Best Cake Server Spatula

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1. Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Live with picture-in-picture. The 2 pieces cake serving set includes a pastry knife and a cake pie server. The cake knife is perfect for any party, wedding, birthday or special event because it is long enough to cut the cakes more efficiently. It is easy to clean up. Good grip is what it is designed to provide. The titanium golding is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and is free of lead and nikle. Match all your gold kitchen utensils with titanium gold. The design of this silverware makes it appropriate for formal events. You can put them in a dishwasher to save time in hand washing. It's well-balanced to fit securely in your hand.

Brand: Berglander

👤There are a lot of scratches on it. Not good. You can't tell from far away. We are issuing for our wedding and can't afford to pay 30 dollars for these. They are cheap and look good from far away.

👤I've returned spoons and forks on Amazon because they were too big. If you are looking for a smaller mouth part with the handle regular length, then these are for you. I don't want to put a spoon in my mouth. I've been using these for a few weeks now. It was brand new. No scratches. It was worth the buy. I use these to eat.

👤I like them. They were easy to make and will work well with our wedding theme. They will work well for occasional use in our home. Simple and modern. I wanted to be able to remove the bows and still use them. Awesome set and would buy them again.

👤I don't know if any of you fellow parents are always running out of clean spoons, but we can never seem to have any in the drawer. Why do kids use so many pacifiers? I decided to get some fun rainbow spoons this time because we've already bought extra spoons. Our previous extras were purchased at Target for more money, and these rainbow spoons are better quality for less money. These spoons fit perfectly in your mouth. They are a good size for small children. They are very sturdy and feel nice in your hand. They will last a long time. They are also pretty. I'm going to get another set and get rid of the Target spoons that I don't like. It would be highly recommendable.

👤I wanted to take a wedding cake photo. I bought crystal handles and tied bows and flower pieces on them. These were very colorful and sturdy, but they felt more like serving pie on Thanksgiving than cutting wedding cake. I think you would prefer them as they seemed very well made.

👤Since I am adding to my rainbow silverware, I ordered the tiny rainbow forks. I had my boyfriend over for dinner and handed him a fork, but he laughed at me and said, "no I asked if a fork was a toothpick." I think that's correct. People should understand that they are buying miniature forks if they are thinking of buying these forks. I hope this will help someone else save gas.

👤The length of a salad fork is the closest thing to being a salad fork. Maybe I will serve them as appetizers. They have weight to them but that is the only positive. Money wasted for me. Will have to buy more salad forks.

👤The price and amount of the items included are great. I found the size to be perfect for dessert and coffee banquet style, even though it was smaller than others expected.

👤Es un set de dos piezas para cortar, compuesto por un mango largo. I resultan elegantes para servir, aunque lo uso para un montn de cosas. Desde, el lavado a mano, en el lavavajillas y siguen con el mismo brillo.

2. GoGeiLi Server 9 3 Inch Stainless Dishwasher

GoGeiLi Server 9 3 Inch Stainless Dishwasher

The French Bull designs are created by a New York City based designer, named Jackie Shapiro, who mixes other French Bull patterns to create his own collection. The spatula is a 3 pc cake server. It's 2.3 inches wide and 9.3 inches long, perfect for serving and lifting cake, pie, pizza, fish fillets, pastry, lasagna, etc. The GoGeiLi serving silverware products are dishwasher safe and made of 18/0 antirust STAINLESS STEEL. The metal pie serving spatula is well made. The mirror finished surface has the right weight and thickness to hold you. The cake serving set is silver, which is perfect for your flatware. The cake serving utensil set is a good addition to your serving utensils, and is also ideal for serving at the wedding party, picnic, banquet, buffet or any other occasions.

Brand: Gogeili

👤I wanted to give these to our daughters as Mother's Day gifts. Guess who kept the third one? . I checked Amazon after I realized that neither of them had a pie or cake server. It's time to score! They are both functional and beautiful.

👤The quality of the server was very good. I plan to sell them at craft fairs.

👤These pie cake server are very good. I like the size of them.

👤I wouldn't gift it to someone because it's not beautiful, but it's perfect for a big family get together and 3 come for the price. My kids and grandkids are attacking the dessert table with slices of pie and cake.

👤These pieservers are very nice. They are very nice.

👤It works great and there is no danger of accidentally cutting yourself while serving.

👤Sturdy for serving. They liked the color so they wouldn't get mixed up with someone else's server. Should be used many times.

👤A new addition to my table. They are beautiful. I would buy from this seller again.

3. ORBLUE Flatware Server Stainless Cutter

ORBLUE Flatware Server Stainless Cutter

Each utensil is a pleasure to hold because of the smooth handles. The Orblue Pie server has a symmetrical edge on both sides. This tool is easy to use by both right- and left-handed chefs because it has serrated edges on both sides. STAINLESS STEEL IS A GRADE OF RUST RESISTANT. The cutting and serving tool is made from a high quality and rust resistant steel. There is an ethnographic handle. The handle on this kitchen knife has an ergonomics that allows for a comfortable and secure grip. It's easy to clean up in the dishwasher. Kitchen tools that areTILE. This will be one of your favorite baking tools. This will make slicing a wedding cake or pizza easy.

Brand: Orblue

👤I bought myself a real pie server. I have been using a spatula and making a mess. It's too big to grab a slice of pie or cake without it falling over. I picked this one out. I'm glad I did. It slices perfectly. It has edges that slice. It scoops out the perfect piece. Well made and works well in my hand. Also, good quality. I am happy I have one. Would recommend.

👤The server is very high quality. I have been using a plastic server for years and I wish I had bought this sooner. It's a perfect size and doesn't take over the utensil drawer like my plastic one. I like the ease in cutting cake. I can't use this server without damaging non-stick pie pans, and that's no fault of the product, I use them occasionally. This is not a problem with glass pie pans.

👤The pie server/ cake cutter looked cheap. The handle was made out of cheap plastic. Water would leak if you washed it. The "stainless steel" was not of the highest quality. If you put a magnet to it, it will stick to it. If you use other high quality utensils, your magnet will barely stick. If I tried to cut pie or pizza, it would break because it would get lose from the handle. Returned it right away.

👤Our extended family usually meet at a local restaurant on Sunday for lunch and then return to my home for dessert. The only server that I had was a decorative ceramic one. I decided that this was the best product for the best price after shopping through all of the pie server on Amazon. I received the ORBLUE server two months ago and have used it many times. I am certain that I made the right choice when I use it.

👤The pie/cake server is easy to clean and does the trick for pies, cakes, and even cutting many of them before serving. I've given my server to others for gifts because I've enjoyed it so much, and everyone is loving them. This works for the deep Spanish vegetable tortillas, and I've not had a server that cuts them before.

👤My pie server arrived just in time to serve a cake I had made for my teenaged boys. I love how long this server is. I used to own a Tupperware plastic server, but over time it started to lose its edges. I wanted something that was higher quality. This item is exactly what I wanted it to be. To serve a "teen boy" sized slice of cake without a spill, you need to narrow at the point to get those tough corner pieces. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.

👤I don't know how I made it this far in life without ever buying a pie server, so I didn't have any experience with what to look for when I bought this one. I made the right decision. The server feels heavy duty and is made of polished steel. The edge of the knife helps cut through the dough. It looks like pictures. I used the dishwasher and washed by hand. It still looks new. I love it! Highly recommended.

4. Fox Run 6093 Cutter Metallic

Fox Run 6093 Cutter Metallic

The wedding cake knife and server set is packaged in a white bottom box with a silver Hampton Link design. There is a clear plastic display cover on the box. This pie and cake server and cutter is perfect for use on holidays, special occassions or everyday to cut and serve your favorite cake, pie, or quiche. The steel construction is polished. The pie and cake server spatula is made of 18/0 STAINLESS steel and has a one-piece construction. The edge is serrated. For cutting. No need to switch between a knife and a spatula when cutting slices of pie, quiche, cake or brownies; the serrated edge makes it easy to cut through slices. The dessert spatula is perfect to cut and serve any baked good, and the other tool is perfect for cutting and serving your favorite cake or pie. There are two tools in one. Measures 9.75 inches long x 2 inches wide at the widest point.

Brand: Fox Run

👤This product was only okay for me. It had the potential to be great, but fell short. The quality is decent but not great. It would have been better if it was more heavy and sturdy, and not so bendable at the handle. They put a sticker on the bottom of it. Not one of those easy peel off stickers, but a hard to get off sticker that left a lot of gummy residue. Just, why?

👤The glue is impossible to remove because the sticker has been there so long. I've tried alcohol, soap, boiling water, and a scotch brite pad and it hasn't budged. It achieved nothing. Don't spend your money on useless junk.

👤The server was a good deal for the money, and the seams worked well, but I was not happy with the sticker on the bottom of it, it had been there for a long time. I've read other reviews of this.

👤The quality is good, but the triangle serving portion is a bit smaller than I was expecting. I like my cake slices bigger.

👤The handle is shiny and good quality. It could be a cheese server because of the sharp cutting edge. If handle had more of an angle, it would be five stars.

👤Does what it should. Solid metal construction. Next time, I'd buy a plastic or neoprene one with a handle.

👤This broke in half as it was slid out of the wrapper. I was completely amazed at how ridiculous it was. I guess it's a classic, "you get what you pay."

👤It's great for cake and pie. The edge is sharp. You don't have to mess with a knife. It's pretty. This price is a great value.

👤It is a nice product and does the job. A bit thin. I guess you get what you pay for. The item was good.

👤Mejor, otra marca. Baja calidad. Un buen pedazo de pastel.

👤All of our pie slices can now be lifted.

👤Cumple su funcin sin problema. Me gusta su limpio. Buen tamao.

👤A good quality cake cutter and pie lifter. Does the job!

5. Seeshine 9 3 Inch Stainless Serving Dishwasher

Seeshine 9 3 Inch Stainless Serving Dishwasher

We hope you enjoy using the sets as much as they do. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, please contact them. These pie cake spatulas are made of heavy metal and are not easy to shake or fall on. The serving utensils are suitable for cakes larger than 12 inches in diameter. Birthday parties and weddings can be had with this choice. The mirror polish and gold color surface is shiny and elegant. The handle is decorated with patterns that make it comfortable to grip and hold. It's suitable for parties, birthday parties, weddings, theme restaurants, camping and other occasions. It is easy to clean and hand wash. Do not use a wire brush or hard sponge to wipe the silverware.

Brand: Seeshine

6. Stainless Servers Cutters Dessert Spatulas

Stainless Servers Cutters Dessert Spatulas

The wedding knife and cake server set is stunning. The package comes with two pieces of pizza cutter, one with serrate and one without, and you can send one to your mother or grandmother. The set has multiple purposes, which will help you cut pies, pizzas, lasagna, cakes, loaves, egg butter, egg pies and other desserts, practical and useful to meeting your different needs. The bilateral cake shovel is about the same size. The non-serrated cake shovel is 25.2 x 6.5 cm/ 9.93 x 2.56 inches. It is convenient for you to operate with 22.8 x 4.8 cm/ 8.98 x 1.89 inches weighing 51 g. The cake pizza shovels are made of quality STAINLESS steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher and will not absorb odor and colors. The pie serving spatula is easy to hold, it is comfortable to hold, and you can control them easily and securely while cooking or decorating food.

Brand: Patelai

👤I tried rubbing the places with my finger to see if the black would come off, but it was the coating that came off in the two pictures that was the problem. There was a black layer underneath the scratches. I'm returning them. Too bad. The price and assortment are not giftable.

👤I don't know how it was used.

👤Came with the chrome missing.

👤It's very comfortable in your hand. It is strong enough to cut through the crust.

👤The job was well done and delivered quickly.

7. Flatware Server Stainless Steel Cutter

Flatware Server Stainless Steel Cutter

It's easy to clear space. The potato cutter has small volume and commercial grade quality, unlike the French fry cutter, which takes too much space. It's easy to clean with water and you don't have to worry about rinsing or rust. You can cut pie slices without damaging delicate pastry. No need to use another tool with the cut & serve spatula. The edge of the cake and pie server runs down both sides so it works for left and right-handed server. The pie knife has a smooth-gloss blade and brushed steel handle. It's dishwasher-safe and can be used for serving cake, quiche, lasagna or pizza.

Brand: Vofo

👤I'm not sure how this got good reviews. It works well for cutting/serving, but the handle emits a plastic-like smell when it's in use.

👤My mom's 25 year old pie server broke and I purchased this for her. She likes this one. It's light and comfortable to hold. The quality is excellent. The edge of the utensil is serrated. Definitely recommend!

👤Every kitchen needs at least 2 of these pie cutter. I already had one but it wasn't enough so I ordered two. I used one of them the day I got them. I liked the cutting edge of the tool and was very happy with it. The handle is very strong. The tool is very well priced. I would only give it to someone who bakes and entertains a lot. It's a great stocking stuffer. I was very pleased with the purchase. Thanks.

👤I'm tired of having to clean and polish my silverware. It's almost as attractive as silver, and it's less expensive to maintain. The pie cutter is attractive, but I wouldn't consider a plastic handle particularly giftable. The serrations are nice, though it would be nice if they extended to the tip, since the dull tip is particularly frustrating, and I used it for lasagna the other day and the dull tip was particularly frustrating. Overall, very happy with this item.

👤A great pie server. America's Test Kitchen tested it and recommended it.

👤This was a pleasant surprise. The slicer is easy to use. I like pie. I have experience slicing pies.

👤I had a very dense cake and it was perfect to cut through. The slicer is strong. I was surprised it was as cheap as it is, but it's great! Definitely recommend!

👤I love my pie server. I lost my favorite pie server. Spending time and love making a pie for someone is worse than using a server that is rigid and flat. The piece of pie is sad. I can now take pride in the presentation and the taste of the pie.

8. Maries Stainless Steel Brownie Spatula

Maries Stainless Steel Brownie Spatula

No-hassle free-replacement guarantee. The spatula is designed to serve the perfect portion of brownies and cakes. Measures 8-1/4-inches by 1-inch. Made of 18/8 steel with a polished finish. The updated design is inspired by a vintage wooden spatula.

Brand: Rsvp

👤It was bought for making cookies. The cookie spatula is the perfect size. The handle was wooden and was starting to fall off, so we had to replace it. It was difficult to find one that didn't have a wooden or plastic handle. This was the only one I could find that looked decent. This is a dish washer safe, that's my favorite thing about it. If you see any spots, they are water spots from washing and not from the product. It feels very sturdy and has a nice design. It came about a week after I ordered it. You can't tell with free shipping. Hope this was helpful.

👤This is the same as the small server my wife bought from Pampered Chef. The steel handle of this one is stronger than the plastic one of the Pampered Chef version. It can be thrown in the dishwasher for cleaning. I have used them multiple times after buying three of them. They seem to be holding up. A very good product.

👤I replaced my Pampered Chef spatulas with these. I didn't think I would ever say I like these more than the Pampered Chef. The handle is a little longer. The handle is very sturdy and I don't think I will have to worry about it coming off like I did with the black plastic ones on the Pampered Chef ones.

👤My flatware drawer has a gorgeous spatula. The chef spatulas we used for ten years were broken one day and we had to get a new one. My husband preferred the small size and lightweight feel of those. He could cut and serve huge chunks of cake and brownies. I chose this spatula after reading several reviews. The head is the same size as the chef's, so the other reviewers are correct. The handle on this one is more substantial and longer. If your previous spatula barely fit in the slot of your drawer organizers, you need to be aware of this. The handle is made of wood. It's not too heavy. It has a simple design and a smooth finish that will compliment your everyday silverware. I am not embarrassed to serve it to my friends or bring it to a gathering because it is so good looking. The old pampered chef was looking a little battered with it's faded black plastic handle. We recently replaced all of our plastic utensils with wood or steel and although it was a bit of an investment, I'm so glad we made the switch! I think this spatula will be a nice complement to my serving piece set. I am very happy with it.

👤This spatula is perfect for baking brownies. I like it. I bought one for myself after using a friends and just recently gave one to another friend. She told me how well it worked. It is small, sturdy and helps get into the smaller spaces without breaking up the baked goods as the larger spatulas do.

👤If you are an elf and you are making hamburgers for your friends, this spatula is a good quality one. I can't imagine a world in which this is an appropriate size for a spatula. The handle is at an angle. Someone might have never heard of spatulas before making this one. We don't find it useful and will be sending it back.

9. Adorox Wedding Acrylic Stainless Crystal

Adorox Wedding Acrylic Stainless Crystal

It's easy to use and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. A 13 inch Serrated Knife and a 10.75 inch server are included in the set. The wedding cake server set is beautiful. The faux crystal handles are made of high-quality plastic. It's a great gift and a great way to remember your special day.

Brand: Adorox

👤These are not good. If I could, I would give zero stars. We decided to swap the first set for the same set because it came all smudged and scratched, and we thought it was a mistake. No, no. The se one set was the same. It was super gross. Both sets were dinged and scratched because of the finger prints and cheap plastic part on the handle. Don't waste your money.

👤The worst thing that could happen. Don't buy! It is very flimsy. It is 2 seconds that we are going to use it. It's okay. I handed it to him and he said to return it. You're correct. I don't think this knife would be able to cut the fondant. We were not expecting high quality for $8, but I believe Walmart or even Family Dollar would have something better. It is very bad. I don't care what the other reviews say.

👤These were so cheap. The plastic is light in weight and has lines on it. It feels cheap. The handle could be made of acrylic. The paint that is on the handle started to peel off when we got out of the box. I think I could find better quality at the dollar store for a buck. I don't feel safe using this product on food because of the silver paint coming off. If you tried to pick up a piece of cake with it, it would break in half. Very disappointed. It's very cheap. Don't buy.

👤I only bought this for the cake cutting photo op at my wedding, and it served its purpose, but the handle broke when we washed it, so we ended up throwing them away. This is a great buy if you don't mind keeping your cake cutting set. If you want something that is good quality, look elsewhere.

👤Disappointed! They are not very expensive. The package was bent and smashed with chunks missing, because it came with scratches all over the handles. Other people had the same problem. You get what you pay for.

👤I used this for the first time to cut a birthday cake. The knife broke when I pushed it into the cake. I was stabbed in my thumb by the splintered glass. The party is ruined if there is bleeding all over the cake. Don't buy this set. It is a piece of junk. I hope I don't need stitches.

👤I wanted a cake cutting set that looked nice but wouldn't break the budget, but this delivered. The job was done on our wedding day. We use it to cut cakes and pies and keep it in our silverware drawer.

👤The serving tool is scratched and the connection between the handle and blade is silver painted plastic, which can't be used for a gift. So angry.

👤Material resistente, de calidad.

10. Server Transfer Triangular Spatula Stainless

Server Transfer Triangular Spatula Stainless

10x wood handle pie cake spatula server The design is triangular-headed. Working ends are comfortable and modern. The wooden handle is skid proof and provides comfort. It cuts through the most delicate pastries without affecting the elegant shape. Commercial quality can be used in restaurants.

Brand: Mengbaobao

👤A nice group of server. I haven't used them yet and only washed them once. The handles bled orange dye or stain in to the dishwater, and the handle on one started to peel for some reason, a tiny bit on one edge. They're good for small pieces of cake or pie.

👤They are very easy to handle and very useful.

👤The handles on the ones I received were bright orange. They don't look like the wood that is pictured. Normally it wouldn't matter, but these were going to be used for a wedding.

👤The wood handles are orange. I washed them in the dish washer. I don't like them. They still served their purpose.

👤Excellent, sturdy, quality. Would order again.

👤These were perfect for the baby shower. Great value!

👤Fantastic staff for pizza. Looks good.

👤The quality is perfect for a pizza party.

👤It looks like a good value for the money.

11. All Clad Stainless Steel Server Silver

All Clad Stainless Steel Server Silver

The user manual is included. It takes less than 3 minutes. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth. A wide base and solid edges make it easier to serve pies and cakes. The All-Clad cookware is made from ultra-durable STAINLESS STEEL and has a stylish mirror-polished finish. The handles are the same as their cookware. The piece is 10 inches in length so it can provide leverage for cooking while not being too big for serving at the table.

Brand: All-clad

👤This thing can lift cake. I can't think of anything more important than cake and pie. You could use it for cookies, but you have to use your fingers. I don't recommend using a trowel for laying bricks.

👤This pie server is said to be flimsy by the top review. It's not the least bit flimsy. I can't bend it. It's beautiful and would make a great gift for people who don't know pie server exist, but would use it if they did.

👤Simple and classy appearance. The downside? It doesn't meet the same standards as our other All-Clad utensils. The measuring cups and spoons we have are very sturdy. This feels cheap and flimsy. We were disappointed by the lack of heft. It's decent at $10 I'd look for something sturdier if this matches what I want.

👤I read that the pie server was flimsy. If you tried, you could bend it. I wouldn't call it flimsy. It has enough spring to slide under the pie and angle the point. It works for me.

👤The All-Clad utensils are all top notch. It should last a lifetime. I have a lot of All-Clad cookware and utensils. The cookware is made in the USA and the utensils are made in China. All-Clad must have good quality control in their Chinese operations if that is true.

👤I've been postponing replacing my old pie server for a while. I had a one that broke off where the handle meets the wedge. I bought a set of All-Clad utensils that came with a holder and a couple of additional utensils that were not included. I was looking for a spatula and found this pie server. I decided to buy it. I hope it lasts as long as my pie. I guess you get what you pay for. It lasted about 4 years, but my husband cooks pies a lot and I can tell that this one is better than my old one that snapped.

👤Thank you for this, it arrived within three days. This server is heavy, beautifully balanced, and designed to smoothly slip beneath a piece of pie and lift it out intact and beautiful for presentation. It would be a lovely gift. I will buy another one year from now. It's pretty good to serve with formal dining service and at a bargain price.

👤The pie server is simple and beautiful. I feel that it is a bit small.

👤It was gorgeous and lovely. All-Clad has the best stuff.

👤Overall it is a nice shape and sturdy, but I would like it to be bigger.

👤El cortador de pastel, pay, flan, and other items se ve un elegante por lo pulido del acero.

👤It is a good gift.

👤It was only used a few times, but it looks good.


What is the best product for cake server spatula?

Cake server spatula products from Berglander. In this article about cake server spatula you can see why people choose the product. Gogeili and Orblue are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake server spatula.

What are the best brands for cake server spatula?

Berglander, Gogeili and Orblue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake server spatula. Find the detail in this article. Fox Run, Seeshine and Patelai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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