Best Cake Stands for Dessert Table Rustic

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1. MyGift Burnt Brown Nesting Stands

MyGift Burnt Brown Nesting Stands

The dimensions are 6.75 W x 6.75 D x 2.5 to . Set of 4 wood crate style riser stands and organization bins with burnt dark brown finish. There are different levels of display space in the 4 piece set. Can be used for household storage. Great for use on buffet, retail, home, party, and special event settings. Large - 11 W x 11 D x 5 H; Medium - 10 W x 10 D x 4.5 H; and Small - 8.0 W x 8.0. Extra Small is 6.5 W x 6.5 D x 3.75 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤They look great. They didn't work for me. Good quality but small.

👤I bought these for my son's first birthday party. I use them for every event I need them for. These are a good buy.

👤I got dark brown and white light brown. There is no time to return it. I like it.

👤Excellent product at a good price.

👤I ordered these for my table. The perfect touch was added to the rustic greenery theme by these.

👤These were used as risers at the event display table. Excellent looking and durable. Would definitely recommend.

2. MyGift Torched Lollipop Weddings Birthday

MyGift Torched Lollipop Weddings Birthday

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your product. Customer's satisfaction is their first priority. They are always trying to improve. A rustic torched wood serving tray is great for use with lollipops and cake pops. Each hole is 0.25 inches in diameter so that the lollipops and cake pops are in place. Two brass tone metal handles allow for easy carrying. It's easy to display country or rustic themed decors on a table or counter top. Overall dimensions are 13.0 W x 7.0 D x 1.75 H, each hole 0.25 diameter, space between holes 2.25 W, and handles 0.25 W. D is in inches.

Brand: Mygift

👤The holes were small, but my husband was able to enlarge them to fit the cake pops. It worked well for what we needed.

👤I've found the most stylish cake pop holder yet.

👤Excellent quality. It worked great when used for lollipops.

👤I love this for my display.

👤The product was great but the color was odd.

👤I couldn't use the holes for my event because they weren't drilled all the way. I noticed the flaw late. I have to drill to open the holes.

👤I loved this. The cake pips sit well on the board and looks very elegant.

3. Bakelicious 73861 Stand 24 Piece White

Bakelicious 73861 Stand 24 Piece White

You can return the product for a full refund of your money if you don't like it, just in case. The classic cake pop stand is here. This simple yet elegant holder is perfect for showing off your decorations and colorful creations. Both hands are free when decorating while on the stand. There is a 24CAKE POP CAPABILITY. You'll have enough for the whole family and some, with 24 notch. It's perfect for parties and other events. This holder is an ideal centerpiece. It is made for easy storage. This cake pop stand is easy to clean and easy to store and transport. The cake pop stand is about 11.25 x 11.25 x 10 inches.

Brand: Bakelicious

👤The stands I ordered came broken. I am so disappointed. It is difficult to take the cake pops out of these. Hopefully they will be better next time, I ordered replacements. One of the replacements I received is broken and the other is very dirty, so I am very disappointed.

👤I made cake pops for a baby shower and bought two to display. The sticks were held firmly in place by the little clamps. I could transport them with no problem. They were great and helped make my cake pops look better. Thank you!

👤I got a stand from Amazon Warehouse. There were no missing pieces. I love it! It's too expensive for what it is. White plastic! I don't think it's fancy enough to be used as a display. Maybe spray paint the plastic in a pretty color would hide it. I wish the rounds were bigger and there were more tiers to hold more pops. I'm only 5'2" but I could carry a bigger stand. It's an innovative design. It collapses down. It's very stable and portable. I hope to find more deals at the Amazon Warehouse. The clips do align with the divets on the sticks. I noticed that mine didn't align when I thought it was tight. I tightened my nerve until I saw they were aligned. Make sure you tighten and loosen as you add each tier, holding onto the center supports. Don't use the top ring to tighten. This is plastic, after all... Even though it had an extra little bit of tightening, it disassembled just fine.

👤The product was easy to assemble, but the top piece wouldn't go on straight and flush. It was messed up. I needed it for my birthday and it looks wrong. I wanted to give it to my daughter as a gift, but now I have to return it because they can't send me replacement parts.

👤My wife had to have cake pops. She really likes it. It's always a hit when we show up to a party with this. It's also one of those things that we have to make sure we don't forget. It was very well built. If you have the cake pops in it, you don't have to worry about it sagging or wobbling. If you want to store it, take it apart. The sticks for the cake pops were often too tight for someone to reach for one and end up with the ball in their hand and the stick still in the stand. I guess that's the price for being able to transport it already loaded. Better that they don't fall over and out when you don't want them.

👤The cake pops designs stand out because of the heights of the tiers. It is a very elegant and soft white so it is not taking the attention away from the cake pops. Good product!

👤This is a great piece. It is sturdy and displays the pops well. A lot of glamour is added to the table. Very happy with the quality and value.

4. LIFESTIVAL Cupcake Birthday Celebration Decoration

LIFESTIVAL Cupcake Birthday Celebration Decoration

The bottom tier is 8.25 D and the top tier is 5.25 D. 3 pieces cake stand, includes a cupcake holder with a diameter of12", 10" and8", and a cake stand with a base. TheCake rack is made of high quality iron metal, crafted of iron in a clean golden baking painted finish, stable base, safe and secure use, good weighing, strong and durable. The gold color, carved hard base, and elegant wavy flower-shaped hollow design on the tray areAntique european decoration. The cake stand is easy to install and clean. TheDessert display set is suitable for tea weddings, party, anniversary, birthday parties, baby showers, bakeries, graduations ceremonies, Christmas, thanksgiving gift or home decor, and beautifully decorated in any dining room or living room! They can't be perfect, so they made a handmade cake stand set. If there is a problem with the product received, please contact me, I will try to improve the product and bring a better shopping experience to the customer.

Brand: Lifestival

👤I spent a lot of money on this. It can't be assembled correctly due to a defect. I have to bend the snot out of the display to get it to be straight, and then put flowers over it to distract the eye. Quality is bull, color is nice.

👤I was expecting to throw these out after they served their purpose at the party, but they were stylish and durable enough to be washed and stored until I need them again.

👤Wow! The babies are amazing. Very strong. I have purchased different cupcake holders but they are not as good as these.

👤The first one was faulty so I had to buy two more. The post on the three tier wasn't assembled correctly. The second unit was assembled well.

👤Pieces didn't assemble right because hardware didn't align correctly. There are scratches on the paint.

👤The cupcake stand parts will not fit in the cake stands. It is useless.

👤The set looks great once assembled. I wanted this set for a dessert table. It was difficult to assemble because there was paint on one of the screws. Assembly is relatively easy to figure out, even though the directions were not very clear.

👤It is easy to assemble. The 3 tier piece needs to be more straight. Light material.

5. Vdomus Acrylic Cupcake Display Birthday

Vdomus Acrylic Cupcake Display Birthday

Birthday party, tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more can be used. The structure is 4 inches high between the 2 tiers of plates and can be assembled freely. A gift with a string light will be a special design. There are some holes on the cupcake stand tiers edge, you can twin the string lights to decorate the stand. Solid construction. The cupcake stand is made of 4mm thick acrylic material, which is used to make the pastry rack. The nut in the middle of the rod can be used to protect the rod from being damaged. The cupcake stand can hold up to 60 pieces of cupcakes, or 15 pounds of cupcakes. This Europe stylish cupcake stand is made of high transparent food grade acrylic and will be a stunning addition to any party. It is simple and attractive, it matches any style. Vdomus customer service will provide friendly and easy-to-reach support if you have any problems with their products.

Brand: Vdomus

👤The cupcake stand is easy to put together. There are tools included. It is simple and sturdy. It is clear plastic, which makes it very versatile for any event. It had enough room between the tires to hold a good amount of cupcakes and not hit my cupcakes or mess up the frosting. The stand has string lights. It takes a couple minutes to twine it all around the tires. Remember to purchase the battery on Amazon. You can get 4PCS for less than $3. It is worth paying for. My daughter had a birthday party last month and I used the cupcakes stand. I got a lot of praise for it. The reality is 100 times better than the picture. I should have taken it at the beginning of the party. It is a great buy. I already told my friends about this.

👤The star of my party was this. The led lights brought glamour to the room and guests were impressed. People asked if I had hired a professional for the party. It was easy to put together. The led works well. The material is good. It is easy to clean. I placed cupcakes on the bottom from the dollar store. It was worth it for the attention it got. I forgot to take photos because it was a mad party, but luckily a guest took a few of the tier and sent them over.

👤I love it! It's perfect for displaying cupcakes. I used it for the cupcakes for my son's wedding and for the pasta cups for my daughter-in-law's bridal shower. It works well. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. I can't wait to use the lights with them, I have not been able to do so yet. I plan to order more sets. I want the blue lights but I also want the colored lights, so maybe I can get a second light set in a different color at an additional cost. This set is very good.

👤I bought a used one for a cheaper price and I love it. I need it for that job. I'm using fruits and cheese on it, not cupcakes. The fairy lights can get tangled easily so be careful with that. I love it. I took pictures with the lights on. It will shine if it's in a dark room.

👤I was excited to get this as my daughter and I were going to sell product on it, and it is very flimsy. The bottom tier is unstable because the assembly bottom screw sticks out. I put a container I got at the dollar tree to hold the plastic lids. The other tiers are very ugly. You get what you pay for. The cupcake stand that someone else had at the convention was not stable because they put heavy items on it. This is useless for what I need it to be. I will return the other one as soon as I get it, as I wasn't able to cancel the shipment on time.

6. Timber Tree Stand Dessert Table

Timber Tree Stand Dessert Table

Overall is 16.75 W x 8.0 D x 5.5 H, and each shelf is 16.0 W x 4.0 D. Their white-painted, round wooden cake stand with collapsible legs is an elegant addition to your center island. If you want to highlight the contents of the stand, fold the legs and let it be noticed. If you want a more stylish centerpiece, keep the legs collapsed and display your pride and joy closer to the table. The 4.5” tall wedding cupcake stand is made of one inch thick round wooden and has four elegant little legs that fold inward. That home is warm. If you want to give a gorgeous gift for a wedding or housewarming, they will love it because it is enclosed in a super-stylish packaging. If you are unhappy with a wedding cake stand, they will email you a replacement or refund. If you want to make your event stand out, make sure you buy one of the cupcake stands that are available here.

Brand: Timber Tree

👤I loved it! It was received today. Beautifully presented and packed. Comes with a thank you card. It is well packed and protected. It's perfect to pack as a gift or travel with. Simple yet will allow for beautiful presentation of pastries. The pastries are highlighted by the white color.

👤I bought this as a gift and ended up returning it. There were dry drips of paint on the side of the paint job. It was cute.

👤I was nervous to buy it because they didn't have any reviews. It was perfect when I received it. Excellent quality. If you are looking for a simple but elegant cake stand, this is it.

👤No es seguro poner un pastel porque, pero ladear y caer. No recomiendo.

👤It slides a lot, but I like it. The rubber grips on the legs would solve the problem.

👤I don't think it's worth much. I liked it very much. I will keep.

👤The stand is clean. The legs are not strong. I tried to tighten the screws but they weren't stable. I wouldn't put too much weight on it, it still works as a cake stand.

7. Rustic Cupcake Stand Display Merchandise

Rustic Cupcake Stand Display Merchandise

Easy Assembly. The tray top and base stand are the only parts of the package that are simple. Attach the tray top to the base and it will be ready to display. To clean, use a wet cloth. Not dishwasher, oven or microwave safe. You can display your delicious desserts and food assortments in a cupcake display. It works well with any galvanized or rustic finished wood or metal decor products or furniture. Farmhouse rustic design adds a vintage touch to your decor and retail space. There is a display at any wedding, birthday, Easter, New Year, or any other party. The total height of each shelf is 14. Cupcakes can be displayed for any occasion. It is easy to exaggerate. Assembly with wood joints is easy. The box joint connections are easy. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Solid connections are provided by metal corner braces. Sustainably Sourced Real Wood is sustainable. They care about the environment and make sure their products are ethicallysourced.

Brand: Hallops

👤I wish I didn't spend my time on this shelf. The wood is cheap. One of the screws was short and completely smooth. One of the bolts was too small. The shelf was crooked and even if you did not do anything, it was still crooked. One leg is shorter than the other, so it doesn't sit on the table and wobble if you touch it. The bottom shelf has less usable space than the other shelves. The wood has a feel to it that makes it hard to put it together. The pieces don't look the same as the photos, so the instructions are not helpful. A terrible product. The quality is similar to something you'd find in a dollar store. I don't recommend this product.

👤Absolutely disappointing. I don't know what it was stained with but it smells terrible and it doesn't smell like any other kind of stain. It is nauseating. It is cheap and difficult to put together, so you will probably put it together wrong a few times. You will see a black stain on your hands if they did stain it. I can't believe they advertise this for hold food... It was ew.

👤I have been looking for a display riser that I could use for my craft shows. It's perfect so far. I like the rustic wood finish and vintage look of it. The space in front of it is enough for my soaps and handmade crafts, and I usually put items in front of it as well. It can be done with one person but with two it is easier. To make the unit sturdy, you need to screw in the metal corners under the wood boards. It is easy to transport once assembled. I'm going to keep my own. You could disassemble after use. I'm excited to use it to display my baked goods and decor for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's perfect for candy and treats for the kids. It will match my decor.

👤There is actual junk. I ordered two of them for the craft show. There are predrilled holes in the item. Someone forgot to predrill the holes. I would have made my own shelf if I were a wood worker. The wood is a step up from cardboard. Don't buy.

👤Cheap wood. The box had warped braces. The shelf broke when it was adjusted with not very much pressure. This would be a very good piece if it were made with better wood. It was too much. This should cost no more than $12-$15. Hope you don't break it. It should be treated like an infant.

👤The pantry is great in our home. I bought this because most others only have 3 tiers and are not both wooden and distressed. I was going to buy another one so I could have more storage for 48 cans. I decided to build a new one myself because I have it in place. I'm going to lower the first tier to make it sit on the pantry shelf and then reduce the height of the rest of the shelf. The total height will be dropped by 6 inches which will improve visibility and access to the upper tier. I will increase my capacity to 52 cans by adding a middle support and increasing the width to 36 inches. I understand that this item is designed for cupcakes so my decision to reuse it doesn't reflect on the quality or intended design of the product. I don't see a value of more than 20 bucks, so I dinged it for the price. The wood is cheap and soft. Two metal brackets on each shelf with 4 screws can be eliminated by facing the shelves directly to the supports which will lower the cost.

8. Nangopop Cake Pop Stand Display

Nangopop Cake Pop Stand Display

The size and capacity is approximately 8.6" x 4.5" x 4.5" after the assembly. It is made of pinewood. There are 5/32" holes in the lollipop sticks and cake pop sticks. It's more durable than the foam ones, and it's cheaper. The adorable design holds up to 18 cake pops or lollipops upright and provides a decorative way to serve. It's great for parties, retail display, cake pop transport, or drying rack. There are 18 holes in the size and capacity of 11 x 5 x 0.5 inch. Pine wood is a material.

Brand: Nangopop

👤I spray it with some gold paint because wood didn't match my theme but it ended up perfect, I'm keeping it around.

👤It worked well with sticks. I can transfer them from the freezer to the table without them falling. The cake pops will not touch if you use every hole. I had no issues. The scratch on the board doesn't affect function.

👤The holes in the stand do not hold the regular sized cake pop sticks.

👤This cake pop stand is awesome! I have purchased 3 over the course of a year and they are all very sturdy and easy to clean.

👤It is sturdy and well made. I spray printed it to match my decoration.

👤It was perfect for drying my cake pops. It doesn't use a lot of room.

👤A cake pop stand is a good deal. Sturdy and you can pick it up and move it.

👤I loved this stand. Load the stand in a staggered fashion. If the holes are all the same height, you may have trouble fitting them together. I weighed my cake pops to 1 ounce.

9. ZEF Dessert Display 3 Tierr Birthday

ZEF Dessert Display 3 Tierr Birthday

Large capacity allows it to hold a lot of food. ZEF food grade safety plastic material is easy to assemble, it's green and sustainable. It is safe to use and not easy to break. You can provide elegant decoration for sweet home by placing fruits, cup cakes and dessert plates. In terms of aesthetic design, ZEF can be used for decoration. It's suitable for party gifts. A fruit plate is multi-layer. The dessert rack is lighter so you can place heavier food on the bottom layer to make the plate more stable. It is a great place to place dessert biscuits or finger sandwiches at a gathering. Family members can use multi-layer space, multi-layer tower structure, not occupying space and saving space, if they choose. The cake tray has smooth wavy edges and engraved patterns. If there is a problem with the quality of their ZEF products, please contact them. They will either give you a full refund or send you a replacement product. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Zef

10. Cupcake Dessert Birthday Celebration Decoration

Cupcake Dessert Birthday Celebration Decoration

If you're not happy with this item, they'll send you a replacement or a refund. The package includes a cake stand with a base, a tiered cake stand, and a rectangular cake pan. Their cupcake rack is in three different sizes, each with a diameter of 7 in. It's suitable for displaying cupcakes, pastries, muffins, biscuits, and other delicious dishes. The design is antique european, it has a carved hard base, a perfect center column, and a wavy flower-shaped hollow design on the tray. The cake stand is easy to install and clean. TheDessert display set is suitable for tea weddings, party, anniversary, birthday parties, baby showers, bakeries, graduations ceremonies, Christmas, thanksgiving gift or home decor, and beautifully decorated in any dining room or living room! They can't be perfect, so they made a handmade cake stand set. If there is a problem with the product received, please contact me, I will try to improve the product and bring a better shopping experience to the customer.

Brand: Lifestival

👤I have to write a review for these items because they are excellent for quality and affordable.

👤The wrong item was sent to me. It is supposed to be a 4pk. I received 3 pieces. Will be back! The metal on the tray was damaged. Worthless.

👤The base of the cake stand broke. It was easy to bend the trays back into shape after they came slightly bent on the sides. The base of the cake stand is broken and not even crazy glue can fix it. The pieces were wrapped individually in bubble wrap so it couldn't have happened during shipping. This was a great set and I am really disappointed. There was no instructions but it was easy to assemble.

👤They made my dessert table look more elegant. The seller was happy with the quality and sturdiness of the item, but he was not happy with the corners. I would make sure that was quality before I shipped it. I had to get rid of the corners so my guests wouldn't hurt themselves. I loved them even though they were only one thing.

👤Cheap quality doesn't stand up straight. It's not worth the money.

👤I ordered these to make a complete set with the cake stand I already had from my wedding. It was wrapped well and easy to put together. If I am doing an event outside of my home, the ceramic cake stands and platter are heavy. I love this set because it has a box with a little space to spare. I plan on ordering a set like this in gold, and adding a few more of the platters. This was a good value. I know I will use it.

👤I was not expecting much. If it doesn't meet expectations, I can return. There is a They were easy to assemble. There were no parts missing. Feels strong. There were no scratches. I am impressed! One or two of the sides were slightly damaged, just bend it back, no big deal. It is a good buy if you have a lot of kids and parties.

👤The first set I received had a bad stand. I was able to get in contact with the seller and they were very helpful in fixing the problem for me. The other products seem to be in good shape.

👤Me encantado, estn sper hermosas, son de metal, todas en excelente. No ocupan mucho espacio, pense, pero ya al armarlas estn de tus buen ttos! No tena instrucciones, pero meguie con las imgenes del producto. Hermosas para fiesta.

👤Muy prctico, fcil de armar, fantstico, en tus mesas de postres.

👤De metal bastante resistente, me encanto. Para montar una mesa de dulces, se ve bonito y elegante.

11. Hanson Bennett Rustic Cake Stand

Hanson Bennett Rustic Cake Stand

We are committed to offering you only the best products. The wide wooden base of the cake stand is designed and tested in the USA. It has a sturdy construction that makes it easy to use. The wood cake stand has a thick outer layer of tree bark so your cakes, cupcakes, appetizers or desserts stand out at your wedding, party or any other event. Each piece is a unique natural shape with a diameter of 9-11 inch and may not be perfectly circular. A dessert and appetizer tray, decorating turntable, and display stand are all in one! It can be used as a cake turntable, a flat serving board, or a stand for showing off your dessert. The Hanson and Bennet wood slab cake stand is made from premium materials that make it sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The smooth surface is easy to clean. You can use the wooden cake stand as a stand alone serving tray, cheese board, or charcuterie board. This piece of wood is great for a rustic centerpiece at a wedding reception. Bring warmth and the feeling of the outdoors into your home. The tree stump display stand is great for a candle stand or a plant stand.

Brand: Hanson And Bennett

👤I will return this product as I can not get past the odd shape. I wanted to use this as a small cake display because I have enough cheese boards. It is not going to work. This is a great cake stand, but mine is not as large as advertised. I don't know how I would fit a cake on it. I tested it and it only holds 2 cupcakes. I am keeping it because it will make a great cheese board for a spread on my island. When I want a little height, the stand is versatile. I want to like it, but I think it's good enough.


What is the best product for cake stands for dessert table rustic?

Cake stands for dessert table rustic products from Mygift. In this article about cake stands for dessert table rustic you can see why people choose the product. Mygift and Bakelicious are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake stands for dessert table rustic.

What are the best brands for cake stands for dessert table rustic?

Mygift, Mygift and Bakelicious are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake stands for dessert table rustic. Find the detail in this article. Lifestival, Vdomus and Timber Tree are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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