Best Cake Stand with Dome Glass

Dome 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Barski Euorpean Quality Diameter Europe

Barski Euorpean Quality Diameter Europe

The glass cover and marble base are easy to clean. It is recommended to wash the stand with warm soapy water, but not put it in the dishwasher. Finest european quality glass for clarity and sparkle. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with any décor. The exterior diameter is 11.5 and the interior is 7.8. It's a perfect gift for someone special.

Brand: Barski

👤The cake dome is not perfect. I have to return it. I put it on top of my cake plate. The inside dimensions of my cake plate are 11 6/8" so I thought this dome would fit perfectly. The exterior dimensions are 11 7/8". It is too big. I thought it was very thin. It was the same thickness as a wine glass. I'm looking for something bigger.

👤I bought this for the size more than the style and it is an attractive design. The glass is strong. There are no flaws or bubbles on my cover. There is plenty of room for tall cakes because it does not have a sloped top. The thing was packed so well that I believe the delivery service would pithed it over my fence and ruin it. I think the price is more than I would pay for an equivalent product in my area. Since I couldn't find a 12” cover locally, that's not a big deal.

👤The cover holds two or three loaves of bread. I may give it away and get a 10 because it's too big for me. I was looking for something bigger than this cover. I just wanted something heavier, the weight is ok. To wash, dry, and show cakes, breads under this cover is easy. A nice size for a family who does a lot of celebrations. I found a small cake plate under the dome, but I don't need something that large. If you need a bigger cover, this is fairly tall, it would hold three tier cake if it didn't have flowers on top. I like it.

👤The cake lid is big enough for a full size cake.

👤I love this cake dome. It is beautiful. They should make one about 2 inches in diameter larger. This is the largest I have found. Highly recommended!

👤Simple, elegant and quality. I am very happy with this purchase. I didn't know what shape I wanted but this one looks perfect.

👤The cake domes arrived quickly. I bought them because they fit around the outer edge of my Fiestaware pizza plate. I thought the glass was thick enough for the price and size. It seems pretty fragile. I would buy it again because domes of this size are hard to find.

👤We love it! It is large enough to hold all our treats.

2. DOITOOL Plastic Display Serving Platter

DOITOOL Plastic Display Serving Platter

It is a good gift to give to your friends or family. Storage of your cake and salad is greatly improved by a suitable size cake display dome. It can keep your food clean and sanitary. The butter dish is dome tray. The handle is suitable for human hands. The cheese cloche dome is made of cheese. A cake display dome is portable and can be used for a long time. Can be used to cover your food. The cake dome is being served. The material is very wear- resistant and sturdy for long serving time. The tent has a food cover.

Brand: Doitool

👤There were about ten different pieces that were broken.

3. MyGift 11 Inch Rotating Turntable Display

MyGift 11 Inch Rotating Turntable Display

Their cake and cookie stand is made of walnuts and has a smooth finish that adds to its sleek appearance. It will become a part of your hosting essentials. Buy with confidence. The lazy susan cake and dessert display stand has a glass dome lid. The rotating design allows you to serve food to your family, friends and customers. It's great for displaying cakes, desserts, appetizers, cheeses, and much more. It's ideal for use in bakeries, cafes, parties, weddings, and other social gatherings. The dimensions are 8.0 H x 11.0 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤The design did a great job of housing smelly soft cheeses for about 3 months. If the join lines allow, we can see light through the cracked wooden tray. We only washed it and let it dry. The glue between the wooden pieces came apart because the tray is very thin. Why are there two stars instead of one? I need to find a replacement round tray for the 10" bell because it is still perfectly fine.

👤The website says it is 11x8 inches, but the actual clearance in the dome is only 5 inches. There are 8 inches on the glass knot on top, but not in the functional area of the cover. The dimensions of the cake stand and lazy susan are important.

👤I really like this item. The product is good. The dome is large. Light weight glass is durable. The base is easy to clean. It is a great display for the kitchen table.

👤I wanted something better looking than a plastic container to hold baked goods and cloche fits the bill. It is a nice size and looks great in my kitchen. I'm happy with it. I looked at many others but decided on this one.

👤It is a decent size. The cutting board underneath makes it very convenient to store bread. It would be less so for cakes and sticky pastries. Quality is cheap and probably won't take a lot of abuse, but it's fine for our needs.

👤The cake plate looks great in my counter and I wanted to love it. The problem is that the wood is cracked after being washed and used twice. The reurn window is already closed. Very disappointed.

👤I use my cheese dome almost completely. I keep it in the fridge as a permanent container, so that I can keep fresh the blocks of cheese and meat I usually have at any given time. The glass is light and thin and adds to the peace. It needs to be handled with care.

👤It was pulled out. It was adorable. I washed it and dried it and it shattered. How is that possible? I didn't hit it or anything. I was careful. Not happy with the purchase. Product stinks.

👤I think you get what you pay for. The top glass is lighter than you might think. It is fine.

4. Table Concept Cake Stand Housewarming

Table Concept Cake Stand Housewarming

Stable performance: these cake stands are lightweight and strong, you can easily display them where you want, they don't break or deform easily, and you can use them multiple times. The metal cake stand server plate and dome brings sophistication and warmth to any home decor. It's great for decorating cake and serving it. The platter is comfortable in hand when serving or passing. A shatterproof dome is great for indoors or outdoors. The ball top lid is comfortable to hold. A perfect cake stand for use in a formal setting or at a pool party. The cake plate has a dimensions of 11.5" dia. It's a wonderful gift for a new home.

Brand: Table Concept

👤It does a good job. It's what I wanted, but I think it's a bit overpriced.

👤It's the perfect addition to my kitchen counter tops.

5. Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Premium crystal-clear plastic. A dishwasher safe. This lightweight serving stand is easy to carry and clean, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It looks like real glass. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be Inverted for a sectional chip n' dip server. The cake stand with dome lid, salad bowl, server, chips and dip platter, and pie serving dish can be used with 3 parts. It's great for holidays, parties, entertaining and everyday use.

Brand: Tebery

👤This is made of plastic that is easy to clean. It's multi-functionality is something that I like, as you would have to buy multiple products to equal just one. It's a cake plate, a serving platter, a punch bowl, a salad bowl, and the "dip cup" detaches from it and could be used independently for holding salsa or other condiments. I used it to hold my cakes. I rigged up a little set-up to make sure the top didn't touch when closed. It's a good product. I don't have a dishwasher so I don't know if it's dishwasher safe. I wasn't worried about that, but it cleans very easily and is sturdy.

👤The dome's internal diameter is more than 10 feet, not 12 as was claimed. The stand is similar to the other plastic stands, but is too small for me. It took me 30 seconds to grab a ruler and measure. Minus three stars for providing misleading information.

👤The cake stand is made of plastic. I thought it was glass, so I read it wrong. I need to wear my glasses more often. It is not worth $30.

👤It was received on December 12th. When the crack was present, it only got as far as one bundt cake. I knew I would have this for a long time so I used a plasic butter knife to cut. I need a replacement for the multifunction. I have another event in January. It will leak with the dip, and as you can see it started from the center, it may need to be reinforced. I purchased it because of the possibilities. Please let me know how we can resolve this.

👤It's light and nice. I was looking for a plate that was covered. I didn't want something that was heavy. I didn't want something that was breakable. It's not as pretty as a glass or crystal cake plate, but it still looks nice. This can be used as a covered vegetable and dip tray at a BBQ with the stress of someone dropping the dome and breaking it. I highly recommend it.

👤I needed a cake platter for my cooking class. It worked well when I was making the cake. It was easy to store the cake. There were no cracks in the product when I washed it. I put a cake on it and noticed a crack on the platter piece. I thought I had been a little overzealous in cutting the cake, and that I would be a little nicer in the future. After not touching the cake or platter for two days, I noticed two cracks in the platter that were not close to the original crack. It was rather disappointing.

👤I love it! It scratches easily, but it still works. I was tall enough to put a double layer cake inside. I have not used it for anything other than a cake. I am excited to have a get-together after the Covid as it will be perfect for Appetizers as well. It was worth the money.

6. Industrial Medium Desert Dessert Display

Industrial Medium Desert Dessert Display

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion, from barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. Most major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The diameter is 814 inches and the height is 7 inches. The metal base and glass dome are included. The material is metal and glass. It's safe for food's cover.

Brand: Colonial Tin Works

👤I like the package so far. I was surprised by how small it is, but it is the color I was looking for to match my home decor.

👤The little glass dome is as advertised. The little glass dome has a different look than the photos show. It is smaller than I thought, but we will make it work because it fits into our cabins perfectly. The bottom of the paper doilies fit perfectly.

👤This is cute and rustic. It is small. Maybe 5 cupcakes in it, you can fit that. It's perfect for a small countertop. Makes store bought treats look homemade.

👤I ordered this to be used for a sample tray to help sell my bread. It works well for small sample sizes of bread. I'll be selling bread at my son's country grill, which is decorated with the rustic effect in mind. There are so many ways to use the covered tray. The glass dome is heavy, but it is constructed well.

👤This is a cute cloche that can be used to display ornaments or food. I bought it for the dinner table to display an apple cake. I put it in a glass ice cream cup. The thin glass dome had a defect. I didn't have time to do the process and ask for a replacement, it wouldn't come on time. I would like to let you know. Thank you.

👤I like using these to cover small dishes on the counter because they eliminate the plastic wrap. I would recommend putting something between the food and base to make it easier to set food on the base. I put a dessert plate inside and it works well. I tried the brownies and pound cake under there first to see if they would last as long as the plastic wrap would. I can use these for many years. These are easy to move around and will fit on a small counter.

👤I ordered the Industrial Glass Steel Medium Desert Cloche Dessert Cake cover display and I was so excited. It is as described and full of character. It looks cute in a kitchen. I wish I had purchased before I read the measurements. It can only hold 12 cookies. It is small. It should be called a cookie cover. It is in the middle of my counter and I still adore it. I keep cookies in it. I get a lot of praise for how small it is.

👤The glass dome is very thin and seems fragile. The cost is too high. You can buy a full size glass saver for the same price as a thicker one. I use it for a few muffins or cupcakes for work and it shows them off nicely. I think your price is high.

7. JOEYZ Multifunctional Serving Platter Veggie

JOEYZ Multifunctional Serving Platter Veggie

If you have a problem, please contact them in time, they will help you solve it. Functional: The basic cake stand is one of the functions that the 6 in 1 clear cake stand integrates. You can do a lot of things with this stand. A super-durable ACRYLIC. Unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift, this crystal-clear acrylic serving stand with cover is made with lightweight acrylic, so it is easy to carry and clean. It looks like glass. It's dishwasher safe as well. Even larger cakes will fit in here perfectly, because of the large base and dome depth. Their 6 in 1 cake stand is easy to use and has a dome, tray, and bowl which can be used separately or in combination. This all in one server is great for parties or family dinners. You can serve everything from Appetizers to Desserts with its many functions. It's a great birthday gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. You may want to keep the cake stand and server in your home.

Brand: Joey'z

👤It is simple to use but not clear. The box was crushed and the item had scratches. It doesn't fit well.

👤The item is good for the job, but not tall enough for a cake unless you bake it at home.

👤My mother used to have a glass plate for cake. It took a little longer to wash and keep the glass clean because it was so heavy. This product is lightweight so I can lift it and move it around with ease, and it has the same use as before. It's made of plastic, so make sure your baked goods are cool before putting them inside. I bought this for a cake plate and have no complaints. It stays on the dining room table to hold cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins. I can't wait to use it as a salad bowl or dessert bowl. You can use the bottom plate to hold cheese, crackers, dips, and other items. You will be happy with this purchase.

👤I want to return it because it melted when I kept it in the dishwasher.

👤I thought I was a design when the small bowl cracked. It's a shame. I still think it is great to use at a private meal, just because it is very useful. I might buy again if I have a picnic table with snacks. The flies are kept off. I think so.

👤Lighter than a glass or crystal cake plate. Multi use is versatile.

👤I was excited when I ordered this. I was more excited when I opened it and saw all the ways I can use it. It is not glass. I hope it stays clear. It is very well made. I can not wait to use it.

👤The plate portion cracked when I put a cake on it. This is supposed to be heavy-duty. Not much.

8. European Multifunctional Serving Kitchens Durabilitytal

European Multifunctional Serving Kitchens Durabilitytal

Since the cake stand is designed with a lid that fits the height of the cake, it keeps the cake fresh longer, so you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste in joy. A multifunctional serving platter is a glass cake stand that can be used as a fruit or veggie tray, punch bowl, snack tray, cupcake holder and more. The large serving platter can be flipped over in multiple ways to add the perfect touch to any event. The dome top and stable base make it easy to use the cake stand in a variety of settings. This round serving platter is dishwasher safe and is made of heavy-duty glass. They stand behind every Royalty Art Products glass serving platter and back orders with a money back guarantee.

Brand: Royalty Art

👤A good product. The inside dimensions were off. I bought this for large 3-layer cakes and it will not accommodate them unless I shave the layers to make them thinner.

👤I decided to give this 5 stars because I like the cake plate. The appearance, stand and cover are nice. It keeps my baked goods fresh. The cover is too small and I was disappointed that I used it as a vegetable platter. I still gave it 5 stars, but it is not as versatile as I had hoped.

👤I love this cake plate. It's tall enough to fit a two layer cake in without having to worry about icing on the sides and top. I haven't tested it, but it's probably a 3 layer. I like the fact that it sits a little lower on the table so that guests don't have to walk across the table to have a conversation. The little dots along the edge are pretty. The glass is very heavy. I love it.

👤This is elegant and heavy duty. I have used it as a platter, a salad bowl, a cake stand, and a donut stand.

👤There is a small bowl stand that is fastened to the large cake cover bowl that I don't like. I fear that it will be hard to clean if anything gets in that hole. It's too small to clean.

👤My grandmother used to have pies and cakes on her counter for guests to eat. You can display a dessert, be cake, pie or cookies, or you can turn it into a section for veggies, dips or whatever you want. I love this item and recommend it. It's very versatile.

👤This is a classic cake dish. The design is a lot stronger due to the shorter pedestal and thicker glass. Well made and beautiful.

👤I bought this as a gift and it came out perfect. The cake stand is heavy. It's nice that you can use it as a cake stand, punch bowl, or place vegetables in it. I think it is a good deal.

👤The product information is incorrect and it is made of Acrylic and not glass as stated in the overall description. The seller needs to make sure the information of the product is correct. Though we wanted a glass stand, we decided to keep it because it was light and we needed it for occasional use. The brand name is wrong because the brand does not make a product made of acrylic. The photo of the box was put up by me. We found it quite alright for the purpose, but felt the price should be a little lower.

👤This cake stand is very sturdy and versatile. If the dome diameter was larger, I would be happy.

👤Product information is wrong and the experience is bad.

👤De cristal, resistente y prctica panera. La recomiendo.

👤I am encanto,luce Fabuloso el pastel o antogitos.

9. Libbey Acaciawood Footed Round Server

Libbey Acaciawood Footed Round Server

The gorgeous wood serving board with glass dome is great for entertaining and gifts. It serves up everything from cakes and muffins to cheese plates. The serving board has a ball top for easy handling. The raised board makes it easy for passing, serving, and sharing, and each piece is one-of-a-kind in its grain and color. The wood serving board can be wiped down with a damp cloth, but the glass dome should be washed by hand.

Brand: Libbey

👤Really? The pictures show it all. I don't think my arguments as a wife are one sided.

👤I like the look of the cake stand and dome. I liked the variation of colors in the wood, but when I received mine, I was not impressed. The photo shows it is overwhelmingly light, with no shades of brown on most of the top. The base is made of wood. I decided to keep it and wipe it down with a stain to make it darker. I shouldn't have to do it given the price of the piece.

👤The pictures and video show more or less dark shades of the wood. Would I buy it off a shelf? Nope is the answer. I would think it's faulty, put together by a machine or someone who doesn't care. Oh my gosh!

👤I took the plunge after reading the reviews and seeing the pictures. The packaging is the most detailed thing about this product. It's dainty and light, but it isn't as strong as it looks. Target and Homegoods have better stain and material for a fifth of the price.

👤The quality was not what I expected. There are spots of rough wood that weren't sanded evenly and some areas that weren't treated. Will I get it back? It's a hassle to pack it up to ship. My husband is on the "honey do" list to finish this piece. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤I received it today and it doesn't look like the one pictured. The wood is more of a honey color on one part and it looks stained while the other half of the top looks like it hasn't been finished at all. The grooves for the lid are made of rough wood. The underside of the base looks better than the top of it. I will need to sand and stain it so that it looks like the one pictured, because this is not worth the amount of money they are charging. I understand that they don't guarantee the wood grain but they need to stain and sand them for a fee. I was very disappointed.

👤The packing of the cake server was great, but the box arrived with no damage. The base pedestal was off center after it slipped during assembly. There was not enough time for my wife to return the server and get a replacement for the one she was going to get for our daughter in law's birthday. The surprise was saved because I was able to remove the pedestal and attach it in the correct location. Who is in charge of quality control for this product? The server was nice but the condition that it arrived in was not what I have come to expect from them.

👤I should have looked at the reviews before buying this. The comments would have pointed out how the glue was off center. The glue marks on the underside of the pedestal leg show that it was allowed to slide before the glue could set. I tried calling the company's phone number yesterday and today, but got a recording that said they had no phones for a week, but would be back to answering calls today. They are still without phones. I wouldn't order anything from Libbey in the future because of the lack of quality control and customer service.

10. Anchor Hocking Presence Plate Piece

Anchor Hocking Presence Plate Piece

It is made from prime materials. Also included: The set contains a standard cake plate and glass dome. You can display what you bake in a worthy dish. It isdurable: The glass cake dome is made of durable glass. It is dishwasher safe. To maximize display, make it look better than your food. It's safe. The glass of Anchor Hocking is better than metal. It won't taint drinks or beverages. The glass cake domes fit the most casual homes. Versatile designs mean maximum usage. It's better to serve clearer. It's better to serve safer. It is a good idea to serve on a statement. American made glassware. Since 1905. The platter has an 11-inch glass dome. Sturdy, thick glass construction.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤The plates are in good condition and look nice, but they are labeled "MainstaYS" from Walmart. Does this mean that they are not Anchor Hocking? Is it possible that Anchor Hocking is the only glass manufacturer? I've bought other Anchor Hocking plates that were labeled as such. I'm not sure if these plates will meet my standards if they are not actually Anchor Hocking glass. Has this happened to other people?

👤This is my second purchase of this item and I feel bad about writing this, because it is a great little decanter and they packed it in more bubble wrap than I had ever seen before. When I got through it all, I could not believe that the cap was broken. If you are a representative of this company and you read this, you have to wrap the box separately to make sure that it won't put too much pressure on the place where it goes together. This is my second purchase of this item and I am happy with the first one so I am not going to give it a bad review. It is a pain to go through the return process. Five stars is not enough. They tried to finish it off.

👤My review was 3 to 2 stars. The picture is not accurate and the base is shorter than pictured in the picture, making the stand less elegant. I had to order three times because two of them didn't sit on the counter. The third had a small piece of glass that looked like a sticker on a sticker. I kept that one since the defect is not very noticeable. If this is what you want at a low price, but don't expect the taller base, you should order it.

👤The plate broke in half and was very hot as I reheated some food. Glass should not get hot when microwaved. I understand the hot food can cause a fire, but I have never had one break in half while microwaving food. It's a shame when something made in the USA is junk.

👤Plates seem to be of good quality. I ordered the plates and bowls because they were made in the USA. The plates I received were made in Mexico. Not happy with that. The bowls look like they are in the glass.

👤I was unable to find a cruet in my town and saw this item as an add on. The handle is fused together. It is rough and jagged. I thought it was broken, but it was just shoddy workmanship. I got a small piece of it in my hand. It's not a good combination with food. Not for sure if these are actually seconds or a mistake. I thought I was safe buying from Anchor Hocking. I will update either way after Amazon sends me a replacement. It is the perfect item if you have to remove a small piece of glass.

👤I like that the desert can be turned into a punch bowl, and it's nice to display it.

11. Vivevol Stand Metal Cupcake Parties

Vivevol Stand Metal Cupcake Parties

If you have any questions about their cupcake stand, please contact them, they will serve you within 24 hours, you will not have a loss, and their tier cake stand will make you satisfied. The gold cake stands are made of high-quality metal. The cake stand set could be used as a wedding cake stand, dessert display stand, candies, cookies or serve for fruit, reliable for baby showers, birthday parties, tea parties or any other events. Simple but elegant design. It makes space on the dining table or kitchen counter. It is easy to store when you are not using it. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Vivevol

👤I liked how it looked on the table.

👤I like the shape.

👤Unsteady is not what it should be. We put napkins under it to keep it level. I would try another tier.

👤It looks great and seems sturdy. I'm going to be using this for plants and I can't wait to pick out the perfect ones to accent this. Think outside the box.

👤Great size! It was larger than I expected. There was no problem with holding cupcakes and cake pops. It is easy to disassemble and put away.


What is the best product for cake stand with dome glass?

Cake stand with dome glass products from Barski. In this article about cake stand with dome glass you can see why people choose the product. Doitool and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake stand with dome glass.

What are the best brands for cake stand with dome glass?

Barski, Doitool and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake stand with dome glass. Find the detail in this article. Table Concept, Tebery and Colonial Tin Works are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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