Best Cake Scraper Stainless Steel

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1. Scraper Smoother Stainless Decorating Patterned

Scraper Smoother Stainless Decorating Patterned

The cake combs scrapers are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. You will receive 4 pieces of cake scraper smoothers with patterned edge in different styles, each style has 1 piece, enough quantities and styles for meeting your various cake decorating demands. Each cake decorating comb is about the same size. 9 inch in length is large enough to meet multi-layers cake making and is easy to operate. They provide 4 different styles of cake edge smoother scrapers, each with different and double sided edge, please refer to the pictures for more information. Their double sided icing smoother scrapers are made of quality STAINLESS steel, not easy to get rust or break, lightweight but durable, fine workmanship ensures nice texture, can last for a long time use. The main function of these cake decorating combs is to create beautiful buttercream stripes on your cakes and give you a nice visual effect, convenient for you to decorate and make various kinds of cake.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤The scrapers are made of steel. I have been looking for these for a long time. They work better than plastic. Meoniamonay follows my baking account.

👤The combs are thick and well made.

👤They are comfortable in the hands.

👤The variety of design is great, but they are very heavy. I gave 3 stars because of that.

2. Stainless Scraper Sawtooth Smoother Decorating

Stainless Scraper Sawtooth Smoother Decorating

You will get 2 different styles of cake scrapers, which are easy for you to replace and use, and can easily meet the various cooking and baking needs in your daily life. There are 2 pieces of cake scrapers, enough to meet your daily or festival usages, and also enough for you to share them with your friends or families. This sawtooth icing smoother is made of a high quality material, it is long- lasting, reliable, safe to use, and can serve you for a long time. The suitable size is 23 x 8.8 cm/ 9 x 3.5 inch, 0.1 cm/ 0.04 inch in thickness, which is suitable for most cakes, helping you make many different cakes that have different surfaces. Different styles: these edge stripe cake scrapers come in 2 styles, they have 3 different edges, each with a different shape. You can use these large scrapers to make cakes for many occasions, such as birthday party, wedding, graduation ceremony, dinner gathering and so on.

Brand: Zopeal

👤I ordered these to make the sides of the cake look different. The point was so sharp that it caused me to bleed on one of them when I unwrapped them. They have a sharp edge. The scrapers are very heavy, so bending is not an issue. I wouldn't buy them again. I was going to leave until I bled. These are frightening to use. I don't recommend.

👤The pattern looks great.

👤One of the edges was bent. It doesn't feel safe to use food products.

3. Stainless Patterned Smoother Decorating Decoration

Stainless Patterned Smoother Decorating Decoration

There is a multi-PURPOSE. The square and round cake ring mold is a good choice for making multi layer cakes, bread, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, etc., suit for microwave, freezer, dishwasher, at home, at hotel, in baking room, at restaurant, in coffee shop, or in bread shop. Food grade material The cake ring set are made of high-quality food grade steel, strong, non-deformed, durable, corrosion resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, tasteless. It is easy to use and clean. It is easy to use and cut. Their cake scraper is made of a thick and reliable material that can serve you for a long time. You can use the scraper for scraper, shoveling, chopping cream, cake, cheese, bread, biscuit, chocolate, dough, fondant, pizza and more. The cake smoother scrapers have two edges, one side is smooth and the other side is square, which will create a beautiful buttercream stripes design on your cakes. If you want to create delicate edge, you can put your cake on the stand, then keep the cake stand from moving, and create beautiful and uniform designs on the side of your cake, easy to produce many different designs and styles according to your favor. You will receive a package with cake edge decoration tools, enough quantity to use and replacement, to meet your cooking and baking needs.

Brand: Patelai

👤This is the best scraper. They are tall so you don't have to worry about covering the cake. The metal makes it easy to cut through the buttercream. The flat edge smooths it all out. I dip my scraper in hot water to make it smooth. This one is taller. I just warm it up by touching it and get that smooth finish.

👤They smooth the sides of cakes so well, and because they're metal, you can warm them for even smoother frosting. They're very sturdy and well made. Excellent quality. They are a little sharp on the sides, but at the corners. I can work around it.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The tall combs are perfect for my double barrel cakes. A smooth buttercream finish can be achieved with metal.

👤These cake scrapers are awesome! I would buy them again because they are easy to use. You can get a straight edge scraper and 2 combs with these. 100% recommended!

👤Exactly what I needed. It's perfect for taller cakes.

👤I haven't used them. I think I will like them. They're strong. It was a nice size.

👤The edges were a bit sharp, making them hard to relax and enjoy.

4. Sunormi Stainless Scrapers Smoother Decorating

Sunormi Stainless Scrapers Smoother Decorating

Premium materials and design make it easy to use and clean the dough scraper. Place the dishwasher or hand wash in your room for a more thorough clean after you're done. There are 2 styles of cake side scraper in the set. Each cake scraper has two edges, each side edge is a shape, it will create a beautiful cream stripe design on your cake. The surface of the metal is clean and easy to use. The width of a cake wave stripe is 0.72 cm, the width of a cake wide stripe is 0.25 cm. It's great for round cakes, square cakes and mousse cakes, and used with royal, buttercream, or whipped icings, making striped or wave designs on the sides of the cake. You can make a special cake with your favorite design and style and put it on Christmas, Thanksgiving, family gatherings, birthday parties.

Brand: Sunormi

👤I had to purchase a new one at a local store because the one we received had metal burrs all over it. It was easy to return returns.

👤A scraper is quite heavy. I might get used to it in time.

👤I love scrapers. I get clean lines and they heat up nicely under hot water.

5. WUWEOT Scraper Decorating Smoother Stainless

WUWEOT Scraper Decorating Smoother Stainless

This scraper is dishwasher safe, with a securely packaged box for safe transit, it is an excellent gift for a baker or home cook. The package includes a plastic and steel icing comb set. These are good for cake decorating tools. Each cake scraper has a different design, which allows you to pick the perfect shape and finish for your kitchen creations, can be used in any combination. Your kitchen creations are in good shape because of the smooth surface and excellent workmanship. The scrapers are easy to clean. The plastic tools are thick enough to be dishwasher safe and not lose their pattern. It is possible to save a lot of space by snapping together three combs.

Brand: Wuweot

👤I couldn't be happier with the scrapers I used to make the cake. It's easy to achieve my cake goals.

👤I used it to decorate a cake. It works well. I hope it's strong. Will be decorating cakes soon. Good purchase. Will recommend it.

👤Good products did not need all of them.

👤It's easy to clean off between the leveling of the cake frosting.

👤A nice set of cake scrapers. It was clean and well made. Very happy with the purchase.

👤These are easy to use. I needed it for decorating the sides of cakes. You might have to make multiple passes depending on how tall you are. It should be possible to do a solid 2 layer cake.

6. TOPHOME Kitchen Transfer Stainless Homemade

TOPHOME Kitchen Transfer Stainless Homemade

The main function of these cake decorating combs is to create beautiful buttercream stripes on your cakes and give you a nice visual effect, convenient for you to decorate and make various kinds of cake. TheCake Lifter is made of totally safe steel and Silicone material and has an easy and comfortable grip. The cake pizza lifter is very easy to use, it can lift whole cakes, cake layers, cookies, and even pizza from the oven rack. Before use of the cake mover, wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly, then run the dishwasher. The cake lifter is dishwasher safe and can serve pizzas, cakes, breads and pastries. Surprises on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more are ideal gifts for family and friends.

Brand: Tophome

👤The host of a cooking show bragged about how useful this is after seeing a similar one. She was correct. When I prepare items to cook, I take it to the pot in portions. I never use this cake lifter for cakes. I take my ingredients to the pot in one trip. I rinse it and it goes back to my station. Who knew?

👤The construction seems great, but I haven't used it yet. This was smaller than I anticipated, but that is my fault for not reading the description more closely. I ordered this for transferring loaves of bread to a hot baking stone, but it was too small for a round loaf. It will work well for other similar applications, like as a giant bench scraper or for getting cookies and other baked goods off their sheets.

👤Disappointed in this. I have a round one from the Cake Boss brand and it is heavy and sturdy so you can lift a cake with it. This thing is not very strong. I could not lift more than a single layer. The flex would cause anything heavier to slip off.

👤This is a great product for picking up a cake. It has enough surface area to pick up a cake. It can be released from the cake once on the board. Warm water and soap can be used to clean it. It doesn't take up a lot of space. Good value for money.

👤I was able to move my cake layers with this large spatula. What a great help! I was making the wedding cake more efficient because of it.

👤I wish it was round instead of square since I mostly move cakes.

👤The old plastic lifter cracked and melted when it was in use, so we wanted something that was less likely to happen again. The perfect solution was provided by the lifter.

👤It is easy to transfer cakes from a grate to a plate. I didn't have a cake board under my last bundt cake, so I put it on a grate to pour ganache over it. I lost a lot of the cake trying to move it to the plate. The big cake spatula makes transferring a cinch.

7. AmazonBasics Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

AmazonBasics Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

It can be used as 8 inch. A multi-purpose scraper/chopper is used for portioning bread and pastry dough. The blade has a square edge. There are marks along the blade edge for creating even portions. The dishwasher-safe handle is comfortable and nonslip. Backed by a limited one-year warranty. Measures 6.1 inches by 4.33 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Lots of cooking makes the stomachs happy. We thought to give the Amazon basics model a try. The two that we ordered were very substandard in finish and manufacture. Handles and endcaps are poorly done, paper and glue are not very good, metal of the blade is scratched, and of various colors. There is a A scraper should not be made like this. It wasDisappointing Amazon.

👤Junk. There is a giant burr on the blade. It's notusable. I'm not the first person to get this.

👤I received my scraper, but have no idea about its longevity, but my first impression is very good. It is made well, finished well, and was packaged well. It is not sharp enough to cut things efficiently, but it has a nice edge that will assist with clean cuts and lifting. I don't believe that is the purpose of the tool, and it's not why I bought it. It is a good size for many tasks and is comfortable to hold. It is easy to wash by hand, but it might be washed in the dishwasher if you don't wash it by hand. I can't feel any change in the surface of the measure marks, which appear to be stamped or painted on. This is the only concern I have. I don't know if I'll use that much. It may be more important to others. If I have more information to add, I will update my review. Four and a half stars. The quality at this price point is excellent and you can keep a half star for wear.

👤Good size for the hand. It's not really useful to measure anything. The leading edge would be better if it was more straight. It's difficult to cut dough cleanly or pick up ingredients because it's thick.

👤It was very well made. Excellent for cutting and working with dough, handy measurements printed on the edge of the scrapper makes it great for chopping. The scrapper weight is 6.1 Oz and it feels heavy. If you are looking for a good quality scrapper, this one is worth getting.

👤This is well made. I use it for more than bread dough. It works well for smashing garlic cloves. It's good for picking up chopped items.

👤I love the handle and it fits in my small hands. It's easy to prepare my veggies with this sharp edge.

👤I am an erster "Normalkunde" und Nicht-Vine-Tester. Tupperteigschaberchen ist in zig Jahren. Ich hatte immer Teigkarten aus Kunststoff, nun sollte es mal Metall. The Lieferung erfolgte is wie immer. Ich nutze das Teil. In der Hand liegt den Kunststoffgriff. Die Teigportionen leichter ist die Metallkarte. Es bleibt immer, so wenig Teig haften. Ich finde Ich besser in der Tortenverzieren. Ich ist die Scala. Im Metallblechen wrde das Gert zum Einsatz. Hefeteigreste von meiner Backunterlage ist eignet. The hat is for the year 2019. Im Dauerbetrieb bewhrt. In die Splmaschine, die meistens von Hand, wandert, und beispielsweise, immer noch top aus. Ein ausgezeichneter Schaber ist in Holz- und Kunststoffunterlagen.

8. 10inch Scraper´╝îStainless Smoother Buttercream Decorating

10inch Scraper%EF%BC%8CStainless Smoother Buttercream Decorating

To use these decorating combs, apply a thick layer of frosting to cake. How your cake looks would be great. These are perfect for cake decorating tools. This cake scraper is food grade 304 and is griped comfortably in your hand. You have both inches and centimetres scale on the cake decorating smoother. The cake scraper have a straight edge and square edge to protect you from sharp edges to give a neat finish on your cake to impress your clients. Not just a cake smoother- buttercream comb for bakers, also it is cake ruler, cake divided cutter, and cake scraper. Buttercream smoother is an ideal gift for family and friends on many festival days.

Brand: Tbrand

👤The quality was good but the product was not. It is very minimal. It's noticeable when icing cakes. I would have asked for a new one. I didn't want to wait for a new one. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It's perfect to use on tall cakes.

👤It was nice and tall. Exactly what I needed.

👤Para emparejar los cakes.

9. Stainless Scraper Patterned Smoother Decorating

Stainless Scraper Patterned Smoother Decorating

The package comes with 2 styles cake edge decoration tools, enough quantity to use and replacement, and it is easy to meet your various cooking and baking needs. Great material. The cake scraper is made of a non-toxic and tasteless steel and can be used safely and securely. There are two styles of cake scraper design, each with two edges, one side is smooth and the other is a square pattern edge, the other is a zigzag shape, it will create a beautiful look on your cake. It is easy to use, first fix the cake on the shelf, then align the jagged or smooth edge to the edge of the cake, and then cut the cake with a knife. It can be used to cut cake, cheese, bread, chocolate, dough and pizza. It is suitable for a lot of things. You will get 2 different styles of cake scrapers, which are easy for you to replace and use, and can easily meet the various cooking and baking needs in your daily life.

Brand: Sumaju

👤I can't imagine this is safe for cake, it was peeling off the back, I had paint or something on it. It was very sharp as well. Too sharp!

👤This could have been better. The steel is too thick for frosting. The smooth just misses the mark and I haven't used the design sides. Maybe the designs will improve.

👤I'm not used to working with them yet, but they are sturdy and sharp, and gave a beautiful finish to my frosting.

👤Me tiene un producto, cumpli con todo.

10. AICHEF Spatula Stainless Scraper Decorating

AICHEF Spatula Stainless Scraper Decorating

20-gauge wire is used for larger flowers. It's not easy to rust, the material is high strength, good toughness, and durable. The overall thickness of the knife body is uniform, and the knife body is delicately designed, which will not touch the cake easily, and the smoothing effect is good. The handle is comfortable to grip, delicate material selection, and it will not be tired for a long time. The spatula has a variety of shapes and uses. Uses: cake demoulding, cake creaming, cream toning, fondant lace, etc.

Brand: Aikefoo

👤This set is great for my cakes. I have never used them before, but I can't wait to use them again soon. The set was fun to play with. It is washed up well. I don't put them in the dishwasher since the handles are wood, but I wash them quickly and they come out great.

👤They were purchased for cake decorating. I am looking forward to practicing with buttercream flowers because they seem to be well made.

👤The handles are off. These are not high quality tools.

👤The tools are great for flowers with buttercream. These are easy to clean. It took me a while to figure out the ratio of buttercream to put on and the way you do it, but I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I purchased this product for cake decorating and it did not hold up well at the wooden handle.

👤I saw a cake design and bought these. It was amazing to make flowers on a cake. Gave it a canvas painting look that was very impressive.

👤The metal spatula piece came apart when I washed them. I needed these as well. Disappointed.

👤I am a glazier in the construction business. I was told that they were good for caulking the windows. The wide spatula has served its purpose so far. The other ones have broken.

11. Stainless Buttercream Smoother Sculpting Decorating

Stainless Buttercream Smoother Sculpting Decorating

The scraper is 2.95 x 0.4 inches. The standard cake size is suitable for the general size. The cake can be smooth in no time. Safe and Advantage. They produced with 304, not 430. The metal cake comb has bubble patterns. When compared with plastic and acrylate materials, it is possible to create a smooth finish with the use ofstainless steel. It's a must have for a professional baker. You can use the straight edge or create different patterns in your cake. If you want to create a perfect pattern, apply the buttercream / frosting / chocolate / ganache with a spatula or piping bag and use the other side. Different outcomes will be created by varying pressure. They have used these patterns cake scrapers to create cakes, please find photos. Not just a cake decorating comb can be used as a cake scraper, cake smoother, cake polisher, and cake divided cutter. Please contact them if you would like to modify the logo. The tall design makes it easy to sculpt all cake sizes. The flat top and bottom edges are covered in icing. The cake combs scrapers are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily.

Brand: Siking

👤The product is easy to use. It took a few tries to get the look I wanted, but once I figured it out, it made a beautiful textured look to the frosting.

👤The scraper is dishwasher safe and tall. I wish it had a softer edge for placing against cake boards because it can damage the cardboard, but it's not the end of the world.

👤I threw away my straight scraper because it was rusty, but I remembered it had a straight and curvy side. Its more than one.

👤This is a great scraper! It makes smooth frosting a breeze, it only takes a couple minutes to get either design smooth. The only complaint I have is that there is no handle, and I have to hold the metal for a while and get my hand cramps.

👤The smoother was not on the edges so whenever I spun my cake board it would create patches on the icing.

👤One of my favorite ways to ice cakes. It's much easier to create a scalloped design. It left a small rust spot after the first wash and air drying. Disappointed but it happens. The product is still great.

👤A wedding cake. I freeze my cakes. It was more difficult to drag through the icing with this tool.

👤Me gusto est un poco pesado.


What is the best product for cake scraper stainless steel?

Cake scraper stainless steel products from Geiserailie. In this article about cake scraper stainless steel you can see why people choose the product. Zopeal and Patelai are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake scraper stainless steel.

What are the best brands for cake scraper stainless steel?

Geiserailie, Zopeal and Patelai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake scraper stainless steel. Find the detail in this article. Sunormi, Wuweot and Tophome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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