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1. Scraper Buttercream Smoother Sculpting Decorating

Scraper Buttercream Smoother Sculpting Decorating

If you use these cake scrapers, you will be able to make delicious cake for your family and friends, instead of buying cake from a shop. You will get 1 piece of cake scrapers. A tall and thin 3.1inch wide. The cake scraper is made of high-quality materials, it is easy to clean, and it is non-toxic and odorless. The cake smoother scrapers are designed with two edges, one side is smooth and the other side is square, it will create a beautiful buttercream stripes design on your cakes. It is easy to operate, first put your cake on the stand, then keep the cake stand from moving, then you can easily create beautiful and uniform designs on the side of your cake. The double-sided spatula can quickly create multi-colored stripes on cakes of cream flow, ganache, jam and royal frosting. Also can be used as a cake cutter.

Brand: Dualshine

👤This is a great cake comb. I have been using a Wilton scraper for years and it has rounded corners. This makes the finish much cleaner. The stripes were great! Still need more practice. I am a big fan.

👤My daughter said it's perfect and does a great job.

👤This tool is awesome! I used to lift cakes to move for smoothing out icing on cakes. Would definitely recommend this product. It's a good thing.

👤I used this tool to make a buttercream frosted cake. It is very sturdy and helped with the first layer before adding flowers or frosting designs.

👤I made cakes for weddings, bachelor parties, and events. You can frost and spin. Easy! I have bad arthritis in my hands and this was a great way to stop squeezing cone bags.

👤It's perfect for striped cakes.

👤I love this baby. It is very heavy and durable, it gives you smooth cake from the looks of it.

👤I like using this device as I would call it. It's better than bench scrapers. I used it for the first time on my cake and was very happy with how smooth the sides of the cake were. There is a large teeth comb on the other side. I was very happy with the results after trying it. I like the product, it's really straight and happy. The design and performance of this product are similar. If you make cakes, you want this. It is a straight side for cutting gum paste.

👤This was very easy to use. Put the scraper under the hot water and begin frigerate.

👤It is easy to use and to clean.

2. Decorating Smoother Patterns Different Transparent

Decorating Smoother Patterns Different Transparent

It is convenient to peel off the protective film on both sides to get a clean sheet. You will get 6 pieces of cake smoothers in 11 patterns, both sides of the cake scraper are available to use, and there are 11 different patterns for you to create different shapes of cake edges. The cake grinding and smoothing tools are made of quality materials that are safe and can contact food, and the cake scrapers are thick enough to not break or be damaged. A simple design without handles gives you the maximum control for a frosting buttercream, as the cake scraper with handle will get stuck when decorating larger cake. The scrapers are easy to clean, they are thick and dishwasher safe, and the surface of the scraper is covered with a protective film to prevent scratching. If you use these cake scrapers, you will be able to make delicious cake for your family and friends, instead of buying cake from a shop.

Brand: Patelai

👤I gave this a 5 because I found my scraper. I have used many different scrapers and have not found one that worked best. The pattern scraper is great. Having the right tool is important, and it's a great price. Thank you!

👤The peel off film stinks, but I love them, I ordered this and was skeptical about smell complaints. Great deal.

👤When hand washing, they will snap in half. They still fit the edges of the cake when broken, even though they were so long to begin with.

👤El parece acrilico. No material, pero me gusta los diseos.

👤I absolutely adore these! They met my expectations perfectly, I was so eager to try. I can not wait to try the rest. A smooth crisp finish is left by a lightweight, perfect size. Highly recommended!

👤The design is described and the material is good. One of the pieces broke.

👤These don't seem to be made of plastic. I don't like that they aren't grease proof because it doesn't seem like it gets clean when you wash it There are stains. It is giving disposable. I thought I would peel the sticker off and it would be better. It does the job. It is not grease proof.

👤The selection of patterns was great, but I was disappointed to find that the only scraper I had purchased had broken. Huge sigh. The scraper had a larger curved pattern. I would have sent it back to be replaced, but I suspected covid at the time. I can work without it if I have a tall cake. It doesn't hold the heat like metal scrapers so it's a disadvantage, and you can dip it in hot water to give it a cleaner finish. If you only need one pattern, I would recommend investing in a metal version of your preferred pattern. Store them safely. I can see them being hurt by a fall or rough handling.

👤These are great value for money and they are very high quality. My bakes look great.

👤Today, arrived. I needed the scraper. The scraper was cut unevenly when I got it out.

👤I bought this because I wanted a tall scraper. It can accommodate tall cakes because they are tall. It's very easy to use. The smell was horrible when I got it, but as soon as I peeled off the plastic on the scrapers, the smell went away. I like my scrapers. I think they're a good choice.

👤The smallest stripe comb was used. I love it! I was hoping that the stripes would be smaller, more narrow, but they are still nice and I got a lot of praise for it.

3. BESTonZON Silicone Scraper Smoother Cutters

BESTonZON Silicone Scraper Smoother Cutters

It is an ideal tool to help make cake. It is made from premium food-gradeABS, eco-friendly and very healthy. You can create a variety of different cake styles by decorating your cakes with different shapes. Their set is easy to use and can meet your needs of decorating cakes in any shape. S is about 13X9X 0.1CM. The size M is about 15X10X 0.1CM. The L is about 19X12.8X 0.2CM.

Brand: Bestonzon

👤The size of this is perfect for bakers. It is large enough to allow proper support when turning high hydration sourdough, with the help of a spray of water to help avoid sticking. I use a metal scraper to protect my countertop. I am being cautious.

👤THe compra es una buena, trae differentes tratas, lo quiero son resistentes. Las recomiendo.

👤I was looking for silicone cake scrapers. "Silicone" is the first word to describe them. These are not. They are hard plastic and have some flexibility. This is more like a credit card than a rubbery grip on Silicone.

👤This item came in three different sizes. Convenient.

4. Impresa Acrylic Frosting Buttercream Smoother

Impresa Acrylic Frosting Buttercream Smoother

This is a pack of three. Also available as a single 10 inch cake drum or in great value multi-packs of 6 or 12 cake drums. You can see the full range of shapes, sizes and colors by visiting the Cakebon Store. The buttercream frosting smoother can be used to create smooth edges to cakes up to 12 inches high. The icing scraper is the ultimate professional finish to your cake. A flawless frosting can be achieved with this high quality 3/16” thick clear solid acrylic scraper cake decorating smoother that won't bend and its smoothing edge. The Professional Bakers tool is the only one on the market that won't crack, or allow your skill as an artisan cake maker to shine through. It's straight for a neater cake decoration that really wows. Simple Handleless Design: Handles can get in the way when decorating larger cakes. The design of the frosting spreader gives you the most control. Remove the protective barrier and wash thoroughly before use with detergent and soft cloth. The item may be damaged by aromatics and abrasives. When washing this item, make sure to retain a smooth edge.

Brand: Impresa

👤I have used a metal scraper for a long time and needed to replace it. I ended up trying this one after a lot of research. It has cut my cake decorating time in half. I would have traded up sooner.

👤The edge of the cakes is very sharp, thanks to these scrapers. Trust me! I got a bad feeling from it. They are pretty high maintenance. They will chip or crack easily. I'm going to order my 3rd one because of this issue. I'll have to treat it like a princess.

👤The cake scraper was awkward to use. I bake cakes a lot. I thought my small metal scraper was awkward, but it feels weird for me to hold, trying to get very sharp edges on my cake. I used it on a cake. It seems to be designed to use for a 3 or 4 layer cake. It did not give me a sharp edge. I went back to using that. As time goes by, maybe. It will be easier for me to use it once I get used to it.

👤This is the best scraper I have found for creating a smooth finish using my swiss meringue buttercream.

👤I've tried some of the cheaper ones with my own pieces, but nothing compares to the ones manufactured specifically for work. The height works well for taller cakes as well.

👤I wish I had ordered this earlier when I saw many bakers using it. The sharp edge makes my cakes come out smooth. 5 stars for the strength. This is perfect for any baker.

👤I was happy to find it on sale. I'm happy that it has a chip in it. I am not sure how it will affect the cakes.

👤I bake a lot. This was hard to use. It is long. I thought it would be great for my cakes. It is heavy and difficult to control with one hand, and I was not able to use it on cakes that were not tall, which is why I gave it 4 stars. I went back to my small plastic scraper because it was sturdy and well made. I need to practice and get used to it.

👤Compré el pasteles altos. Es bastante resistente. I cuesta trabajo manejarlo porque s es grande. Alisado perfecto, pero con paciencia.

👤Muy empacado y fcil de usar.

5. Scraper,Edge Handling Scratches Practical Gadget,set

Scraper%EF%BC%8CEdge Handling Scratches Practical Gadget%EF%BC%8Cset

Design. The sets are easy to clean. Food grade materials are friendly to the environment. Baking tools are used to make bread, tarts, and biscuits. It's a good idea to smooth the cake paste when making a cake roll. When it's made, mix butter and flour. It can be used on the cake to make a beautiful line. It is very easy to use. Dough scrapers can be used to cut dough, and they can also be used to shovel the surface on the panel to prevent liquid from flowing out and mixing instead of hand mixing. Bowl Scraper can be used to remove the non-stick baking pan, non-stick cloth, and crumb from the aluminum baking pan, and will not scratch the surface of the product. Saving time and money is important. DE complete dough and bowl scraper set can be used to reduce prep time and food waste. You will see a decrease in your grocery budget, and you will no longer have to deal with kitchen messes and dirty bowls in your kitchen sink.

Brand: De

👤I agree with the other reviewers that they don't bend easily, so don't count on them for a bowl scraper. They are thick and have a sharp edge. I can get them to flex with two hands, but my hands are not strong enough to do the trick with one hand. I'll keep them, but they weren't what I was hoping for.

👤My parents used to have scrapers in their bakery. The biggest difference is that these are a little more stiff. I think these will last a long time.

👤It's hard to scraper bowls because they are too stiff and rigid.

👤They are good size but not very flexible, which is what I want when I am trying to get a full bowl of dough.

👤I use these for my buttercream and to smooth cakes. Highly recommended! Sand hold is easy to clean. You will not be disappointed.

👤It is a great scraper for when you are in the kitchen. It works with any food you can chop.

👤What's not to like? I keep one in my car for emergencies. You will use it more than you think. It is durable.

👤I am tossing tiles. They work well. Highly recommended.

6. Spatula Scraper Multipurpose Kitchen Pieces

Spatula Scraper Multipurpose Kitchen Pieces

There are two scrapers in the set. PP plastic is food grade. It's a good idea to use it for chopping cream,baking,cake, cheese, chocolate, pastry dough, and fondant. There is no scratch in your metal utensils. It's easy to clean a dishwasher.

Brand: Alltop

👤The bowl scrapers are as nice as I could have expected. They survived the dishwasher without warping, and have a nice balance between firm and flexible. The flat edge of the bench scrapers is pretty firm and could probably do an adequate job as a light duty bench scraper, even though I didn't expect them to replace my big metal bench scraper. I am a happy customer so far, but we will see how long they last.

👤I was looking for a new bowl scraper. The set of bowl scrapers was the closest I could get to my old one. I am happy with the purchase and they appear to be well made. Delivery was exactly as promised and the scrapers were nicely packaged.

👤I needed a spreader for puzzle glue, but I wanted these for baking. They work hard for that. It's ok for baking, but not great. They get the job done and that makes a great tool. Good thing there were two of them.

👤It was too soft to use for my cricut. It ended up where it was supposed to be. One is in the kitchen for cooking and baking and the other is with the cleaning products and has been great for detail cleaning in the home.

👤I use this product for my bathroom mirror. What a toy to have. It would work well on shower sash doors. I am very happy with this product. Extras to keep in the bathroom forANDY use.

👤These are the right size for what I needed. It fits nicely in my sink wire basket. I use a scraper to clean my countertops. Without having to rinse and wring out a sponge, it's super efficient. I keep a scraper with my baking tools. I like that they are different colors. Excellent quality.

👤The product is cheap. It is easy to clean, and we can put it in the dishwasher. I thought it would be harder to use. It bends because it is soft. I used it for 5 times and it is bent over.

👤These scrapers are easy to clean and sturdy. I didn't know I needed them. They are used for sourdough bread-making. I don't know how heat-resistant they are.

👤bonnes qualité... A pris beaucoup de temps avant d'arriver Québec!

👤Muy prctica, adems las equivalencias grabadas...

7. PROKITCHEN Decorating Smoother Patterns Different

PROKITCHEN Decorating Smoother Patterns Different

The baking scraper tool can be used in bakeries, dessert shops, and restaurants, and is suitable for home use. You will get 10 pieces clear acrylic cake scrapers, 6 pieces 9.5 inch stripes edge scrapers, and 4 pieces soft plastic cake scrapers, all of which are large enough to meet multi-layers cake make. Premium Material: The cake grinding and smoothing tools are made of high quality acrylic materials, safe and non-toxic, these cake comb are thick enough, not easy to break or deform, durable and sustainable for long time use. It is easy to use, no matter if you are a professional baker or a kitchen amateur, you can make designs on the side or top of cakes. It is large enough to meet multi-layers cake make but not large enough to occupy much space in your kitchen. The design without handles makes it easy to control the frosting and cream, avoiding jams and other obstacles to the operation when decorating larger cakes, and better completing the cake making. Different styles can meet all your demands, come with smooth edge and stripes edge, clear material, 11 patterns for different cream cake, easy to hold and scraper beautiful cake edges, different styles can meet all your demands. Please remove the protective film from the cake scrapers before use to prevent scratching.

Brand: Prokitchen

8. Scraper Decorating Plastic Sawtooth Kitchen

Scraper Decorating Plastic Sawtooth Kitchen

Before use, please remove the protective cover. The scrapers will chip the edges if mishandled. The cake making tools are made of food grade plastic and are easy to clean. You can use different cake tools to create different cake edges. You can operate easily if you use a cake scraper to gently pass the edge of the cake. These tools are not easy to break. You don't need to use water to wash it. It is an ideal tool to help make cake.

Brand: Mwellewm

👤They are heavier than I thought. It's not cheap to make quality. You can get a design for a cake at a great price.

👤These are great for the baker who wants to have fun.

👤Mucho gracias, me ayud mucho a decorar el pastel.

👤Me acabado.

👤I am encant.

👤I got 4 but 2 are the same. I was disappointed because I did not get the other pattern. It seems this happened to other clients.

9. Acrylic Scraper Smoother Transparent Decoration

Acrylic Scraper Smoother Transparent Decoration

The cakesafe buttercream smoothers are made from food grade plastic that is light but durable. Their OG Scrapers are machine cut with the edge finished by hand so they are smooth and crisp on your cakes. The package includes a smooth edge and striped edge cake scraper. Different styles of icing scrapers can meet your different needs. The material is free of BPA. The cake icing scrapers are made of clear acrylic, non-toxic and odorless, safe in daily cake use, solid and sturdy to prevent from breaking or deforming easily, durable and sustainable for long time use. The smooth grip of this cake frosting smoother tool is more suitable for professional cake chefs. The large cake smoother tool can be used to smooth cakes of any size and can be used to create your cake edges with chic designs and styles of your favorite cake look. The cake scrapers are easy to use, just apply the cream on the surface of the cake, press the scraper against the edge of the cake, and turn the cake turntable. Baking lovers can receive decorating tools as a gift. Remove the protective barrier and wash the patterned edge scraper thoroughly before use. The item may be damaged by aromatics and abrasives. Store in a cool and dry environment after use and clean it with water or neutral detergent.

Brand: Jutoe

👤No tiene los bordes parsejos, pero fue una desilucin. mal producto.

10. Ateco Scraper 6 Pieces Flexible Food Safe

Ateco Scraper 6 Pieces Flexible Food Safe

The baking scraper makes cutting dough easy. The handy measurement markings make it easier to cut pastries or dough in equal sizes. The bowl scraper set is professional quality. Every last drop of dough or batter can be obtained with flexible polyethylene. The forms can be used on a flat surface. It's safe for dishwasher and cookware. Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤This scraper is the same shape as all the scrapers I found here. They are sharp on the curved side but flat on the flat side. For that reason, bread dough is useless. I have the "Dough & Bowl Scrapers, Set Of 4 with 2 green and two white", that's the set you want. The green extra curvy one has all the edges on it.

👤This is my favorite tool in the kitchen. I use this to move cut veggies to pans, bowls, smooth frosting on cakes, cut dough, and to get crumbs and grime up. I own three, one for veggies, one for desserts and one for cleaning the counter. It is a multi-tasked, but it is not super flexible. I bought this because of a silly list, but it is an amazing little help in the kitchen. You won't be upset if you put one in on your next order. I love this little scraper and I didn't write this for money.

👤I have been making wonderful bread for a while. I had every tool I needed. I couldn't find a simple bowl scraper that I liked. I was afraid of getting a cheap knock off of the Ateco bowl, but I wanted it to be the cause of its reputation. The scraper they bought from other sellers was not the same as the one described on the sight, according to some reviews. I was happy that my order was filled and shipped by Amazon. The bowl scraper was the real deal, and it was well worth the shipping costs. The scraper is large enough to get heavy dough out of a bowl. It has a stiff construction that makes it easy to do the job.

👤I'm a professional baker. In the Goldilocks zone, it's stiff yet flexible. You don't want them too stiff because they won't fit in the bowl's shape as you use them. You don't want them to be too weak orflabby as they won't be strong enough to hold the weight of the products you scape out. This will take a long time and they will weaken over time. Enjoy.

👤You're probably wondering what to say. They're scrapers! Yes... I've been cooking for 60 years and never had a dough scraper that was made of soft metal and had a handle on the opposite side. I'm not going to give up my scrapers, but I will have a lot more rest in my drawer now that I have these plastic ones. You may ask, "How flexible are they?" Great question. They are stiff but flexible enough to bend a bit when you're working with dough. They don't have to bend a lot. The curved edge can be used to match the curve of the bowl by holding it at different angles. The plastic scraper is less likely to scratch your work surface. I prefer to work directly on my countertop, not having a proper work surface large enough for some jobs. With no fear, I can remove dough from the countertop with abandon. I can't tell you how many useless kitchen gadgets I've bought over the years, because I don't know. Unless someone invents a better scraper that is even cheaper, these will be used in my kitchen for the rest of my days. If you don't have any and you make well-hydrated dough, you should try these. Kitchen tools that are less useful are more expensive to buy. I have.

11. GRACILARIA Transparent Smoother Flexible Decoration

GRACILARIA Transparent Smoother Flexible Decoration

This sheet is made in the USA. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you order a round acrylic circle. 10PCS cake scraper. It's 5.12 x 3.94 inch and 13 x 10 cm. Flexible plastic cake scraper icing smooth used for cake making bakery pastry decoration easy to clean

Brand: Gracilaria

👤I needed something to make the products look different. The thickness is slightly thinner than a credit card and can be creased to form a scraper and funnel. They are roughly 5 X 4 and have two square corners. I'm sure these would be great for smoothing a cake, but they are great for any project that requires a piece of plastic.

👤These work are easy to clean and can be used for smoothing butter cream. Good value for money.

👤I wanted to use these to smooth the buttercream on my cakes. I misplace it a lot and it's getting old. I thought I would replace it and have extras. I just received them and every one of them has a defect on the edge that will prevent a smooth surface on the buttercream. These will leave grooves in the Icing. I am so angry and upset.

👤These worked well on my cake. They are not too flimsy or stiff.

👤I love my flexible scrapers. They are great to touch up hard to reach areas of a cake. If you need them to bend, they are very flexible.

👤I use these to smooth icing on cakes. They are easy to hold and bend for perfect curves. They use soap and water.

👤Son lo q. No le di 5 estrellas por q, trae 10 piesas y solo resevi 8.

👤The edges are not perfect. There are flaws on the edges. When finishing cream, cake can't be used perfectly.


What is the best product for cake scraper plastic?

Cake scraper plastic products from Dualshine. In this article about cake scraper plastic you can see why people choose the product. Patelai and Bestonzon are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake scraper plastic.

What are the best brands for cake scraper plastic?

Dualshine, Patelai and Bestonzon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake scraper plastic. Find the detail in this article. Impresa, De and Alltop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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