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1. BGFKS Fluffy Cotton Toddler Headband

BGFKS Fluffy Cotton Toddler Headband

One tutu, one artificial flower headband, and one tulle flower headband are included. 0-6 months, Length: 7.1", Waist: 14.2", 6-12 months, Length: 7.9", 1-2T, Length:8.7", Waist:15.7" The tutu skirt is made of soft and fluffy tulle and has a diaper cover. The headband made by 5 pieces of artificial flowers is pretty for a baby. Birthday party, newborn photography outfit sets, baby girl's gift,Cake smash,Daily casual skirt. Your toddler girl will be a pretty princess with the tutu and headband.

Brand: Bgfks

👤It is soft and fluffy. It looks really cute.

👤Absolutely perfect! The quality, the fluffiness, everything, I am so impressed. There were two headbands that came with mine. Both are great, but one is softer. It was a perfect stretch to fit around her head. I have a thin, long baby and this tutu fits slightly loose around the waist, but doesn't fall off. She doesn't have to get in the way of crawling. I can't say enough good things. The outfit was perfect for the first birthday.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's birthday. It is soft and not short. It has a diaper cover sewn into it instead of a thin fabric under it. It had 2 headbands, a floral picture and a pink flower headband. I hung it to dry after washing it on a delicate cycle. It's great for the price and will look great on my daughter.

👤I love the quality of this tutu. It's pretty and soft. My baby is not quite 4 lbs. She's in the hospital, but healthy. It appears to be a 3-6m size. I washed it and it still looks great.

👤So cute! The tutu volume was given by a good amount of material. I bought the 1-2 yo size for my daughter's birthday. She is 19lb. It will fit, maybe a tad big but will do! Looking forward to her birthday.

👤I have bought a lot of baby stuff on Amazon recently and a lot of it isn't worth trying out if it isn't a brand I've heard of. This looks like the pictures. I am excited to take pictures of babies. I think it may be small. It is nothing to really worry about. I would steam the bow and work on your bow making skills before the photo shoot because the bow came a little folded up. I think it is worth more than the price point.

👤I ordered two sets of diaper cakes for my family. These came in two days as advertised. They were full and soft. The headbands were soft and beautiful. I put the cakes on top of the headbands. I put the middle layer inside the panty. I took a picture and forgot to turn it upside down, so one looks fluffier than the other. It's easy to do.

👤I have seen tutus in stores, but this one is very cute and full. The seller was quick to respond to my issue after I bought it again. The second one came with all the pieces, after I sent it back. I was very happy with the purchase.

2. Bingoshine Layered Photography Colorful Headband

Bingoshine Layered Photography Colorful Headband

A tutu and headband are included. Size S:Wasit(8.4"-14.5") For a period of 24 months. The fabric was made from polyester and satin. It is easy to wash soft and fluffy tulle. A great gift for a one year old birthday party is photo props costume outfits.

Brand: Bgfks

👤I was worried that it wouldn't fit my daughter since it was only one size for infants to 24 months, but the small fit perfectly and she's between 24 months and 3 months, so I was happy. The colors were bright and flowed well as she danced.

👤The tutu is made with high quality materials. The waist band can fit as small as a newborn and up to a 1 year old. The head band is too large for a 1 year old or a toddler. I love that the skirt can be used for each milestone until a first birthday, and it is still very beautiful.

👤This is not a tutu, as you can see in the photo. It was exactly what the photo looked like. It did not have a hair bow. Did the company expect me to make a tutu out of this material? I am super pissed. My daughter was supposed to have her 2nd birthday in 3 days.

👤This is a skirt. The skirt is good quality, the fabric is not wrinkled up from packaging, and there is a good quality at the bottom of the skirt. It will require a onesie or a pair of shorts underneath as each color section is attached separately to the waistband and will open and separate when moving. The skirt is not a shirt or top.

👤The skirt is cute. We had a baby that was not a rainbow baby. I may have missed a key note, but it's important to know. Your little Princess has something other than a diaper on underneath, because the panels on the tulle are not connected. The tulle is soft and the trim is expensive.

👤The skirt and bow was perfect. The colors look great for the cake smash photos. The elastic band on the bow was too big for my 11 month old daughter's head. It kept slipping, but only slightly. The fallen bow over one eye made for some really cute photos.

👤Our little princess will like this. I think it will work well for toddler activity. Got the pinks. There is a variety of pink. She likes pink and it was hard to resist the rainbow.

👤The skirt looked better in person than it did in the photos. The fabric has the right amount of weight to it for the skirt to have volume, instead of being just a limp rendition of a tutu skirt. I wanted to have it even fuller, so I added a tutu underneath. It would have been fine without it. I would recommend this purchase to anyone looking to buy a rainbow tutu for their little girl.

3. Birthday Outfits Newborn Christmas Headband

Birthday Outfits Newborn Christmas Headband

Baby girl Half / First / Second Birthday outfit polka dots clothes set made of Cotton + Polyester, feel smooth soft to the touch, comfortable to wear. The romper + tutu skirt is part of a set that includes a headband. If you want to throw a cartoon themed half birthday party for your daughter, their polka dots mouse cake smash outfit photo props party supply costume is a good choice. The Love Heart print at bodysuit is perfect for creating a beautiful memory of 6 months birthday. The cute mouse romper has a shiny word "It's My Half Birthday", a lovely polka dots bowknot and a love heart pattern at the front. The playsuit has O neck and lapped shoulders. Cute princess half birthday outfit, shiny sequin smash cake outfits, and 1/2 birthday outfit girl make your little girl the star of 1/2 bday party! A newborn baby girl is coming home clothes set with a mini tutu skirt and headband. A multi-layers tutu skirt has a cotton lining. There are adorable headwear, elastic band style, adorned with shining gold bow knot, matching colors with the polka dot skirt, and lovely hair accessories for girls. Half birthday smash cake outfit wedding dress baby baptism outfit and baby christening outfit for infant girls, suits for 6 months old babies are available. To pick the right size, please check the actual measurement. A best choice for newborn gift, coming home party, fancy Wild One birthday, baby shower gift, Daddy mommy baby girl casual outfits, wedding, festival, summer hawaiian holiday photo shooting or any special occasions. Birthday gift for your friends. Best birthday gifts for your little girl are theAdorable babies kids girls 1/2 birthday tulle skirt clothing set. It's suitable for a 1st birthday party smash cake, birthday photo sessions, photography props, photo shoot, baby shower gifts, wedding party, holiday, ceremony, baptism, first pageant, evening, parties, family picture taking, family gathering.

Brand: Imekis

👤It was well made. It is true to size. Good value for money. My daughter looked great for her first birthday. I don't have any complaints.

👤I would have given this outfit 5 stars, but there were a few problems. I'll start with what I liked. Everything was brand new and well made. I was worried that the polka dots and letters would detach, but they were a part of the clothing, so that was good. The skirt was very poofy. It wasn't limp, but it wasn't comfortable. The description said it was easy to wash, but the tags on the clothes suggested dry cleaning. That is easy. The symbols said I could wash it. I didn't want to ruin the glitter letters. It was fine after a spin in my dryer. The onsie is not very soft for babies and is made of 100% cotton. I don't know what cotton feels like, but it's not suitable for all day wear. I had to unfasten the onsie and lift it up to take pictures because the birthday was covered by the skirt. The pictures were great. Photographs are great, but not soft for baby skin. If you're going to use it for a party, I'd make a backup outfit.

👤The quality is not great but there is a good chance my daughter will fit in. The skirt is small for a baby. My daughter is going to be 1 in 14 days and I don't know what to do.

👤The outfit is cute and worth it for the price, but only if your baby is average or below in size. I ordered a "1T" for my party but it was too small. It's upsetting to see that there is only one size available for 1st birthday. Some children are the same size. If you had options on size, you would be more profitable. The shirt is too tight on my baby who wears onsies. The pinks were cute. If it fit, I would have kept it.

👤Es perfecto, pero I t bebĂ© es 12 meses. It's a good thing.

👤There should be different size options for each number. We needed the one saying but we needed it in a bigger size for my daughter's 1st birthday. It fit her. She wears a size 2t. The size 2t says two on it. Some babies are the same size. Cute outfit, needs more options.

👤The product arrived in 3 days and I loved it, but I had to put shorts under the tutu because we were going to jump around. I ordered the ears, tutu and shirt size 2t.

👤This fit my child perfectly. She looked very cute. This was what I was looking for. If I ordered on the website. I would have paid more than the price.

4. Dancina Smash Outfit Girls Months

Dancina Smash Outfit Girls Months

The material is soft and non-scratchy. The fit was perfect with no marks on the waist. The elastic waistband will stay on your princess without leaving a mark. It's a baby tutu, it will look small out of the package, but please make sure you try it on your little one, because it's very high perfect fit % and they want you to be happy. Dancina tutus are easy to wash. One quick wash under cold water and the cake stains are gone. It will be crease-free if you hang it to dry. Perfect 1st Birthday Outfit! Thousands of customers have used Dancina's tutus in beautiful photos at first birthday and cake smash parties. Before placing your order, please refer to the size charts in the images and product description.

Brand: Dancina

👤It is amazing! I had to fold the layers in half and make the skirt half the length because my dog would step on it, but you probably won't need to do that. It's great quality. Your child will like it.

👤I ordered the "Pink Champagne" which looked like ivory and had a small hint of pink. The tutu I received is the color of "Rose Gold", even though the packaging says Pink Champagne. I like the tutu, but I'm not sure if the pictures are misleading or if there was a mixup. The layers are plentiful, so it looks full. I bought a 6-24 month size for my child. She is tall and skinny, but it works for her. It will fit a wide range of sizes because of the large amount of stretch, and it doesn't dig in when stretched.

👤This tutu is adorable. I love it. I used it on a diaper cake for my sister's baby shower and it was a huge hit. The pink tutu is a classic light pink. A great color for a baby girl. The tutu is made out of a soft material that is gentle to the touch and won't scratch orirritate baby's sensitive skin, unlike many of the cheaper tutus are. I don't think the tutu would be see-through if someone wore it. When you first see the tutu, it is small, but it has elastic at the waist and is large. It should fit my niece for a long time. This tutu was perfect for my project because it was perfect for my first diaper cake. I bought size 2 diapers to make my cake so that the baby will fit into the tutu at the same time that she is fitting into the size 2 diapers, because the tutu is for children 6+ months. To see this tutu, please see my picture of the diaper cake. I recommend it for anyone looking for a tutu for their child or for dress-up clothing.

👤My 11yo had an idea for a costume. Some pieces had to be pieced together. This tutu was perfect for us and we needed it. She is tall and thin, so I was a little worried about her size. She would have most things on her. This tutu is perfect. It was made well, but the white is not visible. We had other pieces to use underneath. You wouldn't be able to go without something. The tutu was very nice.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this skirt. I didn't want my daughter to run around in a barely-there tutu while wearing her Halloween costume. I bought it because another mother posted that if fit her daughter to her knees. The L fits my daughter just above her knee. I am happy with the quality of the tutu. If I had, I would buy another one.

👤The nice thing about this is that she didn't need to protect her legs from it, because it was so soft. It was cute under the dress, but could also be used on its own. The elastic at the waist has a lot of give, so should fit for a long time, and was very soft for a comfortable fit. Measure for the right size. We got the large and it was perfect. My 8 year old would have been teensy with the small. If we need a colored crinoline, we will purchase again.

5. TTYAOVO Birthday Unicorn Outfits Headband

TTYAOVO Birthday Unicorn Outfits Headband

The cotton is used in fashion designs for girls. Pckage has a headband, romper, and tutu skirt. The romper has a printed "Hello Word" in the middle of it, shorts with a multi-layer tutu design and a soft hemline. It'll be the best gift for your little girls if you make them more attractive. The headband is decorated with a flower. It's perfect for a birthday party, wedding, holiday party, ceremony or other special occasion. The shorts have a waist design, no worry about the size. The parcel has a headband and shorts.

Brand: Ttyaovo

👤The fit was good. I have a small 1 year old, 17 lbs, but she is long so it fit perfect and I can't complain. Way. Also. Cute!

👤My baby is 1st birthday. The fit was perfect, though the tutu did keep riding up a bit so you couldn't see the "one" written on the bottom half of the onesie, but still beyond cute. I loved it. It is my fault that the tutu is ruined now, in case you don't know better, don't wash it. The fabric is what it is, so should have known better.

👤I was not sure how this product would be since it was cheap, but it was really good. This was the same quality product that I have brought before for my other daughters. I have a small 12M old (9M clothes too small barely and 12M a little bit baggy) and this fit her perfectly. I am sad I am not able to buy one for my niece who is 6 days younger than me and wearing 18M clothes. It is only 1 or 2 years in size. If you have a bigger baby, this might not fit. It is a body suit and tutu.

👤This outfit is adorable. My daughter is small for her age, but it was big on her. I'm not surprised. A lot of onesies are if they aren't worn alone and the tutu covers up the onesie which is a bit stinks. It was an added bonus that she liked playing with the tutu. I didn't put the headband on her because she didn't want it on her head, but I bought her a separate crown.

👤I ordered in advance and was not relying on prime 2 day shipping. The headband is very cheap and it stretches nicely. The tutu needs a steam way to wrinkly and the onesie is not a size 12 months. I think it was cheap. I guess that's why it was so cheap.

👤I ordered this outfit for my daughter's first birthday. I received it two days after I received it. The colors were vibrant and true as shown in the picture. The fit was perfect, but I was afraid because it said 1T. The head band was missing the middle bow, which was so noticeable. What a disgusting thing! Should I return and purchase again if it is here in time for her pictures? Or just use another bow? It was almost perfect.

👤I love this outfit, I got tons of compliment on it. There are only bad things. There are flowers on the front of the onsie and headband. Two people fell at the party. 2. The button snaps are too close to each other. If it's a snug fit on your little, it could make for an uncomfortable crotch.

👤The quality is not good, I received it with the bows coming off and the hairbow was stuck onto the other side of the headband. I had to rip it to put it on her. There was glue on the side of the band. I could hide it. You can't see much of the letters because of the glitter coming off. It was cheap, but I might have spent more if I had gotten better quality. She looked cute, but I had to repair some stuff and the onesie went in the trash.

6. Threadrock Taquito Bodysuit T Shirt Matching

Threadrock Taquito Bodysuit T Shirt Matching

Dad and baby matching set from Threadrock. The bodysuit is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, 1x1 baby rib, and a three-snap closure. The men's tee is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a rib knit collar. A matching clothing set for the taco lover dad and his small taco son or daughter.

Brand: Threadrock

👤The baby onesie does run a little on the small side, but I love how it looks. If my son was already born, it would have been a bad thing, but we have time and we're excited to see them wearing these together!

👤We are expecting our first here soon. It is not a true father and son relationship without matching shirts. The shirts are soft and seem high quality. Tshirt fits, not sure about the onesie.

👤Fit was what was expected. The problem occurred when we washed it. We did a cold water cycle and the shirt seemed to shrink. Come on. It was the first wash. Would not buy again.

👤The cotton is great. I ordered the father-son combo mid week and received it on time for Father's Day.

👤It fits my husband who is 6 ft and 235 lbs. Our son was 5 months old. I ordered the 6 month option.

👤This set is adorable. I bought it for my husband on Father's Day.

👤Overall, it was really good, but it was a little small. The shirt is perfect for our son.

👤It was a cute way to tell him we were expecting a taquito and he absolutely loves his shirt. It's the same size as a normal Tshirt. Will shrink in the wash. Overall it was really nicely made.

7. LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

Birthday candles are made of smokeless wax. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is easy to insert and light. Burning evenly and consistently. Number candles can be used for any celebration. A person added to the party. Happy birthday candles come in gold vivid color and glow bright in dark light. Stand out with your birthday cake. One birthday candle is ideal for those who want to keep her mystery, and you can choose any number from 0-9. The length and weight are perfect. The number is 2in. The total height is 5in. The cake has gold number candles on it. Make sure. The size of your cake is related to the size of their candle. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning.

Brand: Luter

👤This candle is small. It is 5 inches in height. The candle is 2 inches in diameter and the stick is 3 inches. I should have read the description better because $6 is a steep price to pay. It's not a good idea to return it. I found a larger candle at my local party store for $2.

👤It worked out perfectly. It was stuck in our suitcase to use on my daughters cake. It was fine. I looked great with the cake.

👤The candle is bright and golden. I like that it is small and not too big so that it won't be noticed. I like that it has a long stem, it's perfect from my multi layer cake.

👤This is the second time I have ordered a candle from this seller and I was not disappointed. The tiny box is kept in perfect condition during delivery. The gold numbers are of great quality. Definitely worth the money and will buy again.

👤The candle is much smaller than I anticipated. I thought the candle size was the only thing listed, but the stick is also included. It worked in the end but it was overpriced. It was not cheap, but it was sturdy. The only other thing listed is glitter, but it's not glitter. Again, it worked, but it was misleading and overpriced.

👤Most bday candles are the worst because of the nasty wax drips. They were wrapped in foam and had a small box with each candle. I will definitely buy again.

👤Really cute design. The number is flawed with small dents, but it comes in plastic packaging to protect from damage. This is a pretty deep gold.

👤I liked the way this candle looked and it was very well made. The reason I give it 3 stars is that I received a #2 in a labeled box. I didn't have time to get a new one or send one back. I was able to get a full refund. If the correct number came in, it would be 5 stars.

👤Nice looking but overpriced. My husband got it from the Card Factory for 89p.

👤Preis ist meiner Meinung. Tropft in den Kuchen und deshalb gleiche.

👤I was schade gefunden.

👤Weil beispiel,

8. BGFKS Layered Toddlers Headband Months

BGFKS Layered Toddlers Headband Months

A tutu skirt and a diamond headband are included. There are a pair of hairties. The elastic waistband of the 5 layers of high quality tulle can fit baby girls 0-36 months. A tutu for a princess. There are colors of rainbow,Rose,Black,White,Purple,orange,Pink,green,red,blue,dark blue,yellow, light blue,gray,coffee... It's suitable for:Birthday party,Beautiful party/ photo shoot skirt, Dance tutu, baby girls' gift... Hand-wash, air-dry.

Brand: Bgfks

👤I loved this tutu. My baby girl was cute and stylish. The bow set it off.

👤It's perfect for my daughters. As she grows, she will have lots of stretch for future use.

👤I only used half of it. I cut the bottom. It is of great quality. I would use it on a real baby. There was a black bow and a head band. I didn't use it on the baby shower prop. The seller described it. Happy customer.

👤I loved it! I got it for my daughters. Birthday. It was perfect, it fit well, and it was cute. I didn't use the bow because I had a crown, but it fit well.

👤My daughter is 6 weeks old and she is wearing a cute skirt. The end of the skirt is coming undone and I'm not happy about it. I don't think it will last through Saint Patrick's day.

👤Twin granddaughters will be wearing red and yellow for Halloween. There are two small bows for braids or pigtails.

👤Fotos de 10 meses de mi nieta, para tela, are perfecto. Actualizacin. Hermoso y perfecto.

9. Bump Beyond Designs Birthday Trendy

Bump Beyond Designs Birthday Trendy

Who is the prettiest one-year-old around? The gold glitter heart first birthday shirt is for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or goddaughter. The perfect onesie for your little girl to wear on her special day or all year-round is this comfortable, trendy and fashionable outfit. Save 20% on your order of 2 or more outfits. Their entire closet has great shirts, bodysuits and more for kids, toddlers and youth. Their bodysuits are made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, double-needle ribbed binding on the neck, reinforced 3-snap closure on the binding, and glitter vinyl decals that won't peel, crack, or fade even after repeated washes! First Birthday Girl Outfit is professionally created by Bump and Beyond. First Birthday Girl Outfit is professionally created by Bump and Beyond.

Brand: Bump And Beyond Designs

👤It's super cute. I loved this for her first birthday party, but I wish the collar or sleeves were less gender neutral. The pics might help you guess better. The pink onesie is a 12 month size. I ordered a larger size. The product has been washed and dried and is very likely smaller than new. The product fit my girl well. It will probably be a tad too snug for one more month.

👤My daughter's first birthday is when I got this. Obviously. It's cute but not as big as I was expecting. She's just starting to outgrow 3-6 month sizes and will move into 6-9 month sizes in Carter's and Burt's Bees, so I thought there would be plenty of room in it. If she was any bigger, it would have been too small. She wears cloth diapers, so that makes things a little different, but she's not in 12 month sizes for anything. I put a disposable diaper on her. Not everyone can downsize from cloth to disposable like we were able to do, so I would suggest sizing up.

👤I don't know how it will hold up, but it will fit my daughter's 1 year photos. My daughter is run of the mill 50th percentile and the length of her first year is almost too tight around her legs. I am getting her pictures done next week, but I don't think they will last more than a year. If you have a child, I would suggest that they be sized up or down.

👤The onesie is cute. It looks the same. I was worried that it might have glitter on it, but it's just a decals. My daughter wears 12 to 18 mths now and it fit perfectly, I got the 12 to 18 months for her. It seems to run large so keep that in mind. I would buy it again.

👤The shirt is gold. Depending on the lighting... I opened the package in my car and it looked like it was in my house. There is a rainbow of glitter. My daughter is going to have a party with pink, gold and white colors. I need the gold to stand out in her pictures even if she's at a different location. I returned it because I didn't open the packaging to check the size.

👤The onesie was pretty. It is supposed to be for 18 months. I think it is really small. I have an Old Navy onesie next to it, so you can see the comparison. My daughter didn't end up being buttoned all the way.

👤Absolutely adorable! There is a lot of glittery colors in the light. Love, love, love! I expedited it and it was only $1 more than regular shipping. It still has room, I ordered 12mo sz. My baby isn't a small girl, so I recommend ordering a sz down.

👤This design works for any gender. The sparkles are shiny and don't fall off when you touch a letter. It is true to size for my little one. This will be great for a birthday photo shoot.

10. MEMOVAN Characters Figurines Collection Decoration

MEMOVAN Characters Figurines Collection Decoration

We listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality. 12PCS Winnie The Pooh cake toppers include 1 Pooh Bear. 1PC Tigger. Piglet 2PCS 5''Gold Confetti Balloons cake toppers. The design is cute and bright. You will be impressed by the level of detail in these figurines. Winnie The Pooh Action Figure is a toy. These Winnie The Pooh cake ornaments are great for decorating the Winnie. There are Pooh party supplies. It is great as a cupcake topping. It was a good choice as the boy's girl's gift. It is lovely as your office desk centerpiece decorations. The toy collection is for children. The figures are around 3 inches tall and work well on cupcakes or cakes of up to 12 inches. Bring your kids to a real Winnie the Pooh life with these cartoon character cake toppers. As the adventure continues in your own home, let your kid make their own stories. It will be a great party for your children. Premium quality materials make these cake toppers safe for kids and grown ups. They are great for cupcakes, birthday cakes and more. If you have a question about their product, please purchase with confidence and they will give you a 100% money refund or replace. Please visit MEMOVAN for more products.

Brand: Memovan

👤The figurines are not made of plastic. These are more like bath toys. The items pictured on the listing are not of the quality I expected.

👤The toys were good. The theme was a big hit and this product didn't miss a beat. It was over $100 for fondon characters. These were a great value. I did wash before using it. I only used the figurines in the packet because of the confetti in the balloons. I would recommend it. I will be using bath toys as well.

👤The figurines are not quite as detailed or cute as the photo shows. It is good but less expensive than pictured. It's still nice. There are balloons that need to be blown up. I'm not sure how easy that is to do because this was a gift.

👤Cute cake toppers! I was very pleased and they looked great.

👤We wanted a cake for my son's birthday. It was so beautiful with the cake decorations.

👤It was easy to decorate the top of the cake with the bee hive balloons. I added some sprinkles to complete the cake. Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet can be kept as toys. The little granddaughter and her sister were very excited about the cake.

👤I didn't know this was a cake decoration. Each item is really cute and I was able to use them individually. Just know it's a cake accessory.

👤I used these for a 8' cake as a top and also used the bees it came with. I didn't use them on this order.

11. BGFKS Girls Cotton Diaper Birthday

BGFKS Girls Cotton Diaper Birthday

The waist is elastic. One tutu, one birthday crown, and one necklace are included. For 1 year old, length is 7.9 and Waist is 15. The tutu skirt is made of soft and fluffy tulle and has a diaper cover. The elastic waist can fit a baby. A baby girl birthday gift. The tutu aslo is a casual skirt. A colorful birthday crown and tutu will make your toddler girl happy.

Brand: Bgfks

👤The hat was cute but had a black mark on it. Black stuff on pearls made them smell bad. I am not sure if it was old cake or mold. It was very hot when I ran and I had to clean it. The tutu was new and cute. I thought the photo shoot was cute. I am a little disappointed that it was used.

👤This is a perfect outfit for a 1st birthday. The hat stays on perfectly, and the tutu is poofy, but not too much where the baby can't crawl. The pearls are a little heavy and big, but I think they look great in the pictures and my niece loved them.

👤The product is cute and looks like it should be based on the picture. Quality control measures need to be put in place. I received a return that was obvious. The tutu was wet when I took it out of the package. I found a gross hair tie with the crown.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's birthday. I was impressed with the quality. The tutu material was soft and full and the crown stood up to a 1 year old and her sisters, who were fighting over it. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The quality for the price is excellent. I love this shade of pink. It is actually soft. The crown is well made. Despite her throwing them around and chewing on them they didn't break. Can you pair the tutu with a t-shirt? The underwear is attached to the tutu. I had to tie the bow on the tutu a few times, but it was not a big deal. She loved it so much that she left it on for the entire birthday and only used it for the cake smash. I have a 12 month old. It's true to size.

👤The tutu is very soft and high quality. The bow fell off. It was a simple fix and didn't affect the look. The crown is very cute. The pearls were the same. I received a flower head band which is very high quality. The bits are expensive looking at them. Very happy with the purchase.

👤If I got the pearl necklace, I would give it 5 stars. You don't get the pearl necklace. We had a back up. It's great for first birthdays. My baby is 23 pounds.

👤I'm so upset with Amazon. I ordered this for my daughter's birthday. There was a plastic bag over the items. The tutu and crown were soaked in black mold inside the bag. The bag and box were dry. The items were put in a bag and sealed.


What is the best product for cake smash outfit girl bee?

Cake smash outfit girl bee products from Bgfks. In this article about cake smash outfit girl bee you can see why people choose the product. Bgfks and Imekis are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake smash outfit girl bee.

What are the best brands for cake smash outfit girl bee?

Bgfks, Bgfks and Imekis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake smash outfit girl bee. Find the detail in this article. Dancina, Ttyaovo and Threadrock are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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