes it easy to remove them. It works perfectly. 200 of them will last me a long time.

8. TeamFar Stainless Steaming Pressure Dishwasher

TeamFar Stainless Steaming Pressure Dishwasher

Sturdy construction for long-serving time, feel solid when holding in hands, not easy to deform, and prevent leaking. TeamFar cake pan is non toxic and Rust free, and it is made of pure STAINLESS steel. A pan in one set is multi-functional, it can be used for baking layer cakes, desserts, and more. SMOOTH - Smooth edge with no burrs, Avoid hurting hands or scratching dish cloth, 2inch deep straight rim is used to shape the cakes, mirror finished surface keeps shiny. A great replacement for the springform pan is a solid one piece construction. Superior mirror finished surface for effortless cleaning and less sticky by greasing the oil and lining parchment, Dishwasher safe to save your time and less hassle.

Brand: Teamfar

👤I never leave a review but I decided to give some feedback because I read a few negative ones here. I usually go for more expensive pans. I have baked over 30 cakes since I bought these babies. It's worth the money.

👤I was tired of throwing out old cake pans that had become scratched or worn, especially with what I have read about the questionable safety of these coating. These pans don't stick with a quick coat of pan spray.

👤These are very sturdy and mirror finished. I have not baked much with them. I use them in my air fryer to cook meat, fish, and roasted vegetables, but there is a 2.5mm turn up at the edge. The air fryer aids clean up. I can't say how a cake would turn out because I haven't baked it yet. The advantage over most bakeware is that they are washed in a dishwasher.

👤These pans are very reasonable. I needed six pans so I bought two sets. They were used to make a six tier rainbow cake with surprise sprinkles. It came out great.

👤The pan has dark spots after one use of baking a cake. I couldn't believe my eyes when I used the Bar Keeper's friend and the Blue Scotch pad. No luck. Had to acknowledge that the spots were caused by pitting damage on the surface. I've never seen it before with any of my dog bowls or any of my other cookware. Next time, will be looking for a quality brand. A dog bowl. It was Kidding. Kind of. Because of the positive reviews, I had ordered more products from this company hoping to move away from aluminum, but fortunately was able to cancel those orders to avoid the hassle of returning additional items I don't trust.

👤The pans worked well to make two small cakes. The sides are straight. They're easy to clean and don't stack. I kept the box they brought in to store them. Can't wait to use them more.

👤I was looking for cake pans. They work well with a little oil spray around the sides and some paper on the bottom. The cake falls out. I put a sleeve around my pans. The sleeve is made of aluminum foil and has wet paper towels inside. Put it around the outside and fill it with batter. It works well for more heating. You don't get a hump in the middle of your cake.

👤I like that they won't rust. This kind of pan is the only one I've used that hasn't rusted over time. I decided to get these and stop wasting my money. The pans sit on top of each other, which takes up more room, but I have only negative things to say about them. They don't fit in the cabinet with my other baking things so I had to find a place to store them. I love the way they work.

9. CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

Each is 7-3/4" dia. It is 1 inch deep. It's great for baking cake, pizza, pie and more. The P&P Chef cake pan set is made of pure steel, which is healthy for your daily baking use. One-PIECE CONSTRUCTION - Full sides all around help to keep food contained without any leakage and ensure cakes perfectly come out, The cake pans are solid constructed to avoid deformation, Ensure rust resistant, Spread heat evenly, Sturdy and durable to last for a long service life Matching every style of your kitchen, smooth edge without sharp angles for comfortable holding, 2-inch straight side is good for uniform cakes for easily cutting and making layer cakes. Functions - 8. It is necessary to cut naked embryo cake into several tiers to make tier cakes, but the round baking pan is sufficient for this. The dishwasher is safe. The round cake pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, as shiny as new after washing.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I'm going to use these pans for the first time. I felt a rough spot on the bottom ring as I washed them. I noticed that it had a crack. I'm not happy. These pans were of good quality. I don't know how long they're going to last. I'm hoping there are no health risks with the material. If I find out there are other problems after I bake my cake, I will update the post.

👤I have never baked anything before. I thought I would do something special for my wife. She backed her cake with these pans. They baked great. They did a great job cleaning up. I could not have been happier. If you fill these to bake to the top of the pan, that's one thing. My cake was about 10 inches tall. It was very impressive to look at. I was a cake baker. That's right!

👤The cake pans are wonderful. I used them the same way I use my older pans. There was no need to trim the edges of the cakes because they were perfectly baked. The cakes and pans were clean. They look brand new after several uses. I put them in the dishwasher to see if they worked. Some of my other pans don't come out clean and need a hand washing, but there is no sticky spray oil left.

👤The pans worked well for my cake. I was looking for a bigger size. It was covered with icing and perfect!

👤I made a small cake with these pans and it turned out great. I was worried about the bottom of the pan and the sides, but when I lined the bottom with paper and padded strips, everything worked out.

👤These may be the best cake pans I have ever had. The cake slipped out after they baked it well with no depression in the center. The sides are straight and easy to frost. I used cheap cake pans when I was a child. I'll be buying other sizes of this pan when I need them.

👤I was making a desert for Christmas and needed 8 inch round cake pans. They were delivered early on the 24th. I like that they are made of steel. I bought the liners with the tabs. My cake turned out perfect because of the pans.

👤The product was great. My wife used it the day after christmas to make a great cake. It's easy to clean and it looks classy.

10. Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Beasea mini pie pans are great for making high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies, good for daily cooking, family dinner, friends gathering, festival celebrations, etc. The 8 inch pan is perfect for making a variety of desserts. The double layer coating eliminates the need for flouring the pan. The springform buckle has an easy way to release baked goods. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Hiware

👤The pan was used a second time. I washed the pan before using it, and it came out great. After washing the pan, and using it a couple weeks later, the pan formed RUST because water got stuck in the bottom fold. The Rust leaked into the crust. The second use of this pan is in photos. I don't know how to remove the water from the bottom fold so it won't rust. The non-stick layer came off my cheesecake. I used a plastic utensil to remove the cake from the pan and the film came off and ruined it. I was very disappointed and returned the pan.

👤My mother is a baker par excellence and had been using an aluminum springform for 40 years. After being knocked around for so long, it finally began to leak. It was necessary to replace it and it needed to be good. After reading the reviews, I tried this one but held off on my own review until Mom made a dessert. She said the pan was perfect. It's perfect if she says so.

👤The pan's bottom design is not right. The lip on the bottom section almost forces you to install it in the ring, rather than down. This will make you destroy your cheese cake to get it out of the pan. I have been making 9" cheesecakes for a long time. I give them as gifts. My daughter's wedding was the one where I baked them. I decided to go with 10 cakes because my 9 pans were worn out and the USPS frozen them for 10 cakes. You should keep looking.

👤I wanted a way to make fresh pizzas at home that I could control the calories in, but I couldn't find a way to do that until I found these pans. I buy the freshly made pizza dough in the bakery section at the grocery store, divide it into 6 equal parts, let it warm up to room temperature, then I spread it with my fingers into one of the pans which I lightly oiled, and then roll out each piece on a board and The last step is your choice, and you can pile it on without worry of a mess since the springboard pans keep everything nicely contained and easy to remove after baking. Then eat 18 minutes later in the 400 degree oven or wrap in foil and place in a freezer storage bag. The calories are not very high if you shop at the grocery store. I use multigrain. I can make and bake pizzas at the same time with the 6 pans I have. These pans are easy to use and it's great to have fresh pizzas made at home.

👤Good pan. Excellent quality. There were never any problems with leaking. I was not happy with how shallow it is. I can only fit a pound of meat in the pan for some recipes. Many of the 7inch pans are 3” deep. This one has a huge difference in volume and cook times. I prefer the spring form over trying to push a bottom out. It's something to consider for your personal purchase needs.

11. Fat Daddios PRD 82 Round Silver

Fat Daddios PRD 82 Round Silver

It is recommended that you wash your hand. It's designed for round tiered and layers cakes and deep-dish pizzas. It's perfect for pressure cooker and air fryers. The overall size of the interior is 9 x 2, with a 20.3 x 5.1 cm area. Easy release and clean up. It's safe for foods with fruit. Will not rust, peel or flake. There are no extra metals, chemicals, dyes, or PFOA's. It is recommended to wash your hands. It prevents over-baking and dry cakes. The heat is evenly distributed with no hot spots. The temperature can be as high as 541 F (265 C). A pressure cooker, air fryer, and freezer safe. The built bake toUGH is built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments.

Brand: Fat Daddio's

👤Daddio's cake pans were ordered by me. The one in the photos is made in Indonesia and has a PRD 83 stamp on the bottom. The pan seems to be of the high quality I was expecting. The other pan has a different stamp than the one in China. The pan made in China came in different wrappings and was less quality than the other one. See the pic. I ordered them at the same time and they arrived at the same time, so I don't know how they can send two completely different pans. I'm returning a cheap pan and ordering another one. It will be going back if it's not the one made in Indonesia. It's a pity.

👤I was not happy with the two cake pans I received. One of them is stamped with "PRD - 93" below it, but the other is stamped with "Fat Daddio's" in the same way. The other one is stamped with a sharper edge and looks better. Even though I'm nervous about the couple of rumors I read about some of these being manufactured with less quality control, I'm okay with them being stamped differently. These pans are straight-sided so they shouldn't nest, but the fact is that they do. It is frustrating that they are inconsistently sized. I'll be sending these back because I didn't discover this until I had to remove the stickers and wash them. I have had an issue with Fat Daddio's loaf pans. The first 6 I bought nested slightly, but the second set did not nest at all. I think I'm going to have to go to Magic Line for cake pans now that they have that inconsistency.

👤When I left my pan to soak in the morning, it took the finish off of it. I didn't know it had a finish. It was the first time I used it. I would not be able to use it so it will be thrown away. So disappointing!

👤These pans are great if you get the right pan. Before you start, make sure to flip the pan over and check the stamp. The good ones were stamped "Fat Daddio's PRD 83" by MMP Living. The BuyBoxer's pan were poorly stamped "Fat Daddio's8" x 3. I baked a basic yellow cake in three pans, split the batter evenly between the pans, and did the same Pam and parchment treatment to each, baked all three in the same oven at the same time and temperature, cooled, trimmed, and frosted all three layers. The photos show the difference the right pan makes. BuyBoxer didn't offer refunds, so Amazon's customer service is very good.

👤I'm very pleased with the way my cakes come out with this pan. I was very disappointed in the design flaw. The pan has sharp edges. I cut my hand. I contacted the manufacturer but never received a reply. No customer service! I like the results so I'm keeping the pan. I will be aware of the danger when washing it.


What is the best product for cake rounds 8 inch?

Cake rounds 8 inch products from Nordic Ware. In this article about cake rounds 8 inch you can see why people choose the product. Boxiki Kitchen and Usa Pan are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake rounds 8 inch.

What are the best brands for cake rounds 8 inch?

Nordic Ware, Boxiki Kitchen and Usa Pan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake rounds 8 inch. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Oamceg and Fit Meal Prep are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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