Best Cake Stand with Dome Plastic

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1. TableCraft Products 821422 Stand Cover

TableCraft Products 821422 Stand Cover

If you have a problem, please contact them. They are happy to resolve any problem for you. The look is durable and elegant. The item package has a dimensions of 13.0" L x 13.125" W x 7.875" H. The package weight is 4.0 lbs.

Brand: Tablecraft

👤I'm very angry because I believed the dome height and measurements. The inside height is 6 inches. The standard height. Many of us want a high dome for 3 to 4 layer cakes. This is not an option. I went back to see if I was mistaken. It says that 3 to 4 layer cake will fit and that it's must highly than it is. I'm a Baker and I trust you. No, it won't. I wanted this to work and I was excited as well. I received it the day before and am stuck returning it.

👤The cake fit perfectly. A layer cake. There is enough clearance for taller cakes.

👤After a couple months of research, I finally found and ordered a stand that met my needs, after two other stands that didn't work out or just failed to meet my needs. I'm happy with the stand and dome. The dome cover is tall enough to hold a four layer cake, which is shown in the pictures I uploaded. I scored the stand a 4 star because it is difficult to get the stand balanced and level, even after I screwed down the wing nut. I wish it was more sturdy and solid where the stand connects to the wing nut and base. It's a good stand and dome cover for the money and it's very pleasing for most settings.

👤I have used this to serve lemon bars and cupcakes. Looks good. It's sturdy and would not tip over easily, but it's a little high for my taste. The cover sits farther from the edge than you would like, so you have to adjust the cupcakes or lemon bars to fit. It is difficult to clean the powdered sugar glaze off the stand. It takes some effort. The brushed finish on the top of the stand helps it look cleaner with cake crumbs and glaze on it, while the rest of the stand has a mirror finish. The design is smart. The cover is easy to clean. Hand washing doesn't seem to haze it as others have complained, but it will never look as clear as glass. Happy with the purchase. Would buy again.

👤I like the large dome and the looks of the cake stand. It is a bit wobbly when you replace the lid, but not nearly enough to budge the baked goods. The screw under the base helps with that, but the plate becomes slanted and no longer level. I was worried about the stand tipping when the cake is cut because it is so lightweight, but the stand is stable enough to keep baked goods safe, even though it seems like it might tip at light pressure when it is empty.

👤I immediately sent this product back because the dome was only six feet tall. I wanted a taller dome and thought the description was for a smaller dome. It was a great looking product and was packed well. If it was what I needed, I would keep it. If the size is right for you, it's worth buying.

2. TIHOOD Cupcake Plastic Chocolate Macaroons

TIHOOD Cupcake Plastic Chocolate Macaroons

There are some things that areSPECS. Overall - 6.0 H x 8.0 Diameter; Glass Dome - 5.5 H x 7.5 Diameter; and Tray - 0.5 H x 8.0 Diameter. There are 12 mini cake trays with a stand and dome cover. DIMENSIONS The height is 3.1 and the width is 2.3. Before placing an order, please pay attention to the size of the item. Quality: Excellent. Plastic cups and bowls are of top quality. The Mini serving cups/bowl are made from clear plastic. These cups can be washed and reused. It is disposable, and recyclable. It's best for weddings, parties, or any special event.

Brand: Tihood

👤The order arrived in time. The product is packaged well. I wanted this to serve as gift favors for a Retirement Party. I was able to fit in a Hershey's mini, 2 kisses and a mini Reeses cup. I had to give it a nice touch by adding a small ribbon.

👤I figured it out for what I need it for. That top was broken.

👤The container is small enough to hold mini cupcakes or muffins. I thought they might be lighter duty. I was impressed.

👤Not big enough for cupcakes.

👤Un producto hermoso. Se recomiendo.

👤They are tiny, but they are just beautiful.

3. Cabilock Plastic Cover Dessert 21X10cm

Cabilock Plastic Cover Dessert 21X10cm

It adds elegance to desserts, cakes, snacks and wine tasting parties. The cover is made from food grade safe materials. It is very easy to take and uses. It is easy to clean it up and a good kitchen tools. It is made from PS and is safe for a long time.

Brand: Cabilock

👤It was scratched up and very used. The top fell apart after being put together several times.

👤The dome is what I expected, and I like it just fine, however, like many of the other reviews, I received all the parts but the screw for attaching the handle to the dome. This company would fail to include all the necessary hardware. My dad had a screw for the thread.

4. Bamboo Rotating Stand Acrylic ANMEISH

Bamboo Rotating Stand Acrylic ANMEISH

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion, from barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. Most major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The design of the cake stand allows you to keep your food within reach. At the bottom of the product, they put rotating parts. The cake plate can be turned bilaterally and smoothly. They chose bamboo material. It can fit for a variety of styles of decoration. The characteristic of bamboo is well preserved as a result of the new type bamboo material processing methods. Their product is long-term durable. A show-topping plastic dome, elegant wooden pulls handles, natural sophistication to any decor are great for entertaining and gift giving. The flat board has a wooden top and a plastic dome for easy handling. Storage cake adds elegance to desserts, cocktail and wine tasting parties, and more. The cake stand is easy to clean. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be used again and again. The bamboo serving board can be wiped down with a damp cloth if it is washed by hand. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your product. Customer's satisfaction is their first priority. They are always trying to improve.

Brand: Anmeish

👤I was hesitant to purchase this item because of all the negative reviews. It was what I wanted. I just installed brand new Quartz counter and didn't want someone to drop a heavy glass lid on them and cause a crack in them. It looks a lot better than the plastic ones, but does it look cheaper than glass? The wood gives it a nice contrast and I love being able to display the sweets I bake. I left the turntable part off and set it on the counter because it looks flimsy, but I didn't need it to turn. If they made a tall lid version so it could fit stacks of muffins or the extra large cakes, this would be better.

👤I wanted a cake stand with a plastic lid and a wooden one. This is beautiful. The kids can't break the lid like they broke my glass. Very happy with the purchase. The rotating feature is a bonus.

👤The cake stand is nice, but plastic made it cheap.

👤This is very nice. It was much better than I thought. It came so quickly. I will order from this company again.

👤The bottom turn table needs to be assembled into the wood plate, but not too deep. The screw made a hole in the wood plate. It is difficult to adjust the screw. The turn table comes off if it is too loose. This product looks very nice.

👤I like to bake old fashioned cakes like my mother and grandmother did, and I love the fact that this cake plate rotates. The cake plate is very nice. This works well for me.

👤I pulled it out of the box, tried to put it together, checked the price, and immediately put it back in the box.

👤I put the screw on the bottom as I assembled it. Not worth the money. The plastic dome makes it cheaper to look at.

5. Tempered Display Cupcakes Desserts Appetizers

Tempered Display Cupcakes Desserts Appetizers

Simple installation design, screw on the top to the base, the same for the cake tray. You can clean the stand by wiping the surface with a wet cloth. Installation instructions book and installation videos are available. A set of three tier square display top glass sizes, with different height metal legs and different heights, will give you a waterfall effect. The glass is clear and has elegant legs. The glass is scratch resistant. A variety of items can be easily displayed on three separate risers. The display stand risers can be displayed in a waterfall effect or individually. You can design a buffet table, kitchen counter or store display window. It will take you no more than 2 minutes to assemble all the necessary hardware.

Brand: Zafuu

👤These are nice stands. The glass tops were very heavy. I bought these for a wedding and they were perfect for the dessert table.

👤The whole party was easy to assemble and hold up.

👤I make too much food for events. I need these to make room for more on the buffet tables. The plain glass goes with everything.

👤It is very easy to assemble.

👤It feels like it can break easily.

👤I was very pleased with the cake display. It added a nice touch to the cake table. Can't wait to use them again.

👤It was easy to assemble, but the glass was stained and fogged, which was very disappointing.

👤My daughter's wedding was great because of this tier shelves. They displayed the desserts well.

6. STERILITE Cake Server Pack White

STERILITE Cake Server Pack White

35 plastic dome lid and 35 square pans are included. 13 7/8"L x 13 5/8"W. Carry handle and locking cover make transporting secure. The dishwasher and freezer are safe.

Brand: Sterilite

👤I really wanted to use this product to transport my sourdough bread, but the plastic makes it smell like it has been around for a long time. There is no smell when the cover and base are separated. The smell is as strong as ever if you put the two together. It's like a chemical reaction between the base and the cover. It's too late to request a refund, but the company should have noticed that the product was designed for food and should have stopped selling it.

👤This is a large carrier. I made a single layer sponge in a 9" pan and it looked small in this container. I wish I'd paid more for another carrier because of several poor design decisions. Thebelly button is hidden under the handle, which is a rough area left from the mold. It's also where your knuckle go when carrying your cake, which is not comfortable. The clasps to hold the top on are cheap and look like they would snap with a large cake. The bottom of the carrier is hollow. If you're as messy a baker as I am, you're going to have a hard time cleaning those crevices. If you want to go for something a bit more well-designed, skip this carrier.

👤The first cake I stored in this cake holder was thrown away. The container was thoroughly washed before I used it. When I opened the container the next morning, I could smell a strong chemical smell and the cake had been ruined. I can't recommend this product without a way to remove the chemical gas that builds up when closed. I didn't think this would come from a STERILITE product.

👤When the tiers are high, it holds a 9-tier cake. I was surprised. If your base is larger than 9 it will have to be lower than 3 tiers. A 10" tart is not a problem. I wouldn't carry it by the handle because it would be a bad idea when you're working on a baked creation. It is plastic.

👤This is a light server. I created a vinyl sign for the outside thatAdhered perfectly on the first try. I baked a two layer cake, put it on this server, and drove 200 miles without any issues. The cake was fresh and perfect when it arrived. I'll be giving them as gifts.

👤The cake server was amazing. It exceeded my expectations. I flew from Portland to Houston with a cake that was 41/2" tall. We had a connecting flight and it made it through the airport. When we arrived at our final destination, the cake was in good condition. I can do this more often now. When you're on a plane with a cake, everyone is nice. It's funny. The pictures I have attached are from the trip. It was easy to carry the cake. I loved it!

👤It is nice to have this. It's made of a nice sturdy plastic and has a large cake area. Keeping cake on the kitchen table or storing food during a picnic is a perect. I used it to store a double layer cake and it fit in my room. There are no strong chemical odors in the lid. Let me know if the review helped. Thanks!

7. Stand Multi Purpose Serving Platter Desert

Stand Multi Purpose Serving Platter Desert

Break resistant. DURABLE is made of clear plastic. The cake stand 6 in 1 will add an elegant touch to any event without the risk of breaking glass. It can be used for a variety of things, like serving platter, punch bowl, cake stand, and more. It is recommended to use a top rack dishwasher. Perfect for all occasions, banquets, parties, upscale Catering and home.

Brand: Lillian Tablesettings

👤It cracked when it arrived. Was thrown into the box. This was a poor quality item that was poorly packaged and I would just replace it. The plastic was notdurable or strong when inspected. It was not strong. Not worth the price.

👤I had this for a month and it cracked. It is a very versatile item and I am really disappointed.

👤It looks like glass and is so nice. There are many uses for it. It's very strong. I love it! I have used this cake stand many times and gotten many nice things to say about it. Adding this to your kitchen gadgets would be a nice thing to do. It's so universal that you can use it to serve anything, even a punch bowl for your birthday parties. You will use it many times if you buy this one. It's easy to clean.

👤My dish was broken. I can see that others have the same issues. Not good at all.

👤I put this item in the dishwasher for the first time. I was able to use it once. Disappointing.

👤I bought this for the convenience of sitting on the counter and protecting myself from bugs. Each one gets an A. I left the small internal bowl too close to the stove eye and it melted. I am impressed that this bowl only got a little warped, but still usable, considering how other things would have melted and made a big mess.

👤It cracks in most reviews. I don't know why, I never hit the floor or was dropped on a hard surface. I put the only thing I did in the refrigerator a few times. It may be that the acrylic can't handle the cold so it cracks to relieve stress.

👤When I saw this on line, I loved the idea of a cake stand. The first cake was on it after it was cleaned. Considering that it is plastic, it is quite sturdy. The pieces are fun. I have kids and with plastic, we don't have to worry about broken glass. If you like entertaining, cooking and baking, it's practical for any kitchen. Thank you for the idea.

👤J'ai reu mon plateau. Plus beau, je m'attendais. The girl is qualité. Je recommande.

👤Mala calidad del articulo, se fractur.

👤No me dieron razn del porque, no me reembolso el pago.

👤Baking comes in handy to me because I love baking. It makes my cakes look better. Loving it do a lot.

8. Okllen Plastic Chocolate Birthday Supplies

Okllen Plastic Chocolate Birthday Supplies

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion, from barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. Most major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The mini cake plate stands come with a dome cover. The mini cake stand with lid is 2.17" W x 3.15" H and the dome is 1.97" D x 2.17" H. The clear cupcake stand is made of food grade plastic, safe, reliable, durable, reuseable, waterproof, and shatter-proof, also suitable and great for children, ensuring your food is safe and harmless. This top quality plastic cake stand is elegant and professional, great for making miniature desserts, appetizers, jello shooters, parfait glasses, cupcakes, tumblers, puddings, filling the mini cupcake stand with a tiny tart, a small candy or a chocolate truffle to make your wedding or The cupcake container is easy to open and close without much effort. The tray modeling shape gift box makes it easier for friends to see the cake and candy inside. These candy boxes are great for decorating birthday, baby shower party, wedding favors, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or any other special events.

Brand: Okllen

👤I use them as displays for my miniatures in my shop and have purchased hundreds of them so far. Almost every seller ships them all piled together so they arrive damaged, and I have found a way to fix it. Sounds weird. I had a headlight restorer in my garage that I used to fix the old stands, but I was faced with a fresh bunch of them, so I gave it a try. If there is an actual crack in the acrylic, this trick won't work, but if there is an annoying cloudy mark, it will work. If sellers learned that the base flipped up into the dome causes a defined like of scuff marks, they would be able to assemble them correctly. Only one seller has ever shipped this issue individually wrapped, and they have been out of stock for months, so when in doubt give my trick a try.

9. Top Shelf Cupcakes Oversize Container

Top Shelf Cupcakes Oversize Container

The lid is locked to the base. Three battered cake is required. The cake carrier is large enough to fit a three layer cake. If you flip over the base, you will be able to hold 12 cupcakes as well. The cake carrier has three secure clamps, one more than their competitors, to ensure the safety of your baked goods. When the clamps are fully fastened, they click loudly so you know they are secured. Show off your cake before you take the lid off. This is used to make sure the cake is not touching the sides. If you have a problem, please contact them. They are happy to resolve any problem for you.

Brand: Top Shelf Elements

👤I've been looking for a storage container for cakes, but have been having trouble finding it. This once fits a two layer cake nicely, and I like that the bottom has a smooth surface for cakes and the flip side has cupcake holding spots. The clear cover seems flimsy. I wouldn't carry it by the handle if I didn't have my hand under the base. I use it for something other than carrying and transporting, but it works just fine.

👤The bottom turns over so you can carry cupcakes and the top is sturdy with little clips that hook to the bottom of the tray. Would hold a large cake for the price.

👤The plastic is nice. I will not hold a heavy cake by the handle. It was too unstable. The cake was kept dry in the rain.

👤This is a great cake carrier. It's large enough for my cake. The other side of the plate has cupcakes. I was able to bake a 3-layer cake without it touching the lid because I had a problem locking it.

👤I like my new cake carrier. I was looking for a bigger size and this is perfect. I love the clear lid and it is very sturdy. I recommend this to anyone who bakes.

👤Sturdy, tall, and fits a bunch of cupcakes, and the cover allows viewing of your baked goods to entice all.

👤It's nice to protect baked goods. I love the mint green color and it is sturdy.

👤I was glad I bought the right size.

10. Top Shelf Elements Fashionable Sea Foam

Top Shelf Elements Fashionable Sea Foam

Any 9 inch cake is suitable. The cake is 10 inches x 4 1/2 inches. The total size is 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. STURDY CLAMPS: The lid is locked in place with a pair of sturdy clamps. 2 extra snaps are available for easy replacement. A multi-purpose base. The bottom of the base has a serving tray. There is a clear cover. The cover is elegant and allows you to show off your design. The food safe/dishwasher safe cake holder is completely safe for all food.

Brand: Top Shelf Elements

👤This product is terrible. It is broken after use. Please don't buy it. This item is not deserving of this price. I am foolish to buy it.

👤The lock handle broke after the first use. I wouldn't recommend this. What good is a cake carrier if you can't open it? I like the color and size of it. It will be going to the trash.

👤It's pretty cheap. Not worth the price. It feels like a dollar store purchase. The plastic is put on and taken off by the latches. If they could design a better latch. I would love it. I will return it.

👤There was a crack in the dome of the carrier when I received it. I reported this to the seller and got an answer. They said they would send a new carrier and give me a tracking number. The new carrier was in my possession within a week. Excellent customer service. I'm very happy with the quality of the item, it snaps closed to provide a secure place for my cakes, and even came with extra parts in case one of the clamps fails. I would buy from this seller again.

👤Many people said a three layer cake would fit. I had to go flat with my orange slices on top of my three layer cake because there was no room. If I had put decorations on my cake, it would have ruined it or not fit in the house. If you are worried, get the taller one.

👤I have two suggestions for how the cake should be carried. It would have been easier to store if it collapsed. If you could snap the lid on the divided section, it would be much easier to fix the try with the food that you need to go.

👤It's a great place totable for homemade cakes or cookies. I use this all the time to keep cake fresh. I use it if I have to keep the cakes cold. This is tight enough to keep it fresh. It is large enough to see through. It is light. I like it.

👤This cake holder is gorgeous. It's the perfect size, I finally found one that wasn't big. It keeps our cakes, pound cakes, muffins, rolls, and other items fresh and it doesn't take up much space. The handles are on top and it travels easily. I recommend purchasing this wonderful cake holder because I can't wait to try the fruit platter part.

👤The design and colour was great but the clips broke three times. I was careful but it still happened after reading other reviews. I'm sad. I plan to use it for home use.

👤The Side-clips were cracked when they arrived. I tried to open the other one, but it cracked. I returned it and need to find a new one.

👤The product is clean and easy to use. The product was exactly described. The colour is lovely. Thank you.

👤The cake carrier was used once. It was in the fridge. One of the clips snapped off when I removed them. It's not possible to seal. No problem, refunds.

11. HBlife Acrylic Multifunctional Serving Platter

HBlife Acrylic Multifunctional Serving Platter

If you have a problem, please contact them in time so they can help you. There is a multiFUNCIONAL. The 6 in 1 cake stand has many functions and uses. It can be used as a salad bowl, dessert tray, snack tray, and a cake plate. Simply flip over the lid to make a serving platter. Light weight: The cake stand is only 2 pounds and is not heavy to carry. It is perfect for a family with kids and the elderly, as it is lightweight and sits flat on the handle when put on the counter upside down. It is clear to display. This cake stand is made of crystal-clear acrylic to make your desserts look even better, which can make it easier to see the bakery goods and homemade cookies that are displayed well by it. The lid works perfectly with the cake stand. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble, which makes it a great cake stand. For a more comfortable cleaning experience, lightweight. If you want, you can use a dishwasher. Since the cake stand is designed with a lid that fits the height of the cake, it keeps the cake fresh longer, so you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste in joy.

Brand: Hblife

👤I checked out several cake stands on Amazon and they all had similar reviews. They were either A+ Fantastic or too small. The parts all fit together in one piece. I took a picture of my pan sitting in the dome. I can't speak to height because my main interest is cheesecake and not a double layer cake. I put my first cheesecake on the cake board. If you want the dome to fall within the dotted border around the cake plate, it is the absolute widest dimensions that the dome can accept. I had to take it 30 minutes away by car, which is a lot, and it holds up better if you prevent it from sliding by heavier objects. It has held up well after multiple washes, and may be cleaned in the DW. Highly recommend!

👤I just got a platter of cake. I wanted a real glass one but was hesitant since the reviews weren't great. The price and reviews were doable. The price is important. What a great choice. It looks good. It doesn't look cheap, which was a small concern. I wanted something to hold dessert after dinner. You won't be disappointed if you buy this.

👤I like the design of the cake stand and dome, but if you're looking for something to use in your home, I would go with something more elegant made from crystal or glass. It's possible to lay the pedestal in the trunk of your car, and it's also more compact for storage. If you flip the tray upside down, it becomes a perfect vegi & dip platter. The dome is kept from sliding around during travel by a ridge on the top and bottom. I wouldn't use it as a punch bowl for that purpose. It's a great place to hold veg and dip, fruit, cheese, and other food items for a party.

👤The cake stand seemed promising at first. It's sturdy and versatile. After having it for a few months, we noticed a crack in the middle and couldn't figure out how it got there. It wouldn't be in the center if it had been dropped. More cracks appeared after a couple more uses. We kept the cake stand on top of the microwave since it was so light. The heat from the microwave could have caused the cracks, as I've seen in another review. It's a bit disappointing, but I think we got a decent amount of use from it.

👤I received this a couple of months ago and wanted to use it before rating it. I love this cake stand. I was worried that it would fall on the base, but that is not the case. The bottom of the tray is where the base fits. The plastic is crystal clear and easy to clean, and it is very pretty on the counter. Doesn't seem like a cheap plastic tray or dome.

👤After reading about the covered cake stand in the cookbook "Magnolia Table", I got this. I liked the idea. I ordered this one because I could flip it upside down and use it for a salad bowl or a veggie tray. I would gain too much weight if I had sweets in it all the time. We use the bowl to hold fruit when it doesn't have baked goods in it. It is lightweight and not as strong as glass. I ordered some paper idolies to line it with when I use it for cookies, and it makes a cute display. My family is enjoying it. It has been very easy to clean.


What is the best product for cake stand with dome plastic?

Cake stand with dome plastic products from Tablecraft. In this article about cake stand with dome plastic you can see why people choose the product. Tihood and Cabilock are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake stand with dome plastic.

What are the best brands for cake stand with dome plastic?

Tablecraft, Tihood and Cabilock are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake stand with dome plastic. Find the detail in this article. Anmeish, Zafuu and Sterilite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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